by trotter155
It was a Friday afternoon mom called to tell me that she wanted Ann and I to be ready to out to dinner when she got out of work. She had gotten a big raise and wanted to celebrate with a nice dinner at a swanky resturant in town. Five o’clock rolled around and when mom pulled in the drive we were ready.
We arrived at the resturant and as we were walking in I noticed mom had a run down the back of her stocking. I told her about it when we entered and after we were seated mom excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she returned I noticed that she had taken off her stockings and she was wearing an anklet. It was the first time I had ever seen her wear one and it looked so hot. When she took her seat I told her how nice the anklet looked on her and asked why she was wearing it. She told us that she stopped at the jewelery store after work and bought that and a toe ring as a treat for her raise.
We ordered our meals and drinks and continued to talk about how nice moms new anklet looked. Ann then excused herself and went to the restroom. While she was gone mom reached in her purse pulling something out and reaching over to me stuffed it down the front of my pants. I knew instantly what it was once I felt the silky softness of the nylons against my skin. I was shocked and excited at the same time.  Mom winked at me when she said “these are no good to me with a run in them,I’m sure you’ll find something to do with them I’m sure.” Blushing a bit we both chuckled as Ann returned to the table. Our meal came out and we ate like kings. I could tell mom was feeling good as she downed five glasses of wine throughout the meal.
When mom went to pay the bill she dropped her wallet and when it hit the floor all her lose change scattered.I instinctivly got down on the floor starting to pick up the change. Crawling under the table to retrieve the change my focus went to moms legs and feet noticing she had her shoes off and her bare feet were right there. I then grabbed her foot closest to me as to move it from the change on the floor.This alone made my cock stir even more in my pants.But when she took the foot and brushed it along my face I had to give it a kiss and hold it close enough to see the toe ring. I gave the toes on that foot a quick suck or two trying not to be to long under the table. It was then I heard my sister ask if I was lost under there. I finished grabbing the change and returned to my chair. Mom placed her hand high on my thigh very close to my now fully erect cock and thanked me for being a dear picking up the change. While she waited for the waitress to return with her card  her hand playfully danced around my thigh teasingly brushing against my hardon.
Heading out to the car mom told me I should drive home because she had to much to drink to be driving. Driving home was hard because mom kicked off her shoes and placed her feet on the dash giving me a great view of her sexy feet and the new toe ring and anklet. By the time we got home my cock had been hard now for almost an hour and was wanting some relief. Mom went to her room saying she was going to bed and Ann and I stayed in the livingroom for a little bit.Once mom had left Ann called me a horny perv and told me the buldge in my pants was so noticable when I had gotten up off the floor it was a wonder the whole resturant wasn’t laughing. Little did she know that the buldge was made a little bigger by moms stockings stuffed down my pants. When I told her I was going to bed she told me not to make too much noise jerking off and laughed loudly.
I got to my room ,took off my clothes and began to stroke my cock with the nylons mom had given me earlier. As good as the nylons felt on my cock I still couldn’t get the thought of how sexy moms anklet and toe ring looked. My mind wondered aimlessly until I figured what the hell. I got up and snuck into moms room figuring that by now she would be passed out asleep. I quietly moved close to the foot of her bed and gently pulled the blankets off her feet. Mom still was wearing the anklet and toe ring. At first I gently touched her feet with my hand to see if she might feel it.
When I was sure she was sound asleep I lowered my face to the soles of her feet kissing them softly while still stroking my cock with the stockings. Her feet felt so soft against my lips as I kissed up to the tips of her toes.Then I went on to sucking on her sweet toes. This made her move slightly and twitch her feet.Scared of her waking I pulled my face away as she rolled from her back onto her side. Her feet were at the perfect height for me to rub my stiff dick along her soles and as the precum lubed her feet I slid my dick between her high arches fucking her feet with gentle strokes. This was all it took for me to tense up shooting my cum between her feet up to her ankles.
Mom made a moaning groaning sound rolling back again to lie on her back. This scared me enough to quickly pull the blanket back over her feet  and sneak out of her room trying not to get caught. Just as I had closed my door I heard Ann coming up the stairs. I jumped in my bed and a few seconds later Ann knocked on my door and slightly opening it asked if I was awake. I played sound asleep and she closed the door. I must have been pretty tired because the next thing I knew it was morning.
When I had completely woke it dawned on me that I didn’t clean the mess off moms feet and when I picked up the stockings from under my bed there was only one. I must have dropped one when I was in moms room last nite. As I was thinking of excuses a knock at the door came and mom walked in.She came over to my bed and sat on the edge. She tossed the missing stocking up on my chest as she swung around on the bed facing me bending her legs to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. Looking me straight in the eye she said ” I think you forgot something last nite and we need to talk about it.”
