It was a normal summer day. At least I thought it was. Like always I turned on my computer and started my favourite game “Tomb Raider 3”. Ever since my parents bought it for my birthday, it had become like a drug to me and that was not least due to the female main character herself.

I was well aware that I wasn’t the only male player in the world whom those feminine charms of that strong woman Lara Croft would impress.

The level I liked the most was her home, that impressive large mansion, where you could run around and do funny things (including fooling around with her old senile butler).
And I just did that. I ran around with Lara and when I found a good spot, I pressed the space bar, making her jump. She always does that unmistakable “Hoh” sound when jumping which shall be a sign of her effort. I made her jump multiple times just to hear that.
Amazing. The programmers did a very good job to demonstrate her person like it was real.
As I was running around and making her do stupid things (jumping against walls etc.) two things popped up in my head:

1. How would her feet look like up close? (she was always barefoot in her home)
2. What would it feel like to be overpowered by her and then be helplessly at her mercy?

I was deeply in thought and not paying much attention to the game as those two things kept dashing through my brain over and over again, until it happened. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew was that I snapped my head up in surprise when suddenly a female authoritative voice spoke to me:

“Hey you!” Lara shouted at me.

My jaw unintentionally dropped. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was my fouvorite game character Lara Croft in flesh and blood, coming straight forward to me! Yes, she looked a lot like Angelina Jolie in her role from the new movie “Tomb Raider” that came out a few weeks ago. She was wearing her training outfit with her hair in a ponytail and looked incredibly sexy.

I must have been gaping at her with my mouth open for quite some time because she shouted again.

“Hey, earth to zombie, please respond!”

Still dazzled, I stuttered “A-Are y-you talking to m-me?”

“Yes, I’m talking to you, or do you see anyone else around here?”

“N-No, it’s just … I m-mean … I-I’m just not s-sure, where e-exactly I am…”

“Well, look around boy! You’re in my house!”

Indeed, now I realized my surroundings. I stood in the entrance hall of her mansion. Above me hung a huge crystalline chandelier that bathed the hall in sparkling sunlight. The two great staircases on both sides of the hall that led to the upper floor. The marvellous paintings on the walls. It looked exactly like in the game but much more detailled and realistic. It was overwhelming!

Apparantly then I asked something rather stupid: “How did I get here?”

She laughed out loud, as though I was a complete retarded idiot, then said: “You’ve broken into my house, asshole!”

Totally surprised by that statement I said: “That’s impossible! I was at home and then suddenly I was here and …”

She cut me off: “Oh really?! And how do you explain the broken window over there?!”

She was pointing over my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw it, with all the little shattered glass pieces around me.

“But … but that wasn’t me! I swear!”
That seemed to be a pretty poor explanation at that moment but what else could I say besides the truth?

She then rolled her eyes and said in a sarcastic voice: “Yes, of course! The wind broke the glass. How silly of me!” Then all of a sudden, she got a stern and angry expression again as she said “Now listen up buddy, in my eyes you are the intruder here who, without a doubt, wanted to steal my treasures! For that, I could kill you…”

After she said that, I got a strange, unpleasant feeling in my stomach. The woman who I adored and worshipped wanted to kill me?

I swallowed hard, took all my courage and said: “Hey, listen Lara, how about you let me go and we forget about this? I leave and never come back! You will never see me again, promise!”

While I was saying that I automatically moved backwards to the front door but I only managed one step.
In the blink of an eye, she had moved over to me like a flash, pointing both of her hand guns at my head. She had a deadly gleam in her eyes.

“One more step and I promise you that you will regret to have ever come into my house!”

“OK, OK, OK! Relax, take it easy! Don’t do something unintelligent! Look, I’m sorry!” I said in panic and hold both my hands above my head to signal my surrender. It seemed to work, because she put her guns back into the holster.

Just in this moment, I saw my last chance to escape her! I couldn’t explain how I got here, and I couldn’t think of how to talk myself out of this mess either. Now or never, I thought and headed as fast as I could towards the stairs. I’ve never run so fast in my life and I was scared shitless!

