It was a very hot day in July and my car overheated coming home from work. I pushed it to a gas station about a block down the road. This happened in 1988 B.C. ( before cellphones) so I couldn’t call anyone to pick me up and I only had a couple of dollars to get home. I bought a gallon of water and walked to the bus stop to catch a ride home.

There was a lady at the stop waiting for the bus and I asked her some small talk questions and told her how I broke down. She said yeah this heat is rough on cars. I noticed she was wearing spandex and high heel pumps without nylons so I said are you just getting off work? She said no I wish. I was walking around all day putting in job applications. I said in those shoes you were walking all day I bet your feet are killing you. She said Hell yes they are! She was about 5’5 with light brown hair and a fairly pretty face. I told her my name was Ryan and she said Hi my names Kelly.

The bus finally arrived and there was about 9 people sitting near the front so I said do you want sit with me in the back? She agreed and we went to the back and sat on the big bench seat. She asked me if I minded if she could take off her shoes and I laughed and said if you only knew! She smiled and said if I only knew what? I told her nevermind you’ll think I am a freak and move seats or something. She said now you have to tell me! I said o.k. and told her I have a foot fetish. She said you won’t after I take off my shoes because my feet are lethal right now. I said you don’t understand that’s how I love girl’s feet. She laughed and put her pumps in my lap and said well then you do the honors. I pulled off the first one that seemed to be vacuum packed on her foot and she said ahh do the the other one now.

I pulled it off and I could feel the heat from her feet. She said do you want to rub them or something? I said more like lick them or something. She said go for it my feet could use some T.L.C. I layed my head down on the seat by her feet and stuck my nose in between her toes and smelled. Her feet were really sweaty and smelly and she said what are you waiting for ? I said I can’t believe this is happening to me. Her feet were size 9.5 and she had orange toenail polish. There were little bits and pieces of toejam between her toes too. I started to lick the bottoms of her feet and she said no clean my sweaty toes first. I licked and sucked her toes for about 10 minutes and had the biggest erection of my life.

Her feet stunk so bad and I loved it. She said a couple different times that i must really love feet to be licking hers. I asked her how long she had those pumps and she told me they were very old and that she borrowed them from her mom. I said your mom’s feet must stink too and she laughed and said if you only knew. She put her feet in my face and I sniffed them the entire bus ride home. We were approaching her stop and I said can I call you sometime? She said that her husband would not appreiciate that. I said hey you never said you were married. She said well you didn’t ask. She said that was definitely an interesting busride and wished me luck with my car. I said yeah it was fun and I thanked her for letting me clean her sweaty feet.


AUTHOR: Ryan Mcgraw

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Special thanks to: stocktons fines

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