by Bill Mann

Kathleen sat in the corner of her dark room, listening intently for him to return. There was no light streaming into the room, not even from under the door. She was naked, except for a soft leather choker that hung around her neck. Her knees were drawn up to her chest and her arms were wrapped tight around them. She had been with him for two days straight, and had been introduced to many new things since then. She was his, and she loved every minute of it.

They had met at the campus library a week before, while both were looking for books on unusual sexual practices for a psychology course. She found out his name was Marcus and he had asked her to meet for lunch and talk about “unusual” sexual practices. Kathleen found herself becoming aroused at his descriptions of several practices, such as bondage, s&m, D/s and bestiality. She could feel her panties becoming soaked, and excused herself to go to the ladies room. Once there, she slipped into a stall and literally shoved her hand into her panties, her fingers working over her clit with lightning speed. Her pussy was totally soaked as her fingers plunged deep into her, while her thumb rubbed her clit harder and faster. She felt her body tense up as her first orgasm ripped through her body. Her legs shook and her breathing was heavy and hard. Several smaller orgasms followed, making her eyes roll back into her head. Her orgasm subsided and she slowly slipped her hand from inside her panties. She was shaking and confused. She had never done anything like this before. Her heart raced as she cleaned herself up and slowly exited the stall. On wobbly legs, she walked back to the table to find her new found friend gone. Near her backpack was a note:


I had to leave for my next class. The bill has been paid. Please stop over my place tonight at 9 pm so we can finish our talk. I look forward to seeing you again.


Kathleen smiled and gathered her books and the note. Directions to Marcus’ townhouse were written neatly and precisely on the bottom of the note. For some reason, she felt compelled to go and continue their discussion. He had somehow touched something in her that made her want to see him again. He certainly was attractive. He was 6 ft 2, well over two-hundred pounds of lean muscle, with light brown hair and brown eyes. His complexion was smooth, and his mouth firm and inviting. Just thinking about him made her panties moist again. No one had done this to her in such a long time, and she was loving it! With a smile on her face, she left the restaurant and headed back to her apartment. She would make this a night he would never forget.

Upon entering her apartment, Kathleen tossed her backpack on the couch and hurried into her bedroom. She opened her closet and selected her shortest skirt and halter top and laid them upon the bed. She reached over to her CD player and filled the room with music as she stripped out of her clothes and padded into the bathroom. Kathleen looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t bad-looking at all. Dark blue-black hair framed her face as blue eyes gazed over her reflection. She had an hour-glass figure, with large breasts and wide hips that merged to a thin waist. Her legs were very muscular and strong, from her years of running track. Her ass was nice and rounded, almost heart-shaped. Yes, Kathleen was a beauty, and she knew how to dress to accent her features!

She started her shower water and stepped in, letting the hot water caress her skin. Her hands moved over her body as she soaped and cleansed herself. She could feel the suds sliding over her breasts and down her belly, and wished it was Marcus’ hands and lips. Her own hands moved of their own volition and caressed her breasts and nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips as her mind wandered back to the discussion she and Marcus had earlier. The thoughts of depraved, degenerate sex made her even more excited than it had in the restaurant. Her fingers pinched and tugged hard at her nipples while her other hand slid down her belly and between her legs. She felt her moisture leak from her as she slowly rubbed her nub in small circles. Her hips pumped against her hand as she leaned against the wall of the shower. Her fingers slipped into her and slid in and out at a blinding pace. Her breasts heaved as her breath became shorter and shorter. She could feel her body beginning to tense, her orgasm nearing. Her muscles contracted around her fingers as the first wave of her orgasm hit. She could feel them milking her fingers, wanting more of them inside her. Her body shuddered and convulsed in ecstasy, while her fingers began to slow their assault on her. Kathleen smiled and slid her fingers from their resting place and placed them to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked them clean, tasting her juices. She finished her shower and exited, drying herself rather quickly. She applied very little make-up, making sure that it didn’t look like she was heading out on a date. Kathleen then moved back into the bedroom and checked the time. It was only 7 pm, so she had plenty of time. She dressed and moved into the living room to watch a bit of TV before leaving.

