by Publius

As a young, overworked transactional attorney for a major northeastern firm, I did a great deal of driving around the region to meet with clients and attend negotiations. I was completing the final leg of a familiar five-hour trek home from a very important client’s main office in Boston.

It was late on a Friday night, and, having spent the majority of the preceding couple of weeks on the road, I was returning, weary and hungry, to my characteristically empty kitchen. Rather than face a night of scrounging the pantry, I decided to stop at my favorite diner for a bite to eat. The parking lot was packed, and it took me awhile to find a space. I walked into the diner and one glance told me that the nearby high school had just finished a home football game. Giddy teenagers milled around, waiting for tables, eating, and flirting, just as we had done in my high school days. After waiting behind a Wall Street Journal for about a half hour, I was seated at a tiny booth in the smoking section. I lit a much needed cigarette and placed my order.

Taking the opportunity to really look around the place, I perused the youthful crowd with a sense of nostalgia. And then I noticed one table in the back of my section which stood out from the rest. Four girls, all very attractive, sat, distantly ignoring their peers. They wore no school colors. They spoke to each other quietly and seemed oblivious to their surroundings and disinterested in the normal extracurricular socializing that so absorbed the rest of the mob. Too bad, I thought, these girls aren’t a little older. Unfortunately, the difference between my twenty-five years and their, oh, sixteen or seventeen generally works out to about five to ten when a judge is doing the math. So, I contented myself with watching them and thinking of days gone by. I guess I looked a little too long at one of the girls, a slender redhead with bright, emerald eyes. Almost as though she felt my stare, the young beauty raised her glance from her companions and directed it at me.

After matching her gaze for a second, I averted my eyes and hoped that my face hadn’t betrayed my embarrassment. When I finally summoned the courage to look over at their table again, the heads of the four girls were pulled closer, as though they were a team of lawyers planning their next move in a business deal. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought two of them – the redhead and a very petite girl with jet black hair cropped short at chin level, took fleeting glances toward me. When my food arrived, I ate quickly, content in the assumption that the girls were discussing me, the handsome, older guy in the nice suit.

I successfully refrained from any more staring, finished my meal, and got up to leave. One final look at their table confirmed that they, alas, had already gone. I shook my head, chuckled to myself for spending so much time focused on a few standoffish adolescents, and pushed through the crowded entrance into the parking lot. I tapped my key chain remote, heard the familiar chirp as my ride unlocked itself, and reached for the door handle.

“Excuse me,” a sweet voice from behind startled me. I turned around to see the same redhead looking up at me, eyes wide with apparent concern. “Do you think you could help us? My friend Kim just ran over a nail or something and we got a flat.”

“Okay,” I replied, my chivalrous side pleased at the chance to help out some attractive ladies, even if they were off limits. “Do you have a spare?”

“Yeah, I think she’s got one in the trunk,” she said. “Do you know how to change a tire?”

With a healthy dose of masculine pride, I told her that I could have them on the road in ten minutes. I followed her over to a black Jeep Grand Cherokee which, sure enough, rested unevenly on a deflated, left rear tire. Kim, who turned out to be the tiny one with black hair, introduced herself and her friends, thanking me for agreeing to help them out. The redhead, I learned, was named Victoria, and the other girls, both blondes, were Jamie and Deanna. Tossing my suit jacket over the open passenger side door, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work jacking up the car and removing the deflated tire.

I’d changed a lot of tires in my days as a reckless college student, and the process took me no time at all. Heaving the flat into the back of the Jeep, I got a good look at it and noticed the small piece of a knife blade protruding from the tire’s side. Suspicious, I looked up to see Victoria sitting in the back seat, grinning at me. Oh, and she had a 9 millimeter pointed at my head. My jaw must have dropped three stories at that moment. She uttered two sounds then.

“Shhh. Keys.” In my state of shock, I couldn’t think straight. No plan of action came to mind other than to numbly take my keys from my pocket and place them in her outstretched hand. Victoria tossed my keys out the window to Jamie who promptly trotted over to my car, jumped into the driver’s seat and drove away.

“You’re stealing my car?” I finally managed to speak, incredulous that I was being carjacked by the babysitters club.

