by Amber K

Emily Silva spent three years as a teacher’s aid working alongside Gertrud Tanner at Jacobs Elementary. When Mrs. Tanner finally retired, hauling her decrepit bones off to Miami, Emily gladly stepped in to fill the vacancy of fifth grade schoolmarm. Jacobs was a small school in a small town, Emily’s class never adding up to more than fifteen students a year. Coaching the girl’s soccer team during the summer covered her expenses from June to September and on the large Em was happy if not merely content with her lot.

Four years latter found Em now at the age of 32, still single and, according to her mother, well on her way to withered spinster-hood . The quiet life of a single woman was peaceful for Emily. It was a righteous path she chose for herself without conscious regret …at least none she would allow herself. Many factors played a part in the development of her life style choices, yet first and foremost was the influence of her father: the self proclaimed man of God. Her upbringing was one of the most strict religious background, tinged with pseudo-sexual abuse, which left Emily rather confused in her later years. Her father may have been a fire and brimstone preacher to the outside world, but at home, and when deep in his cups, his eye would wander to his 13 year old daughter, Emily, and occasionally so would his hands. To Emily this did nothing but prove the weakness and hypocrisy of men. It also taught her the dangers of fleshful temptations and the evil its likely to wrought even on the most righteous of spirits.

From time to time the loneliness of Emily’s solitary life would gnaw upon her resolve. Her loins would burn in need of the, thus far never experienced, act of penetration. Her lips would tingling for a passionate kiss whilst her traitorous body ached for a salacious embrace. These apparitions would come in the form of night sweats, torments that Emily knew she would have to endure. The Devil was wily and had obviously inflicted the sins of her father upon her. She would be strong and resist the filthy urges. Without needing to be said, casual sex was out of the question and masturbation was something she still considered a dark secret, even though she was no stranger to the act. On some nights her physical needs would overshadow her self-control, forcing her to give in to the vanity of self-pleasuring. Following these lapses Emily would be tortured with guilt and racked with utter self- hatred for weeks to come. These desires eventually turned in on themselves and instilled Emily with a malicious grudge against members of the opposite sex.

In a casual conversation with Emily one could only skim the surface of her dislike for males … it would all seem normal enough. But if one were to dig beneath the cool exterior of her pleaded skirts, white blouses, sensible shoes and Mary Worth hairdo, a rather twisted and hypocritical psychology could be found lurking in her subconscious, gnashing its voracious teeth on repressed desires and self loathing. Plainly put, Emily hated that for which she desired and yearned but would never allow herself. In her opinion there was a fine line between physical pleasure and all out debauchery. A line that once crossed was never again regained .. gone forever in the dim reaches of abandoned innocence and purity. This was a road that Emily swore she would never trod upon.

It was difficult to separate the boys in her class from adult men when it came to her prejudice. She felt she did a fairly amiable job though if you were to ask a student, especially a male one, you would learn that she most assuredly played favorites when it came to the girls. This was most evident in circumstances such as giggling, note passing or, the Good Lord forbid, whispering during class. The girls could titter to their little hearts’ content yet the moment a boy so much as coughed or sneezed Miss Silva was on him like a leopard with a toothache. Of course favoritism of the sexes was not an uncommon practice amidst teachers in the school system and nothing to be taken as strange or worrisome. Emily was just one woman teacher among many who had a bone to pic with the masculine sex … a bone that usually took the form of a defenseless young boy under their control from 7:00 to 3:00 PM. It was tyrannical yes, yet for small minded women such as Emily, it was par for the course … a scenario destined to repeat itself so long as young boys were subjected to the vengeful clutches of petty, sometimes cowardly, woman with the title of Elementary School Teacher.

A Day In The Life

It was three weeks shy of summer vacation. Controlling the childrens’ impatience for school to end taxed all of Emily’s resolve as it did each year she ushered a new set of pupils into the break before sixth grade began. Keeping their feral minds on their studies was nigh impossible. Even with the added “fun-time” activities not present throughout the rest of the school year’s curriculum, Emily still had to contend with rambunctious behavior and eyes that perpetually wandered to the bay of windows and the blue sky beyond. Of course most if not all of this abhorrent behavior came from the boys. The girls were very proper as girls will be, in Emily’s mind. As it was, she’d broken three rulers slapping desktops of delinquent male pupils in a seemingly endless and futile effort to get their attention away from whatever foolishness boys would get themselves into if not kept on a very short leash.

