Kate was a beautiful 25-year-old women working in the financial district in London. She was a top executive at a worldwide bank and made two million dollars a year. She worked all the time and enjoyed free time on the weekends.

However on the weekends she would find other projects to work on sometimes that had to do with work and sometimes projects for her own personal enrichment. Because working is how Kate has fun! It’s all she has ever done her whole life. Ever since her parents sent her off to boarding school at the age of seven and she only got to see them on holidays. Kate a very beautiful elegant brown haired English young women who kept herself in shape by walking to work every day did not know what she wanted in life because all anyone taught her how to do in life was work.

She had anything and everything anyone could imagine, but almost never used them. Her penthouse apartment in the most expensive part of London was empty most of the time because Kate was never there. It was beautifully furnished and had all the top technology but because she was never home she never used it. In fact Allison Kate’s maid was there more than Kate was. Allison a knockout blond pail English girl was working as a maid because she had not yet figured out what she wanted to do with her life. She grew up very differently, with loving parents who never pressured her to do anything she did not want to do. They supported her in whatever she wanted, which she thought was part of the reason why she had not found her lot in life yet. All she knew was at some point she wanted to make lots and lots of money so that she could afford to live the lifestyle of the people that currently employed her.

Allison was so beautiful she could be a model, and enjoyed pampering herself, getting massages and her nails done when she could afford it. But because of the economy she was now only employed by Kate and that was just paying the bills. So spending money on things like the nail salon and shopping was not an option. Little did Allison know that this would all soon change.

Kate had decided that it was high time for her to see a psychologist, someone she could talk to about how she was feeling about her up bringing and such. How she never had loving parents who cared for her, or explained anything about the birds and the bees or anything that one would think normal parents would take responsibility for. Kate felt very alone and felt especially strange because she was starting to realize that she might also be attracted to women as well as men. After about three months of connecting the dots she realized with the help of her psychologist that she was attracted to Allison her maid, but still felt strange about the idea of simply asking her out on a date. One because she was not sure about Allison’s own orientation and two because there was still an unknown feeling holding her back.

At this revelation Kate’s psychologist suggested she try hypnosis. She would put her under and ask some basic questions and simply write down Kate’s responses. The psychologist Dr. Wellington, a women of course put her under and began the questioning. At first she started with simple questions about how she felt about her past. Dr. Wellington got the answers that she would have thought and then dove deeper. She asked “Kate, do you like working so much?” Kate’s answer was a bit different, she replied, “I love to work but not for myself.” Dr. Wellington responded, “What do you mean by that?” Kate responded, “I like to work because I know that I can afford to keep someone else employed.” The psychologist pushed forward, “What do you mean support someone else?” Kate went on to say, “I love Allison my maid and know that I’m the only one she is working for. I like that I can make it possible for her to afford to live.

I could care less about myself, I like serving Allison!” Dr. Wellington realized she had made a breakthrough and continued to push forward, “So Kate you enjoy serving other women and don’t care about yourself?” Kate replied, “Yes, sometimes at night I fantasize about life being the other way around. I enjoy picturing myself as Allison’s servant, slavishly following her every command. Kissing her feet and enjoying every minute of it, enjoying that Allison is living in the lap of luxury as I grovel at her feet, begging her to allow me to serve her.” Dr. Wellington could not believe the information that Kate had just revealed and because she was a good psychologist did not try and take advantage of the situation.

Dr. Wellington decided that she had heard enough to explain to Kate what she needed to do to feel better about life. Along with taking notes on what Kate had said under hypnosis she had also recorded her voice so that there would be no question about her honesty. Once Kate had come back from being under hypnosis, Dr. Wellington simply hit the play button on her voice recorder. Once the recorder had stopped playing Kate did not know what to say. There was an awkward silence for what seemed like five minutes but in reality was only about thirty seconds long. Then Dr. Wellington broke it by saying. “I think we both know what this proves, you are a submissive and you have a foot fetish.

You seem to specifically have the hots for your maid Allison. I think the best thing for you to do to solve all of your problems are to simply be honest with yourself and Allison and see how things develop from there. How you go about doing that is up to you. However know that until you are completely at terms with who you are and what you want I can’t help you any more.” Kate still in a slight shock got up off the sofa she had been sitting on and replied, “Yes, thank you very much” and then left.

