by Randy S. Lavery

My job had me traveling a great deal of time; sometimes I would have to spend several days and nights in a row living on fast food and staying in small town motels. It got old after awhile.

One little town turned out to be better than I had thought it would be, though. In fact it became one of my favorite places to visit, all because of one special girl.

I was eating lunch in one of the fast food joints. The place wasn’t real crowded, but it wasn’t empty either. She came in to the dining area carrying a tray of food and with a big canvas tote bag dangling from one hand. She set the tote bag in a chair at the table next to mine and then slid her tray onto the table. While she was taking off her jacket and hanging it on the back of a chair, though, the tote bag started slowly tipping over. I started to call her attention to the falling bag, but before I could say anything it had flopped down in the chair and poured its contents out onto the floor. The noise it made startled her, and she quickly turned around and stared at the pile of her belongings spread between our two tables.

I leaned over in my chair and started helping pick up the loose items. The nearest object to my seat was a book, lying face down. I picked it up, turned it over and glanced at the cover as I held it out to her. It was “The Story of O,” a classic erotic book about a woman who willingly becomes the sex slave of a man. It appeared to be a well-read copy.

Her face turned crimson as she snatched the book from my hand and stuffed it back into her satchel. Each time she looked at me as I continued to help her gather her things she turned a little redder. Finally the last of the stuff was back in the bag. She stared at her feet for a moment and then quietly said, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” I said. “Would you care to share my table?”

She flicked a quick glance up at my face and her embarrassment was increased when she saw my friendly smile.

Staring at her feet again, she said, “No thanks, this table is fine.” Her voice was small, and I could hardly hear her.

“Please. I get so tired of eating alone when I’m in a strange town.”

This time her glance was longer. Her blush deepened, but at last she nodded slightly.


As she moved her bag and her tray of food to my table, she took great care to insure that the tote was not going to turn over again. Then we sat down and introduced ourselves. Her name, she said, was Karen.

We chatted over our respective lunches for awhile, making the casual sort of conversation people engage in when they don’t know each other. It appeared to me that she was checking me out when she thought I wasn’t looking. I know that I was checking her out.

Karen appeared to be in her mid 20’s, and was what could only be described as plump. Not fat, but definitely Rubenesque. Well-padded, you might say. I strongly suspected that her loose blouse provided camouflage for a pair of really nice sized tits. Her hair was shoulder length, medium brown. Her eyes were green, and strikingly pretty. When I cracked a little joke and made her laugh, though, her smile was radiant; it transformed her into one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen.

We sat and talked over our soft drinks when the food was gone. She was off work for a couple of days, it seemed, because she had some vacation time she had to use or lose. I explained that I was in town for a few days on business, with no fixed schedule for when I had to head home.

Finally I mentioned her book. “I’ve read that book you have.”

She immediately turned crimson again and stared at the table top.

“Have you read it yet?”

She was quiet for a moment and then, in a whisper, said, “Yes, several times. I think it is my favorite book of all that I’ve read.”

“What about it appeals to you, do you think?”

She paused as if thinking, and then slowly said, “I’m fascinated by the image of this woman giving herself totally to her man, to be his total slave.”

“Do you fantasize about putting yourself into such a situation?”

This time the pause was much longer, and when the response came, the voice was much softer. “Yes.”

“Have you ever done anything like that?”


“Why not?”

“I’ve never had a chance. In fact, I’ve never even really had a boyfriend.”

I waited a moment before asking the next question. “If you had the chance, would you take it?”

She straightened up and looked at me, her eyes searching my face. Finally, her eyes locked on mine, she said, “Yes, I think I would.”

I leaned back in my chair and glanced around the restaurant. There were still a few patrons there, but most of the lunch crowd had headed off for other places. I looked back at Karen, her eyes were still locked onto my face, waiting for my next move.

“Prove it,” I challenged.

“How? What can I do to prove that I would become a total slave?”

The ball was in my court. I leaned towards her and asked, “What are you wearing under your street clothes?”

