by doug1508

Kay pulls up to the elegant hotel on the river walk in her new BMW. The valet opens her door, she swings out, her legs clearly visible with the short skirt that she was wearing. The white translucent blouse was almost no cover of her braless breasts. The young man could easily make out the large dark areolas and hardened nipples. Kay smiles and thanks the young man as she hands him her keys.

Kay walks to the front desk and asks if there is something for her. As instructed by her Dom, there would be something there. The young woman smiles and hands Kay an envelope. As Kay walks away, she opens the envelope and finds a room key and a note.

“Go to room 1428, remove your clothes and sit on the edge of the bed and wait.”

Kay walks to the elevator and press number 14. At the 9th floor, the elevator stops and a young couple gets on. His eyes are focused on your chest, now rising and falling more rapidly as you approach your “date” with your computer Dom. The young girl is annoyed that his eyes are staring at your nipples. Not so bubbly as they were when the elevator stops at their floor and they get off. Kay knows that he’s going to hear about his straying eyes, but she doesn’t really care as the elevator doors open on the 14th floor.

She walks down the long hall and opens the door. Very posh room, with a king-size bed, small table, and love seat. Kay lays her purse on the table and begins taking off her clothes. She pulls the blouse out of the waistband of the skirt and begins to unbutton it. Slipping off the shoulders, the coolness of the room brings the nipples stiff. Unzipping the skirt, she lets it fall to the floor. Now only clad in a red garter belt and silk stockings, Kay seldom wears panties anymore, she sits on the bed.

Waiting for the next moment, Kay wonders what is in store. Minutes seem like hours, but then she hears the key and the door open. A man and a woman walk in. The man dressed in suit carrying a small suitcase, and the woman wore a trench coat they walk in, closing the door behind them. As soon as the door closes, the woman drops her coat on the floor. She’s a beautiful young, tall woman, with large breasts. A collar is around her neck with small chains leading down to her nipples where two nipple rings are placed. A small leash is attached to the back of the collar. She’s wearing a black garter belt and stockings, without panties. The Dom motions to her to sit on the love seat. She obediently walks over and sits, without saying a word.

The Dom moves toward Kay. He takes off his suit jacket and throws it in the chair as he loosens his tie as he reaches the bed that Kay is sitting. Kay begins to say something, but the Dom takes his finger and puts it to her lips. Silenced now, he continues to remove his tie and shirt.

“Kay you have done well so far, but I instructed to remove all your clothes and yet you still have you garter and stockings,” the Dom said strongly.

Kay thought it would be sexy and that is why she left them on.

“Kay, you will learn that the red garters are reserved to those that earn them, just like karate. It depends on tonight to see if you earn the yellow garter,” the Dom said. “For this infraction, you will need some punishment”

The Dom walks over to the suitcase and takes out a collar and two chains with nipple clamps attached. Kay nipples did not have nipple rings. He walks back to Kay and takes the collar and attaches it to her neck. A small lock secures it to her.

His hands begin to fondle her breasts as they heave up and down. He rubs the nipples, then pinches them to make them harder. His strong fingers twist them, pull them, until they are extended. Her breaths are deep and long as she feels the wetness from her pussy seep out to her thighs.

He takes the chains attached to the collar and then taking each one, clamps the clip to each nipple. The pain is tremendous. She almost screams out, but knows if she does, she would pay for it later. The chains pull tight against the collar and her nipples as she breathes heavily.

“Remove your garter belt and stockings. You have not earned them yet,” the Dom demanded.

As Kay stood the nipple clamps pulled and caused more pain on her hard brown nipples. She removed the remaining clothing, and sat back down on the bed. Her legs parted, the Dom could see her wet cunt clearly.

The Dom removes his shoes and unfastens the belt and slips out of his suit pants. He stands in front of her, his boxers only inches away from her face. Only in his boxers, he instructs Kay to remove them. She pulls them down and he steps out of them. Now nude, his cock just inches from her lips, he turns to the young woman on the love seat and says, ” Sit back and enjoy this.”