It was on a Friday, not long before the final bell was to ring, that Emily caught Toby Hicks engaging in a revolting display of male perversion. The class was in the midst of playing dodge ball in the grassy field next to the school yard. Toby requested a bathroom visit and Emily begrudging allowed. Ten minutes passed and Toby had yet to return from the lavatory. Emily glanced at her watch and started for the bathroom at a brisk walk. As an after thought she called over her shoulder to Stephanie, her favorite student, asking her to mediate the game until she returned.

Without so much as a knock, Emily strode into the boy’s bathroom. After checking under all of the stalls she was not surprised to find them all empty. Her anger now at a fine pitch, Emily strode through the school halls on the way to Room 16 … her class. Nearly bowling over Mr. Steffens who taught in the room next door, she marched into her classroom.

Immediately to the left of the door was the coat room. Inside, she found Toby on his hands and knees. His face was buried in a pair of Nike shoes. Some of the girls had removed their shoes before venturing out into the field. There were six pairs in all, lined up in an orderly fashion against the back wall of the small coat room. Emily recognized the specific pair of shoes as belonging to Emma Peterson … a chubby blonde who was fond of drawing unicorns on her binder.

The revolting sounds of Toby sniffing the musty confines of the shoes was cut short by Emily haughtily clearing her throat. The boy leaped away from the shoes in a rather comical manner and jumped to his feet. Emily noted immediately that his blue shorts were stretched tight in front, outlining the obvious bulge of his stiffened little peter. Her lips pressed tightly together until the slivers of skin remaining visible turned white with rage. Most would have let the incident slide or possibly reprimanded the young man, but Emily felt as if she had walked in on a rape in progress.

“What do you think you are doing, Mister?” The boys face was flushed a deep crimson and his low lip quivered uncontrollably. “I said, what do you think you are doing?”

“Nothing, Miss Silva.”

“Nothing indeed! I saw exactly what your were doing!” Emily gazed at the other shoes in line and noticed that all of them seemed to have been molested in some way. A few were laying on their sides, the laces pulled out and the mouth of the shoes widened. “You should be ashamed of yourself! How can you even think about doing something so disgusting? And for the love of Jesus, cover that nasty little thing,” Emily pointed at his still erect penis straining against the thin cotton fabric of his shorts. Toby’s hands immediately shot downward, obscuring the offense sight from her view. “Get out here … right now!”

Emily thundered out into the classroom with Toby in tow. She spun to face him with her back to the blackboard, “Now I want you to tell me exactly what you were doing in there … EXACTLY!” Emily knew perfectly well, but she wanted to hear it from his own lips.

“Honest, Miss Silva, I was …”

“Don’t you lie to me, Mister!”

The boy hung his head, his shoulders slumping down as well. Emily waited in anticipation for the tears of humiliation to come, yet after a moment he raised his head and looked her directly in the eye. She noted a hint of defiance in his look that fanned the flames of her intense anger all the more.

“Well … I’m waiting,” she began to tap her foot for emphasis. When no answer came she moved on to a different tactic. “How would you like me to call in Beth, Emma, Sandy and the rest? I could let them in on a little dirty secret? Tell them how you were in the coat room sniffing their shoes like a disgusting dog!”

Toby’s eyes grew wide with fear … and yes a hint of humiliation … that was something at least.

“Better yet, maybe I should give your mother a call and let her know what you’ve been up to.”

“No … please don’t tell my Ma!”

“Then tell me what you were doing in there and why!”

“I was smelling the shoes … that’s all … honest!”

“That’s all? As if that’s normal … sniffing shoes? What would possess you to do something so revolting?”

“I don’t know, Miss Silva … I just thought I might like it.”

“Have you done this before?”

No answer.


“No,” Toby mumbled.

“What was that?”

“No, Miss Silva.”

“I see.” Emily pondered the situation. This boy was fit for punishing for sure. She still couldn’t wrap her mind around the perversion it would take to drive someone to sniff shoes. She saw how excited it had made him. The vision of his stiffened penis resurfaced in her mind and she tried to brush it aside. She felt an intense spike of shame upon the realization that it had excited her … albeit briefly. He most certainly needed to be punished for that if nothing else.

“Come here!” Emily pointed to the floor next to her desk. As Toby approached the spot indicated with a sheepish shuffling of his feet, Emily took her chair behind the desk. “Come around to this side,” she said indicating directly to the left of her chair.

“You like the smell of feet, don’t you?”

No answer.

“I said, you like the smell of feet don’t you?”

“I guess so, Miss Silva.”


Toby shrugged his shoulders, avidly studying the floor beneath his worn Converse.

