By Chevezzz

Understanding Foot Fetishism

Foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual fetishism of all other lusts for non-sexual objects or body parts. It is considered sexual phenomena to individuals who don’t have such a fetish. What many non-foot enthusiasts don’t understand is that one who possess this fetish can be as easily aroused at the sight of feetjust as an individual would with the sight of breasts, buttocls or any other body part that is expected to miss one to become sexually aroused. A foot fetishist can be attracted to the foot itself or accessories of the foot— heels, flip-flops etc. Although this fetish is more common among melee, femal..n also have this interest.


I’ve had a foot fetish since childhood. I remember my eighth grade reading teacher being a woman whom I enjoyed seeing. Reading class was probably the only class I looked forward to other than gym. My reading teacher was an attractive, dark-haired woman in her mid to late so ‘s who kind of resembled Monica Lewinsky. She often wore pantyhose and heels to class. We were assigned a novel to read each semester and sometimes she would be kind and read the assigned chapters out loud to us during class.

As she read, she would walk around the room and slop every few minutes to dip and dangle her heels. I sat at my desk with my eyes focused on her nylon covered legs and her dangling for an hour and would get highly aroused. I fantasized many times about staying after school to have her read to me privately while I have my way with her sexy legs. Keep in my mind that I was a preteen at the time and this is when males and females begin to hale a sexual attraclion for one another. My friends would talk about female classmates in a sexual manner. I was usually the odd guy out because I was sheltered during my youth and my foot fetish had me feeling weird and somewhat ashamed, which made me slightly anti-social around the opposite sex.


As expected, most of the guys who were considered alpha males usually were first to get the chicks to drop their panties. I was quiet as a teen, but I was also very athletic and according to many girls, an attractive young man. So despite my shyness, I still had my share of fun with the young ladies.

Even when I dated, I didn’t dare tell my girlfriends about my foot fetish because I thought they would be disgusted, break up with me and tell my secret to everyone in school. I was also very picky when choosing girls and I still am to this day. I recall turning doses several girls who had crushes On me because they didn’t meet my standard of beauty. The first body part I would notice on a girl was her feet and if I found them to be unattractive, I would lose interest no manor how appealing the rest of her features were.

So as you have read so far, my dating life as a teen was not as pleasant as mostyoung men would want theirs to be and it also didn’t do much at satisfying my foot urges., a resort, I looked at modeling magazines that featured women wearing nylons and heels while masturbating in the bathroom. My mother had a monthly subscription with Lane Bryant and she would receive catalogs in the mail. I was usually the first person to get home in the afternoon, so I checked the mailbox daily.


I would see the new issue of Lane Bryant and go to the bathroom and turn straight to the hosiery section for a wank. I later became bolder when I decided to go into my parents’ closet to check out their collection of VHS tape recordings. I would scan through any tape that had a rated R movie which contained nudity or sexual content hoping to catch a glimpse of a woman undressing and maybe a shot of her feet.

There were frightening moments when I would suddenly hear the garage door opening, which meant I had less than a minute to eject the tape from the VCR, place it back in my parents’ closet and leave their bedroom before being seen. Luckily, I was never caught— I was really fast!

Sometimes I would also get out of bed late at night after everyone had fallen asleep to check out dirty movies and shows on the big screen TV in the living room. Howard Stern, Wild On El and Real Sex were a few of my favorites. Wild On. was known for showing plenty of busty barefooted babes in bikinis on beaches! Late one night, I watched an episode of froward Stern and finally came across someone else that understood foot fetishism. I don’t remember her name, but she was a welLImown adult film star at the time and she explained how past boyfriends and random guys showed interest in her feet.



Before hearing her story, I didn’t realize that there were other people who liked female feet as much as I did. I then became more comfortable with my fetish due to knowing I was not alone.

At 14 years old, I had already been introduced to pornography by some friends. During a road trip with my school’s JROTC Drill Team, I watched my first hardcore porn film with a few of my teammates in a hotel room. I remember feeling awkward watching the film in a room full of guys and I didn’t get too aroused either. A lot of the guys wanted copies of the movie, but I stated that I didn’t want one. I was called a punk and a sissy for not wanting a copy, but it didn’t bother me too much. Sure, I was another horny teenager, but because of my specific fetish, I wasn’t that amused by the porno to where I wanted to see it again. I wanted to see sex films that specifically featured women’s legs and feet. At that time, I didn’t know there was such a thing.

