By Marcus Cerdan

This Sexy softcore story about 3 hot sexy brunette airline pilots that flies male passengers from Philly to Los Angeles. But they have their special focus on the one passenger to give him a feet and legs J.O.I (Jerk Off Instruction) While up in the air!


It was on a saturday, when Marcus’s vacation started. That day,  he was up enjoying his his breakfast and watching on youtube. Yet at the same time, he  remain focused on the picture he is doing. Then he gets a phone call. He picks up the phone and someone from the other end of the line is calling right fron California.:

MARCUS: Hello?

EROTIC PUBLISHER: Yeah , Is Marcus there?

MARCUS: Speaking. Who’s calling, please?

As the conversation went one, the person on the other end of the line invited him to make a flight out to Los Angeles! Marcus could not believe it! He finally got the break he truly deserves and worked hard for. The coversation continues.

EROTIC PUBLISHER: We’re gonna fly you out here first class!

With the happy expression on Marcus’s face, He could not turn down an offer like this. It is’ probably it is because he known as Mr. V.I.P! So he thought better of it and said to himself:

MARCUS: Hmmm, First class, huh? Sounds great! I get to travel like a king!

EROTIC PUBLISHER: Well, Marcus. There will be alot of exotic and muscle auto organiztion that will be working with you as well.

MARCUS: When do you want me to fly out?

The talent agent tells Marcus that he needs to fly out first thing monday morning and the plaine leaves at 10:00am. So, he will be arriving to LAX at 11:00pm. Marcus gets really excited and looking forward to it. The Agent tells him to forget about taking a cab. A big limo will come and take hime to the airport. All expense hotel is paid for. He will stay in up in the presidential suite! Also my airline ticket is already paid for. All he has to do is show up to “Terminal E” and go to the lady of “MIDAIR” airlines that is behind the desk and he will be able to pick up his ticket!. Marcus could not turn down that offer. He accepted. As soon as the conversation was finished. Marcus celebrated and told his family the good news. Not only he is flying out there. But, he will fly out there in style! Seem as though as Marcus got all of his talent cut out for him. The whole world is waiting to see what he is all about and see all of his work at hand! So not only he tells his family about it. But, he spreads out the good news on 3 social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Everyone from each page wished him luck and congratulated him. When he tells them that he is flying first class, they know that the world will be his oyster. They tell Marcus to have a nice flight!

The day went by alot faster. He went to bed that night. He could not even get a wink of sleep! He felt like he has butterflies inside his stomache. He runs back and forth to the bathroom being excited and nervous about his first plane ride! He looks to his cell phone and logged on to Facebook and everyone continues to congratulate him and wished him alot of luck. Marcus from that moment on feels like a true celeberty.

Sunday morning before breakfast,Marcus got up and got all of his things packed. Then, he had packed up everything that he needed. He was all set and ready to go. Marcus’s mom Dadd and aunt walked in the room and to him and they cried over tears of joy. They were all proud of him. But, his mom gets really worried with the fact that he will be on an airplane. Marcus re-assures her that he will be alright. The day went by faster. Marcus went to bed, but still could not sleep. He tossed and turn all night until 2:00am and finaly went to sleep. So he will have enough energy in him once he gets up and head to the airport!!



The very next morning, Marcus got up and he showered. He got dressed, splashed on his cologne. Then he was ready! His folks hugged him and told him to be careful and have a safe trip. Marcus was all excited about heading to L.A! I mean, C’mon! Shopping in Beverly Hills, going to watch the Lakers,  Dodgers and the Kings play. That was something to look forward but business first. He wanted to concentrate on getting his break that he truly deserve.

While he walks out with his luggage in one hand and his wardrobe in the other. A big shiny black limo shows up. You could see the expression on his face! He was being treated like a king. He goes V.I.P all the way with no question. For the first time ever, Marcus became somebody!  Marcus felt like he was on top of the world! The driver opened the door for him.

The moment he climbed in, The interior was so huge and full of LED lights ! There was a fridge, a mini bar ans a TV. . Marcus is feeling like a king by the munte! Marcus is on his way to the airport. 5 minutes later, the same guy who called him a couple of days ago called him again. They were going over the details on meeting a few adult stars ann sitting down with Hugh Hefner, Howard Stern and Ron Jermey. Marcus looks over everything and says:

MARCUS: Looks like everything is in order.

