I have to share my feelings and some experiences with all of you. I don’t know if I should be proud of myself but this feels kinda confusing to me. I’ve been looking for my sister’s feet for years now. She has adorable size 7 feet, usually nails painted pink or red.

She really takes care of her feet, asking for foot rubs from our mom and taking pedicures quite usually. I only used to watch my sister’s feet and get excited, but as I’ve been growing up I’ve been losing control and began to take my interest in feet to a next level. I remember smelling her nylon stockings first time like 2 years ago, and that was when I couldn’t no longer just sneak some looks of her feet. During all these years I’ve also noticed her being sort of bossy and even dominant by nature. But more about that later, let me just list some of my greatest experiences now.

First sniffing experience

It was end of the summer and school had just began. I thought I was gonna be just another day; coming home, studying a little and hanging with friends. However, that day turned out to be one of the greatest days so far. When I came home my sister was sitting on living room watching tv and talking on phone. She was wearing tight jeans and stockings under them, maybe because she wore flats that day on school. I just looker her feet like ok, nice, since I hear her saying to her friend on phone that she’s going to gym tonight. That time I thought there’s no way she’s going to go to gym with stockings on her…

About 30mins later while I was studying in my room I heard the door closing. And then the image of her stockings hit me, and I had to go check out her room. What I was those stockings laying on her bed. “Now or never” I thought to myself and made sure the house was empty. Luckily our parents where also still at work so I was all alone. I wasted no time and headed to her room. I took her stocking my hands shaking and heart beating like crazy. As I took the first whiffs I felt so amazing. They were still little sweaty and smelled so good. I spent quite a while with those smelly stockings till I jerked off. I didn’t dare to wank on them so I just put them back on the bed.

This has been the only opportunity with her stockings and I feel great that I used that chance. Since then I’ve been sniffing her flats, boots, high heels and socks. I’ve never got caught – luckily.

Forced to smell her feet

This happened last summer – which was a really hot summer by the way. I remember my sister asking if mom has anything to put her flats, because “they smell so bad and my feet sweat really hard.” That was like instant boner. Anyways, we where baking with our cousins and we used that plastic called cling film. My 14 year-old cousing, who has also really great feet that I’ve fantasied about, suggested that we should wrap someone up with this plastic. And of course my sister says let’s wrap my bro up with it. First it sounded stupid to me but I didn’t want to look pussy and I was sure I could get out of it anytime if I wanted. So I agreed and my sis and these two girls just giggled and started to wrap me from my chest all the way to my knees. Eventually I was like a mummy in this cling film and they just laughed and joked that I’m all under their mercy.

Few mins later it started to get hot in this plastic wrap and I told them to let me out. My sis was about to roll me out of it, but my cousin, the same who suggested this, got a better idea and took me to the floor and told me to get out of it by myself. I tried my best but it ended up being too hard to get out of it. They all laughed again as I struggled with the wrap. Then it happened, the least I could have expected. My sis took a chair and placed it next to my head and sat on the chair. I knew what was coming and I was in shock. She raised her right foot and brought it closer to my face and said: “Smell it and you’re free!” I didn’t know what to do. I was gonna smell it to get free but as her foot was swinging in front of my face I already got that smell on my nose and I decided to try to push her to the limits.

I pretended I was angry and told her to take her grose dirty foot out of my face. That worked like a charm. My cousins began to laugh even harder and my sis didn’t like it at all. This was one of those times I noticed her dominance manners. She told me I was going to smell them or I would never get free. “Smell them now or you’re going to smell all of our feet!”, she said, but then to my bad luck my youngest cousing was like “come on let’s stop this before someone feels bad” and then they released me. While they rolled me out my sis was clearly a bit unsatisfied so to say, while my cousins just laughed as they took this as a joke. This made me think if she really enjoyed and wanted it. She was 16 when it happened and I’m pretty sure most of the girls know about fetishes and that stuff in this age.

Finding some answers

This is my last experience I’ve had with her and this changed the way I think about her if you know what I mean. As I said I’ve been noticing her bossy and dominant manners and I’ve started thinking if she really has some thing to feet. I mean, I don’t think if it’s normal that a teen girl usually asks foot rubs from her mom and spends so much money on pedicures. She also clearly likes to reveal her legs and wears usually high heels. That’s how it looks to my eyes. So I decided to make a plan to find out some answers I had been looking for.

I created a new msn account and added her on msn. She accepted me and I told her I’m a boy from her school. I played mysterious and I didn’t tell her any names. I just talked nice for couple days to be a little closer friend with her. She was ok with that I didn’t want to tell who I am. After 3 days I led our conversation to this hot topic, feet. I told her that I like feet for some crazy reason and I also told her she had really nice feet. She laughed and told me that I’m a creep. But then she said that she have noticed other boys have been watching her feet also. “So my feet must be great then ;)”, she chatted. “So you like feet too?”, I asked. She told me yeah she prefers beautiful feet but doesn’t feel like having a fetish. I had to ask about dominance and she admit it. She told me that “woman has the power over men. And this shows for example men crawling on women’s feet, under women’s control.”

I was totally shocked I just couldn’t say anything for few mins. After a while she asked “what’s up now? isn’t that right? wouldn’t you like to worship my feet, would you? ;)”

-“Uhh yes I guess so”, I responded. She didn’t say anything for a minute, but then she sent me that webcam -ask. I accepted it right away as I had no webcam or mic on myself. And there she was. My sis sitting in the room next to mine.

-“First off let’s find out who you are. Tell me your name and I’ll let you see my feet.”, she said with an evil smirk on her face. I quicky just told her a random name, let’s say it was Mike.

-“Well I don’t really know who you are, you little stalker”, she laughed.

-“How about the feet now”, I asked. She showed them for a while but of course it was nothing new to me. Then she quit and told me she’s going out, and that’s what she did.

Now I know she clearly is into feet and all this dominance act. I feel kind of bad what I did but still I can’t keep thinking should I continue chatting with her. I’ve thought if I should offer her some money for doing something nice with her feet, but it would probably be too creepy even for me. Tell me guys what do you think of all that and what should I do.


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