It wasn’t long before the clock read 8:30. Kathleen didn’t live that far away so she decided to walk. It was a nice night out and the cool night air seemed to caress her skin. She wished it was Marcus’ hands and lips gently stroking her body. Her breath quickened as did her pace. Soon, she found herself on his doorstep. She knocked once and waited. She could hear music playing in the room as it filtered out through the windows. She then heard the soft footsteps as they neared the door. It swung open and there stood Marcus, clad in Levi’s Dockers, sneakers and a t-shirt. A smile graced his features and she felt her heart flutter slightly. Marcus invited her into his home and stepped back. Kathleen entered and looked around. It was not like the usual bachelor’s home. It was clean, tidy and everything in place, with paintings hanging and rows upon rows of books.

“Make yourself at home. There are drinks in the refrigerator and on the bar. I have to finish something in the basement. I won’t be but a few minutes.”

As he strolled off, Kathleen sat down and looked at the book shelves that decorated the living room. Most books were on history: medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan and Victorian-era Europe. Intrigued, she stood up and moved to the bookcase. There she found texts on tying practices of the Orient, confession tactics of the Inquisitors, along with a plethora of other strange titles. One book seemed to leap out at her. “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns” was the title. Kathleen slowly removed it from the shelf and sat down to read it. It was a guide to BDSM for people on all levels. she felt herself drawn into the book, imagining that she was the one being bound, gagged, spanked, suspended, dominated and teased to frustration. She could feel the moisture between her legs slowly returning. Her breath quickened as she read more and more and more. She was so engrossed in the reading that she didn’t notice Marcus return from the basement. Her host cleared his throat and smiled at her. Kathleen’s face turned crimson with embarrassment. She began to stammer some incoherent excuse, but Marcus waved it off.

“It’s okay… I was kinda hoping you’d find it!”

“You were?” she asked, “Why is that??”

“I wanted to see how interested you were in ‘unusual sex practices’!” he replied.

Kathleen cocked an eyebrow and smiled. She stood and moved closer to her host, letting her full breasts brush against him. She heard his soft intake of air, followed by a smile. “And what exactly did you have in mind??” she cooed. Marcus smiled and looked into her eyes.

“It depends…”

“On what??” she asked, her hands slowly travelling over his chest.

“On you, Kathleen. Are you the type of woman who likes an adventure?”

Kathleen grinned and stepped back from him, her gaze meeting his. She thought for a moment and nodded. Marcus shook his head and gazed back at her, his eyes seemed to darken instantly.

“No… I must hear it from your lips. Are you the type of woman who likes an adventure?”

The forceful tone in his voice caught her off guard but she quickly composed herself. She looked at him defiantly, letting him see the determination in her eyes. Her hands rested on her hips as she stood her ground. Marcus tapped his foot lightly, waiting for her answer.

“Yes I am, Marcus. Give me your best shot!”

Marcus smiled and moved over to her. He reached out and took her hands in his. His eyes were soft and gazed deeply into hers. He stayed like this for a moment before speaking, his voice being nothing more than a soft whisper.

“This adventure will require total trust in me, Kathleen. I know we’ve just met, but I need you to trust me. I will not harm you in any way, shape or form. I will not make you do anything you do not wish to. Is this acceptable to you?”

“Yes, I find it acceptable.” she replied, her chest heaving with excitement.

Marcus nodded and slowly led her to the basement. Upon entering, Kathleen saw that it wasn’t your normal basement. It was more like a medieval dungeon, filled with racks, tables, chains, and ropes. One entire wall was a collection of whips and floggers. Kathleen gasped as she gazed around the room. She began to feel the stirrings of excitement deep inside her. Her breath became shorter and shorter as her excitement grew. She didn’t know why she was getting like this, but she knew that she didn’t want it to stop. Kathleen turned and gazed at Marcus, letting him see her eyes glazed with passion and her full breasts rising and falling. She stepped closer to him and reached out to touch him. His voice boomed and echoed off of the walls of the basement.

“No…” was all he had said.

Kathleen stopped and looked at him, her eyes full of wonderment. She moved back a step or two and watched him as he moved behind her. She could feel his body pressing against hers as he leaned in and whispered softly into her ear.

“We are going to play a game, you and I. If you please me, I will please you. If you displease me, I shall punish you. Do you understand??” He asked.

Kathleen nodded her head and soon felt the sharp sting of his hand against her round buttocks. She gasped in surprise and then savored the feeling of slight pain she felt. Marcus’ warm breath soon tickled her ear again.

“I cannot hear nods, my dear. I am going to ask you again. Do you understand?”