I could tell she was flustered; the question had come out of left field somewhere. I just smiled and waited for an answer.

“The..uh, you know, uh… the usual stuff.”

“What exactly?”

“Well,…you know, a bra, panties…the usual.”

“Anything else?” She was wearing a skirt. I figured probably a slip and pantyhose.

“Okay,” she said with a sigh, blushing a deeper red than any I had seen on her face up that point. “Bra, panties, slip, garter belt and stockings. Is that the proof you wanted?”

“No, that’s not proof of anything. This would be proof: go to the ladies room and take off your bra and panties. Leave the bra hanging on a hook in there somewhere, and bring the panties back here and give them to me.”

Karen just stared at me for a minute. “Are you serious?”

“Sure. Weren’t you?”

She continued to stare. I could almost hear the wheels in her mind turning as she thought about it. At last she said, “Yes, I was.”

With that she excused herself, stood up, and headed towards the ladies room. While she was gone I went and got a refill on my drink and then returned to the table just as she came out of the hallway in the back. The dark spots of her nipples were faintly visible and the hardened tips created distinct protrusions in the front of her blouse. The heavy breasts which I had suspected she carried swayed back and forth erotically as she walked. She slid back into her chair and reached out to hand me a small bundle of fabric.


The wadded up panties were slightly damp, and there was a faint but definite aroma of aroused female exuding from them.

I smiled at her. “Not yet. But I think I’m going to be.”

She dropped her hands into her lap and stared at them, blushing again, and very quietly she whispered, almost to herself, “I hope so.”

I think she was smiling.

We left together.

We made several stops on the way back to her house. Karen had been walking around town, doing some errands when she stopped in for lunch and met me, so I drove her around to take care of her chores. The biggest errand she had planned was to pick up some groceries; I pushed her cart around while she picked out what she needed. I was enjoying watching her. I like big tits, and she definitely had a nice set of them. Even more of a turn-on than watching her jugs jiggle under her blouse, though, was watching the smooth outline of her ass under her skirt, and knowing that it was so smooth because I had her panties in my pocket.

Midway down one deserted aisle Karen whispered to me, “I’ve never been out in public without any underwear on at all before. I feel like some sort of slut.”

“Think about your book, though,” I whispered back. “Wasn’t O forbidden to cover herself. In fact, she was often required to wear special clothing which exposed her, wasn’t she?”

“That’s true,” she whispered as we headed for the check out line.

The checker, a young man who must have been on work-release from high school, was true to his job title: he checked Karen out thoroughly. He had a hard time taking his eyes off of her tits long enough to ring up her purchases. She tried to ignore his stares, but wasn’t completely successful. She was blushing as she accepted her change and we left the store.

At last I drove her home. She lived in a pleasant bungalow on a quiet side street. Just the right kind of house, I thought, for a couple just starting out or, as in Karen’s case, a single person.

I pulled the car up the drive and stopped just in front of the door to the detached garage. We got out and I helped her carry her groceries up onto the screened-in back porch. After she opened the back door, we carried the sacks into the kitchen, where I handed her the items as she put them away.

After she showed me around the little house, I made myself comfortable on the sofa. Karen stood, nervously fidgeting with the seams on her skirt. It took me awhile, but I finally convinced her to sit down across from me so we could talk some more.

I began to ask her about her sexual practices. When she fantasized about living the story of O, how far did her fantasies go? Did she masturbate? Did she ever experiment with herself, trying to act out some of her fantasies? Did she ever use any sexual devices or tools on herself? What kind of devices or tools did she have?

She blushed continuously, but answered all of my questions.

Finally I said, “I’d like you to give me a demonstration of what you do when you get all worked up with a hot fantasy.”

It was time for Karen to really prove herself. Up to this point she was not totally committed; she had been enjoying a good hot teasing. Now she had to put up or shut up.

She stared at me for a moment, obviously trying to decide if she really wanted to go through with it. I could tell that she was aroused already. Her skin was slightly flushed, and there was a sheen of perspiration on her forehead and in the hollow of her throat. Her breathing was a little more rapid than seemed normal, and with every breath her breasts rose against the soft fabric of her blouse. Her nipples were quite obviously very erect.