As Kate drove home she thought long and hard about what had happened in the psychologists office. If this was what she truly wanted, then she had a lot to change in her life, and while she was at it she might as well enjoy it. When Kate got home as if it was meant to be Allison pulled up in a cab ready to get to work cleaning. Little did she know, she would be doing no such thing that night. Kate decided the best way to get this new relationship started with Allison was to start being really nice to her, and Kate had noticed throughout the time that Allison had been working for her that she loved celebrities, going shopping and getting pampered at the spa. So that was what Kate would give her right then and there.

Allison greeted Kate by saying, “Hello Ms. Wilkinson, (which was Kate’s last name) I’m ready to get to work. I hope you’ve had a good day.” Kate replied, “Hello Allison, I had a very interesting day. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a night to myself, you up for having some fun?” Of course Allison agreed and they both went into the Kate’s apartment. Once in the apartment Kate asked Allison to make herself at home and served her a glass of wine, then explained that she was going to get started on cooking them some dinner. Allison went into the living room and made herself comfortable while she waited for dinner, and could not help but think how much she could get use to living in a place like Kate’s.

Over dinner they enjoyed some small talk, Kate making sure to take good care of Allison. Doing things like making sure she had enough to drink and serving her more food if she wanted more. Once they both had finished eating Allison said, “Thank you so much Ms. Wilkinson! Dinner was great.” Kate replied, “It was my pleasure Allison, and please call me Kate. Do you have anything going on tonight?” Allison replied, “No…Kate.” Kate continued, “I’ve noticed over the last few months that you seem to enjoy the finer things in life, am I right?” Allison responded, “Well yes I guess I do, I wish that I could live like a celebrity. You know having all that money and people around to do whatever you say.” Kate replied, “I know exactly what you mean, because I’ve experienced it. And I think it’s about time that you did too. I’m going to take you out tonight, but there is a twist. Tonight you are the celebrity, and you get what you want. Be as bossy as you want and spend as much as you want.”

Allison could not believe what she was hearing, and was not going to turn this down. Allison replied, “Well then from now on it’s Miss Allison to you, now get down stairs and warm up my car and be waiting for me. It’s 5pm we have a long night ahead of us.” Kate humbly replied, “Yes Miss Allison and went about getting the keys to the car and heading down stairs.” While Kate was busy getting things ready, Allison changed into the cloths she had brought to change into after work and did her makeup. In the end she looked beautiful. Wearing a bright pink blouse, blue jeans and open toed heals which matched her blouse, and both her finger and toenails were unpainted. When she was good and ready she went downstairs and found Kate waiting for her with the back door of the car open.

Once in the car Kate reassured Allison that she was to act as if she was a stuck up rich celebrity that she wished she were, and Allison smiled in the back seat at first tentatively agreeing, then feeling more confident. The rest of the night seemed to pass by so quickly. In three short hours they had accomplished a whirlwind shopping trip. First they stopped at the most expensive nail salon in town, where Allison had the most expensive manicure and pedicure treatments. Then they went to all of the most expensive clothing and shoe stores in the world. Over all Allison bought eight pairs of shoes, three dresses, four blouses, eight pairs of paints and some makeup and perfume. In all Allison spent over $10,000 and all Kate did was follow Allison around, carry all of her bags and pay for everything. In actuality both Allison and Kate we enjoying the lives that they wished they had lived and a role reversal was now taking effect. When they finally arrived back at Kate’s apartment Allison thought that things would go back to the way they were before, but she did not want them to. So Allison came to the conclusion that she would push things until Kate put a stop to them.

They arrived inside Kate still willingly following Allison. Allison sat on the sofa and said “Kate, get me a glass of wine then come in here and give me a foot massage.” Surprisingly Kate simply followed Allison’s order and before she knew it she was relaxing watching TV enjoying a nice foot rub. After a while Allison finished her glass of wine and was ready to go home. Right before she Allison began to get up Kate almost yelled, “Wait please! I have to tell you something.” With that Kate divulged everything that had happened that day at her psychologist’s office.

Part 2:

After Kate had told the whole story of the happenings from earlier that day Allison was shocked to say the least. So shocked that she could not make an on the spot decision. So instead Allison said, “Kate, I know today has been very stressful for you, but this is all happening a little to quickly for me. Give me the rest of the night to think about this, I mean it’s not everyday that your boss offers to be your slave.” With that Allison grabbed her things and began her walk home. While she was walking she began to think about the offer that Kate had made her. It was in fact very intriguing, and she did love the idea of being able to boss someone around. Especially if that someone was Kate who had loads and loads of money just lying around. Before Allison got home she made the decision that she would not rush to any conclusions, instead she would research dominant/submissive relationships and foot fetishes on the internet for the rest of the night so that she would be able to make a decision for Kate the next morning.

