by WimpHub

Chapter 1

Nina is 18 years old. She is 5’11” tall, with a pretty young face and long red hair. Although fairly slim, she has large firm breasts and long shapely legs. She is employed as a maid by the Harrison family, and she tells here of the events surrounding the marriage of the youngest daughter of the family to Adam.

I had worked for Mary Harrison as her maid only for six months when my story begins. Mary is 49, with short black hair. She is rather plump, and to my mind not very attractive. In contrast, her two daughters are quite pretty. Twenty-seven-year-old Fiona has her hair cropped short and dyed blonde; her figure is voluptuous, and though she turns men’s heads wherever she goes, she is a man-hating lesbian. Her younger sister Jane is twenty-five, with black hair like her mother. She is nearly as tall as I am, and with a similar figure. Although pretty, her face is stern and she looks capable of great cruelty, as does her mother.

We all share the huge house with the other employees. Tyrone is the black gardener and handyman. He is 23, tall and solidly built, and very handsome. I suspected from my first day there that Jane’s relationship with him was much more than that of employer and employee. The other household staff are Tyrone’s 40-year-old mother Molly, who is the cook, and his teenage sisters Denise and Julie who undertake general duties. All three women are attractive, and well endowed in the breast department. They also all have very prominent asses. Although they are employees, Mary and the girls treat them all as family and they are very happy together.

Being the maid, I often heard snippets of the family’s conversations as I served coffee, food and drinks. One day, they were talking about the possibility of Jane becoming engaged to Adam, the son of one of Mary’s close friends. It seems that at 32, Adam had already been married twice and divorced, the ladies having both taken a decent slice of the family fortune when they left, much to the annoyance of Adam’s widowed mother Sandra. She had decided that she now wanted him married to someone she could trust, and someone who would treat him the way he deserved. You see Adam is a rather effeminate, highly-strung man who was not nearly man enough for his first two wives. Sandra thought Jane would fit the bill perfectly, and fortunately after several meetings, Adam was completely besotted with her.

Adam began to visit Jane quite regularly, and they were often left alone in the lounge. When serving them, I witnessed a lot of kissing and cuddling, though most times Adam was sent home with a little bulge in his trousers feeling very frustrated. On very rare occasions, she would take him to her bedroom, just enough to make him want more and get him completely hooked. Very soon, their engagement was announced and the wedding set for two months time.

A number of meetings were arranged between Sandra, Mary and the two girls, and I often heard them laughing about how Adam would not know what had hit him once the wedding was over.

On the day of the wedding, Sandra and Adam came over early and I was sent to help get Adam ready for the ceremony, which was to take place in the ballroom of the Harrison home. Sandra told Adam that the ceremony would not be quite what he expected, but he must go along with everything he was told.

“No problem,” said her son cheerfully, “as long as I get to marry Jane, I don’t mind what happens!”

His mother smiled wickedly to herself.

The first thing Adam was told to do was remove his clothing and put on a pair of boxer shorts. He was embarrassed to do this in front of me, but that is exactly what his mother wanted. As he removed his underwear, I could see that even with my own limited sexual experience that his cock was exceptionally small. I could quite understand why his previous wives had left him. Having put on the shorts, Adam asked what else he was to wear.

“That’s it,” Sandra replied simply. You will be married in just those shorts.”

When we entered the ballroom, the only people present were Mary, Fiona, Molly and her two daughters, together with Jean, an old schoolfriend of Mary’s, who was authorised to conduct weddings. She was chosen because Mary knew she would happily go along with the bizarre ceremony about to unfold. As we approached her, Adam was told to kneel. Shortly after, music began to play and the bridegroom turned to see his bride. To his surprise, she was walking towards him hand in hand with Tyrone. She was wearing a very short white dress that finished at the top of her thighs, and showed most of her ample bosom. As they reached Adam, she turned and kissed Tyrone passionately on the lips before he stepped back behind her. She remained standing. I could not help but notice the puzzled, and rather shocked look on Adam’s face.

