By solestruck

One of my best friends used to be a girl up the street. She was one year older than me, a bit of a tomboy, athlete and very good looking but dorky and not cool. She did not wear make up or dress funky. Jeans and sneakers. Big boned but in good shape. 5”9” or so probably 125-130 lbs. Not sexy.

Her little sister by one year was insanely jealous of our friendship and always trying to have a separate friendship with each of the older sister’s friends. The little sister, who I will call April, was very cut throat and calculating, and a little obnoxious with her conceit, but was a smoking hot blonde with a phenomenal lingerie model type body, dainty bones and curves. Not a tomboy at all. More a prissy type. Always made up, always dressed up. And very stuck up! April was about the same height as her older sis but maybe 1 inch taller and but probably weighed about 110-115. She believed she was God’s gift to men.

I knew from my friend confiding in me that the April had hit on several of the guys my friend was dating. She had tried to hit on me before, and believe me I was tempted, but I refused since I really did enjoy my friendship with the older sister and had no problems getting dates anyway. This annoyed her I could tell since she was not used to rejection. I kept it in confidence since I did not want to create waves and I did have a good relationship with April, too and with their parents.

Anyway, on one of those weekend days where my friend was working, April wanted to come over to hang out, probably just to spite her sister. I was home alone, laying on the couch, with the TV on off to my left, half listening to a movie, half reading, half resting, and trying to nap with one leg on the floor and one on the back of the couch. I had a magazine that I had stopped reading just laying on my chest. When she came over and let herself in without ringing the bell, she plopped down opposite me on the other end of the couch between my two legs and brazenly put her feet up on my chest right on top of my magazine with her shoes on. They were leather loafer types with no socks under them. I did not say anything even though I had often noticed her feet in the past, especially those long slender perfectly groomed and manicured toes that I knew were in her shoes. I did not dignify it and made sure not to react since part of me resented her overly self confident, cocksure attitude. She really had to be a bit of an egomaniac to just throw her shod feet up on my chest.

About ten minutes later, using only her feet, she kicks the magazine off my chest, then kicks off each of her shoes, letting each one just fall off on my upper chest/neck area, right in front of my face, one of then touching my chin. Still I did not (consciously) react, figuring she was trying to play some kind of head game or something. It did piss me off a little that she would just put her shod feet on me and then kick her shoes off right on top of me.

About 10 minutes later, she scootches herself down shifting her butt closer to me and stretching out her long legs so her bare feet are about one inch from my face. At this point, I did not have the control anymore and my face was shielded from her line of sight so I began staring up close at the detail of her flawless feet which were a little dirty from nice weather romping around with no socks, and had some black marks left by the worn leather of the well broken in loafers. They actually had quite an odor for someone so well groomed. Probably from the no sock thing. I had never seen a foot up this close. After a few minutes, this little headgame bitch rapidly lifts one of her feet and says, “Why are you staring at my feet?”

Dumbfounded, I stuttered and stammered and said “I uh, wasn’t. I just opened my eye . . . ahh, you were the one who put them there.” She said, “No, you were staring. Are you some kind of weirdo?” I emphatically said “No.” She then said, “I don’t want you staring at my feet so I am going to make sure you keep your eyes shut.” She then inched forward a little more and pressed both soles onto my face.

I was caught between a rock and a hard place here. I wondered if she had seen me checking them out in the past, and maybe she felt a little blood flow when she first put them on my chest as a test, then a little more when the shoes came off, or noticed a full hard on when she brought them near my face.

I probably gave myself away, but I did not move or protest. What could I do? She had check-mated me. I could not get up since I had a raging hard on. I could not really protest and part of me was really enjoying it. I did not understand what a fetish was and did not really understand the reason for my affinity for feet. I just stayed there for the duration of the movie that was on while she watched it with her feet pressed onto my face, one arch on each cheek, the balls in my eye sockets and my nose squished between her arches. At some point, she had the arrogance to ask me to put my hands on the tops of her feet since they were cold. I obliged like an idiot, and each time I tried to take them off her feet, she would slap my face lightly and playfully with her foot sole.
When the movie was over, she got up to go the bathroom. I went to the other bathroom.

She helped herself to a snack in my kitchen while I returned to the couch. She was not content to leave her little head trip alone. Instead, she came back, sat in the same spot and plopped her feet right back up on my chest. We were just shooting the @#%$, teasing each other and I stuck my tongue out at her, probably out of a subconscious desire to lick her soles. Predictably she then swiped the sole of her foot down my tongue and said “How does my foot taste?” Without thinking, I matter of factly said, “It actually tasted pretty good, salty and sweet at the same time.” She then said, “Then stick your tongue out again so I can clean it.” Without really giving it a hell of a lot more thought, I obliged and she proceeded to rub her sole on my outstretched tongue for about twenty minutes. She then turned her foot up to her view and said “Nice work, I won’t even need to wash them now.”

