By pokefan115

Chapter 1

“Damn it Dave! It’s time to get up already!” The yelling could be heard all the way from downstairs as I began awakening from my deep slumber. The alarm had been ringing for about 10 minutes already, but I didn’t notice or care.

There are always those times when even though you know you need to get up, you really just don’t want to, plus it was Wednesday. Nobody likes Wednesday. Just another simple Wednesday in October, the 5th to be exact. Even though the incessant ringing was still going off, and it could be heard throughout the bedroom, I didn’t care much.

“Will you hurry up! Breakfast has been ready for a while now and it’s gonna get cold. Plus, you’ll be late for school if you don’t shake a tail feather.”

I let out a long sigh. “Yeah I heard you the first time mom, get off my case please.”

I was just like any other 20 year old kid. I was a little bit bigger than average, but was by no means fat. Short, dark brown hair that mostly got buzzed whenever it became long enough for it to be annoying in the morning. My hair had a bad habit of becoming curly when it became a certain length. I had always blamed my Italian heritage on it. I’m not in any particular group or clique at school, but I guess I dress a little on the preppy side. Almost always wearing collared shirts like polos and button-ups. I do feel a little embarrassed being in college and still living at home though.

I finished getting dressed, grabbed my school ID, and was about to walk out of my bedroom door.
“Aww shit! Almost forgot about that damn alarm.”

I quickly turned around and hit the off button. On my way down the stairs, my mom looked at me with a look of slight disappointment and had a little bit of annoyance in her tone,

“How many times have a told you about waking up on time?! I want you to move out and live your life, but I feel like you’d never go to class if I didn’t get your ass up every day.”

She chuckled to herself and gave me a warm smile. Even though I thought my mom was a pain sometimes, I loved her very much.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear that nearly every day too. Trust me, I want to move out too. I won’t be able to bring home the bitches if I have to come back to my mom’s house and sleep in the same room I’ve had since I was 2.” I sent a smile back at her and laughed a little as well.

Completely ignoring the part about calling girls “bitches” my mom asks, “Speaking of which, anyone you got your eye on? Is there anyone that my little Davey has the “hots” for?” I shuddered a little bit hearing her ask those kinds of questions. I know she was like any other mother, wondering about his son’s sex life and relationship matters.

“No, not really,” I replied. I kind of looked away from her when answering and a small twinkle appeared in her eye.

“SO, there IS somebody huh?”

“What part of no did you not understand?!” I replied blushing a little bit.

“Weeeeeelllll, your face tells a different story than the words coming out of your mouth would suggest.

Momma always knows when her little baby is lying.” Upon saying this, she appeared to convey some kind of superiority and had an aura of “you know I’m right so admit it. I hate it when she gets like that.

“I’m not a baby anymore ma, so can you PLEASE stop treating me like one?”

“You know you’ll always be my baby!”

My mom, Laura Ragozzino was the mother of 20 year old David Gonzalez and 23 year old Antonio Gonzalez. Everyone called Antonio Tony, for short. He’s my older brother and was already done with college. He lived away from home ever since starting college in Chicago, IL for architecture. He’s got a good, well-paying job out there and plans to stay in Chicago for a long time. I live with my mother in Indianapolis, IN while I go to state school just a short drive from home. Our father, Marcus Gonzalez has been out of the picture for a while now. After the divorce with our mom, he moved back to Puerto Rico and doesn’t plan to come back. It’s been a while since he saw us, probably about 3 years now. We used to go visit back when they were younger shortly after dad moved, but there just hasn’t been time in their schedules to make a trip.

I had thought about leaving Indianapolis and living nearby Tony, but the thoughts of hanging out with him and his friends throughout my college days never really persuaded me enough to take real action about it. I ended up just doing what a lot of my friends did from high school; going to state schools, getting a pretty generic education, and taking it from there. Currently a junior at Indiana Central State University, or ICSU, I await my upcoming graduation just hoping to land a better job than the one I currently holds serving at a local restaurant. It’s a nice little Asian restaurant in town a lot of people go to called Hidden Dragon. Pretty much about as mom and pop style a place can be nowadays, but the people are nice and the money is good.

Returning my mind back to the current conversation with my mother, I again plead my case,

“Look, I know I’m the runt of the litter, but give me some more credit mom. I’m 20 years old, about to be 21 in 2 weeks, and I’m NOT a baby.”

Again she smiles and repeats, “No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby. You’ll understand when you have kids someday.”

She always seems to end her statements that way. It was almost like a favorite phrase or like as if she had a counter hidden in her room somewhere that kept track of how many times she said “you’ll understand when you have kids.” It was almost as if there was some kind of prize for saying it more than anyone else. Worst. World. Record. Ever. But at any rate, I knew it wasn’t worth the effort continuing the pointless conversation knowing full well no matter how much I pleaded, that she would never stop calling me her baby.

“Alright mom, I’ll understand when I’m older.” I finished up my eggs and bacon and made a mad dash for the door after losing track of time talking to mom and fighting for my sacred adulthood. I hopped in my 2003 Volkswagen Passat and made my way to school.

Chapter 2

I pulled into his school’s parking lot and found a nice spot right next to my best friend Greg and his new Dodge Charger. It was a funny sight, seeing the 2 cars right next to each other. My older, dark blue Passat and Greg’s new dark gray Charger. I got out of his car and noticed Greg still in the driver seat of the Charger through the tinted window. I circled around and was about to knock on his window when I noticed there was somebody else in the car with Greg.

It was a girl with long blonde hair and her face was hidden. The only thing I could see was the back of her head going up and down through the darkness that was Greg’s tinted windows. I laughed to myself and sent a text to Greg,

“Nice one dude! I’ll be waiting in our first class boss man ;)”

Walking up the stairs into the school building, I looked up and noticed the large ICSU sorority and fraternity banner listing off all the proud houses on campus.

“What a joke!” I whispered to myself as I entered the doors walking towards the room for Sociology. Just as I entered the classroom, I felt my phone vibrate. I kinda figured it was Greg, but just to be sure, I checked anyway.

“Haha. Sorry, you weren’t supposed to see that. I got to school early, had some time to kill, and Amanda just couldn’t say no! Be there in a minute broski J”

Greg and I had been best friends since middle school. One day in gym class, 7th grade, Greg made a joke about the teacher while standing next to me and I just couldn’t hold in my laughter. It was a childish joke that we both couldn’t even remember exactly what was said, but we had both been sent to the principal’s office. That, we do remember.

It was during that awkward “we’re both sitting out here on a wooden bench awaiting punishment” scene that happens all too often in movies where our friendship began.

Now the 2 of us are inseparable, hanging out all the time and even attending college at ICSU together. Greg and I may be the best of friends, but we are very different socially. I’m not unpopular; I have a lot of friends, but only a handful of really good ones. The kind of friends that you want to hang out with on a regular basis like Greg.

Greg doesn’t necessarily have a lot more than I do in that department, but a lot more people want to be on that level with him than me. Greg was what many may call a pretty boy. He was very good looking, was a little on the wealthier side, athletic, played on the high school and now college baseball team, an all-around perfect human being. Or at least as close as one could get to being perfect. That’s how all the girls saw him anyway. They swooned over Greg. Just as Amanda couldn’t resist, neither could half the girls in our high school and now he’s working his way down the list of ICSU girls. He’s basically slept with all the girls in the Kappa Beta sorority on campus. Pretty much all on the same night too! I’m not by any means a ladies man, but I’ve had a few girlfriends over the years. Only 3 to be exact. I broke up with my most recent ex Dana, just before entering college actually, so it’s been a while for me. She was the girl I lost my v-card to. Greg was so damn proud of me when I finally got rid of the damn thing. I thought I might’ve finally found the girl to tell my big secret to, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Good thing I was waiting too, otherwise it could have been bad for my reputation.

Greg gets invited to all the big parties on and off campus and since he’s so close with me, I get to tag along too. Greg is a little older than Dave, by about 5 months to be exact, so he’s been going out to bars recently with other friends and doing god’s knows what. I can’t wait to be 21!!!

“You’re such a whore!” I scream out at Greg as he walks in the classroom with a victorious swag to his step.

“Come on dude, Amanda is hot, you know this. Plus, if anyone is a whore, it’d be her. Why do you think I only let her give me head? Who knows what that bitch is carrying? You know I could totally hook you up with her if you want broski.”

“Nah man, I’ll pass. If it’s too dirty for you, why would I want that?! Plus I don’t want your sloppy seconds man!”

We start playfully shoving each other a little bit and before I knew it, my ass was on the floor.

“Dude, you okay?

“Yeah man, I’m fine. You don’t have to be so damn rough!”

“That’s what she said!” We both get a laugh out of it to ease the slight tension between us and move on like nothing happened. That’s the beauty of guy friendships. I have seen girls get into the biggest fights over the dumbest shit. Oh well, I don’t have to worry about it anyway.

One of my friends from class Erica notices me fall and comes over to help me up.

“Hey man, you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine thanks. No worries.”

Erica is a 21 year old Polish girl with long brown hair and smooth, tanned skin I met my freshman year at ICSU. Her birthday was about a month ago, leaving me the only one out of the 3 of us to not be 21 yet. She’s about my height, super hot, with pretty decent sized breasts that don’t overshadow the entire package. I’d say C-cup for sure. She has really long, powerful legs that I just can’t take my eyes off when she wears shorts. She plays for the college soccer team which is probably where those beauties came from. She went to high school in another part of the state and she played there too. She’s really talented at soccer, super smart, and is a member of Delta Omega Delta. The other thing that attracts me to her is her ability to be somehow deny any attraction to Greg. I swear she’s magical or something cause she has absolutely no interest in him whatsoever. I love Greg to death, but other than my 3 ex-girlfriends, which I guess I can’t be 100% sure of, everybody has liked him over me. I can’t even count how many times girls approached me just trying to get to him through me!

As I pick myself up off the floor, the professor walks in and tells everyone to quiet down and take out our books.

“I guess I’ll talk to you during our break Dave.”

“Yeah…sure thing Erica!”

The lecture starts and so does my countdown until break time. Fifty eight minutes to go.

