Haley finished her daily running workout and sat down on the bleachers next to the track, as she did every day. You had finished your own run a few minutes ago and were stretching next to the bleachers. You vaguely knew Haley from school, but never really talked to her.

She was always surrounded by the popular boys, and you had always had a bit of a crush on her. Haley had her feet on the seat next to your face, confined in a pair of white ankle socks (turned almost brown by dirt and sweat) and a pair of running shoes that had truly seen the worst her feet had to offer.

Completely exhausted, she said, “My god, it’s hot out here. My feet are sweating like crazy. Hey you, could you take my shoes off for me?”

“Whatever,” you muttered, thinking it an odd request from her as you removed the shoes, moist on the inside with sweat, to reveal disgustingly sweaty and soiled socks.

“That’s much better” Haley murmured, then after a pause, “I would really like it if you could rub my feet for me.” You refused at first, shocked and somewhat offended that this girl you had never really known would even propose such an idea. She asked again though, nearly begging you to do it. You finally gave in, realizing this may be your chance at a potential date. You got down on your knees in front of her to begin the degrading task.

The socks were soaked with sweat, and your hands were wet from the very beginning. You rubbed and massaged them for several minutes, following Haley’s instructions hesitantly as you go. After about 5 minutes had passed, Haley sighed and said “Now I want something new. I want you to lick my socks.” You jumped to your feet, appalled by the thought of it. “I’m not licking your feet!” he shouted “What do you think I am, your foot slave or something?”

“That’s exactly right,” Haley remarked, a devilish smirk now crossing her face. “You’re my pathetic foot boy, and you will do what I say when I tell you to.”

“This is outrageous!” you yelled, “I’m getting out of here.” You turned to walk away, but Haley caught your leg with her foot and you were sent sprawling to the ground. Before you had a chance to get up, Haley jumped on your back and dangled her right foot, still in the dripping and disgusting sock, in front of your face, yelling “Lick it!!!” When you refused, she moved her left foot onto the back of your head and dangled her right foot directly in front of your mouth, all of her weight crushing down on your skull. You almost immediately stuck your tongue out and began to lick, the sweat mixing with his saliva and making a horrible new substance, worse than anything you had tasted in your entire life. She relished her victory for a few seconds, before slowly removing the pressure from your head and returning it to your back. “So now what will you do when I ask you to pamper my feet from now on?” Haley asked the broken boy.

“Obey you,” you gasped, “I will obey you. Just please don’t step on my head like that ever again.”

“Well that much is entirely up to you,” Haley taunted, “And how well you obey my every command.”

“So what now?” you questioned, worried your face might be presented to her feet again.

“Now you leave and don’t tell anybody of what happened here today.” She instructed, “And if you do, or if you choose not to follow any of my commands, then I’ll tell the entire school that you cornered me in the girl’s bathroom and raped me. I might even report you to the police if you make me mad enough.”

“You can’t do that!” you yelled, afraid that she might actually go through with the wicked plan.

“Why not? Ill tell my friends and it’ll only spread from there.” Haley crouched down, still on your back, and whispered in your ear, “Who are people going to believe, sweet innocent Haley, or the boy who rejects the accusations, like anybody would?”

As much as you hated to admit it, she was right, and unless you wanted to be a friendless creep who spends your years in detention or even jail, you would have to obey her when she called upon you. Haley got off your back and placed her shoes back on her feet.

“You’ll be hearing from me soon,” She said ominously, as you got up and turned to leave, “And you had better be looking forward to it.” she said, turning and walking away, laughing at the pitiful boy’s defeat.

Part 2 – First Worship

About a week and a half pass and you had nearly forgotten about what had happened with Haley that fateful day. You did notice however, that there was a strange nagging in the back of your head when your older sister Tori walked around the house in socks. This feeling was troubling, but every time you felt it you just shook it off and focused on whatever you were doing.

Then you got the call.

The day started normal enough, waking up as you always did, getting dressed and eating breakfast. You was watching TV when the phone rang and your mom Debbie answered it. She called you into the kitchen where she had picked up the phone and said it was for you. As soon as you heard a voice from the phone, your heart dropped. It was Haley.