“You smell feet because it excites you, yes?”

Still no answer.

“Well, Mr. Hicks, I think you should smell my feet, don’t you?” Emily announced with a face still full of anger and indignation.

Toby’s head whipped up fast enough to nearly send him toppling over backwards. His eyes were wide in shock, but Emily could see his nasty desire and a revolting look of hope hiding behind his brown eyes. She could see he was unconsciously pinching at his penis through the fabric of his shorts. It was again erect. Oh, you disgust me, Emily thought to herself.

Toby had no way of knowing the condition of Emily’s feet at that moment. Part of her was giddy with glee at the fine coincidence and the punishment that so readily presented itself to her vindictive mind. On a normal day, Emily’s feet smelled far from good. It was a battle she had fought, and lost, since she was in high school. Her feet were sometimes more than she herself could stand at the end of the day. Most evenings her shoes spent the night outside on the back patio to air out until morning.

On this specific day, Emily had overslept and reluctantly skipped her morning shower. Her smelly leather flats had then encased her bare feet since six that morning. Most of the day was spent either standing or outside in the extreme June temperatures. The leather interior of the steamy shoes was by now befouled with sweat. Just walking from the coat room to her desk had resulted in sucking sounds emanating from the shoes with each step she took … her slimy foot soles sticking to the leather insole of the now nasty things. During the afternoon math quiz, whilst seated at her desk, Emily had caught strong whiffs of her feet while she dangled her shoes from her toes. The smell had become so apparent that she was forced to put her shoes back on for fear of the students catching wind of their odiferous fumes.

If this boy liked sniffing shoes, Emily was sure her pungent feet would cure him of that for all time.

With a leering smile, Emily reached beneath the desk and pulled off the flats letting them fall to the floor with a clunk. The cool air felt good on her damp feet. “Are you ready to smell my feet?”

“Yes, Miss Silva … ” the boy stammered.

“I want you to lean forward.” The second the child leaned his head toward her, with that ridiculous look of expectation on his face, Emily swung her feet out from under the desk. She plopped them on the desktop beneath the boy’s face. The reaction was instantaneous: his face wrinkled in horrified surprise and disgust. The boy’s nostrils flared as the stench of Emily’s feet assaulted him. Coughing and gagging, the boy began to stumbled back, but Emily was prepared for this and closed the trap. One foot launched from the desktop to hook the back of his head. The other pressed firmly over his face, the toes resting on the bridge of his nose. His struggles began immediately and it took all of the strength in Emily’s legs to keep his face pinned against her reeking foot.

He waved his hands ineffectually in the air as he tried to fend off the stinky foot plastered over his nose. Twisting her legs, Emily forced the poor boy to the floor. Before he could wriggle away, she sat on his pelvis pinning him to the polished wood floor of the classroom. Lifting both feet, she laid them gently, almost in a casual way, on his face. She grasped his arms at the wrists and held them firmly against the floor. This boy was going to sniff whether he liked it or not.

“You don’t like my stinky feet do you?” Emily said primly in an almost pleasant, conversational voice. Muffled moans emanated from beneath her slimy soles and Emily wiggled her toes in response. “That’s right, you smell my feet! Its what you wanted isn’t it … to smell my feet … to smell your teacher’s stinky, sweaty feet? Get a good whiff … ” Obviously the boy had experienced the slightly sour shoes of his prepubescent female classmates, but nothing could have prepared him for these powerful adult feet. “You don’t like them at all do you? Well, this is what real ladies’ feet smell like. All of our feet smell like this, Toby. It’s a lot different than little girls’ feet isn’t it. Very nasty aren’t they? Keep sniffing. I want you to know what’s in store for you later in life. Since you like smelling feet so much now, you have this to look forward to when you grow up. Not very nice is it?”

Emily could picture the boy realizing his attraction to feet a little bit at a time. Harboring it in his dark little heart … catching glimpses here and there as women adjusted their feet in uncomfortable shoes or dangled them as they crossed their legs while sitting. Has he ogled my feet, she wondered? Maybe he would try and play seemingly innocent tickling games to get a closer look at a pair of feet. Then maybe one day he caught a sniff or two and began to ponder the pleasures of the scent that went along with feet. Of course the natural progression would be to sneak about like a thief in the night as he had done. It was a sad sorted tale indeed. Well, his path of curiosity has led him here and isn’t he sorry for wondering, she snickered maliciously to herself.

