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This is a true story. It was really the first time I ever used Facebook as a means to satisfy my foot fetish.

I met Katie originally at a party. We talked a little and she added me on Facebook. After the party I never really talked to her again until one day she posted a status update.

“Walked to the store and back. My feet hurt so bad I may kill myself”

I saw this as an opportunity but really didn’t think it would lead to anything. I commented on the status “Aww don’t kill yourself”. We had some playful banter back and forth. Eventually she gave me her number and told me to text her. So I did.

The texts started with the normal “How is life” and things of that nature. At this point I knew I needed to steer the conversation back to her feet, so I asked her why she was walking to the store. She informed me that she doesn’t have a car but that her townhouse wasn’t too far from WalMart so she walks there to pick up odds and ends. I told her “No wonder your feet hurt you walk everywhere” and “you need someone to massage your feet”. She told me that she would love a foot massage and asked if I was any good at it. Jackpot, I was in.

I told her that I give great foot massages and that we should hang out one day so I could show her. She seemed really excited about it and needless to say so was I. We decided we would meet up in about a week to hang out.

During the week leading up to the meeting we continued to text. I decided that before we met up I needed to be truly upfront about my fetish. That way if she reacted negatively to it we could cancel and go our separate ways.

I texted her “I can’t wait to hang out but I want you to know that I have a foot fetish”. The anticipation of waiting for her reply was killing me. She finally text me back, “lol so THAT’S why you commented on my status”. I told her that wasn’t the only reason because I thought she was its but that was part of it. She started asking me what I like about feet. I told her that I love painted toe nails, and I love smelly feet. She told me I was in luck because she had just painted her toe nails and that there are days she can take off shoes and stink up and entire room with her feet. I couldn’t believe it, not only was she ok with my love of feet. She openly admitted to having smelly feet.

So when the day came I picked her up and decided we would go get some ice cream. We were sitting in my truck talking and eating ice cream when she throws her feet up on the dashboard. She was wearing these black and pink closed toe backless tennis shoes.

She said that these were her favorite shoes and wears them all the time. She then slid the shoe off her foot. The first thing I noticed was the smell. Strong, pungent, like smelling an empty bag of Cheetos. She wiggled her black-painted toes and asked if I thought they were cute. I told her very much so and asked her if she was ready for her massage. We were in an almost empty parking lot so I figured there was no time like the present. She took off her other shoe and plopped her feet into my lap. I took her feet in my hand and began to massage them. She seemed to enjoy herself. A slight smile crept across her face and she told me that I was really good at it. I continued to rub, switching off feet every so often. While I was rubbing her feet we were just chatting about various topics when she lifted her foot to my face, spread her toes and jammed my nose between her big and second toe and ask me did I like the smell. I took a huge whiff and was kind of taken back at first. It was 10 times stronger then the smell that had filled the truck. I nodded my head yes and continued to smell. At this point I was so caught up in the moment I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide across her foot. She giggled and started to put her toes in my mouth and wiggle them around. This girl knew how to work me. After about an hour of playing around, we decided that it was time to go. I drove back to her house and dropped her off. She leaned in and kissed me and said we must do this again and got out and went inside.


After she went inside I brought my fingers up to my face to see if the smell had rubbed off on my hands. And boy did it. It took me a few times washing my hands with soap and water to get the smell totally off. This girl had truly pungent feet and I was determined to smell them again.

Hopefully this wasn’t too long winded. If you guys like it I will post a few more encounters I had with Katie. I don’t talk to her any more because we had a really bad falling out, but that doesn’t stop me from remembering all the stinky times with her and her feet.


So Katie and I had been talking and hanging out for about a month or so. The whole “getting to know you” phase. After our first encounter she would often ask me what color she should paint her toes. Going as far as buying a huge variety pack of nail polish for me to choose from. When she was done she would send me pictures of the finished product. She would also inform me every time her feet were sweaty and stinky to let me know that “it would be nice to have someone here to clean my feet”. I was in heaven and she seemed to be really into the idea that her feet turned me on that much.

One day I went to go pick her up from her house. We were going to go back to my place to watch some movies. I picked her up in the afternoon after she got done running errands all morning. She told me that she had a surprise for me. When I picked her up she got in my truck and I asked her where the surprise was. She giggled and said that I would have to wait. Now I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to get to my house.

When we arrived we went inside and into my room. In my room I have a bed, an office chair and a desk. She decided to sit down in the office chair and throw her feet up on the desk. She was wearing the same shoes as last time. I was starting to get really excited.

Now throughout our texts back and fourth she had learned that it was my fantasy to be a foot slave. To serve and worship a woman’s feet. She looked at me with a slight grin with her feet propped up and said “Remove my shoes slave.” It sent a shiver down my spine. I was so excited my hands were trembling. Here was a girl who was very cute really getting into the idea of dominating me with her feet.

