by Nic Romanschak

My slave Honey was perfect. She made all my dreams, desires, and wants come true where ever, how ever, and when ever I wanted them to. My imagination was limitless. She was a piece of the puzzle that had been missing from my life for so very long.

I decided that I wanted our relationship to have several different facets to it, much like a flawless diamond. So, one day, before leaving for work, I placed a beautifully wrapped package next to my sleeping slave. There was a note attached to the gift, which I addressed, “To My Baby.” In the box was a dark blue and white pleated mini skirt, a blue turtleneck sweater, a pair of white thigh high stockings, white cotton bikini panties, a blue hair ribbon, black and white saddle shoes, and Mrs. Beasley doll, which I had purchased at an antique store. That morning, before dressing for work, I sat at my desk and carefully composed the note to Honey, making sure that my instructions were clear and precise. The note read;

My Baby,
I have picked out your apparel for today. I wish you to take a long hot bath, groom yourself, shave your pussy until it is smooth and hairless, and then powder yourself with Baby powder. When you have done this I want you to dress in what I have chosen for you and then put your hair up in a ponytail with the ribbon. You are to take the doll into your arms, sit in the middle of my bed, and wait patiently for me to arrive home from work. Don’t disappoint me Baby.
Love always,

The day passed quickly and soon I was walking through the doorway of my room. As instructed Honey was sitting in the middle of the bed and her arms were curled around the doll. Her hair sat high up on her head in a ponytail and the blue and white outfit that I had picked out for her was stretched across her well-developed figure. She smiled up at me as I threw my briefcase onto the desk and moved towards the bed.

“Hello Baby. Did you miss me today?”

“Yes Daddy,” she spoke in a bubbly voice.

I smiled broadly when I heard her call me Daddy. As always, Honey picked up on her role quickly. And, with very little instruction she was mastering it impressively. She looked like a child lost in the middle of my king size bed with her small hands clutching the doll to her chest. I wanted to devour her right then and there but I held back because I knew there would be plenty of time for that and I wanted to enjoy the evening.

“Baby, since you’ve been a good girl Daddy has something for you.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and patted my hand upon my lap. Without speaking she crawled across the bed and soon she was seated upon my lap still holding on to Mrs. Beasley. I smiled down at her as I removed my suite coat and began loosening my tie. Honey smiled back up at me, with her delicate hands she cradled her doll into her arm, and reached up to help me undo my tie. She pulled it free from around my neck and continued to undress me by unbuttoning my shirt. While Honey was relieving me of my clothing I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out an oblong cellophane wrapped lollipop. The sucker was four inches long, almost an inch around, and cherry flavored.

“Look Baby, your favorite color red,” I said as I unwrapped the lollipop for her to see.

She squealed with delight, “Oh a cherry lollipop, my favorite.”

She became so excited that her hands flew over the buttons of my shirt and soon they were working over the zipper in my pants. I let her undress me, moving when she needed to slip my arms from my shirt and lifting off the bed slightly when she needed to pull my pants down over my ass and thighs. As she worked to disrobe me I slipped the tip of the lollipop onto her lips and traced the outline of them with the cherry sucker. Her tongue licked out over the tip and soon I was slipping it into her mouth and making her suck on it as if she were sucking on a cock. Once she had completed the job of undressing me I pulled the lollipop from between her lips and lowered it to my stiff shaft.

As I ran the cherry flavored lollipop over the head of my cock I spoke softly, “Show Daddy just what a good girl you are. Wrap your lips around Daddy’s cock and suck it just as if it were a lollipop.”

Honey lightly pushed on my chest, which made me fall back onto the bed, and spread my legs with her hands as she slipped down between them. She laid the doll next to my thigh and told her to stay put and behave because she was going to be busy with her Daddy. I was amused and aroused at the way Honey acted the part of young girl. Her mannerisms and speech really convinced me that she was my Baby and that I was her Daddy.

I propped myself up on my elbows in time to watch her wrap her lips around the thick head of my cock and suck it into her mouth. She circled the mushroom crown several times with her lips before pulling off of it and licking the length. Honey pressed the flat of her tongue against the underneath of my penis and began to lick it up and down as if it was a lollipop. Her tongue felt like warm wet velvet against my flesh and every long stoke sent shivers up and down my spine. She tongued and sucked on my balls and then licked up the front side of my dick. She was proving to me just how well she could lick and suck a lollipop.

“Oh yeah Baby, that’s a good girl. You please Daddy very much. Scoot around to my side and position your backside to me with your legs spread.”