At last she dropped her eyes and said, “Yes, sir. I’d be happy to give you a demonstration.” Then she left the room.

She came back with a small bag which she placed beside her chair. Then she faced me, looked in my eyes for a moment, and then began.

She ran her hands up her thighs and across her abdomen to her tits. She cupped the massive breasts and lifted them up slightly, stroking with her thumbs the erect nipples which were creating large cone shaped protrusions in the fabric of her blouse. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she moaned softly.

Karen then began to unbutton her blouse with one hand as she continued to caress one breast with the other. Then she switched to using both hands to undo the buttons. Moving very quickly she untucked the shirttail from the waist band of her skirt, and when the last of the buttons had been undone she paused. Her cleavage was exposed all the way to below her navel; portions of her large breasts were visible. Then, after taking a deep breath, she revealed her giant tits to me as she pulled back her blouse and slid it off her shoulders and to the floor.

Each of her boobs was the size of a cantelope. The pale skin was traced with light blue veins, and there were the faintest hints of stretch marks around the edges where the fleshy melons attached to her ample torso. Her youth did her proud as there was only the slightest trace of sag to her breasts; the dark puckered knobs of her nipples were only a little below the apparent center of the enormous tits.

Karen caressed her breasts, lifting them up and holding them in her hands, pinching the nipples and pulling on the protruding flesh. She squeezed both nips real hard then, throwing her head back and groaning loudly as she did so. Then, using both hands, she pulled one breast upward and stretched her neck forward and down until she was able to get the hard nipple of that tit into her mouth. At first she just sucked on her nipple, making happy hungry noises as her lips massaged the dark wrinkles of her aerolae. Then, to my surprise, she bared her teeth and bit her own nipple hard, grinding a bit and shaking her head back and forth like a dog pulling on a piece of cloth. After a minute or so of chewing on her tit, she paused briefly to catch her breath and then gave the other tit the same treatment. By the time she was finished chewing on her other boob she was panting for breath and sweat was beading up on her forehead.

She didn’t miss a beat, though. She just unfastened the catch on her skirt and pulled down the zipper as she slowly turned around to face away from me. The skirt slid over her hips and down her legs as she released it, landing in a pile around her ankles. Her butt was well padded and almost heart shaped. It rippled slightly as she stepped out of the wad of fabric around her feet and then kicked it to one side out of her way. Her hands reached behind her to caress the large ass which was facing me, and as they dragged over the flesh the crack between the two cheeks briefly widened to reveal her dusky pink nether eye for a second. Then the two globes came together again as Karen began to turn back around to face me again.

My eyes were drawn immediately to the triangular shaped patch of light brown fur at the point where her legs met. The tufts of hair that were visible between her legs, where they lightly covered the puffy flesh on either side of her slit, were damp. I could see glistening traces on her legs where her juices were trickling down onto the top of her hosiery. She stood there with her eyes closed for a moment, letting me look over her exposed flesh. Now she was wearing nothing except the garter belt and hose and her high-heeled shoes.

I drank in the sight. I prefer women with some substance to their bodies, and Karen had plenty of substance to offer. I was turned on big time from watching her slowly strip and reveal her ample body to me. There was more to my arousal than just seeing her naked, though. It was knowing that I was the first man ever to see her undressed like this and that she had exposed herself to me as an act of willing submission to the only one in the whole world who knew of her secret desire to be a sex slave that made the moment seem so intensely erotic. My hard-on was aching in the confines of my pants; I stoked the fire of my own desire by lightly stroking the taut bulge in my lap.

At last Karen opened her eyes and continued her show for me. She rummaged in the bag she had brought out and produced a large vibrator, then sat down on the chair facing me and leaned back as she propped her high-heeled shoes up on the coffee table. Her legs were spread wide, revealing the wet gash of her pussy to my sight. The vibrator began to buzz as she slowly slid it up and down the length of her fleshy slit. Her puffy pussy lips began to enfold the object as she worked it deeper into the creamy groove. At last she left it there with just the tip visible near her asshole and the base visible near the point of her fuzzy triangle. While the vibrator was embedded lengthwise in her wet slit, buzzing away, she played with her breasts some more, pinching, sucking and biting on her nipples. Then she reached down at last and slipped the vibrator free from the encircling flesh which held it in place.