As I reached for the first shoe she said “My feet are killing me. I’ve been walking around all morning”. I removed the first shoe and was hit with a smell that was even stronger then the first time in my truck. She wiggled her sweaty toes and said “Ahhh that feels great. Now the other one” I removed the other one and the smell that was starting to fill up my room was getting stronger.

I caught my self just staring at her bare feet letting the smell permeate my nose. I was snapped put of it when she told me to get on my knees. I dropped to the floor. She put one foot on each shoulder and smiled. She told me that her feet really hurt and a foot rub would be nice. I took her left foot off my shoulder and began to rub. I assume I was doing a good job from the pleasurable moans she was making. I did the same thing with her right foot. She seemed to be totally relaxed.

At this point the crotch of my pants was stretched to its max. There was no hiding it, and she noticed. She took her right foot and began to rub my bulge. She then informed me that my job wasn’t done yet and to open up. I opened my mouth as wide as I could. She shoved all 5 toes of her right foot into my mouth. I was taken back at how strong the flavor was. I could feel little bits of dirt gliding around on my tongue. She kept on encouraging me saying things like “Don’t forget to get in between my toes, that’s where most of the smell is”. She was really getting into it. It was almost as if she had watched some foot porn or had read some foot fetish stories because this was almost to good to be true.

After I was done cleaning her feet off with my tongue she told me to lay back. As I did she began to unbutton my pants. She turned around and grabbed one of her shoes and told me to smell. As I did she proceeded to take my dick out and give me a blow job. I’m pretty sure I lasted all of 5-6 seconds before I exploded.

After we were done she looked at me and asked me “How was that”. All I could think to say at the moment was “uh, great”. She told me that it must have been good because I seemed at a loss for word.


Mine and Katie’s little fling had been going on a couple of months. Things had been going really well up to this point and she had grown to love my little fetish. She enjoyed teasing me with cellphone pics of her feet all throughout the week. She also loved to text me when, as she put it, “My feet smell really bad”.

For the most part when she was trying to get her feet to smell really bad. She would always wear the pink and black shoes from the first story. She wore them all the time when she was out, so naturally they stunk pretty bad. However I was to learn that she had a different pair of shoes that were just as smelly if not smellier, her house “slippers”.

Now her house slippers weren’t exactly slippers. They were more like Uggs. Except they were not Uggs, they were a really cheap Wal-Mart brand Ugg knockoff.


I happened to be in her area one night and she told me to come by because she missed me. When I arrived she answered the door in pajama pants a tshirt and these slippers. We decided to just watch some TV on her couch. I sat down and she sat down next to me, placing her feet in my lap.

“Nice Uggs” I say, doubting that they were real but leading the conversation to her footware. “They aren’t real Uggs, but they are super warm”, she said giggling. I couldn’t help but get a little excited. If they were super warm maybe they would make her feet super sweaty.

As we were watching TV her feet remained in my lap. Through out that time I kept getting whiffs of a really sour smell but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Then it hit me, it was her feet. I could smell them with her slippers still on. I had to get those things off of her and unleash that smell.

At this point in our relationship I didn’t have to ask her if I could take her shoes off. She knew what I was doing and seemed to really enjoy it. I started to pry the first one off. It actually required a little bit of work because of how wet with sweat her feet had become. When I finally got it off I was met with an overwhelmingly powerful smell. Even she said “Oh wow I hope that’s not too strong for you. I can smell them from here” I smiled ,leaned in and put my nose between her big and second toe and inhaled. I actually had to turn away. It was so strong I’m not sure I can even describe it. It was the kind of smell I had to ease myself into if that makes sense. This was by far the smelliest her feet had ever been around me.

I took off the other shoe and she flexed her toes. The smell was even stronger. I was taken back by all of it. She told me to open my mouth, as I did she put all 5 of her toes into my mouth. The taste was very strong and very sour. My eyes were beginning to water. She asked me if they were ok. I nodded my head excitedly. No matter how strong the smell or taste, I was loving it.

I licked every inch of both feet. After I was done she said that she was getting tired and she was going to head off to bed. We said our goodbyes and when she kissed me goodnight she said “You smell like my feet” and giggled.

We had a huge fight not long after this and have never talked again. It was all worth it though because we had some really fun times. I’m still looking for some pics of her. I’m pretty sure I saved them I just don’t know where.


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  1. My aunt is living with us now till her House gets fixed and it’s my aunt deb who let me sniff her feet after sweating inside her boots all days in nylons at her jewelry store and they really smelled strong so she asked if I at all still liked feet all stinky cuz hers reek and she’d love em to tongue wash along the bottom of each foot especially after skipping a shower yesterday so go lay under my bed and I’ll be right there with my nasty nylon feet for urban mouth. I’m my aunt debs foot worshipper and cleaner I love it

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