One day while browsing the intemet at home, I decided to use a search engine site to find out more about foot fetishism. A few links appeared in the results column and some them stated that it only allowed viewers 18 years of age or older. I became curious and clicked one of the links. To my amazement, I observed hundreds of pictures of women modeling their legs, feet and a little more. The feeling that came over me was similar to that of a fat kid in a bakery!


I quickly clicked away from the site because I was not home alone that day, but I couldn’t wait for the next opportunity for more exploring.

A couple of days later, that opportunity came. It was after school and I rushed home to log back onto the website. I got an instant boner from looking at a few pictures. I heard guys joke from time to time about the risk of going blind while stroking your pole. All I can say is that I got the joke that day.

After starting college, I realized that it was a new chapter in my life and that meant a new level of confidence. I started to come out of my shell and be more upfront with women. I met plenty of coeds my freshman year, but did not come on to many of them unlike other guys. I knew that before informing any girl about my fetish, it was important that I let her get to lmow what I’m all about. I learned this from online testimonials by other foot fetishists.

So after chatting with one girl for about a month, we began dating. Our first date was a typical dinner and a movie outing that didn’t cost me much money. We ended up back in my dormitory about 1:00 am. It took me forever to convince her to come to my room because coed visitation was not allowed at night, but she eventually complied.

I had a roommate who had left for the weekend and I was very eager to get some action.


I turned on the TV and we cuddled for about 15 minutes. Not because I wanted to, I just wanted her to feel a little more comfortable. I asked if her feet were fired and if I could massage them. She firmly said,

“No, don’t touch my feet!”

I asked why and she said her feet were ugly and was ashamed of them. I didn’t want to ruin the mood by begging. Things finally started to heat up and before I knew it, I had her lying on her back with both legs on my shoulders. I then figured I had nothing to lose, so I took her foot and tried to put it on my face.

“What are you doing?!?…STOP!” she shouted.

“What’s the matter?” I asked. “I told you not to touch my feet!”

That kind of ruined the mood and I didn’t want to see her too much after that night. The spring semester came around and I hadn’t yet scored some foot action from any chicks. Every Thursday, a guy would stop by all the male dormitories with a duffle bag full of porn DVDs to sell. He walked the halls and knocked on each door. I remember I wouldn’t flag him down if my roommate was with me in the room. One day, he came by when I was alone and I flagged him down.

“Man! This is some good shit I got here. Check it out,” he said.


I searched through the bag and picked a couple of DVDs that caught my eye.

Can you get your hands on some foot fetish DVDs? “Foot fetish?…What the fuck is that?”

It’s the ones that focus on women’s feet throughout the film. “Oh, you’re one of those toe sucking guys, huh?”

I laughed. Yeah, I’m one of those guys.

“I don’t have no shit like that, but I’ll see what I can find.”

I didn’t have a personal computer in my room and my dormitory didn’t have internet access. There were only a few computer labs on campus where I could get on the internet. There was a small lab in the science building that was popular with many guys because of its secluded location— we called it the Fap Lab.

Of course I wouldn’t jerk off in the lab, but I would print out pictures and take them back to my room. It was then I realized that I had a problem. I needed to get some one on one foot experience with a real woman before my video and internet porn viewing became an addiction. I sat down and took some time to think about what I needed to do differently to get women to meet my sexual needs more frequently.

A week later, at a supermarket, I spotted an attractive girl in the produce section. She was about 5’8, 120lbs with brown hair and an olive complexion.



I also noticed that she was wearing a shirt of the university that was about 5 miles down the interstate from my school. So I decided to approach her as she picked up a bag of apples.

“Are you going to bake an apple pie?” I asked.

“No, I just like eating healthy,” she said, smirking.

I then looked her from head to toe. She had a great physique. I couldn’t see her feet because she was wearing sneakers. They looked about a size 9 or 10, which is expected for a girl her height to have. I stood there  what her feet looked like and what they would smell like after a long afternoon of softball practice. I was nearly put in a trance until she snapped her fingers.

“Um, you ok?”

Oh yeah. I was just thinking about what I needed to get from this section. My thoughts are always jumping around in my head. I don’t mean to hold up your shopping, but I was wondering if I could have your number? I want to see you again soon.

“Sure. You’re actually the first guy who has approached me that didn’t come off as a creep. My name is Amber, by the way.”

Nice to meet you. You’re in great shape too! Do you play a sport at your school?

“Thanks and yes, I’m on the softball team. You should check out some of our games.


We could use the support.” I appreciate the invitation, but I don’t want to betray my own school’s softball team.