Without taking her mouth from my dick she moved around on the bed until she was kneeling along side of me with her ass practically sticking in my face. As she continued to lick and suck my cock I reached out and lifted her skirt up over her ass, which revealed damp white cotton panties beneath. I let my hand slide down the soft cotton until it was between her legs and then I pressed into the material and began to rub her clit.

“Mmmm, Honey moaned as I fingered her through her sheer wet panties.

I adored the noises she made particularly her moans so I pressed my fingers into her panties until I wedged them between the lips of her pussy and made her moan for me. She rocked back on my hand and her mouth began to move faster over my cock. Her licking and sucking was making me arch off the bed and I knew that soon I would need more. I knew I had to make her milk my thick dick, which meant that she would have to swallow me down.

When I had her panties completely wedged between the lips of her pussy I began tugging on them so that they roughly rubbed against her clit. She was dripping wet now and on the verge of begging me to fuck her when I abruptly pulled my fingers from between her legs, sat up, and slipped my hands around her head. I curled my fingers into her hair behind her ears and shoved her open mouth down over the head of my cock. Honey had no choice but to take the full length of my fat cock into her mouth and down her throat. Her teeth scraped against me but I was able to bury myself in her until my balls brushed against her lips.

“Mmmmgggggggggggfffffffffff,” she gurgled as I forced her head on and off the ten pounds of meat between my legs.

I was making my own noises, ones of sheer ecstasy, as her hot mouth was forced to fuck my cock. Her arms shot out to balance herself because I had forced her to twist in such a way that she became unstable and she continued to rock her hips so that the jammed panties would masturbate her clit. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t believe how good it felt to force fuck her mouth over my cock. The whole scene of a father force fucking his daughter’s mouth onto his cock was so surreal. It turned me on even more and I pumped myself into her faster, making her gag and drool uncontrollably around my dick.

“Daddy’s cumming Baby,” I gasped as I griped her head tighter and plunged her sucking mouth on and off me.

I could see the tears falling down her face and her saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth as my cock pumped its first spurt of cum down her throat. My orgasm hit me hard and I used her mouth to jack my spouting cock off, forcing her to milk me of my load. I was half crazed by the time my cock began to go limp in her mouth, bathed in sweat, and panting for air.

Still panting I spoke to her as I released my grip from around her head, “Oh god Baby you’ve got such a hot mouth. Daddy has got to have more of you. I want to eat you alive Baby.”

She hadn’t even caught her breath before I was on her, ripping the wedged cotton panties out from between the lips of her pussy and yanking them off her ass. I spread her legs wide and tore her turtleneck down her back so that it hung off of her. My fingers found the cherry flavored lollipop and I simultaneously stuck it into her pussy as I planted my face between the cheeks of her ass and stuck my tongue up inside her hole. I was like a wild man as I ran the lollipop in and out of her, up and down her slit, and around her asshole, while I licked and tongued her bum.

Honey rocked back on my face, which drove my tongue deeper into her ass, and began to moan in a deep throaty voice. I could taste the cherry flavor of the lollipop as I slid it over her ass and pussy and it only made me hungry for more. I wanted to gorge myself on her girlish delights and eat her until I was full and satisfied. My hands locked around Honey’s thighs and I picked them up off the bed, spread them wide, and launched my face between them. She had to steady herself with her arms as her face and shoulders were pressed into the bed from being lifted off of it in such a manner.

I sucked and slurped at the juices that flowed from her pussy and licked and fucked both holes until I had her shuddering and moaning. “Ohhhhhh Daddy you’re gonna make me cum,” Honey panted.

I heard her and was thrilled to know that soon my Baby would feed me and satisfy my hunger for her sweet nectar. Knowing this I roughly devoured her pussy and ass; wildly flailing my tongue over her pussy lips, up into her cunt, and in and out of her ass. I worked my whole face between her legs as my arms held her spread and to it. I used every part of my tongue; first the flat of it to lick her like a dog then curled to fuck her. Her juices covered my nose, lips, and cheeks and I worked them up into her as well so that I could bring forth her orgasm.

“Ohhhh yeah Daddddddyyyyyyy I’m cumming.”

Honey panted and moaned loudly as I continued to eat her ass and pussy. She shook and shuddered around my face until her body was vibrating uncontrollably. And, when I finally did bring her to orgasm she came and pissed all over my face. Her release was so hard and violent that she could help but loose all control of her bodily functions. It didn’t matter to be though because I swallowed whatever she offered. I was a man possessed and she was my demon within me.

“Ahhhh, ahhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh Daddy,” she babbled as I lowered her legs back down onto the bed, where she collapsed. She was weak from cumming and out of breath but that didn’t stop me from forcing her back up onto her knees and spreading her wide. She had given me an aching hard on and I needed to fuck her.