She went on to tell me taking advantage last nite was wrong and if I needed help I needed to talk to her. We had had this talk before and she had always worked it out. She took part of the blame for what she did in the resturant but she had thought I was out growing my fetish for her feet and nylons or I was getting action from other sources. I just layed there not knowing what to say and watched her wiggle and flex her toes as she talked to me. She was still wearing the anklet and toe ring and the combination made my cock stiffen under the covers.
When she asked if I had anything to say about it she glance at my midsection noticing a tent in the covers. I stuttered a lot as I told her that her new toe ring and anklet just made her feet look more attractive to me and that I couldn’t fall asleep thinking about them. Chuckling she said she did notice alot of guys checking them out since she had started wearing them. She looked again at the tent under the covers and said I think you need some help now. She stroked my cock lovingly through the covers and asked “do you want me to help you now?” With my eyes focused on her feet I nodded yes. Stretching her legs out towards my face,she grabbed the stocking on my chest and pulled the covers back. Sliding the stocking over her hand she started rubbing my cock softly. As if she was reading my mind she moved her feet closer to my face offering them to my wanting mouth.
I’m not sure if she just wanted to make it quick or not but when she finally gripped my cock to stroke it she made some comments on how nice and big my hard cock was and I blew covering her nylon covered hand instantly. Dissapointed that it had only lasted maybe a minute I gave out a sigh. A little surprised herself she said” Oh honey that was quick,I guess you did need some help.” I was still kissing and sucking on her toes when she pulled them away and said she would help out some more later but she needed get downstairs to make some breakfast before Ann got up. She told me Ann was going with Kate and Aunt Jill later to the water park and we could maybe do something after she left.
I got up took a shower and joined mom and Ann for breakfast. The whole time we ate mom teased me under the table rubbing her foot up and down my leg. I was so horny, Ann leaving couldn’t come soon enough. Finally there was a knock on the door from Kate and Ann grabbed her stuff and left. I helped mom clean up hopeing it would hurry along whatever mom had in mind for helping me out.
Eagerly we headed to the livingroom after cleaning up,sitting on the couch mom said she wanted to talk some more about what was going on. Telling me she always thought my fetish was cute while growing up it was getting more complicated as I got older and we need to workout some solutions. Easiest solution being me finding a girlfriend who would induldge me with my fetishes. I told her that most all the girls I have dated thought my foot and nylon thing was weird and though a few have given in some it just wasn’t the same. She asked what it was about her feet that made it so different? I told her that her feet were the first for me,they were soft, sexy and were the standard I compared every womans feet to. Blushing a bit from my comment she asked if it was just her feet or if there was other things about her that excited me. Quickly I replied that her legs and feet in nylons were what turned me on, not to say I didn’t think she was pretty but…’s when I see or touch her legs and feet that I get aroused. Where would you like to see this situation go she asked? I thought a moment and then another moment and then I blurted out “I just want to feel your feet on me””I have always loved feeling your feet on me”
There was nothing but silence for several minutes and then she said “I’ll tell you what”.”I’ll make you a deal,if you can control your urges,I’ll give you time once a week with my feet. That is until you find a girl to indulge your fetish.” “But it will be when I say, and only then” No more sneaking in my room or anything like that!”” Deal?” I agreed to the deal somewhat upset that it would only be once a week but at least I would have to be so sneaky.
With a serious look on her face she asked if I wanted right now to be this weeks time for foot play. Jumping at this chance I said “Yes I do.” Like she didn’t already know what the answer was going to be she asked “Nylons or bare?” “Nylons” I replied. She got up saying she would be back and went upstairs. A few minute later she returned with her hair pulled up in a pony tail, tube top,a pair of cutoff shorts and a pair of blck thigh highs with reinforced toes. She had the country bumpkin school girl look.
She flopped down laying on the couch and told me her legs and feet were mine. I pulled off my tee shirt and started rubbing her nylon clad legs from her ankle up past her knees. Her legs feel so awesome. I turned on the couch to face mom and she picked her legs up placing one foot against my chest and the other foot against my face while I continued to stroke and caress her legs. At this point in time my cock was almost tearing through my shorts. The foot against my chest slowly moved down my body until it reached my strangled cock caressing it with a few strokes then with her toes she gripped the waistband pulling it out to release my cock from its confines. With only a couple inches of my cock sticking out of the waistband the toes went directly to flexing and tickling the sensitive underside of the head sending me into a frenzy.