“Yessssssss, Marcus… I understand…”

“Now… there are a few ground rules that you should be aware of. You will do as I say, when I say, how I say. If you do not comply, I will spank you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Marcus,” she whispered.

“You will also use a safe word if something is not what you want. The safe word is yellow. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Marcus,” she replied, “I understand.”

Marcus smiled and walked around her, taking the sight of her in. Kathleen’s eyes followed his every movement, watching him move with almost catlike grace. Marcus stood in front of her and looked her up and down. His voice deepened as he commanded her to strip for him. Kathleen smiled and began a slow strip tease, kicking her shoes off first, then slowly sliding her skirt over her ass and down her legs. Marcus marveled at her body as she eased her top off and set it aside. Her hands then slipped around to her back and undid her bra, letting it slowly slide over her shoulders. Her breasts tumbled out into Marcus’ view as Kathleen placed the bra with the rest of her clothes. She stood before him, allowing him to take in the sight of her lovely body. Marcus stepped forward and reached out, his hands cupping her breasts. Kathleen gasped as she felt his hot skin on hers. His fingers danced and trailed all over her globes, feeling the silkiness of her skin. She could feel the rough calluses on his fingertips as they slipped to her nipples and pinched them lightly. Kathleen gasped as she felt the soft pain filter thru her body. Marcus saw her face contort in sheer pleasure and twisted her nipples slightly. Kathleen mewed loudly and pressed her nipples harder into his hands. Marcus tightened his grip on her nipples and increased the pressure. Kathleen moaned loudly and felt a hot moistness between her legs. Her juices began to flow out of her and down her thighs. Marcus caught the sweet aroma of her scent and smiled.

“You like that, My Pet??” he asked.

“Yessssssssssss, Marcusssssss…” she hissed.

Marcus grinned at her and led her by her nipples to a nearby table. On the table were a set of nipple clamps. He grabbed them and attached one, and then the other. Kathleen squealed and moaned as the pain increased and shot through her body. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. Her hands began to move slowly towards her growing seeping wetness. She was almost there, when she felt a sharp smack on her ass. Kathleen gasped and moaned softly as the sting spread all over her soft pale ass cheeks.

“Did I give you permission to touch yourself?” snarled Marcus.

Kathleen whimpered softly, trying to savor the glowing sting on her skin. She wanted more and didn’t know how to get it.

“No Marcus… you didn’t…”

“Then why did you?”

“Because I need to be touched there. I am so horny, Marcus. Please touch me there… and I will do anything you want! ANYTHING!!!!!”

“You already will do that for me… won’t you, My Pet??”

“Yesssssssss, Marcus… but I need you to touch me… please!!!!!”

Kathleen’s begging surprised even herself. She had never begged for someone to love her or to touch her. What had he done to her to get her like this? To turn her into a wanton pleading woman?? She wasn’t sure, but she enjoyed every bit of it, and her body, her mind, wanted more! Her heart raced inside her chest as she slowly began to gyrate her hips towards Marcus, trying to rub against his hips and thighs. Marcus noticed this and smacked her ass again, this time harder. Kathleen cried out and once again fond the beloved pain she was looking for.

Marcus leaned in close to her ear and purred softly, “You are being a bad Pet. I have not yet given you permission to please yourself. For this you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Kathleen whimpered a soft “yes” and wondered what he had in store for her. Marcus’ hands grasped the chain that connected the nipple clamps and gave it a sharp tug. Kathleen’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the sweet pain again. Her torturer lightly pulled on the chain, causing her to follow him. He positioned her beneath a set of manacles that were suspended from the ceiling of the basement. Next to them was a stool. Marcus motioned for her to get up on the stool and kneel. Kathleen did as she was bid and waited patiently for his next command. Marcus moved in front of her, his crotch just inches from her body. She could see the flaccid outline of his cock inside his pants. She wanted him so bad, she could almost taste it. Marcus brought her from her reverie and grasped her wrists tightly, raising her arms above her head. In one swift, well-practiced movement, her hands were secured in the manacles. Kathleen struggled with her bonds, trying to find a way out. Marcus grinned and then slipped behind her. She felt something brush her cheek and then fit securely in her mouth. Much to her surprise, she had been gagged. Kathleen’s eyes shot wide open as realization sunk in. What if he had planned to hurt her? No one would be able to hear her scream. Marcus could see the panic in her eyes and spoke to her in a soothing manner, letting his soft features gently nuzzle her face.