ADULT PUBLISHER: Marcus? Let me tell ya’, buddy. You will be ultimately huge!! And think about all the females you will be partying with!

When he tells him all this, marcus was getting chills! Nevertheless, That was something he was waiting for and dreamed about for a very long time! It became so interesting to him. When something like this turns up, it cannot be denied! So again, he was impressed by this as he said:

MARCUS: This I can really  for! (He has  this happy expression on his face)

ADULT PUBLISHER: The world would be all yours, pal!

So, Marcus wanted to know what hotel in L.A he will be staying at. The talent manager tells him. He will be spoiled rotten and be treated like a master! While Marcus enjoys his orange juice in a champaingne glass. They go over everything. The whole detail with a few adult story stars and publishers and auto enthusiests. He felt more energized and ready to go. There are lots of ground to cover. As he continue the conversation halfway to the airport as he’s on I-95, Marcus could not believe this is finally happening for him! He is like a big boss. The big man on campus! So, he watched a little TV and helped himself for a little bit more O.J! He called his mom just to let her know that he was alright.

Meanwhile, 2 exotic cars are heading right to the airport. Which could only mean these are the female pilots that’s gonna fly the plane. Soon as they got to the airport parking lot, Their spaces was reserved for them. One is the Ferrari 458 Italia. Second: Lamborghini Gallardo. and Last… The Audi R8 spyder. So you ask yourself “who are they?”…


The 3 hot and curvy females getting out of their 3 exotic cars are Kristina Bringhurst (Flight Captian/Pilot), Star Struck (Her Co-pilot) and last but not least, Angel Kicklighter (Computer Radar controller). Three of them locked their car doors and set the alarm off and walked right in the airport. Looks as though that their work is gonna be cut out for them. Because the plane thay will be flying to L.A with will be the same exact flight that Marcus will be on. That right there will be a complete suprise. Meanwhile, Marcus arrive to the airport. He gets out of the limo and enter “Terminal E” where he is about to pick up his ticket which had been already been paid for! The time Marcus arrived was 9:26 am. The airline he was getting on was “MIDAIR”! So, Marcus kindly approached the lady behind the desk and said:

MARCUS: How are you, ma’am?

She asked with a smile:

WOMAN BEHIND THE COUNTER: Yes sir, How can I help you?

MARCUS: Yes, there’s a first class ticket to Los Angeles which is paid for…

WOMAN BEHIND THE COUNTER: Okay, What is the name?

MARCUS: Marcus Drake Cerdan.

(She looks on the computer and she checks)

WOMAN BEHIND THE COUNTER: Ah yes, We have your ticket and it has been paid for. And here you are , Mr Cerdan.

She hands him the ticket and tells him to have a nice flight. He said with a smile Thanks alot!. So, he grabbed his luggage and There was a security check on everyone by the TSA to make sure thre was no weapons on them. Let alone a gun or a knife! All that is left is rings , watches, etc that they had to put inside the tub and as we passed the medal detector, They all got their valuebles back, then boarded the plane. Then an unbelievable thing happened. He saw one of the female pilots and She is the captain! She looks really familiar to him. He got a closer look.

Marcus could not believe his eyes! It’s Kristina Bringhurst..a.k.a Princes! He said:

MARCUS: “Princess? Is that really you?” She looks so hot in her sexy uniform!

PRINCESS: Marcus is that really you?

MARCUS: Yeah it’s me (He smiled).

They both gave eachother a hug. She was even glad that he is on her plane Heading to Los Angeles! She welcomes him aboard and he along the others board the plane. Then Angel Kicklighter known as “Jasmin” walks up to her right, Star walks up to her left. They thought they have seen Marcus board on their plane they are going to fly. But what he doesn’t know is as soon as they take off, they are gonna invite him to their cockpit! As soon as that happens, he’s gonna find out what they invite him there for! So, Marcus is in for a sweet suprise! As soon as he boarded the plane, he got really worried and thought it was a gay flight. But by looking at the hot sexy female flight attendants, he thought otherwise! The rest of the male passengers are gonna get really pleasured by the attendants. But not Marcus. Marcus is into something special. Now, there are 6 pilots in the cockpit. But only 3 out of the 6 remains. And the 3 have their focus on him. The 6 pilots came. But attendents said “Good Morning, Captain Princess, Good Morning, Star and Good Morning Jasmin”. The 3 did a booty pop, looks to them and said: “Good Morning, ladies!” as they smiled. And head to their cockpit! When they got there, They said hello to 3 other airline pilots working with them named Jessica Heller, Samantha Richards and Ranee Laface! Hot and ready to go!

