When I was in high school, something happened my junior year that I will surely never forget. I used to walk to and from school and when I was lucky, I’d see this incredibly beautiful girl named Cammi along the way. Cammi was one of those rare girls; she was absolutely gorgeous, but not at all stuck up.

We were in the same grade and she lived a few houses down from me. I’ve had a crush on her since her family moved into the neighborhood during my 6th grade year. We were the same age, but we never talked much and we never had any classes together; she was always in the accelerated classes, so I figured she was a pretty smart girl.

Cammi was breathtaking; she was about 5’4”, 105 lbs., porcelain smooth complexion, straight white teeth, beautiful big blue eyes, and her straight hair was naturally blonde falling just above her shoulders framing her perfect face. She didn’t ever seem to wear make-up, and to be honest she didn’t need to. I also loved the fact that she was always dressed up. She would often wear professional looking outfits with nylons and low-heeled shoes. There was a certain sophistication about her… the way she spoke, the way she carried herself and dressed, her perfectly manicured fingernails…

Anyway, on this particular day I was walking home after school on my usual route. I was about halfway home when I saw a group of high schoolers gathered in the park. It looked like something was going on, like a fight or something of that nature. As I approached the scene, I was shocked to see that it was Cammi in the middle of the crowd. She was wearing a white blouse tucked into a maroon plaid skirt with a black leather belt around her waist. She had sheer white pantyhose covering her perfect legs and black leather pumps on her size 7 feet. She looked as gorgeous and pure as ever. It was odd seeing her standing between two girls that were known for getting into trouble, Lisa Heller, a senior and Jamie Loften, a freshman. These were the kind of girls that always cut classes and smoked and drank, etc., but for a couple of grunge chicks, they were pretty damn hot. Lisa was about 5’7”, 125 lbs with long jet-black hair and she always wore dark mascara. On this day, and most other days it seemed, she was wearing a tight black tee shirt with some heavy metal band on it, faded army pants, and grungy black army boots. She had two piercings on her right eyebrow and rumor had it she was pierced down below as well. Her friend, Jamie, was also pretty cute. She was petite, only about 5’2”, and maybe 95 lbs., but she was a total loud mouthed, wisecracking bitch. She had short red hair and a tight little body. Her face had a couple of freckles and she was very pretty, even with the black mascara. She reminded me of a Barbie doll…flawless. Today she wore loose tattered jeans, a tight fitting white tank top, and black worn out Doc Martins that she must have had for the last two years. She had her nose pierced and always wore a thick black leather wristband/watch.

As I worked my way through the small crowd, I asked a few people what was happening. Apparently Jamie’s boyfriend said something about Cammi being super fine and that he wouldn’t mind getting with her. I guess Jamie found out and was pissed off. Her and Lisa had followed Cammi after school. Like I said, I didn’t know Cammi too well, but I did know that she would never associate with Jamie’s boyfriend and she probably didn’t even know who he was. She was completely oblivious.

I got closer to what was happening and saw Jamie get in Cammi’s face. I could hear her say “…you stupid bitch. You think you’re all that?” I could tell Jamie was getting worked up. I could also tell that Cammi was scared to death, I mean she was clearly out of her element. “I’m sorry if I offended you. I would just like to go home now.” Cammi spoke calmly and tried to walk away, but Lisa got in front of her and cut her off. Jamie yelled, “Don’t walk away from me, bitch!” and knocked Cammi’s book bag to the ground. Lisa picked up the bag and started rummaging through it. Cammi pleaded, “Please, may I have my bag back?” Lisa said “Sure thing. Here ya go.” and she emptied the bag all over the ground and then handed it to Cammi. The two tough chicks laughed their asses off.

As Cammi bent down to pick up her books and homework, Jamie and Lisa started kicking them all over and stomping on them while saying “you forgot this one, and that one.”. Cammi again pleaded “Please. I just want to get my things and go…please”. Jamie said, “Shut the f— up you stupid bitch! You don’t speak unless I tell you to!” As Cammi was bent over picking up her things, Lisa lifted her boot to Cammi’s ass and shoved her forward to the ground. Cammi was now on her knees before Jamie and she was quite shaken up. As she stood up, I could see grass stains on the knees of Cammi’s white pantyhose. She had gathered about half her stuff and as she bent down to get the rest, Lisa, once again, took her boot and shoved Cammi over.

Cammi was now on her knees, on the ground at their feet. She looked totally defeated, like there was nothing she could do, “Jamie, really, I…I didn’t mean to do whatever I did to make you angry. I-” Then Jamie did something that completely shocked me and the crowd; she slapped Cammi across the face, and not a light slap either. WHAP! “Bitch, didn’t I tell you not to speak unless I said so!?” Cammi drew her hands to her face and held them there. Lisa chimed in “Damn, this bitch must wanna get her ass kicked.” Jamie looked down at Cammi and said “Is that right? Do you think we should kick your ass?”. Cammi kept her hands over her face and didn’t respond. Lisa grabbed the back of Cammi’s hair and jerked her head back. Cammi was streaming tears. Lisa got right in her face and yelled “Bitch, didn’t you hear her!?” Cammi looked up to Lisa like a lost puppy and whined, “…please…please…don’t hurt me…please. I-I- I’m sorry…I-” WHAP! Lisa’s opened hand smacked Cammi’s face. “Shut the f— up!” Cammi fell to the ground near Jamie’s feet. As she slowly got back up to her hands and knees, Jamie got behind her and actually sat on her back. She then grabbed a handful of Cammi’s hair with one hand “Where you goin, Bitch?” Cammi struggled to get up but Jamie stayed right on top of her, maneuvering her weight to counter Cammi’s attempts “You trying to get away? Huh? …Whoa girl…whoooa…” Cammi struggled and whined, “Jamie, pleeease get off me…please let me go… whyyyy…why are you doing this to me?” but Jamie wasn’t getting off of her.

Cammi’s Adventure Part II

To me, this had gone far enough. I had to try and get these chicks to lay off her. I stepped out of the crowd and said “Alright, Jamie, c’mon. Give her a break.” Jamie looked at me with surprise, almost as though she couldn’t believe I’d have the nerve to say something. Cammi looked up at me with tears in her eyes. I took a step towards her, “I mean, don’t you think you’ve humiliated her enough?” Jamie didn’t even respond to me; she just looked at me with this wicked grin. Just then a hand forcefully grabbed me by my shoulder from behind. I turned and saw Pat Steckler puffing on a smoke and looking down at me like he was going to kick my ass. Pat Steckler- everybody called him Steck- was not a pleasant person. He was your classic high school dropout who still hung around with high schoolers, even though he was at least 20 years old. He’d recently been arrested for stabbing someone in a fight. This was not the kind of loose cannon that I wanted any part of. I looked up and noticed that his eyes were glazed over and red. He said, “Stay the f— out of it. Let the chicks fight.” He grabbed my collar and shoved me back about 4 feet. Then I realized, of course, these tough chicks hung out with this guy. They probably idolized him. He turned his attention back to Jamie and Cammi. I looked around the crowd; nobody seemed to mind that this was getting out of hand. They all just wanted to see some drama. Most of them were actually snickering. I couldn’t f—ing believe it! I looked over at Cammi; she had finally stopped struggling and was now just crying.

