By Marie West

Chapter 1

I woke up with a giant headache. M mouth was extremely dry…I must have drank a lot last night at the party. My eyes were still blurry, but something was holding me down. I tried to move my arms and legs, but nothing worked… Finally my eyes began to worked again.

I had been tied down on a bed! What in the world was going on? The room smelled like strawberry scented candles. I tried to wiggle my way out, but whoever tied me down did a heck of the job. What happened to me last night…

——-8 hours earlier——-

It was time to have a crazy all night party at the frat house tonight! It was a night of celebration. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, Kelly. She had begun to get too attached to me. You know how it is…stupid sorority girls just trying to get you tied down and all. This is college after all! A guy should be able to sample girls from all over whenever he wanted.

Kelly was a beautiful and very typical southern California blonde. She was the “girl next door” kind of chick. She had a cute face and a killer body. In fact, that’s why I was so attracted to her. But, she was also a bitch. She had to be center of attention with everything and that really turned me off. Anyways, I had enough of her bulishit and broke things off with her in front of her sorority. It was an epic break up. Plus, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was finally Greek Week,, which mean a entire 7 days of big parties all around the street. It was a toga party tonight and my brothers and I were all dressed for the occasion.

I had just showered and gotten into my toga. The boys were already getting pretty rowdy. Music blared across the house; we had speakers set up all over the place. I saw Dylan and lift up Chris to do a keg stand.

“What up boys! Getting crazy already I see!”

“You bet!” Chris said as we high-fived.

“Where’s your beer bro?”

“You just drank it! Scoot over and let me get some!”

I poured each of us a beer.

“So I heard you broke up with that bitch, Kelly.” Dylan said.

“Of course I did! Didn’t you know what a bitch she was?”

“Only from you bro, but man was she HOT or what?”

“Well we’re going to have all sorts of hot girls at the house tonight!”

“To freedom!” chris said.

“To freedom!” I shouted back. We bumped cups as I chugged the beer. The sweet flavor filled my mouth. It was the first one of many for the night. It was only midnight, but frat house was going crazy. Music blared all over the house and everyone was getting flicked up. I saw a couple of really hot girls running around, but a particular pair caught my attention.

It was my ex-girlfriend’s best friends, Laura and Mandy. The three of them were almost inseparable. I wondered what they were doing here considering what had happened between me and Kelly. Laura wore a slutty toga outfit. A long sheet draped around her shoulders, barely covering her large breasts. She had pulled her hair back in a pony tail. Damn she looked absolutely smoking hot.

Mandy wore a similar outfit, but it also really showed off her long and smooth legs. I wanted to put my fingers over them as I flicked her pussy. She even looked the part of a slutty girl with some pig tails. I decided to approach them even considering their relationship with Kelly. They were drinking a beer and having a great time.

“Hey girls, what are you pretty faces doing at this party?”

They smiled when they saw me. “Hey Pete. What are you up to?”

“Oh just getting flicked up. I suggest you girls do the same.”

They giggled at my remark. “So, can I interest you girls in a stronger drink?”

They looked at each other. Meanwhile I couldn’t take my eyes off their boobs. They were basically popping out and punching me in the face. “What did you have in mind?” Mandy asked with a devious smile.

“Whiskey, what else?”

Laura smiled. I guessed she was a whiskey kind of girl. “Sure, if you can handle us.”

Laura said, touching my chest. My cock sprung to attention. I could smell her strawberry lipstick up close as she whispered next to my ear.

“Let’s do it quick. I want to get flicked up.”

I walked into the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured three shots.

“Airight ladies, to Greek Week!”

“To Greek Week!” They repeated.

The warm liquor slowly slid down my stomach, lighting everything up. After the shots, the girls danced up against me. Laura began to grind her ass into my crotch. It felt so good. Meanwhile, Mandy rubbed her tits into my back. I could feel her hard nipples rubbed against me. I was already pretty drunk at this point, so it only heightened every sensation. “So, is it true you broke up with Kelly?” Mandy asked me.

“That’s right, sweetheart. I’m a free man now.”

“I like that.” Laura said. She leaned in and kissed me on the neck. I arched my head back as Mandy did the same. Their warm lips felt amazing against my skin.

“You know, we’ve always wanted you.. .but Kelly was always in the way.” The girls said.

“Uh uh!” I moaned. I knew the girls always had a crush on me. I mean who wouldn’t?

“Well in that case, I saw we take it back up to my room.” I said, while cupping Laura’s boobs in my hand. They were so firm and tender.

“Actually.. .we were thinking you should come back to our place. I might know of a few girls that would make things a little interesting.” Mandy said to me. Then she leaned in and we locked lips. Her tongue danced around mine as I moaned in ecstasy.

“Well, it’s hard to argue with that.” I replied.

A few minutes later, we were across the street in the girls bedroom. It smelled like the inside of a candle store.

“So, you girls ready to get your worlds rocked?” I was basically slurred my words at this point. Meanwhile, the girls seemed to be holding their liquor down fairly well. “Hold on Pete, let’s do another shot! Here try this!”

I didn’t know where Mandy got that shot from, but I wasn’t in any place to question her. I just wanted to have some fun tonight.

“Okay! Cheers!” I said, as we did another shot. It tasted like tequila or something.

“Airight, let’s get you girls undressed.” I placed my hand on Mandy’s toga and tried to rip it off, but I lost all my strength. I stumbled back a little. My vision began to get blurred.

“Or maybe you should do it yourself..” I said weakly.

All of a sudden it became harder to speak. It was like all of my energy had been sucked away. ..I didn’t last much longer. I fell back against the bed and passed out.


I opened my eyes and knew something was wrong. I tried to get up, but my arms were tied down. What in the world was going on?

