by trotter155


My mom had left to meet my Aunt Jill for lunch and a few cocktails so I went to moms room,opened her nylon drawer and grabbed out a pair of her silky smoke gray thigh highs.

Mom wears nylons almost everyday for work so she has many,many pairs in her drawer. I then pulled down my shorts and sat on moms bed. My cock was now at half mast just from feeling her silky nylons in my hand. I took one of the thigh highs and slid it on my cock like a condom and the other I sild on my hand like a glove . I layed back on the bed and began to stroke my cock slowly ,enjoying the feel of the nylons. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the silky nylons on my cock. While I stroked I was imagining how good they looked on my moms feet the last time she wore them. Then all of a sudden I heard a gasp.

Opening my eyes I see my Aunt Jill standing in the doorway stairing at my rock hard cock covered in nylon. I don’t think either of us knew what to say or do. After a long minute my Aunt walked in sitting next to me on the bed. She said that mom had called her and asked if she would stop by and grab her wallet that she had forgot on her dresser.

She then told me not to be embarrassed at what I was doing as all boys do it. She then asked why the nylons.She had known I had a foot fetish since I was a little boy but she didn’t know about nylons. I told her how sexy I thought nylons were when women wore them and that the feel of them also were a sexy turn on.

By this time my cock had shrunk but the nylon was still on it. Aunt Jill started to tell me that she feels very sexy when she wears them. And while telling me this she reached out and began to gently fondle my nylon covered cock. Within seconds I was rock hard again.

She then asked what I think of while I jerk off with the nylons. I told her I think of them on moms feet and imagine how it would feel with her nylon feet stroking it for me. She then asked if I had ever had a footjob. I told that I had never had one but that I had seen many of them on the internet in porn movies.

She asked if I would like one and I intently nodded yes. She then kicked off her pumps and swung around on the bed and began giving me my first ever footjob. It felt so awesome to feel her nylon covered feet on my nylon covered cock. As she stroked my cock with her feet I lifted my head to peek at the action and thats all it took. I blew the biggest load in moms nylon. Aunt Jill continued to stroke me for a minute or two after until my convulsions settled.

She then patted my thigh and told me I had better rinse out moms nylon before I put them back and that she had to run so mom didn’t worry where she was. As she got up she slid on her pumps and told to to keep this as our little secret and if I did that we could maybe do it again.




After my father passed my mom began to drink way more than ever. I could tell she really missed him. On every Friday her and her best friend would go out for happy hour after work. She worked in a law office and always was dressed very sexy in a professional way, dresses nylons and heels. Her and her friend were always getting hit on at the bar and that seem to make them both feel sexy as most of the guys that hit on them were younger.

Mom didn’t handle her drinking very well,after 3 glasses of wine she was toast. Her friend Lisa would always help her in the house and to the couch where she would pass out. I would take off her heels and cover her up with a blanket.  Since I was little mom would come home from work kick off her shoes and ask me to rub her feet for her. She knew I had a foot fetish and that I always enjoyed touching and rubbing her feet for her. I would rub her feet for an hour or so and by that time I would have such a woody I would go to my room and jerk off and most everytime I would use a pair of her nylons to do that with.

I would always imagine what her nylon feet would feel like on my bare cock as I stroked. So this one friday night Lisa dropped mom off and she passed out on the couch like always. I sat at the end of the couch in my pjs and began to rub her feet like I always do. I then brought her foot up to my face and I started to kiss and rub my face against her foot. Her nylon covered feet smelled and felt so good. This got me so horny I had to feel them on my cock.

I slid down my pants and my cock sprang out. I then plced her feet around my cock and began to slide them up and down rock hard shaft.Carefully at first as not to wake her but as I worked her feet on my cock I realized that she was out for the count. I enjoyed so much how her soft silky nylon feet felt on my cock I had to be careful not to cum to quick. After about 15 minutes I couldn’t take it any more and blew a huge load that shot way up in the air landing all over the place.

After comming down from the high of feeling her feet on my cock ,my cock was still hard. So I got up and positioned her so that I could hold her by the ankles with her feet together and began to fuck her feet silly. I must have humped her feet for close to 20 minutes before I blew my next load. This time it shot straight up her legs splattering them from her knees down to her ankles.
After I came down from my second high I realised I needed to clean all my cum off her legs and feet. I took off my tee shirt and wiped it off the best I could ,then covered her up with a blanket and went to bed.

That whole night I couldn’t stop thinking about how great her nylon feet felt and what if she notices the cum on her that I couldn’t get cleaned off. The thought of her feet won out and I had to jerk off in bed again before I ended up falling asleep.
The next morning I went to the bathroom and in the hamper was the nylons mom wore the night before. I then went into the kitchen where mom was having coffee. We had morning chit chat like always and everything seemed normal. Nothing was ever said or mentioned about it so all is good. I couldn’t wait until the next night she came home drunk.



It was the begining of summer , school was out. Mom had went to work and my younger sister Ann and I sat in the house on the couch while the rain poured down. We were bored flipping though the channels trying to find something to watch on tv. We settled on a rerun sitcom and sat there trying to enjoy it.

Ann got up and went to her room and came out with her nail polish bag and said she needed to do her toes and that there was no better time than the present. She then placed her feet up on the edge of the coffee table and begun taking off her old polish.
As I watched tv I glanced down at her feet noticing just how nice her feet were. She had very nice toes proportioned just right for her size. Her high arched feet looked very soft and silky. It was then I felt my cock in my shorts begin to stiffen. As my attention turned to her sexy feet she turn to me asking why I was stairing at her feet. I told her that she had very nice feet and that it looked like she took very good care of them.

She told me that was why she always goes to get pedicures but with the heavy rain she didn’t want to go out and get one. And that doing it herself was a little hard. Out of the blue I asked her if she wanted I could help her. She smiled and told me that that would be awesome and if I could just paint her nails for her she would be greatful.

I got up and sat on the coffe table and she then put her one foot on my thigh to be painted and the other she slide between my legs pressing onto the edge of the table. This really made my cock stur. As I painted her one foot I could feel her toes on the other foot wiggling in my crotch. It was very hard to concentrate on the task at hand as my cock got harder with each wiggle.
I finally finished painting her one foot with the bright candy apple red that she had picked out and she moved it off to my side and place her other foot up to be done. Finishing the second foot I sat there wondering how I was going to stand up infront of her with a rock hard cock in my shorts. I’m sure she must have noticed it but she hadn’t said anything yet.

Ann the lifted both her feet up in front of my face and told me if I blow on them they would dry much faster. As stupid as it sounds I grabbed the heels of her feet and held them there and began to blow on them. After several minutes of blowing on them I checked them to see if the were dry. Being dry and looking so nice I reacted pulling them to my mouth and started sucking on her toes.

Ann leaned back into the couch pulling her right foot away and moving back between my legs and into my crotch. As I sucked on the toes on her left foot she told me how good that it felt and began to caress my cock through my shorts with her right foot. After about five minutes of working on that foot she pulled it away and replaced it with the other foot. This time when she placed her foot into my crotch ,she slid it up the leg of my shorts working it directly to my bare cock.

With all the precum my cock had spewed out her toes slickly slid up and down the shaft of my cock. This was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt in my life and I began to moan ever so softly. Ann then pulled her foot from my mouth and slid it up the other leg of my shorts and with both feet worked my cock with more vigor.

With in minutes I groaned and blew what was probably the biggest load I had ever blown all over her feet in my shorts. When I had finished groaning she pulled her feet from my shorts and began rubbing them together rubbing my cum into her feet like it was lotion. As I watched as she did that I told her how great that was. She giggled and told me I could do her toes anytime and then got up grabbing her bag and went to her room. That was the begining of what turned out to be our special connection that got hot and heavy throughout that summer.


It was the morning after I had painted Ann’s toes for her I had woke up and headed to the kitchen to get a drink. Mom was heading out the door for work and Ann was sitting at the table eating a bowl of corn flakes. I made myself some toast and poured a glass of orange juice and sat at the table across from Ann. As we sat eating our breakfast I asked Ann what she had planned for the day. She told me being the weather was going to be nice she and our cousin Kate were going to just lay around the pool and tan.Kate was the same age as Ann and they did everything together. She then asked if I had any plans. I told her I wasn’t sure yet But I was sure I’d find something fun to do.

As I told her that I felt her foot work its way up my leg and rest right in my crotch, wiggling her toes as it found its resting place. With a wink she said if I didn’t find something to do I could hang with her and Kate by the pool.I wasn’t sure I wanted to hang with the girls so I told her I was going to call a few of my buddies to see what was up. By this time she had finished eating and she pulled her foot from my crotch and went up to her room. I made a few calls to find out all my buddies were busy so I decicded I would do a few chores around the house that I had been putting off and mow the lawn to get that out of the way.

By the time I got everything done it was almost noon and was getting hot I went in grabbed a drink and decided I would jump in the pool to cool off. I switched into my swim trunks and headed out to the pool where Kate and Ann were laying in the lounge chairs soaking up the sun. I dove in and swam around for a while. During this time the girls had gotten up and came to the side of the pool and sat on the edge hanging their legs into the water. I swam over to them Ann was sitting on the ladder and Kate was to the right of it .They ask what I was going to do the rest of the day as I tryed to get out of the pool.

Reaching for the ladder I was haulted as Ann stuck her foot out hitting me in my chest and holding me away.Seeing this Kate joined in holding me away with her feet also.As I tryed to get to ladder my cock began getting hard from wrestling with their feet as I struggled to reach it. The more I struggled the harder I got.I finally got a hold of the ladder and the girls quit trying to keep me away. Hanging to the ladder I stayed in the pool not wanting to climb out infront on the girls with a tent in my trunks. The girls got up and went back to the lounge chairs and asked if I would rub some lotion on them before I went in. I told them I would in a few minutes ,I wanted to make a lap in the pool before I got out. As I took the lap my hardon subsided and I climbed out of the pool.

