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When I was 21 I went on a trip with some friends to England, France and UAE. I know little about the middle east but I have always been fascinated by the culture and people over there. So when we were in UAE, I decided to stay an extra week there and learn about the history of the middle east. All of my friends took the flight to Paris and I was going to meet them back in London in a week. I spent a day in Behrain which is a small state in UAE. It’s a very nice town by the way, very modern and expensive.

After a day in Behrain, I decided to explore some of the other cities and states. I bought a train ticket to go up to Al Samar which is small town a couple of hundreds miles from Bahrain. The train had these compartments called sleepers which would fit two or four people. I had bought tickets for a compartment for two and they gave it to me for the price of one since the top bed in there was broken. I only needed one couch/bed so I was pretty happy to get my own private compartment. The train took off and it actually was moving pretty slow. So I knew I would be in there for at least a few hours.

It was about half an hour into the trip when someone knocked on the door. I got up and opened the door. There was this beautiful extremely tall women with black hair outside my compartment. She was very attractive. I felt intimidated right away because she was at least 4 inches taller than me. 🙂

“Yes?”, I asked. “Hello sir. I very sorry to disturb. Can you tell if this my room?”, she said in broken English with a very thick Russian accent. I looked at her ticket and it seemed like she was given the same compartment number as me. “Well, it looks like they made a mistake and gave you the same number as they gave me. But I have purchased this whole compartment.” I told her. “Let’s see if we can find the ticket checker and talk to him.” She said, “I look for him for 30 minutes. He nowhere on the train.” “Oh”, I said and looked around. She was right, there was no one around. “Well, if you want, you can come in this one. The upper bed is broken so we’d have to share the seat.”, I said to her. “Oh thank you very much, very nice of you.”, she said.

I let her walk in. As she walked in, I glanced at her feet and my heart started beating real fast. She was wearing flip flops and I could see her amazingly big but sexy feet. Oh man, they were just perfect. They must have been a size 11 or 12 but with the beautiful nail polish, they simply looked wonderful. I found myself getting excited right away. The put her bags on the floor and sat on the seat near the window. I sat on the other end with my magazine in my hands.

“Thank you very much for keeping me. I very grateful”, she said again and I simply smiled. I asked her, “Are you from Russia?”. “Yes, yes, I come to Bahrain yesterday and now I go to Al Samar to meet my friend.” Then she looked at me and asked, “You American?”. I said, “Yup, my name is Frank”. “Nice to meet you, I am Slivana”, she said and we shook hands.

“I so tired today, I walk all day in mall and buy many gifts.” she said, “my feet so tired.” She leaned forward and touched her feet. I felt a big gulp in my throat. This is going to be some journey. “Yeah I know what you mean. I walked a lot too today. They’ve got great malls here.” I said. She nodded. Then she took her feet out of the thongs and slowly massaged her toes. I tried not to look. “Hey Slivana, I am going to go out for a few minutes to have a smoke. If you want you can put your feet up on the seat and relax for a while.” I said to her as I got up. “Oh thank you, that is nice for my feet.” She thanked me and put her feet on the seat. I got to see those beautiful feet again as I left the compartment. I went up to the entrance of the suite, rolled down the window and lit up my cigarette. As I smoked, I thought about those beautiful feet resting on my seat.

After about 15 minutes, I headed back to my cabin. I walked in and saw that she still had her feet on my seat and was pretty much laying on the seat. She saw me walk in and pulled her feet away. I smiled and sat down on the seat. Her feet were still on the seat but she had folded her legs and had her upper back against the cabin wall. She looked pretty tired. I pulled my comforter out of the bag, put it on my lap and said to her, “You know, you look pretty tired. If you want you can put your feet on my legs. I don’t mind.” “Oh no no, I don’t bother you anymore. I am fine.”, she said politely. I smiled and said, “Really it’s no bother. I know you’re very tired and probably need to stretch. It’s no problem.” “You are very nice American”, she said and slowly extended her legs towards me and placed both of her feet in my lap on top of the comforter. “This is much better, I like.” She said. “Good” I said, and went back to my magazine.