She held the object in her right hand then, and with her left she spread her cunt lips wide to reveal the little knob of her clit. Gently she moved the buzzing tip of the tool toward the little bud. As the vibes hit the bundle of nerves she began to lose it a little, thrashing back and forth and making little screaming noises. She moved the tip of the buzzer around in circles, coming closer and then moving away to her sensitive clit. Each time it actually touched her joy button her body would shake until she moved it away again; each time she seemed to move to a higher level of excitement.

Soon she was panting. Her skin was flushed with arousal and sweat was beading up between her tits and also dripping off of her forehead.

She placed the tip of the vibrator against her clit one last time and just held it there. I could tell she was approaching a massive orgasm as the muscles in her neck began to knot up. Her head was thrown back, her mouth was open as she gasped for breath. Suddenly her whole body began to quake. Her tits slapped together repeatedly as she spasmed, and her head snapped forward. Karen pressed her legs together then to hold the vibrator in place against her clit and began to squeeze her tits with her now free hands. A second and then a third wave swept over her, each seeming more powerful than the former. At last a final great orgasm shattered her as she lifted a tit to her mouth and bit hard on the nipple.

For a moment she was all tensed up, nearly ripping the big boob free from her chest as it was held solely by her teeth. Then suddenly she released the abused nipple from her mouth as she screamed with pleasure and then went limp. The still buzzing vibrator fell to the carpeted floor as her legs splayed apart. Pussy juice drooled from her cunt making a puddle on the edge of the chair that trickled over onto the carpet. For several minutes Karen just flopped there in the chair, panting for air.

I was turned on. I wanted to stand up, pull my cock from my pants and give it the few strokes it would take to send my pent up wad spewing across her hot body. Better still, I wanted to plunge my stiff shaft into any or all of her orifices and pump her so full of cum that it would run out of her ears. However, since jumping and humping virgins can get you in trouble sometimes, even one who has just put on a hot masturbation show for you, I thought I would wait for an invitation. Besides, I thought, she might not be through yet.

I was right. Once she had gotten her breath back Karen got up from the chair, picked up the vibrator and turned it off then dropped it back into her bag. Reaching into the bag she then produced a very life-like artificial cock and scrotum with a suction cup back on it. She licked the suction cup part and then stuck it to the surface of the coffee table in front of me. Kneeling beside the table, she began to fellate the dildo.

Her tongue ran up and down the length of the plastic shaft. She kissed the tip of the artificial dong and then slowly began to suck the realistic cock into her mouth. The purplish head disappeared from view as her lips slid down the length of the thickly veined rod. Her mouth made several trips up and down the object, each time sliding a little farther down then the time before.

At last she slid her mouth up off of the toy, letting the flared head pop free of her mouth. It glistened with her saliva as she repositioned the object in the center of the table, then rearranged the table itself so that she could straddle it and still face me, which she did. Bending her knees, she lowered herself until the still wet tip of the dildo was rubbing against her pussy slit. She wiggled her bottom around a bit and then, satisfied with her positioning, began to let herself drop slowly toward the table top. I could see the shaft of the dildo disappearing into her love tunnel as her broad butt sank towards the polished wood surface. When she was finally seated on the table she leaned back to give me a clear view of her penetrated cunt. Wet ringlets of her pubic hair were plastered to her inner thighs and pussy lips, as well as the shaft of the artificial cock which protruded from her body.

Karen began to rock back and forth, causing the dildo to partially withdraw and then plunge back into her cunt. She gave me a clear view of the grasping action of her pussy lips as they clung to the tool as it slid outward from her wet inner depths and as they then turned inward to slide along the surface of the phallus as it slowly buried itself back inside her hot body.