The girls were laying on their stomachs when I got to them.I asked who wanted it first and Ann told me to go ahead and do Kate first.I rubbed the lotion all over Kate paying special attention to her legs and feet. While I rubbed her feet Kate told me that it felt so good when I worked the lotion in on the soles of her feet that she didn’t want me to stop. Ann giggled and told her not to worry her big brother has a thing for feet and that she was sure I enjoyed it as much as she did. Blushing a bit I turned to Ann and began to do her with the lotion.She bent her legs so they stuck up and told me to give her feet the attention that I did yesterday. Kate asked Ann what she meant by that and my sister went on to tell her how I had painted her toes for her and how I sucked on them after they were dry. She also told her how good it felt.

Not knowing what to say I lowered my mouth to Anns feet and started sucking her toes as I did the day before. This time Ann started moaning how good it felt and Kate turned to see what I was doing.Kate spoke up and said that she wanted to try some of that and rolled over on her back holding a foot up as to offer it to me. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I moved over sitting at the end of Kates lounge and begun sucking on her suckulant toes. While working on Kates cute little feet Ann sat up and positioned heself so that she could put her feet in my crotch and started rubbing my cock that was again hard as a rock. When I garbbed for Kates other foot to give it some loving Ann told me to pull down my trunks so she could do a better job.

Without a second to waste I dropped them and continued to suck Kates toes. Peeking up I seen Kates eyes were glued to all the action going on. Kate then asked if she could try what Ann was doing to me . I told her sure why not. I then layed out on the deck and told the girls to sit at the end of the chairs and they both could play at the same time.

Feeling four feet rubbing and stroking my cock it didn’t take very long to blow a load of hot cum all over the girls feet. Ann was giggling and Kate was mesmerized by the site of all the cum I had blown. Turning to Kate, Ann said see I told how much fun this was. Kate nodded and asked if she could come over the next time we did this. Wow ,what a summer this is going to be.



After the first two days of Summer vacation the next five or six days went back to the normal Ann doing her thing and I mine. I jerked off so many times over that period thinking of what had transpired between Ann and I its a wonder my cock wasn’t raw.I wondered if Ann and I would continue the fun we had the next time we were alone.

Well it happened one afternoon. I was sitting around bored and by myself.Ann came home from her summer job. She was a part time clerk in an office in town. She plopped down on the couch , kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the coffee table. She said she was beat and her feet were sore from being in heels all day. She went on to say she didn’t know how mom could do it all day,the nylons high heels and being on her feet. Its no wonder she likes foot massages after she gets home. I told her that I would be happy to rub her feet like I do moms if she wanted.

I could tell Ann was tired and wore out from her day at work so I pulled her legs around putting her feet in my lap and began to rub them. Ann layed back and began to enjoy the massage. I worked over every inch of her nylon covered feet as she relaxed. I must say the smell of her feet covered in nylons had an intoxacating smell and felt so soft and silky. We made small talk as I rubbed and even though I knew she was tired I could help that my cock got involved. So while rubbing I made sure to work her feet against my hardon.

Ann looked at me as we chatted and asked me if I always got a hardon when I touched womens feet. I told her that for what ever reason that womens feet have always excited me. She then asked if I get hard when I rub moms feet for her.I shyly answered yes and it was while I was rubbing moms feet I realized I was into womens feet. I then asked her if she wanted to know a dirty secret. Of course she said yes. I then went on to tell her that after I had rubbed moms nylon feet I would go to my room and jerk off with a pair of nylons that I had stole from her drawer thinking of moms nylon feet rubbing my cock.I told her that she couldn’t tell anyone this and that it was our little secret.

Ann layed there and I could tell she was thinking something but not sure what. Then with a quizical look she asked would my nylon feet due? I blurted out ,why sure as undid my pants and whipped out my cock. Ann began fondling and playing with my cock with her feet and the feeling was even more incredible than I ever imagined. A couple minutes into it she stopped playing and said that her legs and feet were to tired to continue. I was heart broken and she knew it.

She then reached up and took of her nylons tossing them to me and said why don’t you show me how you jerk off with moms nylons. I hesitated a moment and then being so horny I put the nylons over my cock like a condom and begin stroking it. Ann then sat up and watched intently as I tryed to pleasure myself.She reached out and pushed my hand away taking over what I had started masterfully stroking me up and down. Looking me straight in the eye she told me how hard my cock felt in her hand. Her little hand made my cock look so big but yet she handled it like she had done it her whole life. watching her stroke my cock made me blow way before I wanted but seeing my cum fill her nylons was fullfillment enough. Looking at the clock Ann said mom will be home any minute and then she got up and headed to her room.

I pulled up my pants and wondered how much Ann knew about how I rubbed moms feet. Only time will tell I figured.



It was a Saturday morning, mom and Aunt Jill,Kates mom had left for a weekend trip to the casino. Kate was staying the weekend with Ann and I. My buddy Doug had got a hold of a big bottle of rum and we were planning to drink rum and hang by the pool all week end.

So around 11 o’clock Doug showed up with the rum and an overnite bag of clothes knowing that we’d get drunk and pass out and he could crash at the house. Ann and Kate were off doing some shopping so us boys had the house to ourselves. We got in or swimming trunks, mixed up a couple of drinks and headed to the pool. Over the next couple hours we pounded a few more drinks,took a dip in the pool and talked about this and that.

By the time Ann and Kate came home we had a good buzz going. The girls had bought new swim suits while shopping and came out to show us. Doug told them they should put them on and come out and join us. They ran inside changed and came out a few minutes later. They pulled up a couple of chairs next to us and asked what we had been up to. We told them we had been drinking and hanging out. I’m sure they could tell how much we had to drink from the way were acting.

When Doug went in to make the next round of drinks the girls asked if they could join us in having a couple drinks. Reluctantly we said sure what the hell. After a few rounds the girls were getting buzzed and giddy and came up with the idea of playing chicken in the pool.Ann came up with the teams, her and Doug against Kate and I.That came with no surprise as Ann had always had a crush on Doug and I’m sure she couldn’t wait to wrap her legs around his neck. The first two rounds Kate and I won and in the third round I slipped and fell knocking Kate off my shoulders. We decided after that it was time for another drink.

Climbing out of the pool Ann noticed Doug was sporting a woody in his trunks and began picking at him about it. I went in to make the next round. When I returned the girls were layed out on the lounge chairs and Doug was sitting at the end of Anns chair so I sat at the end of Kates. Handing out the drinks I could see Ann was rubbing her feet against the side of Dougs leg and could see a huge tent in his shorts. After we had a sip of our drinks Ann moved her foot to Dougs crotch and said geez big brother looks like Doug is a foot guy just like you. Doug looked at me and asked what she meant by that. I wasn’t sure what to say as I had never told anyone of my fetish before.

After a moment of silence Ann being half drunk blurted out,” my big brother love girls feet, he likes to suck on them and rub them and all sorts of stuff”. Doug replied “what kinds of stuff?” Ann then told him to pull down his trunks and she would show him. In a flash Doug had his trunks down and Ann was stroking his cock with her feet. The action unfolding in front of me made my cock stiffen and I grabbed Kates foot lifting to my mouth and began sucking on her toes until I had to have her feet on my cock. I pull my trunks down and Kate eagerly stroked my cock. We both blew loads of cum all over the girls feet with in seconds of each other.

After things had settled down ,we finished our drinks ,kicked back in lounge chair soaking in the sun and enjoying the moment. We all must have passed out for a couple hours because when I came to it had started to get dark. I woke the others up and we headed inside. We then ordered pizza for dinner and settled in to watch a movie. During the movie Ann began getting frisky with Doug and about an hour into the movie they both got up and dissappeared to the game room down stairs. Kate and I finished watching the movie then we headed upstairs to the bedrooms, Kate to Ann’s and me to mine.

I stripped down,grabbed a pair of nylons I had hidden to use to jerk off with and crawled into bed. Just as I began to masturbate with the nylons there was a light knock on my door. The door swang open and Kate poked her head in and asked if she could come in. I nodded yes and she came in. She sat down on my bed indian style so that she was facing me telling me she was bored and asked me if I’d like another footjob. Not thinking when I told her I’d love one, she pulled back the blanket and seen my hard cock wrapped up in a nylon. She looked up at me with a weird look and asked what the nylon was for. I told her how sexy I thought they were when women wore them and that how soft and silky they feel really turned me on.

After a little more explaining Kate reached out with her hand and started strokong my cock with the nylon. As I told her how good it was feeling ,she repositioned herself so that her head was lying on my belly just inches above the tip of my cock. The feel of her soft hair lying against my bare skin and the soft ,light touch of her little hand sent me over the edge. I blew what seemed like at least twenty shots of cum into the nylon.

While I layed there waiting for my body to relax,Kate slid the nylon off my cock and lowered her mouth to it and started sucking my cock slowly deep in her mouth. After a couple minutes of that I was hard as a rock again. After a few more minutes of her sucking I told her I was about ready to cum again. She then shifted releasing my cock from her mouth .She lifted the over size tee shirt she was wearing up exposing her perky little tits all the while stroking my cock and telling me to cum on her tits. She aimed my cock so that my cum shot hitting her chest. Letting go of my cock she took her cum covered hand and started rubbing my cum all over her tiny little tits. She told me she had seen it in a porn video and wanted to try it.She then pulled down her shirt, gave me a peck on the cheek and headed out the door.

Before falling asleep I layed in bed for awhile thinking of how and where these two girl learned so much about sex. I knew or at least I think I knew these girls had only made out and had been felt up by the couple of boys they had been with.


