by alex-tzara

I see the two girls down there in the burnt out warehouse. They must be 18 or 19. Fresh-faced but worldly wise. One tall and dark-haired, the other blonde and tanned. I watch them through a dusty shattered window. I make a pretence of hiding but they know I’m here. They like to be watched.

Their game is wild. I know it’s a game because when they first stumble drunk through the doorway, they are laughing and holding hands. They kiss softly, cheerfully caressing each other through their skimpy summer clothing. They are equal partners at this point – they have not yet taken on their special roles.

The girls French kiss each other – exploring with their tongues, hands stroking over thighs and buttocks, eyes sparkling in the sun.

The blonde looks at me and laughs, drunkenly. She can only see my face through the glass but she must realise I have my cock in my hand by now.

The dark-haired girl leans close in to her ear and whispers something nasty. The blonde laughs, apparently shocked and excited by her lover’s words. She nods enthusiastically and immediately drops to her knees – assuming a submissive role down there in the dust.

This is where their game begins – the tall Mistress punishing and humiliating her worthless blonde Slave.

‘Strip for me, Cunt!’ snarls the Mistress.

I am startled by the words – shocked by the way the dark-haired tormentor’s lip curls up into a cruel smile.

The girl on her knees appears unfazed. She has played this game before. It obviously excites her. She wants to be treated like dirt.

‘Do it, bitch! I’m waiting.’

The blonde nods and begins slowly unfastening her dress.

‘Quickly! I’ve not got all day. Do you think I want to spend my time with a worthless whore like you? Hmn?’

‘No, Marianne.’ The Slave lowers her eyes.

‘What was that?’ The Mistress grips a clump of the girl’s hair in her fist and draws her head right back. ‘What did you call me, Cunt? Who the fuck is Marianne?’

The Slave blinks up at her Mistress, her cheeks flushed, her lips moist. ‘Sorry.’

The dark-haired tormenter shoves her Slave back onto the hard, wooden floor. ‘I am your owner. You call me “Mistress,” nothing else. I call you “Cunt,” or whatever the fuck I want to call you. Do you hear that, you wretched little slut?’

The blonde girl pants, excitedly. ‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Good. Now, take that fucking dress off before I thrash you!’

The Slave nods and hurriedly slips out of her dress. Her small, pert breasts are flushed from her arousal. The nipples jut out thick and hard. She lies there in the dust – vulnerable and naked, but for her panties.

‘Open your legs, Cunt!’

The girl parts her thighs.

‘Wider!’ The dark-haired Mistress grabs the blonde’s knees and thrusts them apart.

Her Slave gasps and writhes on the wooden floor.

Marianne frowns and points a finger at the damp gusset. ‘What the fuck is that? They’re soaking wet, you filthy whore. Have you pissed yourself?’

‘No Mistress. I’m… I… you excited me.’

‘Don’t fucking lie to me, Cunt! You pissed your panties. They’re a filthy mess now. Aren’t they?’

The Slave nods slowly. ‘Yes.’

‘What do you do to a dog when it messes on the carpet?’

‘Don’t know.’

‘You shove its nose in it so it learns not to do it again. Don’t you?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Well I’m going to teach YOU a lesson, Cunt.’ She immediately hikes the short skirt up around her waist, revealing her bare crotch. Black hairs curl wildly around her vulva. In the center, the pink lips glisten. The Mistress is as aroused by the game as her Slave.

As her labia draw open, a few beads of amber liquid appear. Marianne sighs and a stream of sparkling hot piss sprays out over her Slave’s helpless body.

The blonde gasps as torrents of the steaming liquid flood out of her Mistress’s cunt – showering down over her breasts, splashing up onto her face, running in rivulets down between her thighs. The girl’s panties are soon drenched.

I feel like I’m going to come any second but I don’t want it to finish yet. I need a clearer view, so I shove my hard cock back into my trousers and stumble round to the entrance of the building. Hurrying inside, I see the wretched blonde writhing around in a puddle of urine on the floor.

‘Filthy bitch. Look at you!’ snarls the Mistress. ‘You stink of piss, you dirty little whore. Someone’s going to have to clean you up now.’

‘Please, Mistress,’ pants the tormented blonde.

‘What? You think I’m going to get down there on my hands and knees and lick your pussy clean?’

‘Marianne, please! I want your tongue inside me.’

‘No.’ The dark-haired girl laughs, cruelly. ‘It’s the dog’s job to clean you up.’

The blonde follows her Mistress’s gaze over to where I stand, jerking off, my trousers around my ankles.

‘Come here, dog!’

Without question, I shuffle over. Marianne shoves me down onto my hands and knees and thrusts my face between the Slave-girl’s thighs.

‘Clean her filthy cunt with your tongue, dog!’ she commands.

I snatch at the Slave’s panties and the soaked material rips open in my hands. Soggy clumps of blonde hair curl messily around her engorged labia. I smell her musky scent.

I glance over at the Mistress. She draws something long and shiny out of her handbag. ‘What the fuck you looking at?’ she snarls.

The Slave has had enough. She is desperate for my tongue. Grabbing hold of my hair she thrusts her pussy into my face. I lick her hard and without subtlety – running my tongue up between those slippery folds, flapping it over her hot little clit.

I hear the Mistress behind me. ‘I’m going to fuck you up the ass,’ she hisses.

I shiver at the words.

The Slave groans and writhes in the muck. She grips my hair tight in her fists, squashing my nose against her pubic mound as I lap my tongue over her clit.

Marianne parts my buttocks and something cold touches my anus. I gasp as the object enters me.

‘What’s wrong, bitch? Don’t you like having my cock inside you?’ She thrusts the dildo deep into my orifice.

My squeals are muffled between the blonde girl’s thighs. I hear her panting and groaning. Her legs tremble and her back arches. She squeals out loud as the orgasm explodes through her.

‘You like being fucked in the ass, don’t you, bitch?’ growls the Mistress, as she slides the dildo roughly in and out.

‘Uh-huh.’ I can hardly breathe.

The exhausted blonde crawls through the muck and slips under me so she can lick my hard-on, sucking it between her lips, taking it deep into her wet mouth.

Her dark-haired tormentor is fucking me mercilessly now – thrusting the thing in and out of my burning anus. It feels like I’m going to tear open. I grunt loudly, my whole body shuddering as cum squirts from my cock into the back of the Slave-girl’s throat. She swallows it all down and rolls shattered onto her back.

Marianne smiles sweetly. ‘My turn, now. Who wants to be Mistress?’


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