“No, Sissy! I hate that!” the fifteen year old brunette protested.

“Oh, shut up, slut!” her blonde friend laughed as she wrapped the thin leather strap tightly around Jackie’s breasts.

The full breasts strained and swelled against their binds, and Sissy bit down on one of the extended nipples. Jackie screamed and writhed. Sissy merely laughed again and slapped her friend’s face. Jackie’s arms were securly tied behind her back, and Sissy easily pushed the girl to her knees, face flat against the cold garage floor. Her nipples grazed the concrete, and she squealed. Sissy spread her willing victim’s legs apart, and looked around the garage for something. Her eyes fell on her ex-stepfather’s toolbox.

“Oh, let’s see what we have in here,” she happily said, and dragged the metal box in front of Jackie.

Jackie’s eyes opened wide as Sissy pulled screwdrivers and wrenches from the grimy box. She shuddered and tried to wiggle backward as Sissy pulled a large claw hammer from the depths of the box.

“Come here,” Sissy ordered.

“No, Sissy!” Jackie protested, but her friend grabbed her short dark hair and pulled her back to the middle of the floor.

“In your cunt? Or..” Sissy sing songed as she walked behind her prostrate victim.

Jackie grunted as the handle was jammed into her dripping pussy. She felt an orgasm approach as Sissy worked the rough wooden handle in and out of her hot pussy. She screamed in pain and pleasure as Sissy pulled the hammer, slick with her juice, from her gaping cunt and rammed it deeply into her clutching anal cavity. She grunted her orgasm through, and barely noticed Sissy rummaging in the box. Sissy cruelly opened and shut a greasy pair of pliers in front of Jackie’s glazed eyes.

“Your little love bump will hate this!” she giggled as she crawled behind Jackie.

She was right. The metal teeth ground into Jackie’s engorged clitoris, and her little love bump did hate it. A second and third orgasm ripped through her as Sissy shoved the handle of a large screwdriver into her spurting pussy and clamped down on her clitoris with the cruel pliers.

“No more!” she gasped.

“Oh, fuck you, cunt. We haven’t even started yet,” Sissy lightly said, and whipped an electric cord across her fleshy buttocks.

“Oh, that hurts! No! Yes! Yes, fuck me! Beat me!” Jackie screamed.

The screwdriver handle slipped out of her pussy, but the hammer was firmly imbedded in her anus. Sissy whipped her lover’s buttocks until she broke skin, and thin rivulets of blood flowed down her fleshy thighs. At this point, she stopped and squatted down in front of her sobbing victim.

“Eat me, you fucking lezzie,” she ordered.

Jackie dragged herself forward, scraping her swollen nipples across the rough floor. She eagerly lapped at the blue jean covered crotch. Through the thick material, she could smell the heat between the beautiful blonde’s legs. She chewed at the crotch savagely, until Sissy pushed her face away.

“On your back, whore,” she ordered.

“You’re not going to piss on me, are you?” Jackie begged.

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to,” Sissy screamed and slapped her face hard.

Jackie winced in agony as her cut flesh touched the rough concrete floor. The hammer pushed deeper into her bowels, and she couldn’t find a comfortable position because of her bound arms. Her breasts and nipples ached and throbbed against their binds. Sissy reached down with her pliers and tugged mercilessly at one of the distended nipples. Jackie screamed and bucked.

“Shut up,” Sissy hissed. “I swear to God, if old man Richstein comes over here again, I’ll really hurt you.”

She roughly tugged at the other nipple, and smiled in satisfaction as Jackie stifled her screams. Whimpers escaped her throat as the rough floor scraped her cut flesh deeper. Sissy reached between her splayed legs and gripped the hammer by its head. She twisted it back and forth and Jackie groaned in delight.

“Not as big as Kevin’s cock, is it?” Sissy teased.

“No,” Jackie gasped.

Sissy slowly pulled the handle from Jackie’s aching rectum. She wrinkled her nose at the slimy handle. She threw it into the box, narrowly missing Jackie’s head. She picked up the discarded screwdriver and thrust its fat, ribbed handle into Jackie’s dripping pussy.

“This time, you hold it there, slut,” she ordered. “If you let it slip out, I’ll have to tape it in you.”

Jackie wiggled to escape the electric cord that slashed across her swollen and aching breasts and nipples. Sissy stopped after a small puddle of blood had collected in Jackie’s heaving navel. Unbelievabley enough, though, Jackie had almost managed to keep silent, only crying out when the cord slashed a thin cut across both nipples. She tossed the electric cord into the corner and nodded in satisfaction.

