Well as usual my foot fetish like many started at early age. One day i was watching a movie where the guy had female feet on her chest. I began to get hard. i had got hard sometimes but this was really the first time i noticed testosterone barking inside me. I still do not know how it happened but that was start of my foot fetish.

I knew by then the feature i desire most in a female is their sexy feet. Well i must admit i was kind of shy or may be frightened to say anything related to that anybody and also for some time i considered myself weird but then obviously i knew i have no control over it.

Well starting with my story. When i was 12 or something i bought a CD and was watching it when my heart stop beating at a scene which anybody can guess was foot worshipping scene. I played that again and again keeping it secret from my parents of course!!! Sure as hell i had started to expand my limits by looking for feet in movies, photos in newspaper and everything i could lay my hands on.

Foot Fetish Fuckbook-2

This went for maybe 3 years before i finally had my first breakthrough in foot worship mania. Since i was 15 i had started to know a bit about sex too. But mostly i dreamt about feet of course. Now i had one of my cousin sister staying at my home for vacations. Having a good looking 16 year old cousin in your house was never something to be excited about in special way. Well yeah she was good looking starting to bosom into a sexy chick. Well i know i shouldn’t be like this about my cousin but that is a fact.

So here i was playing video game when she asked me to stop for she wanted to watch TV. But i refused then she asked me again to which i refused again. Since no one was at home except me and her, she thought she could boss me around as she was older than me. She tried so to no success. Then suddenly she lifted her foot and kind of kicked me very lightly in my back. Current flew through my body. I looked at her and asked how can you kick me. She again kicked me slowly and said “like this i can kick you”. And started laughing. I got a bit annoyed and grab her foot and threw it away after few seconds because i do not wanted her to know about my fetish.

She lifted her foot again and was moving towards me where i caught it again and grabbed tightly. She said “leave my foot please”. And i said “why”. She laughed and said “so that i can kick you again”. i was laughing and wanting that to happen inside my mind. I pretended to be angry and said” if you do that i will bite it hard”. She said “really! Are you going to do that bro”? I said “sure as hell i will bite it”. Now she challenged me to it and said “you will not bite it i know you are not that angry”. I said “ i am angry as hell”. Meanwhile my game was over as nobody paid it attention. When i saw it i pretended to be real angry saying that now i am going to bite your foot as this is responsible for my game over.

She said “go ahead my little brother. I want to see how this happens”. She thought i was just lying about it. Well i did not needed anymore of my pretending and took a bite from her sweet foot. To describe her foot: it was size 7 or 6 maybe with stunning arches and very fair skin. Now she kind of laughed even harder saying that the bite has not disturbed her at all and saying that she put her other foot on my face and said “ want to bite some more”. Well this was it. i was on to her foot like hungry tiger biting it slowly of course not to harm her beauty really here and there. She was laughing and playing with her foot on my body especially on my chest so as to stop me from coming to her. Suddenly videogame was forgotten as though it has never been there and both of us were laughing and playing this footbite game. Well i was playing and she was only laughing.

Unfortunately after 10 minutes of this lovely game we both got a bit tired and game of my life came to an end. I leaned back on wall while she had her gorgeous feet on my chest resting as if my chest was her property. Of course i wanted it more than anything else. I took her feet in my hand and started to feel and massage them. And smiling she said “yes you do that because i do not want your teeth marks on my feet”. I was more than happy to do it. Then she said “ok let me watch my serial first and then you play your game as you please”. I said “ok sis but beware this time i am leaving you and your feet in shape next time you will not meet your brother but a furious lion biting and eating everything he lays his hands on”. And she was laughing.

So this was it my first foot worship breakthrough. Tell me how you like it. If response is good i will post some of my other experiences as well. I have 2 more with the same cousin, 1 with other cousin and quite a few with my girlfriend.

Well, time passed since my sweet foot worship encounter with my cousin. I passed the time continuing my deep search in the world of foot fetish where I came to know I am not at all alone in this world which obviously cleared all my doubts about me being weird. Though my boundaries confided to movies, photos in magazines and newspapers and sometimes internet I was still happy for I actually had one foot worship act to cherish.


