I received the ultimate gift from my wife on my birthday. I had no clue she was getting this ready for me. She did a masterful job protecting it from me so I couldn’t catch on. It helped that I was distracted with work, of course. What was it, you ask? 10-day-old disgusting, smell and sweat-soaked, worn pantyhose, worn at work, to bed (she actually covered them with clean socks so I wouldn’t find out), to the gym, 16 hours a day, for 10 days straight.

They were tan colored, somewhat see-through, and set up just to soak up the sweat and smell worse than socks ever could. They were so terrible that she later told me she could not stand to wear them anymore after about day 7, but powered through the last 3 days because she was looking forward to watching me suffer.

The day of my birthday, we went to a hotel in a larger nearby town and went out to a fondue place. I noticed she was wearing her awful brown shoes she uses to prepare for a particularly evil smell session.. I did, of course, expect the typical nasty foot smell session before I could cum, given that it was my birthday, but I could never have expected the sheer torture I was about to experience after dinner.

We were both a little drunk and a little horny at the end of the rather romantic dinner she set up for me, so we went back to the hotel room. She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear on the cab ride back. “Your nose is mine tonight. I am going to push your pathetic little nose worse than I ever have,” she said. She nibbled my neck and ear lobe a little bit after she said it, and chills ran all over me as I noticed I was already starting to get hard a bit. I still had no idea she was wearing those reeking pantyhose under her brown shoes.


We get back to the hotel room, and she pushed me on the bed. She had this absolutely evil grin on her face and said “I have a surprise for you…are you ready?” I was starting to catch on now, far too late to effectively resist. She pulled off her brown shoes, revealing the dirty, filthy, sweat-soaked pantyhose. She has NEVER worn pantyhose for our smell sessions before, and I think my eyes must have widened when I first saw them. I noticed myself actually trembling. They were so filthy that it was visible she must have worn them for days without washing them. It was clear to me I was about to suffer unimaginable torture under her feet.

She laughed mockingly at me, and began to talk about them to increase the level of dread/arousal I was suffering at the time. “I have worn them for ten whole days baby.” I tried to respond but my words caught in my throat. “I wore them to the gym, to work, even in bed with you, and you were too distracted with work and everything to even notice. I made sure to cover them with extra clean socks so you wouldn’t notice the absolutely nasty odor they’ve built up.” I was shaking by this point, and she noticed. “Awww,” she cruelly teased, “are you scared of them? That’s good. I’m not letting you cum for a LONG time tonight.” Even though she was showing them off to me a few feet away from me, I could still just lightly smell the nasty scent that her feet had built up. I could not believe how strong they smelled.

And yet, I could not stop staring at them while she taunted me. She was laying back so her feet were my main focus. She was spreading her delicious toes, scrunching them, and wiggling the toes. Her toenails were painted a fucking sexy, glossy shade of solid black, and the pantyhose somehow made her feet look even softer and sexier, even though they were absolutely filthy and obviously unwashed. “Do you like how they look, footstool?” “Yes,” I meekly replied. “Yes? Yes what, you dirty foot boy?” she angrily said. “Yes…mistress.” I responded. I was so mesmerized by how amazing her feet looked in the filthy pantyhose that I had no defiance in me at all. I was completely at her mercy.

“Do you like how my toes look? I got a pedicure two days ago so they would look beautiful for you. Here, let me scrunch them so you can see better.” She scrunched up her toes and showed off the wrinkles on her soles, just barely visible behind the dirty pantyhose, but visible enough to drive me wild. I was so hard I could barely believe it, and unknowingly my hand began to play with my dick while she was giving me the foot show.

She scoffed a bit, rolled her eyes, leaned over, and slapped me in the face pretty hard. “Did I give you permission to touch your dick, footstool?” “No mistress, I am sorry.” I replied. “Let me tell you how this is going to work, you filthy foot boy,” she stated. “Your nose, mouth, tongue, nipples, balls, and dick are my property tonight. You are not allowed to defy me or you will go to sleep without cumming. You will smell every inch of these disgusting pantyhose until I am satisfied you are ready to be stimulated. Everything after that is part of the surprise…”

I was visibly trembling. I literally could not believe this was happening, nor could I believe that she came up with it herself without my input. It was pushing my boundaries beyond anything we had done with feet before, and I hadn’t even started smelling them yet. As I was thinking about this, she stood up and undressed, until she was wearing nothing but the pantyhose. Her tits looked amazing, big and perky, and she had just recently gotten her hair dyed a brighter shade of blonde. The sheer dominance in her appearance made her look like an absolute goddess to me, and made me feel like a complete pipsqueak. I didn’t even feel like the same person.