“Oh, you’re a student too? What school do you go to?” I attend the other one down the interstate.

“Cool! You guys have a great band!” So I’ve heard. Well, I’m going to let you get back to your shopping. I’ll give you a call.

A few days had past and I decided to give Amber a call to catch up on things. She didn’t answer the first time, so I waited a couple of hours before calling again. I didn’t want to seem desperate and screw up my chances of hooking up with her. I called a second time about 8 o’clock that night and again, no answer. I was starting to think she was freaked out by me at the store that day and didn’t want to talk to me again.

My hopes had nearly died when she called back a few minutes later. She apologized and said she had a late practice because her team had a game the next day. I was relieved and we had a nice conversation that lasted almost 2 hours. Before calling it a night, she invited me to come out to the game since it was at home. I agreed to go on her second invitation. I knew that would at least get me to first base with her.

I didn’t feel like going to class the next day, so I gathered with some guys whom I met at the beginning of the year to play PlayStation.


We later went to the campus cafeteria for lunch and talked about college life. Our school had a reputation for being all about football, the marching band and parties. Academics were the last thing on the list of many students and our dropout rate was the highest of all other universities in the state.

I was finishing up my meal when I looked at my cell phone and saw it was about time to leave for Amber’s softball game. I went to my dorm to shower and get dressed. I got lost driving around the campus; it was twice the size of my school. I finally got my seat in the stands at the top of the second Amber’s team was at bat and she was on second base. She looked even better in her uniform. Watching her run to home plate was a beautiful sight!

Her team ended the game with a win and I met her afterwards on the field. She introduced me to a few of her teammates and judging by their appearance, I realized how lucky I was to meet her before them. She was the hottest girl on the team!

“We got some Gatorade in the dugout. You want some?” she asked. No, I’m good. “0k, wait here ’til I get back from the locker room.”

When she returned, she asked if I wanted to stop by her apartment to watch a movie or just hangout. I said yeah, why not? I couldn’t believe how easy going this girl was.


It was a dream come true! I usually had to work harder and beg to get attractive girls like Amber to talk to me. Her apartment was only about 3 miles from the school and during the short ride there. All I could think about was that I will finally get to see her bare feet.

Amber’s roommate—Kelly—answered the door when I arrived. She was also cute, but a little heavier than Amber. My first impression of her was that she was a stuck up broad who would give a guy who showed interest in her a very difficult time. I sat down on the living room couch and waited for Amber.

“She just got into the shower and she usually takes over half an hour; hope you don’t mind waiting,” she said.

No, I don’t mind. She’s worth the wait. “Oh how sweet…NOT!”

I hated Kelly’s sarcasm and she turned out to be the bitch that I suspected her to be. I really wanted to get close to Amber before she showered. I always preferred the natural feminine scent on a sexy woman over the Bath 8: Body Works smell. But since I was already there, I waited for her while watching TV.

Kelly was on her cell phone in the kitchen, which was adjacent to the living room where I was sitting. I looked around and noticed all the nice things they had in the place, including the expensive Sony Stereo and 32 inch flat screen I was watching.


Amber also drove a Nissan 3502, so I assumed that her parents were well-off financially. At my school, you would be a target for robbery for having all that.

Amber finally came out and apologized for the wait as she walked to the refrigerator to get a soda. I saw that she was barefoot and became excited. She made herself comfortable next to me on the couch and she smelled of fresh lavender. I was overtaken by her presence.

“Where have you been all my life?” I asked.

“That’s so oomy,” she said, giggling.

I know. Pay me no mind; I’m silly like that.

“What do you want to watch?” It doesn’t matter to me, just as long as I’m watching it with you. “That’s another corny statement. Please give it a rest, Romeo.”

Kelly got off her phone and stood up from the kitchen table.

“Girl, he’s full of those lame lines. You should have heard him while you were in the shower,” she said while walking away. “Leave him alone Kelly! What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were going to study hall tonight.”

Thanks a lot. Your roommate is so irritating!

“She’s just a little feisty around guys sometimes, but she can be a good girl if you grow on her. You still haven’t picked a movie, so I’ll pick one for you. How about Save The Last Dance?”

EN_728x90 (1)


She hopped off the couch to put the disc in the DVD player. Being the pervert that I was, I had my eyes focused on everything from her waist down as she loaded the movie. She was wearing denim shorts that were cut off at mid-thigh, which complimented her legs very well. I saw that her toes had chipped red polish and also noticed that she was flat-footed. I wasn’t shocked that she was flat-footed because she was an athlete and didn’t seem like she wore heels too often which would help develop an arch. She came back to the couch and folded her legs.

