by exwhiptrix

‘She has the kind of ass that makes you want to slap it with your bare hand, just to feel the heat. But,’ I paused, trying to capture with words a feeling that escaped me, ‘at the same time, I simply want to lay my hands upon the tightness of her flesh, as if it were possible to touch something deeper within her just by doing so.’

I smiled, returning to my tale. ‘and cleavage you could lose yourself in full breasts, well rounded at the bottom, nipples so perfectly erect that I wondered if they pained her.’ The memory of that evening caused my throat to tighten with passion. I distinctly felt a tightening between my crossed legs, and an unmistakable wetness drenching the sheer panties I wore.

I remember noticing her as soon as I walked in that night, first because she was wearing a bustier just like one I once owned. When I immediately imagined us sharing that item of clothing, I knew I was lost. Her face lit up when she saw me on the landing, and she purposefully made her way toward me, oblivious to the crush of people gathered to celebrate the last New Year’s Eve of the 20th century. But neither Gina or myself was aware of anyone else in the club for at least a minute, perhaps longer. I’d often wondered if I had the same effect on her that she had on me. In that moment, I knew. I did. God bless the social tradition of hugging and kissing acquaintances upon initial meeting, for that gave us both the opportunity to touch each other. God bless the New Year’s Eve tradition of imbibing alcohol, for that gave us license to touch a bit longer and kiss a bit more passionately than we would have under different circumstances.

When our lips parted, she smiled as she ran her hands appreciatively over my body, pausing to rest them on either side of my hips. “You look amazing,” she whispered. I boldly cupped her ass in reply, ‘so do you as always.’ When her boyfriend joined our near-coupling, smiling at the rising passion that created a web of electricity between us, we reluctantly released each other. I wondered when, not if, we would continue the tentative exploration.

It was her boyfriend who unwittingly provided the forum for us to continue what we had started. He had always wanted to see Gina tied up, helpless and at the mercy of another woman. Unfortunately, in his mind, Gina was far to dominant to ever submit to such a scene, no matter how it was choreographed. He must have been surprised when she agreed to allow me to tie her up and whip her. Despite her willingness, she was nervous. She looked at me shyly, lowering her eyes, her shoulders trembling in anticipation. Indulging in a bit of ceremony for the onlookers, he presented Gina to me. I did not smile as she looked imploringly at me, assuming the role of the dominatrix for the scene which was about to unfold.

Taking Gina by the hands, I led her gently, but firmly to the wall, and began to secure her wrists, one by one, to the restraints embedded in the concrete. A light film of perspiration appeared on her brow as I fastened the last one. I kissed it away, and traced a path along the side of her face to her ear with my tongue. ‘Relax,’ I whispered, deftly flicking my erect tongue along the ridges of her ear. Her body melted into mine almost immediately. Were I to allow Gina the pleasure of touching me between my legs, I knew she would find me very wet.

Gina struggled mentally against the restraints as I blindfolded her. Her breath quickened as she focused on the reality of her predicament. Blindfolded, bound, and unused to being at the mercy of anyone, she started to panic. I stroked her hair lovingly, and whispered into her ear, ‘Gina? Gina? Listen to me, sweetheart. Can you do something for me?’ Gina nodded almost imperceptibly, as I grasped her shoulders lightly. ‘I know this is difficult for you, darling,’ I sighed into her ear and then kissed her neck lightly. She stretched her neck for me, giving me better access.

My hands continued to wander, possessed by a will of their own. They traveled down her back, across her hips, and up her ribcage. I paused, then boldly encircled her breasts. When she did not pull away, I began to massage her flesh through the fabric of the bustier. ‘Will you do something for me?’ I asked, and waited for her to acknowledge my question before continuing. ‘When you feel the need to control the situation, when you feel the need to struggle, I want you to’ I paused again, as she pressed into my touch. Encouraged, I freed the captured flesh, and teased at the engorged nipples, pinching, pulling, and caressing. ‘I want you to’ I repeated, ‘take a deep breath. Hold it for the count of two, and then release. Each time you feel the urge to resist, I want you to breathe in deeply. For the count of two. And then release. Release the urge to control what’s happening to you through your breathing and I promise not to hurt you. Okay?’