When I reached the first steps and made it halfway up without hearing gunfire, I thought I could make it. Bad mistake!
All of a sudden I felt something wrap around my ankles. My legs were pulled together and I fell with full force onto the stairs. I wanted to cushion my body with my hands but I slipped and landed very ungently on my rips, arms and knees. I groaned and cringed in pain.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Lara came up behind me, pushed me down to the floor with her right hand while with her left pressed one of her guns to the back of my head. The steel felt cold and merciless on my skin. Benumbed by the pain I had no choice but to stay in that position or else she would shoot me for sure.
I had to admit it, but she was much more stronger than she looked.

Then she switched her right hand with her knee and pressed down between my shoulder blades.
“Arrggghhh!” was the only noise I could make. It sounded much like a wounded animal.
After that, it was easy for her to place my hands behind my back and cuff them together. I was so dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events that I didn’t resist at all. At this moment, I didn’t even care what she was going to do to me. I only hoped that the pain would go away! Each movement hurt, but she didnt’t seem to realize or care.

Right after she had tied my hands, she removed – as I could see now – the very thin metal wire with two balls at the end from my legs. But only to put cuffs on my ankles as well with a chain connection in between that was about 1 foot long. On top of that, she blindfolded me. My vision went black and I couldn’t see a thing.

“Move! Get up!” she ordered harshly while grabbing my shoulders and pulling me to my feet. Still a little dizzy I had trouble to stand upright. Lara pressed her guns into my back and ordered “Now move up the stairs! Slowly! If you try to escape again, I’ll end this right here!”

Easy for you to talk! I thought. How was I supposed to get up the stairs without seeing and my ankles being tied? Not to mention escape! On the other hand I was afraid that she would hurt me more if I refused, so I fumbled around with my cuffed feet on the floor as where to go and slowly, step by step, we made it upstairs. I felt like a damn convicted murderer on the way to my execution!

When we arrived at the upper floor, I heard a door creak open. She directed me to the left with her gun. After we entered I heard the door shut again and a lock click. So that escape route was out of the question. Suddenly she ripped off my blindfold, half tearing it apart. First I was blinded by the shimmering light but then I recognized where I was. I audibly gasped. I couldn’t believe what I saw. This room looked very much like an old torturing chamber from medieval times. Several inflamed torches on the wall gave the dark room a threatening aura. I’ve never seen this room in the game.

Filled with fear I said: “Lara, please listen to me! You can’t be serious! This is a terrible mistake! Can’t we talk about this?”

She slapped me in the face.

“Shut up! You are in no position to talk! You wanted to knock me out and steal my treasures! And you wanted to escape from me! Well, guess what, tough guy? You failed at that! Now you’re getting what you deserve! You should be lucky, I could have easily shoot you…”

Yes, indeed. She was right about that! It’s a mircale I’m still alive!
A little too eager I asked: “What are you planning to do to me?”

She didn’t answer.
Instead she hit my neck from behind with her gun.
I fell forward and before I hit the ground I was unconscious.

When I awoke I found myself spread-eagled on one of the torture racks.
The second thing I noticed was that I was naked except for my boxershorts. It wasn’t cold but I still got chills because I was scared to death. And I had one hell of a headache. I tried to move but I couldn’t, my arms and legs were securely tied in metal restraints. Now I felt like a fly in a spiderweb.
There I lay, bound and completely helpless. Next to the rack stood the attractive Lara Croft.
She gazed down at me with a dominant look and a grin on her face.

“Sleep well?”

I didn’t like the sarcastic voice in which she spoke. Her cool, arrogant grin was mocking me. She seemed to have no shame taunting me. To answer her question I said: “Ha, Ha! Very funny! How would you feel, when someone hit your head with a gun?”

“I don’t know. Nobody managed to do that yet!” The mocking grin never left her face.

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

“I just want an answer! I want to know exactly what you were trying to steal when you broke into my house!”

I shot back: “I already told you, I didn’t want to steal anything!”

She looked at me for a second, scowling, then simply said: “You’re lying!”

“Come on, do you really think, I would lie to you in my situation?”
I rattled at my shackles to emphasize my point.

“Then, what were you doing in my house?”
She took a step closer, her face hovering above mine.
“Tell me the truth!”