Great game. “Thanks.”

Do you get sore after your games? How do you relax and soothe yourself afterwards? “I get sore sometimes. When I do, I soak in the bathtub with some Epsom salt for about an hour and make sure I get plenty of sleep that night, it usually does the trick!”

What about your feet? I’m sure they bark like dogs from all that running from base to base? “No, surprisingly I don’t have many problems with my feet.” Oh, well if you ever get sore feet, I’ll volunteer to give you a foot mb. I once took a massage therapy course in school and I’d like to demonstrate what I learned.

“How about you try now? My feet are clean, I promise.”

After she said that, an idea came to mind. Why didn’t I think of using that line before to get my hands on more girls’ feet?


She unfolded her legs and placed them on my lap. My new task was to control my boner while rubbing her feet. I maneuvered myself closer to where her calves sat on my crotch. I figured she would less likely feel the sudden firmness in my pants. Fortunately, I was also wearing fight boxer briefs and it helped. I placed my hands on her soft smooth soles and got a nice grip at the heel of her foot and massaged my way to the toes.

“Wow, you’re good!” Thanks.

After a few minutes of rubbing her feet, I looked over and saw that she leaned her head back on the armrest and closed her eyes.

Are you asleep? “No, I’m just relaxing and enjoying the massage.”

I thought if I rubbed for a little longer, she would fall asleep and I could possibly get a little freaky with her feet. Just when I started to make my move, Kelly walked into the living room and disturbed us.

“Hey Amber, can I use some of your laundry detergent?”

She raised her head. “You know we always share the detergent, why are you asking?”

Kelly carried her bag of clothes to the washing machine. “I’m only making sure because you paid for most of the items this week. I’ll pay you back next week.”

Amber then took her feet off my lap.


“I’m tired and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the movie.”

That’s ok. I guess we should call it a night.

“Yeah, we can finish the movie some other fime.”

Cool. Hopefully she won’t be here next time to bother us. Does she have a boyfriend?

“Uh, I don’t think she’s seeing anyone.”

Well she needs to get one.

“Oh stop it! I need to get some rest. Later.”


It was March and mid-term exams were approaching, followed by spring break. I had been slacking in my classes a little, but my grades were still savable. I tested my self-discipline by using the whole week before the exams to study. Every morning at 7:00, I ate breakfast in the cafeteria and walked back to my room to study until the evening.

My roommate—Kevin—walked in with a couple of his friends one afternoon to play video games. They were having a Madden Tournament, so I knew they would be there all day. I picked up my books and walked across campus to study hall. To my surprise, there were only two other students in the building. I sat down, opened my notebook, textbook and put on my headphones because I could never study in silence.

After about two hours of studying, I got a call on my cell phone from Kevin. He asked if I was busy and if I could come back to the room for an emergency. He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, so I rushed back to the room. The hallway of the dormitory was hazy from smoke. I saw two police officers and the dorm parent outside my door with Kevin and his buddies. Before I could ask what happened, one officer asked for my name and student id.

“According to these young men, you were involved in the illegal use of marijuana in this room,” the officer said.

That’s ridiculous; I don’t even smoke!


He then looked closely at my eyes. Kevin’s friends, on the other hand, were obviously stoned. I noticed that the weed smelled a little different from the usual scent I was familiar with. It smelled as if someone tried to mask the scent by burning some food.

The officer walked in our room and stopped at my microwave.

“Which one of you guys tried to mask the smell by scorching a bag of popcorn in the microwave?” No one said a word. The officers handcuffed Kevin and his friends and took them to the campus station.

The dorm parent temporarily assigned me to a vacant room that was downstairs until our room was fumigated. My microwave was nearly ruined and I had to throw away my bed sheets. I couldn’t believe those guys tried to frame me for that shit!

The weekend came and I had nothing planned. Amber was out of town for an away game and it put more of a damper on my free time. I was also getting horny, so I called the DVD guy to see if he had found any foot fetish DVDs. I felt silly calling for such a weird reason; it was like I was an addict and he was my dealer. He said that he had found a few DVD’s that he thought I might like.

My friend— David—stopped by while I waited for the delivery. He and I were good friends since high school and it was probably due to us having similar personalities.


We were never part of any cliques nor did we follow the latest fashion trends. David walked in with a puzzled look on his face and sat down at my desk.

