by Hanley Strapman

Lynn glanced down the hall to make sure she was not being watched. She pressed the card into the door and the lock’s light went green. She moved the handle and slid into the room. Although no lights were lit, the curtains were opened which gave Lynn more than enough light for her task.

Five minutes later she was back at the door again scanning the room. She had thoroughly searched the room and had not found what she wanted. Lynn noted that the bed was made indicating that the room had not been used the night before; she also noted that the suitcases and clothes were still in room. Krista Finelli had not left.

Lynn opened the door slowly and glanced down the hall, timing herself, she left the room behind a group of women walking down the hall and melted into their midst.

Once in the lobby, Lynn settled into a comfortable chair and went through her clues. Five months ago she had been approached by a man wanting to use her private investigation skills. The man had been ripped off, incriminating photos had been taken, and the blackmail had begun.

The hardest part for Lynn was identifying the woman who had victimized her client. It hadn’t been easy, but, after interviewing many witnesses, usually with the help of money, she had gotten the woman’s name and with the help of a hotel’s security camera, had even gotten a grainy photo of her. With the dedication of a blood hound, Lynn had tracked Krista to this hotel and the coin show; but, here the trail dropped off. For the past two days, Krista was nowhere to be found and now a search of her room, with the help of a maid’s pass key, did not generate the photos that Lynn wanted. She would have to wait, find Krista, and then follow her until she led Lynn to the photos.

The wait was not long, at that moment, Krista entered the lobby and proceeded to the elevators. “Not dressed as I expected,” thought Lynn as she noted the loose fitting shirt and slacks that Kris wore. The clothes definitely were not Krista’s. Even with her body disguised like this, Lynn noted that Krista was attractive.

Lynn’s attention was on Krista, she missed the large man that had held the door for Krista and several people who followed Krista into the lobby. The man did not miss Lynn, for a woman around, thirty, Lynn could easily pass for a college girl. The man also did not miss the fact that Lynn was following Krista.

When Kris reached the elevator, she turned to see what had happened to Dave. The prior two days had been delicious and she was hurrying to her room to get the rest of her clothes for the move to the cabin. She turned at the elevator and saw Dave holding the door for an elderly couple, with a wave of his hand he indicated that she should go on without him. The elevator opened and a load of people boarded.

Krista went directly to her room and entered. The phone was ringing.

“Kris, Dave.” She was confused, why was he calling instead of coming up to her room. She had hoped he would help her mess up the bed before they made the trip back to the cabin. “Someone was following you. Tall woman, well dressed, black hair. Did you notice her.”

Kris thought back, “Yes, she got off on my floor.”

“Damn, she must be on to you.” There was a pause on the phone, “want to have fun?”

“Of course!” She didn’t have to think about that. Dave laid out a plan for her.

Kris changed clothes and packed her bags. Leaving the bags in the room, she left and went to the elevators. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Lynn at the stairwell door.

As Kris entered the bar in the lobby of the hotel, she caught the reflection of Lynn in a window. Seated at the bar was Dave, Kris took the seat to Dave’s back leaving only the seat on the other side of Dave available. Dave was leaning over like he was drunk, Kris knew that it would take an ocean of booze to affect Dave.

Lynn entered the bar, appraised the situation and took the seat on the other side of Dave. A perfect spot to keep an eye on Krista using Dave as a shield. Dave eyed Lynn and leaned over to her, slurring his words, “Hey sweetie can I buy you a drink.” He placed a hand on her thigh. She delicately removed the hand and placed it on the bar.

“No thanks,… I’m waiting for my husband.” Lynn ordered a soda and took a sip. The “drunken” Dave tried to get up but fell against Lynn, she never noticed the drugs he dropped into her drink, one of his hands seemed to roam across her ass. He muttered his apologies and left.

Lynn picked up her drink and drank, “dumb drunk,” she thought.

Kris paid her bill and went to the elevators. Lynn followed. Kris, Lynn, and two teenagers entered the elevator and descended to the parking garage.

Lynn didn’t feel too good. Her head was spinning. The doors opened and the teenagers left the elevator. Lynn made a valiant effort to keep control of herself but, as she fell forward she was caught by Dave. “Gotcha,” he whispered. He carried her limp body to his car and bound her ankles, elbows behind her back, and put a gag in her mouth before he laid her in the back seat.

“Do you know her?” Kris shook her head. A quick trip to her room and Kris had all of her luggage and had checked out of the hotel. The three left for the cabin.

When Lynn forced herself from her drug induced sleep, she found herself naked, gagged, and bound spread eagle on a bed. A rope ran across her chest across her pussy and then back to the top of the bed. An elastic cord kept the rope taut across her pussy. Two nipple clamps were secured to her and also tied to the rope. Any movement by her caused the clamps to be pulled.