After a few slow, deep-pumping strokes Karen raised herself up off of the artificial penis and then turned around to face away from me. Once again she then lowered herself onto the waiting dildo, burying it all the way into her cunt as she dropped all the way straight down to the table top. Leaning forward slightly for leverage and bracing her hands against the edges of the table, she used the strength of her legs to begin lifting and lowering her body up and down the shaft.

She fucked herself on the plastic cock like that for several minutes, slowly picking up speed. By the time she slammed herself down hard against the table screaming with another orgasm the sweat was once again pouring off of her body. Droplets of perspiration ran off of her forehead and dripped off of the tip of her nose. Rivulets were dribbling off of her hard pointed nipples, leaving little puddles on the table. She ground her pubes against the molded scrotum of her dildo, squeezing out the maximum pleasure of her orgasm.

Before the body-quaking orgasm had completely subsided Karen lifted herself completely off of the dildo, turned around and bent over to hungrily suck her cunt juice off of the object. It was like watching her give head as she took the artificial cock deeper and deeper into her mouth to suck the cream coating off of it. She got it into her mouth as deep as she had before, but this time didn’t stop. With the tool obviously nudging against her tonsils she paused, took a deep breath, and then began to work the knobby head on into her throat. Her lips strained to reach farther down the shaft of the toy penis until suddenly, apparently, the head of the cock slid deep into her wide-open throat. Her chin was quickly resting on the simulated scrotum at the base of the sex toy and the whole shaft was completely deep-throated.

She paused a moment, apparently using her tongue to clean her juices from the shaft buried in her throat. As she began to be desperate for air she at last began to push her face back up from the table top and to let the dildo slide out of her throat. After the head had finally popped completely out of her mouth she rested for a moment, pressing her cheek against the saliva-coated phallus as she gasped for breath.

I wondered how much more of this performance I could watch before I had to have some relief for my aching, throbbing cock. I also thought to myself that Karen had so far buried that realistic looking dong all the way into two of her three major orifices, and wondered if she planned on going for the third.

She did.

As soon as she was able to move again, Karen grabbed her bag, pulled out a tube of lubricant, squeezed some onto the tip of the hard shaft, and then smeared it around to make the whole object slippery. Once again she stood with her back to me, straddling the table. Leaning forward for a moment, the cheeks of her butt spread slightly to reveal her puckered brown asshole to my view, along with a nice shot of her gaping and drooling cunt lips. After squirting a little of the lubricant onto her finger tip, she reached up between her legs to spread her butt a bit wider. The greased tip of her finger circled briefly around her anus and then disappeared into it up to the second knuckle. She twisted it around for a moment and then withdrew it.

Once again she lowered her great behind toward the table top where the dildo was attached by its suction cup. This time she did not lean forward, so that the tip of the tool took aim not at the gash of her cunt but at the crack of her ass. When she felt the lubed tip nudging around her butt, Karen reached under her to guide the object. I saw the purple knob strike home into her anal opening, sinking in just a bit.

Satisfied with the aim of the dildo, Karen straightened up, taking care to not dislodge the head from her asshole. When she was vertical the weight of her body began to slowly press her down onto the tool which was penetrating her ass. I shifted my position to get a better view, and saw her anal sphincter gradually spread itself wider to admit the invading object as the head of the dildo inched deeper into her. As the purple knob disappeared through her nether opening and into her rectum, the speed of penetration picked up. A couple of times Karen braced herself to stop the slow impalement, and once she pushed herself an inch or so back up before letting her weight begin to press her downward once again. When about two-thirds of the shaft was buried in her ass she stopped dropping for a minute. She sort of hung there until she shifted her position slightly. It was as if some internal barrier had been penetrated at that moment, for she just dropped almost straight down, taking the last several inches into her bowels in an instant.