“What’s up man?” I asked.

“I just had a talk with an Army recruiter at the library and he has really got me thinking.” Army? Are you serious?

“Yes I am. I may enlist if I can’t decide what I want to do with my curriculum by the end of the semester. I picked psychology as my major before starting school and I now realize I made a big mistake.”

Why did you choose to study psychology? “I thought it would be easy and that I would make lots of money after graduating. But I didn’t know at the time that I would need at least a master’s degree for  that to be a possibility. I don’t want to be in school that long and I’m not even interested in the topics when I’m in class.”

I scratched my head and looked at him with disbelief.

How about you just change your major? You barely got into college and now you want to drop out? That makes no sense!

“That’s the problem, I don’t know what other field of study would better suit me. I’m horrible at math and science confuses me; so I can forget about being an architect.”


That’s what tutors are for! Why won’t you seek one? There are flyers posted all over campus that advertise tutoring.

Just when I started to lecture him about never giving up, I got a phone call from the DVD guy. He couldn’t find me because he was at my old room and I forgot to mention that I had moved downstairs. I had to think fast because I didn’t want David to know about my special delivery.

Wait here man. I’ll be right back.

I ran upstairs and met the guy at the door of my old room.

Sorry dude. I forgot to tell you that I live downstairs now.

“Why did you move?” Ugh..It’s a long story. Did you bring the stuff? “Yeah, but let’s go in the restroom before I show you what I got. I saw some old guy walking around on the first floor when I came in.”

Oh, that was probably the dorm parent.

We walked in the restroom and he pulled the first movie out his bag that featured a picture of a chick giving a reverse footjob on the cover.

How much you want for that one? “Give me 10 bucks; I’ll make you a deal.”

Are these legit movies or bootlegs? “These ain’t no bootlegs… This is real shit— high quality and everything!”



0k. Then give me that one. I see a few more I might want to watch later; hold on to them. “Alright homie. Holler at me when you’re ready to check out more of my stuff.”

I went outside to stash the DVD in my car because David was still in my room. He was eating one of my frozen dinners I had in the mini fridge when I got back.

What the hell man?!? You didn’t even ask!

“Sorry bro. You know I’m a stress eater.”

I think all this stressing is senseless. You’re an adult, but you’re also my longtime friend. You should take my advice and stay in school. Another thing I don’t understand is why of all branches of the military, why are you considering the Army? Why not the Air Force?

“I told you I haven’t gotten serious about it. I’m just giving it some thought right now.”

Well since you’ve eaten my food, I’m guessing you don’t want to go to the cafeteria? “That was only a snack for me. I can still down a meal. Let’s go.”

How the hell do you eat so much and keep from getting fat? I don’t eat nearly as much as you do!

After leaving the cafeteria, David and I walked across the street to the student union to relax. As soon as we sat down, I heard someone shout, “Hey roomie!” I turned around and there was Kevin. I thought he had been expelled after what he and his friends did. I stuttered trying to ask him where he had been all week.


What’s going on Kevin? I thought you and your boys were gone for the weed?

“Nope, they took us to the station that night and ran background checks on all of us. When nothing major came up, they let us go and said to report back the next day for a decision by the school’s administration. We went back expecting the worst, but ended up with just a warning. The only bummer is that I’m not allowed to live on campus now. So we won’t be roommates anymore.”

I pretended to be disappointed by the news, but I was actually relieved. Kevin wasn’t a bad guy, but I was annoyed by him and his friends staying at our room several nights a week after midnight playing video games. Knowing that I now had a room all to myself really got me excited. I could then sneak chicks to my place without the worry of being disturbed.

So Kevin, where will you go if you’re banned from campus housing? “I’m moving into my friend’s apartment.”

You dudes really screwed up that night! What the hell were y’all thinking?

“Brian pulled out the blunt and said to chill because he was sitting next to the window. When the fire alarm in the hall went off, we freaked out and I scorched the bag of popcorn in the microwave to try covering up the smell. Brian gave the cops your name when they started questioning us. It was all him man!”


That motherfucker! Why didn’t you speak up for me? “I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to see either of you get in trouble.”

Well, at least it wasn’t worse. You might want to be cautious around Brian from now on. I’d ditch that fool if I were you. If I had not been a getaway option, he probably would have thrown you under the bus!

“I’ve kept my distance from him after that stunt. I’m about to get some grub. I’ll be seeing you around.”