I know some of you might have started cursing me for not going with the story straightaway. Thus I begin my joyride (I hope you all enjoy with me)

The same cousin who was involved in my last story had vacations from her school. So she came round my home as she always enjoyed there. And I enjoyed that more!!! . So she was here and we met. Now great thing about her is she is very open minded and comfortable to be around with boys of or near her age. Now the luck began to favour me. My father has to leave for training for one month. My mother was home but we were almost two only most of the time. Now I had play station in my room so no need to go to TV for playing videogames. Since her parents left one day later leaving her for 10 days at my home. She had to go some other places as well where she will pass remaining holidays. So the final situation : me and my cousin with beautiful feet in the house with only my mom who watches TV serials all the time thus leaving us free not to be disturbed by anyone!!!

Day 2:

I was reading comics and she was listening to music with her headphones on. I asked her something which she couldn’t hear due to the headphones. I got bit pissed but then I realized this is my moment. I tickled her right foot. She drew her leg back and said “what are you doing “? I replied “I was calling you and you were not listening so I had to tickle you”. To which she said “ok I thought you were trying to bite my foot like last time”. I asked her does she still remembers it. She said “of course. No sister forgets her little brother who tried to eat her feet”. Then I said “I was not eating your foot I just pretended to bite it.” She laughed and said that it is the same thing. I said “no it is not.” She said “it is”. I said come on pretending to bite and eating are not the same how can I eat your foot? She said are you trying to be clever? Saying this she pressed my face with her foot and laughed. This was it for me. Now I said “I will show you now how the foot is eaten”. She said no you can’t frighten me. I said “I am not trying to frighten you I am going to do it actually”. I laughed saying what will you say to people when they will ask where is your foot. No one will believe you that I have eaten it. I was saying this all in fake tone. But she was not affected at all. The game begins!!!

Since I did not wanted to show my excitement I said “cool. I am leaving you”. Now she was laughing hard calling me a loser. Now I said “you asked for it”. And I grabbed her foot and took a sniff first. She asked what I was doing. I said I need to smell how my food smells. She smiled. i continued smelling her foot. It was great. I couldn’t believe my luck. Her foot in my hands smelling like heaven. The foot which I am going to taste and enjoy if I be smart some more. And all this on her second day. This gave me new reason to be happy I have 8 more days I thought. Suddenly I felt her foot on my cheek. She said “how can you eat it when you cannot even smell it”. I realized I was in my thoughts for last 2 minutes. I said I will eat it all. She said she can’t believe it seeing I couldn’t even smell her foot. She challenged me if I can smell her foot for 5 minute then only she will think I am capable of doing it. I said that’s cool for me. Now I was on cloud nine in my heart. I took her right foot and started smelling it. Incredible sweet smell filled my insides. I took whiff from every possible angle. I never knew time runs so fast when you want it to go slow. I wanted to continue till eternity but thought it will start suspicion. I was disheartened. Though I said to her that I have won her challenge. She said no my left foot is still waiting. I was on cloud nine again. Heart racing like hell, my soldier trying to explode my pants which I controlled by difficulty. Now I repeated everything with her left foot with greater intensity if it was possible. After 5 minutes I was jumping to show her that I have won. To which she said this is only because I have no sweat on my feet. I said “sweat your feet to any extent I will sniff it but that is later. Now I am hungry. Let me eat my lunch.” She said go ahead let me see how you do it.

Now you know I can’t eat her foot in real. After faking bites from different angle at her foot I said “well I am leaving you because I do not want sister without feet.” she laughed like hell “I knew you couldn’t. You lose little bro”. I said ok so what. She said now you have to put your head at my feet and say that I loose. I was surprised and happy at the same time. Well I did what she asked. But in addition I also kissed her foot thinking doesn’t know when I will get next chance. She asked me why I am kissing her foot. I said “I thought you will ask me to do it consequently”. Very well said I patted myself. She smiled and said then why only one kiss. My foot need 1000 kisses each. I was shocked. Does she also have fetish I still didn’t know that.
Well whatever I followed her orders covering every possible part of her foot but got tired midway. She said hey you can’t stop like this. I replied ok to compensate for this I will kiss your feet everyday till you leave ok. She said what else. I said well ok I will wash your feet daily, kiss them and do whatever you ask me. She said does that mean you are my slave for a week. I said yes it means the same. She was ecstatic. Wow she said ok agreed. PLAN WORKED!!! I patted myself again.


