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Hot porn pictures dedicated to foot fetish stockings which are waiting for you here reveal this hothead blonde cutie’s love for showing off the most delicious spots of her body and love for wearing stockings. Although beautiful blonde girl begins with posing in sexy top, black panties and stockings of the same color, very soon she lets her nice round tits out and shows them off. Hot blonde beauty looks especially seductive and irresistible when with her silky legs spread wide. She continues posing and exposes her luscious butt in heat. Beautiful chick likes the idea of taking off both black stockings and showing the beauty of her long legs right before the camera on the most wanted and really wonderful pictures dedicated to foot fetish stockings.


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  1. Hi I got my foot fetish when I was like 16 years old. When my mom And me went to her boyfriend’s mom’s house to stay over a day For the summer. The boyfriend’s mom was very tall and Blonde looking as she was wearing black shiny Reinforce toe pantyhoes with a Tight shirt and blouse and flats And after introducing ourselves we ate dinner Then when it was time to sleep That’s when everything started heating up I woke up with a couple of noises In the back yard Which were My mom and her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s mom Were outside chatting and drinking shots That’s when I tryed to look from my room in that dark hallway She has and accidentally i entered her play room . After that i found my room A few minutes Later later a couple hours ago I wake up to skin to skin banging noises and heavy moaning breathing and breathing I walked around the house to check if they were outside And no one there And I checked if their cars were their and they were there So I went back to my room and a few minutes later The boyfriend’s mom came out Of the room and set in the hallway with there was a chair My door was cracked open so I saw her remove her flats She was naked with Black silky reinforced toe pantyhose. she pulled out a bottle out of a jor that was in the middle of the hallway and started Robbing them on the bottom of her soles And when she was done I heard the squeaky noise of her wet feet in flats Now she went in back into her playroom
    I went to go check what was the Bottle I was curious and it said Chloroform After that again I heard the skin to skin banging As I hear the boyfriend’s mom moaning in a dominant way As my mom slowly stops Moaning After that I started hearing slimy skin to skin banging kind of like a oliy strapon After that the boyfriend came up to my room and said thet he can take me to a relative And the next few days my mom came back In a Wheelchair With her boyfriend’s mom Guiding her And she was wearing stockings also So she ended up coming to me dropping her off and saying I’m sorry

  2. And another fetish story. Is when I was 20 I went with my older sister And some of her friends to her house to party When they started drinking that’s when it started To heat up There were 5 friends of hers After drinking One of her friends started pulling out a twister game And said let’s play. After setting it up They all start taking off their shoes As I noticed every one Of my sister’s friends was wearing pantyhose under their jeans and leggings As they go ahead and start playing I go to the kitchen to make myself something to eat and when I came back To the living room I saw 5 of my sisters friends were wearing pantyhose One of my sister’s friends Ended up asking me if I can go to the store and buy some munchies And I said yes and slowly as I exit the door her friend slams the door and heard the lock So I come back from the store As I try to open the door and it was locked And also the window Curtain covered the window And the lights were off And all I heard is Moaning and heavy breathing. And I knew that my sisters friends were lesbians because of heard it from a couple of people.

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