Chapter 3

At the start of the break, Greg immediately steps out of the classroom. I’m only assuming to set up his next “meeting” with who knows. Erica walks up to me at my desk and sits at the edge of my armrest. I glance down at her lower half and notice her beautiful legs, all the way down to her flats-covered feet, back up the legs, up her torso and boobs, finally reaching her face. Hopefully she didn’t notice me completely checking her out head to toe.

“Hey, everything okay this morning? Were you two fighting or something?”

“No, it isn’t anything like that. We were just fucking around and it got a little out of hand for a second. Nothing to worry about, we’re straight.”

“Oh okay good! I’d hate to see you two fight, even though Greg’s attitude towards women bothers me, I know how close you guys are. I’m sure you’d be sad if something happened to your friendship with him and I don’t want to see you upset.”

See this is the kind of shit that bothers me most about Erica. I like her. I’ve liked her ever since I became friends with her freshman year. Even though I’ve hung out with her numerous times, we never actually went out on a real date or anything. Any parties we’ve been to, there was a group of us and I never hooked up with her when we got drunk. I almost did once, but I ended up making out with some random chick instead. And that’s the thing, neither of us have hooked up with anybody since we started at ICSU. Sure we’ve made out with some people, usually when drunk, but we never had sex since freshman year. To be completely honest, she might still be a virgin! Anyway, I can never tell if she is flirting with me because she likes me, she’s flirting with me because she knows I like HER, or I’m completely misinterpreting her words and she just sees us as friends and nothing more. Probably the latter of the 3…

“Well Erica, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Our relationship is just fine!” I let out a small laugh to help reassure her that my statement was true. Not like I was lying or anything, we were totally fine, but I just wanted her to be sure for herself.

“Okay well good!” She said as she stood up from my armrest and started back to her desk. She suddenly stopped and turned back around.

“Oh by the way, are you free after class around maybe 6:30?’

“I think back to if my mom had told me something this morning about some stupid chores or errands I had to run after class. Nothing came to mind.

“I should be free why? What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you could give me a ride back to my apartment today after soccer practice. My car is in the shop right now.”

“Well, sure. But what happened?”

“Ehhh, just a little engine trouble. Probably gonna cost me about $250 to fix they said.”

“That’s rough. sorry.”

“Oh no, it’s cool. I shouldn’t have ignored that “check engine” light.”
“Yeah, it’s kinda there for a reason.” I laughed at the remark, trying not to offend Erica.

“Not funny!” She says as she playfully pushes me, but not as hard as Greg did this morning, relieving me of any possible threat of falling a second time.

“How did you get to school then if your car is busted?”

“My roommate, you remember Paulina right? She brought me.”

“And she can’t bring you back after practice?”

“Nah, she’s got work at 3. So that’s why I asked you!” Erica replied with a smile stretching across her face.

“I just can’t resist that pretty face of yours. Yeah it won’t be a problem.”

She giggled at my comment and said, “Okay I’ll be waiting for you by the side gate at 6:30 then!” With that Erica went back to her seat and Greg came back into the room with yet another satisfied look on his face.

“What another one that fast bro? You’re losing your touch man, pretty soon I’m gonna have to call you a one pump chump!”

Greg laughed and said, “No man, I’m still spent from this morning! Haha! I just set up a little after school “study session” with Claudia. You’re not expecting to hang with me later right?”

“No it’s cool, I’m probably just gonna head home for a little and then I’m picking up Erica after her soccer practice at 6:30.”

“Well then it works out! You still gotta come see my new place man! It is freaking sweet!”

“Did you end up getting that 2 bedroom apartment like you were saying you would?”

“You know it! One room for sleeping and you know what *wink, and one for a personal gym and office! Plus rent was only like $50 more. It doesn’t make any sense, but it was a deal that I couldn’t pass up.”

“I hear ya, I wouldn’t pass that up either. By the way, you can just call it your gym; I know you’re not studying in that “office” you slacker! Haha!”

“Say what you will, I don’t need to study, and it’s not my problem. Besides, it looks like you’re gonna have your chance tonight! Take the plunge with Erica dude. Finally deflower that bitch!”

“First of all she is a lady you ass! Secondly, I don’t know if she likes me like that. Besides, I’m just picking her up, it’s nothing that’s too big a deal.”

“I’m telling you man, hop on it. She’s wanted your D since you guys met. She’s just waiting for you to make your move already. You better do it quick before the window of opportunity finally shuts.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. The lecture is about to restart so shut your yap will ya?”

Chapter 4

Once classes were over for the day, I went home for a bit since I had about an hour and a half to kill before picking up Erica. Mom wasn’t home since she works 2nd shift every night except Monday and Tuesday. I decided I might as well rub one out since there was plenty of time. I loaded up my computer, a nice new-ish HP laptop I got for Christmas a last year.

I went to one of my favorite porn sites and started searching for some videos. What did I feel like watching today? The same thing I always do, feet. That’s right, I have a foot fetish. And not just any old foot fetish, but a big one at that. Especially for smelly feet. I’ve always said the stinkier, the better! It’s been a personal liking of mine for as long as I could remember. I never told anybody about my fetish though, not a single soul. How could I? I feel so embarrassed about it. I’m happy to like feet and I’ve always longed for a life where I can be open about it, but it’s almost as if it’s taboo to have a foot fetish.

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People think feet are gross and disgusting, when in reality, feet are just like any other part of the female body. They should be treasured and loved just as much as the ass, boobs, legs, etc. I don’t judge others out there for their preferences. I know there are some eccentric people out there that like all kinds of shit. And sometimes that shit is literally, shit. Thoughts of 2 girls 1 cup pop into my head and I shiver a bit. However, I’ve always had a sexual attraction to female feet. None of my girlfriends in the past found out about it, but Dana was the one that came the closest to finding out my secret love affair for feet.

I would sneak into her closet when she wasn’t around and smell some of her old sneakers and shoes. I wasn’t trying to be a creep, but I’m always curious about the natural scent of my girlfriend’s feet when I’m dating her. If they don’t carry any kind of scent, then quite frankly, I’m sorry to say that the relationship might not work out. Girlfriend 1 and 2 were both strikes, not a single pair of shoes carried any time of smell that got me all hot and bothered. However, Dana was a little different.

She wasn’t an athletic girl per say, but she did keep in shape by doing a lot of running in the mornings before school. These were the hidden gems that I once found in her closet on day.

Towards the back half of our relationship, probably about 3 weeks before we broke up, I was over her house one night. We were just sitting alone in her living room watching TV. I think it was a stand up special, probably someone like Daniel Tosh or something. I always love stand up shows and Tosh is hilarious! Dana really enjoyed my sense of humor so we watched them all the time and laughed together. While cuddling on the couch, she let out a loud yawn and said, “Hey baby, I’m starting to fall asleep. Wanna move up to my room and lay down? I’m not the biggest fan of sleeping on couches, especially when there is a perfectly good bed right up the stairs.”

“Yeah I don’t mind. Anywhere I am with you, I’m happy.” Wow, I say the corniest shit some times, but whatever. I got sex from her so I’d say whatever the hell I had to in order to keep it up. Typical guy, I know, but it felt great! And after finally doing it the first time, I understood all the hype about it and kinda kicked myself for not taking the dive sooner.

We made our way upstairs after turning off the TV and lay in her bed. We started making out and feeling each other up. Clothes started coming off, but when we were both about half naked, she stopped and looked up at me. She said, “Maybe we shouldn’t tonight. My parents are here and in the next room over. It’s a little awkward for me.”

I knew what she meant. I started thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Carragin accidentally walking in on us having really rough, loud sex and thought about what I’d do in that situation. Hmmm…push the bitch off and yell, “That is not how you play scrabble!”

I laughed to myself on that one. Dana looked at me with a confused expression and asked, “What’s so funny mister?”

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it,” as I said wiping a small tear out from my eye finishing up my last giggle.

“Well, I’m just gonna run to the bathroom real quick and come back to bed. We can make out some more if you want…” Dana trailed off in her sentence as she looked at me seductively with a finger in her mouth exiting the bedroom. I gave her an eyebrow raise and for some reason thought I looked cool.

There was my chance though. As she walked into the bathroom and I saw the light and vent fan turn on, I made my move. I crawled to her closet door and began picking up shoes. I brought the open part where the foot slides in up to my nose and inhaled deeply. The aroma of the shoes never was very strong. Most of her sneakers, flats, and pumps were plain smelling, lightly giving off an aroma of leather, dirt, and cotton socks. Nothing to make me excited over. I was kind of disappointed in her and thought that maybe she could build a stronger scent, but I never asked about it. After trying a few more pairs real quick, I was about to give up hope. All of the smelling I’ve done since I started going out with Dana never bore any fruit. That is until I noticed something deep in the back left corner of her closet. I almost missed it, and for every other time I had been in her closet, I had.

Chapter 5

Off in the distant edge of her closet, I saw a pair of what looked like sneakers, covered up almost entirely by a small pile of clothes. I reached back and lifted off a jacket, some shirts, and a pair of jeans. Laying under them were a pair of old running shoes. I realized I had remembered seeing Dana wearing them before when she went out for a jog one day. Jackpot! I grabbed the closer of the two shoes and as it got closer to my face, I could see the wear on them. They were fairly dirty and kind of falling apart. Dana must have really like them to have kept them for so long. I brought the sneaker up to my nose and inhaled deeply. OH. MY. GOD.

The smell hit me like a ton of bricks, a very smelly ton of bricks.  I nearly fell over by the strong scent emanating from those things. It was a very powerful scent of corn chips and vinegar, probably my favorite foot smell combination. It was pure heaven! So strong, and yet I knew the smell came from my beautiful girlfriend’s dainty size 6 feet. That turned me on so much.

I heard the toile flush and quickly snapped back to reality. I put the shoe back in the closet the way I found it, and flung myself back onto the bed. I was trying to hide my raging boner from Dana as she strolled back into the bedroom. She closed the door, and came back into the bed with me.

After smelling her first pair of truly smelly shoes, I couldn’t contain myself. I was like a wild animal, my primal instincts taking over and yelling in my head, “Pound that pussy!” I looked at her in the eyes with a rather serious look on my face. Dana was a little surprised and asked, “Is everything okay baby?”

She was a little confused, not knowing that I had raided her closet and discovered the hidden treasure she had been hiding from me the entire time we’ve been together. I said in a hushed tone, “Please, let’s have sex tonight!”