Day 3:

Next day I woke up only to remember previous day events that consequently turned into masturbation like hell. Thank god I had black pants on otherwise I was sure the cum must have left big proof of my pleasure if it has been light colour pants. Soon I started to plan proceedings for the day ahead. I didn’t know at that time that opportunity will present itself to me itself. Nevertheless I planned something.

Done with all morning business, I started watching news. Why the hell news doesn’t show foot worship scenes??? I mean foot worship must be daily news!!! My cousin came in dining room. Mom asked her has she slept well last night. She replied in positive. We all watched TV maybe for 2 hours during which my eyes kept looking at my cousin’s feet frequently. You know I couldn’t control. And why on earth would I want to control. Phone rang. Mom took it. After 2 minutes she announced she needs to go at some family friend’s place at 12 noon for some ladies event. My heart jumped a beat. I thought wow. Another disturbance free foot worship session. But my heart jumped more beats when my mom asked cousin whether she would like to go to which she agreed. I was disheartened. No one knows what is in box for him.

Well I went to my room to pick up something to read without any intention of doing that. Nevertheless book was in my hand. Suddenly someone snatched the book from me. I found it was my cousin. She was saying in a fake voice that how can I do anything without taking her permission. She said “have you forgotten you are my slave for next week”. I asked her do I have to take your permission for this too? She said “yes why not”. Then she was laughing. I tried to look helpless. The she said “I was only joking bro. you do not need permission to do that”. I smiled outside and cried inside. I really wanted to be her slave. Then I asked her “what I have to do?” she said just some little jobs. I said “like what?” She replied “like you said yourself. Washing, kissing my feet ant just something else.” I said ok what now. She said she needs to get ready for the event. So she wanted me to help her choosing nail paint, dress etc. I said “that’s a chick job sis. I am no expert at that” she said that mom is busy so she can’t help that’s why I am asking you. I said ok.

She showed me her options of dresses she wanted to wear. Eventually we selected one. Then she said ok I will be ready thanks. My mind was running fast. I asked her this is it. Don’t you need help choosing other things like footwear etc. she smiled and said that’s right how can I forget that. Well she showed me 3 pairs of sandals she has brought. We selected a good looking high heeled sandal. She said “why do boys like high heeled sandals”. I said I don’t know. Maybe they look better on girl feet. She said “whatever. You go I will get ready now”. Now I am not so weird and perverted to watch my sister getting dressed. Only perverted to see and feel her feet. So I obliged and went to my room. 15-20 minutes later she came with a bottle of some cyan coloured nail polish. I saw it and complimented by saying this is nice colour. I really like cyan. She said “well I was getting ready then I thought what is the use of having a slave when I am not using him.” She laughed. So did i. I said yeah that’s right. So you want me to put nail polish on your nails isn’t it? She said “you are smart little bro.” well I was in heaven.

She then asked me how you will like to paint my nails. I asked her to sit on chair and I sat on the floor. She said no you don’t need to sit on the floor. Here give it to me I will do it myself. I said no it’s ok. How can I let this golden chance to slip from my hands? Then she sat on chair and I was on the floor at her gorgeous feet. She put her right foot on my lap. My soldier starts to fight my self-control. It seemed he was winning. But I controlled. So I painted her toes one by one. They were looking stunning. I said “cyan matches your nails”. She said that’s why she has this colour. Then I repeated same with her left foot. Admiring her toes without giving her any possible hint of my excitement. After finishing I took her foot and kissed it. That was before I could think anything to control myself. She asked me why you are kissing my foot. I thought I am in problem? I searched and racked my brain for a reason. Then I came up with a good one. I said “you know every artist love his art. I think this is my greatness that your feet are looking so good. So like every other artist I am loving my art.” She laughed at this and said “so why are you being partial to your other piece of art”. I thought “she is great”. I kissed her other foot too. Now she was about to get up. I asked her where she going. She said to wear my high hell sandals that you selected for me. I said won’t your polish may get off track if you walk barefoot. She said “so why don’t you bring my sandals. If you don’t mind” why would anybody mind that I thought? But I pretended like I was not enjoying it. I said “yeah I don’t like it. I am doing it only for my art” she smiled and said “ok bring them”

