A few weeks ago I decided to place an ad onto the dutch ‘Craigslist’. The content of the ad I placed was simple and clear; I’m looking for girls who let me smell their sweaty feet after a long day at school or work.

At first I thought it would be nothing. But last week I received an e-mail from a girl. She wrote: “Hello, if you think you’d survive to smell my feet after I’ve worn my shoes a whole day at school, you are welcome at my place!”

Immediately I replied that I would love to and so we started some e-mail traffic. First of all she suggested to worn her flats; “because they let my feet smell so good, haha”. Later on she decided, because of the low temperatures, that it would be better to put on her fake Uggs. These would stink up a complete room. She also said the best result was with little stockings. Further into the e-mail conversation she said her feet are always soaking into her shoes and I must be prepared that her feet will be ‘pretty wet’.

Finally we met! As I approached her place, a fine looking, attractive, girl opened the door. I immediately looked down to her feet and I noticed Uggs! This must be the girl from the ad, lets call her Michelle. Michelle is about 19 years old, brown hair, very good looking 5’5 tall and shoe size 7. She invited me in and asked me if I would ‘do the thing’ immediately or to do some talks first. I was in high heaven and wanted to smell her feet! So we went upstairs. She told me that she had a pretty hard day with lots of walking en running around at work so her feet would me in perfect condition for me.

Michelle sat down into her chair…

Michelle: “Do you want to sit in front of me or do you prefer to lie down”
I: “I would love to lay down so you can use my face to rest your feet on”
Michelle: “Okay, no problem”
I: “So, how long do you have those Uggs on today?”
Michelle: “Sinds 6.30am, it’s now 7.30pm so that’ll make 11 hours straight”
I: “Wow, that’s perfect!”
Michelle: “Yes, and as promised I worn these stockings for a few days in row without washing them”
I: “That’s perfect!”

So I lay down with my head onto the ground and my face were inches from her shoes. I immediately smelled her feet right trough her shoes!

Michelle: “Shall I wipe off my feet onto your face and nose?”
I: “Oh yes please, do what ever you want, I can’t wait to smell your feet”
Michelle: “Haha, let’s see how you think about that after you smelled my raunchy sweaty feet!”
Michelle: “If you like, you can use my bathroom to clean off your face when we finished”
I: “Is it that bad.. ???”
Michelle: “Yes!!! There they come…”

She took of both of her fake Uggs and placed her feet slowly onto my face, the heat and damp hit me immediately! The smell was beyond imagination, very strong, vinegary, toxic and sharp. After 10 seconds she started to ‘wipe off’ her feet. Her feet and stockings were extremely wet. After a minute my face must be stinking massively :D. The minutes went by and she said that is was a miracle that I could stand the smell for such a long time.
When we finished Michelle took of her stockings and gave them to me: “here, a souvenir, when you smell them you can relive this moment again”.

I thanked her for this great moment and we agreed to meet up soon. She would then let me smell her feet after wearing her sneakers which she never wear socks in. Those would be a ‘real challenge’ she said.

This was one of the best experiences I ever had!


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Special thanks to: RobertTelles

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