Mean while back at Kate’s penthouse, Kate was kind of upset about the out come of the evening. She thought, how in the world could Allison turn down an deal like the one she had offered? It’s not everyday that a freaking rich fairly young women offers to serve you and give you everything she owns. Kate who was very use to getting what she wanted when she wanted, and she knew that she wanted to be Allison’s slave. After she settled down and had a glass of wine or two she began to form a plan in her head that seemed fail-prof to her. After a while she picked up the phone and called Dr. Wellington her therapist and told her everything that had happened that day. She was rich after all and could afford to have Dr. Wellington on call whenever she needed her. Finally Kate asked, “How much would you charge if I wanted you to hypnotize someone for me and implant certain things into her brain?”

Dr. Wellington who immediately picked up on where she was going and replied, “I’m not really sure you want to get yourself into this mess. You see I can only put suggestions into someone’s brain, once they are there who knows how the person will take them. You could be creating a monster, with irreversible consequences!” Kate replied, “That’s exactly what I want, so how much would you charge?” Dr. Wellington still a bit pensive about the whole idea said, “Well I guess I’d say somewhere around 20,000 pounds.” Kate replied, “That sounds like a fair price, be at my place tomorrow morning at 1o.” The doctor agreed and wrote down Kate’s address. After all what did Dr. Wellington care, she was trying to make a living in today’s world just like everyone else and if someone wanted to pay her 20,000 pounds to try and hypnotize someone then more power to them.

The pieces were set for the next morning but who knows what would really happened?

Part 3:

Allison began her walk to Kate’s apartment at around 9am the next morning. Having spent her night doing research on dominant/submissive relationships and foot fetishes, she had come to the conclusion that living in one would not be a bad idea at all, especially if she was going to be the dominant one. It would take her about a half hour to get to Kate’s place and over that time fantasized about what would come of her and Kate’s new relationship. If it was anything like the night before, Allison would never have to walk again if she did not want to.

Mean while back at Kate’s place, Kate was making the final preparations for her plan to hypnotize Allison. Kate knew that Allison would arrive around 10am and did not want to waist any time. Dr. Wellington had arrived and was doing her final preparations for the hypnotic trance that she would put Allison in. Dr. Wellington asked Kate all sorts of questions to ensure that she would implement the correct post hypnotic suggestions. Little did they both know that Allison had already made up her mind that this was something that she actually wanted to do, therefore hypnotizing her and enforcing something that she actually wanted might just create a dominant monster.

Allison having learned to be punctual through her work arrived right on time at 10am. Dr. Wellington hid in Kate’s bedroom until she was needed. Allison walked in and made herself feel comfortable in the living room area and Kate asked if she would like some tea. Allison responded, “Yes please.” And Kate went into the kitchen to prepare her tea. What Allison had no idea about was that Kate was adding a special ingredient to her tea, Xanax to help her relax and put her in a state where she could be hypnotized very easily. Once the tea was prepared Kate delivered it to Allison and simply waited. They sat together and chatted about nothing. It only took five minutes for the Xanax to kick in, due to the sizable dose that Kate had put into Allison’s tea. After seven minutes Allison was nearly incoherent, at that signal Kate called in Dr. Wellington and she began to work her magic.

Dr. Wellington began in a very soothing voice, “Allison can you hear me?”

Allison replied very distantly, “Yes.”

Dr. Wellington continued, “Very good Allison, I will be guiding you through an life changing experience, which will make your life one hundred times better. But in order to accomplish this you must listen and agree to every single one of my suggestions. Do you understand?”

Allison again distantly replied, “Yes.”

So the Dr. Wellington began to take Allison deeper and began the suggestion process by saying, “Allison from now on rather than thinking of yourself as young women who looks alright and is only good enough to work as a maid for rich people, you will think that you are one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. You now believe that because you are so beautiful you deserve to have money and power. You should be waited on hand and foot and be pampered every second of the day.”

Allison in an even more agreeable state simply agreed with everything that Dr. Wellington suggested. So Dr. Wellington continued.

“So Allison because you are so beautiful and so wealthy when your friend and former employer Kate offers to be your slave you will accept her offer without question simply because you deserve it. You will be her Mistress and demand her complete obedience. You love that Kate has a foot fetish and take full advantage of it.”