Now I acted like anyone with foot fetish would have acted. High heeled black sandal in my hand. I had no intention of going just like that. I lifted them. They felt so light, so beautiful. I kissed them both at soles and inside. How lucky are sandals because they have feet always with them. All the sweat, all the aroma mmmmmmmmmm. I wanted to lick them but I thought seeing them wet would raise suspicion in her mind. So I stopped there and took them to her. I put them near her feet and asked if I had to put them on or not. She said “would you mind”. I said not at all. I lifted her right foot and right sandal first then put them on with utmost care. Repeated the same with other. She said in joking way “are you planning to be at shoe shop”. I joined her in laughing.
That was it for that time. My mom and cousin both went outside leaving me all alone. I start doing my second favourite thing in world after kissing/licking/sucking feet. I mean playing games on my play station. Time passed doing that. I also slept maybe for 1 hour or 2. When I woke up I found mom and cousin were in the house again. I joined them and asked how the event was. They said it was good but tiring. I asked why? Was it a dancing event? They said no silly it was just ladies get together. I said whatever I am hungry. Mom said ok I will prepare the dinner. It was nearly 7 pm. My cousin said that she is very tired and will sleep immediately after having food. I asked her why? She replied that her feet were killing her after all the get together. Like every other smart foot loving creature I offered her foot massage. She said “really you want to do that”. Heck yeah I wanted to do that but said “well I massage mom’s feet sometimes”. Now massaging mom’s feet is completely different for me. I never think anything wrong about mom’s feet. No emotions at all. Well she said “that would be great in current situation” I said “ok after dinner I will give you a nice foot massage”. I even asked mom for it but she said she doesn’t need it. Well we ate food.

It was time to take my adventure to next step. After watching some TV mom went to sleep. I and my cousin were sitting on sofa while watching a late night show. 10 minutes after my mom went my cousin asked me when I will be giving her massage. In reply I lifted her feet and put them on my lap. Right now I said. I start massaging her feet. After 5 minutes or so I thought I need to get better angle to massage her feet. I asked her if she would like to go to her room on bed so that I can massage them properly. She accepted. We went to her room where she sat on bedside with pillow at her back. I sit in front of her and asked her to stretch her legs and put them on my folded lap. She did so. Now I took her left foot first this time and started to massage them. Starting from the heels, and then to her middle part of the sole slowly going up towards her toes. I repeated this process slowly many times. She had her eyes closed. After 15-20 minutes of massaging her left foot I lifted her right foot and massaged them for 20 minutes or so. I worked very well at her toes. I tried to be as normal as I could while massage. Specially massaging middle part of her soles and toes. When I pretended to be finished I found that she has fallen asleep. I guess she was really tired. I carefully lifted her feet and pull her to sleeping position. It was time to leave I thought. Well I started to go to my room. At the gates I remembered something. I haven’t said good night to the gorgeous feet and toes. How silly of me. I went back and kissed insteps, soles, toes with lightest of touch so as not to awake her. Of course I tickled her a bit to confirm whether she was sleeping or not. Well she was. So I worshipped those precious pieces of god’s art. I didn’t want to leave but had no other option. Thinking when I will be able to worship beautiful feet like these legally without any fear of getting caught or being under suspicion I departed to my room.

I was real happy that night. I repeated event of the day in my bed. Thinking that I have really progressed in my foot fetish adventure. Now what I needed was good amount of toe sucking, sole licking and feet cleaning. i never knew when I fall asleep.

Foot Fetish Lovers

Day 4:

Next day when I was doing my morning affairs I was in deep thoughts. I was thinking how far this can go without being embarrassed before my sister or caught by mom. I was in double thinking. Whether I should continue this or put it a stop because after all she was my cousin. I kept thinking till I finally came to a decision. I decided I will try not to cross my limits while worshipping her gorgeous feet and definitely will show any inclinement towards worshiping her feet. Opportunities have presented her before me and I hoped it will continue to do so. Maybe devil inside me was on stronger side in taking this decision but I think it was the right thing I have decided. But whatever it will be I promised myself, not to keep myself in uncomfortable position. I knew no matter how hard I try I can’t win over the desire in my heart. And honestly I never wanted to win.

Well too much rubbish. Getting on with the excitement. Foot worship saga still continues!!!