So there she was on her hands and knees balling while Jamie sat on her back with a fistful of her beautiful blonde hair and said triumphantly “Is that all you got, you weak little bitch?” Her and Lisa laughed as Lisa reached around Cammi’s waist, undid her black belt, and pulled it off. She went behind them and pulled Cammi’s plaid skirt down to her knees exposing her perfect pantyhose covered ass. Cammi said weakly through her tears “…nooo…ple…please…” Lisa then folded the belt, doubling it, and gave Cammi a hard whip on the ass- CRACK! Cammi’s whole body jerked and she screamed. Lisa said, “You ain’t goin nowhere without our permission. You got that?” CRACK! Cammi sobbed. Jamie tugged her hair and jerked her head back “She said you got that?” She gave her head an extra jerk. “Y-Yes, yes please” Cammi was sobbing “Please…I-I’ll do what you want…please…” Jamie gathered all of Cammi’s hair together in sort of a ponytail “That’s better. Now take me over to that picnic table.” Cammi had to be in shock, because she just froze. From behind them Lisa yelled “Now!” and swung the belt- CRACK! right on Cammi’s beautiful ass. That set Cammi in motion. She moved at a pace quicker than I thought she could towards the picnic table under a shelter about 20 yards away.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. There was Cammi, a beautiful and delicate girl, on her hands and knees with her skirt now around her ankles, sobbing and frantically carrying this bitchy little freshman redheaded grunge queen on her back while Lisa walked behind them and urged her on by whipping and kicking her in the ass. CRACK! “Move it, bitch!” Jamie added, “C’mon, bitch, move it, hyaa girl, hyaa, hyaa…” as she held tightly on to Cammi’s hair with one hand and smacked her ass with the other.

The crowd, which had grown considerably since I arrived, followed slightly behind.
Once they got to the table, Jamie said “Whoa girl, whoa…” as she tugged on Cammi’s hair. Cammi stopped. She was panting and crying and completely disheveled. Jamie dismounted and sat on top of the picnic table with her feet on the bench near Cammi’s face.

Cammi, still on her knees, reached down and started to pull up her skirt. Lisa quickly wrapped the belt around Cammi’s neck from behind her and said, “What do you think your doing, bitch? Did I say you could pull it up? We’re just getting started here. We’re gonna have some fun”. She pulled the belt through the buckle and held the other end like a leash. Cammi squealed, “No-no, plea-please don’t–” As she reached up and tried to loosen the belt around her neck, Jamie leaned forward and grabbed her face in her hand and squeezed it “I never liked you, bitch, and now you think you can f— my man?” “Jamie, I-I never-” “Shut your ugly face!” Jamie then spit directly in Cammi’s face from point blank range. Cammi just closed her eyes and stayed silent as Jamie’s spit trickled down her forehead and cheek.

Lisa came around and whispered something in Jamie’s ear and then handed her the leash. Jamie tugged on the leash and Cammi opened her eyes, “Now, you’re gonna do exactly as we say, or you’re gonna be in a world of pain, you got that, slut?” Cammi started tearing up again as Jamie put the sole of her boot on her white blouse in the middle of her chest and tugged on the leash around Cammi’s delicate neck. “I said you got that, slut?” Cammi swallowed and spoke through tears “Yes. Yes I’ll do what you say, just please, please don’t hurt me anymore, please don’t- please don’t hurt me anymore…” Jamie smiled wickedly and looked at Lisa. They both cracked up laughing.

Jamie turned her attention back to the broken girl kneeling in front of her with her head bowed, her skirt around her ankles, and a leash around her neck, “Shine my boots, bitch.” Cammi looked up to Jamie and then back down to her ratty old Doc Martins, not quite knowing what Jamie expected. Jamie sucked in through her nose and gathered a mouthful of spit and let it drop on the top of each of her shoes. Lisa grabbed Cammi by the hair “You heard her, bitch. Lick her boots clean!” She shoved her head down to Jamie’s boots. Slowly, hesitantly, Cammi stuck out her tongue and began to lick Jamie’s spit off of her filthy Doc Martins.

It was the most degrading thing I’ve ever seen. Here was this beautiful, smart girl who never bothered anyone licking the spit off the dirty boots of this immature brat who was 2 years younger than her and weighed 10 lbs less than her.

Jamie just sat back and held the leash all the while giving Cammi orders “Lick it clean, bitch. You missed a spot there. Hurry up!” Cammi frantically tried to keep up for fear of getting slapped or whipped again. “Now do the sole” As she held out the sole of her boot for Cammi to lick clean, Lisa joined her on the picnic table and, again, whispered something in Jamie’s ear. Jamie giggled and said “That’s enough, bitch.” and she tugged on the leash for emphasis. Cammi stopped licking Jamie’s dirty boot sole, took a breath to gather herself, and sat back on her heels. She was still shaken up and slightly panting, but she was a little calmer now.

Cammi’s Adventure Part III

“For now on you’re gonna call me Master Jamie, you got that?” Cammi looked up at the grunge girls with fear, disbelief, and panic. Jamie jerked the leash. “I said you got it, bitch?!” Cammi hesitated “…yes” Jamie jerked the leash again “Yes what?” “…y-yes…Master Jamie.” Just saying the words completely deflated any shred of dignity Cammi had left. She bowed her head in utter defeat. Jamie lightened her tone and said “Good girl”. Lisa then said, “I want you to call me Miss Lisa, understand me bitch?” This time Cammi didn’t need prompting. She lifted her head weakly and in a low tone she answered, “…Yes…Miss Lisa” and she bowed her head again. At this, Lisa and Jamie laughed out loud and slapped high fives. Lisa giggled and said “Good. Now take off our boots.” Cammi paused at first, but then must have realized she had no option and she began unlacing Lisa’s army boots. She removed the first boot. Lisa was wearing ultra thin white socks that clung snuggly to her size 8 sweaty feet. The sole part was dirty from her boots and sweat, and the imprint of each toe was clearly visible. Lisa flexed her long toes back “Ahhh, that feels better. Now the other one.” Cammi set the boot down and began working on the other. “Good girl…that’s a good girl” Lisa sounded like she was talking to a dog, “Goood girl. Now do Jamie’s” Cammi meekly responded, “…Yes, Miss Lisa” and she started unlacing Jamie’s Doc’s.