Before getting ready for take off, Jasmin took an airline selfie with Patricio Gutierrez, Then Flight Attendent Sinn Sinn thought she saw Marcus on board, So she asked Star was that really him. Star told her that is him. Not only she tells him he is fliying first class, but he will be invited to the cockpit for a jerk off instruction with her and the other two! That’s something she is looking forward to yet!



Everyone has sat down in their seats and they are ready for take off. One of the attendants got on the microphone and address:

ATTENDANT: Gentleman, We are now preparing our Departure. Please make sure that your carry on  luggage is safely stored in your opening compartments. Make sure your seatbealts are fastened and extinguished all cigarettes. Once we reach our cruising altitute, We will serve our complimentry Breakfast Then later on our lunch. And our X-rated double feature will star Jenna Jameson and Debi Diamond.

So, all the male passengers fasten their seatbelts. They are prepared to take off now. When the attendent said what double feature x-rated movies are. He and alot of others will be sexually tempted. But that wouldn’t be a problem with them including Marcus. As the plane slowly was put on the runway, it was ready to take off. Marcus can feel the motion as the plane moves along the runway. It was really moving fast, the next thing…. Weeeeeeeeeee!!! They take off into the air! Few minutes later, after getting up to the air, the clouds and the sun is so beautiful!

So now, it is time for breakfast! Marcus was really excited. But yet, he was a little hungry. So the attendents are serving food to everyone. He ordered some bagles ,  cappaccino and some fruit salad. He enjoy himself as he sat and eat his breakfast in first class. Even though the pilots are enjoying breakfast themselves. They are dying and anxious to get at Marcus. Few minutes later after eating, it’s about that time! So “Princess” got a hold of the mic. and said:

“Would passenger report to the cockpit, please? Passenger Marcus Drake Cerdan report to the cockpit”.

Marcus was so curious as to why he was called to the pilots’ cockpit! So , one of the attendents escorted him ther. When he got there, There was an unexpected suprise! There was “Princess”. Then, there was her co-pilot “Star” and there was “Jasmin”! When he saw them, he had such a gut feeling that they have called him to the pit for something. The question is “what?”. Princess told the 3 other pilots to take over while She, Star and Jasmin sat him down. They tell him kindly to make himself comfortable. Princess sat in front of him and asked why he think she called for him! Marcus was curious about himself! So. Princess didn’t waste anytime getting right to the point! She alonge with Star and Jasmine want him to jerk off to their feet!

Marcus got really confused and asked if they could run that by him one more time. They want him to jerk off to their feet! So the seat that Marcus is sitting in has arm rests on both sides. Princess placed the 3rd one between his legs!  What happens next weas.. he saw the 3 take off their shoes. Princess place her feet on the 3rd armrest between his legs and encouraged to to jerk off to them. Star was on his left! She placed her feet on the left one. Jasmin did the same on his right!  So, it’s quite obvious! He was surrounded by feet Every arche, Sole and toes! He could not get away and could not resist! So, what happens? He did exactly what they said!

So, he unzipped his pants and got his cock out and started jerking off to each and everyone of them. And they wiggle their toes and cringe their arches back and forth! Marcus intitially got so horny and it made hime so weak to escape. So, Princess moved her feet to his face. So did Star’s and Jasmin’s!  They smiled and demanded “Smell and Jerk!”…”Smell and Jerk!”. He moaned and groaned and did exactly what they told him to do! Within minutes, Few minutes later, he screamed while he popped that load! The 3 laughed and got up and gave Marcus a kiss on a forhead!!


After the jerkoff instructions to them. Marcus went to the wash room to clean up. He was washing all the cum from his hands with soap and water. When he was in a cockpit, he notice the beautiful smell from their uniforms. They smell as they were wearing PERRY ELLIS 360!