“I will not harm you, My Pet. Everything we do is totally consensual. That is the reason for the safe word. I will be putting a show on for you as your punishment, so just sit back and enjoy!”

Marcus kissed her forehead softly and then called for someone named Angelica. Angelica strode into view, causing Kathleen to gasp behind her ball-gag. Angelica was a short petite blonde, with an hourglass figure, bright blue eyes and small but firm upthrust breasts. Her legs and arms were muscular while her ass and hips were very much soft and round. Angelica kept her eyes downward, not looking up at Marcus at all. She was naked and upon reaching Marcus, knelt at his feet. Marcus reached out and ran a hand through her hair. His eyes looked her over and then moved back towards Kathleen.

“Angelica is my first submissive. She has helped me train countless others in Our Way of Life. She is here only to please me. Isn’t that right, Angelica?”

“Yes, My Lord… I am only here to please you.” She replied. Her voice was soft and enticing, not high and squeaky like Kathleen had expected.

Kathleen saw Marcus lean in and whisper something to Angelica. He then stood and watched Kathleen. Kathleen’s eyes locked on Marcus’ frame and then slide downward as she saw Angelica’s hands sliding up her Lord’s hips to his crotch. Her fingers undid his belt and eased down the zipper on his pants. Her tiny hand slid into his fly and slowly withdrew his cock. It was a good 7 inches long and thick. Her small mouth opened as her tongue slipped out and circled Marcus’ cock. Marcus smiled as she worked on him, her lips kissing and touching his hardening flesh. He could see Kathleen writhing on the stool, and could also see the clear dew-like droplets forming on her pouting outer lips. He gazed directly into Kathleen’s eyes as he felt Angelica’s mouth slide completely over his hard member. Her mouth moved slowly up and down the shaft, making it glisten with her saliva. Marcus slightly pumped his hips towards her face, indicating the pace he wanted. Angelica silently complied, moving her lips faster and faster. Both of her hands were on his hips, drawing him deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Marcus placed both hands on her small head and began to fuck her mouth harder and faster. Angelica moaned as the tip of her Lord’s cock began to brush the back of her throat. She felt his legs beginning to stiffen and increased her pace greatly. Marcus’ eyes shot back to Kathleen as Angelica continued to suck his cock faster and faster. His balls slapped loudly on her chin as his cock slammed in and out of her. Marcus began to shudder slightly and stifled a sharp cry as his cock exploded deep inside her mouth. Angelica swallowed frantically, not missing one drop.

“Save some for Our new Pet, my dear…” said Marcus.

Angelica mumbled something and let the last remaining wads stay in her mouth. Her mouth pulled away, leaving a small string of cum going from her lips to the tip of his cock. She started to clean him up, but Marcus waved her away.

“Tend to Kathleen first, My Dear. Remove her gag and give her a kiss for me!”

Angelica rose, her eyes still not meeting his, and padded over to Kathleen. She slid her hands behind Kathleen’s head and undid the ball-gag. Angelica gently took it from her mouth and set it aside. She then grabbed Kathleen’s face in both hands and kissed her full and deep allowing Marcus’ cum to slide from her mouth. Kathleen tasted for the first time, Marcus’ sweet salty cum. She let it slide around in her mouth before swallowing and totally enjoying the kiss from Angelica. Marcus clapped once and Angelica broke the kiss, quickly returning to her Lord’s side. Once there, she took his softened member in her mouth and cleaned him off. She then neatly placed his cock back into his pants and zipped him back up. Marcus sat down in his chair and smiled at Kathleen.

“You seem to have enjoyed my little show. I am hoping that you would join us, and let us teach you the pleasures of Our World. Do you accept my offer??” asked Marcus.

Kathleen panted a bit, his taste still searing her mouth and tastebuds. She thought about what he had done to her up to that point, and what other things may still come. She inhaled deeply and looked into Marcus’ eyes.

“It would be an honor to serve you and learn from you… My Lord…”

Marcus smiled again and stood up. He moved to her and kissed her softly. Her lips wanted more of him, but she controlled her passion, as she knew she should. Marcus undid her hands from the manacles and helped her off of the stool. He waved Angelica over to them and placed Kathleen’s hand in hers.