“Help! Help me!” I cried out.

My tongue was dry like the desert. It was like someone had whacked me in the head with a giant sledgehammer. My vision was blurry, I could barely make out my environment. What happened to me last night? I couldn’t even remember how I got into this predicament. I felt something fight against my cock I looked down and screamed.

“Oh god! What the fuck?!”

It was a plastic chastity cage around my cock It was an incredibly tight fit; probably a size or two small. It almost cut off circulation to my balls. What really happened last night? Then it dawned on me.. .the last thing I remember was going back with Mandy and Laura and taking a shot of something strange!

All of a sudden I heard the click clack of footsteps. The knob turned and the door creaked open slowly. I heard giggles before I saw the unimaginable. It was my ex-girlfriend, Kelly, and her two slum’ friends. The three girls stood in front of the door giggling with theft hands on their hips. I had to admit, Kelly looked pretty hot in her workout gear. I always did love yoga pants. And her hair was tied back in a pony tail. Her friends wore similar outfits.

“Well its about time you wake up. How are you doing down there, PeteT’ She said, taunting me. I wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off her face.

“What did you girls do? Let me out of here!”

The girls all burst out laughing uncontrollably. “So you figured it out, huh dumb ass? You didn’t think my hot ass friends would want to tuck you, did you?”

“What the tuck do you want?” I was a little scared at this point.

Kelly moved forward and towered over me on the bed. She spat directly on my face. Her foul saliva hit my eye and rolled down. “That’s for brealdng up with me, you little shit head!” She slapped me on the face hard a few times.

“Hey ouch! Stop that!”

“You’re in no position to say anything.! Laura chimed in.

“Besides we have you all locked up in that chastity cage!” Kelly said.

“Unlock me! Get me out of this thing!”

I wiggled from side to side and the lock jittered around loudly. The girls all pointed and laughed at me at the same time.

“Oh my god! He’s so kicking pathetic!” Mandy said.

“You’re not going anywhere!” My ex-girlfriend cried out. “We’re going to have fun with you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m glad you asked.” Kelly plopped down on the bed and sat on my chest. “I was just out for a run this morning and my feet are all sweaty. I want you to dean them for me.”

“What? You’re crazy!”

“That may be, but you’re still going to do it!”

Kelly slipped off her sneakers. She wasn’t wearing any socks at all. I could already smell the fouls stench of her dirty feet.

“Ugh! Oh god! Get them away from me!” I cried out.

“Smell my sweaty feet!”

She smothered my face with her toes. I couldn’t smell anything but her sweaty and dirty feet. I shook from side to side to try to avoid this onslaught, but it was no use. Laura and Mandy giggled as I struggled. They began taking pictures of me with their phones.

“Hey! What are they doing! Stop!”

“Oh just an insurance policy.” Kelly said. “We want to make sure you’ll be a cooperative slave.

If you don’t obey us we might have to leak these pictures to the whole school!”

“What? You can’t do that!”

“Well that depends on you!” The girls laughed at me. They had me trapped in a corner and they knew it.

“Now, smell my feet more!”

“No!” I shot back.

“Airight girls, you heard him. Send out the pictures!”

“No please stop! Okay okay, I’ll do it!”

“That’s a good slaveboy. Let me hear you smell!”

I reluctantly inhaled the foul odor of her feet. I smelled the sweat from her foot. It filled my nose and I couldn’t escape it even if I tried. “Uggh!” I gagged on her foot. I wanted to throw up.

“Sniff louder!”

*Sniff! *

*Sniff! *

“How does it smell, slave?”

“Ugh disgusting!”

“Yeah? Well you better enjoy it because that’s all you’ll be doing for a LONG time!”

Kelly reached back and grabbed my chastity cage while I inhaled between her toes. I could see the lint and toe jam between her toes. “I love seeing your stupid cock locked up like this. Get a picture here, Mandy.”

She held up my balls nicely for the camera. They were swollen and a little bruised. “I can’t believe I let you flick me with this thing. You won’t be flicking anyone with this anymore!”

“Please, I’m sorry. Please let me go.” I begged her.

The girls laughed. “He’s such a flicking loser!” Laura said gleefully.


“Ewwww!” I could hear Laura comment on the torture Kelly inflicted on me.

“Smell my sweaty feet!” Kelly was gelling into her dominance now. I didn’t like how my stupid and stuck up ex-girifriend bossed me around like this. However, I didn’t have a choice considering the blackmail evidence they had against me.

“Okay okay I smelled it. Please let me go!

“You’re so fucking pathetic, Pete! Come on girls! Get in on this!”


“Let’s do it!” The girls cheered.

Laura and Mandy slipped off their sneakers in a blink of an eye. Mandy was barefoot, but Laura had a pair of white socks.. .well former white socks. The bottoms were crusted with a dark shade of dirt, sweat, and god knows what.

“Oh my god! Look at how dirty your socks are!”

“I know. I’ve worn these for a month straight.”

“No please no! Stop!” I begged them. It didn’t matter. The girls smothered me with their feet. I felt them rub all over every crevice of my face. Each girl had a sharp distinct foot odor. Soon, the smell blended together.

Meanwhile, Kelly still tugged at my chastity cage. “Now does it feel!”

“Ugh! It’s so tight!”

“This slave is so pathetic! He’s getting hard!” Kelly exclaimed!

“I bet this loser likes it! I bet he likes our sweaty feet!”

“No!” I protested, but the girls didn’t listen to me at all. They took another picture of my locked up dick trying to get hard in this plastic jail. Kelly was kind of right.. .1 mean this was humiliating and all, but my cock swelled up in that thing. I don’t know why…

“Ugh stop it!”

“You love our feet!”

“No I don’t!”

“Say it!”


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