“Not exactly,” Victoria purred, speaking in a low, controlled tone. “You see, you’re going to come for a ride with us. Quietly. And if you don’t, then in a few hours, the police are going to get an anonymous call that a young blonde girl was seen being forced into the trunk of your car. They will then be directed to a secret location where they will find her in your trunk. She’ll be badly frightened, but alive and unharmed, waiting to tell the cops all about how you kidnapped her.” My lawyerly reason took over then, and I considered her threat.

“You couldn’t possibly get away with that,” I told her. “It would be my word against hers, and there wouldn’t be any evidence to back that story up.” I knew that she wouldn’t dare shoot me in the parking lot of a crowded diner, and even that was assuming the gun was loaded at all. I would walk right into the diner and call the police, reporting my car stolen. The waitress had seen me in there not 15 minutes prior, so I had nothing to worry about. That is – except the wet handkerchief I felt slapped tightly over my mouth and nose from behind. You know, I’d often thought from watching movies that if someone ever pulled that ether-soaked rag bit on me, I’d have a few seconds of fight in me to get free. Well, It doesn’t work that way. I no sooner got my hands up to those of my assailant, than I found my strength and consciousness slip immediately away.

I was jolted awake by the crash of ice-cold water over my face. I sputtered and coughed for a moment and tried to wipe the water away from my eyes so I could see. I found, though, that I couldn’t move my hands. Moreover, I my mouth was filled to capacity with a ball-gag that someone had strapped a little too tightly around my head. Drowsiness giving way quickly to panic, I blinked hard several times, then squinted to try and make out my surroundings.

I was in a very large room that resembled nothing so much as a dark gymnasium. The floor was one large mat, like the kind used for wrestling. There were several pieces of what you might call furniture, but which probably wouldn’t appear in an Ikea catalog. The room very dimly lit; in the absence of any windows, the malicious orange glow was provided by rows of candles, which lined three of the room’s four walls. I was strapped, still fully clothed with my arms stretched out sideways, to a cross-shaped slab, reminiscent of Braveheart’s deathbed. Of course, making that connection did little to comfort me.

My attention was stolen away from my surroundings by Victoria, who still wielded the bucket that had delivered my wake-up call. She smiled down at me in a strange, almost maternal way, then placed the bucket at her feet. She reached toward my face and caressed my left cheek with the tip of one fingernail. The sensation sent a shiver through me.

“Good morning, Richie,” she cooed, using a diminutive form of my name I hadn’t heard since elementary school. “I thought you were going to sleep forever.” She feigned a pout. “And that just wouldn’t have been any fun at all. The girls and I were all upset that tonight had turned out to be so boring. But then you showed up at the diner, and I saw it in your eyes. You want me. You’re ashamed to admit being so perverted as to lust after a little girl like me, but you can’t help yourself.” At this she leaned in close, whispering in a barely audible voice, “well, something has to be done about those unhealthy desires of yours.” Her hand, which was resting on my chest, began to glide slowly down my torso as Victoria stared into my unbelieving eyes.

“Does this turn you on?” The hand continued its journey until it reached my belt, then stopped. At that moment, I realized that, in spite of this bizarre, uncertain situation, I was incredibly turned on. I had no idea what the intention of these girls was, but my cock was as hard as it has ever been. And she knew it, but refused to give me the satisfaction of touching it. “Come here, Kim,” Victoria called over her shoulder, “look how frustrated poor Richie looks.”

The painfully young-looking girl approached my prone body and in a fluid motion vaulted her slender frame up onto the slab and sat on my chest, facing me with her legs straddled over either side of my ribcage. “Aw,” she murmured in mock pity, “you must find this so exciting. Every man dreams of being tied up and pleasured by young girls.” Then she chuckled. “But we’re not really here for your pleasure, Richie,” she continued, “so you’ll have to get used to frustration.” That’s really not what I wanted to hear. Then Kim reached up to her satin blouse and began to unbutton it, slowly.

I stared helplessly up as she undid the last button, and slid the blouse off behind her to reveal the tiniest of breasts, highlighted by tight, pink nipples which stood hard in the candlelight. Kim ran her hands up and down her chest, moaning softly with pleasure. As her left hand toyed with one nipple then, her other hand slid down under the waistband of her black stretch pants. I could see her fingers working their way lower until she finally found her mark and began to move her hips around in conjunction with the motion of her hand. Her eyes closed, Kim tossed her short, black hair and began to increase the pace of her self-pleasure.