I woke up Sunday morning kind of late and headed down to the kitchen follow a few minutes later by Kate and Ann. Grabbing something to drink we all sat down at the table and I ask the girls if they had seen Doug yet this morning. Ann told me he had left early because he had to help his dad move some wood. With a stern look at Ann I said I hope you didn’t do anything you’d regret last night. Being on the subject I asked them how they learned so much about sex being that I could count the guys they had been with on one hand. They both laughed at me and said just because they were younger than me didn’t stop them from watching porn on the computer.

Finishing our drinks I suggested we clean up our mess from the day before because we didn’t know what time mom and Aunt Jill would be home. They agreed knowing we didn’t want our mothers finding out we were drinking when they were gone.

A couple hours later we had the house ship shape. I told the girl I would grill some burgers up and we could hang out by the pool until our moms got home. The girls went upstairs to put on their swim suits as I grilled up the burgers. After we finished eating the girls wanted to jump in the pool. Still just in my shorts I dove in followed by the girls. For what ever reason the girl thought they would try and dunk me. Before I knew it the girls had attacked me pouncing on me like wild animals. I’m not exactly sure how but during the attack the girls had managed to get my shorts to fall off which wasn’t hard being just an elastic band gym type shorts. As I fished around for my shorts the girls were grabbing at me an still pouncing. The next thing I knew there were hands on my cock from behind and Kate was in front of me with her legs wrapped around my waste, her arms around my head and her tits were mashed into my face.

During the struggle I managed to get closer to the shallow end where I could get my feet on the bottem of the pool and the struggle settled some. Kate was still wrapped around me and Ann was still splashing around my cock. Being the horny guy I was, all this had made my cock hard and as I got my back up against the side of the pool I heard Ann yell out OMG Kate he is hard again. Then with a splash Ann went under water ,grabbed my cock with her mouth and sucked it. She came up for air a few moments later and asked how that felt. I told her it felt nice but being under water it didn’t last long enough to enjoy it much.

With the situation now settled down I swam down and grabbed my shorts off the pool bottom and climbed out of the pool. I walked over to the lounge chairs to put my shorts back on and the girls acompanied me there. As I started pulling on my shorts Ann asked if we could play around one more time before mom got home. I told her it was late and they could be home at any moment. Both girls whinned as Ann said come on bro I wanna do what you and Kate did last night. She continued by saying if I did that her and Kate would give me footjobs anytime I wanted one. Now this was an offer I had to take. OK I said but we better be quick about it.

I stood up in front of them and the girls began taking turns playing with my
cock. While Ann played with my cock Kate pulled down her bikini top and then took over playing while Ann dropped her top. Seeing those tiny titties and feeling them jerking my cock had me hard. Kate was still jerking me and Ann moved her head to my cock and started sucked it in time with Kates strokes. They switched positions a couple times before I felt the urge to blow. Just as I was about to shoot I moaned a warning. Ann continued to stroke me as i blew .It was a very hard and intense orgasim. As the first three shots hit Ann in the tits she then changed her aim and the next couple shots hit Kates. Ann finished milking my cock until the last drops oozed out dripping on her thighs.

As the girls rubbed my cumm all over their tits we heard a car pull in the driveway. It was mom and Aunt Jill .We dressed quickly and dove back in the pool. Our moms came out on the deck and said hi .Aunt Jill told Kate to get outta the pool so they could get home. That was the end of a very intresting weekend.



Over the next few weeks Ann and Kate kept their word and gave me footjobs anytime I wanted. I was really liking getting footjobs once or twice a day but we were in the last few weeks of summer vacation and frre time to play would be limited. This comming week would be tough too as Kate and Ann were going camping with some friends and that meant no footjobs for me.
The first few days were hard,I’d jerkoff a couple times during the day,then mom would get home from work and I’d rub her feet for her then go up to my room and jerkoff again.

It was now Friday,mom had called and said she was going to happy hour with Aunt Jill after work so I would have to make my own dinner. I whipped up some mac and cheese for dinner and settle down on the couch to watch a college basketball game. It was about 8 o’clock when I heard aa car pull up out side. A few minutes later the door opened and in staggered mom. She was giggling and stumbing around like a drunken sailor. She staggered to the couch and collasped. She was trying to tell me how much fun she had as she swung her feet up to my lap and asked me to pull off her strappy heels. I unbuckled her heels and started massaging her feet for her like I do most nights.

While I massaged her feet ,mom said ,you are so much like your father, he love womens feet too. I asked her what she meant by that and she said your father always got excited when he rubbed my feet just like you do. With me not saying anything she said I’m not stupid I can feel how hard you get everynite when you rub them. She told me not to be embarrassed , some guys like boobs , some like feet, and that every guy was turned on by something. Wiggling her feet around in my lap trying to feel my hardon she said your father loved me to stroke his cock with my feet. She then asked have you ever had a footjob? Not knowing what to say I said uh no. Then she asked would you like one? uh sure mom I muttered. I was in shock was this really happening, I had jerked off so many times dreaming of feeling moms nylon feet rubbing my cock is this real?

Mom lifted her head and opened her eyes and said it not going to happen with you pants on. Lifting her feet with one hand I snaked down my pants with the other. I layed her feet back down in my lap and she began slowly flondling my cock with her soft black nylon covered feet. I was guessing from the way she expertly handled my cock with her feet she must have given dad many footjobs. She continued masterfully working my cock and just as I thought I was going to cum she would change tactics easing the urge to cum. and then she would get me almost there and do it again. I was going nuts.I may have lied about ever getting a footjob but this was unlike any other I had gotten.

This went on for what seemed like hours but actually was only 20 minutes. I reached the point of no return and spert after spert of cum sprayed out of my cock. I’m not sure if it was her talent or just luck but most all my cum was all over her feet and ankles with a few dribbles on my thigh. Her feet looked so hot with my cum all over them. After a few minutes mom said she was going to bed and that she would see me in the morning.

She got up and headed up the stair to her bedroom. It dawned on me as I head up the stairs that mom either sobered up pretty fast or she wasn’t as drunk as I thought. She staggered in but walked pretty normal when heading to bed.

The next morning I came down to the kitchen where mom was sitting having her coffee. I grabbed a glass of orange juice and joined her. She smiled at me and asked how I slept which I replied like a dream. She went on by saying ,about last night, I was talking with your Aunt at the bar last night, she was getting pretty drunk and told me about the day she caught you in my room. My jaw dropped,my god she told me to keep it a secret and here she is telling mom.Mom then continued saying,” now this is just between us ,it was a one time deal”. She went on to say that she enjoy doing it for me and since dad had passed she hadn’t given a footjob until last night.She said that someday I would find a girl to fill my foot fetish and that I had lots of time to explore it then. She then reached in the pocket of her robe and pulled out the pair of nylons she had wore last nite. She handed them to me and told me I could keep them for my enjoyment. Blushing I took them and thanked her. As I got up to head to my room I turned to her saying mom I have to ask, were you really drunk when you got home? She laughed and asked ,what do you think? She winked , got up and made another coffee.



It is the end of the week, mom and I are off to meet and pick up Ann from camping. We are meeting Lisa, moms friend ,her daughter Tina and Ann at a Pizza Hut for dinner. We all arrived about the same time and we went in where we were shown to a table in the back. Lisa and Tina sat across from me and mom and Ann were on each side of me. We ordered drinks and a couple of large pizzas. While we waited for them the conversation was on the girls camping trip and then switched to a party mom and Lisa were throwing.

About 25 minutes later the food came out and we began to eat. About half way through the meal the girls were still yammering about camping and mom and Lisa about the party,I kinda felt like a 5th wheel. As I reached for another slice I heard Ann say something about Tina twisting her ankle that morning then I felt a hand on my thigh. I glanced down to see Ann’s hand resting on my thigh. I glanced back up to Ann and she gave me a wink and a smile. As I went to take a bit of my pizza a foot hit up against my knee and found it way between my legs and to my crotch.

OK so now I know my sister has been running her mouth to Tina. I have always known Tina has had a crush on me but I had never payed any attention to it. So now I look at Tina and she gives me a grin as I feel my sisters hand move to my cock and the to the foot resting just below it. She carefully guides the foot on to my cock and begins working the foot against my now hardening cock. During this whole time they were carrying on like nothing was happening. For myself I found it hard to concentrate on eating as these two girls teased the hell out of me.

When we were ready to leave mom said she had to stop at Lisa’s and go over some thing with her for a party they were throwing. When we arrived mom and Lisa went into her office and the girls and I went down to the family room. After we had turned on some music I asked the girls what that was all about at the pizza place. Ann went on to say when they were camping the girls were talking about boys and when she told them she has made a guy cum with her feet no one believed her. I turned to Tina telling her it was true.

Tina then asked me if she could try it on me. when I told her she could sometime she asked why not now? She said our moms would be up there for a while and she was having fun rubbing me at the resturant. Then in a swoop she swung her feet in my lap pressing her feet in my crotch.

Of course me being horny all the time ,that was all it took to get me stirred up. I pulled down my shorts and she started play with my semi hard cock. Ann watched intently for a few minutes giving Tina some direction. When Tina seem to have the stroking action down Ann swiveled around and stuck her feet in my face offering her cute little toes to my waiting mouth.

With two feet on my cock and two in my face it didn’t take long for me to explode covering Tina’s sweet little feet with my cum. Ann instructed Tina to rub her feet together working my cum in like it was lotion. Ann got up and grabbed some paper towels to clean up with and shortly after mom yelled down that it was time to leave. As we headed to the car Ann thanked me for proving to her friend what she had told them camping was true. The rest of the nite was uneventful.



Over the next 10 or 12 days things were back to the way it was before. At night I would rub mom’s feet and go to bed and jerk off. I could tell something was bothering Ann but she acted standoffish and quiet. Everytime I tryed to her she was short and angry.