Only they were wearing a female version of it. But, it’s just about lunch time. So after cleaning up, Marcus went right back to his seat in first class. He looked at the menu and he ordered Salmon with dill sauce with asparagus tips along with with a glass or wine. He looked all around to all the sexy flight attendant. So, Marcus got his meal, and the flight attendant checks with him to see if everything is alright. Marcus smiled and said “Oh yeah, everything is fine!”. So, Marcus enjoys his lunch. Few minutes later after he ate. He was so tired and He grabbed and blanket. Fight attendent “Destiny” came and wrapped him up and she smiled and said:

“Have a good nap, baby”

He got right to sleep. Few minutes later, he had a smile on his face. Ever wonder why? After he had dozed off, he was having the most beautiful, yet a dirty freakiest dream. Every man has a sexy dirty magical dream. Who the hell doesn’t? right? But this one is a special one for Marcu. That he didn’t wanna wake up from this one!


It all begins on a hot summer day, he was wondering outside the airline maintanace facility. There is a employee pilots shuttle bus parked right outside the front. Right in plain sight, there is a plane that is being washed down and 3 women is washing it down with soapy water, and suds are running down their bodies. They are dressed in white. Whit pilot hats, sexy sleevless pilot uniforms with their bellies showing and a bikini thong! It’s “Princess, Jasmin and Star! Then out of no where hears this song plays from god knows where! It was Wayman Tisdale’s “I’ll Do The Driving”!. When that song played and he saw the 3 of them.

He was mesmerized by their warm sexy curves! They both smiled at him. Then, they lip synced “Hi, Honey!”. The asked him if he was enjoying his flight. With a smile on his face, he said “Oh I sure am!”. They have notice the balge inside his pants and he said he is getting it down! But, they didnt seem to mind. He asked if he could masturbate to their curvy legs. They didn’t mind at all when they said “Sure, sweetheart, go right ahead. We got you all to ourselves. “You’re ours!” So he laid on the on the wing face down and the they stood in front of him. He started humping! While laying face down on the wing. Marcus placed his hand inside his pants and cock is placed on it and began to hump! minutes later, Princess and Star placed their Stilettos in front of Marcus’s Face. Then, Jasmin place hers in his head! He continues to hump.

The song continued playing! It was the most beautiful dream he had ever had! Did he wanna wake up? No! He had a few minutes of this dream before he ever wake up. So as the song ended, so did the dream. That’s really sad. But that didn’t bother him. Marcus knows that he could always be escorted to the cockpit to see them again while flying to L.A! That’s a plus. So, needless to say he smiling like such a happy person. That’s a very normal thing for a young man such as himself to be. The flight contines!

CHAPTER 6 – GET ME AWAY FROM STORMY (Feisty Attendent VS Fierce Flight Capitan)

Believe it or not, Marcus woke up from his nap feeling good and refreshed! But he did not feel good at for long when heard a familiar voice he did not like very much. He head a voice asking every male passenger on the plane : “Are you enjoying yourself, sexy? Would you like me to give you a blow job?” It’s not other than “Stormy”! Marcus was looking down and his thoughts was right! It was her! She was coming up to Marcus’s way asking every guy. He prayed and hoped that she would not go anywhere close to him. He also prayed that another flight attendant would come to his rescue and get him away from her safely! His prayers was answered when he heard:

“Hey, Marcus. How’s your flight, sweetie?”

He said with a smile “I know that voice!”. It was Gauge Smith! She smiled and was glad to see him. But. at the same time, Marcus was much glad to see her! She he whispered:

MARCUS: Gauge, That ain’t who I think is, is it?

GAUGE SMITH: Yeah, Unfortunately it is, dude.

MARCUS: I don’t want her anywhere near me! Get me away from her, okay?