“But what did I tell you about my parents! They are literally feet from us right now! They don’t know we’ve had sex yet.” Dana was doing that awkward whisper yelling that basically ends up at regular talking volume, but hearing her say “feet” even in the wrong context with a different meaning, made my dick pulse again. It started to actually become painful. I decided to ignore her comment about her parents not knowing about us performing the deed since I think it would be pretty obvious having a boyfriend and girlfriend together in one room all night would lead to one thing or another. Maybe her parents really were that oblivious. It’s not like I was gonna bring it up any time soon.

“Please!” I begged her. Finally after about 5 or 10 minutes, she caved. I shouted my own personal victory cheer in my head and grabbed a condom out of my wallet. Greg always told me to be prepared for such a situation and put 3 in my wallet one day. He said, “Swag isn’t gonna pay for no damn child support!” I said he was stupid, but I could have kissed him at that moment for being so smart!

We began having sex while the thoughts of Dana’s shoe and their intoxicating aroma filled my senses. I could relive the scent almost as if I was still holding the shoe up to my face as I fucked her. The strong smell of corn chips mixed with vinegar was too much for me. I realized while we were doing it that I was actually breathing very heavily through my nose inhaling deeply with every thrust. Dana didn’t seem to notice or care. I was going all out that night! She was trying her absolute hardest not to scream out and moan in complete ecstasy. That was definitely the best sex we had ever had and by far, the best night of my life.

Dana and I were panting pretty heavily when it was all said and done. We were covered in sweat and thoroughly satisfied. Dana rolled over to her side and between pants asked, “What got into you tonight? That was amazing! I’ve never seen you so crazy and determined to have sex before. I’m not sure what it was, but let’s do that again one night!”

I laughed and didn’t really respond to her other than a simple, “Sounds good.”

Little did she know that it was all caused by her smelly running shoes! I never did end up telling her about it or revealing my foot fetish to her. She ended up receiving a scholarship and going to college in California. We thought about trying a long distance relationship, but realized it would probably be for the best if we moved on. It gave us a chance to see other people, but I was sad to see her, her feet, and those damn shoes go. I helped her pack up for when she was leaving to go to college since I was staying at home. Not sure where they went, but I never did see those sneakers again.

I wondered if she threw them out. I would have gladly “disposed” of them for her. Haha. I feel like she probably had already packed them away well before the day I helped her. It was almost as if she was embarrassed about them herself, since they were never out in plain sight and probably kept hidden all the time. If only she knew that not only would I not have minded, but I would have indulged in her foot scent! Oh well I suppose.

I’m always hesitant because if something were to happen in our relationship and word started to spread, I don’t know how people would react. I don’t usually care what people think of me, their opinion is what it is, and if they don’t like me the whatever. That’s how I’ve always felt, but this was different. This would give me freak status and possibly hinder any chance of getting with another girl in the future. I would be known as the “foot freak” and I didn’t want that. That’s why I always kept it secret. Nobody, not even Greg knew about it. Well, I guess my computer knows, but he doesn’t judge me for it. Good guy.

Chapter 6

As my memories of Dana began to fade back into reality, my attention once again turned back to my computer screen. I popped my headphones in, loaded up a personal favorite video of mine called “After Work House Party” and nestled up with a bottle of lotion and box of tissues.

Ever since my relationship with Dana ended a few years back, this is my routine. I have to masturbate to pleasure myself since there’s no girl to do it for me. I’m glad I’ve at least experienced it before though. I do feel bad for those who haven’t felt the amazing pleasure that is the act of sex. However, I’ve now returned to the realm of free internet porn, and in this case, foot fetish porn.

“After Work House Party” is just like pretty much any other porn. People come in looking hot and sexy, shit happens, screen fades to black, end. Nobody cares about the plot. That’s like eating a sandwich simply because you wanted to eat some mayo. First off that’s gross, secondly you’re ruining your sandwich, and lastly it’s all about straight up content. You have to be satisfied by what you see before anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure that I could just watch a random video of someone smelling a girls feet without any type of pretext and get off to it just fine, but having a small story, or at least back story, I think adds to the overall porn-watching experience.

The opening scene shows 3 women all coming home from work still wearing their full business attire. They comment on how tired they are, what a long day they’ve had, blah, blah, blah. Then about 3 minutes in they start complaining about how tired their feet are and start commenting on how they probably smell. They start playfully arguing whose feet are the stinkiest and agree to test each other out. Winner with the smelliest feet gets to have the other 2 as slaves for a day. So then they each begin to remove their footwear, all wearing closed-toed shoes.

Two are wearing leather pumps, one wearing tall black boots. The boots always get me! I can only imagine what her feet must smell like being trapped in those puppies all day without a breath of fresh air. I’ve seen this movie so many times, but every time the girl in boots removes them and releases her hot, sweaty, steaming puppies into the light, I lose it. Just watching the faces of the other 2 girls as you can really see the hard work she put in that day all over her feet is nothing short of ultimate satisfaction. I’m particularly fond of lesbian stinky foot smelling videos and this one takes the cake. I mean, you can almost see the stink fumes coming off of her foot in that video. I can tell that they actually had her wear those things for a while for effect. The other women’s feet are sexy as hell too, don’t get me wrong, but barefoot boots is my absolute favorite foot fetish experience so far.

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I can’t wait to actually get to try it in real life! They’re constantly complaining about how much each other’s feet smell which turns me on even more. Sitting in a circle each getting one of the others foot in their face inhaling deeply. I could only imagine what that room must smell like! The ultimate combination of sore, sweaty, stinky feet and shoes must be intoxicating! Sometimes I wish I could be a cameraman for those types of movies. I’d probably have to bring a couple extra pairs of boxers since I’d jizz my pants every scene I film. After about 5 minutes or so of deep sniffing, my favorite, the boot beauty is declared winner. She commands her 2 new slaves to worship her sweaty sore feet. They begin to sensually massage her soles and mix the sweat covering her feet with their own saliva. They lick up and down her big soles, size 11 I think they said in an earlier scene. Deep sensual kissing all over her feet and toe sucking all throughout the video, all the while they’re still commenting on the smell. Sexiest thing ever! Pretty sure I came like 3 times watching this thing.

I sit back in my computer chair feeling extremely satisfied with the deed I’ve just committed. I throw the tissues away and move the lotion back to where it belongs to not bring up any suspicion. Although I do wonder if my mom sees all the tissues in my trash and wonders, or maybe knows what I’m doing. I wouldn’t be surprised really, I’m hardly ever seen or heard blowing my nose.

“Oh well,” I say to myself out loud as I close the browser page with the video loaded on it only to reopen it another day I’m sure. I wheel back from the desk and spin the computer chair around. Doing this, I get a good glimpse at my room from a 360 degree panoramic view. It’s a rather plain looking room I suppose. Simple bed, clean and tidy, a few Indianapolis Colts posters hanging around. I guess what a typical young man’s room would look like, except for the clean part, I’m always very good about that which is a lot better than most of the guys I know. Greg actually isn’t bad about it himself, there’s just always so much random girls clothes all over his room since he’s a whore. “Maybe that’s changed since he got a new place now? Nah, probably not.”

I walk into the kitchen to eat some lunch, kind of early dinner type thing since I need to leave to pick up Erica in a little bit. Time started to get away from me while I was patrolling the interwebs for new foot fetish videos to beat my meat to. Mom left a note on the fridge letting me she didn’t have time to make dinner and was “…so sorry! Please fend for yourself tonight, you’re a big boy. I think you can handle it 😉 Love Mom.”

“She’s funny,” I think to myself as I rip the paper apart and toss it in the trash can under the sink. It’s such an Italian thing to put the trash under the sink, but then again, she is full and I’m half so it makes sense.

I open of the fridge this time and take a look around. It’s not empty, but there isn’t anything that catches my eye looking around. I see a bunch of zucchini, onion, carrots, mushrooms, and a pack of chicken breasts in the bottom of the fridge.

“I could make chicken and roasted vegetables…Hmm…too much effort.”

I know how to cook mostly thanks to watching and helping my family in the kitchen, and I believe I just have a natural talent for it thanks to that Italian in me as well. I also watch Food Network a lot. It’s one of my favorite channels except for when Paula Deen is on. Too much butter for me, I’d rather not die of a heart attack from eating half the shit you make bitch.

Sometimes I just want to be lazy and not cook anything when I’m perfectly capable of it. “I guess I’ll grab a pizza or something on my way to get Erica.” I sit down in the rocking recliner we have in the living room and watch some Tosh.0.

“Damn this show is funny!” Watching it reminds again of Dana and I remember those shoes on more time before losing track of my train of thought when I watch another internet fail video and bust out laughing.

Chapter 7

I stopped at local pizza place that’s on the way to the school from my house and get a bacon pizza. Bacon makes everything better and anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or needs to be hit in the head with a shovel.

I grab a piece out of the box sitting in the passenger seat and much away on it while driving. “Hot damn this is good!” I say in between bites. A good pizza always puts me into high spirits for some reason. Maybe I had some kind of traumatic experience I pushed into the back of my subconscious and pizza was what helped me to regain happiness and now I’m living out my life without truly realizing that connection? Or maybe I just really like pizza.

And bacon. It’s probably the latter of the 2. I pull into the school parking lot again and notice the spot I had earlier. Greg is long gone, but I can still picture Amanda giving him that BJ before class. Ugh, not something I really wanted to picture. I almost parked in my same spot when I realized I was just there to pick up Erica, not attend another lecture.

I pull up to the side gate where Erica told me to meet her. I look at my clock in the car and it reads 6:34 pm. I think to myself, “Oh shit I’m late! I hope she isn’t mad.” But then I realize my car clock is 10 minutes fast. I actually got here 6 minutes early. Besides, I can still see the soccer team in the distance finishing up their practice. I grab another slice of pizza from the box and exit my Passat. I almost left the car running as I got out and went back in to cut the engine. I don’t need to be paying no $250 dollars like Erica is any time soon.

So with pizza in hand, I walk over to the field where the girls are just about done with practice. I thought about my car as I walked away, “I wonder if it’s alright to just leave it where it is instead of parking? Ehh, it’ll be fine. I won’t be long anyway.”

I approach the soccer team practicing their shot drills, almost always the last thing on the practice menu. Coach Ellis sees me approaching and shouts out, “Here to join the team Dave?! We got the perfect spot for you as the water boy!”