David and I then parted ways. I went to my car to fetch the DVD I bought earlier. I was so anxious to see what was on the disc that I accidently loaded it on top of another movie in the disc tray. I held my breath for a second thinking that I had either damaged the disc or the DVD player, but both were fine. The title of the movie was Barefoot Confidential and I was impressed by the opening credits alone. At the beginning of each scene, a model exclusively displayed her feet in various positions. Some wore heels and others wore sneakers.

From there, the models’ partners entered the scene and usually began the action with oral sex. I never found oral sex as stimulating. I would fast forward to the toe sucking and the footjob. The DVD contained five long scenes, but I was only able to watch the first two that night. I was exhausted and hungry when I finished.

I overslept the next morning and I was late getting to class to take my first mid-term exam.


I was expecting the professor to slam the door in my face, but I was actually one of many students who were just walking in. English was my strongest subject, so I was feeling confident about the test. I completed it in only half an hour.

The Algebra and Chemistry exams were a different story. The equations and formulas that I tried remembering made my head hurt and I was the last student to finish. It was relieving to finally get it over with. Classes were over and Spring Break had begun.

I wasn’t too thrilled about Spring Break because I had nothing to do or nowhere to go but home. My folks told me that I would get homesick after the first few weeks of school, but that never happened. I didn’t miss all the silly house rules or the lack of privacy from sharing my room with my younger brother. Home was only an hour drive, but I didn’t even like visiting on weekends or holidays.

I received several phone calls from my mother that Friday evening. She was always overprotective of me for some strange reason and it annoyed me very much. I never understood why this was so because

I’m the oldest of 2 other siblings. She told me as a child that most of her attention was towards me because as the oldest child, I’m expected to set an example for my little brother and sister. I thought it was all bullshit because my brother and sister seemed to be under less parental supervision.


I guess it was because I talked to my mother the least of the three of us. I didn’t like her knowing too much about what I was doing.

I gave Amber a call before making a decision. If she was staying in town for the break, I wasn’t going to leave either, for the whole week at least. I really wanted to see her and get my hands on those feet again.

She said that she would stay for the weekend and leave with a friend for a few days. My spirits were lifted from hearing that. I was going to try to take things a little further on our next date and this time I would make sure that Kelly wouldn’t be around to bother us.

The dormitory was unusually quiet because most of the guys had left. I headed down the hall to the restroom when the dorm parent startled me.

“You still here young man?”

“Yes sir, still here.” I said.

“0k, that’s fine. I’m just taking a roll on who will still be here during the break. Come by the office and sign in for me.” Yes sir, I’m here for the weekend, but I’ll be leaving Monday afternoon.

“Alright sonny, don’t forget to lock up before leaving.”

I spent most of the day in the gym playing basketball. David and a few other guys I knew from class had already went home.


After getting back to my room, I thought about what my second night with Amber would be like. I was still head over heels for her because she was the most attractive girl I’ve ever been with. I kept telling myself not to fall in love because she’s a college chick who has access to plenty of other guys who have a better status than I have. I wasn’t insecure, but I knew women were unpredictable and I could never trust them. I figured since this relationship probably wasn’t destined to last, I might as well be upfront with her from that point forward— I was going to try to have her give me my first foot job.

In attempt to make her more comfortable, I thought it would be better that I inform her of my foot fetish beforehand. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell her over the phone or wait until we hooked up at her place. While showering, I made the decision to tell her during our date. I’ve always been able to think clearer while showering. I guess the warm water gave me a sense of mental therapy.

Kelly had left town for the week and we had the night all to ourselves. I got there in about L5 minutes and I noticed that Amber’s door was open.

“I’ll be right there, have a seat,” she said from her bedroom.

Did you know that your door was open?


Somebody could have robbed you of all this nice stuff!

“I know it was open. I just walked in from my car and my hands were full with luggage. I was going to start packing tonight.”

0h, ok. Got anything to drink? “Yeah, there are some sodas in the fridge.”

Nah, I need something a little harder than a soda. How about some beer?

“Ha, you’re really funny! Do I look like a drinker to you?” I wouldn’t think so with you being an athlete, but every college student has a drink or two sometimes. Have you ever had a drink before? “I tried some beer before at a friend’s party and hated it. It tasted like piss!”

You’ve tasted piss before? Wow! An experimental girl, I like that!

She laughed hysterically! “No silly! Who the hell would do that? That’s gross!”

Well you said beer tastes like piss so I assumed you’ve tasted piss before. “You know that’s not what I meant. I guess I said it because beer is nasty and it looks like piss.”