“Take her upstairs, clean her up and show her to the guest room. We start her training tomorrow… and tomorrow comes early here…”

Part 2

Kathleen woke early the next morning to a dim light shining into her eyes. She opened them and saw a slim petite silhouette standing above her. It was Angelica, Marcus’ first submissive. She knelt next to Kathleen, shaking her, trying to rouse her. Kathleen’s eyes slowly adjusted to the light and she saw that Angelica was carrying a bowl with soapy water and a sponge.

“Good morning, Kathleen,” she said, her voice a soft sensual whisper, “Marcus wishes you bathed and prepared. He is ready to start your training.”

Kathleen looked at the bowl and then at Angelica. “Are you to bathe me?” She asked.

“Yes, I am here to help you as much as I can.”

Kathleen rose to her knees and then stood, towering over the small woman. A look of mischief soon flowed over her face.

“Then by all means… bathe me…”

Angelica dipped the sponge into the water and rung it out slightly. She then began to wash Kathleen, starting from her feet and working her way up her long legs. The warm water brought an inner peace to Kathleen that she hadn’t felt since she arrived at Marcus’ townhouse. All the sexual frustration seemed to wash away slowly as Angelica cleansed her body.

She felt the sponge circle around her ass, sending shivers up he spine. Kathleen felt her tummy tense and her breathing quicken as the small hand guided it over the firm cheeks of her buttocks. Angelica then brought the sponge around to her womanhood, and began to clean her there. All the juices from watching Marcus last night, mixed with the soapy water and were soon washed away. She felt the sponge part her outer lips and rub against her clit. Waves of pleasure washed thru her and she felt her knees begin to weaken. Her hips involuntarily pressed into the sponge, trying to catch the washing motion where she needed it most. Kathleen looked at Angelica, watching her every move. She wanted… no, needed for Angelica to lick and nibble at her until her flood gates opened up, releasing her tensions from the night before. Kathleen’s hand slowly slid up her body and pinched her nipples hard. A moan of pleasure escaped her soft lips as her hips rocked harder into the sponge. Angelica looked up and saw what Kathleen was doing. She immediately stopped the sponge bath and smiled.

“You are now ready for your training,” she whispered.

Angelica stood and left Kathleen’s room, taking the bowl with her, and leaving Kathleen trembling in the room alone. Tears of frustration began to flow as she slowly moved from the room. She could hear Marcus’ voice downstairs and there was another voice as well. A very deep man’s voice. She felt her heart pound as she made her way to the basement stairs and downward. Upon reaching the basement, she saw Marcus with Angelica kneeling at his feet. Next to him was a large well-built black man. His hair was cut short with a mustache and goatee of soft black curly hair. His shoulders and chest were broad, and stretched his T-shirt out. He wore khaki shorts and sneakers, but she could see the muscles in his legs bunching as he shifted and walked towards her.

“Good morning, My Pet. I would like to introduce you to someone. Kathleen, this is Dimitrius. Dimitrius, this is Kathleen, my latest “acquisition.”

“said Marcus.

“Good morning Kathleen. It’s a pleasure to meet you” Dimitrius’ voice was smooth and deep, sending quivers through Kathleen’s body. She smiled at him and extended her hand to him. Dimitrius took her hand and brought it to his broad soft lips, kissing it gently. Kathleen felt her breath catch in her throat as his lips touched her skin.

“I-i-it’s a pleasure to meet you, Dimitrius,” she stammered, “Forgive me for being naked…”

“It’s all right, Kathleen. That is how I taught Marcus to have his submissives be around the house. I just love watching a woman’s body in motion.”

“You… taught… Marcus? I don’t understand…”

Marcus laughed and moved to stand beside Dimitrius. His arm rested on his friend’s wide right shoulder and he smiled at Kathleen. Kathleen felt Angelica move close to her and gently pull her down to her knees. The both of them knelt before Marcus and Dimitrius, as if awaiting instructions.

“Marcus and I were roommates our first year in college here. He was amazed at how many women I brought back to the room and how I was able to get them to do what I wanted, when I wanted. It was then I took Marcus under my wing and taught him all I knew about being a firm but gentle Dom. Marcus was a fast-learner and was able to operate on his own, although he still gives me a call now and then to inform me of his newest students. So far, Angelica has been the pride and joy of his teachings. She is the perfect sub. She is one to learn from… to use as a role model. You can learn a lot from her.”