The ceremony began, and when it was time for Adam to say his vows he was handed a sheet to read from.

“I promise to obey my wife in all things, no matter how uncomfortable or distasteful this is to me. I also promise to perform the most intimate personal services for my wife, and any other person she may choose.”

Adam read this out, and asked Jean what it meant.

“You will find out very soon,” she smiled. Adam looked at the next paragraph.

“I accept that from today, I will be cuckolded by Tyrone and my wife, and any other man my wife may choose to take to her bed. I myself promise to wear a chastity device at all times to ensure my fidelity, and to accept whatever sexual favours, if any, my wife may grant me.”

“I won’t say that!” Adam exclaimed, with a sob in his voice. “I couldn’t bear that!”

Jean stepped forward and slapped him viciously on either side of his face.

“You will say it Adam, and mean it,” she spat, “or you will be severely punished!” Frightened by her tone, Adam read out the words.

He was then told to stand, and remove his shorts. As he did so, Jean quickly fitted a cage on his cock, locked it, and handed the key to a grinning Jane. She then told him to kneel once again.

“Now,” Jean continued, “in anticipation of your agreement, Tyrone fucked your wife just before the ceremony. You will now lick his sperm from her pussy to signify your acceptance of her infidelity.”

Smiling, Jane stood in front of him and lifted her short dress. Feeling a mixture of jealousy and revulsion, Adam began to lap at his new bride’s cum filled pussy.

“Don’t worry,” she smiled, seeing his expression of disgust, “You will soon get used to the taste of it.”

As if this were not enough humiliation, he was then ordered to suck off the mixture of cum and his wife’s juices from her lover’s cock, to show his acceptance that Tyrone was a better man, and to see exactly how well his wife would be sexually satisfied in the future. By the end of this, the emotional Adam had tears running down his face.

Jean then pronounced them “Wife and obedient husband,” and led Adam to a rubber mat placed in the corner of the room. She told him to lie on his back, and stood by his head.

“The final part of the ceremony,” she told everyone, “is to symbolise the giving up of Adam from one family, and acceptance into another. One by one, his mother, mother in law, sister in law and new wife will piss in his mouth, and he will drink it all in acceptance of their wishes.”

Sandra stepped forward first. She lifted her dress, slipped off her panties and squatted over her son’s mouth. Jean commanded him to open his mouth to receive the first offering.

“No!” protested Adam. “That is disgusting and perverse. I will not drink urine from anyone!”

Jean swiftly removed her shoe, and kicked Adam very hard on the side of his head. She promised him that she and all the other women in the room would kick the shit out of him, if he did not swallow every drop of the ladies’ piss. Coward that he is, Adam opened his mouth and swallowed four very long streams of female piss. When he stood up, I could hear it all swirling around in his stomach.

It was then time for the meal. Adam was told he would be eating later, so he spent the hour and a half the others took to eat on his knees, alternately licking and sucking the bare feet of his wife, mother in law and sister in law. Jane was well aware of Adam’s strong foot fetish, and knew that this would cause his little cock to try and erect in his newly fitted cage.

After the meal was over, Jean announced that Adam needed to be punished for not immediately accepting the terms of the ceremony. Jane sat in the easy chair, her legs crossed showing lots of flesh, while Adam was made to get on all fours facing her. I was called forward, and told to stand behind Adam. Fiona came over, and handed me a wide leather belt.

“Nina,” Jane began. “When I tell you, I want you to hit Adam’s backside half a dozen times with the belt as hard as you can. I can promise you if you don’t, I will get Tyrone to do it to you. Adam, look into my eyes, I want to see the pain.”

“Please don’t do this,” Adam begged, but his wife just laughed at him.