She leaned back slightly and squirmed, apparently savoring the feeling of being completely skewered up her rear channel. I got up and walked around to in front of her where I could see that her eyes were completely closed. She was playing with her big tits again, too, squeezing and tugging on the nipples. As I watched, she lifted one tit to her mouth and placed the nipple in it. At first I thought she was sucking on herself again, but when she let go of the boob I could tell that once again she was holding the entire breast up with her teeth. She then leaned back farther, pressing her ass down harder against the dildo buried completely in her gut and bracing herself with one hand.

With the free hand she reached for her cunt and began to masturbate herself. She flicked her clit and then pinched it. A low moan erupted from her throat and she shook the nipple she held tightly between her teeth. Then she used her thumb to continue to massage and stimulate her clit while she slipped her fingers up into her cunt. Very quickly she made herself come, and when she finally opened her mouth to scream with pleasure and her tit fell heavily against her chest, I could see teeth marks surrounding the abused nipple from where she had been grinding on it.

Before the orgasm was hardly over Karen leaned forward slightly and began to raise herself up off of the dildo buried in her ass. I thought for a moment that she was about finished with her little show, but I was wrong. The dildo did not make it out of her rectum; it disappeared from view again as she began to fuck herself feverishly on it. Over and over it appeared and then disappeared as she raised and lowered herself. Occasionally she would reach underneath her to finger fuck herself. She bit her lip as another orgasm racked her body as she slammed her fleshy butt against the table.

Karen paused for a moment then to reach for her bag. She pulled out a small vibrator, turned it on and then stuffed it completely into her twat. Once the buzzing object had disappeared from view she resumed the major assfucking she had been giving herself. The combination of the dildo pumping her asshole and the vibrator buzzing away in her vagina must have been something, because she quickly started a long series of orgasms. She never stopped humping her ass on the dildo spearing into her rectum as she moaned and groaned with pleasure.

After four or five orgasms, each obviously more powerful than the one before it, Karen reached a massive peak. She was making little barking sounds as it hit, and her eyes were wide but unseeing. Her whole body was flushed a hot pink color and was glistening with sweat.

Suddenly she tensed up, her neck arching backward as she drew in a deep, hissing breath through clenched teeth. Her tits, which had been banging and slapping against each other, quivered. I could almost hear the faint buzzing sound of the vibrator buried in her vagina, tight up against the stuffed bowel, as she went over the edge.

Karen cried out as the massive wave of pleasure rolled through her body. The wave lifted her clear up and off of the dildo which had been buried deep in her gut. It made an audible popping sound as the head snapped free of the abused sphincter ring muscle. In a blind frenzy she threw herself at the dildo, still standing tall off of the table but now coated with streaks of brown juices, and began to lick and suck the object clean. Tears were streaming from her eyes as the little vibrator in her cunt kept her cresting on that wave of joy.

Eventually the wave spent itself, though, and Karen collapsed on the table, almost too weak to move. She was barely able to retrieve the little buzzer from her cunt, and was too dazed to be able to turn it off.

I took the small toy from her hand, turned it off, and dropped it back into her bag. Then I sat back down to wait for her to recover.

It was several minutes before her breasts had stopped heaving, and several more minutes before her body stopped trembling. At last she managed to hoist herself off of the sweat covered coffee table and move to the chair where she collapsed for a few more minutes. Only after she was no longer panting did she finally get out of the chair.

Karen moved over to where I was sitting on the sofa and stood naked before me. She spread her arms wide and said, “That’s what I do when I get all worked up. I have had a lot of practice at it, because fantasies and masturbation are all I’ve ever had for a sex life. One thing I have to say, though. I never came quite like that last one before. That was the most intense I’ve ever experienced.”

I smiled at her. “Why do you think that is?”

She knelt slowly in front of me. “I think it was because the whole time I was performing for you I was fantasizing about being your slave, your O, and that all of the sensations I was feeling were from you. That made me hotter than I’ve ever been before.”

I stood up; she remained on her knees in front of me. “Would you really want to be a sex slave?”

She stared at the bulge in the front of my pants which was right in front of her eyes, and she licked her lips.

“Please don’t tease me. I’m sure that it’s too much to hope for that my fantasies can ever come true, but yes, I would want to be a sex slave. If I hadn’t proved it by what I did at the restaurant, I should have by what I did here just now.”