“What the hell did I get myself into?” she thought. She tested her bonds and found them very secure. All she could do was lay there. Even the slightest motion by her brought a new wave of pain to her sore and exposed nipples, but, the rope’s friction across her pussy lips was arousing her. At first she tried to suppress her arousal, then she slowly took note of the moisture dripping from her cunt down the ass cheeks. She laid an waited but no one came.

Twenty minutes later she tentatively moved her hips to take advantage of the rope, it rubbed her cunt and played against her aroused clit. Ten minutes later she was moving in more earnest, and five minutes later she was grinding with all her might, each movement causing the nipple clamps to twist and pull on her very aroused nipples, and the rope to play across her pussy. When she came, she was glad for the gag; the moment passed as she slumped back into a resting position, but the pressure from the rope continued and soon she was again giving those little teasing movements, then more energetic movements, and finally another full fledged grinding to a muffled scream as she climaxed.

How often she repeated the cycle, she wasn’t sure, it wasn’t until she heard footsteps outside the door that she tried to pull herself together to maintain a little dignity, which isn’t easy when you are tied to a bed with the sheets sopping wet from your own cunt juices.

The door opened and in walked Krista with the man from the bar. They smiled at their prize. Dave stroked a finger over Lynn’s pussy and licked the juices from his finger.

“Having fun?” he asked.

Kris removed the gag from Lynn. Lynn’s eyes burned at Dave. He ignored her and removed the nipple clamps; the pain almost brought her to another orgasm. The rope was untied and pulled across her pussy, as the ends of the rope swept past her cunt, her hips moved of their own will trying to savor the last of the rope’s friction.

As Kris moved down the bed to get a better view of Lynn’s pussy, Dave left the room and closed the door. Kris’ fingers started to trace around Lynn’s pussy lips. The sensation was unbelievable. After all of the pain, the tender touching was mesmerizing. Lynn fought her own body’s will.

“So you were trailing me.” Kris said as she circled the clit again.

“No,… No I wasn’t” Lynn tried to appear calm, but her voice betrayed her and her hips moved to follow the finger’s promise of pleasure.

Kris’ finger probed into Lynn a little, then pulled out. Kris licked her finger. “Yes you were.” Kris’ voice was soft and soothing. Lynn’s hips raised involuntarily trying to savor more of Kris’ fingers. Kris moved her attention to the clit and circled it. “Come out.” She whispered to the clit and it did. The next touch on the aroused and exposed clit sent a shudder through Lynn’s body.

“Like that?” Kris whispered.

“Yes” Lynn’s eyes were closed. She had abandoned all hope of camouflaging her lust.

“What do you like?” asked Kris; Lynn did not answer. Kris removed her hand and Lynn answered.

“I like you to touch me,” panted Lynn.


Lynn didn’t hesitate, she wanted the touch, “Everywhere, my clit, in me, everywhere.”

Kris bent over and swiped her tongue across the clit. Lynn pressed her hips upward seeking more. Kris moved her own wet crotch over Lynn’s face. They were now in a perfect 69 and Kris whispered, “I’ll do you if you do me.”

Lynn didn’t hesitate, she took Kris’ wet pussy and sucked and licked for all she was worth. Kris ground her hips into Lynn’s face while she consumed Lynn’s delicacy. The sensation was beyond belief. Lynn couldn’t believe she was sucking and being sucked by anther woman. Yes, she had had a one night experiment in college, but since then she had only been with men. What was happening? Her body seemed to crave this more than anything else. Lynn’s mind watched in shock as her own body’s will took over.

The licking continued, the sounds of slurping and the scent of sex was too much. From her toes it seemed to start. Her hips pressed her pussy upwards to savor all she could before her body lost all control. When Lynn came, she cried out and lost contact, but only for a minute, with Kris’ pussy. Lynn’s face was dripping wet. Her tongue darted into Kris with a vengeance, moving within Kris, she nibbled on the pussy lips, and then sucked on Kris’ clit, bringing Kris to a climax that shook her entire body.

Kris arched her back driving her pussy down onto her captive’s face. Lynn sucked even though she was close to being suffocated.

Finally, the orgasm passed and Kris flopped down on the bed next to Lynn. “That was nice lady.” Kris said, Lynn nodded in agreement. The two spent women laid on the bed for a while before Kris left. Lynn half-heartedly tugged at her bindings a little, they were still secure. She was spent and she dozed.

The opening of the door aroused her from a light sleep. Dave entered the room and closed the door. He pulled his shirt off displaying a chest the size of a tree trunk. “Did you enjoy Kris?” Dave leaned over and licked the dried pussy juice from the side of Lynn’s face.