Her hand continued to pump into her crotch, as she alternately pinched her nipples and raked her fingernails through her hair. My cock throbbed in my pants, begging to be released, but there was no help coming. Only Kim was cumming. With one final thrust of her hips, Kim let out a shriek, and then stopped. Recovering her breath, the girl returned her piercing blue eyes to meet mine. “Mmm. That felt so good,” she bragged. “Have you ever tasted a fifteen-year old cunt before,” she asked me. Truth is, I had, but that was when Iwas sixteen, and didn’t appreciate the value of what I had. “Maybe you’ll have your chance,” she taunted. “For now, though,” Kim continued, “you’ll just have to settle for this.” She drew the hand that she’d fucked herself with to my face and ran two fingers under my nose just long enough to let me catch her scent. It was every bit as sweet as I’d hoped. Against my better judgment, I inhaled deeply; she noticed, and was obviously pleased by my total rapture.

Victoria stepped forward again and gently rested a hand on Kim’s shoulder. “You like him, don’t you,” she asked Kim.

“Yeah,” Kim replied, “I think he’s going to be a lot of fun.” Then she turned her head up to face Victoria and the two girls kissed deeply. Victoria ran her hand down across Kim’s chest, tweaking on of the pink nipples and earning a high-pitched moan in response. Victoria then took hold of Kim’s hand – the one I had just smelled, and raised it to her lips, licking the tips of Kim’s fingers first, then more aggressively sucking them. Once satisfied with her treat, Victoria stopped and returned her attention to me, by this time the most frustrated man in the history of sex.

“Kim, look,” she said, “we’ve been neglecting Richie. I think it’s about time we put him to use.” She leaned over and unstrapped the gag which was really starting to hurt. “Now I’m taking this off you, Richie,” Victoria warned, “but you will not say anything unless I tell you to. We’re nice girls, but if you disobey us, we’ll have to punish you. Understand?” I nodded. She pulled the gag away from my face, and I breathed deeply through my mouth, relieved. Victoria took a step back, turned around, and began to undress. First, she lifted her tight sweater up and over her head, allowing her flaming red hair to cascade down the flawless skin of her back. How I ached to see what her tits looked like. I would not have to wait long. Then she slid her hands down to the black, leather miniskirt she wore, and tugged at each side in turn, weaving her hips back and forth until the skirt fell loosely to her feet. Stepping out of her shoes, Victoria turned to face me, wearing only a tiny, black g-string.

“Richie,” she said, “I’m going to give you an opportunity to please me. If you do what I say and do it well, then you will be rewarded. If not, well, we’ll just have to entertain ourselves at your expense in some other way. And I really don’t think you’d like the alternatives.” I was listening to her, but my attention was largely focused on her perfectly-shaped tits. They were very mature for a sixteen-year-old, but certainly not too large. They complemented her lithe, silky body well. She restored my attentiveness with a slap on my cheek. “Do you understand? If so, you may reply, ‘Yes.'” I so replied. “Good,” she said with a smile. “I’m going to let you taste my pussy, Richie,” Victoria told me, ” and I’d better not regret giving you the opportunity.” She stuck her thumbs inside the waist of her g-string then, and slid it to the floor. Stepping over my head with one leg, she lowered her neatly-trimmed and naturally red cunt to within inches of my mouth. I inhaled deeply, smelling the heat inside her. Victoria grabbed me by the hair with both hands and thrust her pussy down into my mouth.

I was amazed by how wet she was already. Fighting to breathe through my nose, I pushed my tongue upwards into her hot crack, savoring the musky taste of young cunt. She moaned with pleasure and began to grind her hips around in small circles as I located her hardened clit and lightly nipped it between my teeth. That must have really excited her because at that moment she sped up and her gyrations turned to pure, primal pumping back and forth against my lips, my tongue, my nose. As I closed my eyes and fought the fatigue which began to overtake my tongue, Victoria began to cry out, “Eat me! Oh my God, yes, eat my pussy, Ritchie, suck on my clit! Oh God, oh yes, eat me, EAT ME!” Victoria arched her back and drove her dripping cunt down onto my face one last time, as her cum oozed into my mouth and down my chin. She pulled her body back upright and smiled at me. “Good boy, Richie. This is going to work out after all.”


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