Lisa smiled at Jamie and crossed one leg over the other, “It’s good to have a slave, isn’t it Jamie?” Cammi paused when she heard this, like this whole episode was finally sinking in. Jamie tugged her leash “Keep going, slave. Get those boots off. I’ve been on my feet all day and they’re killin me.” “…Yes, Master Jamie” Cammi loosened the laces, pulled on the heel of Jamie’s boot, and removed it revealing a sweaty bare foot, “Surprise, surprise” Jamie said, laughing. “You’re gonna have fuuuuunnn!” It was a slender foot, about a size 5 ½, with a high arch and little flecks of grime on her sole from her boots. She had on red toenail polish from her last paint job, which looked to be about a week ago.

She pulled on the leash bringing Cammi toward her and took her booted foot and pushed against the now dirty white blouse on her chest. She then placed the sole of her sweaty bare foot directly on Cammi’s face and said, “Smell that.” She moved her foot so that the crack between the ball of her foot and her toes was right under Cammi’s nose, “Take a good whiff, slave.”

Cammi knelt there silently, caught between the pushing of the boot on her chest and the pulling of the leash around her neck with Jamie’s bare foot planted on her face. “Kiss it. Kiss it and thank me for making you my slave” Lisa couldn’t stop giggling at this, which just inspired Jamie more. “C’mon, slave. Kiss my foot and thank me for kicking your ass and riding you like my bitch.” Cammi couldn’t bring herself to do it. Lisa shifted in her seat and leaned in toward Cammi and said slowly “Bitch, you better get busy by the time I count to 5 or I’m gonna whip your ass and piss on your pretty face.”

Cammi sat silently with her eyes closed; she was welling up again.

“Would you like that, you little slave bitch? If I took my pants down right now and squatted above you and pissed right in your pretty little mouth? Huh?” Jamie laughed and pulled her foot back a few inches. Cammi started to sob as Lisa counted slowly, “One…Two…Three…” She opened her eyes and blinked a few times. Tears came streaming down her flushed cheeks. “…Four…” I’ve never seen anyone so sad and completely humiliated in all my life. She leaned forward to the stinky sole of Jamie’s sweaty bare foot …and gently kissed it, and kissed it, and kept kissing. Jamie moved her foot around slowly so that Cammi could get all of it “That’s a good girl, that’s a good little slave girl. Now thank me for making you my slave” Between weakened sobs, Cammi managed to get out “…thank you…thank you…Master Jamie…” She kissed Jamie’s foot under her toes “…for making me…your slave…” Jamie removed her booted foot from Cammi’s chest and let up a little on the leash. “Now, take my other boot off and do the same with that foot”. “Yes, Master Jamie”. Once Cammi had the other boot off, she lifted Jamie’s sweaty, grimy foot to her face and began kissing the sole all over. “Mmmmmm, that feels good, slave” Lisa, once again, whispered into Jamie’s ear. They giggled and Jamie said, “Okay”. Lisa said “Slave, kneel before me and kiss my feet” Cammi shifted over slightly and began kissing the dirty soles of Lisa’s socked feet.

I couldn’t believe how these two grunge bitches were humiliating and degrading Cammi in front of this crowd. And the crowd did nothing but fuel the fire with their morbid curiosity.

After about 5 minutes of nonstop kissing, Lisa and Jamie busted up and Lisa said “You f—ing idiot. I said kiss my feet, not my gross ass socks. I might have to punish you for that, slave. What do you think, Jamie?” “I think she should lick your feet clean.” They both continued laughing their asses off.

Cammi’s Adventure Part IV

“Please, Miss Lisa, no…please…” Lisa quit laughing and immediately sat forward, took the leash from Jamie and pulled Cammi in forcefully. WHAP! She slapped across Cammi’s cheek and moved in close to Cammi’s face. She spoke between clenched teeth “I warned you what would happen if you disobeyed me, you little bitch slave.” Cammi panicked, “Miss Lisa, I’m so sorry. Please no, I’ll be good, please…” Lisa just stared at her with a look that meant she was serious. “Miss Lisa, Master Jamie, I’ll be a good slave, I promise. Please give me another chance. I’ll do whatever you say, I promise. I swear. Please…I promise I’ll be a good little slave bitch for you…please…” She was nearing tears again and she was trembling as she knelt at the feet of this skanky, but gorgeous raven-haired bitch who could literally urinate in her face if she wanted to.

Lisa relaxed on the leash, but she stayed in Cammi’s face. “Open your mouth, slave” Cammi paused and opened her mouth. Lisa started sucking in snot and hacking up flem and collecting a huge wad of spit. Jamie was laughing out loud and saying “I hope you’re thirsty, bitch.” Cammi just waited there, silently, knowing what would happen next. When Lisa was satisfied, she leaned slightly forward and spit her mouthful directly into Cammi’s waiting mouth. “There you go, slave. What do you say?” And she waited for a reply. Cammi swallowed Lisa’s flem and spit and said very obediently “Thank you, Miss Lisa. Thank you for spitting in my mouth. May I please lick your feet clean now, Miss Lisa?” The two tough chicks just laughed and laughed. Lisa said “Yes you may, slave. Yes you may, and when you’re done with mine, do Jamie’s. And slave…” Lisa jerked her leash hard and moved closer “you had better not miss a spot. If I see one single speck of dirt, lint, toe jam, whatever…If I see one microscopic piece of crud under any one of my toenails, if you miss the slightest bit of dirt from any part of my feet…” she paused for effect “…you will be punished…severely. Open your mouth.” Cammi opened again. Lisa took aim and spat. Cammi swallowed “Thank you, Miss Lisa” “My pleasure, slave bitch, and when you’re done with mine, do the same for Jamie.” “Yes, Miss Lisa. Yes, Master Jamie. Thank you.” And they both leaned back on the table with their feet dangling over the edge and laughed.

Cammi, with her hands shaking, reached up and peeled off Lisa’s dirty, sweaty socks and laid them neatly down on the bench. She then leaned in slowly to Lisa’s right foot and began tenderly kissing her sole all over, all the while looking to Lisa for approval. She did the same with Lisa’s left foot. After a few more kisses on each sole, she took a breath, exhaled, and started her task of cleaning Lisa’s feet, licking the sweaty soles and in between the toes of Lisa’s bare feet. “There’s a good slave girl. Lick my feet clean, and I better not see you spit anything out. You chew and swallow all my toe jam. You got that slave bitch?” Cammi responded quickly “Yes, Miss Lisa. Thank you for letting me clean your feet and eat your toe jam, Miss Lisa” Cammi continued licking Lisa’s feet all over. When it seemed there was no more lint, dried skin, or dirt on Lisa’s soles or in between her toes, she began licking the tops of Lisa’s feet and over the tops of her black painted toenails.