With both hands I grabbed the foot in my face sticking all five toes of the sexy size 6 foot in my mouth sucking wildly as the toes on the other foot teased the hell out of the head of my cock. Knowing at this rate I would cum quick I grabbed the foot from my cock and brought it to my mouth to share in my oral assult on them both. This was the foot with the toe ring and anklet and I made sure to pay special attention to both as I kissed and sucked my way around her sexy feet. Everytime mom let out a moan I would glance at her to see her eyes closed and a heavenly smile on her face. I do beleive she was enjoying this as much as I was.
Pulling her feet away mom sat up telling me I was definatly my fathers son as she pushed me back against the end of the couch and pulled my legs straight out as she tugged off my shorts. Placing one foot up against my balls she pulled off the stocking on the other leg with the anklet.She took the nylon and tied it around the base of my cock and then down around my balls pulling it tight as she tied it. Looking up at me as she finished tieing she winked and said “Your dad loved when I did this to him.”
Then with one nylon covered foot and one bare foot she gripped my cock with her toes and stroked up and down, slowly at first picking up the pace as she went. The feeling and the sight was so incredible I moaned with pure enjoyment. The stocking being tied tightly around my balls and cock preventing me from cumming too quick added to the intensity of the footjob. I wanted to cum so bad but yet wanted this to last as long as possible.
Mom switched positions with her feet a few times and was now sliding her bare foot lubed with my precum up and down the bottom side of the shaft of my cock while the nylon covered foot played with my balls. Inbetween my pleasureable moans I was telling her how good her feet felt on my cock. I was going so crazy with emotions its a wonder I didn’t pass out. When mom switched back to stroking my cock with just her toes she sat up ,pulled the end of the stocking that had my cock and balls tied and as it released its hold around my cock I shot the most powerful stream of cum. It must have shot at least three feet in the air comming down landing back down on her feet and my cock.There were several more shots of cum flying in the air but none had the force of the first.
When I blew, mom with a surpised tone in her voice said,” Wow baby, That was some kinda build up  you had.” It took me a couple minutes to settle back down and when I had my witts about me again mom asked if I liked having my cock and balls tied with the stocking. When I told her it was better than anything I had ever felt she laughed and said ” I thought so,Your dad loved it like that too.”
As we layed there on the couch mom told me more about what a foot guy my dad was and that she hadn’t felt like this since before he died. She admitted that she really enjoyed sharing this time with me and was looking forward to our next weekly foot time.

Its been a week now since mom had bought her first anklet and toe ring. Since she has bought a few more and to make things wores for me, Aunt Jill,my cousin Kate,Lisa,Tina ,and my sister Ann were all now wearing anklets and toe rings. All these sexy legs and feet wearing jewlery around me was making my hormones go wild. I found myself having to masturbate three or four times a day just for relief. Everytime one of them got a new one they made sure to show it off to me. It was really tourturing me and they seemed to enjoy it.
It was now the weekend again and I was growing anxious for my next foot play time with mom. This once a week thing was making the week feel like a year. Finally saturday afternoon mom asked if I had plans for the evening,she said Ann was going to the movies with some friends and we should have some time to play then. I told her that worked for me and it was a date.
Around seven o’clock Ann left for the movies and mom asked if I had a preference on what she wore for our fun. I told her to surprise me as she headed up stairs to change from her jeans and blouse. She came down wearing a long silky black robe with white nylons. They were one of her more expensive pairs from what she had told me when she originally bought them. We settled in on the couch,mom sitting at one end with her feet in my lap at the other. I had just started rubbing her feet when the doorbell rang. Mom jumped up heading up stairs and I went to answer the door.
I opened the door with a pretty noticable tent in my shorts to find Aunt Jill. She came in asking where mom was and telling me she was bored and decided she’d come over for a visit. Mom came down a few moments later,dressed in sweats and we all sat in the livingroom shooting the shit. It wasn’t long before mom and Aunt Jill were drinking wine carrying on like they hadn’t seen each other in years. Finally a couple hours later Aunt Jill said she had to get going and headed out.
It was now ten o’clock and mom said Ann should be home soon and that we would have to postpone our foot fun for now but she would make it up to me somehow. While we waited around for Ann to get home mom told me about how she has noticed men really checking her out since she started wearing the anklet and toe ring and she was even getting hit on much more when she was out. I told her now that she had everyone wearing them, that it was harder on me seeing everyone flaunting them around the past week or so. She seemed to understand the situation I was in and told me she had something she wanted to run by me.
She said there was a woman Jane, she worked with that just moved here with her daughter. Through girl talk at the office the subject of foot fetishes was brought up and how her and her daughter loved getting pedicures and having their feet pampered. She said the womans daughter was about the same age as I was and if I wanted she would try and hook us up for a date. She also mentioned that if I played my cards right it could turn into the foot fun I was looking for.
