Alice Ritchie married her husband, Kevin Ritchie, Sr. when they were both in their early twenties. The four foot, seven inch tall woman met Kevin when they were standing in line at the theatre. The five foot, three inch tall Kevin had met few women that had to look up to him and she’d met few men that weren’t towers next to her.

He was instantly attracted to her flaming red hair and pale complexion, as well as her compact figure. She admired his swarthy good looks. They exchanged telephone numbers, and he was pleasantly surprised when she made the first move and called him the very next day. In the few months to come, however, it would become commonplace for Alice Farlane to make all of the first moves. She completely dominated their social life; where they would go, what they would do, and whom they would be with. Even in sexual matters, she was the one in charge. Kevin soon learned his place: pussy eater. If he were very good at it, she would push him onto his back and mount him for a violent thrashing match. A slap to his face was his reward if she was not pleased with his oral ministrations, or if he came too soon.

A few months into their dating, she called him and told him that he was to come to her apartment and meet her parents. The dinner was a stiff, uncomfortable affair, with the Farlanes eating in silence, and Kevin nervously trying to spark up a conversation. Finally, Alice served coffee, and the quartet moved to the small living room.

“Kevin, I think we should get married,” she bluntly said.

“Um, okay,” he blurted out.

They married a few months later, on a cold January day. Kevin signed some papers and they moved into the middle class neighborhood that Alice had picked for them. Kevin started working for an oilfield pipefitting company, as a fitter. His small stature was perfect for crawling down into the rig floors and capping off the valve systems. His hard work paid off in a high demand and several pay raises. Two years later, when Alice informed him that she was pregnant, he was earning fourteen dollars an hour, and pulling double shifts. Their first child, Kevin, junior, was born in early June of 1981. Small, with a full head of flaming red hair, he took after his mother. By the time Alice announced that she was expecting their second child, Kevin Jr. was just learning to walk, and Kevin Sr. was earning fourteen seventy-five an hour. After Hurricane Frederick blew over, Kevin Sr. was on a Gulf Stream rig, when the floor collapsed. His body was never recovered, and Alice was a wealthy widow. Marigold Oil Exploration paid her a lump sum of seven hundred and fifty thousand, along with the five hundred thousand-dollar life insurance policy she’d filed on Kevin Sr. upon their marriage. Katherine Ritchie was born three months after her father’s death. She was a beautiful child, with her father’s dark features, but her mother’s piercing eyes. Alice noted with irony that the one thing her husband did right was give her a daughter, and then had the good grace to disappear.

When the two children started school, Alice placed an ad in a local swinger’s magazine. Very simply, it stated:

Dominatrix looking for subs male and female. Must be clean, discreet, and know your place.

She received numerous responses to her ad, and sampled the variety of applicants. None, however, met with her expectations, and she finally had to admit that Kevin Sr. was the best sub she’d ever had, and she missed him. His submissiveness was not just sexual, for kicks, but in all matters. She lapsed into the occasional date with submissive men and women, and focused on raising her daughter. Kevin Jr. was left to his own devices. He was, by nature, a shy child, and by his mother’s harsh treatment, a withdrawn child. He was very small in height and features, except for his hands, feet, and genitals. His father had been the same way. Even at five foot three inches, he still wore a size ten and a half shoe, and his eight inches of manhood stuck out almost obscenely from his body, and his son was no different. At thirteen, Kevin Jr. sporting a size eight and a half foot, and six inches of puberty, even though he was only four feet six inches tall.

School was a nightmare of ridicule and abuse for the small child. He was an easy target for the taunts of larger kids, and some, wanting to prove their manliness, would beat on him on the playgrounds. Katherine, on the other hand, was regarded as cute and precious because of her small stature. Her mother’s constant pampering and praise also helped the girl deal with the harsher facts of life. At twelve years old, just on the precipice of womanhood, Katherine was an ice princess, with the thirteen year old Kevin but a humble pawn.

One day, Kevin walked into the boy’s restroom. The school had a boys and girls restroom at the corner of each wing of the school, for a total of five restrooms for each of the sexes. This particular restroom was the least used as it was all the way at the end of the Math wing. Kevin used this room, mainly because of its lack of traffic, and because his Honors Algebra class was right next door. He pushed open the door, and almost turned around and ran. In the center of the large tiled floor stood four of the meanest boys in the school. David, John, Mark, and Harold. They were snickering and laughing at a magazine. They scowled at Kevin as he quietly slipped into one of the stalls and relieved his bladder.

“What the fuck you looking at, Midget?” Harold sneered.

“I’m not a midget, I’m nine inches too tall for that classification,” Kevin shot back.

This left Harold with nothing to say. Mark elbowed David.

“Hey, shrimp, you ever see a pussy before?” he asked.

Kevin blushed a bright red as the boys laughed.

“Um, no,” he finally admitted.

“Well, come here,” David said, holding the magazine folded open to a picture of a blonde’s pubic region.

Kevin cautiously approached the boys. When he glanced at the magazine, he felt a familiar stirring in his crotch. It was at that moment that he noticed that the four boys had their pants unzipped and were stroking their erect penises slowly. John started to groan slightly and his hand started to pump faster.

“I’m going to blow,” he warned.

At that moment, David grabbed the engrossed Kevin, and shoved his face toward John’s pulsing three inches. Kevin opened his mouth to protest, and John’s cock slipped into his open mouth. He rapidly fucked the struggling boy’s face, then locked his legs and Kevin tasted the sticky, gluey fluid as it shot into his mouth. Instinctively, he swallowed. As soon as John finished, Mark replaced him and Kevin found another three inches of boy meat in his mouth. Harold shot a small load down his throat, and David couldn’t hold off. Kevin wiped David’s sticky globs from his cheek and forehead. The four boys laughed and left the sobbing Kevin on the bathroom floor. He slowly stood up and slunk into a stall where he quickly masturbated, visions of that blond pussy dancing in front of his eyes.

The next day, the four boys were surprised to see Kevin walk into the bathroom again. Without preamble or pretense, they all used his sucking, licking mouth again. This time when he masturbated, it was to visions of their small members thrusting in and out of his mouth. He squirted a copious amount into the palm of his hand, and licked his hand clean.

The climate at school changed slightly for the small boy. Still the target of ridicule, it was lessening in severity, and Harold, Mark, David, and John were civil toward him. His willing mouth earned him a level of friendship he’d never experienced before. At the lunch break, he found Harold, Mark, David, and John joined by two older boys. Again, his mouth received their pounding cocks, until the last boy said, “The fuck with a blow job, I want some pussy.”

His pants were yanked down to his knees, and the older boy roughly jammed his four and a half inches into Kevin’s squirming ass hole. Kevin screamed and struggled against the excruciating pain, which merely intensified the older boy’s pleasure.