Jamie sat up, lit a smoke and said “Mmmmm, how does that toe jam taste, slave bitch?” Cammi swallowed and thought about her response. She knew that Lisa was very serious about what she said and she did not want to mess up again. Looking up meekly from her kneeling position on the ground at the feet of these bitches, Cammi calmly said “Master Jamie, Miss Lisa’s toe jam tastes wonderful. I’m looking forward to licking your feet clean and eating your toe jam as well.” Jamie smiled and leaned in close to Cammi’s face “Good girl. Open up.” Cammi stopped licking Lisa’s feet for a moment, looked up to Jamie, and obediently opened her mouth. Jamie coughed up a loogie and flung it into Cammi’s mouth. Cammi swallowed and said “Thank you Master Jamie.”

She continued on Lisa’s feet until they were completely spotless with only a light sheen of Cammi’s saliva covering them. “Miss Lisa, I have finished cleaning your feet. May I please begin cleaning Master Jamie’s feet now?” “Not yet, slave, they’re still a little wet. I want you to dry them for me” The bitches laughed. “Yes, Miss Lisa.” Cammi thought for a moment, “Would you prefer I used my blouse, my hair, or would you like me to blow on them for you?” Lisa thought for a second “Hmmmm, I think your shirt will do, slave” “Yes, Miss Lisa” and Cammi promptly removed her blouse exposing her perfect set of medium sized breasts, held firmly in place by a white laced brazier. She was also wearing what looked like some sort of locket around her neck. As Cammi began using the shirt off her back to dry the feet of this bitch, Lisa corrected herself “On second thought, I wanna use your hair to dry em. Give me that shirt.” “Yes, Miss Lisa” Cammi then handed her blouse to Lisa and bowed her head so that Lisa could wipe her feet on her hair, which Lisa did “Oh yeah. That’s a good little slave. Now thank me for owning you and do Jamie’s feet.” Lisa laid the white blouse on the bench and rested her sparkling clean feet on it. Cammi, without being told, began kissing the tops of Lisa’s feet while saying “Miss Lisa, thank you for whipping me and letting me lick your beautiful feet clean. Thank you for letting me eat your toe jam and for spitting in my mouth. I only want to please you, Miss Lisa” Lisa snickered and pulled on Cammi’s leash “I think your finally learning your place, slave.” “Thank you, Miss Lisa.” Jamie took the leash and gave it a hard tug, “We now own you. You will do exactly as we and when we say, you got that slave bitch?” Cammi closed her eyes and thought of an appropriate response, “Yes Master Jamie, I understand that you and Miss Lisa are my owners. I will do my very best to please you and do exactly as you say.” She leaned down and kissed each of Jamie’s toes and then looked up into the face of this beautiful little redheaded freshman grunge bitch. “Master Jamie, may I begin licking your feet clean and may I consume your toe jam?” Jamie and Lisa were giggling uncontrollably now. “Yes you may, slave, and hurry it up…we still have a few games in store for our little slave bitch.”

Cammi’s Adventure Part V

Cammi, completely defeated and 100% submissive to her new owners began licking the soles of Jamie’s sweaty, grungy feet. She licked them from the heels, across her high arches and up to her toes in long strokes. Sometimes she’d concentrate on a dirty spot and use her teeth to peel off a fleck of dirt, which she swallowed. Meanwhile, Lisa lit up a smoke and started inspecting her feet, “Hmmmm, so far it looks like you’ve done a good job on my feet, slave bitch.” Cammi paused from licking Jamie’s soles, “Thank you Miss Lisa. I’m happy that you’re pleased with my performance.” She went back to cleaning Jamie’s feet. Lisa looked bummed, “It’s too bad, because I really have to piss”

Jamie gave Lisa a glance and then tugged on Cammi’s leash “Slave.” Cammi paused and met Jamie’s eyes, “Yes, Master Jamie?” Jamie smiled and said “Give me that locket around your neck” Cammi’s eyes got wide and her face lost all expression. She started to panic and tried to express herself without getting into more trouble, “Master Jamie, please…it- it’s the only thing…” She tried to hold back her tears, but couldn’t. She began sobbing uncontrollably “Master Jamie…my Grandmother g-gave me this l-l-locket–” WHAP! Jamie’s open hand came across Cammi’s face “Damn, bitch?! You talking back to me? You disrespecting me? I thought I owned you.” WHAP! “Master, please. You do, Master, you do own me, but please, please, not this locket…I-I’ll do anything you want…please, Master Jamie, I’ll do anything you want.” Jamie smiled mischievously and made eye contact with Lisa, “Anything?” Cammi completely gave in, “Yes Master Jamie, anything you want, absolutely anything…just p-please, not this locket, not my grandmother’s locket, please, please-” Jamie tugged hard on her leash, “Alright, alright, shut the f— up already” Cammi bent down to Jamie’s feet and started kissing them all over, “Oh, thank you Master, thank you Master Jamie…” she kissed for all she was worth. “Finish up cleaning my feet, slave bitch, because we’re gonna have some more fun. Is that okay with you, slave?” Cammi stopped kissing her feet and glared up at Jamie thankfully, “Yes, Master Jamie. Thank you Master, thank you. Anything you wish, Master Jamie, anything at all. Thank you.” Cammi now cleaned and licked the grime off Jamie’s bare feet with a new gusto.

Lisa grabbed the leash and jerked Cammi forward, “Here’s the deal, slave bitch…we’ll let you keep that cheesy necklace until you disobey us. The second you hesitate or don’t do exactly what we say, I’m gonna take that locket and smash it to pieces. Then I’ll beat your ass bloody. I might even beat your ass just for the hell of it, would that be okay with you, slave?” Cammi nodded aggressively “Yes, Miss Lisa. Please do with me what you wish. I’ll be a good slave bitch for you. I am your property, Miss Lisa. I am yours and Master Jamie’s slave and I’ll do anything you want. I only want to please you, Miss Lisa.” Lisa let up on the leash and sat back snickering while raising her foot near Cammi’s face. Cammi instantly began kissing Lisa’s foot thankfully, “Good girl. That’s a good girl. Now hurry up with Jamie’s feet cause I really have to go.” “Yes, Miss Lisa. Thank you Miss Lisa.”

Cammi worked her tongue in between Jamie’s toes, digging out the dirt and toe jam and then chewing it and swallowing it. When she finished, she bowed her head “Master Jamie, I’ve finished cleaning your feet. Would you like to dry them on my hair?” Jamie snickered “Damn right, bitch.” She dug her feet into Cammi’s head of messy blonde hair and started rubbing them all around.