Then one night we were sitting around watching tv, mom at one end of the couch Ann in the middle and me at the other end. Half way through the show we were watching, Ann spun around laying her head in moms lap and bending her knees, place her feet right in my lap. I continued watching tv and tryed to ignore the fact my sisters feet were placed on my cock. As much as I didn’t want it my cock got hard instantly. Feeling my hardon Ann began wiggling her feet and slowly worked it twisting her ankle as to slide the ball of her foot up and down my shaft.

Trying to cover up what was going on I grabbed the blanket off the end of the couch and threw it over my lap and Anns legs. When I did that Ann then moved her left foot under the elastic band of my shorts tugging them down and exposing my hard cock to her bare feet. Not having a footjob in so many days I let out a bit of a moan when I felt her bare feet touch my cock. Mom looked at me and asked if something was wrong. I told her I was fine and she went back to watching tv. I could tell Ann was snickering and she got even more agressive with her feet. I was squirming around and about to cum as again mom asked are you two ok? Yep Ann replied just as I shot my hot cum all over her feet with a moan. Well I think we all should head to bed mom said as the show had finished. Ann head to bed I want to talk to your brother before he goes up.

Ann jumped up and ran to her bedroom. Mom then turned to me and asked what the hell was going on? She went on saying I know you have a foot fetish but you need to leave your sister out of it. Its not right and if anyone was to ever find out our family would be shamed through out the town. I told her I was sorry as I didn’t know what else to say. I know I told you it was a one thime thing a few weeks ago she said but if you have that much of a desire for feet just tell me and I will see what I can do about it, but I don’t want your sister involved. I mean it she said. All I could do is mutter an Ok. Now go to bed she barked and off I went.

I tossed and turned all night trying to sleep thinking about how mad mom was but also about what she meant about telling her that I wanted a footjob. Could I really say mom I want a footjob?

I woke up and stayed in my room until I knew mom had left for work. Finally when I knew it was safe I went down to the kitchen where my sister was sitting at the table. She turned her head as I walked in and I told her what an asshole she was and how pissed mom was night last and that she knew what happened. Ann said she was sorry but she really liked doing the footjobs for me and since I had pushed her away that she just got mad. She asked what mom had said to me.I told her that mom knew I had a foot fetish and she wanted me to make sure she wasn’t involved in it.What did she mean by that? she asked. Look, I said, she knows you gave me a footjob last night and she thinks it was my doings. Why would she think that?I was the one that started the whole thing.she said. Yes I know but uh well uh I muttered. OMG you did moms feet didn’t you? she exclaimed. Thats how you got her favorite nylons. I knew you did, you can’t tell me you didn’t, she proudly bellowed. Ok, it happened once while you were camping…..happy now? I said.

I knew it I knew it I knew it she said like a proud peacock. So what now she asked. I replied I don’t know, she said next time I had the urge to tell her and she would take care of it somehow and leave you out of it. So you don’t want footjobs from me anymore?mine are no good? she asked No no I said I just don’t know what to do or expect anymore.

There was a long silence and Ann then said ,I guess you have the best of both worlds, you have me to give you footjobs and when I am with Kate or Tina ya know they will, and you have mom to fix any time after that. Thinking for a moment I realised she was right, it was a foot guys dream to have all these feet wanting to be covered in cum. I really do have a dream come true.



Over the last week of summer vacation Ann and I shared a few more fun times by the pool or watching tv and mom was none the wiser. It was Saturday morning Ann was staying over at Kates house and mom had asked me to go to the mall with her. I needed some more school clothes and she needed to pick up a few things.

On the way to the mall things were pretty quiet between mom and I. That broke when she asked me how things were going . I told her things were great and I was ready to get started with school.She then said, I didn’t mean that, have your urges calmed down? Do you need any help yet? Embarrassed I told her its been ok but I really did miss rubbing her feet like I had always done. Since she had caught Ann and I she hadn’t even asked for a footrub and I hadn’t had the balls to just do it.

She told me she had come up with an idea that might work for everyone. She had talked to her friend Lisa about the situation and that she would be willing to help me out when the occassion arose. This would work so much better than anyone in the family doing it. I had always thought Lisa was a great looking lady and I knew her feet were nice because she always went for pedicures with mom and Aunt Jill.She also wore nylons alot as she worked in the office with mom. I told her that would be nice and that I would let her know if the urge hit me.

We got to the mall and did some shopping but like women are I was done long before mom. I called her to find out what store she was in and to see if she was almost done. She was at Victoria Secret and almost done . She wanted to to meet her there and we could leave. When I got there she was in the checkout line. She had four packs of nylons and a couple bras. That was all it took to get my dick working. So mom checked out and we headed home.

On the ride home I told mom that being in Victoria Secret kinda stirred up my urge. She chuckled and said she would make a call when we got home. We arrived 10 minute later and she gave Lisa a call. They talk for about 15 minutes while I sat in the livingroom waiting to see what might be instore. When mom came into the room she had a sad look in her face and said I’m sorry hun but Lisa is busy all day today. I feel so bad and I know I told you I would help you out some way but its just not going to work today. I must have had a really disappointed look on my face after she told me that because she then said I’ll tell you what give me a few minutes and then come up to my room. She grabbed her bags and headed upstairs.

Five minutes seemed like two hours waiting but finally I decided it had been long enough.I knocked on her door and heard her say come in.I walked in to mom laying on the bed, she had put on a pair of her new nylons and a silky nite robe she wore on special occassions. Reluctantly she raised her feet in the air and said ok hun these are all yours, a promise is a promise.I’m glad you came to me this time and like I promised I will help you out. She layed back on the bed as I stood there admiring how sexy her feet looked in her new suntan nylons. She wiggled her toes and said come on hun we don’t have all day your sister will be home before long.

I crawled up on the end of the bed and rubbed my face on her silky smoothe feet gently kissing them form toe to heel. That made my cock harden and want to be released. I stood back up and took off my pants. I climbed back up on the bed kneeing at her feet and lifted them to my cock that was sticking straight out towards its reward. As soon as moms feet touched my cock they took over gripping it tightly between the high arches of her feet. She then started flexing her ankles which gave her feet the stroking motion that started milking the precum from my cock. After she milked for for several minutes she pulled her feet away and rolled over on her belly. She then told me to lay down with my legs on each side of her. I twirled around so that her feet could grip my cock again and she started bending her knees so that her feet once again stroked my cock up and down. The feel of the nylons and the site of her soles going up and down caused a major eruption. My cum shot all over covering her soles.

Coming back down to earth I told mom how incredible that felt to which she said she thought I would like it that way, and that my dad loved it like that. She then told me to get cleaned up and she would go down and start dinner. She got up and headed to the kitchen. When I finished wiping up I went into the kitchen to see Ann had came home. Mom told us to go watch tv and she would holler when dinner was ready.

We got to the living room and Ann asked why mom was dressed in her nite robe and nylons. With a grin I said lets just say its the best of both worlds.



Summer vacation is now over and boy what a fun summer it was. Between school work,chores and a new girl friend things had slowed way down on the home front. The same was for my sister Ann,she had a new boy friend aer friends and if she wasn’t with him she was with her friends Kate and Tina.

My new girlfriend Joy and I shared some foot fun but she wasn’t into my fetish as much as I would have liked. She also had a job in the evenings that kept her pretty busy. So I spent alot of time masturbating with the nylons still. Now for mom I think she was seeing someone because she was spending lots of time away from home and getting in late at nights. One night she was home at her normal time and I was rubbing her feet for her she asked if I was going to busy the next day.I told her no and asked why she wanted to know. She told me Lisa was getting a new bedroom outfit and needed a strong man to help move it around. If I wanted to stop by after school and help her move it she would pay me to help.

So the next day I showed up to Lisa’s and we moved her old stuff out of her bedroom and into another , then the truck showed up with the new stuff and we put that in her bed room. Once we got that all in place Lisa asked if I would help with switching her clothes outta the old dressers into the new ones. I told her sure no problem. She told me to start with the top drawers in the big dresser first and she would go grab some drinks.

I went in the other room and pulled out the top drawer of the big dresser to find it full of nylons and pantyhose. I then carried it into her bedroom and placed in on the bed. As I began to shuttle all her nylons into the new drawer my cock began to stiffen. By the time I had gotten them all moved I was rock hard. I then went back and grabbed the next drawer only to find that one full of all kinda of nities and sexy outfits. Just as I got to her bedroom Lisa came in with the drinks. When I sat that drawer on the bed Lisa handed me a drink. As I faced her to grab the drink she giggled and said “Oh my did my nylons and sexy nities do that to you?” I blushed as I took a sip of my drink. She then went on to say” your mom said you had a thing for nylons and feet and from what I see you really do.

I stood there sipping my drink really not knowing what to say or do. Finally I told her that I think nylons looks sexy on women and I really liked how they feel. Trying to make me feel comfortable she said that most guys think like I do. Trying to take the attention from my tent in my shorts I began to hand her her nities. Each one felt silky and soft and that didn’t help my erection calm down. By the time we got to the end of that drawer my cock hurt and felt like it was about to rip through my shorts. Lisa must have noticed how uncomfotable I was and said that because I had been such a help the least she could do is help me out. She then told me to pick out an outfit from her drawers and she would put it on for me and help me with that problem.

I picked out a black silk nitie and a pair of smoke grey nylons for her. She took them and went into the bathroom to change.
When she came out my jaw dropped,she looked so sexy and hot she was a true MILF. She came in setting on the edge of the bed and motioned me to her. Now infront of her she reached out undoing my shorts and sliding them down.My cock sprung out like a flag pole and she grabbed it in her hands ,telling what a nice big cock I had. As she fondled my cock she lowered her head and began slowly sucking my cock into her warm wet mouth. About the fourth time she sucked down my cock I shot a load of cum in her throat. She took every drop down her throat and continued sucking for a few moments after.