I felt really sorry for Adam, with all the humiliation he had already suffered at the hands of the family, and had no wish to hurt him. I also knew that I had no choice, so when Jane gave the order, I laid the belt across his ass with all my might. Adam screamed in agony, much to the delight of all the women present, particularly Jane. His screams got increasingly louder, as I laid the next five strokes in exactly the same place. Finally it was over, and Jane praised me for my talent with the belt. I was then told to take Adam up to the bathroom. On the way, I told Adam how sorry I was that I had to inflict the punishment on him, but that I had no choice. I said that I thought it was awful the way he was being treated, and I think he understood how I felt.

Once in the bathroom, I had Adam lie down in the specially built tiled recess and secured his arms and legs to the cuffs provided, as I had been previously instructed. I was not entirely sure what was going to happen, but I had a pretty good idea. This was confirmed when Jane arrived shortly after, and took out a toilet seat with very short legs and placed it over her husband’s head.

“What’s going on?” asked Adam, as Jane lifted her skirt and sat down, her ass about an inch from his face. “I have already drunk your piss.”

“Ah yes,” replied Jane. “But this is an even more intimate service. I am going to shit in your mouth now darling, and then I am going to watch you eat it!”

“You can’t mean that!” Adam exclaimed, panic written all over his face.

“Oh but I do,” she laughed. “And this is only the start. From now on, every piece of shit that comes out of my ass will drop into your mouth. You will also soon find that it is not only my turds you will be chewing on, now get your mouth wide open and accept your first load of female shit!”

I heard a sob coming from Adam as his wife strained and expelled a thick log into his reluctant mouth. I could only imagine the awfulness of it, as he chewed on his wife’s shit, gagging constantly as she looked down laughing at his discomfort. She gave him another long thick log, before making him lick her ass clean and washing the filth down with another helping of piss. She then left, telling me to stay in the room, to do any clearing up that may be necessary during the evening. When she had gone, I told Adam that I thought a lot more women would be using him, and how sorry I felt. This time he just began to sob again.

A little later, the wicked lesbian Fiona arrived and leaned over her new brother in law.

“I bet you never thought you would spend your wedding reception eating shit,” she laughed. “I have been looking forward to using your mouth as my toilet, and other things. Open your mouth.”

As he did so, Fiona spat a huge gob of saliva into his mouth, and quickly followed it up with two or three more. Then she stood up and slipped off her panties, plonking her big ass into Adam’s face. As she strained, a huge fart came out of her.

“Do excuse my manners,” she giggled. “Here it comes now!”

A really long soft turd slid out of her, half going into Adam’s mouth and the rest curling over his face. Fiona turned and forced as much as she could of it into his mouth. She ordered him to chew and swallow quickly, so that he could eat the rest of it. Adam was retching violently, and I was amazed he was keeping it all down. Fortunately for him, she had no more to give, so she satisfied herself by pissing in his mouth before wiping her ass and making him eat the soiled toilet tissue. Adam was looking very sick, and moaning as she left.

Ten minutes later, Denise and Julie bounded in, giggling as teenagers do. Laughing as they saw Adam lying there, they told him they could not believe Jane would allow them to use her husband as a toilet. Denise excitedly whipped off her panties, and sat over his face, her prominent ass touching his cheeks. Julie knelt down to get a close up view. Denise strained hard, but could only release a small turd. They both watched avidly as he struggled to chew and swallow it. As he did so Julie began to look ill.

“Oh,” she groaned. “Seeing him eat that, and the smell, I feel sick.”

“Don’t waste it,” Denise exclaimed. “Open up Adam!”

Adam automatically opened his mouth, and Julie leaned over and threw up violently directly into it. The two girls giggled uncontrollably as they saw him swallow half the vomit as the rest slid down his face. They left, laughing happily, saying they could not wait to tell the others what had happened. I hosed Adam down, and again sympathised with his predicament.

Jane was the next to come in, naked this time, and holding an equally naked Tyrone by the hand.

“As you are busy,” she explained to her husband. “Tyrone is going to look after the wedding night for you. You have seen his big cock, so you know that I will be well looked after.”

“That’s right,” grinned her lover. “I will see that she is well fucked for you, and tomorrow you can suck out all the cum I am going to shoot inside her.”