Kathleen could see Angelica blush slightly at Dimitrius’ words. Her eyes never left the ground, as she whispered a soft thank you to him. Kathleen lowered her head, gazing at the ground, wondering why she had gotten herself into this. Then she remembered the excitement and the thrill of last night. She remembered the taste of Marcus’ cum as it entered her mouth, followed by Angelica’s tongue. she felt the stirring deep inside her, but quickly pushed it away and composed herself. Kathleen kept her eyes focused on the ground and spoke to them softly and reverently.

“My Lord Dimitrius, I wish to learn all I can about being perfect from you, from My Lord Marcus, and from Angelica. Please mold me into one of your works of art.”

Marcus smiled at her words and looked to Dimitrius. Dimitrius smiled back at Marcus and nodded. Both men then moved towards Kathleen and motioned for Angelica to move back. Angelica slid back and watched as the two men towered over her companion. Marcus stood on one side of her, while Dimitrius stood on the other. Both men ran their fingers through Kathleen’s gorgeous hair. Their strong manly fingers massaged her scalp gently, soothing any and all inhibitions she might have had. Dimitrius leaned down and spoke softly into Kathleen’s ear, his voice a mere growl.

“The object is to become a willing party to whatever your Dom wishes of you. Of course there are limits that are agreed upon, but almost anything goes between you and your Dom. Do you understand??”

Kathleen started to nod and then stopped, remembering Marcus’ lesson from last night. She cleared her throat and spoke in a soft whisper.

“Yes, My Lord Dimitrius. I understand.”

Dimitrius smiled and looked to his friend. “You have a good one here, Marcus, but I wonder… can she take a spanking?”

Kathleen’s gut tightened at the question. Outside of last night, she hadn’t been spanked since she was young, and even last night’s smack wasn’t a true spanking. She wondered if she could, indeed, take a spanking. She allowed the memory of the sweet sharp pain on her bare ass cheeks to flood her mind, to fill her and excite her. She felt her body begin to blush and get warm. She felt the soft trickle of her juices as they leaked from her womanhood. Defiantly, she raised her eyes to the two men and smiled.

“My Lord Dimitrius, if it pleases you to know that I can take a spanking, then perhaps a spanking is what I need.” cooed Kathleen.

“It would please me, girl, but I don’t give spankings unless they are deserved. Have you done anything to deserve a spanking?” Dimitrius’ voice was deep and full of hidden curiosity.

“I have, My Lord Dimitrius. This morning, as Angelica started to sponge bathe me, I began to angle my body so the sponge would touch certain parts of my body. Angelica stopped, leaving me wanting and horny. I want to fuck you both so bad, but I know that is not my place.” Kathleen slid her hands up her thighs to her belly and caressed it, then moved them higher to her full breasts and gently played with her nipples, ” I am in need of release, My Lord Dimitrius, and I intend to get it… with or without your permission…”

Kathleen sat back and brought her legs out from under her, opening them wide. Her hands slithered down her body to her mound and began to rub her clit in small circles. She could feel the small shocks traveling through her body as her fingers danced and moved over her sensitive nub. Both Marcus and Dimitrius were amazed at her actions. Dimitrius looked at Marcus, a look of surprise etched on his face. Marcus’ smile disappeared as he moved towards Kathleen. His friend grabbed his arm, stopping him. Marcus looked back at him in wonder.

“The young lady needs to be disciplined for this, Marcus. We didn’t give her permission to relieve herself, did we?” asked Dimitrius.

“No… we didn’t. Would you like to do the honors, Dimitrius?”

Dimitrius smiled and moved towards Kathleen. “It would be my pleasure.”

Dimitrius took Kathleen by the arm and pulled her up to him. He then escorted to a nearby chair and had her stand while he sat. His dark brown eyes darkened and bored holes through her soul. His voice oozed from his lips, in a forceful, yet exciting tone.

“Lay across my lap, girl.”

Kathleen hesitated. Could she do this, she wondered. Could she let an absolute stranger spank her like she was a spoiled little child? Once again the thoughts from last night raced through her brain. She felt her legs get wobbly with excitement and closed her eyes. Kathleen summoned all her will and strength and laid across Dimitrius’ lap. Her round heart-shaped ass stuck high in the air in front of him. She felt his smooth hand caressing her skin, as if he was inspecting a fine automobile.

“You have touched yourself without our permission. I understand that Marcus expressed to you last night that you were to do what he said and when he said it. That was a direct violation of that rule, and so I must punish you. Do you understand?” growled Dimitrius.