“Almost finished, my good, good whore,” she smiled down at the tearful face of her lover.

Jackie almost swooned with delight as she watched the tall blonde worm her jeans down her long legs. Her sticky thong panties fell to the floor, but, then Sissy picked them up and wedged the wet material deep into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie frowned. She certainly couldn’t stick her tongue up Sissy’s cunt, or ass, with this in her mouth. Then her eyes opened wide as she watched the hairless pink lips of Sissy’s pussy splay themselves open as Sissy squatted over her breasts. The first stream hit her nipples and she choked and gurgled around the gag. Sissy’s acrid piss burned her breasts, which already felt as though they were on fire from the cruel bindings and whipping. She fainted when Sissy reached down and untied their binds and a fresh flow of blood surged through them.

When she woke up, she was in Sissy’s bedroom. Her breasts ached tremendously, and she glanced down at them. Sissy had wrapped an ace bandage tightly around her chest, flattening the large mounds as much as possible. Duct tape obscurred her pussy from view, but she could tell that Sissy had rammed a bottle into her again. Sissy walked into the room and smiled warmly.

“You awake?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Jackie croaked.

“Oh, good. I want to fuck,” Sissy said, and kissed her deeply.

Her arms were tied to the headboard, and her legs were tied to the foot of the bed, so a naked Sissy simply squatted onto her face and rubbed over her chin, lips, nose and tongue. Jackie avidly lapped at her lover’s pussy and anus, whichever was in closest proximity to her fat tongue. When Sissy approached orgasm, she delved her tongue into her wet cunt as deeply as possible, and sucked Sissy’s fleshy cunt lips. She was rewarded by a flow of Sissy juice. Sissy gasped and groaned, then offered her puckered anus for equal treatment. Jackie gave the tiny opening as much attention as she could, until Sissy’s pussy was again jammed onto her tongue for a second orgasm. Sissy collapsed to the side of her captive. When she regained her breath, she kissed Jackie again.

“I love you, Jackie,” she whispered.

“I love you, too, Sissy,” Jackie whispered back.

“Kevin’s on his way over. I think I’ll let him come in your face, this time,” Sissy decided.

“No, Sissy! I hate that!” Jackie protested.

“Oh, shut up, slut,” her friend laughed. “That’s why you come like a faucet whenever he does that, huh?”

“Why can’t you just let him fuck my pussy?” Jackie begged.

It was true, though. She did love it when Sissy’s boyfriend would shoot his hot load onto her face, and he and Sissy would lick his semen from her sticky face. She loved it when the boy’s eight inch cock would cruelly pound her sore anus, then spurt its loving balm deep into her bowels. He’d then shove his dirty prick into her waiting mouth, to get it clean enough for Sissy’s pussy. But, she especially loved it jabbing into her fat, hungry pussy. The fact that she wasn’t on the pill, and Kevin wouldn’t use any protection at all, just added to the danger and excitement of it all.

“Okay,” Sissy easily agreed. “Oh! But, there’s tape in the way!”

“Oh, no! Sissy! Don’t!” Jackie protested, but it was too late.

Sissy gripped a corner of the duct tape and savagely ripped down. Jackie screamed and bucked as clumps of her hair were yanked from her pubic mound. Sissy smiled and worked the bola bottle in and out of her pussy a few times, then took it out. She unscrewed the cap and took a deep swig. She poured some into Jackie’s thirsty mouth, and Jackie swallowed gratefully. She writhed and felt hot and cold as Sissy unwrapped the ace bandage from her chest.

“Kevin likes to see your tits jump around,” she explained.

Sissy smiled and amused herself by slapping the fleshy globes around. When she bored of that, she simply bit the flesh around the nipples until Jackie was writhing in another orgasm.

“You know, that cold drink made me have to piss again,” Sissy taunted.

“No, Sissy! I hate that!” Jackie protested.

“Oh? Gee, that’s too bad,” Sissy sing-songed as she straddled Jackie’s waiting mouth.

Jackie groaned in delight as Sissy supported her weight with her hands firmly on her aching breasts. Sissy’s acrid stream wasn’t long, and Jackie easily swallowed it all. Then she licked Sissy clean.

“When’s Kevin coming over?” she finally gasped.

“Tonight, tomorrow,” Sissy shrugged. “I’ll just have to beat you until he gets here, won’t I?”


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