by Whitedog_34250

This was not what I had envisioned when I moved in with Laura. We were both divorced at the time we met. She was thirtysix and had a sixteen year old daughter. I was forty and had a seventeen year old son living with me. We couldn’t be more different, maybe that’s what brought us together.

Laura was a self assured slightly greedy strong, outgoing independent woman, almost an exact oppisite of me. She was going through a nasty divorce in which she planned to take her cheating husband too the cleaners when we met. I worked as a book keeper at the gym she worked out at religiously.

Being an extremely attractive blond woman she was hit on often by the jocks in the gym while going through her nasty divorce. At the time she held a grudge against all men so none of them got anywhere with her. For some reason though she felt comfortable talking to me about her cheating husband.

Maybe it was because I was such a good listener an an excellent ass kisser as I agreed with her side always. Maybe it was also because I was very helpful to her, knowing she was strapped for time because of the divorace and her professional life as a consultant I offered to help her run some of her errands.

At first she just smiled and said I was sweet to offer but she did not take me up on my offer. A week or two later though she first asked me if I would mind picking up her dry cleaning, which I did happily. Then a few days later as she walked into the gym in the middle of the day she asked me if I could go get her car washed as she had to pick up a client that afternoon and she wanted to get a quick workout in.

Again I instantly volunteered and I was quite impressed to find she drove a convertible Jaguar. Over the next couple of weeks it more or less became assumed that I was to pick up and drop off her dry cleaning on Tuesdays and Fridays and her car was to be washed on Fridays.

We still continued to have our little chats which were actually just me listening to her bitch about the man she was divorcing and now in addition to what had become my regular errands for her she would frequently ask me if I could return a video for her, or take one of her pumps to the shoe repair store, or take some jewelry to the repair shop or any number of many other little tasks that would free up some of her precious time.

Some guys may have felt their generosity was being taken for granted but I was actually getting something in return, just the look on the faces of all those muscle bound jocks at the gym who couldn’t even get a smile from Laura couldn’t figure out how I could talk to her at any time, that was more than enough payment for me.

It was Laura who blew my mind one day and asked me if I’d like to go out for a drink one evening. Although I am not hideous nor a stereotype wimp, I never imagined a woman as beautiful as her could go for the plain, shy average type, after all the man she had been married to was the handsome, successful, wealthy jock type.

We went out several times over the next few weeks. I quickly realized what she found in me was a good listener and ass kisser. She would do most of the talking venting her frustrations about her soon to be ex husband and I of course always took her side.

One evening I stopped by her house to pick her up for a date since her car was in the shop, that’s when I met her daughter Sara. The teen girl opened the expensive door of their big home to let me in. With long straight blonde hair and pouty red lips she was dressed in only a t-shirt and cotton shorts, a very beautiful girl but it was easy to tell she was an extremely spoiled girl.

I held several items of Laura’s dry cleaning that I had picked up earlier in the day in my hand and Sara instantly set the tone on how she felt about me as she let me in and headed back to the luxurious sofa.

“mom, your errand boys here!” she yelled out towards the master bedroom and then layed back on the sofa and picked the phone back up as she was apparently in the middle of a phone call.

I felt very awkward standing there in the foyer holding Laura’s dry cleaning and looking at the reclining teen girl who had just been extremely rude to me as she twirled the expensive gold and diamond nacklace around neck with her finely manicured fingers as she talked to her friend on the phone now totally ignoring me.

What was only a few minutes seemed like hours before Laura looking stunning as always came out of her bedroom.

“Hey Tim, oh, you can just hang those in that closet, my maid will put them away tomorrow” Laura said as she saw me holding up her dry cleaning near the coat closet in the foyer.

I hung the items up and then Laura said “why don’t you pour us some wine Tim” pointing towards the the small bar area in the corner of the room.

“Don’t mind my daughter, she can be quite the spoiled bitch” Laura added as she was slipping on her heels.

Sara playfully stuck her tongue out at her mom and Laura returned the gesture, I couldn’t help but think they were more like sisters than mother and daughter. Sara continued chatting on the phone as I brought back the two glasses of wine. After taking a few sips each Laura suggested we should get going, she kissed her daughter goodbye and we left.

That ended up being the first time I made love to Laura, it was great for me but I got the feeling that Laura was less than impressed with my lovemaking skills although she didn’t say anything.

During the next few weeks several things happened, Laura did find a way that I could satisfy her sexually, that was with my tongue. Her divorce became final and she was delighted that she had taken him for nearly 80% of what he owned plus he still had to pay her alimony and child support.

The next thing that happened involved me, I would eventually learn it was Laura’s doing but I was fired from my job at the gym. I was not making much money as it was and had very little savings, Laura knew this and when I told her of my problem it was her who suggested me and my son should move in with her and her daughter.

Ironically she informed that her long time maid had decided to retire and that maybe I could help her out until I found a new job. What could I say, after all she was offering me and my son a place to stay for free the least I could do was offer to help with the housework.