“That’s right,” agreed his wife, “Piss in his mouth for me Tyrone, I want him to taste his wife’s lover’s urine!” Tyrone happily complied, and they went off to the marital bedroom to fuck.

Towards the end of the evening, Sandra and Mary came in together and removed their panties.

“Lucky you,” said Adam’s mother, “We are the last today.”

“Oh please, no more,” begged Adam, “I can’t take any more.”

“Oh come now,” Mary admonished him, “You can’t deny your mother and mother in law the opportunity to show you how much contempt they have for you!”

Having said that the two of them forced another four foul smelling turds into his mouth, telling him what a poor excuse for a man he was and how shit eating would be his main occupation in future. They then made the process of kicking their asses clean as humiliating as they could, before retiring to bed, telling him to get a good night’s sleep ready for more toilet service the following day.

I released Adam from his bonds, and led the sobbing, shit filled wimp to the room he had been allocated, and put him to bed. I tried to tell him that things would probably get better, and that he should be brave, but neither of us believed that.

Chapter 2

The next morning, I went to Adam’s room to wake him and take him down to breakfast. As we passed the main bedroom, it was obvious that Jane was still in bed, as we could hear the sounds of energetic fucking. Jane was moaning and calling out Tyrone’s name, begging him to fuck her harder. I looked at Adam’s miserable face, and could tell he was starting the day with a lump in his throat.

When we reached the kitchen, only Molly the cook and Fiona were there, the others having slept in. Molly had just finished cooking Adam’s favourite breakfast, and she put the plate on the table. Adam went to sit down, but Molly took his arm.

“Before you eat,” she began. “Come up to the bathroom with me. I have been busting for ages, and I have a big load of shit I need to get rid of.”

Taking him by the hand, the only woman in the house apart from me who had not used him the night before, Molly made for the bathroom. The two of them came down together some time later. Adam naturally looked rather nauseous, having eaten two or three large turds from the large ass of the big black woman. By contrast, Molly was grinning widely having thoroughly enjoyed using Adam’s mouth for her toilet for the first time.

By this time, Adam’s breakfast was not only cold, but also completely covered in Fiona’s and my saliva. I had not wanted to spit on his food, but Fiona had threatened me, and I was quite frightened of her. Adam sat down, surveyed the mess in front of him and announced that he could not eat it.

“Do you want me to vomit over it and then make you eat it?” Fiona asked him sternly.

“No,” replied Adam emphatically.

“Well pick up your knife and fork and eat!” she yelled at him.

With great difficulty, the young man forced the unappetising meal down, feeling sicker with each mouthful. When he had finally finished, Fiona invited him back to the bathroom, ignoring his protests. I was told to follow, as there may be some cleaning up to do.

Adam was made to lie on his back in the bathroom, as Fiona lifted her dressing gown and squatted over him.

“Luckily for you,” she laughed. “I only need to piss right now. It has been building up all night though, so there is lots of it!”

She proceeded to release a stream of dark yellow piss that seemed to go on forever. Adam managed to drink all of it, and then lap the last few drops from her pussy. Without another word, Fiona adjusted herself and left the room. I sat Adam up, asked him if he was all right, and told him I thought the things they were doing to him were awful. Unbeknown to me, Fiona had heard me sympathising with her brother in law and was planning to tell her sister about it.

I was summoned to the lounge early that evening, where the two mothers and Fiona were sitting together on one sofa, and Jane and her lover on the other. Jane spoke to me straight away.

“I understand you feel sorry for my husband, and the way we are treating him,” she began.

“Yes I do ma’am,” I replied. “I do think he is treated rather harshly.

“Oh really,” Jane countered sarcastically. “Well I think you should start dealing with him the same way as we do, to increase his humiliation.”

“Oh I could not do that,” I pleaded, “It would not be right.”

Jane responded by unzipping Tyrone’s fly and releasing his huge black cock. “You see this,” Jane said, “How would you like Tyrone to shove this up you four or five times a day during your fertile period, and shoot his virile cum into your unprotected womb?”