The next day, ten boys waited around for the new piece of ass that they’d heard about. Kevin sucked off five of them, while five others pounded into his wiggling ass. The janitor mentioned to the principal of Mouton Junior High School that the Math wing bathroom was running out of toilet paper a lot faster than usual. He didn’t smell cigarette smoke in there, which was the usual cause of increased activity, but it was very unusual, all the same. Mr. Brown determined to find out what was up. Kevin had a full audience the following day; one of the boys brought his girlfriend into the bathroom. She watched in fascination as Kevin managed to fit two of the boys into his small mouth, while a third boy furiously pummeled into his stretched ass hole. She watched breathlessly as Kevin’s own six inches jerked and spurted a large puddle of come onto the bathroom floor. When one of the boys, tired of waiting for his turn at Kevin’s ass, turned to her, she bolted. She barely escaped detection as she fled the carnal scene. Mr. Brown rounded the corner, and strode briskly toward the bathroom. He pushed the door open, just in time to catch one boy pulling his dripping dick from Kevin’s gaping anus, and two boys spurting into Kevin’s clutching mouth. Kevin’s chin was drooling come as Mr. Brown hauled him to his feet. A few of the boys managed to escape the bathroom before the shocked Mr. Brown blocked the door.

Alice was furious at Mr. Brown’s telephone call. The smug bastard had refused to tell her what the problem was, insisting that she come to the school to pick up her worthless son. She dressed carefully for this confrontation. A one-piece leather jumpsuit that molded to her compact form, knee high leather boots with five-inch stiletto heels, and a gold band around her slim neck. For extra emphasis, she tugged and pinched her large nipples into points that were clearly visible underneath the tight leather. Long red hair twisted into a tight bun, she strode into the man’s office. Kevin sat miserably in the corner. He did not look up when his mother slammed into the office, without knocking.

Mr. Brown’s story took the wind out of her sails, temporarily.

“And, where were you, or any of the teachers when these faggots were raping my son?” she snarled at the blushing man.

“Uh, Mrs. Ritchie, we were, uh,” he stammered.

“Fucking off in the Teacher’s Lounge, no doubt,” she scoffed.

“Now, ma’am, there’s no need for language like that,” he stated, regaining some composure.

“Okay, fine, my son was being used like a pussy, I’m here, what now?” she snarled.

She listed in icy silence as Mr. Brown suggested another school for Kevin. Without another word, she grabbed the sniveling boy by a handful of hair and pulled him out of the Principal’s office. The car ride home was silent. She sent him to his room, and sat, smoking cigarette after cigarette, while she contemplated what punishment would fit. When her precious Katherine came home from school, she looked at the beautiful little girl, and hit on the perfect punishment.

“Honey, come here, give Mommy a kiss,” she smiled.

Katherine happily kissed her beautiful mother and admired her leather outfit.

“Yes, you and I are going out tonight,” she said. “Marsha needs a little discipline.”

The girl giggled and clapped her hands. As soon as she began having her period, her mother had allowed her to participate in her nighttime activities. Katherine ran to her room to put on her leather miniskirt and leather vest over a silk blouse. She toyed briefly with the idea of going without panties, but decided that the silk French cut bikini would be best.

While her daughter was happily dressing, Alice prepared the miserable boy for his own evening’s activities. She admired her handiwork, and strode from the room. Katherine joined her in the living room.

“Katherine, honey, we need to get a babysitter for your brother, who’s the meanest bitch in the neighborhood?” she announced.

Katherine looked at her mother in surprise. They’d never gotten a babysitter for Kevin before, merely left the boy alone while they went to various subs homes. She thought for a moment.

“That would have to be Sissy,” she mused. “She’s vicious.”

Sissy Vernon was a beautiful girl, with long straight blonde hair, cold blue eyes, pert little nose, tight mouth, and tall, slim figure. At thirteen, she was well aware of her own beauty, and the attention it got her. For the most part, though, it was unwanted attention. She felt repulsed by the crude comments and gropes she received from the boys at her school, and felt positively nauseated by the attentions she was receiving from her stepfather and older stepbrother. The accusations that she must be a lesbian stung her. She wasn’t attracted to girls, and because of the cruelties of the male sex, she wasn’t attracted to boys, either. She was a cold, spiteful girl with a reputation for lashing out at the most minor of offenses.

She was surprised to get the telephone call from Alice Ritchie, requesting a babysitter. As far as she knew, Mrs. Ritchie only had two kids, both about her age, but the promise of twenty-five dollars, if she did a good job, sealed her decision to accept. It was a Friday night, and she did not want to stay at home while John, her stepfather, and Jim, her stepbrother got drunk on beer, and her mother cowered in the corner. She packed a few videos to watch, and walked the two blocks to the Ritchie home.

She was a little startled by Alice and Katherine’s appearance, but figured they must be going to a costume party.

“Kevin is in his room, my dear,” Alice coolly told the girl, who stood at least three inches taller than she did. “He has been very bad, and I expect that you will find many reasons to spank him, or punish him. You have my full permission to do whatever you feel is necessary.”

“Excuse me?” the girl squeaked. “Are you serious?”

“Deadly,” Alice said in a voice that sent chills down Sissy’s spine. “You will find some tools to punish the boy with, in the cabinet in my bedroom. We expect to return at midnight, but you may leave if we are not back by that time. Is this alright?”

The mother and daughter left after that, and Sissy cautiously approached the only closed door in the hallway. She knocked and entered.

“What the fuck?” she gasped, as a shamefaced Kevin was exposed to her.

“Yeah? You got a problem, or something?” Kevin tried to bluster his way out of this situation.

Of course he knew Sissy. He had a big crush on her, but because he was so much smaller that she, he knew there was no chance of ever attracting her attention. Also, her cool and aloof demeanor discouraged any attempt of friendship. Now, he kneeled before her, naked and tied to a footstool.

His harsh response brought Sissy’s seething anger to the surface. She slapped him across the face as hard as she could. Years of gymnastics, softball, and swimming gave the slap a great deal of force. If Kevin had not been tied to the stool, he would have fallen to the floor.

“I’m sorry,” he sobbed.

Sissy felt something so alien, so strange in this situation. Between her legs, an itch began. She kicked at the groveling boy, who merely tried to kiss her tennis shoe as it grazed his face. The itch became a fire, and Sissy fled the boy’s room. She stood in the living room, trying to catch her breath. The fire between her legs was throbbing, and she involuntarily touched herself. A deep shudder rippled through her. She sat down on the soft leather couch.

His mother expected her to punish the boy. After the shudder deep inside of her quieted somewhat, she got to unsure feet and swayed to what she assumed was his mother’s room. A dark wood cabinet stood in the corner and she opened it.

Inside were paddles, heavy belts, and several finger shaped objects, some small. some very large. She guessed them to be those ‘dildoes’ that her friend Jackie joked and giggled about. She picked up a belt and a medium sized solid metal dildo. She marched back into Kevin’s room, the fire between her legs burning again.