A couple of the girls on the bench nearby Coach Ellis giggle at the comment.

Coach Ellis is a little on the I guess you could say “manlier” side. She is rather tall and muscular, but is still very feminine and can rock the short hair look that I love. Everyone thinks she’s a lesbian, but I’m not so sure. I saw her one night out on the town with a guy, and boy did she look something fierce! I almost didn’t recognize her. The hair gave it away, but she had on a very sexy black dress and was wearing a pair of very sexy black heels that showed off her rather attractive feet. They seemed rather large, but I like my feet to be big. More to worship and smother your face with. It’s hard for others to see the beauty I’m talking about because at school she only ever wears track suits.

“Haha, very funny coach. I’m just here to pick up Erica. Besides, you already have a water boy.” I point over at Melvin, a stereotypical nerd that has thick glasses, suspenders, pocket protector, and high waisted pants. He waves at me with a smile and I wave back giving him that universal “what’s up nod”. He’s a good kid, just a little bullied and all the girls on the team, including Erica thinks he’s the water boy so he can peep on them and get as physically close to the female gender as he can. Not a bad idea I suppose, but if he was actually attractive to them, then the plan would really be worth the trouble.
Coach Ellis pulls me over and whispers to me, “Yeah…but let’s just forget about him though. I can’t “fire” him without any real proof he’s done something wrong, but I could if there was someone else that wanted the position and I could say is better for the job! That’s where you come in. You’re a nice guy, most of the girls know you and like you some, plus you and Erica are like best friends! It’s a perfect win-win situation. What do ya say?”

“I already told you, not interested.”

“Aww come on! I’ll give you anything that legally within my jurisdiction as a faculty member of ICSU.”

“Damn, I wanted you to steal a new car for me, buy 2 kilos of cocaine, a keg of Bud Light Lime, and then take the rap for it when I’m eventually caught by the cops for drunk driving and helping a hooker OD on cocaine.”

She laughed and said, “Boy Dave, you sure do have one hell of an imagination and sense of humor!”

“Oh I wasn’t kidding,” I reply with a sense of complete seriousness in my tone.


“Hahaha! I gotcha Coach! I don’t do cocaine, just meth.” We laughed again for a few minutes as the team jogged back over to the bench to collect their things to go home.

As Erica made her way over to the bench I noticed her beautiful, long, supple legs in her soccer shorts. The only word that came to my mind was, “Delicious!”

She was talking to her friends and teammates Danielle, Cindy, and Rachel. Upon seeing me next to Coach Ellis, Erica broke away from conversation and ran over to me and gave me a hug.

“Sorry I’m all sweaty and dirty, but I’m so glad you remembered and showed up.”

“Well of course I remembered, I’m not that oblivious!” We both laughed and Danielle, Cindy, and Rachel approached us.

“Hey Dave!” They all said pretty much in unison.

“Well hello there ladies,” I responded while taking off an imaginary, invisible hat and bowing over like a top class gentleman.

“You’re such a well behaved man! How do you not have a girlfriend?” Danielle asked me as she grabbed her bag.

“I guess there’s just nobody out there that can handle all of this!” I said as I started dancing and trying to act cool/sexy at the same time. A roar of laughter erupted from the team and Rachel followed up with,

“Yeah that’s it! You’re just too funny Dave!”

I gave Rachel a wink and said, “You think you can handle this?!” As I started to repeat my amazing moves.

Again laughter broke out and this time Cindy said with a smile, “Probably not, you’re just too much man for us.”

“At least someone gets it! Thanks Cindy.”

“No problem Dave.”

Everyone started to head back to the parking lot to head home and Coach Ellis called out to me,

“Remember what I told you Dave!”

As I walked back to my car with Erica, Danielle, Cindy, and Rachel, they all looked at me with a puzzled look on their faces. Rachel finally broke the silence and asked, “What did Coach tell you Dave?”

I let out a loud sigh and said, “Oh nothing, she just keeps wanting to make me the damn water boy. I keep telling her I’m not interested, but she doesn’t seem to take the hint. Even though it’s not so much a hint as it is a giant fucking sign that reads “I DON’T WANT TO BE THE WATER BOY” that I’m dangling in her face.”

“Well why not?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah! I think it would be great if you were Dave!” Danielle adds.

“I think it would be a lot more fun. You’re so funny and almost all the girls on the the team think you’re awesome. You’re sense of humor would really help build team morale and help the freshman on the team lighten up. They’re all a bunch of wet blankets that are either super serious or scared of the rest of us. What do you think Erica?” Cindy looks over at Erica expecting an immediate response, but nothing. Cindy yells, “ERICA! You home?!”

“Huh? What?” Erica was in her one little world thinking about who knows what. Cindy again asks,

“Wouldn’t it be awesome Erica?”

“Would what be awesome?”

“Oh god, do you ever listen? If Dave here was our new water boy! Wouldn’t that be great!”

“Well yea! I’d love it!”

I think about it for a second, I guess being able to spend more time with Erica would be worth enlisting as a water boy. As I thought over the possibility, I noticed one of the security guards on our campus walking towards my car.

“Oh shit!” I yell as I book it to my car.

“This your car here son?” The security guard asks me, clearly taking his job too seriously.

“Yes sir. I was just picking up my friend from soccer practice. See? You can see her and her friends right there walking this way. I’m sorry it’s not in an actual parking spot.”

“Boy let me tell you something. What if there was an emergency and people had to evacuate, but couldn’t because of your car being here? How would you feel knowing you killed innocent civilians?”

“I don’t think my car being here impedes on any type of evacuation procedures.”

“This may be true, but I’m not letting you go so easily.”

“What if I gave you a slice of pizza? Would we be all clear then?”

“Does it have bacon on it?”

“Duh! Why wouldn’t there be?!”

“You got yourself a deal there son. Lay one on me!”

I went into the passenger seat of my Passat and grabbed a slice of the still warm bacon pizza. I handed it over to the security guard who ate it like he hadn’t seen food in days.

“Boy that was some good stuff you got there! My name’s Smith by the way, Roger Smith. I’m head of security on campus here at ICSU. You’re alright kid.”

“Well thanks Mr. Smith, I appreciate it.”

“You can call me Roger, and please the pleasure is all mine.”

“Then we straight boss man?”

“Yeah, sure thing kid.” As he started away he turned back and asked, “Hey what was your name again?”

“It’s Dave Gonzalez.”

“Dave Gonzalez, I got your back from now on. You just let me know if I can help you out and I’ll getcha covered. Have a good one kid!”

I wave at his back as he walks away just as the girls approach me from behind.

“What was all that about?” Cindy asks me as she wraps around me continuing towards her car.

“Oh nothing. Mr. Smith there, head of security was gonna give me a ticket for parking like this while I waited for your practice to be over and I gave him a slice of pizza as a piece offering. We’re straight now. And apparently, he’s got my back? I guess he’ll came in handy if I ever get involved in a random gang fight in the oh so very ghetto streets of Indianapolis!”

We all laughed about the story and say our goodbyes. Erica turns to the other girls and yells out, “See you all tomorrow at practice!”

As she gets in the car I quickly pull the pizza box out from under her so she doesn’t end up sitting on my precious. Not only is it delicious, but it saved my ass back there! Is there anything bacon can’t do?
As I move the box to the back seat, Erica asks,

“Hey mind if I grab a slice? I’m starving from practice and I can’t wait until you get me home.”

“Yeah no problem.” I grab the box once more and drop it on Erica’s lap. We start the drive to her apartment, lost in conversation and before I knew it, she ate the whole damn thing! Well, what was left anyway.


Chapter 8

We pulled up to her apartment, it had just started getting dark so my automatic headlights clicked on just as I was about to put my Passat into park.

“Aww damn it! I hate it when this shit happens!” I yell as I manually switch off my headlights.

“There’s no need to get so mad dude,” Erica tries to calm me down. Truthfully, I wasn’t all that mad about the headlights. I was simply transferring my anger about the pizza to my automatic lights. Clearly, if I really cared about something so trivial, I wouldn’t set them to automatic. My mom keeps telling me to change it because it’s not good for the battery. I usually just blow her off, but maybe she did have a point. Anyway, I slipped down in my seat and had a sad puppy-dog face. Erica noticed and asked,

“What’s wrong Dave?”

“Oh nothing, just that my glorious bacon is no more!” I tried saying it as dramatically as possible to cheer myself up, but to no avail.

“I told you I’m sorry! I was hungry. Coach Ellis really worked us hard tonight.” I glanced over back at Erica who seemed to be truly sorry and I could tell she felt pretty bad about it.

“Oh well I guess. Nothing we can do about it now. I’ll just have to make other plans tonight.” As I started to re-buckle my seatbelt, Erica exclaimed, “Hey! I’ve got a great idea.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“How about as a way for me to apologize to you and say thanks for giving me a ride, I cook you a little something for dinner?” She finished her statement with another big smile that truly melts me inside. For a brief moment I was lost in thought, but got snapped back to reality when I heard,

“Hey did you hear me? What do you think?”

“Huh? Oh right! Sorry, yeah sounds great! I didn’t know that you cooked. What’s the chef’s specialty?”

“Haha! Well my repertoire isn’t very big, but I know how to make all the basic dinner options: pasta dishes, chicken, basic vegetable recipes, but the piece de resistance is my mom’s recipe for chicken parmesan she taught me when I was a kid. It’ll knock your socks off!”

“Hmm…and interesting proposition. A Polish girl making chicken parmesan for an Italian? I hope you know what you’ve just agreed to. My family’s reputation is riding on this. If it isn’t up to par. I may have to revoke your chicken parm making card, you know that? It’s my duty as an Italian!” Once again I finish with overly dramatic fashion. Erica laughed at my little drama and said, “Alright mister big shot Italian chef, come on in then.”

I walked up to her door and for some reason I felt nervous. I’ve been over Erica’s place before, this is no big deal. She unlocked the door with the keys she managed to dig out from her soccer bag and turned on the hall light as we stepped in.

“Make yourself at home Dave. You know how I am, mi casa es su casa.”

“So a Polish girl is cooking me Italian food and speaking Spanish? Hot damn my family would be so proud of me! I should just marry you here and now!” I got down on one knee and reached out for Erica’s hand. Erica laughed at me and said, “Maybe you should!” She then turned around and walked into the kitchen. For a brief moment I thought I had seen her blushing a little. Maybe that was just my imagination, whatever.

