By Marie West

It was the last month of school. Victor couldn’t wait to get out for the summer and enjoy the real world. He even had a fancy internship lined up at a local pharmaceutical company. The last thing he wanted to do was concentrate on finals. In fact, the fraternity was still planning their end of year party.

To make mailers worse, it was Greek Week, so every night was pretty much a party. All of the best fraternities and sororities made it a point to throw themed parties for every day of the week. Last night was a costume party. Needless to say, Victor really didn’t have too much free time to study at all. That’s why he planned on stealing the answer key to his chemistry class. He was borderline passing the class. If he failed the final, he would likely lose his internship.

“Alright, I’m going to pass back your lab results now.”

Professor Lisa Baker announced. Even though she was a bit older, Victor did find his professor to be very attractive. Lisa wore a simple pink sweater and a black pair of jeans. She paired the outfit with a dazzling pair of gold flats. Victor was more interested in her melons though. She had a huge rack for a professor. In fact, she was affectionately known as “melon chest” around the fraternity.

The guys pulled a few pranks on her earlier in the year and she wasn’t too happy about that. They got away with it because the administrative office couldn’t find proof Anyways, Victor had made a plan with Peter and Jason back at the frat house. The guys would distract her after class while he swiped her keys and took pictures of the answer key.

“Well I see you’ve been studying very hard.”

Lisa said sarcastically and handed Victor his lab results. He slowly turned it over. He failed with a 45% score. Victor gave Lisa a stare that melted the back of her head. She giggled as she passed back Peter’s and Jason’s results as well. He had a sneaking suspicion they had failed too.

“Airight that’ll be the end of class, everyone. Remember our final is in two weeks.”

Lisa locked eyes with Victor and smirked. She knew the idiot frat boy would never be able to pass her ridiculous exam. She wanted to see him fail.

“It will be VERY comprehensive so I suggest you study for it as soon as possible.”

As soon as class ended, Victor gave his frat buddies the signal. They flanked the professor as everyone else left. Meanwhile, Victor discreetly grabbed her keys and walked outside to her office a few doors down. There were only a few keys on the chain so it didn’t take him long to get inside.

It was a fairly spacious office. The place smelled like a Bed Bath and Beyond. She must have sprayed her perfume all over the place or something. It smelled like fresh strawberries. Piles of paper were stacked on the desk; no doubt representing misery for many students. He quickly opened a few drawers.

Nothing yet! Damn. ..Victor wasn’t sure how long his buddies would be able to hold off Lisa. There was only one drawer left at the desk. If it wasn’t here, they would have to try something else. Victor’s heart beat faster as he opened the final drawer. There it sat like the holy grail! He quickly picked up the answer key and took a few photos with his phone. He looked at the time…five minutes had passed. “Crap!” he grunted as he put everything back in place and left hastily. If he didn’t get the keys back on her desk, Usa would probably be suspicious.

To his relief, the guys were still blabbing on and on to the professor about the lab reports. Victor signaled his frat brothers to stop.

“Hey what’s taking you guys so long?” He teased them.

“We were just going over our lab reports with the professor here.” Peter said.

“Well, we gotta go if we want to hit up that party in time!” Victor responded.

A look of disgust formed on Lisa’s face. She no doubt hated these quintessential frat boys. All they wanted was to party and cause chaos. They had no respect for education or anything else for that matter. In fact, Lisa really wanted to teach them a lesson. The boys left as she smiled. Everything had gone according to plan…

“So did you get it?” Jason asked.

“Of course I did! No more studying for the rest of the year boys! We can just get ready for the Sigma Tau party now!”

“Yes!” The boys high-fived each other.

“I heard the girls are going to be holding a bikini contest!”

“No way! Airight, well let’s go then!

The next morning Victor woke up with a nagging headache. His mouth was parched; no doubt from the copious amount of alcohol he consumed the prior night. He sat up on the bed and scrolled through his phone. Odd. ..there was an email from Professor Baker. What in the world did she want? It was marked as important.


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