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Chapter 1 Objective

Simple transport from Point A to Point B at a reasonable cost and with pleasure.

Chapter 2 Circumstances

Ennui, money, technology and leisure time overflow the world freshly vanquished by superior science.

Sporting events are all so entertaining. Slavery to work or to others release a vast pent up potential. People need something to do.

Chapter 3 Back to School

New fillies are enrolled in a variety of academic programs leading to tailing and ultimate sale. Prospective fillies fall into one of the following categories.

1. Owner Retains Voluntary Possession (Filly may not be handled by others.)

2. Owner Requires Voluntary Training in All or Certain Aspects (Filly is to be handled and trained in some, several or all variants.)

3. Self is sold. (Filly training and expenses are paid with her sale or by her own personal sources of revenue.)

4. Sale is involuntary. (Filly is collected by an independent trader. Filly pays for her training plus a fat commission for her trader with her body.)

Owners are either male or female. Typically they are male (boyfriend, fiance, husband, father, brother, uncle or other man who lusts after the new filly.). The female version of an owner are girlfriend, sister, mother, aunt or other woman who is attracted to the new filly.

Rookie fillies are brought to a farm bound, gagged and blindfolded. They are unaware in most case of where they are going, often why too, and will have signed admittance papers stamped hours earlier. Unloading will be prompt upon arrival and crotches leashed immediately if they are not already tethered.

Farm training takes a minimum of a month. The initial period of education covers a week of 24-hour days. The new filly will be released in restraint and owner custody but will return for intensive and compulsory weekend practice and reminder sessions at the farm until graduated. Postgraduate school can continue for a lifetime. Specialized training in one of the pedigreed breeds requires as much as another month of close scrutiny and drill.

“Damsel groups” is a term used meaning that several fillies are related in some fashion. Many fillies twitch in anguish when they recognize a friend or associate in an adjacent stall. Common damsel groups include: Church social clubs, high school cliques, cheerleader squad, sisters, and classmates.

Damsels often run in amateur races competing to win scholarships to a prime filly farm.

A full third of all fillies enter unwillingly. All unerringly adapt to the new situation and accommodate the whims of their owner.

Chapter 4 Options

What do you with unlimited time, money, and youth? When life is cheap in the Western world, games become the thing to do. And life is merely a game that you learn the rules when you die. In the East matters turned inward to contemplation in a vain attempt to learn the rules while still alive.

Elsewhere the world does not feel very good, gets sick and eyes enviously those with the power and leisure.

Chapter 5 English Lass

Fillies originating in the olden isles of Great Britain often match the following description and are highly prized as steeds of high state diplomacy. Matrons have been popularized for party events.

Typical Age:    30 
Typical Age:    27 
Hair Color:     Brunette though mahogany, ebony and blondes
                occasionally arise
Eye Color:      Brown or Gray
Skin Color:     White (Caucasian)
Yoke:           Upper leather harness
Reins:          Mouth bit with whip and strapped tongue
Tail:           None
Crotch:         Chastity belt
Blinds:         Full
Mouth:          Ball gag with stuffing
Pace:           Trot, prance or walk
Clothes:        Tweed dress or skirt; if chemised full white shirt
                buttoned to collar; all clothing stretched tightly;
                dress or skirt slitted up thigh through hip;
                hemline is below knee
Jewelry:        None
Shoes:          Brown loafers or platforms with high heel
Source:         Great Britain

Chapter 6 Scores

Amelia out of Charlotte won by a nipple in the tenth annual San Francisco Open.

Georgette raced to victory in the ninth annual Lesbian Trot-a-Thon in Boston.

Chapter 7 Carriage and Pack Girl Harnesses

Girls considering the life of a filly need to study how to serve as a best of burden. Other duties will naturally also present themselves in time. The typical filly is not strong enough to literally lift and carry her owner but pulling a carriage or carrying a pack are common and mundane tasks. If managed well she will be exhausted but deliciously passionate after a mere two-hour trot. The best new fillies or pack girls, of course, tend to be slightly to totally unwilling at the beginning and learn better habits and responses to simple commands despite inner protests over a period of in depth education.

Age presents no barrier for enrollment of a filly other than minimum legal age of consent in the state or country involved. Some prefer an ideal innocent sweet teenage virgin. Others believe an older woman, set in her ways such as a lawyer or an accountant, challenge the changeover process better increasing incidental fun in the breaking and riding.

Once domesticated a new filly should be exercised often. Preferably every morning and evening to keep her trim, docile, strong and hot.