“Strip,” she commanded. Without hesitation, I stripped completely naked. She positioned herself comfortably next to me, and slowly dragged her sweat soaked pantyhose feet up my stomach, over my chest, and finally over my lips to my nose. She covered my nose with her arch. I was horrified. The scent was so strong I had no idea what to do with myself. It was as though all the distinct nasty odors her feet would conjure up in the different kinds of ratty old shoes she wore all combined together and amplified in the nylons. I groaned audibly and instinctively backed away from them toward the head of the bed. She responded by firmly using her foot in my face to push me against the wall, smothering me for a second. “Do you want to breathe? Or do I have to close up your nose and suffocate you as punishment?” she asked. I have never been smothered by her before, and I was panicking a bit. If she was this serious, what kind of things was she going to do to me the rest of the evening?

I frantically shook my head no, and she released my nose. I breathed in and got a huge whiff of the unbelievable odor from her pantyhose. I groaned in agony and begged her to stop, my voice muffled by her feet pushed up against my face. I couldn’t see anything because her feet were blocking my vision of everything else. I was consumed by her mind blowing, disgusting, sweaty pantyhose feet. I then felt her shift around a bit and lightly stroke my left nipple with her fingernails. It was like electric shockwaves down to my dick, and I felt precum already, after just a few short minutes.

Meanwhile, my nose was full of her scent, and it was practically making me dizzy from how overpowering it was. She then slowly dragged her right foot down my face a bit, and stuck her toes under my nose. Her toes, as I’ve said before, are the smelliest part of her feet, and she takes great pleasure in torturing me with them. To say they smelled horrible is an understatement. Words cannot describe adequately the level of stink the toes of those nylons had built up after 10 days of muggy fall active wear in the smelliest shoes she owns. My begging for mercy renewed, but my voice was again muffled by her feet. The whole time she had been alternating which nipple she was lightly tweaking and tickling, and my cock was practically begging for stimulation.

“Stop? We’ve just started you silly boy. Now tell me, what are you?” she asked. I had no idea what she meant, so I struggled to find an answer. She firmly kicked me in the face. “Answer me. What are you?” I meekly responded “Your footstool, mistress.” “Good boy,” she replied. She then stopped stimulating my nipples and ran a single finger up the shaft of my dick and traced it around the sensitive skin just under the head. I felt goosebumps form all over my body, from my neck down to my legs. “Oh, your dick likes that doesn’t it? Do you want to feel my mouth on it?” she taunted. Her cock teasing, combined with her fucking amazing foot fetish porn star voice and the mind-altering stench flowing from her wide spread toes into my nose were altering my perception of the universe.

“I think you need to smell these a little longer, but I will keep your cock happy while you serve me,” she said. She switched feet and repositioned her right foot so it was all I could see, and put the toes of her left foot under my nose and began spreading and wiggling them to waft the scent in my nose. The fresh stink was just as horrible as it was in the beginning of the session, and I cringed and groaned in response. “Look at these feet baby. Aren’t they just fucking perfect?” she said in her incredibly sexy, phone-sex tone of voice. “Take a deep breath of my delicious scent, and look at how wrinkly my soles are.” Her voice and dialogue were driving me wild. I felt her start to make torturously slow, long, extra gentle strokes up and down my dick from the base my shaft up to the tip of the head and back. “Oh my fucking god please let me cum mistress,” I begged. “Oh sweetie, we have a lot more to go tonight. But, I do think you’ve earned a little better stimulation.” With that, she removed her feet for a second to reposition herself, giving me the first fresh air I smelled in the last fifteen agonizing minutes. She leaned on her side in kind of a curled up position so her head was close to my dick, and her feet were sort of close to my head, but not directly in my face at all.

“This is your first surprise. If you want me to suck your dick, you have to voluntarily smell my feet. I will not suck you off unless you reposition yourself so you can smell my feet, and will only continue as long as your nose is inhaling my scent.” I couldn’t believe this. Normally in a foot session, she would just force me to smell them, taunt me, get me off, get herself off at my torment, and then leave me panting and breathless after an orgasm. Now, she was requiring me to make a choice between feeling her amazing lips on my throbbing dick while suffering under her feet, or quitting the session altogether and going to bed without cumming. To make it worse, her feet required me to stretch a little bit to voluntarily smell them, which would take some of the focus away from the blowjob. I don’t think I would have been able to force myself to smell them like this if she hadn’t have teased me this long, but I was in such desperate need for stimulation that I quickly wiggled over and stretched enough that my face was sufficiently engulfed in her feet.