Kathleen nodded, her long hair shaking around her face. She then felt the sharp sudden sting of Dimitrius’ hand striking her ass. She inhaled sharply at the pain and allowed it to wash over her. Joy and rapture spread throughout her entire being. She wanted more… lots more. She wanted Dimitrius to spank her until her ass cheeks were a nice bright red. She wanted Marcus to make her suck his cock until he came and then lick him clean. She wanted Angelica to sit on her face, and make her lick and nibble at her sweet pussy while Dimitrius pounded her hot wet pussy with his large cock. Her eyes closed tightly as she felt her lust and desire growing faster and faster inside of her. She was becoming out of control inside. Only Dimitrius’ voice, brought her out of her reverie.

“I cannot hear nods, Kathleen. I will ask you again. Do you understand?”

His voice was firm and unwavering. Kathleen whispered a soft yes and was met again with the adored sting of his hand. Her eyes flew open in shock and pleasure. She could feel her skin burning where he struck her. Her chest heaved against his massive thighs, and her nipples hardened. She could feel the outline of his huge cock pressing into her chest. She wanted him badly. She wanted all of them badly. She was willing to do anything they asked, just as long as she got relief.

“You need to speak up louder, girl. I could not hear you. Now I am going to ask you one last time. Do you understand?”

Kathleen caught her breath and replied loudly, “Yes My Lord Dimitrius! I understand!”

Both Dimitrius and Marcus smiled. They knew they had her. They knew she was theirs, to do with as they wished. Dimitrius brought his large dark-skinned hand back and shot it forward, connecting with Kathleen’s ass soundly. A gasp of sheer pleasure escaped from her lips, as her Lord’s hand rose and fell repeatedly. Loud smacks filled the room as skin met skin again and again. Kathleen felt her ass getting hotter and hotter. She savored every sting from Dimitrius’ hand. She felt her guts tie themselves in a knot as her excitement grew inside her. She recognized this feeling. She was close to orgasming. She was going to cum just from being spanked by him. She reveled in the thought, her body writhing on his lap as smack after smack landed on her hot red ass cheeks. She felt her legs begin to quiver and shake. Dimitrius felt this too and continued his assault on her naked flesh. Kathleen screamed out in pleasure as the first orgasm she’d had since arriving there, tore thru her body. Her muscles bunched and tensed as wave after wave of divine passion and pleasure flowed through her. Soon, her relaxed as her orgasm subsided. Her chest heaved against her Lord’s legs while she fought to catch her breath. Dimitrius’ hand pressed against her skin and rubbed it gently, soothing it. A soft moan spewed from Kathleen’s lips as she raised her head slowly and looked around. Her eyes were half-closed from exhaustion, but a feeling of peace was etched on her face.

“It’s nice to see that you can take a spanking, girl. I am very pleased with you.” purred Dimitrius in her hear.

Kathleen shivered as he spoke to her, feeling his thick lips brushing lightly against her outer ear. “Thank you, My Lord Dimitrius. I am happy to have pleased you in one way. However, you seem to need pleasing in another way”

Kathleen’s hand slid up his thigh and tightly grasped the throbbing bulge that lay trapped between them. Her hand slid up and down the shorts-covered shaft, softly at first, but then harder and harder. Dimitrius shivered as he pressed his hips up to her hand.

“Did I give you permission to touch me girl?” demanded Dimitrius.

“No, My Lord Dimitrius, you did not. Please accept this girl’s most humble apology.”

Kathleen released his pulsing member and stayed sprawled across his lap. She awaited his hand across her ass again, but it did not come. Instead, he ordered her to stand and face him. Kathleen complied, her eyes down, but not on the ground, but on the hard thick cock that was inches from her grasp. Marcus saw this and smiled. He then walked over to his new “acquisition” and gently had her kneel before Dimitrius.

“I’ve not yet been with her, my friend. However, I am willing to let you sample the goods before I have her. Please, enjoy yourself!”

Marcus then turned and headed to another nearby chair. Upon sitting down, he called Angelica over to him and had her kneel at his feet. His left hand stroked her long beautiful hair as he watched the two before him.

“Are you willing to please me, girl?” asked Dimitrius.

“I am, My Lord Dimitrius. I will do whatever you wish” replied Kathleen.

“Unzip me and pleasure me with your mouth then, and do not stop until I tell you to. Do you understand?”