I walk into the living room where Erica and Paulina have a huge 60” flat screen TV and jump onto the couch. I glance around me and see all sorts of soccer memorabilia and a few posters of half-naked men. The funny thing is that the room just screams Erica and Paulina. Paulina is another Polish girl that Erica knew since they were younger. They’re like the Greg and I of the Polish female variety. Paulina is all about the dick and can’t get enough men. She isn’t the relationship type and once more I think of Greg. “Maybe they should get together sometime,” I ponder to myself as I sit on the couch. The smooth black leather of the sofa makes me slide around like as if I’m on a slip-and-slide. I reposition myself and try my best to stay in one place. It doesn’t work. Damn these shorts!

Well just as Paulina is Greg, Erica is the same as me since she is hardcore sports fanatic too. She watches soccer all the time and can never be pulled from a TV screen during the world cup. She has some trophies around the room, mostly from her high school days. There is a new shiny trophy from last year’s tournament right in the center of the room between Polish national soccer team posters. The rest of their living room looks like any other girl apartment. It’s clean, covered in what we as guys would consider useless crap, and splashes of bright obnoxious colors like pink, yellow, orange, lime green, purple, etc. The curtains have frills, there are pillows all over the couch I’m currently battling with for sitting supremacy and failing, little figurines, small furniture pieces, and even fancy lampshade covers! Not my cup of tea, but then again, I’m not a girl so I guess I wouldn’t understand. Most women are a mystery to me and I think God intended it to be this way.

Realizing the channel has been on MTV for about 10 minutes and playing that obnoxious Jersey Shore bullshit, I quickly change the channel. I hear Erica call from the kitchen, “Were you just watching Jersey Shore?!”

“No!” I detest. “It just happened to be on this channel when I turned on the TV.” I still don’t get why that show became so famous. It’s just a bunch of idiots acting stupid and getting paid for it. I’ve had this realization many times before, but then again I remember that’s what the general populace of America finds entertaining and interesting in a television show. I face palm. Sometimes I do detest this country. I love being an American and holding true to the values and freedoms that are even still being fought for, but people can be so dumb. I remember when MTV actually had music. They should probably change their name to STV, Shit Television. I hear Erica respond back from the kitchen, “Whatever you gotta tell yourself honey,” followed by another laugh.

I decided it was pointless to argue, remembering the conversation that morning with my mother. “Another lost cause,” I thought to myself. Without much other option I stick with Discovery Channel and Mythbusters. I love Jamie’s moustache. I get entranced by it, mesmerized…….…sorry, I lost myself there for a moment.

Erica then joins me in the living room and plops down next to me on the sofa. Somehow she doesn’t move like I’ve been since coming in contact with the damn thing. I ponder once more if maybe she really is magical. She looks over in my direction and lets me know the status of my dinner.

“Well the sauce is warming, water for pasta is boiling, and since it’s just you eating, the piece of chicken is ready for the oven as soon as the sauce is up to temp.”

“You’re not eating any?” I question.

“No, I ate too much pizza! Haha! I ‘d hardly have enough room for something like chicken parmesan.”

“Well I feel bad being the only one eating…”

“Don’t worry, like I told you, this is an apology for stuffing my face with your pizza on the way here. It’s not like I’m gonna be hungry watching you chow down.”

“I guess you have a point.” We settle down and enjoy watching some myths getting busted, the moustache of ultimate power, and my continuing struggle against the leather sofa.

Chapter 9

Just as Erica said, it didn’t take long for dinner to be over. She made my plate and walked it back into the living room. She placed it down in front of me on the coffee table along with a fork and napkin.

“I’d like the cabernet sauvignon garcon.”

“Yeah right Mr. Underage.”

“Low blow Erica! I’ll be 21 in 2 weeks, come at me!”

“I don’t think you could handle this!”

“Is that a challenge?!”

Erica looks almost as if she’s about to put me into a figure-four leg lock, but backs down. “I would put you in your place here and now, but you’ve got to eat your dinner and praise my skills.” She looks up full of pride, with her hands at her sides.

I glance back at my plate and cut my first piece. “Here we go, if I don’t make it, tell my mother I love her!”

“Shut your yap!” she yells at me playfully. “Hurry up and just put it in your mouth already.”

“That’s what she said!” I exclaim just as I’m putting the food in my mouth. We giggle at my perfectly timed joke. As I begin to taste the flavor of Erica’s chicken parmesan I realize it’s actually really good. Obviously, it doesn’t have anything on my mom’s or grandma’s, but then again, nobody’s would. My grandma could beat Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck any day! I might be a little biased though.

“So what do you think?” Erica asks full of curiosity.

“I….don’t…..think….I’m….gonna….mak e….it….” I squeak out pretending to die. I really should have joined the dram club in high school.

“Stop being such an ass!” Erica yells, this time slightly less jokingly and more annoyed.

“It’s good!” I give her smile and add, “of course it doesn’t have anything on my true Italian family’s cooking, but then again, nobody can. Haha!”

Erica breathes a sigh of relief, like as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. “I’m so glad you like it!” Her smile appears again and once more I’m entranced. I snap myself out of it and go for another bite.

I’m a relatively quick eater so I finish off my plate and go rinse it off in the sink. “Do you want me to throw this in the dishwasher?” I ask from the kitchen.

“No, there are clean dishes in there from this morning I need to remove later. Just throw it in the sink.”


I walk back into the living room and glare at the sofa. I say under my breath, “so we meet again. Round 2, FIGHT!”

“What on Earth are you talking about Dave?” Erica questions me with a rather perplexed look on her face.

“Don’t worry about it; this is between me and your couch.” She just shrugs it off and calls me a weirdo. As I sit back down, I take off my pumas, recline the couch, and kick my legs up. “Now this is nice to relax after I great dinner!” I glance over at Erica and she smiles at me back.

I notice at that moment that she was still in her soccer uniform. She hadn’t taken off a thing since we’ve been there. Still fully clothed, covered in dried sweat and a little dirt. I continue down the length of her body stopping to inspect those gorgeous legs once more. Then I notice the true prize, she’s still wearing her soccer cleats! My mind starts racing thinking about all the fantasies I’ve had about smelling a girls ripe feet after a long, hard day working out, playing sports, or jogging. These thoughts begin to cause a small tingling below the belt.

“Oh shit! My dick is starting to get hard!” I think to myself beginning to panic a little bit. I look around real fast and quickly grab a pillow. Thankfully they’re everywhere. I place it down over my crotch and act as if there was some other reason for suddenly covering up my penis.

Erica asks me, “is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I reply nervously even adding a nervous laugh after. Now I seem really suspicious. In a desperate attempt to take the focus off me, I turn to her and ask, “Hey I know you said to make myself comfortable, so I did. But, what about you? You’re still in full soccer uniform. A little early for tomorrow’s practice don’t you think?”

Erica turns away from me and says almost so low that I couldn’t hear her, “Well I would, but I’m embarrassed.”

“About what?”

“It’s too embarrassing to tell you about!”

I continue to pry, “well what is it? You can tell me anything, you know that. Oh is it that time of the month?” I say feeling almost confident in my detective ability.

“No you retard! It’s different…”

“Sorry. Well, what is it?! Tell me, I won’t think of you any different. I’ve seen you in a swimsuit, so I doubt there’s anything I haven’t seen on your body.”

“It’s not about my body! Well, technically it is, but not like that!”

Once more I repeat, “what is it?! Tell me! I won’t stop asking until you tell!”

We ended up going back and forth for like 10 minutes until she finally caved, “Alright! I’ll tell you! Just don’t laugh at me okay?!”

“Sure thing. Lay it on me.”

“Well….I’ve got a bit of a problem…”

“So it is shark week.”

“Damn it! What’s wrong with you?! I already told you no! I’m trying to spill my guts here. Take it seriously.”

“Yes ma’am!” I reply bowing my head in forgiveness like a Japanese kid.

“Well, as I was saying, it’s……………….” A long pause ensues and I’m at the edge of my seat. Damn couch!

“It’s my feet.”

Chapter 10

“Huh?” I reply rather confused. You think that for all the stories I’ve read online I’d know what was coming, but my mind was at a blank.

“My feet okay?! They stink.” Erica went bright red and turned away from me.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you deaf, like for real? I just told you my feet stink! Especially after soccer practice. The only people that know about it are Paulina, Cindy, Danielle, and Rachel. They’re the people I’m around most so obviously they’ve experienced me at my worst.”

I was stunned. I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. Do I act grossed out? Do I put a plan into action that I’ve read time and time again in stories? Do I let my inner foot freak loose and just attack those feet like a rabid dog? My mind was spinning, but Erica continued,

“It’s just really embarrassing. I don’t like letting people find out about my little…problem. Obviously Paulina and I live together so she’s been around when I take my cleats off after coming home or my jogging sneakers and had her senses violated by my stench. Rachel, Danielle, and Cindy have smelled them after games and during soccer retreats. It’s not something I like telling others about. If at all possible, I hide it the best that I can. Whenever we have company over I put my stinky shoes in a box in the back of my closet. Even my first and only boyfriend in high school Randy couldn’t handle it. I had gone over his place one day after a game and without really thinking about it, took my shoes off. It was a long, hard game, and my feet were killing me! I was so happy to get those bad boys off and let my feet breath. My boyfriend started gagging in the kitchen and asked, ‘what the hell died?!’

As he came around the corner he noticed me with my feet up and took another small sniff. He covered his nose and told me to get out. He followed me out of his house and broke up with me right then and there. He said he couldn’t handle dating a girl that had such putrid feet. Regardless of whether or not it was after a game, he said, ‘Girls should always smell dainty and fresh.’ I hated him so much for that. Ever since, I’ve been avoiding making relationships since I know the inevitable will occur one day or another. I can’t hide these bad boys forever.” Erica glanced down at her cleated feet and clicked her heels together 3 times. She continued, “I wish I didn’t have smelly feet. I wish I didn’t have smelly feet. I wish I didn’t have smelly feet! I don’t know how many times I’ve tried since I saw the Wizard of Oz. Well, now you know my secret. You probably think I’m disgusting and want to leave now huh? I don’t blame ya. If you actually let me take off my shoes you’d run straight through that door and out of my life. Just like Randy did…”

Erica starts to trail off and I can tell she was starting to cry. Sobbing first, then I began seeing actual tears flowing down her face. What the hell should I do?! I don’t think saying anything is gonna help me here. She is really broken up about this. She must have been traumatized by that douchebag Randy. If I ever saw him in real life, I’d pop him in the mouth!