Emily felt the boy’s mouth open beneath her foot. The flow of air tickling past her sweaty toes on the way to his nostrils ceased. At first she thought he was just sick enough to be attempting a taste of her dirty foot. She then realized as she saw his chest rise with a gasp of air, he was trying to trick her by breathing through his mouth! Reaching down, she pried his jaw open as far as it would go. She heard him squeal in surprise as she stuffed her callused heel into the opening. Emily ground her heel back and forth to assure the seal she had made. Once satisfied that he wouldn’t be breathing through his mouth, she settled her stinky feet back over his nose. Emily had to hold back a giggle as she felt his body racked with a titanic shudder following the first pure sniff of her feet.

“You’re such a naughty boy, smelling your teacher’s stinky feet like this. I’m sure your mother would be very ashamed of you! Look at you go … sniffing those nasty feet of mine! You should be ashamed of yourself!” Emily couldn’t help it, she began to laugh mercilessly at the tortured boy. His face, at least what she could see of it, was turning a bright red … it was either from humiliation or the torture he was suffering from enduring her foot stink … either way Emily was loving every minute of it. Why hadn’t she thought of something like this sooner. All the boys in her class should have to experience this. It would most assuredly put them in their place and make them learn that women are their superiors and not to be trifled with or disrespected. He mind began to swim with all of the possibilities … all of the humiliations she could subject them to. After a few moments she had almost completely forgotten about Toby sniffing away beneath her filthy feet.

Emily looked back down at Toby, “Have you learned your lesson, young man?”

Toby nodded emphatically.

“You won’t be smelling anyone’s shoes or feet ever again will you?”

Tony shook his head back and forth, Emily’s toes never leaving their grasp on his nose.

“Good. I think you’ll smell my feet for another five minutes of so just to make we understand each other.” Emily leered an evil grin as the boy began to whimper pitifully at the promise of extending the torture. She pulled her heel from his mouth now sure that he was sufficiently cowed into sniffing without any further shenanigans. Using both feet freely she not only extended it for another five minutes, but then forced him to endure an additional ten minutes after that, all the while a throaty and menacing laugh bubbled from Emily’s leering countenance.

The only thing that forced her to allow the boy to come up for air was the final bell. Then inspiration took her and she plastered her feet back on the boys face. The look of hopelessness when his escape was denied tickled Emily to her core. She watched a few of the students pour into the coat room to claim their belongings. Toby’s eyes rolled in the direction of the sound, his eyes filled with a healthy dose of humiliation at the prospect of being seen in his predicament.

“Shall I call them over so they can see what a sick little pervert you are, Toby?” Emily whispered maliciously. So far no one had noticed the teacher sitting atop her pupil. “You’d better hurry or you’ll miss the bus.” Emily snickered as Toby scrambled out from underneath her and bolted for the coat room. He emerged a second latter with his backpack and coat in hand and darted outside. Emily remained on the floor hugging her knees to her chest, giggling until her sides hurt. The stench of her feet piqued her nose from time to time until she finally lifted one bare foot from the floor and sniffed it deeply.

“Sniff, Toby, sniff … good dog!” she laughed and took another dose of her own stifling foot reek. She collapsed onto her back laughing out of control. The boys of Room 16 would soon learn who was in charge … and Emily knew she would love every minute of it.

…The Savior himself would never have been able to drag the truth out of Em at that specific moment in time … but if truth was indeed to be told, Emily would tell of how wet and swollen her pussy was, her thick cotton panties clinging to her gushing cunt … how her mind was filled with images of at least a dozen of her male students, all grimacing at her foot odor as their bodies were violated by Emily’s pussy, anus, hands, fingers, toes, mouth, lips and tongue.

Her eyes glinted wickedly as she licked her full lips. “Yes, they’ll all learn their place, every last dirty one of them. I have a divine mission now … and all these rotten, sinful boys of Jacob Elementary will learn their place… so help me God!” Emily’s malevolent and crazed laughter filled the now empty halls … echoing eeriely from the polished wood floors and bays of lockers

… a laugh that would continue to echo in the minds of every boy to come through Miss Silva’s class in the years to follow…

… a laugh that stayed with them throughout their teenage years and well into adulthood …

… a laugh that reverberated in their minds late at night when all was still and hushed …

… and a laugh that, whether they wanted it to or not, made their cocks grow hard and their hearts fill with shame and humiliation at the remembrance.

And something all the hapless victims of Miss Silva shared … each one holding a common, yet unspoken bond between them …they were never, not a single one of the many boys to cross Emily Silva’s path, able to look at a female foot the same way again…


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