Pulling her mouth of my cock she sighed saying ” you didn’t even get to play with my feet did you” then she leaned back on the bed bringing her feet up to rub against my still hard cock. The feel of her nylon feet on my cock took over as I grabed her by the ankles holding them together and fucked her feet for what must have been 15 minutes before shooting another load. This load sprayed up her legs hitting from mid thigh down to her ankles. I realsed my grasp from ankles and she sat up telling me how wonderful it was to have a handsome young man get that excited by her. I pulled on my shorts and told her that mom probably had supper ready and I should be going. She stood up giving me a soft wet kiss on the lips. And before I left she asked if I would be intrested in doing more odd jobs around her house for her. With a gleam in my eye I told her I would be glad to help her out anytime and headed out of the house.

As I opened the door to leave Tina was just getting home. She asked what I was doing at her house. I told her I had helped her mom move some furniture and I was just on my way home. With dissappointment in her voice she said she was sorry she wasn’t there to help and that it could have been fun. Little did she know it was so much fun.



A few days after helping Lisa move furniture ,she stopped by the house after work to visit with mom. I was just getting home from a basketball game and walked through the door to see mom and Lisa kicked back with their feet up sipping wine. They both were still dressed from work in dresses and nylons. As I sat down in the chair across from them they asked how the game went. I began to tell them about the game but found it hard because as I talked mom and Lisa were wiggling their feet and rubbing them together. The sound of their nylons rubbing together was intoxicating. My dick was getting harder and harder as I watched their feet wishing my cock was between them. Lisa then changed the subject saying she had told mom that she had many things she needed done around the house and if I helped her out she would give me the old snowmobile her exhusband had left in the garage. I told her that would be awesome and asked her when she wanted me to start. She told me that it should only take 4 or 5 Saturdays to do everything she needed done. Telling her that I’d start this weekend I got up and headed to my room.

I got to my room stripped down to my boxers and got on my computer. I started surfing X Hamster for a good footjob video to masturbate to. Just as I had clicked on a video my door flew open and my sister bursted in saying great game you had. I jumped in my seat being startled from the intrusion. Walking towards me she asked whatchya doing? Trying to change the screen I said looking up something. No your not she laughed your looking at porn. I was caught.

She came up behind me placing her head over my shoulder to see the footjob video playing. The one I had picked was of a women in nylons rubbing her foot on the guys cock and then she rips a hole in the heel of her nylon and sticks the guys cock through the hole so it was between her nylon and her sole. Ann watched intently as it played out.When the guy blew a massive load in her nylon Ann said wow that looks like fun and then asked have you ever done it that way? I told her no I hadn’t but would love to try it sometime. I’ll do it for you she exclaimed lets do it now. Grab your nylons from where ever you hide them and I do it.

I grabbed the nylons from the drawer of my desk and was about to hand them to her when I thought better and said, I don’t want to ruin these, they are my favorite ones. Ann then ran outta the room and came back a few minutes later with a pair of sun tan nylons. She sat on the edge of my bed and pulled them on. I turned my chair around and rolled over close to her. I pulled out my cock and she started rubbing her foot on my cock until it was hard.

She then pulled her foot away just long enough to tear a small hole in the heel of the nylon. Placing her foot back in my lap I guided my cock in the hole. She then went on sliding her foot up and down the shaft of my cock and asked how if felt. I didn’t need to answer as I knew from the expression on my face would explain.As horny as I was it didn’t take long for me to shoot my cum all over the sole of her foot and in the nylon.

Ann slid her foot up removing my cock from the nylon and the took off the nylons. She examined the foot of the nylon and remarked at how much cum was there. She said the next time I was looking at foot porn to let her know and we might be able to find more fun ways to do it. The rest of the night was pretty normal, I rubbed moms feet after dinner and went back to my room, jerked off ,took a shower and went to bed.

The next morning when I went to the kitchen mom was there finishing her coffee before heading to work. When I told her good morning she said we needed to talk. Not sure what she wanted to talk about I said sure lets talk. With a stern look on her face she said you need to stay out of my room and my nylon drawer, I went to put on my nylons this morning and there was a big hole in them and there was your dryed cum all over them. Those are very expensive nylons,plus I gave you a pair to use for your fun. Shocked and embarrassed I stuttered OK mom. She then threw the nylons at me and said that I might as well have them too and left for work.

That bitch sister of mine set me up,wait until I see her I thought. A few minutes later Ann came bopping down the stairs I yelled You bitch,you took moms nylons last night and then put them back in her drawer. She laghed and asked how did you know. Mom just yelled at me about it I replied. Again she laughed and said there is a ot more I can do and tell mom so I guess you better be good to your little sister and then she headed off to school.

Foot Fetish Lovers


It was now Saturday I had to go to Lisa’s house to do some things around the house for her. When I arrived Lisa and her daughter Tina were out sitting on their front steps. They greeted me saying they were glad to see me.Lisa said the first thing she wanted to get done was store some odds and end up over head in the garage. Tina said she was heading to go see Ann and hang by the pool.

Lisa and I headed into the garage where she grabbed a ladder and told me she needed me to hand her up some boxes and she would take care of them from there. I held the ladder as Lisa climbed to the top, noticing how nice her legs looked in shorts and flip flops. I then turned grabbing the first box and handed it up to her. Lisa took the box and as she stretched out placing all her weight on one leg slide the box to the back. When she did this she bent the other leg out and her flip flop fell off.I picked up her flip flop as she asked if I would slide it back on her foot. I slowly grabbed her foot from the heel and slid it back on. The minute I touched her foot my cock began to stir. By the time I handed up the next five boxes my cock was at full attention.

Climbing down Lisa noticed the buldge in my pants exclaiming how are you to help me with the rest of the chores in that condition. I guess we better take care of that now so we can get some more work done. We went inside where Lisa had me lie on the floor in front of the couch and she sat over me. She told me to pull down my pants and she began rubbing my cock with her bare feet. Her feet felt soft and smooth as she squeezed my cock between the insteps as they stroked up and down. My cock was oozing precum when she took one foot placing it on top of my shaft pressing against me sliding the sole of her foot up and down my shaft. Then she stopped her foot in just the right spot and started flexing her toes against bottom side of the head of my cock. This sent me into an intense orgasam. She grabbed a towel and we wiped up my mess.

After the 15 minute footjob she had me rake some leaves and then bring up some garbage bags from the cellar and place them by the road for the garbage men. When I finished I went back into the house and Lisa called me into the bedroom.
Entering the bedroom Lisa was sitting on the bed, she had on a red silk robe and when she turned towards me I could see a black frilly bra and black nylons. With a sexy tone to her voice she said she had one more job for me before I was done. She patted the bed next to her calling me to her. She reached out and pulled me to her kissing me with a wet passionate kiss. After the kiss she helped me out of my shirt and then my pants. As she kissed my neck and down my chest she fondle my cock until it was stiff as a bat.She stood and removed her robe exposing her body in the black bra with a tiny pair of black panties and a garter holding up her stockings.

Gently she pushed me back on the bed,mounting me and slowly grinding her panty cover pussy against my cock. In a low sexy tone she asked me if I had ever fucked an older woman. I nodded no as she went on saying it had been so long since she had fucked a young hard cock. I could feel her hot wet pussy get even wetter as she continued grinding against my cock. Next she put her hand down to her pussy and slid her panties to the side and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. She rode me like a wild mustang all the while moaning how great my cock felt in her. As she leaned to to kiss me she rolled me over on top of her. As I pumped her feverishly I reached under her legs pulling them to my shoulder and began sucking her nylon covered toes. She began to scream Fuck me baby fuck me baby,Oh baby I’m cumming and I felt her pussy gushing her love juice all over my cock. She squirted so much cum the bed was soaked. I continued pumping her through one more orgasim before she collapsed beneath me.

When she regained her composure she got up off the bed , kneeled between my legs and began sucking her juice off my cock. When I began to tense up before I blew, she pulled her mouth off my cock and stroked my cock telling me to shoot my cum on her tits. A few strokes later I shot spurt after spurt of cum which she aimed to her semi exposed tits. Releasing my cock she rubbed my cum into her chest and told me she hadn’t been fucked like that in so long. We stood and she gave me a kiss, thanked me for all my help and I got dressed and headed home looking forward the next saturdays chores.



Thursday afternoon I was sitting around the house doing nothing when Ann got home from school. She asked if I would take her,Tina and Kate to the movies later that night. I told her I really didn’t want to take them and then have to go back out later and pick them up. She suggested that I just stay for the movie. I told her I wanted to go over to my girl friends later after she got out of work.

Maybe you might want to rethink that she said, I told the girls you’d take us and if you don’t maybe mom might find out a thing or two. I knew exactly what she meant. The bitch was blackmailing me. I told her fine I would take them and asked what they were going to see. It turned out to be a movie I wanted to see but had planned on taking my girl friend on a night she didn’t have to work.

I decided to take them on one condition and that was they had to pay my way which she agreed to. I also told her it had to be the early movie so I could still make it over to my girl friends after. She didn’t get out of work until 10:30. So at 6 o’clock we left picked up the other girls and got to the theater for the 7 o’clock show.

To my surprise the theater was dead, maybe 25 other people were at our movie. We sat three rows down from the top. While the previews for other movies were playing the girls went to get pop corn and drinks. Just as the movie started the girls returned. Tina sat next to me and for whatever reason Kate and Ann sat behinds us in the next row up.

The movie was really funny and I was really getting into it when all of a sudden I felt something brush my ear.Turning my head to the right ,there was a foot then to the left there was another foot. Whoever was right behind me had place their feet on each side of my head.

As I continued watching the movie the foot on the right side of my head began to brush up and down the side of my face and eventually worked its way to under my nose and infront of my mouth. I grabbed the foot with my hands and tickled it for a few moments and the foot was yanked from my hand. A few moments later it was back, this time when it made its way to my mouth I bit it lightly nibbling on it a little. It stayed there this time almost begging to be sucked on.