Not knowing any limits she then has the gall to say, “You might as well clean the other one.” So I stick my tongue and she says, “Since it’s all the same, why don’t you just lick it? My leg got too tired from doing all the work.” So here is this conceited bitch telling me that she is tired of have to move her leg when she is using my tongue as a foot cleaning implement. Anyway, I obliged her and licked her other sole for about 20 minutes. A few times I would shoot my tongue through her toes from the underside of her foot.

After she did the same inspection on the other foot, she said, “Wow, I can’t believe you just licked my feet. You actually just cleaned my feet with your tongue.” And she starts laughing at me. I then told her she could be a real bitch. She gave me a little foot slap to the face and said, “Don’t ever call me a bitch or I’ll shove my foot right down your throat.” Needless to say, I called her a stuck up bitch. She then attempted to stuff her foot into my mouth leading with the big toe. I jerked my head side to side, with no real meaningful protest, feigning resistance but actually just allowing it to wriggle its way in a little deeper than anticipated. She then said, “You can’t talk with a foot shoved in your mouth.” I thought that would be it but she proceeded to sit a little more upright, and propelled her butt a little closer using her arms in order to give a little more bend in her leg. She then rammed the foot in a little harder. It triggered a mild gag reflex and I tried to fight it with my free left arm, but I could not. She had all the leverage since my head was cranked up and pinned to the arm of the couch and she head a decent bend in the knee so she could use her whole thigh muscle and hip strength. She was using her free leg to pin my left arm, the one on the TV side, against the arm of the couch. My other arm was between me and the back part of the couch so I had little leverage.

I had a confusing mix of emotions: humiliation, anger, arousal, defeat and I just made a little “Unnggh” sound like I was hurting. She asked me if I took it back and was sorry for calling her a bitch and I mmmfd in the negative “Unng-Unngh.” She then pushed a little harder so my lips were stretched to their max with my top lip way up the instep and my bottom lip felt like it was past the whole arch almost to the heel. Simultaneously she said, “Well I hope you like having my foot shoved in your mouth since it is going to stay there until you are ready to apologize. I felt her toes tickling at the back of my mouth. She then stuffed two pillows behind her back so she could comfortably lean back and relax while her foot was rammed deep into my mouth.

We stayed like that for a while, and I was realizing that part of me enjoyed it, but I started to get scared because my jaw was aching and a mild panic attack set in because I could not inhale through my mouth, my gag reflex was getting stronger and her toes were too far into my throat to swallow. After a while I accepted the repeated offer to apologize since I could not take any more. She then pulled her foot out of my mouth. Through capillary action, my top lip had become a little fastened or stuck to her instep and it hurt a little when it pulled out. This did not happen with the bottom lip against the sole.

As she pushed back a little, her leg brushed across the front of my pants and she took on a surprised look saying, “Oh my God, you have a hard on. Did you get hard from my feet in your face?” I felt my skin on my face get all hot. I could not answer. I tried to deflect it saying that I just had not had sex in a while and that her leg kept brushing up against it. She continued, “I don’t think I bumped into it that much. I think you get turned on by my feet. I wondered why you always seem to be looking at my toes. I think you got hard from licking the bottoms of my feet.” I tried to counter-attack, “I don’t think so. I think you came over just to try to get me hard out of some desire to toy with your sister. I’d appreciate it if you keep your theory to yourself.” She said, “I will think about it.” We hung out without any other foot play for the rest of the day.

Strangely enough, the subject or the days experience was not brought up again for a month or so when my friend, the older sister was leaving one Friday night to go on a cruise for two weeks. We had plans to go out as a group to a chic restaurant in the city with five or six other people, all dressed up, and then I was to drop her off at the airport for her flight to Miami, and the rest of us were to go out to a hopping night spot. For some reason unknown to me April wanted to see her sister off and came out to the car with her sister. Since the two did not get along and April was a real bitch, I thought it odd that she would give up her precious Friday night since she likely had several offers for a date. I did not really care either way, and April looked really hot all dressed up in her black skirt just above the knee and black leather boots with a 3 inch heel just below the knee. So no skin off my back, free to look, good viewing.

When I went to drop her off, April said “Why don’t you come in and watch a movie.” I told her I was supposed to meet someone which was true. She then said, “Unless you want my sister to find out that you licked my feet and got a hard on, I suggest you cancel your late night date.” I killed the ignition and came in without a reply. Once inside, I plopped on one of the two sofas and used my cell phone to cancel my date while she poured us some drinks. I had expected her to sit on the other sofa or one of the chairs, but instead she put the drinks down and plopped herself down on the same sofa which was the smaller of the two.

