by Scarface

Martha was going to be fifty this December. She was an ordinary looking woman a bit heavy set, but, being tall hid the fat that she had gathered with age. Once she was quite beautiful but age had taken its toll and now the lines on her face were not such a pretty sight especially in the mornings before the wonders of make-up and cosmetics.

She worked at a big corporation as a front but had a lucrative business which she kept low profile-very low profile. She also had inherited wealth and simply worked to keep herself busy. Martha was a loner at work and didn’t have any friends. She did not seem to have much family and most people thought she lived alone. Actually she did except for her “pets.”

To the outside world she was the sweet gentle Martha but once she came home she was anything but. Martha stayed most evenings at home and went out only on occasion mostly to meet with clients of her private business enterprise. Martha was in the pets business, the human pets business. She would obtain and train select human specimens to be pets which would be easy to maintain and provide years of trouble free service to her clients. Her clients would be rich women from different parts of the globe.

Martha usually trained one or two pets at a time and usually the training would last six months and sometimes more. By the time Martha would be finished, her little pet would be close to perfect. She would then give a two or three day demo to her potential client and if she was satisfied, the sale would be concluded.

Martha had her own personal full time pets. They had been living with Martha for the last few years and were mortally scared of her. Martha was a strict disciplinarian and severely punished anyone for being out of line.

Let me introduce you to the pets.

The first one was the Bench. He used to be an athlete but now his hands and legs were paralyzed and he had lost his voice. Martha had strapped him on to a bench, which could be electronically moved up and down. The Bench was functional in two very important areas, firstly he could develop a whopping erection, a full uncut thick seven inches, secondly, he (rather, she) had use of his mouth and tongue. With years of conditioning he would get an erection every time Martha was in the room. The fact that Martha would rarely allow him to ejaculate also helped in keeping him hard.

The Bench also had an educated mouth and tongue, which over the years of practice could greatly impress a lady. Martha was not quite so impressed because her other pets were better. Martha seldom used the bench. She used it only on occasions when she was really energetic. But more on that later.

The second of her pets was the Dwarf. The Dwarf was really small not more than two feet high and quite a weakling. Martha could sometimes fling him across the room if she got upset with him. The Dwarf had one redeeming feature. His Tongue. It was long and thick and could stretch a good five inches outside his mouth. Martha used him regularly.

Martha had turned the Dwarf into the most exquisite cunt licker ever possible of a human being. The Dwarf could stiffen his tongue to such an extent that it could be driven deep into both her orifices. He could also flatten his tongue and lap her almost dog like.

The Dwarf took Martha’s desires very seriously as Martha had the dangerous habit of flinging him to the far wall if she was not satisfied with his efforts. Martha could pick him up like a rag doll and literally wipe her ass with him if she wanted to. Martha would love to pick him up by his legs and throw him under her duvet for her oral use during the night. Martha used the dwarf like an extra pillow, with the result that he never got much sleep at night. Martha usually slept on her stomach and was in the habit of tucking the dwarf under her and changing positions through the night, with the result that the dwarf found his face rapidly changing positions from under her stomach to her crotch to her armpits. As you can imagine, the dwarf worked at night and slept by day.

The last of her pets was Dumbolina. She was a very thin girl with almost no IQ. She was close to being retarded and understood only monosylables in English. She kept the house clean and fed the Bench and the Dwarf. She would help Martha with all her personal needs. Dumbolina bathed Martha, wiped her on the toilet seat, massaged her, gave her pedicures and manicures, brushed her hair. She also licked her pussy and ass when Martha wanted a change from the Dwarf. She was good but not as good as the Dwarf and Martha loved humiliating her the most.

She felt the most worthless of all the pets and tried to impress her Mistress by developing an appetite for Martha’s shit. During the last five years Dumbolina had eaten almost every bowel movement of Martha’s.

As you can see that Martha was well looked after at home. She loved playing her “games” and always kept her pets in a constant state of anxiety.


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