Lynn didn’t answer. She was in no position to resist, she resigned herself to her fate, but then Dave did something that she didn’t expect, he untied her.

Lynn sat up and massaged her wrists. While she was doing this, Dave removed his pants, letting his prick from its cloth jail. Lynn couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Even only partially erect, it was much larger than anything she had taken before. She felt her pussy twitch. One part of her wanted to touch it, another wanted to run. The conflict confused her.

Dave swung his legs onto the bed. Lynn moved away to the edge of the bed and then, as nonchalantly as she could, she moved to the window. There were trees as far as the eye could see.

Dave laid back on the bed. “It’s about twenty miles to the nearest thing and you don’t know which way that is.” He paused for a second, “Gets cold out at night, especially dressed as you are.” Lynn suddenly realized that she was still naked; she took up Dave’s discarded shirt and put it on her. Dave merely watched her. She had expected some sort of objection from Dave.

“Come here,” he ordered. Lynn hesitated, trying to find another option. She moved to the side of the bed and he reached his hand under the tail of the shirt. His finger found her and roughly rubbed her pussy. She fought the urges but the sensation was too much. She began to rub her nipples through the shirt. Dave’s finger found its way inside her and moved naturally within her. His thumb pressed and massaged her clit while his finger sent pleasure throughout.

She was gyrating her hips on his finger when he pulled it out and said, “On me.” She now realized that his giant prick was fully erect. She bent and kissed it and then swung her body over his member, positioning the head at the entrance of her cunt. She didn’t think for a moment that she could take it all, but, she was going to try.

Slowly, she pressed downward. When the head entered her, she was convinced it would be impossible to take any of it, she started to pull away but she never got the chance. Dave grabbed her waist and in one powerful thrust impaled his dick into her. She gasped in shock and pleasure at the intrusion and held motionless for a moment before she pulled herself up the shaft only to slide herself down it once more.

Dave’s hands rested on the bed, Lynn providing all of the motion. She pulled up, drove down, only a few times before she felt the welling of an orgasm. As she came, she pressed the giant prick its full length into her and screamed a primal scream.

Once she had fully come, as if controlling a rag doll, the massive hands of Dave pumped the limp Lynn over his cock. She felt another climax racing through her body and it arrived as Dave pulled with all of his force to drive home his own climax.

Lynn could not move. She fell onto his chest and his arms enveloped her. They laid like this for sometime before their breathing returned to normal. Finally he gently lifted her off his now limp dick. He put his pants on; he left his shirt on her.

“Hungry?” he asked as he offered her his hand. She took his hand and together they left the room. Lynn realized that this was the first time she had left the room and wondered why she hadn’t even thought of it before.

The smell of food heightened her appetite. She saw Kris and another woman setting food onto the table. Lynn smoothed out the shirt she was wearing noting that the tail of the shirt was stained with a mixture of cum.

The new woman, Jennifer, introduced herself to Lynn and the four sat down. Lynn could not believe how good the food tasted, she attributed a lot of the flavor to her hunger but she also gave due credit to the non-stop sex.

After dinner, the four of them “retired” to the fireplace. The fire was entrancing and the casualness of the people put Lynn at ease. She relaxed into the couch. Dave asked, “Still trying to catch Kris?”

For the first time in almost twelve hours, Lynn remembered what her task was. She glanced at Kris and then at Dave, not knowing how to answer. She had a duty to her client.

“Don’t think you can,” Dave said as he activated the VCR and television. The image was unmistakable, there, displayed on the television, was the stretched and bound Lynn on the upstairs bed. By fast forwarding through the day, Lynn saw herself performing. She couldn’t help but get wet, the final image was her riding the prick of Dave. It was clear, even to Lynn, that she could never claim that she was raped, her scream of ecstasy destroyed that concept.

Lynn shook her head and looked over at Dave. The video had its affect, Jennifer was on all fours with Dave’s beautiful cock moving as a well oiled machine in and out of Jennifer’s raised pussy. Lynn watched with fascination as Jennifer’s juices shined in the firelight on Dave’s beautiful member.

“Don’t worry, we have plans for tonight,” Dave gasped out just before he rammed home for his climax; Jennifer arched in response and gasped out her own climax.

Lynn realized that the tape was their insurance against ever Lynn trying to take advantage of Kris. The thought that they would protect Kris made her jealous of the bonds the three shared. She hoped that she might be as accepted.

“Well, another unsolved case,” Lynn thought.

Kris jumped to her feet and pulled Lynn after her. “Quick, they will be here soon and we have to get ready.” Kris’ idea of getting “ready” was to take a quick shower, shampoo their hair and put on some make-up. Totally nude, the two women re-entered the main room.

During their absence, Dave’s teammates had arrived. All of the seven men were large, Lynn hoped their cocks were proportional.


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