It was very hard for me to concentrate on the magazine as I kept looking at her gorgeous feet. Because of her height and the size of her feet, her feet were pretty heavy and I could totally feel them pushing my legs down under their weight. Of course I couldn’t complain. “You know I think I must walked minimum 7 miles today”, she said to me. “Wow”, I looked at her. “Yeah, and I don’t found a chance to rest all day”, she said, “It’s why my feet hurt bad”. “Oh, that’s really bad.”, I put one of my hands on her foot and slowly rubbed it, “Yeah, they even feel tired”. She laughed, “How can you feel my feet tired”, and jokingly pinched my hand with her toes. At that point, I was just about to get down to her feet and start kissing them. But I held it all inside. “You know maybe you should take a nap for a while. I am tired too and plus we’ve got at least another 5 hours to go.” She responded, “Yes yes, that a good idea. I need to sleep. You should get some rested too.” Then she looked around the cabin and realized we didn’t really have much room. “It’s very bad, this cabin. Only one bed.” ….And I already had the plan.

“Well, we can figure this out.”, I got up and pulled my suitcase towards the seat. “You can lay down on the seat and I’ll lay at the end and I can put my legs up on the suit case.” She looked at my suit case and understood what I said. “No, you be very uncomfortable position. You take the seat, I can lay on floor.” “No way, I can’t let a beautiful woman like you lay on the floor”, I smiled, “Trust me, I’ll be okay laying like this. I have done this many times.” She smiled at my compliment. “And when I lay like that, you can still stretch your legs and put your feet up on me and that way we can both relax for a few hours.” She had her legs bent on the couch and she saw what I was doing.

I placed my suit case near my legs in front of the seat, put my comforter on top of it and slid my legs under the comforter on top of the suit case. Then I put my upper body on the seat. I put my head against the cushion of seat and put my upper back on the seat. So now my upper body was resting on the seat, my thighs were balance in air and my ankles were resting on the suit case and I was pretty much able to lay down straight. “See?”, I looked at her. She laughed and said, “You don’t seem very comfortable”. “Trust me, I am. Why don’t you turn one of the lights off behind you and you can relax too.” She turned the lights off and hesitated before extending her legs towards me. I had to encourage her, “Go ahead, you can put your feet on me now”, I pointed at my chest. She said, “You sure, you be okay under my feet?”. I nodded. She extended her legs and slowly placed both of her feet on my chest. Oh! The weight of her large feet pressed my chest down into the seat but it felt so nice. They were just a couple of inches away from my throat.

She became comfortable and rested her head on the arm of the chair. I stole a glance down at her feet and they looked so delicious. Man, she was pretty much a giantess. Her feet were so big!! She gently rubbed her foot on my chest and said, “Thanks you again for allowing me to put my feet on you.” I said, “You’re welcome.” The dim light was still on in the cabin so I could kinda see her. She put one of her arms on her head and closed her eyes. I had also put my magazine down and was simply laying there at her feet.

After a few minutes, she said, “How long you stay in UAE Frank?”. I said, “Oh about another 5 days, then I fly to London.” As said that I intentionally shifted my body quickly a couple of times. She felt my body movement and tapped me on the chest with one of her feet and asked, “Are you fine?”. “Yeah, it just feels a little heavy on my lower chest. Maybe you can move your feet up a little bit.” I played my card and waited to see what happens next. She said, “Oh sure, I have no problem” and slowly slid her feet upwards on my chest. As soon as her right foot reached my throat, she stopped. She rubbed my throat with her large toe and asked, “Is it too heavy here?” “No, that’s good. Thanks.”, I politely said. The sole of her right foot now rested just below my throat. I could feel the side of her foot on my throat but most of the weight was just below it so I can easily breathe. But now if I moved my face even a little bit, my chin would touch her foot. Then before I knew it, she moved her foot a little bit again and covered a little bit of my throat under her foot. Her foot felt really heavy on my throat but at the same time it got me excited. I didn’t complain at all.