Erica was full on crying now, but I continued to sit there like an idiot. What can I do?! Damn it! I start to think back at what I’ve learned through my time reading foot fetish stories and fantasies online. Nothing is coming to mind. Fuck. I don’t want to see her like this though. I NEED to do something and fast. The next thing I knew, my body started moving on its own. Without really thinking, I got down on the floor in front of Erica. I reached my hands out for her right foot in front of me. She was still wearing her Nike soccer cleats and knee high socks. Both black. I untied her shoe and began slipping it off her foot. My heart was racing a mile a minute. Time seemed to stand still. I swallowed saliva and felt sweat drip down my face. The cleat flopped off her foot with a wet *smacking* sound. Kind of like taking off a wet sneaker from walking around in heavy rain. The sock and cleat were clearly soaked with sweat. For a moment, my life flashed before my eyes. Birth to current moment passed within nanoseconds. I’ve lived a good life. I might as well die happy, doing what I’ve always dreamed, smelling a sweaty, and stinky foot fresh out of a shoe that had been hard at work. Erica’s eyes grew large at what was occurring in front of her.
Just as she was trying to create the words in her mouth to speak out between sobs and a tear covered face, she managed, “what the….” SSSSSSSNNNNNIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

I took the largest, most drawn out inhale in my entire life. The kind of inhale you would take if you planned on going underwater for about 30 minutes without an oxygen tank. The heady stank of Erica’s foot invaded my nostrils. My senses were assaulted with the strongest smell I had ever had the pleasure of being processed by my brain. My first thought was that of Dana’s shoe. That smelled like fresh cut, spring roses strewed across a babbling brook, with a hint of lemon compared to Erica’s soccer feet. The biggest thing was that my experience with Dana was with a sneaker. One that hadn’t been worn all to recently I might add. Erica’s foot was not only fresh out of her soccer cleats, but had been baking in there all day since practice started hours ago. The closest thing I could describe the smell to would be pure, unadulterated, vinegar, sweat, and foot. It just had a natural “foot” scent. Something indescribable other than foot smell. True, natural foot scent, multiplied tenfold! Mix in the heavy scent of vinegar and sweat and my head was spinning. I saw the silhouette of Erica in the distance and slowly fade into gray, then black. Everything was dark.

I thought to myself, “Did I die? Where am I? Heaven? Did those feet actually force me into the next life?” Everything was dark. Slowly, light started pouring down towards my line of sight.

“I can see the light! I really am dead. Well, hopefully Erica does tell my mom I loved her.” I started rethinking all the mistakes I made throughout my life thus far. I never got to see my father one last time. When was the last time I called Tony? Or grandma and grandpa? I never did get that college degree. So much time and money wasted. What about Greg? I hope he doesn’t get too down and can make a new best friend. Maybe he’ll stop being such a whore! I laughed. “Well, at least I can still laugh in the afterlife,” I thought. I thought again about Dana. The girl I lost my v-card to years ago. I wished her the best.

Just as I began accepting my fate, I thought of Erica.

“Oh Erica, my sweet angel, angel with deadly feet. I never did get to tell you how much I loved you.” I then realized, if I died from her feet, I’m only gonna make it worse on her! She was already upset with that asshole Randy, and now she’s killed me with her stinkers! Fuck! I can’t die! I can’t die! NO! NO! NO!”

Suddenly I felt myself shaking. “There can be earthquakes in heaven? Would they be called heaven-quakes?” The light in front of me grew brighter. I started hearing a noise, a sound that was familiar, but distant. The sound grew louder and louder.

“Dave! Dave! Wake up!”

I recognized this voice. It was Erica!

“Dave! Get a hold of yourself!”

I suddenly came to. My eyes opened wide and I realized that light was the nearby lamp and it’s necessary shade cover. I slowly sat up holding my head.

“What happened?” I asked Erica.

“That’s what I want to know! Why did you suddenly…” She paused.


“Why did you suddenly smell my foot?! Did you not hear my story and Randy?! I thought you died!” She burst out into tears once again and collapsed into my chest. My mind began to clear up and I remembered everything. Picking Erica up from practice, her eating my pizza, her making my dinner, the story about Randy, her feet, HER FEET!


Chapter 11

Everything started coming back to me. My sudden realization shocked me, but at least I was alive. I let out a sigh of relief, only to then realize that Erica was still crying into my shirt. I looked down at her and grabbed her by her shoulders. I slowly began lifting her up off of me, but I froze.

“Oh god. I totally just took a huge sniff of her feet. She probably thinks I’m the biggest weirdo ever. She’s gonna think I’m a freak for sure! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!” I start shaking a little bit, unsure of what the next step to take should be. Apologize? Pretend like all that didn’t just happen? Yeah right, like that one would work! This entire time Erica had lifted her own face from my shirt leaving behind a large wet spot in the center of my chest. I had so much going through my mind; I didn’t notice Erica calming herself down.

“Hey, Dave?” Erica wipes a tear from the corner of her eye. “Why did you do it?”

My body jumps in terror after hearing the question. I don’t really have a good reason to respond with. It gets quiet again, well except for the TV in the background. The 2 of us sat without speaking as I tried thinking of an excuse.

“Well, you see, the thing is….umm…..what had happened was…how do I put this.” I can’t even make a coherent sentence. I swallow some spit and panic starts to set in. I look around the room. I need something, anything! Something to get us off track, but what? All I see are pillows and they aren’t gonna help me any. I notice the soccer cleat I had ripped off her foot mere moments ago. I wonder if I take another whiff of it, if I might be able to pass out again to avoid this conversation. I don’t know what I thought would happen if I just started smelling my friend’s feet. Maybe I’d be able to live out my wildest sexual fantasy right then and there. Unfortunately, this isn’t fantasy, its real life. Shit like that doesn’t happen in real life.

Once again Erica asks, “Why?”

“I need to think of something to say damn it!” I scream in my head. It needs to make sense and try to alleviate the situation at hand. So in all of my glorious wisdom, the statement that escapes my lips and Erica hears is, “I like feet.” Fuck.

“You what? You LIKE feet?!”

Well there goes our friendship, right out the window. Everything I had hoped for having with Erica was burning down in my eyes. She’s gonna kick me out of her house, avoid me the rest of our time at school, probably tell everyone how much of a freak I am, my life is over.

I meekly reply, “Yeah, you found out my deepest, darkest, secret. I have a foot fetish.”

Erica moves back a little from me and rests her back against the front of the couch. She repeats to herself, “You like feet? You have a foot fetish?”

After sitting like that for what felt like an eternity, I start to pick myself up from the floor. “I’m sure that you want me to leave now, so I guess I’ll see myself out. Thanks again for dinner. It really was good.” I was about to make another joke, but it just didn’t feel right to. Now’s probably not the best time. As I turn my back to Erica I hear a soft, “Wait.”

I turn back around and see her stretch out her legs. Those beautiful, silky smooth legs of hers leading up to a socked foot and a foot still trapped within the confines of her soccer cleat. Erica turns her head to look me dead in the eyes. My heart starts pounding, my face is beginning to turn red, I start sweating a little.

“What is it?” I ask almost scared to find out what’s about to happen. Erica continues to stare right at me and says, “That didn’t gross you out at all?”

I was in complete and total shock. She’s not mad at me? Am I still dreaming or something? There’s no way this can be really happening.

“No, not at all. I….” I stop mid-sentence to contemplate actually finishing that statement or not. Should I tell her? I guess there really isn’t a point in hiding it anymore. She already knows that I have a foot fetish. What more harm can I do? If she isn’t mad at me now, I doubt telling her everything will hurt.

“You see, I actually….um….like…um…I like it when….” Just spit it out already! “I like smelly, stinky feet!” I know I told myself to hurry up and say it, but I didn’t realize I had screamed that. I close my eyes awaiting the torrent of laughter. I’m so stupid. Why did I smell her foot?! My life is over. I’m ready to go crawl into a hole and die now. After waiting a minute, I open my right eye slowly. I tried peeking to see if Erica was just silently laughing, holding in her laughter or just too shocked to laugh, but there was nothing. She had the same expression on her face she had earlier. A blank stare, straight at her feet. It was almost as if she was deep in thought about something. I come in a little closer and ask,

“Hey, you okay? You’re not gonna laugh at me? Not gonna make fun of me, call me a freak?” I couldn’t believe I was actually putting those ideas in her head, but I was surprised it hadn’t happened already.
Erica turned again towards me and said,

“Did you like it?”

That was not what I was expecting.

“Why do you ask?” I respond.

“Answer me seriously, did you like it?”

“Well to be completely honest, it was definitely an unexpected aroma. I heard you story about Randy, but I didn’t think they would be so strong. However, even though they were strong, it wasn’t a BAD smell. Like it was rank, but in a good way? I can’t really explain it. The more pungent the stink, the more I enjoy it.” Erica heard my answer and muttered, “I can’t believe it.”

Here it comes. Now the laughter is coming. This is when the name calling starts. I’m so stupid. But to my surprise, Erica doesn’t laugh, call me names, but instead repeats, “I can’t believe it.”

Okay, now I’m confused. I don’t know if I should say something or just continue to stand there like an idiot. Erica stopped repeating herself and said, “You actually enjoyed the smell of my feet Dave? You’re not just saying that right? You’re not just trying to keep me from getting upset. You don’t want to stop being my friend now that you’ve experienced the pure hell that is the smell of my feet? You’re not lying to me right?”

I sit back down next to Erica and get real close to her face, maybe a little too close, but I was trying to make a point. I grabbed her by the hand and squeezed it gently. With all of my heart and soul, I looked into her hazel brown eyes until I saw my own reflection focused in them. I then said what would come to be known as the single most important thing that has ever come out of my mouth.