GAUGE SMITH: Be cool, I’ll get you away from her. Just Chill and relax, alright? I’m gonna sneak you to Princess, Star and Jasmin!.. (She pats Marcus on the shoulder)

So, Gauge whistled for another attendant with a beverage cart and rolled it to Marcus seat. The  attendant that rolled to him was “Karma”.  Gauge eased Marcus into the cart and then he was wheeled easy to the cockpit without stormy seeing  him! “Karma” asked him if he was thirsty. His throat was dry and said:

“Yeah, I’m nervous and thirsty at the same time”

So she hands me an ice cold smirnoff ice while she and gauge sneak me pass “Stormy” and he was wheeled to the cock pit. By the time they got him there safely, they gave the 411 to them about “Stormy heading to Marcus’s way. Princess said with good concern for him:

“Okay leave him back here. He’s safe with us”

That’s a load off Marcus’s mind as he gets so really relieved! Then there was raging yelling from Stormy. She was yelling


Marcus was so afraid. But, he is very well protected.

As she continue to yell and demanded to see him, Princess has finaly had enough. She comforted Marcus. She pats him and said:

“Just relax, baby. It’s okay” 

The she stormed out to tell Stormy to “Shut the fuck up and confronted her. Star and Jasmin had their arm around him and kept him safe. Star looks to him and softly said:

“It’s alright, honey. It’s alright”

Jasmin also said:

“She’s not gonna her get to you, sweetie!”.

Then Star yelled:

“Yeah, keep that bitch away from him!”

PRINCESS: Why, What happpen, Star? Wussup?

STAR: Marcus was coming to a halloween party as a Doctor and I was his date as a Naughty Nurse!

GAUGE: And Stormy got to him before we did!!

MARCUS: That’s what happened! I was waiting for Star and Gauge.

(Three other pilots took over as Jasmin, Marcus and Star looked on!)

Princess demanded Stormy to stay the hell away from him! Stormy didn’t budge. She is still egered to see Marcus. But, Princess didn’t give in either! She tells her that she is the captain and if she does not leave Marcus alone, then she will whoop her ass in front of every male passenger on board! Then things got really nasty! When going too far, Stormy pushed her! That made princess very angry! So, ‘What Happens?”? Princess growls and snarles with anger!

So, she jumps on her and started to punch her!! Not once…not twice….not 3 times! But 5 times! Then, the two went up against eachother. They got eachother in a choke hold. After slamming eachother against the wall, Princess gave Stormy a hard headbutt! Then as things got really rough, they rolled on the floor as they screamed out calling eachother’s names:



So, as the fight continues, All the male passengers, were yelling and cheering on. One guy said:

“My money is on the brunette!”

So Princess gets behind her, she gives her a choke hold! But, Stormy elbowed her in the stomach. Did she get away scott free? NO! Stormy gets away thinking she’s a few feet away from her. But Princess got up and growls full of anger and tackles her! Then she introduces her to the floor!

“Now you gonna leave him alone?” She ask.

Stormy said:

“Ok, ok..I’ll leave him alone”

So she did.  So Princess got her up and shoved her away! Stormy walks away with a busted lip!  A nice flight trip continues!



After the ass kicking between Stormy and Princess, The passengers on board is in for a freaky ass treat! They are gonna watch a foot wrestling match! After checking on a couple of the male passengers, Flight attendent Kendra challenges Co-pilot Star. Star excepted. As everyone looked on, All the Kendra and Star took off their shoes. and started wrestling with their feet with their sexy toes. Every guy is looking on and they start to get a fuckin’ boner!

As the match continues. each and everyone got out their cocks and started to jerk off!! Guys are moaning and groaning as Kendra and Star continue with the match with their bare foot and all male passengers shoot out their hot load. But on them. Only themselves! As the match got done, it was something to remember. It was somethng they would never forget! Star took Marcus into the cockpit a safely afterwards!

Only 6 hours before landing in Los Angeles! Marcus is napping knowing he is safe with the sexy hot pilots. Princess announced to male passengers on board that they will be landing in L.A in few hours. Star and Jasmine gives Princess for beating Stormy’s ass! Princess yet to have some sexy urge to give Marcus another feet jerk off instructions. But she wants to spice it with some tickling with her toes. So the question remains: Who will do the honors in waking him up? The answer is ……STAR!! So, Princess asked the 2 if they feel up to giving Marcus another feet jerk off instructions. They are up to the chance!. So while 3 other pilots take over again, Star does the honors waking him up. So, Jasmin assist her and asked:

“How would you like to wake him up dear?”

Then, an idea popped right into her head and then she said:

“I got a way to wake up our honey!”