I had nothing to lose, so I let it spill.

“Isn’t that obvious? I mean, look at you, for God’s sake! You’re famous, rich, very attractive, sexy… every man would want to meet you!”

That was right of course, but not the real reason. But I couldn’t tell her what I really wanted, it was too embarassing. Besides, I kinda started to like the situation, it was thrilling and exciting.

So I played ignorant and said: “What else can I say? I told you, I didn’t break into your house! I meant no harm! Now let me go!”

“So, you don’t want to cooperate, huh? Then I have no choice but to teach you a lesson!”

She slowly traced her fingertips along my chest down to my abs and started tickling me.
I was laughing and trashing around on the rack. She moved down to my feet and tickled my soles.
That was my most sensitive spot. I pulled at the restraints with all my strength but they didn’t gave away.
I laughed and laughed and begged her to stop but she just continued. I desperately gulped for air.
It was terrible.

After ten minutes of tickling torture, Lara stopped and asked again what I wanted from her.
Exhausted from laughing so much and taking hasty breaths, I tried to answer:

“I… I just … wan… wanted to…”

I was too worn out to complete the sentence. The feeling inside me was indescribable.
I felt angst, helplessness, arousal, excitement, weakness, humiliation and pain all at the same time.
Another thing I noticed was that my shorts had become much tighter. I was having an errection!
It was standing upright in my trousers like a tent, clearly for her to see! I felt a wave of shame and embarassment wash over me! How could I get aroused when she was doing that to me?
I couldn’t explain it. This dream woman was bringing me to boil!

She didn’t seem to have much interest for that fact though because she was holding one of her guns again and pressed it down with full force onto my chest right where my heart was.
The steel was very cold against my sweating body.

“What did you want? Why did you come here? Talk already or you die!”

This energy of her was unbelievable! I was moments away from death but I just wasn’t able to speak.
She released the safety catch thereby unsafing the gun.
I could hear the bullet sliding into the gun barrel. My heart was beating in a steady rhythm but so forceful that I had the feeling it would explode any second.

“I’m counting to three! If you don’t talk, I’m shooting you! One…”

Holy shit, she wasn’t kidding!

“… two…”

I had to act fast and focused all my will power to talk.

“… thr…”

“Al… alright… I … I talk!”

She released the gun from my heart and locked the safety catch, but didn’t put it away.

I took a deep breath.

“I… I just… wanted to… see … and worship …your feet!”

Out it was! I closed my eyes for a second because I was really embarassed now.
At the same time I felt that my errection had also faded away, probably from the near death experience.

Lara took the gun away and put it in her holster.
She looked at me with a strange but satisfied expression.

“There you go, why not sooner, wasn’t so hard, was it? You just escaped death with a scratch! I was really about to shoot you!”

Then she smiled at me.

“Now that you’ve confessed, I know what to do with you. For the next thing, I have to arrange a few things! You will take a short nap again!”

She took a piece of fabric from the table and dropped a clear liquid substance on it.
The smell was all too familiar. It had to be ether or something, a strong anesthetic.

I wanted to say “What do you mean next…” but she had already pressed the thing over my mouth and nose. I couldn’t do anything but breath in and after a few seconds I was in dreamland again.

After what felt like a long time I came to my senses again.
A little groggy from the enforced narcosis I tried to determine my current situation.
I was lying on my stomach on some kind of parquet floor. My legs were tied together so that I couldn’t move them no matter what. I craned my neck and looked up. There was a large four-poster bed with silken curtains in front of me.

I gulped.

Obviously I was in Lara’s private master bedroom.
I was still only in my underwear, the rest of my clothes were thrown in a pile near the bed.
To my surprise I could freely move my arms and upper torso but they were still bound seperately.
There was a pair of long cords that went from my binds to a pulley that was screwed into the floor.

My eyes followed the cords. They went along the ceiling into another pulley and then hung losely above my body, too high for me to reach. My body was stiff and ached. I wanted to rest as long as I could so I laid down again, waiting for something to happen.

A few minutes passed and Lara returned.
I gazed at her.
She was wearing her famous tight green tank top that pointed out her amazing bosom and short hotpants. How she moved was awesome – very gracile and smooth, like the woman of class she was.

