by Don Tootsies


It was only with my last two partners that I felt comfortable enough to discuss my predilection for female feet. Not only that, but even though I am a switch and enjoy many aspects of being dominant, I also like to explore my submissive side. Yet, I didn’t feel comfortable expressing this side with a partner, until I began exploring my fetish.

That’s why I feel so lucky to have someone whom I feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with, and share my fantasies, fetishes, and desires with, while have a blast, role-playing and exploring. If you are a couple reading this book, understand that all fetishes, partialities, predilections, and what-have-yous, sound strange at first. But if you are both curious, nonjudgmental, supportive, and open-minded, you can explore sensualities together that wifi bring you both, to higher vistas of pleasure and fulfillment. This is sure to make you feel closer and more in tune with each other.

Nothing says more about us than our partialities and fetishes. They all stem from somewhere. And you don’t really know someone deep down and from all sides, until you start to unravel the deep-seated stuff, especially what they like in bed, what they fantasize about, and where these things come from. With my partners, I always treaded carefully when revealing my fetish. My most recent partner, my wife, whom we will call Cloe, was standoffish at first and even ticklish. But the more we talked about it and explored, the more interested she became. We didn’t know what to do at first, exactly. I watched videos online and would show them to her, and tell her what practices, accessories, verbiage, and role-play scenarios turned me on.

The more we explored together, the more she got into it. Just recently, I bought a BDSM collar and leash for me to wear. At first, she thought it was weird. But when it came time to try it out, Cloe really enjoyed the experience. She liked being in control and using her power over me. Ever since then, the more we’ve used it, the more enthusiastic she’s become. The last three limes we’ve taken part in foot play with the collar and leash, she got so turned on that each episode turned into a bout of riotous sex. We were deliciously devastated afterward. Dear readers, I want to bring that same sense of openness, exploration, acceptance, and fulfillment to you and your relationship, while hopefully, bypassing the awkward, “What do we do?” and “How do we do it?” stages.

A note on the verbiage used in this booklet. The majority of those into feet happen to be men interested in women’s feet. That said, there are gay men interested in men’s feet, and even a small percentage of women interested in men’s or women’s feet. These other cases are just as valid. But in the interest of ease and readability, and with the verbiage mirroring the vast majority of cases, I have written in the form of men interested in female feet.

I hope you enjoy this booklet and find something useful to enhance your love, fetish, and sex life, and help bring your relationship to a higher strata of closeness and bliss.


-Attention Foot Lovers! You Are So Normal-

In the media, foot fetishists are often maligned as advantage-taking weirdos. One example, is the case of a Texas cop who, after pulling a woman over and finding marijuana paraphernalia in her car, offered to let her go, if he could lick her feet. Another involved a North Carolina man, who approached a woman in a Walmart, claiming to be a podiatry student. After pretending to examine her feet, he proceeded to suck her toes. The trouble is, normal, mutually enjoyable foot fetish interactions are rarely portrayed. Yet, these are the vast majority of cases.

In contemporary culture, the feet, being the lowest part of the body, are often thought of as dirty. Because of this, those turned on by feet usually feel awkward about it. Don’t. If you or your partner is into feet, know that it’s one of the most normal, natural things in the world. In fact, of all the fetishes out there, a foot fetish is the most common. Nearly half of all fetishes are focused on the feet, mostly on female feet. Millions of people have a foot fetish. And most are normal, upright, polite citizens, who would never think of accosting a woman in such a manner. The whole point is to love and appreciate women, not to make them feel weird.

Research has shown that foot fetishism is present in all societies. And a sexual interest in feet has been recorded throughout history. A recent Italian study of 380 sex forums, found that 47% of discussions surrounded female feet. 64% of the participants were male. A 2006 AOL study found that 86% of all searches with the word “fetish,” began with the word “foot.” This falls in line with the latest psychological research, which concludes that beyond the genitals, the feet are the most fetishized part of the human body.


There are records indicating a sexual interest in feet from ancient China and Persia. In China, foot binding began in the 900s (CE), which was done to give women the kind of small feet considered attractive. This worrisome practice lasted up until the 20th century. Meanwhile, in the West, foot fetishism has seen periodic spikes in popularity. Interest grew in 12th century Europe, in the 16th and 19th centuries, during both World Wars, and even during the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. What caused these spikes? Each was a response to a major STD outbreak, usually syphilis or gonorrhea, according to researchers at Ohio State University. There is little chance of acquiring an infection from foot play. Some scholars hypothesize that changing power dynamics between men and women during these time periods, may have also allowed for an increased interest in foot play.


The brain contains a body image map, which associates different parts of the body with corresponding regions of the brain. This map resides in an area known as the somatosensory cortex. The part of the map dealing with the genitals, is located right next to that associated with the feet. Some neuroscientists believe a foot fetish may be the result of signals accidentally moving from the foot to the genital region.

The authors of the bookA Billion Wicked Thoughts, describe a foot fetish as a natural part of human evolution. Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, discovered that men are hardwired to love small feet. This indicates a higher estrogen level in a potential mate and so, a greater chance of healthy offspring. During pregnancy, women’s feet swell. So larger feet may signify, on an evolutionary level, that she is not available for mating. Ogas and Gaddam believe that someday, as more people realize the normalcy of a foot fetish, a sexual interest in feet will no longer be stigmatized. Instead, the authors predict it’ll be considered as common as interest in the legs, breasts, or the buttocks.

In alternative medicine, reflexologists sy that every blood vessel and nerve ending terminates in the feet. A foot massage, when done right, can therefore, stimulate organs all over the body, depending on where and how one is rubbing. The heel, for instance, is associated with the sex organs. So when a man massages or worships a woman’s heel, he may be activating that region of her body. Titillating.


A fetish or paraphilia as it’s called, is a sexual preoccupation with a certain body part, sensation, article of clothing, prop, and more. Technically, taking part in the fetish is the only way that person can “get off.” But in modern society, we use the term rather loosely. We say someone has a foot fetish, when in actuality, it’s a strong interest or predilection. This type of man can usually orgasm through normal sexual relations, without feet involved. Those who can only orgasm while interacting with feet, technically, have a fetish. To take it one step further, in actuality, a sexual interest in feet is not a fetish at all. It’s a partialism. This is where a person has a deep attraction to a certain body part. But a foot fetish is the commonly used term. Such a fetish is also known as foot aretifism or podophilia.


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