So, she grapped a hold of a chair and sat behind Marcus while he sleeps. Then, she takes off her shoes! Then snuck her feet over his head!  Marcus is still napping. Then he gets a smelly stinch over his head and he hears Star say:

“Wake up, honey! It’s time for ‘nother wanky!!” 

Then, he finally wakes up and said:

“What the hell?!..

He see Star behind him as she tells him it’s time for another jerk off instruction. That makes him more horny and let alone the fact he is getting a hard on!! The 3 of them, oiled their feet in babyoil and they rubbed up and down their toes and their and arches and soles!

So, Marcus finally wakes up from his nap. As usual, he is surrounded by feet again. only this time, while he is jerking off, he is about to be tickled by Princess! There is no escaping from from neither one of them. Marcus looks around and said:

“Oh…no…no, please!”

But they didn’t listen! Star took her feet and shoved the chair with Marcus in it in an inch to Princess. You could onlt guess what Princess is gonna do! Yes, You’ve guessed it! So, the dark haired brunette beauties demanded him to smell and jerk. He does exactly what they say. There’s no denying in Marcus’s head that he enjoys then demanding him to jerk to their feet once again! In which case, He obeys their orders. But if you had not guessed. Princess placed her feet underneath Marcus’s arms and she began tickling him. But the feel of it, she has powerful toes!! He felt that she was going to town tickling his. Marcus moaned and groaned, while he is jerking off. The three started laughing and smiling at Marcus while he jerks off!

Star nibbles on his ear with her toes as he continues to jerk! Marcus is a few minutes away from shooting his hot load. But, they tell him not to cum just yet. They tickle him just a few minutes more, and they oredered him to shoot his creamy load!! “What happens?”? He shoots his cum!!! He passed out… Then Princess, Star and Jasmin hugs him!!!

PRINCESS: That’s Right, baby! We know you enjoyed that!


Well, after another jerk off instruction. The girls asked Marcus to spend 2 or 3 hours with them in the cockpit before landing in LAX. Again. When Marcus began boarding, He never thought that he would see them together. That was a bright spot of his day. As 3 more pilots took over, Princess, Star and Jasmin sat down with him. They has a great conversation. Marcus was completely honest that this is a great thing that this has ever happened to him. But he lets them know that he is worried and nervous. I mean he is landing in Los Angeles for the first time. He’s meeting all the magazine and adult story publishers! I mean Los Angeles was her oyster! All the shopping.  And going to a King , Angels and Dodgers game! Also walking along the strip! That’s a winner in his book! He’s alson meeting a few custom auto organizations. He shouldn’t have anything to worry about. So, they gave him words of Encouragment.:

PRINCESS: Don’t Worry, baby. You’ll be fine.

STAR: We got faith in you, honey. You’ll be a success.

JASMIN: Just be yourself, dear. You’ll be okay!

MARCUS:  I hope so, girls. I mean this is my one in a million shot! I’ll make all my family and friends and ya’ll proud of me!

So, clearly, Marcus enjoys his greatest flight experience. His J.O.I with them and a pleasure looking onto Princess kicking Stormy’s ass! That really give him a kick! Once Marcus get into his hotel room, not only he well get room service, but, he will be in bed at night thinking and dreaming about them. Do they mind it very much? They didn’t seem to mind it at all. In Marcus’s mind, all he could think about is their feet! He could not get enough. Above all, he’s on top of the world!

With a couple of hours left, they sat and drank some coffee and make every moment count. Not only they wished Marcus luck. But, so did the rest of the flight attendent crew. Stormy was excluded! Where the hell is she? Well honestly.. Who the fuck cares?! But It was almost 11:00pm. So he landed safely at the Los Angeles International Airport at that time. By the time he got off the plane, and he walked the Main Terminal, he met up with Princess, Star and Jasmin. It turns out they are spending a week in L.A too. But they don’t want him to know that just yet, because it’s a suprise. But they wished him luck and encouraged them to give them hell. They got down on their knees and hugged, kissed him and wished him luck. Princess said to Star and Jasmin: “He’s gonna make it girls.”.  Marcus walked out of the airport and his limo awaits! It drove him to his hotel!