At breakfast table I asked both mom and my cousin how was their sleep. Was their tiredness over or still haunting them? My mom said she had nice sleep and to my disappointment cousin had good one too. That means no more massage offers. Shit! Next few hours were gone watching TV, some market and bit of garden walk. It wasn’t till 1 pm that my luck started to favour me again. I had chatted with my cousin in morning but nothing was about her feet. After 1 pm I went to her room and asked her what she was doing. She told me she is reading some magazines to pass time. I asked her why isn’t she watching TV. She replied that no good is on TV today. I was thinking for something to initiate foot events with her. I asked her “what you have for me in stores today”. She asked me what I meant by it. I joked “have you forgotten I am your slave for a week”. She started laughing too. She said “well since I can’t ask you to clean the house or my clothes I don’t know what to ask you for”. I said “what? Were you planning me to wash your clothes and cleaning house. I am not your real slave, am i? It is just fun thing remember.” She laughed harder and said “of course I wasn’t going to make you do them, I was only joking”. I smiled sheepishly. Of course I said all this to hide my will to be her slave. So what will you do now she asked me? Instantly I said let me massage your feet more because you slept last night and didn’t enjoyed my massage. She said ok.

So there was I again at the feet of a goddess. Her soft soles in my hand. Toes at my will. She wiggled her toes a bit which only made me harder. I sat by her feet holding her foot by utmost care. Why are feet of girls so light and delicate? Caressing them in between I moved my fingers in orderly fashion up and down her foot. She closed her eyes. I tickled her foot. She asked me why. I replied because I don’t want you to sleep this time. She said she was just relaxing. I continued my magic. Gorgeous soles at hand, sweet aroma filling insides that’s all a foot slave can desire from goddess like her. I repeated massage to her both foot alternately for nearly 40 minutes. When she said thanks it’s enough. I wanted to continue but had to stop. To my pleasure she didn’t removed her feet from my lap. I kept softly caressing her feet from insteps. She then asked me “if you were not my slave, joking, then would you still like to touch my feet.” I asked her why? She said “I mean generally no one like to touch feet, isn’t it?” To which I replied maybe. But her feet remained in my lap during the whole conversation. Our talk deviated towards other things like my school, games, and plans for future. Now to take back it to her feet I asked her “I am sure you will make your husband your slave, isn’t it?” she laughed “why you say so”. I said “I mean you like someone at your feet, isn’t it”. She laughed a bit more then said “maybe he will be same as you. Caring and ready to do as I wish. But he will not be my slave. You are not my slave too. I always feel comfortable while talking to you like I am with my female friends.” I said really. Then she said “I am feeling hungry. Let me ask aunt if she has prepared lunch.” She withdrew her feet from my lap and went to my mom. We were at lunch table 15 minutes later.

I worked on my holiday homework after that. She was with me in my room reading some novels from my shelf. But we didn’t talk as both of us were busy. She had novel to read while I had two jobs on my hand. One was doing my homework and other was watching her feet. She even dangled her slippers few times unknowingly. I enjoyed all occasionally went into future plans in my mind. Plans formed and diluted inside my mind. Plans not only about her feet but also about other feet I was going to worship in my life. Time went with that. In the evening, I don’t remember the time now, we went for evening walk. There we talked about schools and friends only. Then back home we started watching TV, had dinner and some more TV. My mom went to sleep later. Then she asked me whether I would mind giving her company because she was not sleepy at that time. I agreed for obvious reasons. Well apart from her feet we went well with each other for normal things too.

We kept watching TV till 11 or so. She wanted to stretch her feet on sofa. So she asked me would I mind moving to chair. I said “I am not going anywhere. If you need to stretch, go yourself”. She said “I am threatening you, you are under the danger zone of crushing under my feet” we both laughed. I didn’t move so she stretched her feet onto my lap. We continued watching TV. I assumed it would be safe to touch her feet now after all those massages. So I put my hand on her ankles without removing my eyes off TV. She didn’t react. I tickled her a bit. Because of this happening suddenly she flinched and removed her legs. I laughed at her. She kicked me softly by her right foot and asked me not to do it. I replied why shouldn’t I? She was in the game for sure “ok let’s play a game. You tickle my feet and I will resist. Let’s see who wins” I said “ok let’s go for it”. So I started tickling her feet. She continued to resist for a minute or 2 but had to laugh after that. I jumped with joy saying I win, you lose etc. she accepted her defeat and said “ok so since you win you need not be my slave for rest of the days”. I was shocked as if my insides were paralysed. I never thought this will shape up like this. But I couldn’t think of anything else. So I had to pretend like I was happy as hell. When we departed for our beds later, I was hopeless. Never thought was has been a fun ride will end like this. In my bed I kept thinking what next. Before I slept I remember being in deep thoughts.

