So I figured I would share a story that happened to me last Friday night that not only represents Asian humiliation but was quite frankly the hottest experience I have ever been a part of.

Let me start with alittle background information about myself.  I am a successful businessman that works in finance in my early 40’s who has had an insatiable foot fetish since early in my childhood.  I have been fortunate enough over the years to have had several friends and later girlfriends who have indulged my fetishes.

However, as I’ve gotten older the appeal of being in a full relationship has dwindled while my fetishes have evolved to become more than simply intense foot worship but now mixed with more humiliation and domination.  That said I have immersed myself in the local femdom scene and “see” a few dommes on occasion to satisfy my sexual desires.

About five months ago I contacted a new domme that I had been following online in hopes to serve her once I gained her trust enough to meet face to face.  Much to my surprise within about six weeks she granted me an audience and all my fantasies became a reality.  Though this experience was mind boggling and all I had hoped for as the title of this piece suggests I am not going to discuss that now.  Let’s just say it was amazing but unfortunately afterwards we had a misunderstanding and it appeared that things with her would abruptly end.

Obviously, I was devastated but I held out hope because I knew the thing that upset her was a mistake and that if she could be made to understand the truth she might be willing to renew our meet ups. After a few email exchanges she was in fact convinced that she drew a wrong conclusion and was open to getting together again. I was so psyched to have her back in my life and was about to find out that I wasn’t even scratching the surface of how much that would be the case.

Let me tell you about her for a moment.  This girl is the epitome of what you would expect in an Asian femdom.  In her early 20’s still in college, from the looks of her you would think her to be soo sweet and innocent.  Picturing her in a school girl uniform with pigtails ala Go Go Yabari from Kill Bill isn’t much of a stretch.  But much like Go Go beneath the surface this girl was a sadistical domineering humiliatrix well beyond her years.   I had read things she posted online and seen pictures of her whipping men in public, using them to buy her thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts and CBT in front of another person.  But as I stated earlier, worshipping her feet was my greatest desire.

I was told I was to meet her at a fast food restaurant parking lot at 6pm.  There she would meet me and accept my tribute and would be granted the privilege of serving her.  Princess Mulan as I will refer to her made these instructions crystal clear. I arrived on time and realized she had chosen a place located in a pretty high traffic shopping center.  Couple that with a tightly spaced parking lot and immediately I figured out it would be damn near impossible to avoid being on display to the patrons once I was made to worship her.

Though I must say the concept of public humiliation excites me I can tell you when faced with the actual prospect it becomes a bit frightening.  Nevertheless, my desire to satisfy my fantasies far outweighed my fear so I pulled up and parked in the most inconspicuous spot I could find. I waited about twenty minutes for her to arrive deciding not to badger her for fear of her cancelling if she had chosen to take her sweet time.  Inevitably, I decided to email her to check on her whereabouts.  I came to find out that she had expected me to notify her of my arrival so as not to waste her time if for some reason I didn’t make it.  Needless to say she was NOT happy that I didn’t do so.  I’m not sure if her aggravation with my compliance made her exceedingly cruel once she met me but either way I was about to have my world rocked.

She made me aware of her presence once she pulled up and I was ordered to meet her at her car.  She proceeded to chastise me for what she labeled a lack of obedience and without the will or quite frankly any real benefit of explaining it was an honest mistake I stood there like a child being berated by his parent and agreed that I was a moron and it wouldn’t happen again.  She ordered me to my car following in tow and we both got inside.  She explained to me that I was a “worthless foot freak” who should be grateful to have been granted a chance to be used by her.  I was replaceable in an instant and I was only blessed with such good fortune because she had time to kill, wanted to use me to provide her with gifts for the privilege and she received great amusement in making a grown businessman worship her feet.

After giggling at my obvious excitement and mocking me for sneaking a few glances at her Chuck Taylors she ordered me to remove them.  Immediately, I obeyed her commands and untied and pulled off the Chucks.  She ordered me to massage her tired feet and started to mock me relentlessly.  She told me she never cared to know my real name because she would refer to me now and forever as her footbitch.  She went on to explain that my purpose in life was to pamper her feet.  I would not only be rubbing them and servicing them with my lips and tongue whenever and wherever she wanted me to but it was now my responsibility to grow her shoe collection, fund her sock/pantyhose purchases and also pay for her pedicures.