My first thoughts were, she must be ugly as hell or wacky as shit but I told her to go ahead and try to set something up. Ann got home a few minutes later and we all headed to bed. Of course when I got to my room I jerked off before I fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning to the sound of rain pounding against the house so I went downstairs for breakfast. Mom and Ann were sitting there complaining about the weather. After I grabbed something to eat I asked if either one of them had plans for the day with hopes Ann would say she’d be going somewhere. But as luck had it neither had plans because of the weather. I sulked around the house the rest of the morning.
Finally the rain stopped around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Ann said she was going over to Tina’s house for a little while. I was thinking now I might get to make up for lost time with moms feet. When mom came into the livingroom I told her Ann had left for a while hinting that I was looking forward to some foot time. Mom said she had called Jane and asked her to come over and bring her daughter for a visit and a glass of wine, and that they should be by in an hour or so. I was a little put out at the idea because that didn’t leave much time for any foot fun but I was intrested in meeting Janes daughter. Mom told me to get cleaned up and depending on how long they stayed we might be able to make time later.
They showed up an hour later and I was introduced to Jane and her daughter Kim. Jane was a very attractive slim looking woman about 5’4 with red hair and from what I could see a great pair of legs. Now Kim was a bit taller and thicker than her mom at about 5’6″ reddish blonde hair also with a great pair of legs and from what I saw at first pretty nice feet too as she was wearing flip flops. We made small talk for a while getting to know  each other. Kim seemed real nice ,my fears of ugly and crazy dissappeared. Mom suggested I take Kim out to the barn to see the animals because being from the big city she had never really seen any up close and personal.
Kim and I headed out to the barn where I showed her the horses and the cows.
On the way out Kim stepped in the mud and lost her flip flop. I grabbed it out of the mud for her and placed it down infront of her watching closely as she slid her foot back in. Her foot was covered with mud when we reached the barn I told her to stand on the steps while I grabbed the hose to wash the mud off for her. She slid her foot out and held it out as I bagan to spray off her foot. I reached out with my hand and wiped the stubborn mud off her foot and from between her toes as I sprayed.When I finished with her foot I grabbed the flip flop cleaning the mud off that too and slipped it back on
her foot that she still had held out infront of me. As I put the hose back,Kim laughed and said”I guessing your a foot guy” as she pointed to the buldge in my pants.
While in the barn I was able to really check out her feet. They were very nice, her toes were just the right proportion to what I would guess size 6 feet. Her skin looked soft as silk ,her toes painted a nice shade of red and her high arches really caught my attention. While I told her about the farm she asked if I liked her feet. This caught me off guard a little. She said she had noticed me looking at her feet alot. I told her she had very nice feet and that a wise old man had told me you can tell alot about a woman by her feet. “Oh yea” she replied “And what do mine say about me?” Stumbling for words I told her that she must really take care of herself because her feet looked perfect. I’m sure I was blushing a bit as  I tryed to change the subject.
“What is it you like about feet?” she asked “What would you do with mine if I let you?” she continued.
Shyly I told her “I just think womens feet are sexy.”
“Would you suck my toes if I let you?” Kim asked.
“Ahh …. yea, that would be nice.” I studderded
Kim sat down on a bale of hay,kicking off her flip flops and held her feet out.
“Go ahead if you want,I love to have my toes sucked,it really turns me on.” she said
I kneeled down reaching out pulling her feet and toes to my lips. I sucked each toe on each foot working my tongue between them as I went. The whole time she was cooing and telling me how good it felt. Kim had me so horny I stood up lifting her legs up in the air high enough to make her lay back on the bale of hay.
“Have you ever given a footjob?” I asked her.
“I’ve done a few.” she replied.
Holding her feet with one hand I undid my pants with the other letting my hard cock spring out of its confines. As I placed her feet to my cock she told me what a nice cock I had and took over the action like a masterful footjob queen. Her sundress slid up her thighs as her feet pumped my cock to  give me a clear view of the tiny black thong she was wearing.
“Oh Kim that feels so good!” I moaned.
She smiled as she switched positions with her feet to where she was now sliding the sole of one foot up and down the shaft of my cock as she held it in place with the other foot.
She could sense I was close to cumming as my body started to quiver. Using her toes she tickled the underside of my cock head.
“Are you gonna cum for me Tom?” “Cum on my feet Tom!” “Let me see you shoot your cum on them.” she said.
Seconds later I was unloading shot after shot of my thick white cum all over her legs and feet. She had gobs of my cum from the inside of her thighs all the way to her toes. I was pretty impressed at the size of the load I had released as she giggled and asked
“Do you always get that excited about womens feet?”
“Thats for me to know and you to find out.” I said.
I then grabbed some paper towels to clean up with and then we headed back into the house. On the way in I asked Kim if she would like to hang out some more with me to which she replied she’d love to.

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