She started talking again and asked me about America and my city, etc. I was trying to respond to her questions as much as I could but it was hard since I got too excited under the weight of her foot. “So do you have a girl friend in America?” she asked and playfully moved her foot. As she moved her foot, it touched my chin. She felt it and gave my chin a few playful strokes with her foot. My face went up and down as she stroked my chin. “Actually, no I don’t.” I was able to simply say. “Why not?” she asked. “Because I knew I would meet a beautiful Russian girl on a train” I joked. She laughed and lifted her foot a bit and placed it firmly on my throat. “And then she choke you with only her feet”, she said laughingly as she put my pressure on my throat. What she didn’t know was that she didn’t have to put any pressure on her foot to choke me because it was HEAVY ENOUGH. I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. I don’t think she knew how heavy her feet felt on my body. But she lifted her foot again and moved it just a bit down after a few seconds. And I was able to breathe. “Yeah exactly, that’s just what I wanted. To die at the feet of a Russian girl”, I responded to her joke.

She laughed. After another minute or so I said, “The air conditioning on this train is very good. Maybe a little too strong.”. “Why you say that?” she asked. “Because my nose is so cold, I can feel it getting colder by the minute.”, I said. “Haha, Frank you very funny.”, she laughed. “No, I am serious, touch my nose and you’ll see.” I said. I felt her moving her body a little bit and I thought to myself oh no, she’s trying to get up and touch it with her hands. I quickly put my hand on her left foot which rested on my chest, tapped her on the foot and said, “Really touch it”. My touching of her foot was to encourage her to use her foot instead of her hand. As soon as I touched her foot, she realized that she could just use her foot and obviously she didn’t want to get up as she laid there in a very relaxed position.

Her right foot kept planted on my chest below my throat and she lifted her left foot off of my chest and slowly brought it towards my face. She looked down at me in the dim light and carefully placed her toe on the tip of my nose. Her large toe covered my nose and she slowly rubbed my nose with it. I tried not to breathe too hard as I saw the bottom of her foot hanging just above my face. “You know you are right, you nose very cold”, she felt the cold tip of my nose under her toe. “I told you”, I said.

“Do you want me to rub it for a bit?”, she asked as she lifted her foot up in the air and held it there for a second. “No, that’s okay, I want you to rest.” I carefully declined her offer. “Oh I already rest, it’s very easy for me.”, she said and brought her foot down again. This time she grabbed my nose between her toes and slowly rubbed it with them. After another minute or so I realized it was hard for her to hold her foot in the air but she wasn’t complaining because she was trying to be polite.

I grabbed her foot with my hands and pulled it way and said, “Slivana, I know you are being nice to me but I also know it’s hard for you to hold your foot there in the air while you rub my nose. So please, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to do it.” “You know what?”, she said as she pulled her foot away from me, “look this way, and then I can put my heel on seat and rub your nose. That will easy for me. It’s no problem.” I saw what she meant. If could turn my face towards her, she can easily massage my nose with her foot while resting it on the seat. She put her heel on the seat right next to my face and held the sole of her foot facing me waiting for me to turn my face.

I turned my face towards her and saw her beautiful sole just an inch away from my face. Now I couldn’t see her face anymore since her large sole pretty much covered my whole view. She slowly brought her foot towards me. This time, instead of her toes, the ball of her foot landed on my nose. She was able to cover a lot more area on my face now. The ball of her foot rested on my nose just under my eyes and from the other side, it hung just above my lips. She started moving her foot slowly on my nose. Even though her foot was angled on her heel now, I could still feel the weight of her foot on my nose.

“That’s better”, she said as she rubbed my nose with the sole of her foot. “Now I can get all the nose” she joked. Her other foot was still resting on my chest. After rubbing my nose for a few minutes she asked me, “Is your face warm now Frank?”. I responded, “Well not my face, but I think my nose is not cold anymore.” “Is your face cold too?”, she asked. I cleverly said, “Why don’t you tell me Slivana, I am at the mercy of your feet.” She laughed and tapped me on the nose with her foot. “Okay, let’s find out.” she said and moved her foot towards my forehead and gently placed the sole of her foot on it. “Oh wow, your forehead cold too.” she said. “I know, and not just my forehead, my cheeks and my mouth and my teeth, they’re all cold.” I said as my heart beat picked up.