Before I could even groan or complain as the overwhelming scent filled my nose again, I felt her start giving me a blowjob. My wife is quite skilled at giving blowjobs. She always alternates pressure, speed, intensity, and techniques, keeping me guessing and constantly off-guard. I never get used to any of the feelings so I remain extra sensitive. Even with the semi-awkward angle at which she was sitting, she was able to maneuver her head and my dick so her soft, wet tongue was brushing up against the most sensitive parts. She alternated gentle and hard tonguing with focusing sucking on the whole head, and bobbing her head up and down getting the shaft involved. She would suck firmly for a while and use her tongue, gently bob her head up and down the shaft, focus on swirling her tongue around, and just engulf my dick with an unbelievable range of different sensations. It was driving me crazy.

Her blowjob was amazing, as always, but the most incredible part of this particular blowjob was the combination of the varied sensations from her mouth on my aching, throbbing dick, and the overpowering scent of her filthy pantyhose filling my nose. While she was focusing on the blowjob, all I could see and smell was her feet. Forcing me to stretch and focus on smelling her feet voluntarily felt humiliating to me, further solidifying my status as her worthless footstool plaything. That humiliation intensified every sensation I was feeling. I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming, and instinctively smelled her feet harder and harder as I got closer. She was both punishing me and giving me a gift at the same time. I hated the scent, and yet absolutely loved it and was becoming addicted to it.

Not surprisingly, when I felt myself getting close to cumming from her fantastic blowjob, she felt it too and slowed down, swirling her tongue around the head and not giving me enough pressure to quite get there. This refocused my attention on her disgusting foot smell. When she wiggled her toes directly under my nose, a fresh wave of her stink hit me and I instinctively backed my head away from it, for just a split second. As I’m sure she planned, she immediately stopped tonguing my dick. “Oh, you are so close, aren’t you footstool? But you moved, and I told you I would stop if you did that. Poor boy, I was going to let you cum too.” With that, she shoved her feet back into my face, pushing me up against the wall, and waited for my cock to soften a bit. I was so angry at this point I could scream. “What the fuck? Finish me off god damnit,” I said in a mindless fit of teased and denied rage.

“Oh, are we defiant all of a sudden?” she asked with an evil grin. “Okay, that means it’s time for your second surprise,” she began explaining. “You probably think I’m going to make you lick these nylons clean, but really it’s going to be far, far worse. Most of the stink that’s built up in them is on the inside of the pantyhose where they were up against my feet for the last 10 days.” My heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to pass out. Please dear god don’t do what I think you’re going to do. With that, she backed off from me a bit. I could still smell her stink all over my face. My poor dick was losing its erection, and I was desperate to touch it and finish myself off, but I knew I would be in deep shit if I tried that.

She leaned over the edge of the bed, ruffled through her suitcase, and produced a small pair of scissors. “Watch me, footstool. If you serve me to my satisfaction, I’m going to let you cum on my bare feet.” I was trembling again. I wanted to cum so badly that I couldn’t help but obey. Just as I feared, however, she slowly pulled her right foot out of the pantyhose enough so just the filthy foot part that was up against her foot sweat for ten days was completely off her feet, and then cut that part off with the scissors. She then pulled the nylons back out so her sweaty foot was bare and exposed. The left foot was still encased in the pantyhose.

I saw her slowly, cruelly turn the sweat soaked foot part of the pantyhose inside-out and roll it up tightly so the sweat was facing out. She then leaned forward and grabbed my face firmly. “Open your mouth, whore,” she demanded. I struggled a bit. “Holy fuck,” I exclaimed while trying to pull away, “are you shitting me? That’s fucking disgusting.” I had absolutely no desire to taste the foot of that nylon. I was mortified at the prospect of it. “Do you want to cum, bitch? I told you your tongue is my property tonight, and I demand you present it to me.” She slapped me hard, and still I wouldn’t open my mouth. She then grabbed my balls and squeezed firmly, making me cringe in response. “You want to feel my nails in your ballsack, you little bitch? Do as I say!” Reluctantly, I began to open my mouth, and she just shoved the rolled up cut off part of the pantyhose in my mouth.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD” I tried to scream at the horrific overwhelming flavor of her 10-day nylon foot sweat, but my mouth was muffled. She laughed out loud at me. “Oh fuck,” she said in between laughing at me, “that’s gotta taste horrible. You are such a disgusting footstool.” She continued laughing cruelly at my torment. “I want your mouth to be covered in my scent and taste by the time you cum. You will remember this session for the rest of your life, whore.” She was still giggling tauntingly at my reactions. She loved watching me suffer like this.