He reaches in the suitcase and tosses her a dildo.

“Now bitch, suck my cock.” He demanded.

Kay reached up and took his semi-erect penis in her hand and began to stroke it and fondle it. She opened her mouth and took the head between her lips as she stroked the hardening male member.

Kay turned her head and could see the young woman taking the dildo and slipping it in her pussy as the other hand played with her large breasts. She ran her fingers over her nipples, pulling on the ring, making them extend.

His cock grew in size, it was thick and long as she sucked it down her throat.
She could feel the veins grow as his orgasm came near. Her hands stroked his hard cock as she sucked it deep. The first pulse of the hard cock in her mouth, was the first clue he was cumming. The blast of the hot white cum hit the back of her throat and she continued to swallow his hot seed.

“Nicole, this slut has some potential” he said to the young woman as she continued to masturbate on the love seat.

“Kay for your disobedience for wearing the garter, I want you to crawl to Nicole on you hands and knees.” the Dom instructed.

Kay moved off the bed, his cum still on her lips, and crawled to the love seat on her hands and knees.

Nicole pulled the dildo out of her shaved pussy. It was wet from her orgasm.

“Kay, make you ass ready for your punishment. Suck Nicole’s pussy as I teach you to do I as I instruct,” the Dom said.

The Dom goes to the suitcase and selects a whip.

Kay slips her tongue between the soft folds her Nicole’s pussy, tasting her sweet nectar of her orgasm. Nicole reaches down and begins to fondle Kay’s breasts, as she eats her out. Nicole plays with the chains as Kay’s tongue searches the deep folds of her wet pussy.

The first strike of the whip on Kay’s ass takes her by surprise. It drives her tongue deeper into Nicole’s wet pussy. Nicole loves the tonguing and takes her hands from Kay’s breasts and begins to pull on her own nipples.

Another strike of the leather, the pain now making her pussy wetter. Three, now four strikes, it’s too much, Kay’s ass red with welts. Her mouth fully engulfed in Nicole’s hot wet snatch.

The Dom takes the handle of the whip and teases Kay wet pussy lips with it. Kay tries to arch her back to accept it, but the Dom only teases with her opening. Kay continues to suck the sweet juices of Nicole.

“Nicole and Kay, I want you on the bed. I want you to suck each other, play with each other’s tits and enjoy the pleasure’s of another woman,” the Dom instructed.

Both Kay and Nicole moved from the love seat to the bed. Kay on her back, Nicole moved above her lowering her cunt to Kay’s face as she moved her tongue to Kay’s wet pussy. The whores ate each other with enthusiasm, making each pussy hot, wet, and ready to cum.

The Dom instructs Kay and Nicole to reverse positions

The Dom moves in and takes the anal lube from the suitcase and runs it over his hard cock and Kay’s anal opening, as they eat each other’s pussy. Nicole’s sweet juices filled Kay’s mouth as she prepared for her anal virginity to be taken.

His hard cock penetrates the small brown opening as Kay she sucks Nicole’s wet cunt. The pain as her sphincter presses against his hard cock was making her cunt wet, as Nicole sucked her swollen lips.

The orgasm was building as Nicole sucked and the Dom fucked her ass.
The juices flowed as the wave built up in her pussy. It was too much, Kay let loose a flood of pussy juice into Nicole’s mouth and tongue, as the Dom flooded her ass with his cum. Nicole sucked her dry as the Dom filled her with his hot cum.

The Dom pulled away, Nicole moved off the bed. Kay was left with the Dom’s cum seeping out from ass. The nipple clamps were removed by the Dom, but the collar remained.

“You will keep the collar. You can move up to the yellow garter.”

Nicole took her coat, the Dom dressed, and both left, leaving Kay alone, filled with cum, satisfied, and wanting another session.


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Special thanks to: doug1508

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