“No problem Frank, I take care of it”, she said. She placed her toes on my cheek and slowly rubbed it. “Your all face is cold”, she said. “Your mouth cold too?” she said as she slid her foot up and placed her toes on my lips. She slowly massaged my lips. “You know Frank, because of your face cold, I put my feet on your face and not on your chest?”, she asked. I understood and said, “Well, if you’re not too tired and it’s okay with you, I’d appreciate it”. “Oh you too polite, it’s no problem.” she said. She lifted her foot off of my chest and slowly brought both of her feet down on my face and gently placed the soles of both her feet on me, covering my whole face. Her right foot rested on my forehead and nose, and her left foot rested on my mouth and chin. I felt like someone has just stood on me, the weight was too much. Then she slowly started moving her feet back and forth on my face, basically crushing my face in the process. Her right foot massaged my forehead and nose while the sole of her left foot gave a deep massage to my lips and chin.

“Normally, I give you face massage with my hands, I hope you don’t mind my feet” she pinched my upper lip with her toes and said. I said, “No no, it feels great thank you very much”. “It’s no problem”, she said and continued to massage my face. “Is massage good or do you want stronger?”, she asked me. I said, “Yeah a little bit stronger will be nice” even though the weight was already hurting me. She shifted her legs and put more pressure on my mouth with her feet. Now it felt like someone’s standing on me as they grind their feet on my face. My facial skin got stretched under the pressure of her feet. She gave me an awesome face massage for half an hour and then she stopped.

“How it feel?” she asked me. I opened my eyes and said, “It was great Slivana, thank you” and planted a little kiss on her big toe. “Haaw, you kiss my feet?”, she put her hand on her mouth and looked at me. Apparently getting my face crushed under her feet didn’t mean anything since it was just a face massage to her. Interesting? But when I kissed her toe, it felt weird to her. “You are very kind man Frank”, she said. She placed her toes on my lips and affectionately pressed them. “Oh you also said, your teeth”, she remembered. She pushed her foot forward and gently parted my lips with her toes and started rubbing her toes on my teeth. “Your teeth still cold”, she said. I didn’t say anything as she slid her toes up and down on my teeth. She stopped after a few minutes.

“How you feel Frank?” she asked. I said, “Great”. “You want more massage?”, she asked. “No that’s good. Your feet are very nice and they are large, they covered my whole face.” I said. “Yeah, I have big feet.” she said embarrassingly. “No no, they are very pretty. I was just thinking if they weren’t that big, I would have asked you to massage the inside of my mouth but they probably won’t fit in my mouth.” I took a big risk right there. “Oh” she said looking at her feet and my face next to her feet. “Yeah they’re too big”, she said. None of us said anything for a minute.

“Well”, she said slowly, staring at her feet, “I think they can go in your mouth a little bit”. I looked at her foot next to my face and said, “No, I don’t think so. My mouth is not big enough to fit that in”. She said again, “No I no mean whole foot, but i can put my toes in your mouth and massage your mouth with them”. I said, “You really think so?”. She said, “Yeah yeah Frank, my foot is not that big, okay?”. I laughed. “C’mon open your mouth”, she wiggled her toes in front of my mouth. I opened my mouth and she slowly pushed her foot forward and slowly slid her toes into my mouth. She struggle a little bit to put all of her toes in my mouth but she was able to fit them in. “See, I told you”, she said and started pushing her foot further into my mouth. She kept pushing till her toes reached my throat. “I hope you don’t choke Frank”, she laughed as she moved her toes in my mouth. “I massage your tongue now”, she said and started rubbing her toes and the ball of her foot on my tongue.

“How my foot taste Frank?” she asked. I couldn’t say anything because I had a mouth full of foot. I moved my head. “You know I walk all day in dirt and mud and now I rub my foot on your tongue”, she laughed as she pressed hard on my tongue with her foot in my mouth. “All dirt and street crap on my foot go into your mouth now”, she kept teasing me as she shoved her foot deep into my mouth harder and harder. I finally choked and she pulled her foot out of my mouth and laughed. “You okay, Frank?” she asked. I was barely able to speak but I said, “yeah”.

“Okay, that enough massage for you” she pinched my cheeks with her toes and then pulled them away from me. We both sat up straight on the couch. The rest of the trip went without an incident and I said goodbye to her as our destinations arrived.


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