We were both angled in at 45 degrees facing each other talking about the club we had all gone to. She then in one motion pulled her knees up, swung her legs around and pushed me sideways twisting my torso to face her direction and forcing me backward into the arm of the chair. Her legs were then resting on my chest and the soles of her boots were pressed right onto my face. She started rubbing the soles of her shoes over my lips, cheeks and nose, and I got hard immediately. She reached forward, felt for and found my erection and said, “I knew it. You got hard from me rubbing the bottom of my shoes on your face. Don’t deny it.” An awkward silence followed while I tried to think of some other explanation. Before I could come up with anything, she said, “Stick your tongue out.” Playing along so I would not look too obvious, I said, “No.” She immediately shuffled forward and jabbed a sharp heel into each of my cheeks with the command “Do it now.”

More out of shock and being caught off guard I relented and agreed. She began to wipe the bottom of her boot sole repeatedly down over my tongue, and after a few minutes asked, “How do the soles of my boots taste.” I replied by saying I need a drink my tongue is all dry from the leather. She moved the outside leg so I could reach my drink on the coffee table, but touched it to my groin, saying, “Still hard from licking the soles of my shoes I see.”

She ordered “Lick the bottoms of my boots,” as she mashed the sole onto my lips. After about 20 minutes she said, “I wonder what my sister would think if she knew you were my bootlicker, and that you got hard from licking my boots clean.” When I did not reply, she pulled her boot sole off my face and said, “Well answer me.” I said, “Please I will do what you want but just leave all this between us. I never did anything wrong to you.” She then reminded me that I had rejected her, adding, “and for no good reason since obviously you had a thing for my feet.” She continued, “You will just have to make it up to me by being my personal shoe shine boy.”

With that she told me to get off the couch, take my shirt off and get on the floor facing her. I asked if this was really necessary, and she said, “It’s only necessary if you don’t want me to go public with the fact that you licked my foot and got hard.”

I complied with her wishes and followed her instructions to lie down on my stomach facing her feet. She then got up, went into the kitchen and came back and told me to put my arms together in front of me. I immediately asked “For what?” She then immediately dug a heel into my back and said, “If you protest over one more thing I ask you to do, I will call my sister on her cell phone and tell her all about your sick little pervert hard-ons over my feet and how you have been licking my shoes clean.” I put my hands together and she used masking or some type of packing tape to secure them together, probably a little tighter and more secure than she really needed to. Then she sat down and made me move forward so my face was directly over her feet, and said, “Now lick the tops of my boots clean, someone spilled a drink on them.” I did as I was told. She repeatedly made comments about it being a good thing that I rejected her since I was more useful as a boot licker.

After what seemed like 40 minutes, she made me roll over and flip around so my head was away from the couch. She then sat on me, checked the front of my pants and said, “I see you are still hard. Good to know you get hard from licking my boots clean.” I said, “I thought you invited me in to watch a movie.” She then said, “I do intend to watch a movie, but you will need to make yourself useful by licking my shoes clean.” She then told me to bring my knees up for a back support for her to lean on and put her feet on my face. After about a half hour of this, she told me I was not a comfortable seat and ordered me back up on the couch, where she resumed her earlier position, but this time with my arms in front of me since they were still bound.

She then pulled off her leather boots, revealing a foot that was pretty but stained from sweating in a leather boot with no socks or stockings. She pulled her foot to the inside toward her nose and said “Whew, those stink.” In reality they did not smell bad, just like wet leather. She then said, “Here let me wipe the sweat on your face since you enjoyed the taste of my foot sweat so much last time,” as she proceeded to do just that. She said, “Now your face will smell like my feet,” and began laughing. She then ordered, “Start licking the bottoms of my feet, I need those stains removed, and it is way easier than scrubbing them.” While having her feet tongue-bathed she grabbed the remote for the TV and proceeded to channel surf, watch MTV and bounced from show to show. Over the next hour, she periodically inspected the bottoms of her feet, and threw an occasional comment at me like, “How’s my foot-licker doing.” She then explained to me that I would be her “foot-licker on demand” any time she asked or an “awful lot of people” would be finding out about my “unique tastes.”

After an hour or so, she unexpectedly grabbed my cell phone and since my hands were bound all I could do was protest out loud, “Hey, give me that! Put that down!” She yelled, “Quiet, or I will shove my foot down your throat.” I did not want her getting any ideas with my cell phone so I kept after her, “Just put it down!” She immediately tried to stuff her bare foot into my mouth but I resisted twisting my head side to side. She slapped my face hard with her foot so that my head rang a little, stood up on the couch moving to sit on the back of it where she had move height and leverage and said, “Open your trap or I will kick you right in the groin with all my might.” She wound up, but it was not necessary, since I opened my mouth. She then inserted one foot into my mouth and wriggled it side to side until it was lodged as far as it would go. With her sitting above me on the couch back, she had a lot of leverage with her weight pushing forward and down. My head was pinned there and my arms were tied. She said, “Now that ought to keep you quiet for a few minutes.” She then put the other one right on top of my groin, fortunately on top of my penis rather than my scrotum. I was now pretty much helpless.

