First off I’d like to say that I’ve never been shy about my foot fetish. I think that all the girls knew, even in Jr. high school, before I really told any of them about it. I’ve had some awesome stinky feet experiences in my relatively short time on this earth.

The short story I wanted to tell you about is a resent experience with my new girlfriend of about a month. We just start having sex and right from that very first time I’ve been smelling her feet. It was a friday night and her roommate was gone for the weekend. We started making out and one thing led to another. We ended up in her room having some pretty good sex in the missionary position and I just got up on my knees while I was still fucking her, grabbed one of her feet, and stuffed my nose in her toes and started smelling. her feet didn’t have much of a smell but it was more than enough to make me bust a nut. Right before I came I pulled out of her pussy and she reached down and pulled off the condom before finishing me off with her hands while I was smelling her foot. When we were cooling down after the sex I explained my foot fetish to her, but didn’t explain anything about liking the way they stink. I thought that might be too much. She was totally cool with foot fetish and said “hey, whatever gets you off baby”.

We’ve had sex a couple more times since then and I have had some great “foot moments” but I try not to push it too much because I feel that having a foot fetish is kind of selfish in a sense. I don’t want to make her feel like she’s “just a pair of feet” like some of my previous girlfriends have said.

Anyway, The most resent time we fooled around I didn’t have any condoms, so I just ended up eating her out and finger banging her like crazy. She had a pretty good time and was out of breath for a while before she recovered and wanted to return the favour. I knelt in between her legs and she started by pouring some lubricant into the palm of her hand and stroking my cock in really slow teasing manner. It felt like electricity. I felt like I could get away with smelling her feet again, so I grabbed one of her heels and tried to lift her foot up to my face, but I felt her resisting me.

She said: “Sorry babe, but I don’t think you want to do that, my feet probably stink”.

I just grabbed her heel again and lifted her foot up to my face while she stroked me and took a deep sniff of her toes to prove I liked it. Let me tell you, her foot odour was strong and vinegary/cheesy. At this point I’m getting so out of control that I was thrusting into her hand.

Me: “I love the way your sweaty feet smell. I think it’s such a turn-on”.


Right at that moment I started to send a huge load of cum streaking across her naked body. She was laughing out loud at that point and was saying stuff like “Oh ya honey, gimme that cum”. It was so hot. I kept shamelessly sniffing her toes until she’d jacked every last drop out. After that I collapsed beside her and that was that. I explained to her the whole foot fetish thing and she again said ” hey it’s cool hun. whatever gets you off”. “I guess I don’t have to worry too much about washing my feet!”.

I’m pretty excited. I have a feeling there will be lots more stories to tell with this girl.


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