I lmow what you mean. A lot of girls don’t like the taste of beer. Since you’re not up for a beer, how about a daiquiri? “0k, you’ve talked me into it, but only for tonight. I’m not trying to start any bad habits!” Alright, I’m going to the store down the street. I’m cool with the manager and he doesn’t ask for my ID.


I called Ahmad— the liquor store clerk— before leaving to make sure he was on duty to give me a deal. I drove fast to the store, sprinted inside and was greeted by him. I had been buying liquor from him since the start of the second semester. I bought a set of tires from his brother who managed an auto shop further down the street. For perks, he referred me to Ahmad whenever I wanted some booze.

“What’s the popular choice of drink with the ladies?” I asked.

“You see that gold bottle of liqueur over there on the top shelf? Lots of women buy that.”

Come on man. That’s forty dollars! I’m a college guy who’s trying to get laid, not a working man who’s on the wine and dine!

“Well is she much of a drinker?” No, she doesn’t drink at all.

“Then that should do it. It doesn’t take much to lift the spirits of a first timer.”

Now that’s what I want to hear. Hopefully her spirits won’t be the only thing that lifts tonight.

I got back to the apartment and Amber was sitting on the couch with a concerned look on her face.

“What on earth took you so long? I said hurry back.”

I wanted to buy the best drink for the inexperienced drinker.

“So what did you bring? It better not be anything nasty.”


I brought a six pack of Smirnoff wine coolers. They’re not nasty at all; tastes like a strong Sprite. She sighed. “0k. What the hell!”

Before we start drinking, I think it’s best we have a snack or small meal. I don’t know how your stomach will handle the alcohol since you’re a rookie. “That’s fine; I’m kind of hungry anyway. There’s a frozen pizza in the fridge.”

I put the pizza in the oven and she got up to turn on some music. I recognized the song. It was Truth or Dare by N.E.R.D.

Wow! You’re an N.E.R.D. fan too? “Yeah, Kelly put me on to them. This is her CD.” Cool! I guess Kelly isn’t so bad after all. At least she has good taste in music. This is too good to be true. We have so much in common.

You got a lot of nice stuff in here too. Are you the only child? “No, I have a little brother. Why did you think I was an only child?”

I assumed you were because my friend is an only child and he had everything he wanted as a kid.

“Oh. Well my parents make a nice income. My mom’s a nurse and my dad is a supervisor in construction. My younger brother is in junior high. He’s such a pest like Dennis the Menace.”

Ha! I bet he’s a barrel of laughs. He sounds a lot like my little brother; about the same age too.


I’m the oldest of three— a brother and sister.

You have to let me drive your car sometimes! I’ve always wanted a 3502.

“Are you kidding? That was a gift for my high school graduation and earning my scholarship.

Nobody gets behind the wheel of that car but me. My parents would kill me if they found out I let someone drive it!” How would they know if you’re hours away from home? “It’s out of the question. That car is like my baby.”

I pulled the pizza out the oven and noticed it was thin crust. I never liked thin crust pizza because the crust would scorch so easily.

I put two slices on a plate for Amber and one for myself.

“You’re only eating one slice?” she asked. Yeah, I don’t care too much for thin crust.

“Ouch, I burned my mouth!”

I just took it out of the oven. Did you not expect it to be hot? “Oh be quiet! I need some water,” she said while walking to the kitchen sink.

While you’re over there, take a couple of those wine coolers out the fridge. I’m ready for one.

She handed over a bottle and I popped the cap. I took a sip while looking at her.

Mmm…T’his is pretty good! Go ahead and try yours. “I can’t get it open; the cap is on really tight.”


You have to put some upper body strength in to it. Give it to me.

I handed the drink back to her and she hesitated to take a sip. “0k… Between the teeth, over the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!”

She squinted while taking her first swallow.

“Wow, this is good! It’s a bit strong, but good.”

Did you finish packing? “No, I still have to wash clothes and do some ironing. I’ll be leaving sometime on Monday.”

Are you leaving by yourself? “I’m leaving with one of my teammates. We’ll only be gone for two days because we have to be back here by Thursday for practice.”

She took another sip of her drink and I saw she was halfway through the bottle. I could also see that she was getting more relaxed. The music was still playing and she got up to dance.

“Get up and dance with me,” she said.