“Of course not.” Those 3 simple words changed my world starting at that moment. Upon hearing me say that, Erica’s eye grew so wide, I thought they were about to pop right out of her head. I continued, “Trust me, I would never lie to you. Especially not about something like this. Something that you clearly have trouble with on a personal level. You’ve been deeply hurt in the past and that was directly related to your feet. I love you and your feet. Let me show you just how serious I am.”

Closing my short, dramatic monologue with such powerful words wasn’t enough for me to prove my point. Just as I had said, I wanted to prove to Erica that I wasn’t kidding around. I crawled over to where her outstretched legs ended. I picked up her socked foot and bit down on it just above her toes. The smell hit me one more time, but far less concentrated. Since the cleat had been off her foot for a little while, the strong stink of her foot had dissipated into the room some.

However, the scent was still rather strong, this time mostly smelling of strong vinegar, I pulled the long black sock off of her foot with my teeth. With the sock now fully removed, I could feel its dampness and stiffness from sweating in it all day during practice to the current moment. The removal of the sock released a second wave of foot funk into the air and I coughed once. Regaining my composure, I leaned into her bare foot and inhaled deeply. Once more a very clearly audible SSNNNNNNIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFF!!!! was heard, but this time, I didn’t pass out.

I let the stink invade my senses once more and my body shuddered from it. I felt myself got hard in my pants. It was the first time I had actually had a bare foot in my face like that. My dreams had come true! How many times had I fantasized about smelling feet? To be able to inhale the smell of a sexy, beautiful, sweaty, stinky foot? I only hoped that all this wasn’t actually a dream and I was moments from waking up. No, it was too real. I couldn’t imagine such an aroma. With a parting gift to her foot, I gave it a sensual kiss right on the ball of her sole.

Chapter 12

Erica was stunned by what she had just witnessed. For years she had tried masking the smell of her feet, especially from guys. Ever since the incident with Randy, she had been extra careful not to let anyone other than the few that already knew find out about her problem.

Erica opened her mouth in awe and finally spoke out.

“Not only did you do it once, you sniffed it twice! Plus a goodbye kiss? Am I dreaming? Pinch me, I’ve gotta be.”

I reached down and pinched her bare foot. “Ow!” She shrieked, and then looked back at me.

“Looks like you’re not dreaming either Erica!” I smiled at her and laughed.

With my eyes closed from laughing I suddenly felt something on my face. My lips to be more precise. Also, it had gotten a little darker, like as if something was blocking the lamp. I opened my eyes only to have Erica’s face right up against mine. She had put a finger over my mouth in a “shushing” fashion. She moved her finger, but before I could say anything, she kissed me.

At first I was shocked by the sudden development, but I relaxed and enjoyed it. I believe there might have been some tongue action too.

Erica sat back and brushed her long, brown hair over her ear. She looked at me and bit the bottom of her lip, smiled, and giggled.

“What was that….,” I stammered.

“You may not be the first person to accept my problem, but you’re definitely the first person to enjoy it! I just couldn’t help myself. It’s the complete opposite of what happened with Randy and I guess I just…just…really like it.”

“First off, let’s never speak of the Randy asshole ever again. First off, he’s a dick. He didn’t treasure what he had. You’re the epitome of drop dead gorgeous. Secondly, he way overreacted about your feet. There was no reason to do what he did; his ignorant attitude about women pisses me off. And lastly, those puppies are the greatest things EVER. They deserve to be praised and worshipped!”

After saying that, Erica finally laughed like I thought she would earlier.

“Worshipped?! That’s a good one. These puppies need to be put to sleep!” Erica kept laughing and while she was enjoying herself, I thought that I should enjoy myself.

“Let me show you what I mean.” I pulled her other foot still wearing the soccer cleat up into the air. I unlaced it with my teeth and even with the shoe still on, the smell was coming through. Faintly, but it was definitely there. The soccer cleat oven had been baking that socked foot the entire time so it must be stronger than the first one. I learned from my past mistakes though. This time I would give it a minute to air out slightly before diving in.

“What are you doing?” Erica questioned.

“Don’t worry, everything is gonna be fine. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy. This is the way a true princess such as you should be treated.” I removed her other cleat and let it drop to the floor. Just as before, a rush of hot air and musky foot stink filled the air around my nose and face. This time I didn’t ram my nose deep into her toes, but kept it at a distance and inhaled deeply. I shuddered again and exclaimed,


“Delicious?! That’s not really the word I would use.” I looked into Erica’s eyes and said, “Trust me, that’s perfect word choice.” As I was saying that, I was removing her long, black soccer sock off of her foot. Just like the other one, it was warm, wet, and a little stiff from sweat. With both feet now free from their prison, I picked them up so that they were side by side with each other. I brought them up to eye level and looked at Erica through the small gap in between her soles. It was at that moment that I got a chance to appreciate just how sexy her feet really were. They were a bit on the larger side, size 9, with perfectly shaped toes. Not too long, but not too short and stubby. Perfect sucking size, like 10 deliciously salty lollipops. The soles were smooth, very soft looking, shiny with sweat. They had a creamy off-white color to them with a slight hint of red from the hard work at practice. I smiled and then disappeared into her feet.

At that moment, I entered foot world. A magical place where everything around me is feet. All of my senses were engulfed in foot. Foot everything! I was truly in heaven. I smelled feet, felt feet, saw feet, tasted feet, and if at all possible heard feet. If it was physically possible, it would have happened at that moment. I loved it! I was rubbing my face all over her sweaty, smelly feet. I don’t like vinegar and salt-vinegar chips, but the intoxicating aroma of her vinegary, musky, corn chip feet was as I said to her before, delicious. I was giving here soles a massage with my nose as I ran it all along smelling every crevice, running it along every wrinkle in her gorgeous soles. I heard her giggle a little bit a few times so she must be a little ticklish I thought to myself. I felt my penis grow in my pants and before I knew it, I was hard as a rock! It was like I was sporting a marble column in my shorts!

I continued to engulf myself in her feet. I smelled in between every toe, right under her toes at the top of the ball of her foot. The scent got even stronger! I was losing myself in them. I began slowly transitioning from smelling to kissing. I kissed every inch of her foot, from the very tip of each and every toe to the bottom of her heel, all around the circumference of her foot. I kissed the tops of her feet up to her ankles and back down. I placed a light delicate kiss to every toenail that had been painted a deep, rich red color. I noticed that they were beginning to chip, meaning it had been a little while since her last pedicure. Once more my passion evolved from kissing to licking. I repeated the entire process again with my tongue this time. It traveled all along her foot, flickering in and out from in between her toes. I lapped out any sock lint, toe jam, and sweat that had accumulated there like a thirsty puppy. I tasted it in my mouth and realized the taste was similar to the smell, but salty. I was lost in Erica’s feet, completely and totally lost. I could have been at it for days; I would have had no idea. Time was standing still for me. I could have been watched by the entire world and not cared for a second. At that moment, I didn’t care who found out about my secret. I was having too much of a good time to notice anything else.

After properly giving Erica’s feet a well-deserved tongue bath, l finally lifted my head from her feet. What was once sweat, had been completely replaced with my saliva. Both of her feet were literally dripping with my spit. I wiped my mouth with my arm and looked Erica dead in the eyes saying nothing more than, “Delicious!”

I set her feet down on my legs, trying my best to avoid hitting more sore penis that wanted so badly to get yanked on, and waited for the reaction. There was a look of complete and total shock on her face, mouth agape. I thought she was stuck like that for a second before I finally saw her face change into a smile and she proceeded to slow clap for me.

“Wow. Just wow.”

“Thank you very much,” I replied and bowed my head like the fine gentleman I am, placing a single kiss on the tops of both of her feet.

She told me to set her feet down and come over to her. I moved her still soaked feet off of me and onto the carpet that was the living room floor. Erica swung her legs to the side and pulled my head close to hers. We kissed passionately, and this time, there was definitely tongue.

As we separated again, she licked her lips and giggled. “Your face smells like my feet and your mouth tastes like my feet!” She said in between giggles.

“Well duh! I wonder why?” I say sarcastically joining her in laughter. We both sat there laughing like a couple dummies, but we enjoyed it.

As we start to calm back down I asked Erica, “I’m sure you knew what your feet would have done to my face and mouth, and yet you still wanted to kiss?”

“Well, yeah I pretty much knew, but I was still a little curious just how bad the lingering effect was,” She replied.

“So how bad is it?”

“Pretty bad! But, I don’t hate it.” Erica grabbed my head again and we made out once more, this time a little longer, a lot more tongue, and far more passion.

As we separate I scream out, “Damn girl! WOW!”

Erica laughs again and tells me that I’m silly. She looks over at the clock on the DVR and says, “It’s getting kind of late, you should probably head home before your mom gets worried. Plus Paulina should be home from work soon and I have to clean up a little. She hates it when she comes home and the apartment reeks of feet! You can go use the bathroom upstairs to wash your face and get some of the smell off. Also, you can use my toothbrush to clean your mouth out too.”

“I don’t want to get rid of this smell! I want to treasure it forever.” I kind of give myself a weird self-hug as I try rubbing the scent all over me.

“I don’t really think your mom would appreciate foot face over here giving her a kiss.” She was right. Erica knew that my relationship with my mom was a special one and that we were very close. My mom always expects a hello and goodbye kiss plus one goodnight before bed. Damn Italian family! I love my family, but now that means I’ve got to get rid of this scent. I get a little depressed and it’s clearly visible on my face.

“Don’t get too sad Davey, I’ll tell you something good when you finish in the bathroom on your way out!” She’s never called me Davey before, it was weird to me at first, but after thinking about for a moment, I kinda liked the way it sounded. Especially coming from her sexy lips.

“Alright, I’ll go freshen up.”

“Good, I’ll clean up down here and try to lighten the smell of feet in the air.” We gave each other one last foot-scented kiss and separated.

Chapter 13

In the bathroom, my raging boner had started to subside, but I could feel some pre-cum had leaked out just from the whole experience. Oh well, totally worth it. I started the water and waited for it to warm up. The spot on my shirt where Erica was crying earlier had compounded with the sweat and saliva of her feet to create a blotch right in the center of my chest.

“Ehh, it’ll dry up soon enough. I’ll let the window down on the ride home to let it air dry.”

