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Even with a 23-year difference in age, Laura could pass for her daughter Dana’s older sister rather than her mother. Both were beautiful and Dana was fortunate enough to inherit most of her mother’s features: hazel brown eyes, slender nose, and long golden brown hair. She reminded Laura of herself at age 13, the same age at which she learned the art of femdom from her mother. Dana was now of age and ready for her fifth lesson in as many weeks since her 13th birthday.

Dana liked to dress scantily for her mother’s femdom lessons and today was no different. When she first came down the stairs for the afternoon’s lesson, her look drew open-jaw stares from her father and brother. She was wearing a cropped-top black t-shirt that read ‘GIRLS RULE’ in white letters across her small but still developing chest. Her milky-white midriff was on display as well as her slender legs. Only the black panties and black stiletto heels she had on distracted from her blossoming figure. She had applied makeup perfectly, the way her mother taught her. Laura was perfectly made up as well and wearing similar attire, only with a black bra instead of a t-shirt. The near-matching look of the two sexy females would satisfy every man’s mother-daughter sex fantasy and it would have been enough to mess with Tom’s and Jason’s mind, but both knew they’d be lucky if that were to be the case for the afternoon. Laura’s lessons always messed with their heads as well as their bodies.

Midway into the day’s lesson, both father and son found themselves in precarious positions (so what else was new?). Tom was upright on his knees, arms by his sides and eyes to the floor while his 14-year-old son Jason was being forced to his hands and knees by Dana. From behind Tom’s naked body, Laura instructed her daughter with a stern voice that always managed to inject fear into both her husband’s and her son’s veins, no matter what was uttered from her lips, “Okay Dana. That’s good. Spare no mercy when making him submit to your demands.”

Laura was seated on the big couch, martini in her left hand and her ominous cat-o-nine in her right. Her legs were crossed, very relaxed as she directed the scene that unfolded before her. Her family was providing the entertainment for what would have been an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon. Yes, this was another one of Laura’s domination lessons teaching her precious 13-year old how to enslave a male, and sometimes the lessons got a bit tedious for her. After all, it was like teaching a child how to tie her shoes all over again. But this particular afternoon, Laura was enjoying herself, aided in part by her third martini. CRACK!

“Down! You’re blocking my view!”

The words came as quickly as Laura’s whip landed on Tom’s already scarred back. Immediately, Tom bent forward at the waist, nose to the floor and arms outstretched. He looked like a Roman servant bowing before Caesar, only he wasn’t facing the proper way. He was facing the kids, ass exposed and raised towards his powerful wife. Any other day, Laura would have found his position an insult and punish his insolence with another crack from her whip, but she was in a rather pleasant mood and wanted to concentrate on Dana’s actions. Instead, she uncrossed her legs and rested her stiletto-heeled feet on his buttocks. Her attention returned to the two children.

“Mom, Jason looked up without my permission!” a somewhat frustrated Dana complained, “That’s the second time he’s done that!”

Laura’s reply was steady, “It’s obvious then that your slaps to his face weren’t hard enough to send the proper message. When you slap him this time, make sure that it is forceful enough to make him understand that he is to receive your permission whenever he does anything!”

Suddenly, Laura put her martini down on the end table and reached over to pull Tom up by his hair. Tom’s face contorted in pain, his eyes calling for help. Unfortunately for the poor soul, only an unsympathetic daughter was witness to his silent and useless plea. Jason had already turned his face to the floor, hoping his little sister would not slap him again, so he didn’t catch the sorry look on his father’s face.

Laura charged her lips to Tom’s ear, “Haven’t you been teaching your son how to obey a woman? Must I be the only one in this marriage to properly teach our children?”

Tom could only offer a silly stammer, “I- I’m s-sorry…”

Laura threw Tom’s head back to the floor and resumed her relaxed position, stiletto heels pressing into his butt cheeks. Dana enjoyed the scene but quickly turned her attention back to her brother.

“Sit up!” she commanded Jason from his hands and knees.

He did so without once lifting his head. This drew a smile from Dana as she realized that Jason was aware of his fate. She then placed one finger under his chin to lift up his head. His eyes were looking down.

“Look at me Jason.”

His eyes looked up slowly at her, feeling all the humiliation of having just been ordered by a girl smaller and younger than he was.

“I’ve told you twice already that you are NOT to disobey me! Didn’t I tell you to always keep your head down before me?”

“Y-yes, but you just told me to look at you.”

SMACK! Dana let loose with a powerful open palm slap across Jason’s cheek. So powerful a slap it was that Jason, athletically built, fell to the floor on his side.


SMACK! Another slap came crashing down on the same side of his face.

“Shut up! I was talking about the other time you looked up you idiot! I don’t want to hear another word from you! You totally disobeyed me and now you are going to pay! On your knees slave!”

Jason got up wearily and began rubbing his face, but Dana whacked his hand away.

“Keep your hands to your side! You do not speak, you do not act, you don’t even think unless I tell you to! Is that understood?”