Day 5:

I woke up with slight headache or maybe it was just heaviness in my mind. No ideas came to my mind.

Now it was maybe 9 am when I had call on my mobile. It was from my friend who wanted me to join him and some other friends for a movie. I didn’t want to go but since no idea developed in my mind I agreed. Well I went to the movie it was 3 pm – 6 pm movie.

Now you may think my whole day was wasted. But surprisingly it was at the movie where I got an excellent idea to be under beautiful feet of my cousin. In the movie there was a scene where the actress put her gorgeous and tasty looking feet on chest of the hero in a seductive scene.
That was the ticket. I had gotten my idea. I thought about all those things which a foot slave desires. That includes kissing, sucking, licking and trampling. I had chance to paint her toes, kiss her feet and bite them softly. Now what I needed was trampling, sucking toes, using my tongue on her superb soles. Use of my tongue was a farfetched idea with my cousin. So I thought why not trampling. All I had to do was think of a plan to get trampled under feet of goddess. I watched the remaining movie only to see if there are more foot scenes.

I keep planning inside my mind. Plans formed and went like air. When I reached home I had my plan ready. Mom and cousin asked how my day was. Then we ate food and watched TV. I was a bit tired so I departed to my room after some time. There I lay rested on my bed when my cousin entered the room. She told me my mum has also gone to sleep and she was not sleepy. We talked about my day. She asked me if I had some female friends with me today. Unfortunately there were none. We talked about more things in general when I really started to feel sleepy. I said good night to her and she was gone after that.

Day 6:

When I woke up next morning I felt surprisingly light and full of confidence. Today I had to show every possible ounce of my acting skills. That was the plan. At breakfast I told mom that I am having sore back and will rest in my room. Mom asked me if I wanted some ointment which I denied. I went to my room. Now what I needed was bit of luck. That I got when my cousin arrived in my room. She asked me how I was. I said “back still sore. Maybe it needs bit of stretching.” she asked me again if I needed an ointment. I wanted to say that all I want is serious trampling by your feet. But I had to put it in a natural way. So I said “would you mind if you stand on my back for a while. I had it earlier and I know that helps”. To which she replied “yes I know that helps but won’t my weight be too much for that” what the ### I thought. “No I don’t think that would be a problem. I can take that weight easily. Don’t insult my strength” she laughed childishly “oh so you are a superman”. “No I am heman” I said. We both laughed. What I needed was just a bit of luck but what I got was much more than that. Mom came into room and said that she needed to go some shopping with neighbour and will be late. She told us she had already made our lunch. Can you believe it? I won’t believe if it hasn’t happened to me. All seemed so easy.

Later after mom was gone shopping me and my cousin were back in my room. I was excited and it was a bit hard to control my soldier. Well cousin was ready to trample me. I lied on my bed on my stomach. She asked me jokingly “do you want me to remove sleepers?” she laughed and I wished if only that can happen. Well she removed her sleepers got on the bed. First she put one of her foot on my back and asked me if I was ready for it. I signalled her green light. And then the moment of my dream was there. She was full weight on my back. She kept moving slowly up and down from my lower back to upper back. Sometimes she went further down to my hips and laughed taking some small jumps as if my hips were spring. I enjoyed it all. Well I directed her to move up and down now and then. She did as I asked her. Sometimes she would touch my back of neck and my hairs with her feet that I don’t know if she did it on purpose. It was nearly half an hour when she asked me if I was better. I told her I was ok but it is not helping as I expected. I suggested it is probably because I am lying on soft bed. She said “yeah it maybe. But what are other options” I said “I can try lying on floor.” She said “no that may hurt” I said “again you are insulting my strength. I think that would be better. In fact we should have done that earlier” she then agreed. When I got up she told me that my shirt was bit dirty maybe because of her feet.” Now I asked her what to do? She suggested “if it is ok for you take off your shirt” I said “yes it is good idea”. Then I removed my shirt and lay on the floor on my back. Trampling that I experienced earlier was nothing as compared to this one. Barefoot goddess on my bare back. This is what only lucky foot slaves have. I was one of them. She moved up and down so slowly as if it would hurt me. Maybe she didn’t want to hurt me. I was in heaven. Now I was greedy. I want her to trample my chest. But how?