“Tell me you want Daddy’s cock in your pussy,” I sternly spoke to her as I positioned myself on my knees between her spread legs and slapped my cock onto the cheeks of her ass.

“Tell me!”

Honey was barely able to speak but she managed to convey my words back to me in a soft raspy voice, “Fuck my pussy Daddy. Fuck it please.”

I smiled as I held my stiff dick in my hand and ran it down the crack of her ass and onto her wet cunt. I fed my cock into her slick pussy as I leaned into her and slid my hard pole all the way up inside. As I buried my dick within her cunt my hands reached out beneath her and ripped off the rest of her tight turtleneck sweater. I wanted to grab a handful of tit so I could hold onto something firm and sensitive while I fucked my Baby.

“Oh Baby you’re driving Daddy crazy. All I want to do is drape myself over you and devour you whole.”

I slowly slipped my throbbing cock in and out of her tight hairless pussy as my hands massaged and pinched her nipples. I wanted to ride her slowly and bring her to another orgasm before fucking her ass. My hips bucked into her and I began rhythmically fucking her until we were both moving as one.

“Oh yeah Daddy fuck my pussy. Shove that big dick in me.”

“You want Daddy’s big dick,” I panted.

“Oh yes Daddy, give it to me,” Honey purred.

I didn’t hesitate to honor her request as I began to slam my hips harder against her and ram my cock up into her tight girlish pussy. I pushed forwarded, drove every inch of my thick pole into her cunt, and made her grunt and groan with each thrust. It felt so good to have my cock inside such a tight wet hole that I began to really get into the fucking. I started to fuck her fast and rough, as if I was almost trying to wedge my balls inside her as well. We were like two dogs, me behind her pounding by dick into her sloppy pussy and her panting and moaning like a bitch in heat

“I’m going to split you in two Baby. Make you cum all over this big dick of mine to get me nice and wet so I can shove it up your pretty little ass.”

That was all Honey needed to hear. She drove herself back onto my thrusting shaft, grinned back against me, and exploded all over my cock. Her cum was hot and plentiful, which made my dick nice and wet as it easily slid in and out of her pulsating cunt. She moaned loudly and her grip tightened around my cock as I fucked her until her shaking began to subside.

Without a word my hands slipped from underneath her body and I planted them on the cheeks of her ass. I didn’t miss a stroke as I pulled my cock from within the wet walls of her cunt and plunged it straight up into her tight ass as my fingers spread her open.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” Honey screamed as my dick seared her shit hole and buried itself to the hilt.

As soon as my cock was deep inside her ass my hands moved off her cheeks and I planted them firmly on her shoulders. She was still trying to catch the last little bit of her orgasm when I pulled back and slammed my dick up into her ass again. With a violent tug on her shoulders I yanked her body back onto me and impaled my dick up inside her until my balls brushed up against her ass.

“Oh my god Daddy it hurts. You’re going to tear me open. Pleaseeeeeee noooooooo.”

It was too late for no’s or pleading. I was in her ass and she was going to get me off until I came inside her bowls. The grip I had on her shoulders turned my knuckles white as I started plunging in and out of her hot tight ass. I pushed her down onto the bed, still holding her shoulders, which made her ass stick straight up in the air.

Again, without missing a stroke I leaped up onto the balls of my feet, grabbed her ponytail with my right hand, and began to fuck down into her ass. I was trying to break her, trying to almost fuck her to death with the way my cock was plunging in and out of her.

Honey cried and moaned, her pussy leaked cum over my dick her legs shook underneath me, and she shuddered uncontrollably. I, on the other hand, began to suck in as much air as I could. It was taking everything I had to slam her ass. I was breathless, groaning, my dick was swelling, and my balls were aching to be relieved.

With a violent thrust forward and an equally violent tug on her hair I plunged my dick straight down into her ass, opened my mouth to let out an animalistic scream, and came inside her. I came hard and long, stroking my dick in and out of her so that her tight bum could milk it of all its cum. Without a doubt it had been the best orgasm I had ever had.

Honey had cum as well but I was so lost in my own world that I was oblivious to hers until I began to regain my composure. Once I stopped pumping my dick down into her ass I realized that she had cum as well. Fully exhausted I collapsed onto her back, with my cock still up her ass, and pushed her down flatly on the bed.

I covered her body with mine as we lay there and wallowed in our cum and sweat. At that moment she was my Baby, lost in her Daddy’s embrace. Sometime soon after we collapsed we fell asleep, me with my arms around my Baby and her clutching Mrs. Beasley.

I’m really going to like being a Daddy.

I love you Honey.


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