Jason began his reply of “Yes” but cut it short after unwisely thinking it through. What if she expected a non-verbal answer instead, like a nod? She ordered him to not say anything unless she told him to. Jason nodded. SMACK! Dana smacked him again and then she reached for his ear. She twisted his earlobe as if to tear it off, at least that’s what Jason felt like she was trying to do.


Tears began to well up in Jason’s eyes. The pain from the slaps may have contributed to his tears, but the humiliation and confusion that overcame Jason’s entire being at that point was the main reason he couldn’t hold them back. He weakly voiced a “Yes”.

Laura interjected, “Yes WHAT?”

Both children turned to look at their mother sitting at the couch.

“Jason! You didn’t get my permission to turn your head to me! Turn back and face your sister!”

Jason turned his face but kept it to the floor.

“That’s two infractions young man. First, you did not say ‘yes, Mistress’ and second, you turned to me without permission. In fact, you have been acting all day without our permission. That only shows me and your sister that you have not learned anything during these lessons.”

Dana enthusiastically chimed in with a question, “What are we going to do about it Mom?”

Laura paused and stared at her son, kneeling before his proud younger sister.

“Hmmm. The few slaps to Jason’s face have certainly proven not to be enough for Jason to obey.”

Just then, she felt a twitch underneath her feet. It was Tom trying to inconspicuously adjust himself for comfort while in his subservient position.

“I have a good idea.”

As a smirk came across Laura’s face, one came to Dana’s as well even though she had no inkling as to what her mother was about to do.

“Jason, come here and kneel before me.”

As Jason turned and crawled on his knees towards his mother, Laura barked an order to the pathetic lump under her feet, “On your knees Tom and face me.”

Tom quickly presented himself to the love of his life, but he knew all too well that the evil smile on her face would mean something bad was going to happen.

“Tom, while Dana is showing great improvement and growth throughout these domination lessons, your son is failing miserably. This comes as no surprise as girls possess far superior intellect than that of boys. However, that is no excuse for Jason’s poor performance. Jason does not seem to grasp any of my teachings during these lessons and for that YOU are to blame.”

The last sentence sent a chill through Tom’s spine.

“Tom, for the infractions of your son, you will receive 30 lashes of my whip.”

Both men lowered their heads dejectedly. Jason knew that his lack of discipline brought this situation on his father and began to sob.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I promise to be a better student and I won’t give Mistress Dana a hard time. Please don’t hurt…”

Laura admonished her son, “Quiet! It’s too late. Again, you have disobeyed me for speaking without permission and for that, your father’s punishment has been increased from 30 lashes to 40!”

Jason’s knee-jerk reaction forced an inadvertent protest “No!”

Laura’s eyes opened wide “NO? Boy, you have just raised the lashes from 40 to 50!”

Jason just lowered his head and uttered no more words realizing that his mouth was making things worse for his dad.

“Anything else you’d like to say Jason?” Laura asked.

“No Ma’am.”

Laura proceeded to pull Tom up by his ear and direct him to the arm of the couch.

“Do you see what happens when you fail to execute your duties as a father? Now bend over.”

Without a word, Tom bent forward, rested his crotch on the couch arm and balanced himself with both hands on the couch.

Laura called for Dana to stand behind her father, “Okay dear, punish your father.”

She handed Dana her cat-o-nines but Dana asked for Laura’s wooden paddle instead.

“I like the way it sounds when you use it on daddy’s ass!” exclaimed Laura’s pride and joy.

“Sure honey, you can use the paddle on daddy.” Dana then turned to Jason, “Slave, go get the paddle and return with the handle in your mouth! There better not be any saliva on that handle or I’ll increase daddy’s paddling from 50 to 75!”

Laura’s little darling was learning fast.

Jason quickly returned with the paddle in his mouth as instructed. Dana snatched it from between his lips and began to inspect the handle. She found a small droplet of Jason’s saliva on it.

“Well, well, look what we have here. You’re like a dog Jason. Looks like we’re going to increase daddy’s punishment. I’ll only paddle him 60 times instead of 75 since it was just a tiny little gob of your nasty spit I found.”

Good job, Laura thought, but she still had to correct her daughter, “Honey, there should be no leniency towards punishment when interpreting the rules. You told Jason that there better not be ANY saliva on the handle, yet you found some. Yes, it was a small amount but your brother again did not do as he was told so your father will now have to suffer the increased sentence. Give him 75 whacks. You need the practice anyway.”

Dana looked at her mother and smiled. “Okay!”

Laura positioned herself beside her kneeling son and instructed Tom to count each whack of the paddle.

“And don’t forget to thank Mistress Dana for each one or else she will have to start again from the beginning.” Laura then looked down at Jason and gently stroked his hair. “Jason, I hope you do a much better job teaching your son how to be a good slave once his time to learn arrives. Your father did an awful job teaching you and he’s now suffering the consequences.”

WHACK! “One! Thank you Mistress Dana!” WHACK! “Two! Thank you Mistress Dana!” WHACK! “Three! Thank you Mistress Dana!”


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