Dr. Wellington took Allison deeper and deeper and deeper for about an hours time until she suggested that after she snap her fingers she would wake up in five minutes giving her enough time to leave and go unnoticed before Allison woke up. Dr. Wellington never stopped to ask Allison how she felt about being beautiful, being a Mistress or owning a slave. She just suggested, thus creating a self centered dominant monster in Allison.

Part 4:

After Dr. Wellington had been paid and left Kate sat on a chair in the family room waiting for Allison to wake up. After about two minutes had passed Allison began to wake, but was groggy so Kate went and got her some water to help get the cobwebs out of her head. Allison then asked, “What in the world happened, I must have dozed off?” Kate replied, “No worries Allison you must have had a long night last night?” At that Allison was for some reason really annoyed with Kate calling her Allison. She began to think as they began to idly chat again. Allison began to notice all of the submissive tendencies that Kate showed and began to think that she would actually be doing her a favor taking her on as her slave.

Then as if Allison did not care about what Kate was talking about she completely interrupted her and said, “So about this whole slave thing, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.”

Kate replied a little bit shocked, “What do you think?”

Allison replied very candidly and honestly, “I think that I am a ridiculously beautiful women, who deserves to be waited on hand and foot and to have lots and lots of money. I’ve noticed that you have a lot of submissive tendencies and therefore see it as my responsibility to take you on as my slave. But this is not going to be fun for you because being a slave is not about pleasure it’s about pleasuring. Therefore I will treat you accordingly. There will be no limit to what I decided to do with you and I will most definitely use you in public as well as in private. So the real question is are you ready?”

Kate still shocked and surprised at how honest Allison had been with her. It took her a few seconds to reply but she did eventually, “Allison, if last night was even just a small glimpse into what life would be like in your service then I accept your offer to willingly be your slave.”

With that responds Allison then said, “Well then a few things need to change around here then. First of all you are sitting on my furniture. Get off now and on your knees! Over the next few days you will work on transferring everything that you own into my name. From now on you are to treat me with the respect that a true Goddess deserves!”

Part 5 – FINAL:

Allison not knowing that she had been hypnotized was getting more and more comfortable with this domination thing. Allison realized some things about Kate and took complete advantage of them. First of all Allison had never met anyone like Kate before, Kate actually wanted to be bossed around and treated like crap all the time. This allowed Allison to act like a spoiled pampered brat all the time. For example in the morning when Allison would wake up they would have what they called morning worship. During this time before Allison would have her breakfast, Kate would enter and kneel at the foot of Allison’s bed. She would then go under the covers and find Allison’s feet. Once Allison’s feet were found Kate would cover them with kisses until Allison would ask, “So what are you going to do today my slave?” Kate would humbly reply, “Serve you my Goddess in which ever way you see fit.” This worship was repeated before bed as well.

Also on a daily basis Allison would wake up late in the morning and want to go shopping. Rather than take Kate with her she would leave her home to clean the apartment. When she would return home Allison would say, “Slave in here now my feet hurt and I need a foot rub!” Kate would quickly drop whatever she was doing, run into the living room and find Allison sitting on her favorite chair. Allison would drop to her knees in front of Allison, kiss her feet and then begin to massage them.

One day after returning home from a shopping trip during a foot massage, Allison looked down at Kate and saw disappointment in her eyes. Prompting Allison to ask, “What’s bothering you slave? Can’t you see that I’ve gone out and gotten my weekly pedicure so that my feet look beautiful?” Kate answered, “Well Miss Allison I love serving you and want to serve you all the time, and I love your feet. I was kind of hoping that you would let me do things like pedicures, manicures and other spa treatments for you? That way you don’t have to spend money, deal with making appointments.

When I was in college I worked in a nail salon so I’m trained, all you would have to do is buy the equipment, which I’m sure would pay for itself in about two months.” Allison thought for a moment, what Kate had said made a lot of sense and she liked the idea of being able to have pedicures and manicures at home. Plus she could afford to buy the equipment. With that Allison replied, “Slave, very good idea. You may kiss my feet as a reward.” With that Allison ordered Kate to research and buy the most expensive spa equipment to be put into the guest bedroom, which is where Kate had been sleeping. Allison then informed Kate that slaves don’t sleep in beds; they sleep at the foot of their Mistress’ beds. So from now no that was where Kate was to sleep.

Allison was still curious about how far she could push Kate, because she did not really know her. Things had been easy to this point. With that thought she began to think of ways to test Kate.


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