He jerked when he heard the door open. Sissy smiled when she looked at his plump white buttocks. Without preamble, she swung the heavy belt and smacked his buttocks squarely across both cheeks. She laughed out loud when he screamed his agony. Her next swat splayed across his upper thighs. Blow after blow rained down on the writhing form of every boy or man that had ever accosted her, made her feel “dirty” or leered at her. Finally, her arm tired. To her amazement, Kevin had long ago ceased his screams, and was now thrusting his buttocks up to receive her blows. She glanced between his legs and gasped at the size of his erection.

She had seen her stepbrother’s penis at full erection, and it was at least two inches shorter than this one. A little fatter, maybe, but shorter. She reached between his reddened thighs and cruelly grabbed the boy’s swollen testicles. She yanked them hard. He gasped.

“You like this, don’t you?” she screamed at him.

“No!” he cried, but his pulsing, jerking member belied his protests.

“Liar!” she screamed, and squeezed his balls harder.

“Yes!” he yelped.

“Well, what are you going to do for me, then?” she asked quietly. “I mean, I guess I could just go watch TV, leave you alone here.”

“Anything! Anything you want!” he gasped.

“Even lick my feet?” she giggled.

He nodded his agreement. She released his balls and untied him from the footstool. She sat on the edge of his bed, as Kevin knelt in front of her and kissed each shoe. She slipped her shoes off, and thrust her feet in his face.

“Suck my toes,” she ordered.

Kevin remembered how much he’d enjoyed sucking his friends’ cocks, and began to suck her toes in earnest. Each of her ten toes received his best ministrations; lavish tongue swirls and gentle tugging and sucking lips. She giggled as it tickled.

For her part, the fire between her legs was an inferno. She touched herself through her blue jeans and moaned out loud. Kevin assumed she liked what he was doing and redoubled his efforts. His penis throbbed.

“Stop!” she gasped, and slapped his face again.

Kevin watched entranced as she struggled out of her jeans and panties. He nearly swooned at the sight of his first real pussy, blond hairs barely covering the dark pink outer lips. She flopped back down on the bed and spread her legs.

“Now, suck this!” she gasped.

He did so. His inexperienced tongue somehow found her clitoris, and she grunted out in orgasm. His small mouth stretched open to pull her inner lips into his sucking lips. After another orgasm racked her body, she shoved his head away. He knelt at her feet and awaited her next command.

“Go get me something to drink,” she gasped, then kicked at his crotch.

He ran off, his penis bobbing up and down. He returned with the only drink he knew to fetch a gin and tonic. Sissy gratefully grabbed the glass and took a large gulp. She gagged and made a face.

“What the hell is this? Piss?” she gasped.

“Gin and tonic,” he whined. “It’s what Mommy and Katherine drink.”

She took another sip, slower this time. The liquor burned down into her stomach, and she felt power flow into her veins. She looked at the whimpering boy and grinned. She rolled over onto her knees.

“Now, lick my butt!” she crowed.

She expected some resistance, but instead, found Kevin’s tongue running up and down the crack of her ass, until he found her puckered little anus. He stiffened his tongue and tried to worm it into her ass hole. She groaned and used her hands to part her cheeks. He eagerly delved in and out of her ass hole, until she was ready to scream.

“Now, lick my pussy,” she groaned.

Again, Kevin’s tongue found her tiny clitoris and she shuddered through a searing orgasm. She finished her drink and handed the glass to Kevin, who quickly fixed her another. When he returned, she’d pulled off her tee shirt and bra. She took a sip of her fresh drink and grabbed his wrist. With surprising strength, she pulled him across her lap, and swatted his pink buttocks.

“So, why you need a babysitter? Huh?” she slurred.

“I got caught sucking some boys’ dicks at school,” he whined.

“No shit?” she squealed.

“Yes,” he confessed, and began sobbing again.

“Did you like it?” she asked, and slapped his small buttocks again.

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Oh, yeah? You let them put their weenies in here, too?” she laughed and slapped his ass as hard as she could.

“Yes,” he gasped, fresh tears falling.

“Really? Did it hurt?” she asked, rubbing his stinging ass cheeks gently.

“At first it did,” he gasped.

She sat in silence for a moment and rubbed his ass. The smooth, hot flesh felt nice under her palm. He was beginning to moan and wiggle underneath her hand. Roughly, she grasped his balls, which caused his erection to jerk. She gasped as she felt the turgid flesh slap against her thigh. She looked at his puckered little anus. She dipped her middle finger in her drink and traced a wet circle around his anus.

“Right in here?” she asked, and rammed her finger in as deep as she could.

“Ugh! Yes!” he grunted.

The alcohol on her finger stung the tender flesh mightily, and Kevin struggled not to shoot his load of come onto his bedroom floor. She pulled her finger halfway out, and rammed it in again. He grunted, and she felt his prick jerk against her leg again. She pulled her finger out and rammed it home again. Kevin gasped and wheezed. She pulled his ass cheeks apart with her free hand, and jammed her index and middle finger into his wiggling bottom. This was too much for the boy, and with a loud sob, he released his hot semen down her leg. She screamed as the hot sticky fluid coursed down her calf. She shoved him off of her lap and examined her leg. Instead of the urine that she’d expected, it was white, sticky globs that clung to her shapely calf. This must be that ‘sperm’ stuff that Jackie was always whispering about.

“I’m sorry,” Kevin sobbed. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Don’t just sit there, you faggot, clean this shit up,” she screamed at him.

He quickly licked his own semen from her leg, and she pushed him away when he seemed to be licking more than was necessary. They sat in silence and looked at each other, both breathing heavily.

“You liked that, didn’t you, faggot?” she finally asked, sure of the answer.

He nodded his head yes.

“What’s it taste like?” she asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. She looked at her leg, which was bare of any remnants of his come.

“You think you can do that again?” she asked.

Again, he shrugged his shoulders. She patted her legs, and he slowly lay across them again. Roughly, without lubricant, she shoved her middle finger into his sore anus. His cock rapidly swelled to its full size as she finger fucked his ass. When she’d worked four fingers into his ass, he began to hump her thighs, his cock twitching and throbbing. Suddenly, he froze as he felt her thumb join the other fingers, and hot lights went off in his head. She squealed in delight as his hot juice spurted and splattered onto her legs. She pushed him off of her and gingerly took a glob onto her fingertip. She touched the finger to her pink tongue and tasted it. Another glob and she nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Want some?” she asked him.

He eagerly licked one leg, while she used her hand to clean the other one. When they were finished, she shoved her tongue into his mouth and sucked his tongue into hers. She savored the flavor of his semen, then released him.

“That was fun,” she admitted.

She began to pull her clothes on, but Kevin put his hand to hers.

“Do you have to?” he asked.

“Why?” she snapped.

“Because, I like looking at you,” he admitted.

“Well, okay,” she said. “But, you got to do whatever I tell you to. Okay?”

He readily agreed to this. They sat on the soft leather couch, their bare skin rubbing against the material, with Sissy occasionally kissing, or spanking him, or making him service her breasts and pussy with his mouth, until it was close to midnight. She dressed in her clothes, but left Kevin naked. She lovingly lubricated the cold metal dildo with her spit, and rammed it into Kevin’s waiting anus. They heard the front door open.