As I sucked and nibbled on that foot ,the foot on the other side of my head found its way to my face. Working on one foot then the other I realised they were both right feet. Both girls had a foot in this tease.

I kind of lost track of the movie as I enjoyed all the toe action. My cock was near full erection when I felt the attention of a hand caressing it through my pants. The hand was working at my zipper as it massaged my cock. The hand finally managed to open the zipper,work it way into my boxers and reach my cock.The hand milked my cock as if I was a cow,squeezing it tight and then releasing it then sqeezing again. The sensation was incredible.

Enjoying the action I never noticed the movie had ended, people were leaving and the lights got brighter. The girls pulled their feet away,sitting back up in their seats but Tina continued to play with my cock as the last few people left. Kate and Ann stood up saying come on you two get a room and then Tina pulled her hand out of my pants. I zipped up and we walked out ,me with blue balls and the girls giggling at the fact they had got me worked up and left me hanging.

We got in my car and I told them that they were all bitches because not only did I not see the movie, they had me all worked up and I didn’t get off. Ann came back with thats why you have a girl friend big brother. The ride home was quiet for the most part,Tina and Kate giggled some in the back seat and Ann in the front seat trying to put her hand in my crotch to torment me even more. It was all a big joke to them.

I dropped them off and headed to my girl friends house only to find out she was on the rag and was in a bad mood from work. I hung out there,horny as hell for a couple of hours, knew I wasn’t getting anything, and figured I’d better leave before we got in an argument.

I came home to a dark house and headed upstairs. I went to my desk to grab out my nylons to have a jerkoff session only to find they were gone. Only in my boxers I snuck down the hall to my sisters room. She was laying on her belly under the covers. Slowly I lifted the blanket from the foot of her bed to expose her feet. I figured her feet owed me some release after all the teasing from earlier that evening. I crawed up on the foot of her bed kneeling at her feet.Grabbing her feet I noticed that she had went to bed wearing nylons and from the feeling of them they were the ones from my drawer.

Holding her feet with one hand I rubbed my cock against the soles of her nylon covered feet with the other. A few minutes of that she let out a slight sigh and whispered”I knew you would be by” and started flexing her feet against my cock and balls. She then rolled over pulling her legs up to her chest and told me to fuck her feet.

I went to fucking her feet with vigor. The feel of her nylon feet squeezing my cock tight was all it took and shot streams of cum plastering her from her face down her chest. After the last shot flew Ann shocking said “holy shit,you really were backed up big brother,that shot like it came out of a fire hose.” I told her thats what she gets for being such a tease.

I then got off her bed,headed to my room and slept like a baby.



Over the next several weeks things really slowed down. Ann started dating my best friend Doug who really made me realise how lucky I was being surrounded by so many good looking women.Doug knew about almost all the fun I had been having over the last several months. Mom and Aunt Jill had joned the gym and were never around. Lisa had met a guy who she was seeing and after I finished the work she had for me, the Saturday fun time ended. And since Ann was dating Doug, Kate and Tina kinda dissappeared.

I was getting plenty of sex from Joy my girl friend, but all we did was fuck and suck.I was getting no foot action of any kind other than my nylon masturbation sessions thinking of all the sexy feet I had fun with.
Things were pretty dismal.

Then one day I was killing time surfing the net. I was on craigslist and clicked on casual encounters in the personal adds. While scrolling through, one title caught my eye, it said Young Foot Fetish Male Wanted. I red the add and it was a couple looking for a younger guy to enjoy foot fetish fun with them.

With nothing to lose I answered the add and after several e-mails back and forth we decided to meet on a Sunday at a little sports bar resturant. If things clicked we would go from there and see where it went. When Sunday rolled around I was nervous but yet excited. I showed up at the bar and searched around for the couple. They had sent a couple pictures in their e-mails so it would be easy to notice them. After a few moment I found them sitting at a table just off the corner of the bar.

He was about 5’8ish with salt and pepper hair,good shape and said in the e-mails he was 52 years old and his name was Jim. His wife Dawn was 48 reddish brown hair and from what I could tell a pretty damn good figure. She was wearing a black dress with black nylons and pumps which caught my eye first thing. She had amazingly nice legs.

I went to the table and introduced myself.They told me to have a seat and asked if I would like a drink. Jim went and got a round of drinks and Dawn and I made small talk. When Jim returned he began to tell me they were swingers and his fantasy was to watch his wife with a younger guy and share in their foot fetish. As we talked more I was feeling very comfortable with them and from the way Dawn was rubbing my leg with her foot I think they were too.

After chatting an hour or so they asked if I was intrested in joining them at a motel for some fun. I told them I was a bit nervous but I would love to. They told me to meet them in the lobby of the Holiday Inn just down the road. I went there and met Dawn in the lobby while Jim was getting a room. We then headed up to the room together. We all got comfortable removing our jackets and shoes.Dawn went to the bathroom to freshen up. Jim sat in the chair by the window, and asked if I would have a problem with him taking pictures of the action. I told him I was fine with it as Dawn returned. She walked up to me and we began kissing.

Her lips were so soft and wet when they met mine. We made out for a few moments as we worked our way to the bed. Reaching the bed Dawn sat on the edge and I told her I wasn’t sure what to. She gave me a reasuring smile and said just follow my lead. She then started unbuttoning her dress, which buttoned down the front, reveiling her full breast in a pink and black lacey bra. As she finished unbuttoning I kissed down her neck until I reached her chest. She then stood up and removed her dress. She had on a matching pantie and garter set that held up her silky black nylons.

She then told me to undress as she layed out on the bed. Removing my boxers she commented on how nice my thick cock looked. Now competely naked I move to the end of the bed and started kissing and sucking her toes. Jim then stood up with his camera and began snapping pictures of the action unfolding in front of him. I spent several minutes enjoying Dawns nylon covered feet as she cooed and moaned how good it felt. My cock was at full attention as I began kissing up her silky smooth legs. Dawns feet than began to brush up against it in a teasing manner as they batted it around sending me into sexual fury.Kissing and nibbling my way up her leg I reached her pussy that was shaved completly bald.Pulling her panties to the side I feveriously devoured her satin smooth pussy. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and screaming in pleasure. Sitting up she guided me back on the bed positioning herself between my legs and started giving me an incredible footjob.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth all the while stroking my cock with her talented toes. This lady was talented and flexable for a woman 48 years of age. Being sent to the brink I moaned to her that I was going to cum. She squeezes my cock tightly with her toes just as I blew my load in her waiting mouth. She gulped down every drop of my seed and licked her lips when she had finished swallowing every last drop.
Turning her head towards her husband she said “Oh hunny his young hot cum tasted so sweet”. He came to the bed and gave her a passionate kiss. As I layed there recovering from the intense bj and footjob they continued kissing. I got up and went to the bathroom to grab a drink of water. I returned to see Dawn on her hands and knees on the bed sucking Jims cock who was standing at the edge of the bed.

I crawled up behind Dawn and began kissing and licking her feet. As I worked my way up the back of her legs reaching her beautiful ass she bent her legs up to fondle my cock with her feet. Between her muffled moans around Jims cock and her nylon feet touching my cock I was hard again. As I pulled her panties to the side I slid up behind her rubbing my cock against her wet pussy. Slowly I drove my cock into her until I was balls deepin her mature pussy. As I pumped her with deep strokes Jim groaned as he shot his load into her mouth. She gagged a bit as she reached her orgasam while swollowing her hubbys load.
I was just moments from shooting a load in her pussy when she pulled away. She rolled over grabbing my cock in her hand and told me she wanted me to cum on her feet. She stroked my cock with vigor as she said” come on baby cum on my feet, cum for me baby,shoot that hot cum on my feet”. And thats what I did. She stroked my cock aiming it so my load shot all over her feet. She told me she wanted to wear my cum home on her feet as she smeared it around on her feet.

We sat there a while looking at the pictures Jim had taken and talking about the fun just had by us all. We all then got dressed and ready to leave. I watched intently as Dawn slipped her cum soaked feet into her pumps. She then gave me a kiss and Jim shook my hand and said that they would be intouch for more fun if I was up for it. Eagerly I told them just get a hold of me and then we all left.


After the night with the couple from craigslist I jerked off many times daydreaming about how much fun that was. It was a few days after the encounter and I was sitting around watching tv and contemplateing going to my room and masturbating again when Ann came home from school. She plopped down on the couch next to me and asked what was wrong. I told her nothing was wrong I was just bored. She then asked me what I was doing at the Holiday Inn the other night.She said one of her friends from school works there and told her that she seen me there with an older lady.

I explained to her how I met a couple from craigslist that was looking for a guy with a foot fetish and all that went with it. I went on to tell her that I hadn’t been getting much foot action and had to try it. I’m not sure if she was trying to be mean or what but she told me that Doug was enjoying her feet every free moment they had and that he seemed to like her feet almost better than sex itself. She must have seen that telling me that made me feel worse as she patted my thigh and said don’t worry big brother I’m sure your luck will change.

I checked my e-mail 20 times a day over the next few days hopeing to hear from the couple. I found myself back to masturbating and watching foot porn on my computer several times a day. Even though I was told not to I stole more nylons from moms drawers because I had used up the pairs I already had. Sex with my girl friend Joy was good but I still craved foot action.

Its now Saturday mom and Lisa are having a party tonite,Joy has to work and Ann will be with Doug so I have the house to myself. Maybe if I’m lucky mom will come home drunk and I can have some fun with her feet when she gets home. So after killing most of the day I was sitting around watching tv when the front door opened and Ann came bopping in. Whats up big brother she said.

I told her not much and asked her what she was doing home. She told me Doug went on a ski trip with his parents and she was free for the weekend.

