By Jessie Sinclair

It’s been about two hours since Lisa had tied me to the bed. My hands and legs were tied and spread eagle against the bed posts of our large king sized bed. I tried to wiggle around, but all I did vas create rope burns on my skin.

I was afraid when Lisa would come back. She would come to torment me again like she always did. The anticipation was almost as bad as the torture she inflicted on me. When I first met Lisa, she seemed like an innocent, normal girl. However, as I soon found out, looks can be very deceiving. She was an incredibly kinky girl and loved to tease and torture me. She loved inflicting pain on my body while giving me pleasure.

The sensation was out of the world, both good and bad. However, I’ve felt terrified about her recently. She’s stepped up her games to a whole other level. I was too embarrassed about the whole situation. Mv friends and family think we’re madly in love, but that’s not the entire story.

Lisa had stuffed a pair of her dirty, sweaty panties in my mouth before she left. The soft fabric graced my tongue as I tasted her sweat and pussy juices. Okay, that part was pretty hot, I have to admit. Lisa had the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted.

However, she also made sure I was in pain while she was away. Lisa had attached clothespins all over my body before she left. She put two on my nipples. The clothespins clamped down like rabid dogs biting into my flesh. She loved tormenting my nipples and today was no different. It seemed like as time went by, the clothespins would become fighter and fighter. I knew it was all in my head, but it seemed so real.

Worst of all, Usa put a bunch of clothespins on my balls. She found the skin around that area to be very sensitive. It was torture. It felt like a small pond of piranhas was assaulting my testicles. It was the worst pinching feeling you could possibly imagine. Despite all the pain, I was actually semi-hard. My dick tried to get hard every time I tasted Lisa’s pussy juices from her panties. The scent of her perfume still lingered on my nose. Lisa had made sure she smothered me with it before she left. It drove me crazy and she knew it. She made sure I would never forget she owned me and I was only there for her amusement.

Lisa didn’t tell me where she went this morning, but I’m sure she was going to torture me when she got back. At this point, I had begun to expect the unexpected with her. I tried one more time to break myself free from the ropes that held me down. The more I Med to resist, the more painful it was. Any slight movement would make the clothespins on my nipples and balls pinch harder.

It was too much. I just stopped and gave up. I was going to endure Usa’s torture and teasing no matter what. It seemed like she was gone forever. I wondered what she was up to. Eventually I heard a sound in the keyhole for our front door. It must have been Lisa.

The muscles tightened in my body as my pulse accelerated. Shivers ran down the length of my spine. I heard the click clack of Lisa’s heels on our wooden floors. The noise from her heels became louder and louder as she walked towards our bedroom. The door knob turned and I could already feel her presence.

Lisa walked in. She looked absolutely ravishing. Her curled blonde hair seemed to bounce like feathers at even the slightest movement. Her dark red lipstick showed that she meant business.

“Hello, slave! Have you been comfortable while Goddess has been away?”

“Y-yes, Goddess.” My words were somewhat muffled by her panties in my mouth.

“That’s a good boy.” Lisa walked towards me. She eyed the work of art she had put on my body.

“My my my! That looks painful.” She pointed at all the clothespins on me.

“Yes Goddess.” I pouted.

“Don’t worry slave, I’ll be taking those off very shortly. I have something special planned for you today.”

Oh great.. .another “special day”?

Lisa crawled onto the bed. She lightly flicked the clothespins on my balls as I writhed in pain. Then she put her hand on my chest and stroked around the area of my nipples. She put her hands on my neck. Lisa leaned in so I could feel her hot, warm breath on my neck and face.

“I need to change into something more comfortable. You’re going to be a good little slaveboy and wait for me.”

I nodded in complete fear. Usa kissed me passionately on the cheek as my dick hardened. Then she left to the bathroom carrying a bag she brought home. This day was about to get more interesting.. .and not necessarily in the good way.

Chapter 2

I wanted anxiously for about five minutes while Lisa changed in the bathroom. I wondered what she was going to come out in. As I was thinking about it, the bathroom door flew open. I thought I saw an angel. Lisa donned a white lingerie set. Her skimpy outfit barely covered her plump breasts. It was partially see through as well. I saw the matching pair of white and pink panties she wore underneath.

It barely wrapped around her perfect ass. She was beautiful. She may have looked like an angel, but I also knew she could be the devil when she ranted to.

“How do I look?” Lisa spun around in a few quick circles giving me the incredible 360 degree view.

“Good Goddess!”

Lisa smiled at my compliment. She jumped on the bed and straddled me.

“Open your mouth, slave. Let’s get those nasty panties out of there.”


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