“Be at my house at 11,” she ordered, “or you know what‘ll happen.” With that she hung up, not even bothering to give you the address. This left him to look up the address in the phonebook and lie to your parents about where you were going on your bike, since they wouldn’t let you use the car this specific day.

It was a fairly long ride (for a bike) to Haley’s house, and you arrived around 11:05. The house was very large and fully bricked, with a massive chandelier hanging in the entryway that could be seen from the street through a big window. The sun had been bright throughout the ride, and you were lightly sweating as you approached the door. You had no idea what to expect as you pushed the button on the intercom doorbell, and when Haley’s voice came through the small speaker to his right, you thought he was going to be sick.

“Hello?” her voice rasped.

“Yeah it’s me,” you said as your finger pressed against the intercom button.

“Oh finally,” Haley said, her voice suddenly perking up, “The door’s open, come on in.” You hesitantly pushed the open and walked in, closing it behind you. You stood in the foyer of Haley’s house, and looked around at the high ceiling. The house was elegantly furnished and decorated, with a wide staircase in front to your right.

“Up here,” you heard from the around a corner at the top of the steps, “Come on up my little slave.” You knew this could only be Haley, and followed the voice up the stairs and entered what appeared to be her bedroom. The room was painted purple with a wooden dresser against the wall to your immediate left, a closet to your right and her rather large bed against the far left wall, facing the closet. A bureau stood between two windows on the wall opposite Ryan, and he could see a small alcove beyond the closet with light streaming from it.

Haley sat there on the bed, intently focused on a flat screen TV was suspended from the ceiling in front of the closet. By the looks of it, the TV rested on a fixture that allowed it to move up and down and conceal itself in the ceiling. “You’re late,” Haley declared without moving her eyes from the TV. She was dressed in a purple tank top and lounge pants that were striped pink and purple. Her feet were crossed and concealed in purple socks covered in white polka dots, along with the fuzziest pink slippers he had ever seen. “Five minutes late to be exact, which means you get to stay an extra twenty-five. Now get over here! We need to make sure you’re done before my parents get home. What would they think if they knew I let a boy into the house while they were away?”

You knelt at the foot of the bed, and noticed on your way that the alcove you had spotted contained a desk with a computer on it and several bookcases built into the walls, in front of which was a very comfortable-looking chair.
“From now on you will refer to me as either maim or your highness, as I am your goddess and you will worship me without question. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” you replied.

“Yes what?” Haley snapped, kicking you swiftly in the head.

“Yes maim…” you trailed off, knowing what was coming next.

“Good,” Haley announced “Now we can get down to business. You may start by licking the soles of my slippers.” As you did this, Haley went on: “You are lucky I only wear these around the house, if they were any of my other shoes you would be in for a real treat.” you hesitantly licked the slightly dirty soles, until Haley kicked him again and said, “You’re doing a terrible job. Start over, and this time I want you to cover every square inch of the soles.” you did, this time systematically starting on one side of each slipper and liking all the way up, moving across as he finished each column. “Good,” Haley commented, “You may now take off my slippers and start on my socks.”

“Yes maim.” you did as he was told, slowly removing the slippers to reveal the socked feet. As you had noticed before, the socks were purple with white polka dots of different sizes scattered about. What you were now able to recognize, however, was that they were toe socks, socks that had divided toes sewn into them. “I just bought these especially for you, but don’t get to used to socks and feet this clean, they won’t often been in the future. Do you understand?”

“Yes your highness”

“Good then start sniffing. I want you nose everywhere on these socks since they’re brand new, get it down in-between each toe.” You commenced with the worship, by doing exactly that, stuffing the tip of his nose down between each of the toes in the socks. As you did this, you thought about how degrading this task was, and how much you never wanted anyone but Haley to know what went on between you two. You finished on the toes and began to pass your nose over the socks, going up and down with exaggerated movements to try and convince Haley you was working harder.

After several minutes of this, Haley became frustrated, “I can’t hear you sniffing!” she yelled, while kicking you in the head a few times. You exaggerated the sniffing even more, fully inhaling and exhaling on each and every breath. “Much better. You may start licking now.” You did so apprehensively, sticking your tongue out of your mouth about a half an inch and again passing it over the socked foot. “Let me see your tongue on the sock!!” Haley yelled, louder this time than the last. She kicked you in the head again too, this time much harder.
You stuck your tongue all the way out of your mouth, making long, smooth passes up and down the sock. Although it was not hot and sweaty like at the track, it was still warm from being in the slippers, and was fairly unpleasant against your wet tongue. You stuck each toe of the socks into your mouth and sucked on them for several seconds, closing your eyes and pretending you was somewhere else. You was on the last toe when Haley began to speak.