When Jamie was done drying her feet, Lisa got off the table, tugged Cammi’s leash, leaned down in her face and said “Bitch, when will you learn to thank your owners without being told? Do I have to beat your ass in order for you to get it?” Cammi melted at Lisa’s feet. She pleaded and begged, “Please forgive me, Miss Lisa…I beg your mercy, please Master Jamie, forgive me. Thank you for letting me clean your feet with my tongue. Thank you for letting me chew and consume your toe jam. Thank you for owning me, Master Jamie.”

Lisa reached around Cammi’s neck and undid the leash. She folded it over making it into the whipping belt that she’d used before. “Well, slave bitch, do you think you deserve a whipping on your ass?” Cammi slowly looked up at her black-haired bitchqueen owner and with fear and hesitation in her voice, said “…y-yes, M-Miss Lisa…if it pleases you.” Lisa looked down at her like she meant business. “You’re gonna be my toilet now, and how many swats you get will depend on how well you do as my toilet. You got it, bitch?” Cammi glanced up at the crotch area of Lisa’s army pants and then up to Lisa. She swallowed and said unenthusiastically, “…yes, Miss Lisa. I will try to be a good…toilet…for you.” Lisa looked down at her pathetic form “Beg me to piss on you, toilet bitch.” Cammi hesitated for a split second, which was all Lisa needed. CRACK! Cammi’s own belt came down across her back and ass. “Bitch, you are pissin me off! You better start begging for me to piss on your face or I’ll ride you for a mile and whip your ass the whole way!” CRACK! CRACK! Two blows to Cammi’s back and ass. CRACK! Another. “Miss Lisa, please stop. Owww! Miss Lisa wait, please-“ CRACK! “OW! Miss…Miss Lisa….” Cammi was wailing and squirming on the ground trying to avoid Lisa’s whipping. CRACK! To her back. CRACK! To her legs. CRACK! To her tits. All over the blows kept coming in what seemed an endless flurry. Cammi was being beaten like an animal and she sounded like one, too. CRACK! CRACK!

Finally Cammi weakened and could hardly put up a struggle. Lisa stopped and looked down at her slave. She had red lines all over her body and a few welts on her ass and back. Her hair was a mess. Her skirt was still around her ankles, her pantyhose were torn in various places and she had lost one of her shoes during her beating. She just lay there, cowering, panting, and crying.

Cammi’s Adventure Part VI

Lisa, who was working up quite a sweat, nudged her with her bare foot until she was lying face up on the ground. “What do you say, bitch?” Cammi, who was close to hyperventilating, struggled to say “Miss- Miss Lisa… thank you f-for…for whipping me…thank you. Miss Lisa…please let me…please let me be your toilet…” She began sobbing uncontrollably.

Surprisingly, Lisa knelt down beside Cammi and held her head gently “Shhhh…shhhhh. It’s okay slave. I’m done beating you for now. It’s okay…shhhhh.” Cammi seemed to really respond to this. She became calmer and calmer until there were only light sobs. “Shhhh it’s okay. Good girl. That’s a good girl. That’s a good slave.” Cammi swallowed and looked into Lisa’s eyes innocently, “Miss Lisa…” Lisa smiled gently and whispered, “Yes, slave?” “Miss Lisa, please let me serve as your toilet. Please Miss Lisa, urinate on my face and in my mouth. Please.” Lisa smiled down to her. “Okay, slave. And if you do a good job, I won’t have to whip you like that again…okay?” “Yes, Miss Lisa. I’ll do a good job for you. I’ll do anything for you. Thank you for making me your slave, Miss Lisa. Thank you for owning me.” Lisa simply responded gently, “Open up, slave” Cammi opened her mouth and Lisa let a wad of spit dribble into it. Cammi closed her eyes and swallowed. Lisa set Cammi’s head back on the ground, stood up, and in front of the crowd took down her army pants.

She had a full, tight, perfectly rounded heart shaped ass. Her panties were white and you could see her hairy dark muff under them. She strattled Cammi’s head and faced her legs. She then pulled her panties down to her knees and squatted over Cammi’s head, about three inches from her face. Her pussy was lined up with Cammi’s mouth and her ass with Cammi’s nose. Lisa turned her head back and looked down at Cammi and said, “I’m gonna fart on your face now, slave, and I want you to breath it all in. I don’t want to smell it, that’s your job, you got that, slave?” “Yes, Miss Lisa. Please fart on my face. Please let me taste and smell your ass, Miss Lisa.”

From the picnic table, Jamie was giggling and watching intently. Lisa looked over at her and smiled wickedly, and then PHFFFF…right in slave Cammi’s waiting face. Cammi quickly inhaled as deeply as she possibly could. “That’s a good toilet girl” Lisa said almost laughing “Now get ready bitch…get ready my toilet slave bitch”

Cammi waited under Lisa’s ass with her mouth stretched wide open, and then it came. This skanky, beautiful, black-haired grunge chick was pissing all over Cammi’s face and in her mouth. “Ohhhh… that feels soooo much better…Ahhh…” Cammi kept swallowing, trying to keep up with the strong flow, but she couldn’t swallow fast enough. Lisa’s piss was overflowing into Cammi’s eyes and hair and down her cheeks. Jamie got up off the table, came over and stood above Cammi’s face “That’s right slave bitch. Drink your owners piss.” Lisa looked back at Jamie and they both started laughing while Cammi just lay there getting pissed on.

Finally it was ending. Lisa splashed a couple squirts off Cammi’s nose and forehead and she was done. “Reach your tongue up and lick my pussy clean, toilet bitch” Cammi immediately craned her neck and licked Lisa’s pussy until Lisa was satisfied. She pulled her pants back up and stood up. Cammi, soaked in piss, looked up at Lisa, “Thank you for pissing on me, Miss Lisa. Thank you for letting me inhale your fart and drink your urine, Miss Lisa. Thank you.” She then made eye contact with Jamie, “Master Jamie, may I please be your toilet as well?” Jamie could barely contain her laughter “Sure slave, I suppose. I hope your still thirsty cause I have to go bad.” The tough grunge bitches were laughing hysterically at this.

Jamie moved around and stood over Cammi’s Face with her bare feet next to Cammi’s ears facing her slaves legs and feet. As she stood in the puddle of Lisa’s piss that had collected under Cammi’s head, she looked down at her slave, “Okay, toilet bitch. You’re about to get a faceful of my piss. Are you sure it’s okay with you if I piss on your ugly face?” Cammi didn’t hesitate “Yes, Master Jamie. Please use me as your toilet. Please use my ugly face to pee on. I will be a good toilet slave for you, Master Jamie” Jamie cracked up “Oh my God, you are sooo pathetic. I’m gonna enjoy pissing all over your face and down your throat, and when I’m done your gonna lick my piss hole clean and then lick Lisa’s piss off my feet, you got that toilet slave bitch?” Cammi spoke as tears streamed down her wet face “Yes, Master Jamie.”