“Why is it too much to hope for?”

“I know I’m not pretty; I’m too fat to be pretty, so I know that I’ll probably never have a boy friend or a husband. I’ve never been able to reveal my secret fantasies to anyone before, and I’ve never been undressed in front of a man before either. There’s never been anyone interested in knowing about me or seeing me undressed until today. But I also know that you are just passing through town and I’ll probably never see you again. So please don’t tease me with the thought that my fantasies might come true with you.”

I reached out and stroked her cheek, saying, “I think you are very pretty.”

She lowered her eyes for a moment and said, “Thank you, but I know better. I’m fat.” Then she began to stare at the swollen lump in my pants again.

“No, you’re voluptuous, and I also think you are very sexy,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind coming around to see you occasionally. In fact, I think I would rather enjoy it.”

She licked her lips again, and then softly said, “Could I be your slave, then?”

“I think you will make a fine slave.”

She looked up at my face, her eyes shining with joy. A smile caressed her lips and she said, “May I…could I…?” Her eyes flicked toward my groin.

“I want you to, very much.”

She reached out for my zipper and gently tugged it down. Then she rooted around in my pants until she had freed the throbbing erection imprisoned there. It sprung rigid from my open fly, and she caressed it gently.

“I’ve never seen or touched a real one, you know,” she whispered. “May I satisfy you?”

“It won’t take much. That show you just put on has me ready to pop now. Just stroke it slowly and soon it will unload.”

“Can I spray it all over myself and let it soak in?”

“Go ahead.”

She began to stroke my hard cock, slowly sliding the foreskin back to reveal my dark purple knob glistening with pre-cum ooze. Each slow stroke of her hand on my dick caused another droplet of juice to seep from the pee-hole.

Karen leaned closer to me and began to lick off the juices which coated my organ. Then she demonstrated on my stiff rod the deep-throating technique she had developed with the dildo. I watched my hard shaft disappear into her hot mouth, and I felt the muscles of her throat working themselves around my knob as she swallowed it down her gullet. She paused at last with her nose buried in the pubic hair which bristled in my open fly and then pulled back slowly, maintaining a heavy suction on my cock as it slid through her tightly pursed lips.

By the time my swollen knob had popped out of her mouth, now coated with her saliva, my nuts were beginning to tighten up. I groaned as Karen wrapped her hand around my cock and began to pump it in earnest.

“Oh, yeah…that’s it….do it………”

Every muscle in my body began to knot up as my release approached. My balls were churning, full of liquid fire. Karen squeezed my cock as she pumped it, using a milking sort of action. Suddenly her hand job pushed me over the edge.

My body jerked upright as the tension in all the muscles of my body began to work in unison to pump out the thick cream stored in my balls. The first explosive blast launched a thick stream of white jism straight at her face. About half of that first wad landed in her open mouth. The rest splattered her forehead, nose and cheeks. The second wad sprayed wildly, getting into her hair and coating what areas of her face the first shot had missed.

Karen continued stroking my cock, pumping several more shots of hot cum out of the slotted tip. She managed to get a blast onto each of her huge tits, and by the time I finished spurting and she quit milking my cock there was a glob of cum sliding down the great valley between her breasts and across her abdomen.

My knees were weak almost to the point of buckling, and I was shaking all over. I braced one hand against the top of her head for support while I caught my breath. At last I was able to stand back up straight.

Karen was smearing my cum onto her body and rubbing it into the skin. She wiped the splatters out of her hair and rubbed her sticky hands across her ass. When she discovered a wad of jism clinging to one nipple, she picked up that breast and sucked it off.

A large drop of sticky juice drooled from the tip of my cock, now limply protruding from my open fly. Karen leaned closer, caught the droplet on her tongue and then began to lick my dick clean. When every trace of my cum had been cleaned away, she leaned back onto her heels, looked up at me and said, “Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome.” What else could I say?


This story is taken from the missing site:

Special thanks to: Randy S. Lavery

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