I look into the mirror above the sink and smile. I playfully flex and make “sexy” poses. I use the term sexy very loosely. I hear a whistle come from the distance and notice Erica at the base of the stairs spraying Febreeze Lavender in the living room. She looks up at me through the open bathroom door and yells, “Looking good sexy!” Followed by a rather impressive wolf howl. We laugh and I scream back, “But not as fine as you pretty lady!” We both laugh again as she disappears into the kitchen. I wash off my face with warm soapy water, “Oooh antibacterial?” I say to myself noticing the hand soap now being used to clean my face has it advertised across the label under the scent name.

“Island Margarita, from Bath & Body Works. My favorite!” I rinse off the soap and dry myself off with the hand towel hanging behind the door. I then reach for the toothbrush, but there are 2 in the little ceramic cup. One’s pink, the other blue. I assumed Erica’s would be blue, I don’t think she owns anything that has pink in it, but just to be sure a shout down to her, “Hey Erica! Which color toothbrush is yours?!”

“The blue one!” I knew it.


“I figured you would know considering I hate the color pink!” I put some toothpaste on the toothbrush and begin the final cleansing of myself. The only thing I’ll have as a memento of the night’s happenings is the wet spot on my shirt.

I put the toothbrush away in the cup and shut the light on my way out of the bathroom. As I head down the stairs, Erica meets me at the bottom step as she exits the kitchen. We kiss again as if we’ve been separated for days, let alone minutes.

“So what was it that you wanted to tell me? I want to hear the good news!” You can hear the excitement in my voice as I sound like a little kid on Christmas morning asking his parents what he got from Santa.

“Well, I know that you’re upset about having to clean yourself up, but I’m gonna give you a parting gift.” Out from behind her she pulls out a zip lock sandwich baggie that has something black in it. I can’t really make out what it is since it kinda looks like the super-ripe bananas my friend had in his freezer to make banana bread.

“What is it?” I ask her confused and still wondering what it was.

“You’ll find out! Just don’t open it until your home and alone okay?”

“Sure thing,” I agree thinking about breaking that promise already. Erica comes closer to me and wraps her arms around me. We’re about the same height, I’m just a little taller, and she sways in my arms a little. It feels almost as if we’re dancing without music, but I enjoy it either way. Erica looks up at me and we kiss one more time. As we separate, she says, “I still smell feet! I know it’s not the room, come here.”
I lean down towards her and she smells my face and breath.

“It’s not that, you actually did a good job cleaning up.”

“You don’t have to sound so surprised!”

“Sorry.” She continues smelling around me, all over my face, hair, neck, chin, getting lower and lower until she reaches the small wet spot on my shirt. She smells a little deeper and says, “Eureka! I’ve found the culprit!”

“I guess having your feet all on me let the scent penetrate my clothing.”

“Don’t worry,” she says, “I’ve got ya covered.” Erica goes and grabs the Febreeze again and sprays my shirt front and back.

“There ya go! Should be all set now.” She leans in to give it a test sniff and the door opens up. Paulina barges in the door still wearing her work clothes and drops her bags at the door. She serves like me, but at a Red Lobster, not like my mom and pop place.

“Aww man! I am beat!” She says as she plops down on the couch. “Hey Dave how are ya?”

“Pretty good Paulina, how bout yourself?”

“Can’t really complain other than being tired. Ugh.”

“Was it busy tonight?” Erica asks joining in the conversation.

“Yeah it got pretty damn slammed tonight. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off! It was super dumb. My feet are killing me tonight!” As she says that she kicks off her wait staff standard non-slip shoes that almost every person that serves table owns and uses. I have a pair myself at home I use at work. “It feels so nice to get those damn things off finally!” Paulina wiggles her toes in her nylon socks allowing some cool air to get to her feet. It was then that I noticed how sexy her feet were. Paulina has a smaller foot than Erica, probably about 7.5 I’d say. Her foot is a little more slender than Erica’s too, with longer toes painted black, but still nice nonetheless. I bet they’d feel great wiggling around on your face while smelling them!

As I’m thinking about her feet, a smell starts to linger in the air. It smells a little cheesy, maybe it’s the chicken parm? It was then that I hear Erica say, ”Damn girl! And you talk about me?! Those feet of yours are pretty funky!” After hearing Erica say that, it dawns on me that it was the smell of feet in the air. It’s nowhere near as potent as Erica’s were, but there is a distinct smell looming in the air.
“Hey! My feet are nowhere near as bad as yours are Erica! Especially after a soccer game! You know that. They’re just bad tonight cause I had to run around so much at work and I’ve been wearing those shoes and nylon socks all day since school. I didn’t have a chance to change in between,” Paulina explains. “Oh shit!” Paulina says as she covers her mouth with her hands.

“What is it?” I ask actually kind of confused now. “Did you forget something?”

“No,” Paulina says. “I wasn’t supposed to talk about the you-know-what. Sorry Erica.”

“Oh it’s fine Paulina,” Erica explains. “Dave here found out about my secret today after practice when he was giving me a ride home.”

“You poor thing! I’m surprised you guys made it home! Did it happen in the car?” Paulina questions.

“Yeah, I had left my soccer bag open when I threw it in the back seat of his Passat and I forgot I had an old pair of socks in there. The smell filled up the car, but thanks to windows, air fresheners, and Febreeze, it’s all good now. Right Dave?” Erica looks over at me and winked and I realized what was going on.

“Yeah it was pretty bad. It blew me away!” We all laughed and Paulina apologized once again to Erica for speaking out about it.

“Well I guess I’m gonna go shower and wash the smell off.” Paulina got up from the couch, grabbed her shoes and headed up the stairs. She threw the shoes into her room and took off her nylon socks too. Then she came back down and I couldn’t stop staring at her bare feet. They really were beautiful. I also really have a thing for black nail polish. She went into the kitchen and grabbed the Febreeze to eliminate the foot smell that had returned to the living room. Paulina took a deep breath and said, “Ahh! Much better, don’t you think?”

Erica and I nodded with a smile as she walked past us both once more. As she headed up the stair I was able to get a good look at her bare soles. Damn sexy! Paulina stopped at the top of the staircase and lifted a foot up as she bent backwards over her shoulder. She was a very flexible girl, another good point for her and another reason I’m sure she gets so many guys.

I was surprised to see that she actually was sniffing her own feet!

“Pew-wee! They really are pretty bad today!” Paulina said laughing. She then looked down at me and Erica and said, “You guys didn’t see anything, right?”

“We both replied in unison, “Nope!”

Paulina re-entered her room and walked back out carrying a bra and panties. “Bye Dave! See ya next time sweetie!” She always called me sweetie ever since she first met me after I became friends with Erica.
As Erica and I started heading towards the door, the bathroom door flung open and Paulina, half naked I’m sure, asked from behind the door, “Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Erica, why were you smelling Dave’s shirt when I walked in?” We both froze. Uh oh, obviously we’re not gonna tell the truth, but I guess it was my turn to lie about what happened tonight.

I turned back to Paulina and said, “Oh about that, Erica made me chicken parm for dinner and I spilled some sauce on my shirt. We cleaned it up, but my shirt still smelled like sauce. So I had her spray some Febreeze on it and smell it after to see if the smell went away. My mom is like a dog when it comes to other people’s tomato sauce. Her little baby isn’t allowed to have anything other than homemade or top-shelf. Italians! Hahaha!” I was pretty damn proud of my lie and Paulina just smiled down at us and said, “Oh okay. Drive safe sweetie!”

I waved up at Paulina as she shut the bathroom door and I heard the shower start up. Erica and I looked at each other, breathed a sigh of relief, and then started laughing.

“Top-shelf sauce huh? Clever,” Erica said nudging me with her elbow as we walked over to the door.

“Hey it worked right? Same thing with your soccer bag nonsense!”

“Hey, how else was I supposed to let her know that you found out? Or did you want me to tell her all about what happened tonight mister?”

“Now, now, let’s not go there.”

“Well Dave, it was truly an interesting evening. One I will not soon be forgetting.”

“Me neither!”

“Remember what I told you about that gift, you hear? Don’t open it until you get home and be sure you’re alone.”

“Roger captain! Bring it to class and open it in front of everybody, understood.”

“Hey! Real funny.”

“I thought so. Haha!”

We embraced each other again and made out on the steps. As we separated, Erica pulled me back into her arms and said, “I really want you to know that what you did tonight was absolutely amazing. I loved every second. I didn’t know that somebody doing that to your feet could feel so good! I actually got a little wet…” Hello!

“You rang master?”

“Damn it penis not now! I’m trying to have a moment here.”

“Well then allow me to add to the mood!”

“I said no!”

“Too late!” With that my rock hard dick poked Erica on the thigh.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? Is there a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?!” Erica jokingly asked.

“Sorry about that, little guy has a mind of his own sometimes. Almost like as if I can talk to him.” Erica laughed at my comment, not realizing the truth behind my statement.

“Well then next time, I’m gonna have to say hello!” I just shanked her leg again.

“Somebody is an eager beaver!”

“He wants to say hi to your beaver!” I let that one slip accidentally.

“Dirty boy you are! I like it.” Erica bit her lip seductively and ran her fingers through my short hair.

“Next time, we’ll see where things go!”

“So then there’s gonna be a next time?!” I ask eagerly.

“You bet your sweet ass baby! I can hardly wait. The things you did to my feet tonight were too good for words. Next time, we can spice it up a little.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself you little rascal. Just take things as they come, enjoy the ride as well as the destination.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good boy.” Erica patted my head like a puppy dog and I bark almost as if it was instinct.

“Nighty night Davey!” Erica pulled me close and we made out one last time for the night. We finally went our separate ways and just as I opened the door to my Passat, and Erica was about to open her front door, I ask, “So where do we stand right now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean like, are we dating? Can I call you my girlfriend?”

“I think you can figure that one out,” Erica says as she winks at me and opens the door. “Also, don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at Paulina’s feet earlier. I also know you were breathing pretty heavily when her shoes came off. You’ll have to be punished for that!” She blows me a kiss just before shutting the door behind her leaving me alone to think for a moment.

“Oh boy, she noticed…oh well she knows about my fetish now, she can’t really blame me for that. Anyway, we’re totally going out now. Sweet! I’m currently off the market again. Sorry ladies, your loss.” I pretend to slick my non-existent hair back, put on fake sunglasses, and pop an imaginary toothpick in my mouth. As I start up the car, I hum the tune to “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” and pull out of Erica’s driveway.


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