See, I didn’t know at the time, but she had been fingering herself off and on for the last half an hour, and her pussy was soaking wet. While she doesn’t get off at all on foot smells and finds them gross, she gets wildly horny from doing sadistic things to me in bed. Nothing turns her on more than making me her little bitch footstool masochist whore of a husband. After several years of marriage and dating, she came to find out that sessions with her intense foot odor evoke stronger reactions from me than any other BDSM scenario we’ve tried, so she ends up loving it just as much as I do. It makes her unbelievably wet to watch me suffer and taunt me during it.

She stuck the other hosed foot under my nose again, and repositioned her gorgeous, high arched, perfectly pedicured bare foot so it was all I could see. “Look at that foot, baby. Really take it in. The wrinkles, the delicious sweaty toes, the baby soft balls of my feet.” My dick was getting hard again, very fast, given how close I was to cumming a few minutes before. “Smell deeper and suck the sweat out of those nylons. Look at how sweaty my bare foot is. Isn’t it perfect? It is so soft right now from the sweat.” All I was to her was a pathetic footstool – my eyes were consumed by the intricate details of her beautiful bare foot, my nose was dominated by the overwhelming scent of 10 day worn pantyhose, my mouth was tasting the stink that my nose was inhaling, and my hearing was focused on her unbelievably sexy foot fetish porn star voice. At that moment, I realized how I was absolutely nothing but a footstool toy for her own sadistic pleasure. All my senses were her property to torment and tease as she desired, for as long as she wished.

As if she could read my mind and realized my absolute surrender to her feet at that moment, she began dragging her nails ever so gently across my balls. She made various patterns, sometimes using one finger, sometimes all five fingers, tracing and looping around, stimulating every inch of my balls. The feeling was electrifying all over my dick and pelvis. “Oh my god baby you are so horny. Do you have any idea how wet I am too? I bet you want to feel my pussy right now, don’t you?” That was an understatement. As much as I wanted to fuck her at that moment, though, I could not break free of the absolute dominance her feet had over my senses. I was addicted to them. I hated the scent and taste and thought it was vile and repulsive, but I absolutely loved it at the same time. It was as though her scent and taste was intensifying every gentle stroke her nails made on my balls. I was so hard I thought I might cum just from the ball teasing.

“You have been such an excellent footstool tonight baby. Are you addicted to my scent?” I nodded. “Do you love the flavor of my feet?” I nodded again. “Do you dream about my feet whenever you jerk off?” I nodded again. “Okay, it’s time for you to cum. Get on your knees.” I obeyed so I was positioned above her, and she mercifully removed the nasty piece of pantyhose from my mouth and tossed it on the floor. I was still trembling. She wiggled around and removed the pantyhose entirely, then tossed them into her briefcase.

“Okay, start stroking your dick.” I began to stroke it. With one hand, she continued teasing my balls, and she began rubbing her bare feet all over my face and chest. “That’s it, cum you dirty footboy. Aren’t my feet soft and beautiful? Do you want to cum on them?” She was fingering herself while dirty talking me. “Oh god yes mistress, I’m almost there, oh my god,” I was practically incoherent with pleasure at this point. I was getting close to cumming, and she lifted her feet up and planted them in my face, and told me to inhale deeply. I took one deep smell of her intoxicating foot sweat, and that pushed me over the edge to climax. She quickly moved her feet down to my dick as I pumped load after load of cum, all of which landed on her feet and legs. She didn’t stop teasing my balls through the entire orgasm.

It was the hardest I have ever cum in my entire life. Words cannot describe it – I am dead fucking serious. I covered her feet in at least 3 or 4 huge loads of my cum. As I was exploding, she laughed this deep, sexy, delicious laugh while looking at the loads I was shooting. She knew what she had just done to me. I could still smell and taste her pantyhose and bare feet on my face and in my mouth. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was visibly shaking from the orgasm. I slumped back into bed after a few moments.

She got a few tissues and cleaned my cum off her feet and legs. After a couple minutes had passed, she said “now for your third surprise, you dirty footboy.” WHAT THE FUCK??? I thought. She tossed me the pantyhose she had removed a few minutes before I came. “I am going to finger myself very slowly while watching you sniff my pantyhose and staring at my bare feet. You are going to get yourself hard again. You are then going to fuck me hard and make me cum all over you. If I cum from fingering myself before you can get hard enough to fuck me, I will keep you from cumming or masturbating for the next two weeks.” With that, she told me to start inhaling the scent from the pantyhose and stare at her feet. She then started fingering herself nice and slow while talking dirty to me again.


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