We sat around catching up on what had been going on for a while. Then just being the horny guy I am I asked her if she wanted to play around some. She asked what I had in mind. I told her we could watch some foot porn and get some ideas and she replied she had some ideas of her own. She then told me to go to my room and get comfortable and she would be in shortly.
I practically ran to my room stripped down to my boxers and sat on my bed waiting. About five minutes later she came in the room dressed in a dark blue silky night gown that came down to her knees, and tan nylons. She was carrying some sort of little duffle bag. She sat the bag on the bed,opened it and grabbed out a blindfold. She put the blindfold on me,telling me to lay back and just enjoy. I did as I was told and as I layed there I could tell she was repositioning her body on the bed. She grabbed my hands pulling them together, she handcuffed them and then attatched them somehow to the head board.

The next thing I felt was my boxers being tugged down my legs and then off. A few seconds later there were two nylon feet working up my legs until they found my cock. Gently they massaged my cock and balls until I was rock hard. Then in a soft sexy voice my sister said “does my big brother miss having these sexy feet play with his big cock” “does he like how they feel on it?” I said “oh yes he does” “your feet feel so good on my cock”.

Her feet then released my cock and I felt her hand grab it as she wrapped something silky around it and then around my balls. Next thing I felt was what ever she wrapped around me tighten and then it dawned on me she was tieing my cock up with a nylon. She pulled it pretty tight and asked if I liked my cock tied with a nylon. It felt so hot that all I could do is nod yes.
There was a pause in the action while she again repostioned herself. Then her feet were in my face,she rubbed them all over my face and then she placed them to my lips and I began kissing them and sucking her toes. She cooed as I did this and then she began to stroke my cock with her hand. I could tell she had slid a nylon on her hand like a glove to stroke me with. With her other hand she gently caressed my thigh asking me if it felt good. Again I nodded.

I was getting very close to cumming. Everytime my body started to tense up she would slow her stimulations tormenting me to the point I begged her to make me cum. She giggled as she said not just yet big brother. I was squirming like crazy now. She then repositioned again this time she straddled my chest facing my feet. Her feet were back in my face and her hands back on my cock. She was squeezing me thight with her thighs as she continued to tease and torment me.
As I begged for mercy she lowered her head sucking my cock deep in her mouth and then back off just as fast making a pop sound as the suction of her lips came off the head of my cock. She went on stroking my cock with her hands and then a quick suck for what seemed like forever. My cock and balls ached for releif. Then finally she said “OK big boy give me your cum” and she stroked me continuiously until I shot my load with a loud groan.

After I was done convulsing she exclaimed “OMG that was a fucking huge load,it nearly shot my eye out”. A few moments later she climbed off me and I told her she could undo me now. With a mean sound in her voice she said “Oh no not just yet.You wanted to play and I’m not done playing yet”.

I layed there in the quiet for close to twenty minutes. I called her name several times to no answer. As I layed there wondering what the hell was going on, a hand touched my limp cock pulling off the nylon that had it tied up earlier. The hand then caressed and fondle my cock a little as I felt the bed jostle. The hand was removed and replaced by a foot. Ann must have taken off the nylons as the foot that was now playing with my cock was bare. It was joined by another foot as the toes poked and prodded my balls and cock.

My cock began to harden as I said it about time you came back. As the feet stroked my cock I felt a mouth go down on it and sucked in time with her feet. Just as I was really getting into the foot and blowjob everything haulted. The bed jostled again and she straddled me and her hand then grabbed my cock and guided it as she sat down on it. OMG my sister is going to fuck me I thought. We had done many things together but intercourse had always been off limits. Sis ,Sis, I stammered, this isn’t right, We can’t,Sis no.

The room stayed silent other than some light moans as she began to ride my cock. As the intensity of her riding increased the moaning did also. Just then my blindfold was pulled up and I saw it wasn’t my sister riding me. It was Tina and my sister was standing there beside the bed. Fooled ya big brother she said as I glanced her way.

Tina rode me hard and fast like a Kentucky Derby winner .I could feel her little pussy tighten around my cock as she began to scream with an orgasam. She collasped forward onto my chest as she said “I have always want to fuck you”. Breathing very heavy she rolled off me laying next to me on the bed.

Knowing I hadn’t came yet Ann crawled up on the bed and took my cock in her hand,milking it with tender loving strokes. She swung her feet around to my crotch as she milked me until I came on her nylon feet.

After I came Ann untied my hands and I asked her where she had learned all about all of this.She said Doug and her and been watching porn and trying new things,and she knew that it would be the only way she could get me to fuck Tina. So as we continued talking I found out the girls had been trying to plan a way for Tina to have sex with me and everything fell into place when I had asked Ann if she wanted to play. Tina was being very quiet through out the after math but she did sheepishly ask me if I was mad and went on to say she had wanted this night to happen for a long time now.

I eased her mind when I told her I hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time. I then told her if she would induldge my foot fetish that she could fuck me anytime. She smiled and said “Deal”



I was sitting around the house one day,it was a miserable cold rainy day when Ann and her new boyfriend,John came in. She had just started seeing him over the past two weeks. I was reclined in the chair watching sports center and they both plopped down on the couch. John and I started talking sports and Ann just sat there looking bored because she wasn’t into sports much. I could tell she was getting upset from the look on her face.

As we continued talking Ann shifted on the couch and placed her feet in Johns lap.Looking at John as we talked I could see Ann’s feet wiggling around in his lap. I could tell from the way he was sqirmming around that her feet were getting the best of him. As I descretly watched her feet I noticed that she looked at me to see if I was watching.

As we talked sports Ann got up saying she was bored and headed up to her room only to return a few minutes later with her nail polish bag. You guys talk your stupid sports and I’ll paint my nails she said. She then placed her feet up on the edge of the coffee table,flexing her toes as she removed the old polish and we continued talking.

As we talked both John and I kept glancing at Ann as she did her toes and she would look up every once and a while to see if we were looking. She finished one foot and breaking into our conversation asked if we liked the color she had chosen as she held her foot out at us. She had picked a maroon color that really looked good with her tan feet. We both told her it looked nice as she started on the other foot. I noticed as John would steal glances at her feet he also adjusted himself with his hand to make his buldge more comfortable. I myself had on lose fitting shorts and had no trouble as my dick harden watching her do her toes.
When she finished she made a comment about how much we watched her while she did her feet. She then said that she knew John had a thing for feet but she didn’t realise that her brother did. Now that was a lie but I went along with it and said that nice feet are sexy and John agreed. Ann stretched our her legs and showing off her freshly painted toes and looking directly at me asked do you think my are sexy. I replied ,Yes your have very nice feet. Of course she already knew the answer but I know she wanted to hear me say it. She then asked what we thought was the best feature of her feet. John said everything about her feet were nice and as she turned to me for an answer I said I liked her high arch and her toes.

Ann swung around on the couch,placing one foot infront of Johns face and asked him to blow on her toes to help them dry. He grabbed her foot with his hands and pulled it close to his mouth and eagerly blew on her toes. All this foot talk now had me hardening in my shorts and from what I could see it had the same effect on John. John rotated back and forth from foot to foot testing them to see how dry they were as he blew.

While all of this was going on Ann kept the foot talk going. She asked me if I helped Joy with her toes the whole time knowing all the answers. The subject of sports was now gone and she had both of us on the line with all the foot talk. I could tell she was enjoying the fact she now had our full attention with her feet. Winking at me, her questions seemed to get more personal and weird as she asked us. But the mood seemed pretty open as we both answered her.

The questions were like.
Have you ever rubbed a family memebers feet and got excited?
We both answered, Yes.
Have you ever jerked off thinking about feet?
again it was Yes.
How old were you when you first knew you liked feet?
John..7 or 8
Me .. 5 or 6
Whos feet did you notice first?
Like nylons or bare?
Both said Nylons but bare is nice too.
Do you like to suck on toes?
Does it turn you on when you suck on toes?

With that answer John stuck her foot in his mouth and began sucking on her toes. I was hard as a rock as well was John. Both of us had huge buldges in our pants. Ann layed back on the couch,letting out a moan and placed her other foot on Johns hard cock while he sucked on her toes. She seductivly worked her foot on his buldge. I was going insane as I watched and she knew it as she looked at me.

Frustrated as hell I said “Awww come on guys save it for later”. Ann then turned to me and said” I have two feet and only one mouth” “Care to help John?” I’m not sure which head of mine was thinking, but I stood up and move towards the couch. Ann pulled her feet from John and spun,pushing the coffe table outta the way. She told us both to get on the floor infront of her as she spread her legs holding her feet out. We both dropped to the floor as she offered a foot to each of us. Ann leaned back moaning as she enjoyed the attention her feet were getting.

Not once did I ever think about sucking my sisters feet infront of someone as I enjoyed what I was doing. It was all in the moment. With movment to my left I peeked to the side to see John pull her foot from his mouth and place it on his cock as he undid his pants releasing a monster cock. Not to say I have a small cock but this thing was as big a cock as I ever seen. He leaned back as Ann stroked his massive cock, sliding the sole of her foot up and down his shaft. Oh how I wanted in on that action. Ann knowing, pushed me back with her foot then dropped it to my cock pulling down the front of my shorts with a little help from me.

I couldn’t help but blow a load within a matter of a minute or two of her soft foot stroking my cock. I fell back to the floor as Ann took both of her feet now to stroke Johns massive cock. I watched as she worked up a sweat pumping up and down until he finally blew. I can’t explain the feeling I got as I watched my little sister make this massive cock explode and I mean explode all over the place with her feet.

As things wound down the realization of what had happened hit me. This was now the second time Ann and I had done something with a stranger seeing it. It must have shown on my face because the first thing John said to me was “Dude don’t worry this is just between us.” My god if this ever gets out.



Spring has now sprung,the weather is getting nicer and we have survived another upstate NY winter. The bad thing is, the warmer it gets the less women wear nylons, but what the hell bare legs and feet are nice too.