Right from the start things were not going to be as I expected when my son Lenny and me arrived at her stylish large home. I thought because of our relationship that I would be sleeping with her but this was not the case. She said it was because she didn’t want her daughter to see her with a new man in her bed so soon after her divorce which I could understand but when she showed us to our room I was baffled.

Laura led us to the only bedroom on the first floor, it was just off the kitchen and a rather plain small room with a single bed on either side a small desk and a bathroom with a shower stall, yes it was a maids room and me and my son would be sharing it. I was disappointed but what could I say, it was this or we would be sleeping in my old car.

“I’ll let you two get settled in and when your ready we can go over the house rules, ok” Laura said with a pleasant smile.

“ah, yes sure Laura” I replied baffled once again, what rules, I wasn’t aware there were going to be rules.

My son and I began unpacking what few possessions we did own. My son was rather meek and shy like myself and to be honest this room was several steps up from the dump of an apartment we had been living at. When my wife had divorced me to run off with a young stud she had somehow manipulated the court to leave me penniless, she had gotten everything, our cars, the house and all our assets, I’m sure her and her lover are still laughing about it today.

She was not Lenny’s mother, my first wife had died shortly after Lenny’s birth. Julie had been my second wife and I should have known from the start that she was only after my first wifes fairly sizable life insurance payment. It was only three years later that she had taken everything from me throwing me and my son out in the cold the same day her lover moved into what had been my house.

That was three years ago and Laura was the first woman I had been with since and I was starting to think I was being used once again but this time it was for labor instead of money. I quickly put those thoughts out of my mind, as was my nature I put all my faith in a woman and would bow to her wishes to keep her happy.

Lenny and I finished unpacking and got cleaned up before going into the living room. There we found Laura seated on the sofa looking very studious and beautiful in her reading glasses as she looked over some work papers.

“So, I guess your all settled in now?” Laura asked as she removed her glasses to get a look at the two of us standing before her almost as if we were servants being addressed by the Mistress of the house.

“yes we are Laura and I jus…” I began as I was also about to sit down at the same time but was interrupted by Laura

“No Tim, remain standing, I would prefer we stay on a professional basis in my home, and since we both agree you’ll be assuming the role of the maid at least for now, I expect and demand a certain ettiquitte.” Laura was not smiling now, she spoke in a no nonsense tone and I crumbled before her moving back towards my son in an attentive standing position.

“I also expect respect when you address me, Miss Laura or Miss Connelly will be fine and the same respect shall be shown to my daughter,this applies to you also Lenny, is that understood?”

“Yes Miss Conelly” my son was quick to respond, I followed with “yes Miss Laura” a few seconds later still trying to come to grasps with the sudden change in our relationship.

“good, now I jotted down a few basic house rules, there will likely be more in the near future. Let’s start with you Lenny. Rule number one, you are not a guest in my house, you are a family member of my household staff that I have been kind enough to provide housing for. This means you do not have free reign of my home, if you would like to use or barrow something that is not yours you will need to ask me or my daughter’s permission”

My son was listening closely to Laura’s rules, he did not seem offended by this in the least, I had always taught him to be respectful of people with authority and Laura was making it quite clear that her and her daughter were the authorities in this household, Laura continued

“this includes use of the pool, jacuzzi, exercise room and so on and just because we may give you permission once doesn’t mean you don’t have to ask the next time, is that understood?”

“yes Miss Conelly” my son again responded instantly

“That’s about all for you Lenny although I would like to add even though you are not required too I think it would be an appropriate gesture on your part that if my daughter or myself ask you to do something that you do it”

“sure Miss Conelly, I’d be happy to help out” my son added much the same way I had done for years to strong will girls and women.

“Ok, I hope your comfortable hear, you can go back to your room while I talk to your father” Laura dismissed m son regaining her sweet smile.

Once my son disappeared Laura looked me up and down making me a bit nervous.

“I’m sorry if this seems a little harsh Tim but I run a tight household and I wanted to make it clear from the start who’s the boss in my home”

“su sure Lau” I was about to say when I noticed her eyebrow raise I quickly changed to “I I mean I understand Miss Laura”

A faint grin came to her pretty face and then she through a curve at me

“you’re kind of one of those submissive type guys aren’t you Tim?”

“I I don’t…I mean I ” I began to stutter beginning to blush a dark shade of red bringing a soft giggle from Laura

“that’s ok Tim, you don’t have to answer, I knew it as soon as I met you. There’s nothing wrong with it, you just need to relax and go with it. As soon as you stop trying to prove to me your not and just give into my will you’ll be much more at ease, hell you might even enjoy it”

I couldn’t believe my ears, she read me like an open book, as I stood fidgeting before her it was hard to believe this was the same woman I knew just days ago. Then she dropped a bombshell on me.

“you know Tim I have to be honest with you about something, it’s because of me that you find yourself in tis situation, it may have been a bit selfish of me but I’m the one who got you fired”

I couldn’t believe it, my emotions were now changing from embarrassment to anger.

“wh why would you do that?” I demanded but not too strongly as I was actually feeling inferior to her at the moment. She looked at me with a selfish grin.