“I understand, My Lord Dimitrius.”

Kathleen eased his legs apart and slowly lowered the zipper to his shorts. Her hand slipped inside and grasped his cock, bringing it out into the light of the room. She gasped loudly when she saw the size of it. It was about 8 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. The obsidian skin glistened in the low light of the basement. Kathleen licked her lips and slowly lowered her mouth on it. She felt the sweet salty taste of his skin sear her tongue as her mouth gradually worked his cock in and out of her mouth. She could feel it pulse and throb in her mouth like a tiny heart. Her tongue lapped thoroughly on the underside of his cock and balls. She was becoming a wanton slut and she didn’t care. She wanted to please them all and it didn’t matter how she did it.

Her mouth began to slide faster and faster up and down Dimitrius’ cock, making it gleam. Kathleen could feel her body reacting to her actions and to her audience. A soft moan from behind her caught her attention. She let Dimitrius’ cock slip from her mouth and turned around for a moment. Her eyes twinkled as she saw Marcus receiving another blow job from Angelica while he pinched and twisted her pert nipples. Kathleen returned to the task at hand and began sucking Dimitrius’ cock with a fervor she had never felt before. She wanted to make him cum… needed to make him cum. She needed for him to flood her mouth with his thick sweat cream. Dimitrius pounded his hips harder towards her face, slamming his cock further and further into her mouth. She could feel the head hitting the back of her throat again and again and she wanted more. Kathleen’s head bobbed up and down like a demon, trying to coax her Lord of his gift, his treasure. Dimitrius tangled his thick broad hands in her hair and pulled, easing her mouth from him. A look of horror crossed Kathleen’s face. Had she displeased him? Had she disappointed him with her skills? She quickly shifted her gaze downward, staring hard at the floor beneath her. Dimitrius cupped her under her arms and brought her up to him. His gaze met hers and there was silence for what seemed like eons.

“I am going to fuck you, girl. I am going to fuck you hard and deep and make you cum many times over. Do you understand?” growled Dimitrius.

“Yes, My Lord Dimitrius. I understand!” she gasped as he pulled her to a straddling position over his lap.

Dimitrius took his cock in his hand and rubbed the thick head against her clit and her wet slit. Her juices coated the tip of his member, making it easy for him to slip deep into her. She shivered greatly as his hard dark cock pierced her and spread her wide. She had never been so full in all her life. Kathleen pressed her weight down, allowing his cock to slide further into her. the head struck the back of her pussy and then slowly withdrew as she slid up. Dimitrius’ strong dusky hands gripped her waist and impaled her hard on his tool. Kathleen cried out in sheer delight as she rode him hard and fast. She could feel every vein and muscle in his cock as it pounded in and out of her. Her breasts bounced in full view of his lips. Her nipples were hard and aching. Dimitrius’ mouth caught one and suckled it hard, letting his teeth grind on it gently. Kathleen cried out in pleasure and pressed her nipples closer to him. He sucked greedily at one and then the other as his shaft drove in and out of her again and again. He felt her body begin to stiffen and that spurred him on more and more.

With his hands around her waist, Dimitrius pounded her hot wet pussy harder and harder. The sounds of their skin smacking together filled the room as did Kathleen’s cries of ecstasy. Dimitrius could feel his cock swelling and growing inside her. Both bodies continued to crash together until they climaxed in a thunderous orgasm. Kathleen’s walls grasped and milked him as his cock exploded inside her, saturating her to overflow with his hot \, lava-like cum. Moments later, she collapsed on his shoulder, her body still quivering from little after shocks of her tremendous orgasm. Dimitrius’ cock spewed forth the last of his gift deep into her. She could feel it leaking out of her and onto his balls. The pair sat there trying to catch their breath, when a gasp and a cry of lust reminded them that they were not alone. Their heads turned to see Marcus’ member plunging in and out of Angelica’s soft curvy ass from behind. Her face was contorted in a mask of lust and passion as Marcus took her faster and faster. A sheen of sweat covered their bodies as they met and parted and met again. They watched as both Angelica and Marcus shuddered in orgasmic pleasure. The pair collapsed onto the floor and rested there, panting and bathed in their own cum and sweat. Wearily, Marcus looked up at Dimitrius and Kathleen and smiled. They both smiled back, and Dimitrius gave Marcus the thumbs up. Kathleen new that she had only just begun her training and was looking forward to the rest of her stay with them.


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