By Liquinn

I have a fantasy of being with a milf with size 7-8 feet with ticklish, soft soles. There’s a milf with beautiful size 8 feet at the park and it looks like she hasn’t wore a pair of socks in years. (Oh yes). I’d love to be her footboy and toy boy. I’m looking at her feet which are driving me insane while sitting on the grass looking they’re ready to be massaged and worshipped to the finest detail because she has black painted toes/nice soles and looking at her feet gives me a hard on.

I want to touch, kiss, massage and worship them and to give her pleasure like no other guy my age has. She has long hair and is wearing a mini skirt. I’m looking at her sexy feet. They’re driving me insane because she has black painted toes/nice soles and looking at her feet makes me feel good. I want her to orgasm by touching her feet and make her underwear dirty/make her cum while I do all the things above and I’ll tell her how beautiful her feet are while she squirms in delight. I approached her in a calm manner while I was barefoot (of course) saying her feet look tired in a friendly manner and she asked me if I like pretty female feet with black painted toes. She asked me my name and I said my name is James. I think she saw my hard on from her feet because she was rubbing them into one another.


I explained yes (I love female feet and have a foot fetish) and I went on to say I’ve had a foot fetish since I was a young boy (thankfully no on was around) and I like to do things with female feet. She mentioned how she liked I’m barefoot. Next I asked if she wanted a massage and she was a bit hesitant at first but then I explained I’m learning foot massages and reflexology. She agreed to it so I touched and massaged her left foot first with my hands and she put her feet on my lap. They feel really nice and smooth and clean and look pleasing to my eyes. Then I massaged her second foot for about five to ten minutes – I had learned foot massages on YouTube. I asked her how it felt and she explained it almost made her orgasm. After that I asked her if she knew of our age difference and she said no. I said I’m 22 and she said she was in her mid 40s. After the massage I kissed her big toe and her soles and arches and I also worshipped her feet for about thirty minutes and I went into detail about my foot fetish.
“Your a good person! I think foot fetishes are great and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She said.

She asked me if I wanted to take my jeans and under wear off and she said my foot massage and foot worship was top notch. I’m so turned on I would do anything for her. I complied and I couldn’t wait for why was in store for me best. We both knew it. I got my cock out and she put her size 8 feet on them – She rubbed her sexy size 8 feet on my hard cock fast. It was so good. I came on her feet/soles and toes and up her legs and she squirmed in pleasure. She put one foot on my face while having one on my cock. I was so turned – I had dreamed of this moment for years. I’m a true devote to women’s feet. I licked her feet and I began to rub her clit with my toes and it made her cum. I then asked her what she thinks of guys with foot fetishes and she explained she likes having her feet pampered, touched, massaged and played with by guys my age who prefer older women. It was good to get her view on foot fetishes in general. I placed my tongue on her soles and began licking the soles and toes and gave her and myself pleasure.


I smiled and put her feet on face while inhaling the scent of her sexy bare feet. I was so turned on. I began to put her feet in my mouth and tasted her feet – they tasted delicious. I explained to her how it took time to accept my fetish for female feet and she said to me it’s normal to have a fetish of some kind to which I agreed. Her feet was back in my lap at this pointed and I looked at them and began giving her a second massage to her beautiful size feet which felt soft. She began making noises which signaled to me she was enjoying the massage and I felt tuned on because I’m giving a women erotic pleasure. Oh yesss.

She wanted to know what got me into feet and I said I’ve always liked women and their feet and I explained I like the look, feel and the texture of female feet and being submissive to women in general. I also went on to talk about my photo collection of women’s feet. I said I know of all the foot fetish websites, forums etc where you can download photos of women’s feet- some great photos at that.

She understood because she said she found out about foot fetishes at a party. It pleased me to know she was open minded about my fetish. She was still semi-naked- only wearing a thong and a bra because she removed her trousers to cum before. Also I had asked her to remove her top because this turns me on as well as seeing her bare feet. I’m wearing less than her- only my top. I wanted a BDSM collar on me to be her property.


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