Carriage or cart control options for the young filly cover the following options. Generally fillies are two legged but sometimes are trained as a four legged version:

1. Electric Reins

-Each nipple is wired for turns -An electrical probe is inserted in ass and vagina -A signal to the vagina means move faster -A signal to the ass means stop. -A signal to all wired points means to kneel or to get up depending on the situation. -A whip may be used to punctuate commands if desired.

2. Voice and Whip

-Traditional methods and effective that date from antedliluvium times. -Simple voice commands such as “whoa” and “gittiup” are used. -The whip accents commands and indicates a need for quickness.

3. Mouth Bit with Reins and Whip

-Again the whip accents directives. The whip also orders forward movement and getting up. -A wooden bit is forced into the filly’s mouth keeping it open in a wide smile. Straps are wrapped around her skull to ensure a tight fit in her mouth. She will grip the bit with her teeth in a deep bite well into the wood. Reins attached to either side pull her into turns or to a stop. A pull down on her reins constitutes a sit order. -An option is to strap the tongue into the bit rendering her speechless. A few hours of this exercise will amplify her tongue skills radically as well as keeping her quiet, content and attentive.

It is insufficient for a filly to only pull her owner around. The action should be accompanied with a sexy rhythm and/or a strict step cadence. In all cases the filly should stand on tiptoe or in high-heels to emphasize her fleetness and desire to run. Examples of a proper cadence include:

1. Gallup

-Hair blowing in the breeze of her flight -Ass pumping rapidly with the long reach of her slender legs -Tits bobbing freely

2. Trot

-Knees kicking up as high as possible, close to the tits -Linking knees with short chain -Tits bouncing

3. Walk

-With a high exaggerated ass sway

4. Prance

-Knees locking together resulting in tiny steps by the filly -Maintaining even step pattern

Fillies require harnesses as an additional piece of equipment. Females must be connected and tied to her carriage or to other fillies. She may pull either with her lower body (crotch), upper body (back and chest) or both. The lower body harness creates more strain and erotic effects. In terms of quick domestication to her chores, lower harnesses serve as the superior method as she will whine rapidly for succor. The common yoke methods are further amplified below:

1. Lower Body

-Crotch: A leather strap runs around the belly under the navel and then across her vagina and ass crack. The carriage connection connects from her wrists positioned behind her. Her wrists are locked to her crotch strap. A thick horizontal padded pole is placed across the belly under the navel. The pole is secured firmly to her crotch strap. Fresh rope runs from the center of the pole down through the vagina and up to the wrists. Long poles at right ankles to the original pole go on either side of the waist back to the carriage bar.

-Crotch and Pole: Same as above description except the horizontal poles to the carriage bar is replaced by one pole running through her thighs instead of to either side. This pole shoots straight back to the carriage bar and is further supported by rope to her wrists and her crotch.

-Crotch and Twin Poles: Same as crotch description except that the two side poles run lower by the thighs where the filly can grip them with her hands. Instead of having her wrists crossed behind they are fastened to the poles. The inner thigh pole remains an additional option if desired.

-All of the lower body yokes are difficult for a filly to learn. However, ignore any silly cries and find the most disagreeable and hardest yoke for the filly.

2. Upper Body

-Leather straps around and under the breasts connect with cross straps over her shoulders in a manner reminiscent of a brassiere. The carriage pole sticks the filly between her shoulder blades or lower towards the small of the back.

-Wooden collars can be used instead with a carriage pole at her neck and on either side of her breast line. The collar is circular, oval or elliptical. The breasts expose themselves in the center.

Experts recommend that a filly’s holes be filled or otherwise occupied during all stage of training and whenever she hauls a carriage or a pack. Some breeds demand this accommodation while some prefer other means. Such techniques assist in focusing her on her ultimate bed chores. Selection of the occupation method remains the owner’s prerogative. Rookies tend to be handled with chastity belts instead as opposed to a dildo.

Chapter 8 Other Opinions

With the rise of true economic freedom, feminists and other indignant minorities discover power is wonderful. Medical advances and hedonistic laws preach “do as you want, tomorrow the world ends”. Well, the Old World ended.

Poor counties disappear due to neglect, deserts and stupidity. Some vain attempts occur to stem the tide but those who try suffocate in the starving masses. Exotic diseases surface and the dead lands are fumigated and fenced.

Chapter 9 Common American Slut

Sluts have always been around. With the advent of a new history in a new world, the modern culture revised the old format. Sluts of every age and nationality appeared. The American version became much in demand and the “in thing” to do. They were the first recognized pure breed.