The limo took Marcus straight to the JW Marriot Hotel in Downtown L.A. It was on West Olympic Blvd. The building was so sleek and high-rise! When he got there, he checked in. So as soon as he checked in, his room is way up on top of the building. That’s right! Marcus has his room at the presidential suite! He was feeling like like the king. The moment he walked inside his hotel room. He has a great view of the whole city! Let alone the fact the was a big bottle of champaign on ice at the table. There’s a huge watering fountain flowing with water! A Chacozi! and Big Flat screen TV!. So Marcus helped himself with a big bottle of champaigne and watch a little TV before turning in. He has a big day tomorrow! He called his mom and lets her know that he had arrived to L.A safely!! So he head onto bed.

The very next morning, he got up and showered and shaved and got ready and presentable. He gets a phone call from his cellphone. It was the same guy who called him.


MARCUS: Hey, How you doin’?

TALENT MANAGER: Welcome to Los Angeles, buddy!

After the greeting, he tells Marcus that he has a 9 am lunch meeting with Ron Jermey, Hugh Hefner, and Brenda Dubbs. Also, he will have a meetng with a few custom auto enthusiests!!!!. Marcus has his half full schedule ahead of him and that is only the beginning! He splashed on some cologne. Because, he want everything to be perfect! The place that the meeting was set is at “Craigs’s Resturant in West Hollywood. That’s where all the famous stars go to eat. Being a star himself. Marcus has his good appearance cut out for him! So the limo comes and pick him up and drove him over to the resturant. When he gets there and he meets everyone at Craig’s. Brenda Dubbs was glad to see Marcus again. She tells Hugh Hefner:

“I seen Marcus’s sexy stories and he is talented”

He will be rich and famous on this soon. Then She introduced him to the “Hef”.  The moment Marcus shakes his hand, he has been getting exciting chills.

“I am a fan of all your magazines!!!” he tells him.

They both look forward to working with eachother. Then he also meets Ron Jermey, The Porn director and actor. So we sat down, had lunch and gone over a few details about my erotic stories and how to get them out to the public to see. Ron Jermey gave marcus his props and mentioned that he might have one of his actresses play as a nurse rapist. Similar to his story I believe. It was a great meeting. The Hef and Brenda invited Marcus to a Pool party at the Playboy Mansion. It’s obvious to ask if he turned down that offer. The answer is. No he did not. He is excited! Later on, Marcus might do sight seeing. Starting with Malibu Beach.

Meanwhile, Marcus is having 2 or 3 meeting customized shop in L.A! Beginning with California West Coast Paint & Body. it’s right on Venice Blvd. When he got there, the guy (Shawn Hemmat) who owns the place offer him cash to draw and design a customized car for him. Marcus excepted the challenge. Possibly all the offers from other customized auto shops met up with Marcus. They did the same. That’s big bucks in Marcus’s pockets! The guy is pretty much well known! I mean, he’s a fuckin’ star! So with alot coming to him, It was a great day. So, he got out his cellphone and browses on Facebook. Unbelievably, He sees the post where Jasmin posted a picture of the Santa Monica pier. Also tagged Star and Princess. It’s really obvious. The 3 of  them never left. Along with the others, they are in Los Angeles!

“Wow, they are still in town!” he said with a smile.

That brightens up his day!



After a busy first day, Marcus decides he wants to go the the beach. So he went to a beach shop in Venice. Got him a beach blanket and lotion and a couple of soda pops. He heads right down to Malibu Beach. As soon as he got there. He’s in beach trunks laying on the beach blanket in the sand. Watching the sunset, he thinks about Princess, Star and Jasmin. He thinks to himself:

“I wish they are still here with me”

But Marcus out of the blue gets his wish as he felt something on his back. I get the feeling as he felt women’s barefoot and he finds out who it was!!!!

It was a great suprise as  Princess, Star and Jasmin came to join him on the beach. Then even the rest of the week in the half. Even though they are staying in different hotels, They would not let Marcus out of theirsight. Looks like Marcus won’t be spending the rest of the week in L.A by   himself. So, they are gonna do lots of great things. Go to Venice Beach, Santa Monica,Hollywood, Sunset Strip. etc. Meantime, they all sat back relaxed and enjoy the view of the beach and They all took a Malibu Beach Selfie Well Marcus in a way because he is relaxing and sketching pictures for a few custom auto shops…. Before that ..More foot jerk off instruction!


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