By Bravesfan84

Just today I had a wonderful experience with someone I’d found on Craigslist! I’ve never actually posted an ad trying to find someone, and instead have always searched others who are looking. The problem was it almost always ended in gay males looking; there is of course nothing wrong with this, but it’s just of course not what I’d like to find. I’d about given up, when I saw an ad that made me think I’d struck gold.

It was an ad for an Asian girl with a pic of her feet in the ad. Her feet looked very pretty, and she was relatively close to me in terms of city – for the record it was New York craigslist. What really caught my attention about this ad was the title: “Explore your fetish with us”.

I’ve always looked for opportunities to smell any girl’s feet, but I’ve never had the opportunity in person to have 2+ at a time! Sending an email, I didn’t quite expect to get a response, since usually these ads don’t respond if you’re not someone that THEY are looking for in terms of looks, income, etc. However, not only did I get a reply, but I also got three attachments: two of the girls’ faces and one of their feet. I decided this opportunity was too good to be true, until I saw the price. They wanted $100 for half an hour, which ultimately isn’t bad, but being in grad school right now money is a tad tight.

I decided though to go once I’d gotten enough money on the side, which was about three weeks after the initial contact. I was still hesitant about so much money for half an hour, but they detailed that they’d basically let me go hog wild. As well, they promised either a handjob or footjob for a happy ending. (I won’t say spoiler alert, but it’s probably obvious which one I chose.)

So the day comes and I arrive at their apartment. After a very simple introduction – they had Chinese names that I actually don’t remember, so I’ll denote them by pedicure color, RED and PINK, my favorites of course – we basically got right down to business. They told me they’d just been to the gym earlier, and I could tell as their feet were both nice and sweaty. I wasn’t hit with a smell immediately, but after letting my nose dig between their toes a little while, it definitely came through.

Anyways, I started off by taking some pics of their feet – not sure if I can or should post them, but I will if you guys wanna see them. I don’t have pics of their faces, so there’s no need to worry about privacy I suppose. After some pics, I started massaging their feet, which got them both in the mood pretty quickly. They had me on the floor in front of them while they sat on the couch. I started off with RED’s feet, and she said, “My feet are so cold from today! I hope you’re ready to warm them up,” flashing a wink and a smile my way.

“Well we can’t have your poor little feet be so cold now can we?” I said rather playfully. Not sure about anyone else, but I definitely enjoy the whole talking aspect of our fetish. “My mouth is always perfect for letting girls’ toes warm up after a cold day.”

They both look at each other and giggled. After massaging RED, of course it was PINK’s turn. She had naturally long nails, which were of course a plus. PINK was definitely moaning more as I began massaging hers. While that was happening, though, RED started tugging at my clothes with the toes of her right foot. “Wouldn’t you like to get a little more…comfortable?”

Smiling, I began to take my shirt off. Almost immediately, I felt PINK use her toes to loosen my pants button. I’d never had that done to me before, and I gotta say I’d never been more aroused by that point. As I lay down on the ground in nothing but my underwear, I saw their feet descend on my face, and it was one of those slow motion feelings, seeing their beautiful looking – and smelling – feet cover my face. I’d always imagined this feeling of having at least four feet on my face, and it was everything I imagined. I’d told them earlier that I love it when girls giggle and wiggle their toes while I worship them, and that’s just what they did.


After a little while of sniffing and worshiping – at points I’d take both of their big toes into my mouth, which was a flavor explosion or course – RED worked her way down towards my now raging erection still trapped in my briefs, while PINK stayed right up near my face. RED started grinding her toes into my shaft and my sac, which was driving me crazy. Of course PINK only heightened this by having one foot drape over my face, while she used the toes of her other foot to tease my nipples. By this point I was at sensory overload, but I still had about ten minutes or so. It became so difficult not to explode, as I had one beautiful pair of feet working my dick, and the other pair of feet smothering my face. Needless to say, it was heaven for me.

They then changed it up, literally, by having RED shift to my face and PINK shift to my dick. While I was sucking on RED’s toes, PINK was not only grinding into my erection, but she slowly took my briefs off with her toes, which may’ve been the sexiest thing that happened all day. Then she poured some baby oil onto my shaft and started working it in. Once the oil hit, it became increasingly more difficult to maintain. PINK was rubbing her toes all up and down my shaft while red was dipping her toes in and out of my mouth and covering my nose with her toes. It was too much, and I was about to lose it right there.

Suddenly, though, another switch. They both stopped, and picked their feet up off of me. I was worried that I’d let ten minutes go by without cumming, because they started wiping their feet off, trying to get off the baby oil. Come to find out, they were simply switching positions, and now PINK was gonna work my face while RED was gonna work my dick. I thought it’d be weird to taste the baby oil on PINK’s toes, but in all honesty it only heightened my arousal. Also come to find out, RED was even better with her toes on my dick than PINK was. It only took a few minutes after that before I lost my load all over RED’s toes. I even felt it on my chest, so I lost quite a bit over them.

I should mention that all the while I was worshiping their feet, they were taking pics of that too. As well, they took a vid of giving me a footjob. I will not be posting those btw, mainly for my own privacy as well as it kinda being my own personal souvenir. All in all, it was the best foot related experience I’ve ever had, and honestly felt worth the $100 I’d spent. Not sure if I’ll be able to do it again any time soon, but they said they’d be in touch if I ever wanted to do it again.

A quick plug for them: at the beginning I said “You guys must get a lot of foot boys with your perfect feet.” They replied, “We actually haven’t done many sessions lately. You’re the first one to reply since the year started.” I imagine it’s because of the price, which would almost have turned me away. I will say though, it’s definitely worth it. They post on Craigslist frequently; so I’d say for any foot boy living in NYC – they’re in the Upper East Side btw – who wants two pairs of Asian feet, look for a Craigslist ad that says “Explore your fetish with us.” You will not be disappointed, as I certainly was not.


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