Typical Age:    17
Hair Color:     Blonde normally but all colors encountered
Eye Color:      All
Skin Color:     All
Yoke:           Crotch with thigh pole
Reins:          Electric
Tail:           Yes, to below knees
Crotch Holes:   Double dildoes
Blinds:         Sunglasses with tape over eyes
Mouth:          Ball gags with panties
Pace:           Trot, prance or walk
Clothes:        Miniskirts or minidresses; if chemised, see through
                type and open at navel
Jewelry:        Long necklaces
Shoes:          Open toed high heels, sandals or platforms
Source:         City streets

Chapter 10 Concept and Conceiving

To clone or not to clone.

Natural belly birth? Ridiculous!

Which sex to be? What do you want?

Who are you? Who cares?

The details go scattering.

Chapter 11 Tails or Heads?

Graduation time sends a great thrill into a filly because she will be tailed. Even the tailless breeds will be inserted with a stub. When a filly candidate arrives with an exceptional long head of hair she will be shorn and tailed often before yoking. However, in all cases initial hesitation of her new job will grow into love and adoration of the graceful caudal appendage.

Tails consist of a portion of their scalp hair cut, arranged and glued on a stiff metal probe, dildo or butt plug. The trainer inserts the new tail into the filly’s asshole to hang and dangle between the cheeks. The tail can be swished with a hip movement. It is erect in a small stiff arc caused by the probe design. The anal probe is thick and then thin before resuming the normal thickness. Once within the rectum a straining filly cannot reject the tail without assistance due to the thin middle design.

Tailing awards the filly for suitable behavior such as being tamed and broken or for a birthday. She will sport it proudly even under a skirt and relatively free. Even after the initial enthusiasm fades the purpose continues of the tail being a constant reminder of her status and use.

Seeing a tail flash under a mini-skirt will have the average owner hitching the filly’s vagina to a bedpost or a lower yoke in a minute even as she babbles incoherently in mock dissent. A filly cannot disguise her tail lifting up the back of her skirt or dress and so advertises her nature and availability at all times. The swish of a long luxurious tail creates an opportunity to tug and foreplay not previously offered.

A rookie once tailed will calm immediately once she notices her tail lightly touching her ass cheeks. She will stare into a mirror image for hours if allowed marveling over its controlled movement. It takes several days for the filly to accept her new tail to be as completely normal as the rest of her inherited sexual lures.

Chapter 12 Wars

Earth forces littered space with junk for fun.

Riots? Tactical nukes.

The East and the West generally win. Africa dies. South America reverts to jungle, desert and a chaotic mess. Central Asia disappears. The caps melt rising many seas.

Soldiers fought valiantly as always but they were not human in the old sense. Cyborgs, androids and clones proliferated into the armed forces and beyond. Sullen computers ruthlessly studied each other and fought without meaning for a minor tactical advantage.

Back home the loyal citizens dance and play, smile and screw.

Chapter 13 Israeli Princess

Profits rise rapidly in the early decades of fillyhood. New breeds follow nationalities and cultures in their stereotype development. One prominent breed is the Israeli Princess. In the decadent EUSA the JAP (Jewish American Princess) becomes a specialized expensive sub-breed.

Typical Age:    26
Typical Other:  Large nose
Hair Color:     Brown or black
Eye Color:      Brown or black
Skin Color:     White
Yoke:           Crotch with thigh pole
Reins:          Voice and whip
Tail:           Yes, to knees
Crotch Holes:   Chastity belt
Blinds:         Hoods
Mouth:          Ball gag with panties
Pace:           Prancer
Clothes:        Baby doll negligee
Jewelry:        All types, gold, rings and necklaces especially
Shoes:          High-heels
Source:         Western world, Israel, New York

Chapter 14 Mouthing Off

A filly’s mouth has a plentitude of accusations, angry remarks, insults, remarks on the present cost of broccoli, observations on how tight the harness is, miscellaneous irrelevant nonsense, worries on what color panties to wear, and other pointless questions to make if allowed. So it is not permitted. Of course a filly has other uses where an open mouth is necessary. But then her mouth and throat stays occupied by other more important matters.

Ball gags and head harnesses are commonly available in the filly industry. Mouth stuffing of panties (any color) will do. Some owners improvise on the spot with what is available. A simple rope binding in cloth will prove ineffective except as a special ornamental design on a tame pony. A well-domesticated filly can be treated to a few hours or days without a mouth covering. Such actions can be injurious but not fatal and an appealing unforced smile can be enjoyable as a change in routine.

A mouth bit will serve as a gag in those breeds.

Chapter 15 Who is in Charge?