I had just come inside from doing the barn chores and had sat down on the couch. Ann came in shortly after in tears, throwing her self down on the couch next to me. I asked her what was going on to find out that Doug had broke up with her. I had always known it would last and dreaded the day that this happened but now that day was here.

I put my arm around her and told her everything would be fine. She was a good looking girl and there would be lines of guys looking to hook up with her. She just kept crying and carrying on like someone close to her had just died. I continued to reasure her things would be ok and she just needed to get her mind off Doug.

I then got up telling her I needed a shower before dinner and went to my room to take one. After my shower I came down and we ate dinner. Mom was trying to do the same with Ann as I did earlier. Ann moped through dinner and then went up to her room. I helped mom with the dishes and then we headed to the livingroom to watch some tv.

A couple hours later Ann came down and joined us sitting on the couch next to me. While making small talk and watching tv Ann had shifted on the couch stretching out putting her head in my lap as she layed out. She moved her head around on and off my lap trying to get comfortable until she had it resting dead center on my cock. She layed there like that for a few minutes,then she put her hand under her head to act like a pillow. I then asked if she would like a pillow to which she said she was fine.

I was semi hard as it was just from having her head resting on my cock but now her hand was slowly manipulating my cock as her head layed there. I must have made a groan or something as she teased my cock because mom turned her head to look at me and give me a dirty look.This went on until she had my cock so hard and I couldn’t take any more. I got up saying I was tired and needed to get some sleep and headed off to bed.

I got to my room and releived the tension that had built up. I was just about sound asleep when I heard a light knock on the door and my sister came in. she sat on my bed and whinned and cryed about Doug some more and I told her she was crazy for doing what she did down stairs and that she needed to get to bed herself. She left in a pissy fashion but I just wanted to get some sleep.

The next night Joy came over for dinner,Ann was till depressed over Doug, and mom was her usual self. After dinner mom and Ann headed up to their rooms And Joy and I settled in on the couch to watch tv. Joy and I were making out when Ann came down and asked if we minded if she joined us. Knowing how she was so bummed out we told her we didn’t mind. She then sat next to me on the couch. Not in one of the chairs but on the couch next to me and Joy. Then while watching tv and talking , she spun around like the night before and placed her head in my lap. Ann then started doing the same as she did the night before but this time she turned her head down into my crotch and with her mouth started to knaw and my hardening cock. I grabbed a pillow from behind Joy and placed it under Anns head to prevent any more of this from happening.

This didn’t seem to detour Ann though,she then just got more agressive with her hand under the pillow to the point where I became squirmy and Joy asked if I was ok. She tormented and teased my cock until I finally told her she had to sit up and gave the excuse my leg was falling asleep. Ann sat up and just as I thought to torture was over she swung around and placed her feet in my lap and leaned back against the end of the couch. OMG as if her hand wasn’t bad enough now I have her sexy little feet in my lap. She descretly pressed her feet on my boner and slowly manuvered them as if she was trying to make me cum in my pants. Just as I was about to blow in my pants she retracted her feet and said she was heading to bed.

What happened next was very intense. Ann had left and Joy was feeling frisky. When she went to play with my cock she found it so hard and as she slid her hand inside my pants there was some much precum from being teased by Ann. She looked at me with this weird look and asked if there was something going on with my sister and me. I snapped back saying”Your crazy,what would make you say a thing like that?” Joy said she has seen how Ann looks at me and she always has to be touching me and the fact of me having such a wet spot in my pants already and she had just begun to get started makes it look like something might be up. I played it off as she was making more of it than it was. I banged her like a wild man that night and she headed home.

The next morning I ripped Ann a new asshole. What the fuck were you thinking I asked. You need to stop this,I know what we have done was fun but I have a girlfriend and we need to just go back to normal I told her. Her excuse was since Doug broke up with her she was horny and that they had sex so much and now she wasn’t having any she needed to have some. Telling her to relax that she would find a guy and it would get back to where she was ,she screamed back “you just don’t understand” and stormed out.

Over the next couple weeks,every chance Ann got she continued her routine of tormenting me infront of mom and Joy, to the point I would just get up and leave. I kept telling her to stop and this had gone to far. Joy had gotten so creeped out about it she wouldn’t come over anymore ,saying she knew something was going on. I was pretty sure she was about to dump me.

Then one night I had gotten up and left after being teased infront of mom. I was laying in bed sound asleep and the next thing I knew there was a warm mouth sucking my cock. Opening my eyes I seen Ann working her head up and down on my cock. She stopped long enough to look back at me ,to see I was awake now and as she went back to sucking me she placed her feet in my face. I knew I shoundn’t but I did. I went to sucking and kissing her feet that smothered my face. My love for sexy feet took over.

Anna soft moaning while I kissed and sucked on her feet was all it took. I filled her mouth with cum. She sucked it down and cleaned every drop from my cock. She then crawled up next to me and cuddled up. I then told her that I loved the fun we have had but we really need to stop and that the way she had been acting infront of people was going to raise eyebrows. Without a word she jumped out of bed like I had slapped her and stormed out of my room.I fell asleep wondering if she would understand and look else where for what she was craving from me.

The next morning mom cornered me and asked what was going on last night. She had heard Ann when she stormed out of my room. I told her that Ann was still feeling bad about her breakup and didn’t like what I had to tell her and she got mad. Mom gave me one of those looks like she didn’t beleive what I was saying but she left it at that. When Ann came down I ripped into her telling her mom knew something was up and had given me the third degree about it and she needed to knock off her shit.
The next couple days leading up to the weekend she behaved for the most part. Saturday rolled around mom and Aunt Jill were going on another casino weekend,Ann was going to stay with Kate,and I had a buddy Brad coming over to watch March Madness with and get drunk. Ann left about 5 pm and Brad arrived about 7 pm.

We pounded some beers and watched the first of two games on that night. Just as the second game came on in walks Ann. When I asked her what she was doing here she told me Kate was being a bitch and she wasn’t staying there. She then headed up to her room. For some odd reason I knew this wasn’t going to be the nite I had planned. We pounded a few more beers and about 10 minutes into the game Ann came down wearing a camisole nitie of some sort and sat inbetween Brad and me. I tryed to ignore her as she figited around on the couch but Brad was having a hard time doing the same.

We were feeling pretty buzzed by now and when Ann shifted around laying on her stomach,placing her head in Brads lap and her feet in mine, I knew what she was up to. I was doing good ignoring her until I started to hear sucking and slurping sounds. When I looked over at Brad I seen his cock was out and Ann sucking on it feverishly. It was bad enough I had her feet making me semi hard but now this was over the top. I tryed to keep watching the game but I caught myself watching the action next to me more and more.

Ann told a quick break from sucking and turned back to me saying “I bet you wish you had someone sucking your cock huh big brother”. I told them that needed to get a room and acted like I was offened by what was going on. Brad was now moaning like a whore in heat telling her what a good cock sucker she was and stuff like that. I couldn’t take much more so I got up and went to grab some more beers.

I came back to find Ann had gotten up and was now sitting on Brads lap riding him for all she was worth. All the moans and groans with the smacking sounds of the fucking was driving me wild. It seemed like everytime I would look at them Ann was looking at me as if to say this could be you. Finally after what seemed like forever Brad had gotten off and Ann had wore down and they were just cuddled up at the end of the couch. I grabbed a few more beers and we all watched the last minutes of the game.

After a few more beers Ann went upstairs to shower,Brad had passed out on the couch and I went up to my room to crash. Pretty drunk I got to me room,got out of my clothes and crawled into bed only to find Ann in it.

“Hey big brother” she said “You ready for your turn?” What the fuck are you doing here I asked? Well big brother I thought you would join in on the fun down stairs but….. I figured you just wanted to wait to have me all yourself, she replied. Ann you need to stop,we can’t continue on this path I rebutted. She grabbed my cock squeezing it tightly saying “This says you want me”,Tom I love how you make me feel and I never want this to end” NO, NO, NO, I exclaimed No more! Ann began to cry and I felt bad but this needed to stop. I told her to go to her room and we would talk more in the morning.She got up and left still crying her eyes out.

The next morning Brad had left and Ann and I sat down to have coffee. Ann said she was sorry for last nite and she wanted to make up for it. I asked her what she had in mind? She said she knows how much I liked feet and she would stop all her antics if I would just share that with her. She went on saying since Doug she hasn’t found anyone who liked her foot fetish and being I was the one that introduced her to the great feelings of it I should be the one to do it with her until she found another guy who did like it.

I really did enjoy her feet and she seemed to get me when it came to that, so reluctantly I agreed to share it with her as long as we did it in private with no chance of getting caught. She agreed and said nobody will be home until later , lets do it now. I was just horny enough from last night I told her fine lets do it. She smiled and said lets go to the livingroom.
Ann layed out on the couch and I took my spot at her feet and begun sucking and kissing on them. I had been so craving them for the past several days I was like a mad man with them. I had just released my cock from my pants when I heard ,”Dude,what the fuck?” It was Brad, he had left his phone and came back to get it. You guys are just fucking sick he said as he walked next to us on the couch. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say or do. My sisters foot was on my cock and her other foot was in my mouth.

Ann then screamed”shut the fuck up asshole,you say one word about this to anybody and I will tell your girlfriend how you have fucked her sister,me and Kate when she wasn’t around. And I will tell your mother what happened to her car that nite when you were trying to buy pot in browntown.

This seemed to change Brads mind as he said fine your secret is safe with me. Ann then said it better be or I’ll have your balls for dinner, now get your phone and get the hell outta here. Brad left and Ann said “ok now where were we?” then continued to rub my cock with her foot. A couple minutes of that and thing were back to where we left off.

I was shocked and proud of what my sister had done and said not knowing how she knew all of it but really glad she did.We had one more session that day before mom came home and all was good.


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