Jamie laughed as she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. She, of course, wasn’t wearing underwear, so her white, sweaty, round little ass must have really been ripe. She squatted down over Cammi’s face with her small red bush just inches from Cammi’s chin and her pinkish brown asshole directly over her slave’s mouth. Cammi began sobbing again. Jamie looked back and said, “How does my ass smell, bitch?”

Cammi tried to respond quickly, but she was sobbing so hard that she couldn’t catch her breath.

“God damn, bitch. I thought I just asked you a question.” Jamie reached down and grabbed Cammi’s plaid skirt that was still around her ankles and used it to pull Cammi’s legs up in the air. She took the leather mule off Cammi’s foot and used it to beat Cammi’s already red ass. WHAP! WHAP! Cammi wailed, “No, no…please Master Jamie…” WHAP! WHAP! She was squirming and becoming hysterical “Please, please don’t- oh God ple- please…no Master Jamie! I’ll be good! I’ll be a good slave…” WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Jamie beat Cammi’s ass with the mule. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! “OWWW! Please Master-” WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! “OWWW! OWWW! No…no…please” WHAP! Jamie was beating Cammi’s ass with everything she had, WHAP! Cammi screamed and wailed… WHAP! “Shut the f— up!” WHAP! WHAP! Cammi sobbed and squealed, “P-please…I-I’ll …be good!”

Finally Jamie’s barrage of blows came to a stop. Cammi was shaking and whimpering with Jamie’s bare ass and inch from her face. Jamie brought Cammi’s shoe to her own nose and took a whiff “Damn, bitch. Your feet reek!” Her and Lisa thought this was hilarious. “Now stick your tongue up my ass, bitch! Now!” WHAP! “Yes, Master, Yes Master Jamie!” Cammi darted her tongue out and lifted her neck until her face was buried in Jamie’s ass. “That’s right, bitch…yeaaahhhh. Now move it around in there.”

Cammi’s Adventure Part VII

Jamie looked back at Lisa who was back on top of the table laughing, “It sure is good to have an ass licking slave. Everyone should own one.” Lisa was laughing so hard she was tearing up “H-hell yeah.”

Jamie turned her attention back to Cammi “That’s good. Down girl, down.” Cammi’s head fell back to the ground. “Now, get ready, bitch. I’m gonna give you a little present” and she let out a long fart right in Jamie’s face. “Did you like that, slave bitch?” Cammi replied instantly “Yes, Master Jamie. I liked it. I liked licking your asshole and smelling your fart. Thank you, Master Jamie. Thank you for beating my ass and for letting me lick your asshole…thank you.” “That’s a good girl; that’s a good ass licking little slave bitch…”

Jamie paused for a moment “Okay…open up, bitch! Here it comes!” and she began pissing on Cammi’s face. Cammi immediately opened her mouth and began slurping down Jamie’s yellow piss, “Ohhhh yeahhh…drink up, bitch. Swallow my piss, toilet bitch!” Jamie moved her ass around a little and pissed all over Cammi’s face. Cammi just lay there as the piss flowed over her nose, eyes, hair, and into her open mouth. “Get used to this, bitch. You’re my little piss slave now. Any time me or one of my friends has to take a piss, it’ll be on your face.” Jamie’s flow was finally slowing down until it was just a few drops and then she squirted twice in Cammi’s mouth. Cammi forced herself to swallow and with piss all over her face and in her hair, she said “Master Jamie, thank you for urinating on me. Thank you…Master Jamie. Any time you or Miss Lisa…or any of your friends has to urinate, please let it be on my face and in my mouth. I am your slave, Master Jamie and Miss Lisa…and I will do absolutely anything to please you. May I please use my tongue to clean you, Master Jamie? And may I please lick your asshole again, Master?”

Jamie let go of Cammi’s skirt and let her legs drop back down to the ground. “Yes you may, you piss drinking, asshole licking, toilet slave bitch, and hurry it up.” “Yes Master, thank you Master Jamie” Cammi leaned up and licked the drops of piss off Jamie’s pussy. She then moved her tongue to the rim and the inside of Jamie’s asshole until Jamie was satisfied and stood up. She pulled her jeans up and Joined Lisa on top of the picnic table “Now get over here and clean the piss off my feet, bitch” Jamie held her wet bare feet out for Cammi to lick clean. “Yes, Master Jamie. Thank you, Master.” Cammi got up to her hands and knees and crawled to Jamie’s outstretched feet and began licking all over Jamie’s soles and in between her toes. “Good girl. That’s a good little slave girl. You’re lucky I don’t have to take a shit.” Lisa continued her laughter “Maybe later on we’ll give you something to eat.” Jamie and Lisa sat back and laughed and laughed.

Mumblings and snickers came from the crowd and I heard some guy yell out “Ten bucks for a blowjob from the slave bitch!” Cammi froze like a deer in headlights. Jamie and Lisa looked at each other for a second and smiled wide. Jamie said “Hey, that might not be a bad idea. What do you think, Lisa?” Lisa was already nodding “That’s a f—ing great idea! We can rent her out for say…a buck a minute.” She looked down at Cammi’s piss soaked face “What do you think about that, slave? Does a buck a minute seem fair to you? Cammi softly responded, “…only if it pleases you, Miss Lisa” and she sadly continued licking Jamie’s feet.

Lisa looked out into the crowd of maybe 20-25 people and said loudly, “Okay, step right up! Slave bitch for rent! Anything you want for a buck a minute! First come first serve!” The bitches could hardly contain their laughter as a guy stepped out of the crowd. He was a senior at school and he was on the football team, but I can’t remember his name. He had short dark hair and he was about 6’2”, maybe 175-180 lbs.

Jamie looked down at Cammi “That’s good, slave bitch. Down girl…down.” Cammi stopped licking and sat back on her heels. “Now do a good job or Lisa will shove that locket up your f—ing ass. You got it, bitch?” Cammi nodded “Yes Master Jamie. I will do as you please. Thank you Master Jamie. Thank you Miss Lisa”

The guy then stepped forward and threw a ten spot down on the table. Jamie grabbed it, smiled at Lisa, looked at her watch and said “Okay, your time starts…now. Whatever you want her to do or whatever you want to do to her” The grunge bitches giggled.

