By Marie West

“Airight everyone, that wraps up today’s lecture. Your midterms will be at the front of the class. Have a great day.”

As class ended, I could hardly keep my eyes off Katrina and Lexi. Out of all my years of teaching, they were the most beautiful sorority girls I had ever seen. They were both hot bombshell blondes. I’m sure they had hundreds and hundreds of guys begging to take them out.

Well I became somewhat infatuated with them over the course of the semester. The girls would often wear sexy ouffits to class. Today, Katrina wore a pair of short shorts and a simple t-shirt. Her pony tail swayed from side to side as she searched through the stack of papers for her exam.

Lexi wore a pink tank top and sweat pants. She looked ravishing as well. She had recently gotten a haircut. Her hair hung down to the shoulders and I could hardly take my eyes off her beautiful smile.

More often than not, I became distracted with the girls when they dangled their flip flops or flats in class. I was infatuated with their feet. The girls sure did take good care of themselves. Their toes were always painted with a sexy polish. My favorite is a dark purple color. I imagined what it would be like to worship those feet. It was a terrible thing to think about though.

I mean I was old enough to be their father. Yet, that didn’t stop me from going through their social media pages. I couldn’t imagine this stuff being around when I was in school. I absolutely loved it. Just about every night after class, I would beat my meat off to these girls. They had me under their influence. It was a slippery slope, however. The university had a strict policy against professor-student relationships. I could get fired and it would absolutely ruin my reputation. I’d never get a job anywhere else.

I put my laptop in my handbag and was about to take off when the voice of an angel stopped me.

“Professor Daniels?”

I turned around and it was Lexi who had called me. I hoped I wasn’t blushing or anything. I played it off cool.

“Call me Peter.” I replied calmly.

“Uh Peter. Well we were wondering if you had office hours today? We kind of want to discuss our midterm grades with you.” She said.

I just stood there staring at them blankly for a few seconds. I couldn’t even collect my words. The girls had never expressed any interest in office hours all semester long. In fact, they were more interested in parties and whatnot like normal sorority girls.

“Yeah.. .uh sure. I’m free anytime after 2 today.” I replied.

“Great. See you then!” Katrina said happily.

The girls left the classroom giggling. I couldn’t believe how they had me wrapped around their fingers like that. I watched as their flip flops slapped against their silky soles on the way out. I went back to the office with a semi hardon. The girls sure did know how to keep me in a constant state of arousal. I could still smell Lexi’s perfume on my nose. It was like fresh strawberries. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled out the girls’ social media pages on my computer and shut down the blinds.

I looked through all of their most recent photos on Facebook. I always loved the ones at the beach because they were typically barefoot. The girls looked stunning in bikinis. It was a trip they did over the past weekend. No wonder they didn’t get a good grade on my midtenn. With every picture my cock hardened. I finally found one of their feet. It was a picture of all 20 toes. The girls had painted their nails a bright blue color. I jerked off imagining those toes on my face and on my cock.

It was so wrong, but I felt so good jerking off to it. It didn’t take me long to completely explode to their feet. I panted heavily and continued to stare at the picture. I figured jerking off to them would help keep my libido in check for our meeting later in the afternoon. Let’s just hope I can keep things in check.


I woke up from my after lunch nap. Things were a little groggy. I checked my watch and it was nearly 2 in the afternoon. I brought my laptop and walked up the stairs to the fourth floor conference room. I booked it for the meeting with the girls. I figured it would be a lot more open and that would keep me in check from doing anything stupid.

I wondered what the girls wanted to talk about. I mean all grades were final. As much as I adored the girls, I couldnt just change their grades. They had already been submitted to the system. It was nearly 2:30 at this point. I figured they werent coming after all. Maybe they got caught up in something. Well it was probably for the best anyways. I was just about to get up when I heard some girls giggling outside. Soon after that, angels emerged from the door.

“Sorry we’re late, professor. We got caught up in our last class.”

“Oh it’s no problem at all. What can I do for you girls?”

I motioned them to sit down in front of me at the conference table. It was a large clear desk in the middle of the room. An array of leather chairs circled the table. The girls were wearing the same outfits as earlier. I could already smell their intoxicating perfume.

“Well.. .we were just wondering about the midterm grades.” Lexi said in a sweet voice. Her smile melted my heart. I couldn’t believe I had these two blonde sorority bombshells together.

“I’m sorry, but the grades are final girls. I have already submitted them into the system.” My breath became labored. The girls stared me down. They knew I was a weak target.

All of a sudden I felt something press against my ankle. I looked down and Lexi’s slipped out her flip flops and began playing footsie with me! I tried to keep my concentration.

“In that case…I’m sure there’s some extra credit you can give us, right?” Katrina said in a sweet voice. Between her and Lexi’s teasing, my cock had sprung to attention pretty quickly. Lexi’s wandering foot moved up to my knee. She rubbed it in circles as I gasped. Then she went all the way up and placed it on my crotch.


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