“Slap me,” Kevin whispered.

“What?” she asked him, shocked.

“Just do it,” he hissed.

Alice entered the living room just in time to see Sissy’s hand swipe across Kevin’s cheek. She smiled in satisfaction as fresh tears appeared in Kevin’s eyes.

“Oh, Mommy!” he sobbed.

“Go to your room, you little pussy,” she snapped, and handed Sissy a fifty dollar bill.

“Mommy, please! Don’t let Sissy ever come back again!” he wailed. “She slapped me, and spanked me, and even put stuff up my butt!”

“Why, you little bastard,” Sissy screamed, and lunged for him.

“She did, did she?” Alice smirked. “Honey, Katherine and I are going out again tomorrow night. Do you think you could watch this little twat for us again?”

“No, Mommy!” Kevin screamed.

“I thought I told you to go to your room,” she screamed back at him.

Kevin ran to his room, the metal penis barely visible between his cheeks. Sissy, still in a state of shock, agreed to be at the Ritchies home at seven the following night. Alice insisted on driving the girl the two short blocks to her home, after instructing Katherine to tie Kevin securely to his bed for the night.

A meek Kevin greeted Sissy at the door. Alice had picked out a larger dildo for him to wear. His cock and testicles were held firmly in place by a leather strap that Katherine had tied as tightly as she could around her big brother’s genitals. Alice had supervised the procedure, to ensure that Kevin did not struggle.

Alice and Katherine were dressed in red latex dresses, with red boots, but, this time, Sissy did not assume that they were going to a costume party. She rather admired the way the material clung to Alice’s compact, sexy figure.

“We expect to be very late tonight, my dear,” Alice informed her. “But, don’t worry. Kevin will give you no trouble like he did yesterday. But, of course, if you want to punish him anyway, go right ahead.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sissy said.

“I talked to your mother this afternoon, and informed her that we think you are an excellent babysitter,” Alice went on. “I also asked if it would be alright for you to stay overnight, if necessary. She agreed.”

Sissy’s mother had readily agreed to allow Sissy to spend the night. Her husband, John, and his surly, unmanageable son, Jim, had been making more noises than usual about the pretty thirteen-year-old. She wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to protect her daughter from their lecherous grasp. With the girl out of the house, she could relax slightly around the drunken pair.

“Thank you, Mrs. Ritchie,” Sissy murmured.

“Oh, no, dear!” Alice exclaimed. “I think we’re two of a kind. Call me Alice.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sissy said.

Katherine and Alice got into the car and drove toward Marsha’s house. Marsha had recently found a sixteen-year-old boy that seemed to relish in submission. When she’d twisted a rubber band around his cock and balls as tightly as she could, he’d passed out in ecstasy. Katherine’s little cunt was sopping wet at the thought of grinding her spiked heel into the boy’s cock until he shot his load onto the sole of her boot. Then, she’d make him lick her boot clean. If he were really good, she’d piss on his face for him.

“Oh!” she groaned, as a mini orgasm shook through her.

Back at the Ritchie household, Kevin was stripping off his clothes for an already nude Sissy.

“So, that’s why you told your mom you didn’t like me? So she’d want me back?” Sissy asked.

“Yeah, because I really do like you, a lot, but if she knew that, she’d just get somebody else,” Kevin said.

“You do?” she asked, suddenly shy.

“Yeah, a whole lot,” Kevin admitted. She pulled him into her lap and cuddled him like a baby. They kissed tenderly, and Kevin jerked when he felt hot tears splash onto his face. When he pulled away to look at her, tears were streaming down her face. He tenderly licked the tears until she kissed him again.

“I like you, too,” she whispered into his mouth.

Alice and Katherine were somewhat disappointed when Joey seemed a little squeamish about having three women abuse him. They contented themselves with Katherine kicking and slapping the boy, while Alice severely punished Marsha for disappointing them. Joey did lick his own come from the sole of Katherine’s boot, but she reserved her stream of acrid piss for Marsha’s face. She giggled in delight when her whole fist fit into Joey’s tight, squirming ass hole, and chortled with glee when he tried to avoid licking her hand clean. He came onto the floor when she cruelly gripped his testicles in both hands and squeezed. She ruefully found that her bladder held no piss for the now deserving boy, but she let him suck her to an orgasm. Marsha would have to go to the Emergency Room early that Sunday morning, with three cracked ribs and a hairline fracture of her upper right arm. She claimed she fell, but the attending physician noted the dog collar around her neck, as well as the several deep bite marks around her breasts, and figured her partner had gotten a little too rough. Had she told him of her sore vagina, he would have found a series of tiny rips caused by Alice’s two hands rammed into her. Within a week, she’d be back again, this time with a ripped and bleeding anus, also from Alice’s fists.

Kevin and Sissy amused themselves by kissing and fondling each other. When the pressure in his balls grew to be too great, Sissy rammed the large dildo in and out of his ass, while he masturbated and caught his semen in the palm of his hand. They shared the sticky globs, and avidly tongue kissed, swapping the juice back and forth. She let him lick her pussy to several orgasms, and toyed with the idea of letting him put his large cock in her, but they both decided not to go this far, as they did not have any condoms, and Sissy was not on the pill. When they heard Alice’s car pull into the garage, Sissy quickly pulled her clothes on, and Kevin draped himself over her knees for a brisk spanking. Alice nodded her approval and solemnly gave Sissy another fifty-dollar bill.

“Listen, Alice, tomorrow, me and some friends are getting together, and I was wondering if you’d let me show off that little faggot for them,” Sissy asked as Alice drove her home.

“But, of course, my dear,” Alice snickered. “You want him in a dress, or what?”

“No, just jeans and a tee shirt, please,” Sissy stated. “I think he’d like a dress too much.”

“You’re right. What time?” Alice asked.

She really liked this girl. Katherine, her precious daughter, had been right. Sissy Vernon was the meanest bitch in the neighborhood. She seemed to be a natural Dominatrix. Alice wondered where she got it. Certainly not that wimp of a mother of hers, so subservient to those men, John and Jim, both of whom could stand a good strong woman teaching them their place.

“About one, I guess,” Sissy replied. “I’ll come get him.”

“What school do you go to, dear Sissy?” Alice asked.

“Bartlett Junior High. I’m in eight grade,” Sissy proudly stated.

“Fine, fine school,” Alice agreed.

She would call the school on Monday, to enroll that little simpering son of hers. Katherine, of course, would continue on at St. Anne’s private school for girls. At Bartlett, Alice felt sure that Sissy would keep him in line, until he returned home, then she herself would keep him in line. No son of hers, no matter how worthless, was going to be a faggot.