After another half an hour of back trampling she stepped down from my back. I said thanks to her. She said it was fun for her too. She told me she did this sometimes to her father when she was small. I told her “see I am strong. I can take you for hours.” She smiled “well having someone standing on back is not much of strength showing act” I raised my voice a bit “then what is strength showing act. Someone jumping on your back or someone standing on chest” I had laid my cards well. She said “yeah maybe that is bit strong” now I knew this can be my only chance to have her on my chest. I lied back on the floor but this time on my back and said “well let me show you I have strength”. She was shocked. She said “are you serious? I was only joking” I replied “maybe you were joking but I wasn’t. I am sure I will bear it all.” Now she was kind of adamant “no, no I am not doing that”. I was panicking but controlled my spirit. I said “it seems you are not ready to lose another bet” now she changed. Girls have ego. She said “all right. Maybe you deserve it. Another loss from my hand” and she was right next to me next instant. She said “get ready now. Full force coming on you”. I said “let it come”

She stepped at once on me. Right foot first and left was there before I knew. Again the same feeling. Goddess trampling me full weight. She started from my stomach and then to my chest. She asked “how is it? Ready to lose” I laughed. She is slim trim figure. So not much of a weight. Though some was their but it was enjoyable to the extreme. She kept moving. This continued for 15-20 minutes when she started to lose her patience. I had not shown any sign that she was being heavy on me. So she jumped on me. Still I was strong. Then she jumped 5-6 times continuously. They were not high jumps rather lower one. But I sighed on last 2 jumps. This she considered me defeated. She stepped down jumping very happily. “I won I won yes” she kept saying. I had no option but to accept my defeat. But this defeat was something I would love to take again and again. Not only because of that trample but also because of what happened next. When I tried to get up she put her foot on my chest making me lie again. She said you are loser; let me have some winning poses. Then she kept her foot on my chest and used her hand as mike. She announced on her hand mike “the match between “(toe sucker)” and “(goddess)” have won by (goddess).” That is she used her and my names there. She ordered me to lie there for some time. What was dream of my life was am match for her. Well I got what I wanted. I grabbed her foot, lifted it and kissed it. She said “you need not kiss my foot for losing” and she laughed. I asked her what I needed to do then. She told me “maybe you should give me nice massage because my feet have worked hard for you” whoa!! I was about to explode both in my mind and my pants. Then I said “ok I accept that”

We talked about the trampling for some time. She asked me if I was ok after all that jumping. She even apologised. I told her no need to apologise as competition is competition. She then said well “then get going. Give me my much deserved massage” I said “anything else you want miss winner”. She said sheepishly “you told me earlier that you will wash my feet. Would you?” this was too much. How can one get so lucky with her cousin!!! Unbelievable. I just hope you all believe. This may have happened to some of you too. I would like to know.

I washed her feet a bit which was fun. She was not very keen about this and it was short. I wanted to do more of washing. Then I dried her feet by towel. It was then time for nice massage which we both deserve. I used all my expertise to perform that. It was a nice 20 minutes massage. I hope you all forgive me for wrapping last part in hurry. I am bit tired and want to read some more foot worship stories here. Also not much of a story is left.

Day 7:

I thought next morning maybe I should try for the last thing a foot guy desires. Licking and sucking feet of a goddess. But unfortunately we had a call next morning that my cousin needed to go back on that very day and her father would be arriving that afternoon. Well she departed in the evening and left me wishing I had just some more time with her cute feet.

That was all with that cousin. We have talked on phone but nothing about our adventures. Well how can we? But this doesn’t mean I have nothing else to tell. One small foot event with my female friend, but that’s nothing much to tell. Another small story which I don’t know whether it is of the value to be shared. But now I have a girlfriend which is very open about sex and foot worship. But that’s for next time. Meanwhile please tell me how my experience was. How do you like it? And if I should really go on to tell my next one!!!


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