She then proceeded to open my phone and pushed a few buttons. She proceeded to introduce herself by name and identified herself as a friend of mine. I eventually figured out that she was using last number dialed to call the other female I was supposed to meet for a normal date, when I heard her say, “I understand he was supposed to meet you tonight but I wanted to let you know what he is doing.” I struggled violently trying to yell and only getting “Unghh” with her foot in my mouth, but she anticipated it and immediately leaned in harder so it felt like her toenails were at my tonsils. Her foot was jammed so far into my mouth it hurt and my fear reflex was making it hard to breathe, even through my nose. I felt my heart rate has speed up from fear and from the embarrassment of the situation. She had also simultaneously pressed her other foot down on my erection which was a distraction. I felt my penis get even harder and begin to throb.

I then heard her say, “Well, he called you to cancel from my place. Then he licked the soles of my boots clean for about a half hour. Then he shined the tops of my boots with his tongue. Then I wiped the sweat from my feet all over his face. Then he licked my bare feet. And now I am sitting over him with my left foot crammed into his mouth so he can’t talk and my other foot on his crotch where he has a massive hard on from my feet. No, I am not kidding, didn’t you notice I am calling from his phone?” With this mix of helplessness, fear, humiliation and the physical stimulation, I ended up losing it during this and felt an uncontrollable orgasm shake my body, as my dick let go right under her foot, my hips convulsing thrusting into her sole. “Oh my God,” she continued, “He actually just came in his pants because he was so turned on by my foot in his mouth.” She spontaneously began to laugh, listened to whatever was being said to her, and then replied, “I am not kidding. Do you want me to snap a picture of my foot in his mouth and email it to you?” There was a pause, and then “Hello, hello?”

She then pulled the phone away from her ear, looked at it and said, she must have hung up. Since you obviously like having my foot jammed in there, let’s see if we can help you out. She reached over and grabbed the tape that she had left on the arm of the couch, and proceeded to tape in a circle around the back of my head and the heel of her foot so that her foot was effectively locked into my mouth. Once she had made five tight loops, she ripped the tape, and sat back down on the couch opposite me, my head being forced to follow her foot up and forward. She looked directly at me and said, “You look ridiculous.” She began laughing hysterically. She moved the foot forward, backward, side to side, all the while laughing at how my head followed her foot. Then she took my phone and snapped a picture. I was helpless to do anything. My arms were bound and under the weight of her legs. I could not speak because she used the tape to keep her foot secured deep into my mouth. And having already been broken—driven to orgasm by her feet alone, I had nothing left. She then informed me, “I am emailing this to myself as ammo in case you have second thoughts or need to be reminded that you are going to make yourself available any time I want you to clean my shoes with your tongue and lick my feet.”

She proceeded to mock me and deride me for the next 90 minutes or so, and she especially got a charge out of the fact that I was still hard. She eventually had to un-tape the foot and remove it from my mouth because she had to go to the bathroom. When she came back, she returned with a shoe, and proceeded to securely tape the opening of it over my mouth and nose. She then told me she was going to bed. Through her shoe, I complained that I was still fully clothed. She then said, OK” and proceeded to “untie and pull off my shoes, unclasp and unzip my pants, pull my pants down and off, leaving me in my socks and underwear. She then taped my ankles together and left the room.

I eventually fell asleep but woke up with a raging hard-on. When she came out in the morning, she began laughing again hysterically at the sight of me tied up with a shoe taped to my face and a big erection. She said, “You look like a complete idiot with my shoe taped to your face and a big hard-on. That looks like it hurts.” I replied, “It does.”
She then grabbed a banana in the kitchen, came over and sat on me as if I were just a couch cushion and clicked on the TV. She then proceeded to un-tape the shoe from my face. She moved up to the high back of the couch placing her feet on my torso, and began eating her banana while I laid their suffering with my arms bound and a huge erection.

I said, “How about a blowjob?” With an amused look, she smiled, and said, “Good idea, why don’t you give my toes a blow job,” as she poised her toes over and onto my lips. She only had to press a little and I complied with a willingly open mouth that her foot sank deeply into once I felt her place the other foot right on my erection. It did not take long for me to cum again right in my underwear. After that she released me and let me go but I left knowing that I would have no choice but to return several times.


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