Sissy breathed a sigh of relief when she quietly entered the house. John and Jim were both passed out on their respective easy chairs, a porno tape blaring on the unwatched television set. She crept to her room and slid the upper and lower bolts she’d installed to keep the louts out of her room while she slept. She undressed and slipped under the covers. Thinking of Kevin, fresh tears sprang to her eyes. He was so sweet, so loving. If she told him ‘No’ he would respect that. Not like her creepy stepfather or stepbrother. She put a hand to her warm pussy and rubbed it, but felt guilty about pleasuring herself without Kevin there. She sighed and fell asleep.

Her plans for tomorrow were simple. Her friend, Jackie, was always running her mouth about sex, and even brought over a couple of her dad’s magazines. The last one she’d brought over showed nothing but women, doing all sorts of things to other women. The magazine had given Jackie ideas, but Sissy had resisted. Mainly because Jim was lurking about. Well, she had something better than a magazine. She had a real live boy, one they could easily control.

Kevin was finding it very difficult to sleep. The ropes burned his wrists and ankles, and Katherine had retied the leather strap around his balls. But, he smiled when he thought of Sissy coming to get him at one o’clock tomorrow. Their little ruse seemed to be fooling Mommy and Katherine.

“But, where are your friends, dear Sissy?” Alice inquired as Kevin whined next to her.

“I told them to wait for me at my house,” Sissy smugly said. “Don’t worry, they know better than to leave.”

“Mommy, please don’t make me.”

“Shut up. You’ll do as Sissy tells you, do you understand?” Alice snapped.

“But.” and a sharp slap from Sissy silenced him.

As soon as they were out of Alice’s smiling eyesight, Sissy kissed his cheek where her handprint still stung. Her lips were soft and soothing.

“I’ll make it up to you,” she whispered into his ear.

“You don’t have to,” he whispered back.

She nodded her head and gazed into his eyes. For a moment, she almost decided to not share him with Jackie, but, it was one of the rare occasions when she would have the house to herself, and Jackie was waiting on pins and needles for them. Her mother, stepfather, and stepbrother were at the drag races, and wouldn’t be home until well after dark. They walked, hand in hand, to Sissy’s home.

Jackie was indeed waiting on pins and needles, but not at the thought of Kevin. She’d had a secret crush on Sissy for as long as she could remember, and was practically drooling at the thought of seeing her friend nude. She rubbed her pussy through the skimpy panties, and groaned in orgasm. She almost didn’t hear Sissy and Kevin enter the house.

Kevin was a little disappointed to see Jackie there. The heavy set brunette was one of his neighborhood tormentors, and he didn’t like her. Besides, he wanted Sissy to himself.

“Strip,” Sissy ordered the room.

Jackie quickly complied. Her heavy breasts tumbled out of her bra, and her bushy pubic hair sprouted out of her skimpy panties. These garments joined her tee shirt and shorts on the floor of Sissy’s room. She looked hopefully at Sissy, who also shrugged out of her clothing. Kevin was slightly embarrassed, but slipped his shorts and shirt from his small frame. Jackie gasped at the sight of his erection.

“God damn, that’s a big one!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, and you should see the white stuff shoot out of it,” Sissy offered.

Sissy, after a moment of self conciousness, took the first move. She spread her legs, and ordered the boy to start licking. He eagerly did. Jackie looked on in jealousy, then decided she’d held back long enough. She leaned her head down, and took one of Sissy’s turgid nipples into her mouth. Sissy gasped with the strange, pleasant feeling of a girl’s mouth on her nipple, and instinctively reached between Jackie’s thighs. The girl’s pubic hair was slick with excitement, and after she orgasmed into Kevin’s mouth, she shoved his head between her friend’s legs.

Kevin did not particularly like the taste of Jackie’s cunt. It was stronger and muskier than Sissy’s, but, he knew better than to disobey his love. Sissy fought weakly against Jackie’s tugs, but finally relented, and found herself straddling Jackie’s head. The girl’s fat tongue shoved deeply into her lightly furred slit, and she gasped aloud with the unwanted pleasure. After an orgasm, she decided that she would not lose control of this situation again, and quickly clambered off of Jackie’s face.

“All right,” she demanded. “I’m in charge here. Jackie, you get down on your hands and knees, like Kevin.”

Jackie did so, and Sissy found herself gazing upon two upturned buttocks. She knelt behind the two, and wet her fingers in her own pussy. Her left hand gently traced Kevin’s crack, while her right hand trailed over Jackie’s puckered anus. Jackie moaned in unison with Kevin. She gasped when Sissy plunged her finger deep into her ass, while Kevin moaned and thrust his ass back to meet the thrusts. Jackie grew accustomed to the intruder, and started to push back angainst the finger, when Sissy added a second finger. She only protested when Sissy tried to add a fourth finger to the three that now rapidly plumbed her anal depths.

“That’s too much,” she grunted.

She was rewarded with a resounding slap to her quivering buttocks.

“Quiet!” Sissy screamed. “If you ever want to eat my pussy again, you’ll take it! Kevin’s already got my whole hand up his ass!”

“Really?” Jackie squealed, and looked over at the flushed, moaning boy.

Sissy’s entire fist rammed in and out of his wiggling ass, and Jackie felt another orgasm approach. She resumed her position, and shuddered through the orgasm as three, then four fingers jabbed into her stretched and aching ass hole. Bright lights, then darkness descended as Sissy plunged her entire fist deep into her ass, and instructed Kevin to plunge his smaller fist into her dripping pussy. When she woke up, Sissy and Kevin were licking some white sticky stuff from her ample breasts. Sissy had made Kevin jerk himself off onto Jackie’s chest, and they now savored the results.

“Back on your knees,” she ordered both of them.

“No more up my butt,” Jackie whined, but assumed the position.

She jerked and screamed as a belt whistled down on her fleshy globes. Kevin, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy this new sensation. Jackie watched and flinched as he thrust himself backward to receive the next blow, and the next. For her part, she began to also thrust herself back, and screamed in orgasm again, when Sissy carefully aimed the broad belt directly over her swollen pussy lips. Kevin’s own sperm shot out of his cock when Sissy slapped the belt across his aching testicles.

For her final assignment, Sissy lay on her back while Kevin and Jackie competed with each other to shove their tongues deeply into Sissy’s cunt and anus. After two orgasms, she made Jackie receive another beating, but this time from Kevin. He swung the belt with all of his might at the kneeling girl, and when her ass was a deep, rosy red, shoved his small fists into her anus and pussy, which brought her to a screaming orgasm.

Sissy watched Jackie slowly walk around the corner to her own home. She chuckled at her friend’s discomfort.

“I always knew she wanted to eat me,” she confessed to Kevin. “From now on, though, she’ll have to get a spanking, first.”

“And, what about me?” Kevin asked, a trace of possesiveness in his voice.

She felt a real lurch at the tone of his voice. She looked into his hungry eyes.

“I’ve decided I don’t like you, anymore,” she said.

“What?” he shrilled, his heart plunging.

“I think I love you, instead,” she whispered, and kissed him.

She relished the taste of his semen on his tongue for a moment, then slowly, they walked back to his house.