I froze at the thought. There was no way I wanted to be pregnant at my age, and I knew Jane would carry out her threat if I did not do exactly as she ordered. I quickly told her that I would do what she asked.

“Good,” she smiled. “For the next few nights, you will take my husband down to the basement and follow my instructions exactly. Then at the end of the week, you can give us all a demonstration of your new skills.” All those present laughed in anticipation of this.

The next evening, having been given my instructions, I led Adam down to the basement, naked except for is cock cage. He was obviously apprehensive, and asked me what was going on.

“I don’t want to do this Adam,” I told him. “But your wife has told me I must join in with your treatment, and if I don’t she will make life extremely unpleasant for both of us.”

Having explained that, I told him to kneel on the cold concrete floor, and cuffed his wrists behind his back. Then I stood in front of him and slapped his face hard with my right hand. Before he could react, I immediately brought the back of my hand across the other side of his face.

“God Nina, that really hurts!” Adam exclaimed.

“I know it does,” I replied. “But I really have no choice, you must try and be brave.”

I proceeded to give Adam another eight slaps, causing him to plead with me to stop. I said nothing, but continued to slap his face at ten second intervals. By the fifteenth, the poor man was sobbing and begging me not to hit him any more. In accordance with my orders, I laid the last five slaps across his face with all the force I could muster, leaving him a red-faced sobbing wreck. I then pulled him over on his hands and knees, to where there were restraints screwed into the floor. I clicked the restraints on to his wrists and ankles, leaving him totally immobilised.

I gave him a few minutes to recover, then went to a box in the corner and pulled out a huge black strap-on dildo. I fitted it on, and approached Adam. He gasped when he saw the size of the dildo.

“What are you going to do?” he almost screamed.

“Your wife wants me to fuck you in the ass,” I replied simply. “She wants you humiliated by a teenage girl, and to receive pain at the same time.”

I wasted no time in kneeling behind Adam, and placing the dildo at the entrance of his ass. I proceeded to force the monster into him, causing him to scream loudly at the pain I was giving him. Finally, it was fully embedded in his ass and I began to move my hips and fuck him hard. I continued this for over half an hour, slapping his ass cheeks alternately with every stroke, and shutting out his screams of agony. When I had completed the task, I released the sobbing Adam, and took him back to the lounge where the family was waiting.

“Let’s look at him,” laughed Jane, as we entered the room.

“Ooh, his face and ass are very red aren’t they?” remarked Fiona. “You have done a really good job on him there Nina.”

“Yes,” agreed Jane, “Did you give him a nice long fucking in the ass?”

I nodded.

“Good,” she said. “I have a number of gay male friends, and when you have had more practice with him, I will have him fucked with real cocks.”

“No please Jane,” pleaded her husband, “I am not gay, I could not stand being used by a man like that.”

“Shut up!” his wife snapped. “You have no choice.”

At that point, I was thanked for what I had done that evening, and I left and went to my room. I still felt sorry for Adam, of course, but knew I had to do what Jane told me, or risk being made pregnant by her black lover.

The next evening found Adam and I back in the basement. This time, I attached his wrists and ankles to a frame, with his arms above his head and legs spread. I unlocked and removed his cock cage, and then I slowly took of all my clothes, showing Adam my naked young body for the first time. In his frustrated state, his small cock began to rise immediately.

“What now?” Adam asked miserably.

“I’m afraid I have to tease your cock,” I told him. “We are to spend the next two hours down here, and I have been told to cause you the maximum frustration. I am sorry.” I cupped his balls. “Oh you poor man,” I sympathised, “Your balls feel so heavy, they must be crammed full with the sperm you are not allowed to release. I have to kiss you now, so open your mouth for me.”

Still fondling his balls, I moved forward to kiss him, forcing my tongue into his mouth. I brushed his throbbing cock with my hand, causing it to jump and him to whimper. I began to kiss him more passionately, rubbing my hands all over his body and deliberately brushing against his cock at regular intervals. It was not long before I heard the familiar sound of him beginning to sob, and he told me he could not stand the frustration my ministrations were causing him.