“revenge Tim” she said smugly

“revenge? Wh what did I ever do to you?” I asked totally confused, she flashed that arrogant self confident grin at me again

“you didn’t do anything Tim, actually your just a poor pawn, it was my ex husband who did it. You see Tim when I caught him cheating on me with several different sluts it made me feel inferior, so I took everthing I could from him which made me feel a little better but I needed more, I needed to feel powerful again. It may sound rather deviant but I needed a man I could dominate”

“So you decided to ruin my life?” I sort of pouted feeling helpless

“don’t be so dramatic Tim, I’m not ruining your life. Your free to go anytime, but I think you should think about it first. I know for a fact the accommodations I’ve given you are far better than where you were living. You might think about your son also, He’s going to be a senior this year, wouldn’t you rather have him attend the same prestigious high school my daughter does instead of that inner city dump? If this works out I may even help you put him through college, you don’t have to pay for rent or food, I’ll even cover your medical insurance and I’ll pay you a small salary so you have some spending cash and all I ask in return is exceptional service”

“well that’s different, it’s it’s just that I thought that you know maybe” she quickly grew wary of my stumbling on my words

“you thought what Tim, you thought that maybe you and I could be like a couple? Did you really believe that? You’ve seen the life I live, do you really think a woman of my stature could fall for a low paid rather average, unmotivated passive guy like you, I will admit you have a talented tongue something I plan on using frequently but come on Tim be realistic.”

Now most guys would have probably told her off and walked out after that verbal assault of their character but I knew she was pretty much right on the money although she could have worded it in a less harsh way. The more I thought about it the more I realized she was offering me and more so my son a better life, at least it sounded like it.

I bowed my head feeling defeated by her wisdom and then gave in completely.

“I’ll do it Miss Laura, I’ll do as you ask for my son’s sake”

I heard her let out a triumphant soft laugh.

“A wise choice Tim, now we can get down to business” Laura said in a victorious voice and then I heard her shuffle some papers to get to her list of rules.

“I wasn’t positive you would see things my way so these are just some basic rules, I’ll compile a more detailed list in the next few days, you might want to jot these down so you can memorize them” Laura suggested holding out a pen and pad to me, I accepted them and then she leaned back on the sofa and extended her well toned legs resting her beautiful feet on the coffee table in front of her. She then put back on her fashionable reading glasses and began

“Number one, your normal working hours will be Monday through Saturday 6AM to 8PM but you’ll be on call 24 hours a day. Sunday you will have no normal chores but you will be available for any service required.”

“may I ask what norm” I was about to ask what normal was but was quickly hushed

“silence! You are never to interrupt me, you will speak when spoken too, is that clear?” Laura reprimanded me harshly

“yes Miss Laura, I’m sorry” I apologized after being scorned

“If you would have kept your mouth shut the next item explains your normal work duties, these need to be done on a daily basis.
1 The entire house must be dusted and vacuumed.
2 The bathrooms must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, this means scrubbing the bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, vanities, floors and tiled walls. All items must be organized and fresh towels put out daily.
3 The bedrooms will be thoroughly cleaned daily, in addition to the dusting and vacuuming clothes will be picked up, shoes will be cleaned and put in the closet and dressers and makeup tables and mirrors will be cleaned and organized and the beds will be made.
4 The gym mirrors cleaned, weights organized and equipment wiped down
These items will typically be done twice a week
1 Bed linens will be changed
2 Laundry and ironing will be done
3 My car and soon Sara’s will be thoroughly washed and cleaned
4 All gym equipment must be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized
5 All patio furniture will be cleaned
6 Water all plants
Once a week
1 The grocery shopping
Twice a month chores include
1 All wood floors will be polished
2 The cars will be waxed
The once a month duties
1 Wash all windows inside and out
2 All our footwear whether worn or not will be thoroughly cleaned and/or polished

This is just a general outline and is addition to your daily errands, cooking and kitchen chores and general picking up after us. Now do you have any questions?”

I was still jotting down the items and my hand was already cramping from just writing down my chore list, I couldn’t imagine how sore or tired I would be after actually doing the work.

“No Miss Laura” I meekly replied while finishing up the list

“good, I’m sure you’ll do fine, oh and I will also be requiring some personal services like massages and foot rubs, maybe brushing my hair, assisting me in the bath and perhaps touching up my nail polish and one more thing, when I say ‘bedroom now’ be prepared to use that talented tongue of yours” She finished with a devilish grin.

“su sure Miss Laura, thank you” I responded not really sure of what to say, ordinarily I would be ecstatic to be invited to such a beautiful woman’s bedroom but she made it quite clear that I would only be there for her satisfaction, sort of like a sex toy.

“Ok Tim your dismissed, Sara will be home soon you better go clean her room, she’ll be bitching and moaning about how inadequate you are if she finds out you started working for us and her rooms not cleaned” Laura stated as matter of factly as she slipped her reading glasses back on and went back to looking over the documents she held.

So that was the start of the drastic changes in mine and my son’s life.


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