I better not. I’m not much of a dancer because I have no rhythm and I’m really clumsy. “Yeah right! Don’t be chicken. Get off your butt and I’ll show you some moves.” 0k, I’ll dance only if you agree to let me give you another foot massage afterwards. “But my feet don’t hurt. They feel fine.” I know, but I enjoy doing it. That’s the only way I’ll dance with you. Take it or leave it. “Alright, deal. Now get your ass up!”


I stood up and started swiveling my hips and nodding my head to the beat of the music. I felt so awkward because I never danced in front of anyone before. She erupted in laughter and fell to the floor.

“Oh my god! You weren’t joking about not having any rhythm. What the hell is that?!?”

What’s so funny? I told you I suck at dancing.

“Here, let me show you something,” she said while pulling my waist closer to hers. “Just do as I do. You’re too tense. Loosen up your legs and bend your knees slightly.” Ok, so what next?

“Now just move to the beat of the song. Start by bobbing your head. It helps you fall in sync with the beat.”

I put all the steps together and started to get the rhythm down. Amber walked to the table to finish off her drink “See, now you got it!” Yeah, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. “You’re no Justin Timberlake, but you’re doing a lot better than before.”

I’m tired now. How about the foot rub you agreed too? “You really want to get your hands of my feet, don’t you? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you had a thing for my feet.”

As we both sat on the couch, I decided then it was time to confess.

Well it’s funny you said that because I kind of do have a thing for them. She gave me a perplexed look.



Yes, I have a foot fetish. “Hmm…I’ve heard of a fetish, but what exactly is a foot fetish?” It’s an attraction to feet. My fetish is specifically for women’s feet. Having a foot fetish is normal. It is just as normal as being attracted to any other feature of the human body.

“Wow! That’s interesting. You learn something new every day!”

She sat back and placed her feet in my lap. She was wearing socks and I preferred to rub them bare. Because I didn’t want to seem desperate and impatient, I decided to start the massage with the socks on for the first few minutes. She made herself more comfortable and placed the couch pillow behind her head.

“So tell me something. What do other people think about you having this fetish? Do they see you as strange?” Actually, many people don’t know. I was always ashamed of it and thought something was wrong with me. I didn’t become confident with having my fetish until recently.

“That’s great! I love a confident guy. I find it sexy!”

I’m glad you said that. Now allow me to show you what foot fetishists enjoy most.

I slowly peeled off her socks and placed her bare soles on my face. The softness and scent of her feet were amazing! They had a light cheesy smell and were slightly sweaty from all that dancing.



I took one foot off my face to see Amber’s reaction. She didn’t seem to mind at all. The alcohol had gotten to her head. I again smothered her soles all over my face and took deep whiffs. After a couple of minutes, she managed to get a sentence together.

“Are you enjoying that?” Yes, are you? “It’s ok, but I want another Smirnoff. Could you get it for me?” Sure, I think I’ll have another one too.

I darted to the fridge and rushed back to the couch to put her feet back on my face.

If you like the feeling of your soles on my face, you’re really going to like this!

I then put her big toe in my mouth and sucked it. “That actually feels good! You have a talented tongue.”

I laughed and then tried to stuff her entire foot in my mouth. It couldn’t be done because she was a size 10.

You like that? “This is a weird experience for me, but I’m impressed and I feel really good right now!” Good. Now since you’ve had the pleasure of getting your feet rubbed and kissed, would you mind doing a little something for me? “What might that be?”

I grabbed one foot and placed it on my crotch and slowly rubbed it on the zipper of my pants to give her a hint of what I wanted. She didn’t say anything and just played right along with what I was doing. I sat back to get more relaxed as she continued to rub my crotch.


I saw that she was really as in to pleasing me as I was with her. So I took it a step further and unzipped my pants to expose my underwear. By then, I had a big wet sticky spot on my boxers. She noticed the bulge in my boxers and tapped it with her toes. “I wonder what that could be,” she said.

She then giggled.

What’s so funny? “Nothing, it just tickles a little bit.”

I’m going to show you how to perform a footjob. Can you catch me between your feet and jerk me?

“Ok, I’ll give it a shot.”

She did well the first couple of tries, but then lost her rhythm.

“This kind of hurts my legs. How long do you want me to do this?”

Don’t put so much stress in your legs. Most of the movement should come from the ankles. You’re supposed to be the dance instructor; it shouldn’t be hard for you.

“If you don’t hush, I’m going to stop.”

No, keep going. I’m about to blow!

I grabbed both her legs at the ankle to help her finish me off. Two minutes later, it was all over and it was a doozy! I looked down and saw that I mistakenly made a little mess on the couch.


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