“Okay I’ve had enough of that, get these socks off and let the real fun begin.” The first thing Haley did once the socks were off was simply place both of her bare feet on your face, spreading your toes wide and completely covering it for several minutes.

While the smell was not as bad as you had remembered from the day at the track, the psychological effect was really getting to you. Here you were, a smart, athletic, fairly popular kid smothered under the feet of a rich brat who was blackmailing you for nothing more than her own enjoyment. At that moment, something clicked in your head. You gave in. You realized that the only way out of Haley’s torture would be to disobey her and practically ruin the rest of your life, as you knew that Haley would have no apprehensions about telling everyone she knew about what went on between you two. You soon reasoned that it would be better to live the other parts of your life enjoyably with this one black mark than to make the rest of your life the black mark instead. In that one moment, you accepted this as a part of your life now, that you would be worshiping feet for a long time.

When Haley moved her feet, she smiled, as she realized something had happened just by seeing the look that was on your face. “What’s going through your head, my pitiful little bitch?”

“Just… thinking about how much I love serving your feet, my goddess…”

“That’s what I like to hear, you worthless piece of garbage.” You made another revelation in this moment too, that if you acted as if Haley was your goddess and that you loved serving her feet, you might not only make it slightly more bearable for yourself, but Haley might not get as much pleasure out of you enjoying the feet, and may lay off after some time. “I’ll tell you what, you can hurry up and start licking my feet, and when I think you are done, you may be done with your worship for the day.”

“Thank you, my queen. I will try my hardest to please your every wish.”

“Wow, you’re a devoted little one, aren’t you?”

“What can I say? My only wish it to please you, my holiness.” You said this while trying to put on a smiling face, but the words stung coming out of your mouth, as you knew they would never be true. With this, you began to let your tongue explore Haley’s feet, encompassing every square inch of skin from the ankles down. Several times you swirled your tongue in circles or performed some other provocative motion that caused Haley to laugh. The final thing you did was take Haley’s right foot in your hands, staring at the sole glistening with saliva. You noticed how ideal her feet were, with the tips of her toes lined up in a perfect arch, the sole flat when her foot was extended but cute and wrinkly when she scrunched up her toes. You took the foot and shoved it, all five toes first, directly into you mouth, getting your lips all the way down past the ball of the foot.

“Very good,” Haley cooed after about twenty minutes of sublime worship, “That was phenomenal. Are you beginning to enjoy yourself?”

“How could I not with your glorious feet in my presence?” You hated that you were talking like this, but realized it was probably in your best interest.

“You were impressively obedient today, my slave, but my parents should be home soon, and you’ve gotta be long gone when they are.”

“I understand.”

“Very good. Give me your cell phone number so I don’t have to bother the rest of your family with this little affair we have going the next time I desire your services.” You did this and stood up to leave when Haley added, “Oh, and give me your wallet for a minute.”

“Why?” You asked as he pulled it out of his pocket and handed it over.

“I owe my mom five bucks, and I don’t really feel like giving her my own money,” she said, taking out a five dollar bill and handing the wallet back to you, “Now be on your way, and know that I will probably call you the next opportunity I have to be worshiped. It may be tomorrow, it may be two weeks from now. I’m not sure, but I’ll see what I fun things I can cook up for you to do next time.”

“I will be looking forward to it, my great and powerful ruler.” You said, while bowing and walking backwards toward her door. You turned around and left, going down the stairs and out the door. You biked hurriedly home, recounting the whole day in your mind. The more you went over his experience with Haley, the less you thought of it, and you began to realize that you didn’t actually mind it too much. As soon as these thoughts entered your head, you shook it hard, and thought, ‘What are you thinking? You just sucked on a girl’s feet and then called her your goddess! How could you think it wasn’t that bad?’ These thoughts continued to haunt you and created a conflict in your head that you convinced yourself only time could sort out. But these thoughts lingered in your mind over the next few days, until the call came again.


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