The Western world grew up patriarchal. In its peak of world control it allowed women to take charge sometimes. The tendency is to have the male in command once raised from the creche in the resulting and final world culture. Whoever established command did as he or she wished and with technology no limits could be ascertained by the few remaining scientists.

Polygamy was and is the norm in an average ratio of one to five. With passives outnumbering dominants exceptional restraints seemed proper and reasonable. Besides four out five indicated that it was fun.

Chapter 16 Lawyer

Many noble professions possess a facade of greatness and dignity. Changing it and using the uniform of its profession in anew role tends to be intriguing. Lawyers, accountants, secretaries, and others became interesting sub-breeds.

Typical Age:    30 
Hair Color:     All
Eye Color:      All
Skin Color:     All
Yoke:           Crotch with thigh pole and neck collar
Reins:          Electric
Tail:           Yes, to knees
Crotch Holes:   Double dildoes
Blinds:         Hood and/or sunglasses with taped eyelids
Mouth:          Ball gag with panties
Pace:           Prance or trot
Clothes:        Micro dress, stockings, dress slit open to navel;
                top of dress is comfortable and has a bra under it
Jewelry:        Minimal or none
Shoes:          Open toed pumps
Source:         WASP, Western world, graduate lawyers

Chapter 17 Other Apparel

Most rookie fillies as well as the experienced veterans tend to be distracted from her tasks by things she sees or hears. For maximum effectiveness she is to be directed by others not by her own will. At most her mind observes her step, maintains her posture and imagines later bedroom activities.

To help her concentration she should be blinded while pulling or transporting. The normal methods include blindfold, hood, taped eyes (sunglasses covering), and blinders. The last item is a heavy leather or plastic rectangle angled out to either side and sometimes over the forehead. The filly can only see directly ahead and below with blinders.

Earplugs reduce hearing problems. The earplug fits snugly within the ear and the filly scalp hair further hides any protruding object. The filly does not see or hear what she is not to hear or to see. Her only external input are commands to their back, reins etc.

Jewelry, veils, stockings, short dresses and skirts, blouses and chemises, nighties, slit skirts etc. are cosmetic fetishes added as needed or desired for that extra flavor.

Certain positions are taught to all breeds such as “attention” and “rest”. With “attention” the filly stands with a straight back, tits pushed up and out, knees slightly open, on tiptoe and with eyes down. With “rest” the filly kneels with knees wide, tits up and out and eyes down.

Proper reward for a good romp reassures the filly of being appreciated. Fillies deserve rewards as well as punishments. Remember to tug her tail often as a friendly “hello,” “thanks,” or “goodbye”. As always liquor is quicker but a lump of sugar is cheaper to please her clever tongue and appetite.

Chapter 18 Pack Girls

Not all filly candidates can manage the carriage trade due to demeanor or physical attributes. Some are better born to carrying packages. These are the pack girls. Rather than lead a carriage she will follow a leash down some trail on a string of young work sluts linked at neck and/or crotch/wrist. Yokes and directional commands are shared with carriage fillies.

Goods will be strapped across the shoulders, lower back (with crotch strap), hung from the neck to dangle in front or hung from a wrist or crotch. Weight is unimportant though proper balancing of the load is critical to reduce stumbling and property damage. More weight in the beginning of her work life will produce better work results in the long term due to proven reduction in complaints and resistance and development of excellent muscle tone and strength.

Pack girls began and often still can be recruited on the spot as local talent recruited for specific mundane tasks and released shortly afterwards or sold to a trader. These fillies find themselves walking in a mall and suddenly find themselves cuffed, gagged, leashed and loaded within an hour of capture and not knowing whether she serves a man or a woman. Training proceeds accordingly immediately thereafter on the job and on the back.

Instructions for a carriage filly requires the knowledge that her owner is right behind her and a rough ride leads to a miserable life. Her training begins and continues until the ride smoothes out. A pack girl commences active labor within hours of induction. Severe instructional behavior modification starts rapidly for her to break her will. Careful but quick step by step tutoring in service and enticement proceeds as she earns a buck working on the same day.

Some pack girls set out for their job too soon for any academic training and so picks up orders on the fly. Where possible a new pack girl or filly should be lower yoked to a heavy cart, loaded with dead weight and forced to trot forward for three hours as an example that breaks, humiliates and educates the student pack girl. Liberal use of the whip teaches her the need to learn as you analyze any errors in form or servitude after this simple chore.