I captured her earlobe between my lips and sucked at it gently, and waited for her to respond. When she nodded, I plunged my hands between her thighs, and pressed outwards, encouraging her to spread her legs so as to widen her stance. She responded as if I had used an electric prod, but settled easily into a most appealing pose, leaning forward from the waist, feet wide apart, chest thrust upward, and her gorgeous ass provocatively offered up in trust. Ready to begin, I gave Gina her non-verbal safeword, ‘Whenever you want me to stop, I want you to drop your head,’ I whispered. ‘Okay?’ Gina nodded, clearly ready to start. ‘Until that moment, I need you to keep your head up. Because,’ I paused again for emphasis, and began to unzip the bustier from her body, ‘if you drop your head, I will stop. And I won’t,’ I removed her top, allowing the cool air to hit her exposed chest like a splash of ice water, ‘finish. not. even,’ I punctuated each word with a flick of my tongue across a perfectly erect nipple. ‘if. you. beg.’

She moaned, and leaned toward me. Laughingly, I drew back, and traced a fingernail down her abdomen, stopping just before her parted thighs, and then continuing down to stroke her clit through the satin barrier of the panties I wished she wasn’t wearing. Although I rarely brought submissives to climax during a public scene, Gina was different. I’d never been this affected before. Unable to resist, I tentatively slipped a finger under the side of her panties and paused, waiting for her response. She thrust her hips forward slightly, so I plunged one digit into her quickly, and withdrew. Lifting my hand to my nose and mouth, I inhaled and tasted her. When I placed my finger just in front of her mouth, she reached for it. When I gave it to her, she sucked upon it hungrily. Simultaneously, we both drew in a deep breath, held it for the count of two, and then released. It was time to begin.

I repositioned myself behind her, and unhooked the whips from my belt. Warming up, I began to swing one of the floggers. I cut the air near her body so just the breeze of it kissed her skin. When I allowed the leather to fall across her ass for the first time, I was gentle. She held her head high, daring me to continue. As the music swelled, so did my tempo. I alternated the feathery lashes with a well placed strike upon her bottom. It left an appealingly reddened stripe. Rather than shrink away like most, Gina leaned into it and I smiled. For what seemed like a blissful eternity, I applied my flogger to her exquisitely arched back, her protruding bottom. I was pleased to watch her breathe in as I had instructed, knowing she was struggling with the experience.

Lost in her own world of pleasure and pain, she began the climb to orgasm. I motioned to her boyfriend that he should position himself on his knees in front of her now writhing hips. I increased my rhythm as he found her clit with his tongue. Her body shook as it alternated between leaning into the sting of the whip and the pressure of his tongue. As much as I enjoyed my view, I would have traded places with him in a minute. When I aimed a blow at the furrow where her thighs disappeared into her ass, her hips bucked forward. She stiffened as waves of pleasure visibly shook her frame. Her knees collapsed as her boyfriend leaned back, her body hanging limply from the wrist restraints. Almost as an afterthought, she lowered her head. In awe of her effect on me, I allowed Gina to rest briefly before moving forward to untie her.

Her boyfriend moved aside as we embraced. She withdrew first, but only so she could grab my hand and place it between her legs. Our eyes locked as I savored the drenched heat surrounding my hand. Overcome with desire, and forgetting my station, I knelt on one knee and pressed my lips to her satin-encased swollen clit. I knew, in that brief eternity, that I wanted her as I had not wanted a woman in a very long time. As I endured the shocked stares of the still mesmerized crowd, I hesitated to return to my feet for fear of breaking the spell.


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