“I know it must be awful,” I said. “Not being allowed to come at all, particularly knowing that Tyrone is coming inside your beloved wife four or five times every night. If it was up to me, I would happily let you put your neglected cock into my warm moist pussy so that you could get the release you desperately need. But you know I have to do as I am told, or it will be disastrous for both of us. Now kiss me again Adam, I need to have you sobbing uncontrollably before I take you back to your wife.”

He did indeed sob uncontrollably, and beg and plead for me to stop a good hour before I finally stopped tormenting him. Eventually I released him, and led him back to Jane and the others, his cock still throbbing wildly.

“Oh Nina,” Jane declared, on seeing his tear-stained face and unsatisfied erection, “You have done a wonderful job on him once again!”

“You have,” agreed her sister, “And it’s not over yet Adam, you will be spending another couple of hours with your face between my soft thighs before you get to bed!”

I handed Adam over, and left him to suffer what further cruelty his wife and the others had planned for him.

Next evening, I took Adam down, telling him the good news was that we would not be there so long.

“I just need you to clean my feet with your mouth and tongue,” I explained.

Adam looked down at them. “But they are absolutely filthy!” Adam protested. “How did they get like that?”

“Your wife had me working barefoot in the garden all day,” I explained. “My feet are covered in mud and dirt I am afraid.”

“What’s that between your toes?” he enquired.

Your wife took great delight in making me tread in every pile of dog shit we could find,” I replied. “It’s all over my soles, and in between the toes as you can see. Better get on your knees, and get it cleaned off, so we can both get to bed.”

Adam began to lick the filth off my feet, starting with the soles then poking his tongue between each of my toes to lick every piece of dirt from them. In accordance with my instructions, I had him carry on licking and sucking my pretty feet long after they were spotless, to increase the frustration for him. Then it was back to the cruel sisters, for my feet to be inspected.

“Lovely and clean,” announced Jane, after a good look. “Did he enjoy licking the shit from between your toes?”

“Not at all ma’am,” I replied. He made faces and complained the whole time.”

“Was he sick?” enquired Fiona.

“No ma’am,” I told her. “But he did gag and retch many times while licking off all the filth.” The two of them smiled with satisfaction.

Day four, and Adam had been confined to his room all day with nothing to eat or drink. I collected him after dinner and led him downstairs. Denise and Julie had brought down a small table, and set it next to the frame on which I was to attach Adam, spread-eagled once again. On the table was a serving dish with cover, and two large jugs filled to the brim.

I knew what was in the dish and the jugs of course, but Adam looked apprehensive as I secured his wrists and ankles.

“What’s all this?” he asked me.

“Dinner,” I replied, lifting the cover to reveal at least eighteen large turds of various shades. “I am going to feed and water you myself. The shit has come from your mother, mother in law, sister in law, wife, Molly and her two girls. Oh, and there is some of Tyrone’s in there too, your wife likes the idea of you being made to eat the shit of the man who is cuckolding you every night. The jugs are full of the piss they have all contributed too.”

“Please Nina,” he protested. “I can never swallow all that, I will be sick!”

“I do hope not,” I warned him. “If you do throw any of it back up, I have been told I have to hurt you. Now open wide, and let’s get started.”

I took a spoon, and began to shovel bite-size chunks of the shit into his mouth with rapid regularity, encouraging him to chew and swallow them quickly. He had only managed to eat two of the logs before he retched violently and threw up on the concrete floor.

“Oh dear,” I said solemnly, kicking of my shoes and standing directly in front of him. He knew exactly what was coming.

“Please Nina,” he pleaded. “Not that!”

“I can understand you pleading Adam,” I told him. “Because this is going to hurt more than anything you have suffered. You should have kept the shit down like I told you.”