The guy said “Alright, bitch…get the f— over here.” As he started unbuttoning his jeans, Cammi hesitantly crawled over to him and waited there on her knees. The jock pulled out his semi erect cock and began stroking it as he looked in Cammi’s still slightly damp face “Awww…this is gonna be so f—ing good”

Cammi looked a mess; her hair was damp with piss, her skirt was around her ankles, her white pantyhose were all torn from her beatings, she had red lines and welts all over her back, chest, legs and ass, her blouse was off leaving just her white laced brazier, her shoes were off, and she was on her knees before this stupid jock waiting for him to put his 8” cock in her mouth, but to me she still looked soooo incredibly beautiful and innocent.

The guy was getting worked up; his cock was rock hard as he said “You ready, bitch? You ready for me?” Cammi swallowed and said weakly “…yes, sir.” As he brushed the tip of his dick on her beautiful lips, she opened her mouth. He then slammed it in with force, which caught Cammi by complete surprise. “Ohhh…yeah…suck that dick, bitch…suck that big dick you f—ing bitch…” He grabbed the back of her head and hair and pulled her in and out with his thrusting. Cammi’s wide eyes were flowing with tears as this tall dark haired football player rammed his cock in and out of her mouth. “Oooohhh…mmmm, that’s good, bitch…” She looked like she was gagging.

Cammi’s Adventure Part VIII

She turned her neck as much as she could and looked at Lisa and Jamie as her eyes pleaded with them to make this stop. They just smiled at her and shrugged their shoulders like there was nothing they could do. She was totally helpless as he just forced his manhood in and out of her mouth.

“That’s it, bitch. That’s it…” After about 7 minutes of this, he looked like he was about to cum, but he pulled out. Cammi tried to catch her breath. She was coughing and panting. Then the jock took his hard cock in his hand and smacked her face with it WHAP! “Yeah bitch. You like that you little whore? WHAP! WHAP!! Cammi closed her eyes and knelt there with her mouth still open as this guy’s cock smacked her nose, eyes and face over and over.

Lisa and Jamie must have thought this was hilarious because they were cracking up and cheering him on “Yeah, smack that stupid ugly ass bitch! Smack her with that big fat cock!”

After about three more smacks he put it back in her mouth and began thrusting furiously again, “Okay, bitch. Here I come! Swallow it all, bitch! Swallow my cum you f—ing whore!” Just before he came he pulled out and started milking his dick an inch from Cammi’s face. “Open wide, baby. Here ya go!” Cammi opened her mouth as wide as she could and waited until his thick, gooey cum shot all over her face and in her mouth. “Yeah…ooohhh yeah bitch…” It lasted for about ten seconds. His stringy cum was all over her face. As he was finishing up he smacked her face with his dick a few times and said “Lick that cum off my dick, slut. Clean my cock.” Cammi leaned in and did as he said. “Now lick my balls, bitch.” And he held his now semi hard cock up exposing his big hairy ball sack. Cammi swallowed and slowly leaned forward and began licking this dumb jock’s balls.

Jamie said from her spot on the table “Time’s up. Get over here slave bitch.” Cammi immediately quit licking this guy’s balls and crawled back over to Jamie and Lisa’s feet…and began kissing them. “Thank you Miss Lisa and Master Jamie. Thank you for having me suck his penis and swallow his semen and lick his testicles.” She continued kissing their feet. Lisa looked down at her and said “Our pleasure, slave bitch. Good girl. Gooood girl.” And she patted Cammi on the head like a dog. Jamie, again, addressed the crowd “Who’s next? Cum one cum all!” Her and Lisa laughed.

I felt so completely sorry for Cammi and I was frustrated that I couldn’t help her out of this hell…but I was also soooo completely turned on. I thought about how much cash I had on me. I hoped that maybe I could take her away from all of this, if only for a few minutes. I checked my wallet and found a twenty and two fives. I took a deep breath, stepped forward and said, “I’ve got thirty bucks.” Jamie looked over to me and said, “Well, well. Look who’s got a crush on the dick sucking toilet slave.” Cammi glanced up at me and then back down, helpless and embarrassed. I said to Jamie, “I’ve got thirty dollars. Anything I want, right?” She laughed and said, “She’s all yours, Romeo.” I handed Lisa the cash. She took it and said to Cammi, “Be a good little slave bitch.” Cammi leaned down and kissed her feet, “Yes, Miss Lisa.” She then kissed Jamie’s feet, “Yes, Master Jamie.” Jamie looked at her watch and said, “Your time starts…now.”

I knelt down beside Cammi, brushed her damp hair out of her face and softly whispered in her ear, “Cammi…it’s okay.” I brushed my lips against her cheek. She turned to me, looked directly into my eyes and paused…then all at once it came; a flood of tears and deep, heavy sobbing. I leaned my forehead against hers and held her. After about two minutes of this, I scooped her in my arms and lifted her off the ground and carried her towards a tree about 25 yards away. I could hear Jamie calling after us, “Don’t go too far, slave bitch! I’m watching you!”

When I got to the tree, I knelt down and carefully set Cammi on the grass and leaned her back against the tree, “Cammi…are you okay?” She glanced at me hopelessly and then brought her hands to her face. I said as gently as I could, “Cammi, don’t be ashamed. You couldn’t help any of it.” She kept her hands on her face. I realized that her skirt was still around her ankles, “Here, lets get this back on.”

It was as I leaned down to help Cammi with her skirt that I saw the most bizarre thing…between her legs there was a wet spot the size of a silver dollar soaked through her white pantyhose. I was stunned. Could it possibly be…? Was all this turning her on…this degradation and utter violation of her free will? Is that why she couldn’t look me in the eyes, because she was ashamed that she actually was sexually aroused?

I pulled her skirt up an leaned in close to her, “It’s okay…I understand…Cammi, it’s okay.” She slowly took her hands from her face. I then lifted her chin with my finger and looked her in the eyes. I smiled tenderly, “It’s okay.” and gently brushed my lips against hers. I pulled back slowly and she looked at me and ever so slightly and smiled, “…thank you…” I couldn’t believe this was happening. Was I falling for this girl who has just been face f—ed by a stupid jock, who had just been pissed on by two skanky grunge bitches? Who had been ridden like a horse, beaten like a dog, spit on, and made to lick their dirty sweaty feet clean? I wanted to do something for this pathetic, beautiful girl who I’ve had a crush on for the last 5 years. I wanted to give her happiness, make her feel pleasure. I wanted…I needed to please her.