Alice felt positively kinky as she dressed in a virginal white dress, complete with lacy white bra and cotton panties. Her long red hair was carefully arranged to frame her face, and she put on little makeup. She looked like the typical housewife, one that cared for her son’s education. The twelve inch phallus, if discovered buried deep in her, would have ruined the pious attire. She almost laughed out loud at Kevin’s appearance. Nice shirt and jeans, with socks and tennis shoes, but underneath, he wore a pair of her bright red thong panties. The six inch phallus she’d rammed into his ass was a constant presence. He blushed almost as red as the panties as he sat and wiggled in the principal’s office of Bartlett Junior High School.

“His grades at Mouton were very good,” the principal conceded. “But, why do you wish to transfer him here?”

“Some of the older boys at Mouton savagely attacked my poor child,” Alice said, and almost groaned as the thought of boys raping her son got her excited. “Rather than subject him to that, we were hoping that Bartlett would give him a fresh start. Besides that, he has a friend here, a Miss Sissy Vernon.”

“She’s not my friend!” Kevin squeaked.

“Sissy Vernon?” the principal wondered out loud. “Oh! You must mean Beatrice!”

He frowned. Beatrice Vernon, although very pretty and received high marks and praise from her teachers, was not known to have friends. She’d been in his office several times already this school year, for fighting. She was not afraid to strike at boys twice her size, and this little boy would certainly be no match for the short-tempered girl. Because his own grades were high, though, he would be in several of the same classes as Beatrice.

“Beatrice? What a lovely name,” Alice said out loud.

“Yes, well,” the principal said, feeling that Beatrice was not a lovely girl, no matter what her name was. “Here is your class schedule, young man.”

They took a brief tour of the school, with Mr. Martin pointing out the classrooms that Kevin would be in, and then the mother and son left.

“She’s not my friend,” Kevin insisted as they drove home.

“Really? Well, that’s just tough shit, isn’t it?” Alice smirked. “You start school tomorrow. And, if I have to come get you because you decided to be a little cocksucker again, God help you, you hear?”

“Yes, Mommy,” he whined.

When they arrived home, Alice sent her son to his room, and sat, drinking gin and tonic and smoking cigarettes. When Katherine arrived home, they both grabbed the boy and made him strip.

“We have to get you ready for school, boy,” his mother snapped.

Katherine giggled as they lathered up his genitals, and gasped in helpless laughter as her mother roughly dragged her straight razor across the boy’s pubic area. Tiny rivulets of blood dripped from the various cuts and nicks, and he screamed in real agony as she stemmed the blood with an alcohol swab. Her mother smiled in delight as Katherine attached two clothespins to his small nipples, and seized upon the idea to clamp two more clothespins to his large testicles, and a third one was attached to the tip of his prick. He writhed in agony, and was horrified when his cock began to swell. Seeing this, his mother decided to take a belt to his buttocks and upper thighs until his erection subsided. He shot a large stream of come, that was painfully hampered by the clothespin, onto the tiled wall of the bathroom, and sobbed helplessly as his mother forced him to lick the wall clean. Then she sent the boy to his room, clothespins still in place.

“Oh, but Mommy! I wanted to piss on him,” Katherine protested.

“No, dear. No matter how worthless he is, he is still your brother,” Alice said.

She had strong ideas about incest. She did not want Katherine to abuse her brother too much, for fear that she may become overly excited, and cause him to accidentally impregnate her. That gift would be given to the man that Katherine would eventually completely dominate, and marry. Then Katherine would hopefully give birth to a precious granddaughter. If she inadvertently gave birth to a grandson, they could always put the boy up for adoption.

“But, I tell you what. Let’s go shopping, instead. I could use a better belt. Maybe I’ll even get that whip at Tack’s Stables,” Alice offered.

Terry snickered as the little boy was seated behind him. He’d heard from his friend, David, about this little cocksucker. David had spared no detail, and even embellished some, about this little fag’s delight in sucking dick and getting an ass full of meat. Terry Randall wasn’t gay, but none of the girls at Bartlett would put out for him, and a little lick was better than a hand job any day. He looked over at Beatrice Vernon. He’d close his eyes and pretend it was this beautiful blond that was swallowing his load, instead of this little fuck. Her ice blue eyes flashed pure hatred at him. His own eyes opened slightly as her eyes slid past him and flashed pure joy at the new kid. He looked behind him and saw the little red head smile warmly at the ice bitch.

Class went by quickly, and Terry was stunned as ice bitch and cocksucker walked out of the room, holding hands. Terry wasn’t the only one that was bemused by this; half the school knew of Beatrice’s anger and aloofness. Kevin, it seemed, had managed to do the impossible, in getting close to the coldest and prettiest girl in school.

“Hey, Midget, you want to suck my dick?” Terry loudly asked as they dressed out for Physical Education.

Some of the other boys laughed nervously. They weren’t sure if they liked this new kid or not, but they all knew that they didn’t like the large, sweaty Terry. Kevin looked at the leering bully.

“No, thanks. Want to kiss my ass?” Kevin squeaked back.

The laughter was loud and boisterous at this. Few of them had the guts to talk back to Terry, as he was known to pummel others with little provocation. He sauntered over to the little bastard and raised his fist to strike. Kevin swung an well-aimed kick into Terry’s crotch. The large boy dropped with a scream. Kevin leaned over the prostrate and groaning boy.

“Don’t fuck with me, fat boy,” he hissed. “I ain’t got time for your shit.”

Despite the pain in his genital area, from his mother’s razor blade, and Katherine’s clothespins, Kevin had felt true happiness at the thought of being with Sissy. He’d heard the comments as they traversed the halls, hand in hand, and had felt something new to him. Self-confidence. Pride. Self worth.These had begun to stir when he’d taken the belt to Jackie’s fleshy bottom, and continued to grow as he walked the halls of Bartlett. And when Terry had threatened the first true feelings of happiness, he’d reacted. And it felt good.

Kevin walked out of the dressing room a hero. He saw Sissy, dressed in shorts and tee shirt, on the other side of the gymnasium, and waved. She waved back.

“Hey, kid, how’d you get Beatrice to go out with you? I’ve been trying since fifth grade, and she won’t even say ‘hi’ to me,” one of the boys asked him.

“Yeah!” a few other boys chimed in. “She don’t like none of us! How’d you do it?”

He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He knew they would never understand. They wouldn’t be able to grasp the idea of submission. The coach came out of his office long enough to throw two basketballs, one to the girls and one to the boys, and disappeared again. Terry, recovered slightly, grabbed the basketball and slammed it into Kevin’s gut. Sissy was a whirlwind of fists and feet, and spent the rest of the class period in Mr. Martin’s office.

“Beatrice, what on God’s earth possessed you to beat Terry Randall so viciously?” Mr. Martin finally asked her in exasperation.

She looked at him, then burst into tears. The story of her mother’s divorce from her father, then her remarriage to John, and her stepbrother, the constant abuse she suffered, and finally, a boy she liked, and that liked her, and Terry threatening him, and she just wanted to kill Terry. Mr. Martin sat in silence and stared at the sobbing girl until she calmed down.

