by Slave Shoelicker

A few years back I took a new job that required I go to the southwest for a couple of months at the training center located there. While I was there I met a young girl just out of college who was going through the same program. She had just turned twenty-one while I was thirty-one. Kay was a very outgoing girl who loved to have fun.

The program was pretty intense and the group bonded together to help cope with the pressures we were under. This job represented a big career change for me and I put alot of effort into it. I excelled at the program and used this to help Kay with her work and get close to her.

Every chance I got I hung around with Kay who luckily was staying in the same complex I was. I was extremely attacted to her, but I also was engaged and she, for the most part, just flirted innocently with me. We spent almost the entire day, every day together. About halfway through the program, we took a trip to California where we would be transfered after we were through in the southwest. We were becoming best friends, but because I was engaged, it remained a platonic relationship, although I doted on her constantly.

As the program drew to an end, we planned a carpool to California with a group also headed that way. It was a typical extremely hot southwest day on the morning we were to leave. Kay had a rent-a-truck that I was going to help her drive. I got to her place to help her pack the truck. She was dressed in short shorts, a tee shirt, and those simple leather keds that girls wear. Kay was also wearing a pair of those white anklet socks that I really found attractive. We worked up a sweat packing while I stole glimpses of her slender lithe body move gracefully to and fro. I found her young nubile body irresistable, yet I somehow felt she wasn’t interested in breaking up my potential marriage.

About three o’clock we met up with the other two cars and headed west. The plan was to drive straight to Las Vegas and spend the next day there. An hour after we were on the road, one of the other vehicles had car trouble and pulled to the side of the road. I was driving and noticed it in the side mirror, but since we were in front of the others I kept going. Kay didn’t notice and I wanted to use this opportunity to get away from the others.

After a while, I remarked about losing them. Kay wasn’t disappointed and we just continued on. I had an excellent view of her fantastic legs as we continued the drive. She crouched down in the seat and extended her legs up on the dash board, giving me an even better look. My cock hardened as I continued the drive in frustration. Her lovely legs were so well toned, and the white anklets and leather keds were tantilizing me to total distraction.

I began to remark how I wasn’t really thrilled with the idea of Vegas, and Kay readily agreed. It was getting late in the evening and we were approaching Albuquerque. We decided to spend the night. I got a room with two beds to save money over separate rooms, and we moved in with her cat. I decided to shower to wash all the sweat from the hot day and the move. Kay just lounged on the bed watching T. V. I came out of the shower wearing gym shorts and got in the other bed to watch the T. V. She was laying on top of the covers and occasionally stretched her legs to work out the kinks from the long drive. It was time to call it a night so we could get an early start tomorrow.

Kay got up and slowly slid the short shorts down her legs, revealing her panties. She had on pink cotton panties with white lace frilly trim. Needless to say I had a hard time keeping my eyes off the wonderful sight. She bent over keeping her legs straight, and started untying the leather keds. Her position allowed me an incredible sight of her alluring tush in the taut cotton panties. Kay sat back down on the edge of the bed and kicked off the keds. She extended her leg in the air and slowly pealed off the sticky anklet socks exposing her perfect feet with sexy pink toenail polish. Lying back on the bed, Kay had one foot off the side, hanging about six inches off the ground.

“Kiss my foot.” Kay said out of the blue.

I looked at her and she had this girlish grin on her face. She giggled, started swinging her foot, and extending her toe in a point.

“Last chance, kiss my foot,” she said.

I got out of the bed, and Kay raised her leg, putting her pretty foot in front of my face. I reached out to grab it and she took it away, again letting it hang inches from the floor. I stood there foolishly, with my shorts quickly becoming a tent, as my dick grew to full length. I turned red with embaressment as Kay laughed at my humiliation.

“Beg,” she said, “Beg to kiss my foot.”

I had to do it. I needed to kiss her glorious foot. My whole body was consumed with that single desire.

“Kay, may I please…” I began, but Kay extended her leg and put her foot on the tip of my rock hard penis, pushing down. I moaned in pleasure as Kay said:

“On your knees.”

I sank to my knees before her. How shameful I must have appeared. I looked into her eyes and Kay could see the pleading look written on my face. She knew I would do anything to kiss her stinky feet.

“Please Kay, I beg you. Let me kiss your feet. I’ll do anything you want if you let me kiss them.”

“You are a worthless swine,” she said, “Tell me you would rather kiss
the toe cheese off my foot than your fiance’s face.”

“Kay, your foot is magnificent,” I said, giving up all self respect, “it is far more beautiful than my fiance . Your foot is all my heart desires. I would give Carla up in a moment for the chance to kiss the toe cheese off your foot. I beg you, please let me kiss your foot.”

Kay was nearly hysterical.

“Beg like a dog.”

I put my hands under my chin and panted like a dog hopeful of getting a choice bone. Kay was stripping every ounce of pride I had left.

“Kiss it dog,” she said.

I bent down to her foot. The smell hit me before I reached it. It was the sweetest fragrance I’d ever known. I was lost in a state of euphoric bliss. I kissed her foot with all the passion I was able to summon. The acrid taste caused my mouth to water as if the most suculent meal had been placed before me. I began to lick her foot, drooling all over it and savoring each and every moment. Kay slid her foot past me and I started kissing my way up her perfect legs. I worshipped her with more feeling and sincerity than the slaves of anceint Egypt worshipped Cleopatra. Slowly working my way up her legs, Kay stopped me and took her pretty panties off. She put them on my head for me to wear as a hat, giggling once again as she continued to degrade me.

Kay grabbed my ears and roughly pulled me into her snatch. Very gingerly and reverently I began to pay homage to her shrine. I used every effort to take Kay to the brink and keep her there. I teased her to the edge of orgasm and backed off slightly. She was reeling in the delerious state the tension of near climax could take one.

Finally, unable to take the teasing anymore, Kay tossed me on my back and mounted my face. She rode me like a mad woman. I found her sweet spot and flittered away at it for all I was worth. She came in a magnificent screaming orgasm, shuddering uncontrolably. As her spasms continued, I felt a trickle running over my face. Kay began laughing as she clamped her incredible thighs around my head. I couldn’t move as the warm liquid washed over my face.

“Drink up,” she giggled as she planted her womanhood right over my gaping mouth.

Unable to move, and helpless before her, I resigned myself to the degrading act of becoming Kay’s toilet.

After she was through, Kay rolled off, lifted the covers, and pushed me to the foot of the bed with her lovely feet. She lifted the covers to look at the rediculous sight curled at her feet. I was still wearing her panties on my head and my face
glistened with her piss.

“Kiss good-night,” she said as she pressed her beautiful foot to my lips. I closed my eyes and kissed her foot with more passion than the lips of any woman I had ever known. Curled around Kay’s feet, I could think of no other place I would rather be.


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