I tried to sit up to get a better view of her.
She was just a dream.
Perfect figure, flawless skin, full sensual lips, long slender legs that didn’t seem to end.
Her long braided pigtail bobbed from side to side with each step.
She walked past me with her heavy leather boots and grabbed a chair.
She sat down and placed herself in a position where she could comfortably reach the cords hanging from the ceiling.

“So,” she finally spoke. Her voice was soft. “You wanted to see and worship my feet, huh? Why didn’t you just say so in the entrance hall? You could have saved yourself a lot of trouble and pain!”

“Well, you know, I was a little embarassed and … and because I think, you’re very pretty, I must have lost my courage” I explained.

“You’re sweet! But nonetheless, if you do something stupid, I might have to hurt you again! Do as I say and we’ll get along fine! Understood?”

“Yes Lara, I understand.”

Something about the submissiveness in my voice made me twirl from the inside.
My heart was racing as I looked up at her from the floor on my knees.
I gazed into her eyes and saw a twinkle there.

“Very good” she smiled.

“So, what are you going to do now?” I asked as quietly and contained as I could.

“You’re gonna take my boots off!” she said at once and stretched them out towards me while leaning back on her chair.

She didn’t have to tell me twice.
I knew what she would do to me if I refused.

At first, I had to loosen her shoelaces because they were so tightly strapped on her boots, that it would be impossible to remove them otherwise.
Now I slowly pulled the boot off her foot, taking my time.
It came off with a wet plop.
I did the same with the other one and put them down on the floor next to the chair.
Boy, she must have worn them for quite some time now!

Lara was wearing black socks that were slightly sweaty but I could already see the perfect form of her feet underneath.
I couldn’t help myself, I had to touch them!
I was about to grab them, but then all of a sudden Lara pulled at the cords and sent me down on the parquet floor with a smack.
I felt my teeth chatter together from the hard impact. My hands hit the ground too.

“Hey, not so fast!” sne snapped. “What did I tell you before, you only do what I tell you to do! And I told you to remove my boots, nothing else!”

I looked at her with a degraded and helpless expression and said: “That was not very nice of you! Couldn’t you have pulled me away a little more gently?”

“Well, that wouldn’t have been a punishment now, would it?” she grinned. “What is the magic word?”

“Sorry, Lara.”

“That’s a good boy!” she said, grinning broadly.

She let go of the cords and I got to my knees again.

Then she ordered: “Smell my socks! Long, deep breaths! Take in the scent!”

I moved my nose closer to her socked feet. The smell was intense. Sharp and sour with a little hint of cheese. She must have had a really hard training session before I interrupted her.
She pressed her wet socks against my nose and I inhaled. I had to cough and pulled my head away a little, it was almost too much.
She gave me a piercing glare as if I dared to chicken out now. I leaned in and took another deep breath and this time I didn’t cough, but was actually enjoying it.

Lara seemed satisfied and pressed her other sock onto my face, flexing her toes around my nose, smearing her sweat all over it.
I smelled her socks until my smelling sense seemed to have burned away from the stench.
Finally she released my nose.

“You can remove my socks now! But note this, if you do anything other than that, I have to be ungentle again!”

I moved my hands to her feet and put my fingers under the elastic band of her right sock.
I slowly peeled it down to her heel. After that over her arch and her toes where it came off.
I did the same with the left. Both socks were really wet and slippery from her footsweat although I had sniffed away most of the stink. I put the socks near her boots.

Oh man! She had amazing, absolutely beautiful feet! Very soft and well cared for! You wouldn’t expect her to run around on them all day. I really had to pull myself together now not to bury my nose in them!

She reached for the cords again und I groaned: “Oh please, not again! What did I do wrong now?”

“Don’t worry! You did nothing wrong! But I want you to lie on the floor for what’s coming next!”

This time, she pulled me down very gently onto the floor.
There I lay on my back, immobilized under Lara’s bare feet.
What a goddess! It was an amazing feeling! And the sight was great too! But the best was yet to come!