“Well, Beatrice, what do you think we should do about this, uh, problem?” Mr. Martin asked her.

“I don’t know,” she sniffled.

He paged Kevin into his office, after he’d sent the girl to the restroom to clean up her face. The small boy seemed to have grown a few inches since yesterday morning’s meeting. The boy sat quietly as Mr. Martin pondered the likelihood of this little boy and Beatrice, together. Finally he spoke.

“So, what’s this all about, then? I mean, you and Terry Randall.”

Kevin told him, and Terry, after the nurse finished treating his cuts and bruises, found himself expelled from the school. Mr. Martin almost smiled as he told a surly Mr. Randall that his son, the big football player that he was so proud of, had approached another boy for sex.

“I’m not saying that Terry is a, uh, homosexual, Mr. Randall, I mean, Heaven knows, we all go through that curious stage at some point or another in our lives, but we just cannot condone an, uh, incident such as this, where one boy approaches another, and then strikes the other when his attentions are rebuffed,” Mr. Martin said, concealing his smile as Terry and his father both struggled to understand all of the fifty cent words he had used.

“My boy ain’t no queer,” Mr. Randall blustered.

“No, sir, I did not say that he is. But, several young men have stated that Mr. Randall here asked the other boy for fellatio. Now, whether he had asked to perform this act, or have the act performed upon himself, is unclear, but the implications are the same,” Mr. Martin calmly stated.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Mr. Randall shouted.

“A blow job, sir. Your son approached another boy about a blow job,” Mr. Martin stated. “And, I am not having this sort of thing at Bartlett.”

At Mouton Junior High School, the Math wing bathroom was a solemn gathering. The next day, Terry Randall, bruises and cuts apparent, cornered his friend David, and forced his cock into David’s gagging mouth. Harold, Mark, and John quickly found out about this, and David found himself with a few boy meats shoved into him. As it had been Terry who’d taken David’s mouth cherry, the honor of shoving his dick into David’s tight ass was his also. He waited until David was standing at the urinal, pissing, and yanked his pants down to his ankles. David grunted and cried as Terry pumped his cock in and out of his tender ass. The word spread that David was the new pussy in school, and he ran away from home a week later, to avoid the severe treatment he was getting at school. A few years later, he was found, turning tricks in New Orleans. He’d figured, if he was going to be a pussy, he might as well make money at it.

Kevin walked into his home, a new man.

“Come fix Mommy a drink, cunt,” his mother called out to him.

“Fix your own fucking drink, bitch,” he snapped.

“What!” Alice screamed.

“You heard me, pussy,” he replied. “I said, fix your own fucking drink.”

Her hand raised to slap his pertinent little face, but his foot in her belly stopped her cold. As she doubled over, retching in dry heaves, he leaned very close to her.

“I’ve had enough of this shit. Fuck with me again, and I’ll kill you, you hear me, cunt?” he hissed.

When he got no response from her, he slapped her across the face, hard.

“I said, do you hear me?” he screamed.

“Yes! Yes! I hear you!” she screamed back.

Her stomach burned and her face felt like icy heat. She looked into his defiant eyes, and for the first time in her life, felt fear of a man.

“I’ll be in my room. Call me when dinner’s ready, bitch,” he snapped.

Katherine came home, and her mother called her over. They shared a brief kiss, then Alice looked into the little girl’s eyes.

“You’ll never believe this, my dear, but your brother is one of us,” she whispered.

Her daughter’s eyes bulged open.

“What are you talking about?” she shouted.

“Shh! He’s a Dom,” Alice whispered, and shook her head sadly.

“No, he’s not!” Katherine screamed. “He can’t be!”

“Be quiet! It’s true, honey. Our fun with him is over,” Alice said.

The door to his room flung open. Kevin sauntered out and sneered at the two women.

“I’ll be at Sissy’s house. See you when I get back,” he said.

“No, you won’t! You’ll clean my shoes! With your tongue,” Katherine yelled at him.

“Clean your own fucking shoes, little twat,” Kevin snapped, and exited the house.

“I’ll kill him!” Katherine screamed and ran for the door.

“Stop right there, young lady,” Alice warned, as she grabbed Katherine by her curly hair.

Katherine was stunned. She’d never been dealt with in this manner. Her brother was not supposed to be rude to her. Her Mommy was not supposed to grab her by her hair. She burst into tears.

“It’s over,” Alice said, and licked Katherine’s tears with her pointed tongue.

Kevin swaggered down the street to Sissy’s house, and knocked on the door. Jim opened the door and sneered at the short kid at the stoop.

“What the fuck you want, shrimp?” he slurred, already into his fourth can of beer.

“Is Sissy home, please?” he politely asked.

“And, what if she is, short fuck?” Jim belched and laughed.

“Then get the fuck out of my way, fat boy,” Kevin hissed.

Jim backed up, not used to being accosted in such a manner. He glared at the little bastard in front of him and lurched toward him. Kevin easily sidestepped the drunken lout and entered the house. Sissy looked up as Kevin entered the living room.

“Hi, Sissy,” he smiled.

“Look out!” she screamed as Jim reached for him.

Jim found Sissy’s knee jabbed into his small groin. Kevin looked slightly fearful at the large boy.

Jim pointed at Sissy. “You and your little boy friend get the fuck out my house,” he bellowed.

“It’s my house, too!” Sissy screamed back. “You get out!”

“The fuck you say!” Jim screamed. “It’s my house, I make the rules!”

“No, it’s my house,” Sissy’s mother quietly said from the kitchen door way. “And, I want your fat lazy ass out of here, tonight.”

“What? I’m in pain here, because of your little bitch, and you’re kicking me out?” Jim screamed.

“You heard me. Pack your shit, and get out. When your useless father comes home from the bar, he’ll find his shit on the front porch,” the woman said.

“We’ll just see about that!” Jim bellowed, and ran from the house to find his father.

“Hello, Mrs. Bonham,” Kevin politely said. “I’m Kevin Ritchie.”

“My boy friend,” Sissy chimed in, proudly.

They talked briefly, then Mrs. Bonham told the two teenagers to run off and play. They left the house, hand in hand. They walked down the street, until they reached the old wooded area a few blocks beyond their neighborhood. She led him to a small shack some transients had set up a few months ago. The police had come and run them off, but the makeshift building still stood. They looked around; decided it was safe, and entered. A dirty mattress lay in one corner, and a rickety table with two rickety chairs sat in the other corner. Sissy kissed him deeply then pulled her shirt off. Her small breasts sprang free, her pink nipples already hard. Kevin quickly undressed and knelt to bury his tongue into her pussy as she worked her jeans down her long legs. After one orgasm, she pushed him away.

“You want to do it?” she asked.

“It?” he asked her.

“You know, It. You want to fuck?” she asked and handed him a condom.