I stepped back, and then swung my leg and brought my bare foot savagely up into his vulnerable balls. The scream he emitted was louder and more agonised than any I had heard from him before. I gave him a couple of minutes and then asked, somewhat superfluously, if it had hurt.

“That was worse than any pain I have ever felt,” he gasped. “I never want to go through that again!”

Of course with another sixteen or so turds to eat, there was no way he could keep it down, and he vomited another five times during his meal. This meant that he felt the full force of my foot in his aching balls each time, as I strove to kick him harder and harder, as his wife had told me.

Finally, I had cleared the contents of the dish and poured all the piss into his mouth. I released him from the frame.

“Can I go to my room now,” he asked me. “I feel awful.”

“I’m sorry Adam,” I replied. “I know it’s terrible after what you have suffered tonight, but your wife has insisted that I shit in your mouth tonight. Now please get on your knees, and begin pushing your tongue into my asshole.” Reluctantly, he got in position, and pushed his tongue into my hole.

“Keep pushing it in,” I instructed. “Until you feel my shit pushing against it. Then open your mouth very wide and get ready for your first taste of my shit.”

I managed to feed him two large logs, then watched him eat them before having him lick my ass thoroughly clean and squirting half a pint of piss into his mouth. This seemed to send him over the edge again, and he threw up on the floor.

“I’m sorry Nina,” he said afterwards.

“Too late Adam,” I replied. “On your feet, with your legs spread and your hands on your head.”

As he did so, I gave him a swift double kick in the balls, causing another blood-curdling scream to come from his mouth, and his knees to buckle under him. Five minutes later, I led him limping back to his wife.

“My, you look as if you are in a lot of pain as well as being a funny green colour,” laughed Jane. “Has my maid been mistreating you?” She and her sister giggled, as Adam just hung his head, saying nothing. Jane told her husband he could go to bed, and then turned to me.

“You have done well again Nina,” she praised. “Tomorrow you can give us all a demonstration of how he should be treated.”

After dinner next day, The whole household was gathered in the lounge waiting for my entrance. I walked in wearing only a skimpy black night-dress, knowing that they all wanted a show. I walked straight over to Adam, pulled him up by his hair and spat in his face twice before forcing him to his knees.

“You like feet, don’t you?” I sneered. “Well you can start by planting kisses alternately on each of my pretty feet until I tell you to stop.”

His face red with embarrassment and humiliation, Adam began kissing my tiny feet.

“No wonder your wife needs another man in her bed every night,” I taunted him. “Who would want to make love with a foot kissing, ass licking shit eater. You get exactly what you deserve, you pathetic little wimp!”

The others in the room were loving this, seeing a young girl abusing a grown man in this way. I stopped Adam kissing my feet, and told him to kneel up. I lifted my short night-dress, and told him to start kissing my pussy.

“It feels nice and soft doesn’t it?” I taunted. “I know you would never be allowed to fuck it, or any others, but my pussy would feel wonderful around your cock, wouldn’t it?” Adam looked up and mumbled “yes”.

Without warning, I slapped him viciously across either side of his face.

“You pervert!” I yelled at him. “I am just a teenage girl, and you are a married man. How dare you insult your wife like that!” I slapped him another four times.

“Do you know what I am going to do to you now?” I spat, “I am going to take you to your room, and tease your poor excuse for a cock with my naked body for the next two hours. If you start crying like a baby, the way you normally do, I will slap you until your teeth rattle. Then I shall take you to the bathroom, where you will spend time on your knees, worshipping my asshole with your tongue before I shit and piss in your mouth. Woe betide you if you still have a hard on after all that, because I will kick your useless balls to mush. Now get up!”

“Go for it!” yelled Jane, as I led him away.

“Yeah, really give it to him,” added Fiona, as everyone else cheered.

“I can’t be sure if you are really sorry for me,” Adam said, as we headed for his room, “or if you actually enjoy abusing me.”

With all the power I now had over him, and the pain, humiliation and degradation I was able to inflict, I could not be sure of that myself.


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