She said: “Now little man! I’ll give you what you came here for! You will kiss my feet! Show me how much you love them! Worship them!”

I moved my head up a little and pouted my lips. Then I pressed my mouth against her left bare sole and gave it a kiss. It was radiating from heat.
Lara sighed from above.
I kissed her foot again and again. I kissed her sole, her ball and her toes. There was no spot I left out.
I did the same with the other one, kissing it all over the place. I was in love with her feet and I wanted to show her that.

“Okay stop!”

I immediately stopped, waiting for her next command. My heart was hammering in my chest.
Then she said what I was hoping for.

“Now lick my feet, and lick them good, they need a good tongue cleaning after all my excessive workout today!”

And she held her right feet just inches above my face.
It was drenched in sweat, especially between her long toes.
I looked up at her foot and I couldn’t imagine anything better than to lick it right now.
And that I did.
I licked from the heel over the sole to the toes. I kissed and licked around each of her toes and finally shoved my tongue in between them.
The taste was incredible.

Lara seemed to enjoy it, she was sighing and moaning above me, so I continued. As I licked in the space of her toes I found that there was a little bit of friable sock lint which I collected and swallowed.
After that I took each toe into my mouth and sucked on it. I licked until most of the sweat and dirt was away.

My errection was returning fast, pressing against my boxershorts.
When her right foot was totally clean, she held her left foot above my mouth and I dutifully repeated the procedure. From time to time she flexed the toes of her other foot on my nose so that I could smell and lick her feet at the same time.
But then she took it away and placed it right on my crotch. I groaned while I was busy scraping the dead, hard skin from her heel with my teeth.

“Oh yes!” Lara moaned, feeling my raging hard on.

She started kneading and massaging it with her toes.

“You like that don’t you? Licking my sweaty nasty feet while I fondle your cock? You like being my little foot bitch? I bet you do! Your cock is all hard for me!”

I couldn’t hold it anymore. The combined stimulation of her taste, her foot on my cock and her words were too much. With a muffled moan I came in my pants. The hot outflowing seed was forming a wet spot on the front of my shorts. Lara saw it and grinned.

“I see you enjoyed that as much as I did!”

I just lay there underneath her, breathing in and out, relaxing from the aftermath of my climax.
I never thought it was possible, but she really made me come only with her feet!

When I had calmed down again, she made me clean the rest of her feet, especially between the toes and under her nails. She continued playing with my cock but only occasionally.
After one more hour of intense tongueing, I was finally finished.
Lara seemed to appreciate my work.

“Very good, little man!” she said, inspecting her spotless feet. “You did a very good job. Thank you for being my foot cleaner! I really appreciate it!”

“Are you kidding me!? I have to thank you!” I repeated happily.

And the funny thing was, I really meant it! My dream had come true!

She removed my binds and gave me my clothes back.
She led me out of her bedroom and down to the front door where we came to a stop.

“This was fun! You can come back anytime if you want! But next time, please use the door bell!” she said and smiled at me.

“Yeah sure, I’d like to” I replied.

Then I remembered something and shyly asked:

“Lara, could you give me an autograph?”

She grinned.


“Cool, thanks!”

She signed the underside of my arm with a black lipstick.

“Well, bye then!” I said, a little unsure, what to say else.

On my way out I muttered “… crazy dream …” and I heard her last words before I went through the door: “Who ever said, this was a dream?”

I walked through the door into the blinding sunlight – and found myself back in my room, standing in front of my pc, the Tomb Raider game still running, everything normal.
How was that possible? Was that experience a dream? It felt so damn real!
My limbs hurt and I had that odd flavour in my mouth, that tasted very much like foot sweat.
There was also that dried spot on my shorts. Maybe I came in my sleep.

I looked at the screen. Lara was standing there like usual, with her back to me, not moving.
Suddenly she turned her head over her shoulder and gave me a smile and a wink.
I quickly rushed over and turned off the pc!

As I sat down on my bed and thought about what had just happened I noticed something.
My eyes widened.
Her autograph was still on my arm!
Underneath it was a small heart, on the inside I could read the words “See you soon”.
I gave a strangled cry and blacked out again.


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Special thanks to: loyalfootservant

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