Cammi’s Adventure Part IX

I slowly moved down her beaten legs until I was kneeling at her feet. I leaned down and gently kissed the top of her beautiful foot through her white hose. I glanced up at her to see if this was okay. She looked back at me, compassionately. I kissed her other foot and breathed in her scent. Her feet smelled lightly of shoe leather and sweat, and a faint hint of vinegar. I was in heaven. The sensation coursed through me like lightning. I kissed and kissed the soles of her perfectly formed feet, all the while inhaling her intoxicating aroma. She was moving her feet slowly and moaning slightly. I glanced up at her and saw that her eyes were closed and that she had one hand brushing against her pussy. I was more aroused than I’ve ever been. I wanted sooooo bad to give her pleasure. I reached down to her foot and tore a small hole near the toe part of her hose. I then peeled it back revealing Cammi’s perfectly French manicured and proportionate toes, and then the ball of her soft foot, then the amazing arch, and finally the heel of this beautiful creature’s foot. I looked up into her eyes and said “Thank you, Cammi. Thank you for letting me kiss your beautiful feet. Thank you.” She smiled at me and then closed her eyes again. I did the same with her other foot. Then I leaned down to her toes and took a deep breath. It was the most erotic sensation I’ve ever experienced. I sniffed again and again under her toes and kissed her smooth pink soles all over. I then began licking them all over. I licked her soles and in between her toes and then the tops of her precious feet. I began sucking on her big toe, moving my tongue all around it, while looking at her rub and play with her wet pussy. I was about to explode. I licked and sucked and kissed every inch of her feet.

Then I got an urge…an urge to smell and taste her juices. I slowly crawled up and in between her legs until my lips were kissing the hand that was on her pussy, rubbing her clit. She lifted her skirt giving me access and then put both hands on my face and held me there gently as I kissed the wet spot on her pantyhose. I used my teeth to tear a hole in the hose, and then slowly began kissing all around her beautiful crotch. I inhaled her scent and kissed all over her blonde mildly hairy pussy. I tasted her bitter, wonderful, incredible juices as I stroked her with my tongue. Up and down I went, every now and then grazing her clit.

She was really getting excited and she started moaning and saying, “Ohhhh…thank you. Ohhhhhhh…thank…you…Master Jamie…Ohhhhhhhhhhh…Miss Lisaaaahhh…thank you…” I was absolutely on the edge, now. Hearing her talk like that was making me so…hot. I was relieved. Being Jamie and Lisa’s slave wasn’t that horrible for her. I’d been feeling so very sorry for her, but now I was feeling…happy for her. I continued licking her all the while thinking to myself ‘Thank you, Cammi. I only want to please you. I am your slave, Cammi. Thank you.’ As I licked her, I began focusing on her clit and pushing my tongue in and out of her as deeply as I could go. She held my face tenderly in both hands and began trembling, “ooohhhh….ooooohhhhh…please…Master…please…” I held my tongue deep inside her as she rubbed her clit on my upper lip and nose. Suddenly her pussy started to expand and contract. She lifted her ass off the ground and pressed her pussy in my face and held it there tightly, “Oooohhhh God! Ooooohhh…my God! Master Jamie! Ooooohhh Miss Lisaaaaahhhh…oooohhhhhhhhhh…ooooohhhhhh.”

Cammi’s spray shot out of her pussy and into my waiting mouth and all over my face. I licked and licked her clit with everything I had. She kept cumming and cumming all over my face. I tried to swallow as much as possible. After about a minute and a half of her contorting and contracting and expelling her cum, she relaxed and sat back against the tree, spent. She was breathing hard and sweating profusely. I looked up at her beautiful face that was glistening with urine, cum and sweat and I said, “Thank you, Master Cammi. Thank you for letting me kiss your feet and lick your pussy. Thank you for letting me swallow your cum, Master Cammi. May I please have the privilege of cleaning your beautiful pussy with my tongue? And may I swallow more of your juices? And Master Cammi, may I please lick your asshole clean for you?” Cammi looked down at me. I was still lying on my stomach with my head between her legs. My face was covered with her cum. She softly said, “Yes you may…slave.” And she smiled and cried at the same time. I said, “Thank you…Master Cammi. Thank you.” And I lifted and spread her legs and began licking and cleaning her juices off her legs and pussy.

I sucked her blonde pubic hair and swallowed as much of her cum as I could. I kissed her pussy a few times and then went further down to her anus. It was pink and sweaty and had a very musky scent. I gently kissed around the rim and then began licking and moving my tongue in and out of her hole. I was in heaven. Her scent drove me crazy. I was about to shoot my wad when she gently held my face. I met her eyes and she whispered down to me, “Come here, slave. Pull your pants down and come here…now.” I did exactly as my owner commanded. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and crawled up to her until her face was an inch from mine. I whispered, “Yes, Master Cammi?” She just smiled and kissed me deeply and passionately.

She then reached between my legs and took hold of my fully erect 7” rock hard penis…and slowly inserted it in her tight warm pussy. It was the most incredible sensation I’ve ever felt. I was hers. I was completely and utterly hers and I was inside of her, making love to her. She nibbled on my ear and her hot breath literally sent shivers down my spine. She whispered in my ear, “Slave, we only have a few more minutes. I want you to have an orgasm inside of me. Do you understand me, slave?” I kissed her cheek and neck and nibbled on her ear, then whispered back, “Yes, Master Cammi…I understand you Master. I wish only to please you Master Cammi.” As I said these last words, I began to feel that incredible sensation…only this time it was 100 times more profound than anything I’ve ever experienced.

As it built and built, I began to whisper into Cammi’s ear, “Oooohhh Master Cammi…Ooohhh thank you…” I reached my climax and erupted inside of her, “Oooooohhhhh Master…Oh Cammi…I…I love you, Cammi…I love you, Master Cammi. Thank you…Ooooohhhhh…thank…you…” My cock throbbed and throbbed and kept on pumping for what seemed like an eternity. As I came inside of her, she held me tightly and tenderly kissed my cheek saying, “That’s a good boy…That’s a good slave boy. Gooood boy.”

As I neared the end of the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had or ever dreamed of having, I looked deep into Cammi’s beautiful blue eyes. I rested my forehead against hers and whispered, “Thank you.” She smiled and whispered back to me, “My pleasure, slave Russel. Thank you.” I kissed her deeply. We sat there holding each other for a moment before we heard, “Times up, slave bitch, get your ass back over here!” It was Jamie. Her and Lisa were standing on the picnic table yelling over at us. It looked like there were more people over there now.

Cammi said “I have to go. My Master is calling for me.” I said that I understood. I pulled out from inside of her, stood up and pulled my pants up. As we walked back to the crowd by the tables, Jamie yelled again, “I said now, bitch!” Cammi took my hand, squeezed it and let go. She hurried over to the table Jamie and Lisa were standing on and knelt down at their feet.

As I approached the table, I saw that there were a group of cheerleaders gathered around Lisa and Jamie. I saw that they were each holding a wad of cash and I realized, as I’m sure Cammi did, that this was only the beginning of Cammi’s adventure…


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