In fact she advised me that I would be chauffeuring her to the next pedicure she would be getting and waiting patiently for it to be finished before personally paying the bill at the end. She made it clear that the girls in the salon would know that I was in fact there because I was her footbitch and that my job was to be there serving her whims.  As this all transpired a car full of teenagers parked to the left of mine.  Sensing my discomfort she reminded me that she didn’t give a shit if anyone saw me serving her and that I was forbidden to stop until she said so.

Nervously I abided by her instructions and kept it up.  Between directing me from foot to foot and spot to spot she continually mocked me and laughed.  “Rub the toes now footbitch”  “You’re so pathetic, look at you massaging my feet while people walk by” “Most men like pussy, or tits, or ass but not you foot freak.  You get turned on by feet”.  She made me recite the fact that I was HER footbitch and giggled.  Eventually she notified me that since I had concentrated on rubbing her toes for so long at her request of course that her feet were becoming increasingly sweatier.  “Take off my socks bitch”.  “I want you to clean my feet with your filthy tongue”

Instantly, I obeyed her commands and removed her socks revealing her perfect size eight and a half feet: the objects of my desire.  “Now lick my feet footbitch!” she insisted.  As I lifted her foot to my face a rush of excitement came over me.  After stealing a few whiffs of her magnificent foot aroma I anxiously got to work.  I lapped her soles like a starved dog while she again began to insult and demean me for my efforts.  “You’re pathetic. Licking my feet in a parking lot you foot freak”.  HAHAHA “I bet that if you had the choice of fucking a hot girl or licking my feet you’d choose to lick them.  Am I right?”

I didn’t even need to give it a second thought. Without missing a beat in my footbath I nodded yes furiously.  She became quite amused.  Her laughter and the act of licking the feet of this wicked temptress in such a public environment caused my already stiff erection to grow exponentially.  She noticed and my wood gave her more fuel to hurl insults at me. “OMG does footbitch love my feet?  Do they turn you on?”  I licked and licked and licked for all I was worth.

Her amusement gave way to curiosity as she demanded I pull out my hard cock.  I fumbled to unzip my pants and did just that.  She mocked me some more and then ordered me to clean between her toes with my tongue and to suck her toes as well.  I licked and sucked as she commanded while she basked in the moment.  Eventually she started to tap the tip of my cock with the foot that wasn’t currently in my mouth.  She followed this by starting to graze my shaft with her sole which only increased my level of excitement.  Finally she stated, “Aww are you gonna cum?  Cum from my feet??? You fucking foot freak” Then she said, “From here on you are ONLY allowed to cum to my feet” “You can no longer date because you are not permitted to ejaculate from anything but MY feet, understood?”  I instantly agreed and the smug look on her face widened.

This pretty Asian Princess had completely owned me with just her feet.  My life would never be the same and yet I was reserved in the notion.  Once I acquiesced she started to stroke my dick more aggressively with her soles.  “Gonna cum footbitch?” she heckled.  My body started shaking uncontrollably and the convulsions I was having caused her to increase her mockery and roar with laughter coincidentally while several kids again passed by my window.  Unable to focus on anything but her and her marvelous feet I could feel that I could explode at any second.

Unfortunately her footjob’s uneven rhythm and location on my shaft wouldn’t allow for it to happen.  Once she realized that she inserted one foot into my mouth and placed the other on the side of my cheek and commanded me to jerk myself to completion for her feet.  Within seconds I erupted with massive amounts of force all over my dress slacks that I never changed out of from work.  The tremendous load that now stained my tan khakis led to even more mockery and laughter before she picked up and left.  “You are MINE now footbitch… Remember who OWNS your cock from now on”  I’ll be in touch”

I watched Princess Mulan stroll away as I lay numb and drenched in my own seed in the middle of a Taco Bell parking lot.  I now knew the true meaning of Asian domination at the hands of a Foot Goddess.


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