Pack girls generally are loaded in the morning, moved out, unloaded at the destination where simple assignments of sexual or non-sexual duties are made, and then reloaded for the next hike. Rarely will only one pack girl be found. They associate in damsel or random stranger groups usually of two to five but sometimes hundreds in a single leash line. Orders come from the end of the leash and even without a great deal of formal training pack girls easily pacificy. Complexities of breeds have not been found and usually pack girls are mongrels who are readily available and free. Mouth use should be initiated only after the first day to avoid unpleasantness.

Releasing pack girls after a job trip requires preparation. Preferably they should be resold or given away to a new boss to labor under with her talents or left tethered in some semi-public location for later haphazard pickup by others. The basis of this rule is that their newfound passivity will make it too difficult for her readjustment to another lifestyle.

A suitable souvenir for a new pack girl is a fresh tail stuck in her ass. A long line of pack girls will admire the flick of color under their own or other short skirts for hours and wiggle their asses in contentment.

Chapter 19 Changes

Nothing ever changes.

If you believe that statement, you will die as stupid as originally conceived. Everything changes constantly except change itself. Everything is similar though, which is why one can make the mistake of believing in ceaseless eternity.

Expect change. Those who do not plan for change will lose and suffer.

Chapter 20 Indian Pony

Native Americans are the rage! Own one for a limited time opportunity!

Typical Age:    19
Hair Color:     Black or brown in single or double braids
Eye Color:      Black or brown
Skin Color:     Red
Yoke:           Upper leather harness
Reins:          Mouth bit with whip
Tail:           Yes, to mid-thigh
Crotch Holes:   Chastity belt
Blinds:         Full blinders
Mouth:          Open
Pace:           Walk or gallop
Clothes:        Leather loincloth with slits on either side through
                hip; length no longer than vagina bottom
Jewelry:        Shell necklace; copper armlets, headband and necklaces
Shoes:          Sandals with high-heels
Source:         American western states

Chapter 21 Breeds

At last count the WCFFB listed 156 different filly breeds including exotics such as Magyar Yokel, Mayan Quetzal, and Amazon Maidens. The ranking favorite in the world at the end of the century was the Southern Blonde. Her pristine form dressed in several layers of white frilly underskirts with a matching chastity belt dragged countless thousands of carriages. She prances gladly and happily in sharply pointed white platform heels.

Chapter 22 And Now for Somewhere Else

A large white dot, scintillating and bright, eclipsed Pluto in the dying days of the century. American Astronomers noticed it first and it caused a great stir since the Japanese claimed they saw it first. Since first class scientists and engineers no longer lived in the world they created, discussions degenerated into internecine squabbles based on reputations and profundity.

In six months answers to the astronomer’s exasperation arrived near the Moon and informed the Earth authorities that they had been discovered. Could they please move out of the way?

Chapter 23 Arabian

For ages the finest of stallions came from Arabia. With the new age the fairer Islamic sex finally became an internationally recognized breed:

Typical Age:    20
Hair Color:     Black
Eye Color:      Black or brown
Skin Color:     Tan
Yoke:           Crotch
Reins:          Mouth bit with reins and whip
Tail:           Yes, short to below hip line
Crotch Holes:   Chastity belt
Blinds:         Herd harness
Mouth:          None/See mouth bit
Pace:           Gallop
Clothes:        Veiled face, colorful transparent pants slit along
                sides ankle to waist, transparent halter
Jewelry:        Many dangling necklaces, pendants and arm and ankle bands
Shoes:          Sandals
Source:         Near East, Arabian Peninsula

Chapter 24 What.

The aliens hit hard and fast during the initial discussions. Craters filled the polished palatial streets. Cities dissipated into gray mists. Colonies sprouted overnight of rangy awkward green serfs and stilted nobles. Earth suffered a brief and harsh winter, which the aliens preferred anyway as an environment.

In a few centuries matters settled again in a grim new world culture. Change had happened. Everything became different. New details developed to simplify the interactions of a new sentient ecology. The Earth shuddered a great deal but endured in spite of the quarreling lords of creation.

Chapter 25 New Ways Old Ways

The Grahha rule the Earth. Their domain splintered after the Discovery Conquest into five major fragments. The indigenous humans survive in equally unfortunate fragments. A state of war exists at all times. Please be careful. Profitable trade caravans travel many different routes between the ten Domains of the Earth.

In the craggy mountains of western Americh scraggly remnants of natives live on even with shreds of marvelous technology. Proud and strong Americh pack girls lug large loads from Spoka to Mexmex.

Purebred English Lasses trot with Grahha owners in the carriage behind them in the new towns of what had been the Northwest provinces of ancient and destroyed Canada.


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