She’d stolen it from Jim’s dresser. She had to laugh at Jim having condoms in his room, as the only sex he’d ever had was his right hand while watching porno tapes. Of course, he’d tried to coerce her into having sex with him, and had come dangerously close to raping her one night as she showered. She’d locked the door, but the flimsy lock gave away easily to a butter knife. The only thing that had prevented this was her telling him she was on her period. Disgusted by this, he’d stormed out of the bathroom. The next day, she installed two slide bar locks on the bathroom door. She’d taken the extra precaution of gluing them to the door along with the regular screws, and, sure enough, either Jim, or his dad, had tried to remove the locks.

Now, she was willing to give herself up to the urge to feel something inside of her most private place. Kevin fumbled with the condom, until she gently took it from him and rolled it on the stiff cock. She pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips. A few thrusts and she gasped as she was filled by Kevin’s large prick. Her hymen had been torn by years of sports, but her pussy was tight. Sheets of pain washed over her briefly, but she persevered, and the pain gave way to a delicious, full feeling.

“Oh! Kevin!” she gasped.

“Sissy, I love you,” he gasped.

“Me, too,” she groaned as his prick touched the edge of her cervix.

She thrashed about on top of him, and grunted in orgasm. When the second wave of orgasm welled up in her, she felt Kevin’s cock swell and twitch. They both groaned and caught their breath as he came inside of her, and she relished another orgasm.

“Oh! That was great!” she laughed as she pulled her sweaty body from his.

They lay together and kissed, until Sissy determined that they’d been gone long enough.

“Um, Sissy, before we go.” he began.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Um, you know how I, you know, lick you? Down there?” he continued.

“Yeah? I like that,” she smiled.

“Yeah, me too, but, um, could you. Would you, you know, lick me, you know, down there?” he blurted out.

Sissy was a little surprised. She’d never considered that maybe Kevin would want pleasure for himself. She did know about blowjobs, having seen flitting seconds of Jim’s porno tapes as she rushed by. She nodded her head, and pulled the sticky condom from Kevin’s resurgent cock. He lay down on his back, and she knelt over him.

Her tight mouth lovingly licked and sucked as much of him as she could fit, and, within moments he was groaning and gasping in pleasure. When she rammed three fingers deep into his ass hole, he shot a large amount of come into her mouth. She held as much of it as she could, then brought her lips to his. They shared the sticky semen between them.

Jackie did not enjoy her love having a boyfriend, but gladly submitted to the occasional beating, so long as she could lap at Sissy’s now freshly shaved mound. She would never admit it, but her favorite times were when Kevin joined them, and slapped her upturned buttocks as she delved deeply into Sissy’s cunt. She did not, however, enjoy it when Sissy and Kevin would urinate into her mouth, or when Sissy would tell Kevin to shove his large cock into her tight ass hole. Although the pain of his brutal anal attack was very welcome to her, she cringed from it. She knew, as soon as he finished spurting his hot come into her bowels, she’d have to lick his cock clean. Sissy, having persuaded her mother that she needed to be on the pill, would then let Kevin put his large dick into her cunt without protection. Jackie swooned at the thought of licking both Sissy’s and Kevin’s juices from his hot prick. Just the taste of Sissy’s pussy was enough to get Jackie close to orgasm.

Katherine did not adjust to having a Dominant Male in her house. She became increasingly abusive to the girls at St. Anne’s School for girls, and was asked to not return for her eighth grade. Actually, it was only her good fortune that the school year was almost over when four of the girls went to Sister Beth, and complained about having to orally satisfy Katherine during lunch break. Had the school year not been so close to finish, Katherine would have been expelled. At Bartlett, she found herself ill prepared and unable to cope with a hostile environment, and had to run to her brother for help on more than one occasion. Beatrice, Sissy to her friends, finally relented and befriended the frightened little girl, which bought her some protection against the other children, and it only cost her a quick lick at Sissy’s hairless pussy. Sissy introduced her to Jackie, who found the small girl the perfect mistress, until Katherine met Todd. The star basketball player absolutely adored the small girl, and willingly lapped at her hairy pussy, and eagerly fucked her hot wet mouth. At first, he slightly rankled at Jackie’s constant intrusions, but learned that having a second girl along, to fuck after Katherine readied her, to be a great benefit. Katherine would ready Jackie, by avidly fisting her sopping, hairless pussy, while Todd lapped at her own bush, then would beat upon Jackie’s buttocks and breasts as she bounced on the reclined figure of Todd. Katherine and Todd both agreed that ‘going all the way’ could wait for them. They finally did go all the way the night of their Junior-Senior Prom, in the back seat of his dirty little Toyota, while Jackie sat guard in the front seat. A month later, she found out she was pregnant.

Alice and Marsha solidified their relationship and she moved into the Ritchie household, one Submissive among so many Dominants. The tall brunette, with the lush figure, towered over her abusers, but relished in the punishments they dealt out. As Katherine advanced in her pregnancy, she became more and more demanding, and more and more abusive. Todd and Jackie were her submissive lovers, who willingly gave in to her demands. She gave birth to a tiny little girl, that they named Eve.

Kevin and Sissy moved in together after graduating from Jackson High School. They plan to marry as soon as the five foot, two inch man graduates from medical school, where he will study Psychology. He plans to work with abused children. As for Sissy, the five foot, ten-inch woman is happily expecting their first baby. She hopes it will be a little red head boy, small, delicate, sweet, and strong, like his daddy. As her pregnancy advances, she finds it harder and harder to spank a willing Kevin, or to fit her swollen hand into his clutching rectum. Lately, they contend themselves with a blowjob, and sharing the proceeds with avid tongue kisses. When she gives birth, she plans to breast feed both father and child.

Mrs. Bonham divorced John, and with the testimony of thirteen-year-old Sissy at the divorce trial, John was ordered to pay an exorbitant amount of alimony, and to see a therapist about his unhealthy views toward women. She never saw a penny of it, nor did John ever see a therapist; as John preferred jail to paying any support, and saw nothing wrong with his attitudes or opinions of cunts. She found herself another fat, abusive man to marry her, and is happy in her role as victim. Her new husband delights in not bathing for weeks on end, and using his sobbing wife as a punching bag.

Jim soon joined his daddy behind bars, for aggravated assault. He’d finally managed to get a girlfriend, a woman in her late forties, and when she refused to let him stick it up her ass, like in the videos he watched constantly, the twenty two year old boy exploded in a fit of frustration. All of his worldly possessions were sold to pay for her reconstruction surgery. He did get his wish for anal sex, but not quite in the way he’d hoped. Three large African American males held him down and took turns fucking his fat, fleshy ass until he quit struggling. The next day, he was given a choice of sucking, or enduring more thrusts into his aching bowels. The word spread that Floor Two had a sweet cocksucker with a hot tight ass. Two weeks later, John heard about this, and loudly disowned his candy ass son and Jim threw his knotted pants over a rail of the top bunk in his cell and hung himself.

Terry, Harold, Mark, and John all found themselves without a cocksucker or pussy, and had to contend themselves with magazine in one hand and prick in other.


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