by Cat

Catrina watched the slender, brown-haired woman intently. Her alabaster skin was in beautiful contrast to the silver-studded black leather skirt and vest she wore. The woman’s dark eyes were unreadable in the club’s dimness, but her restlessness was evident in the way she repeatedly slapped the riding crop across her palm. Catrina recognized the woman as a frequent player at the d/s club and someone she had talked to over a local bulletin board, but was not sure the woman would recognize her. Still, with a touch of suppressed nervousness, Catrina walked over to her. “Hi. I’ve always wanted to meet you.” she said with a smile. The woman looked at her, expression unchanging.

“Oh? And why is that?” she asked.

Catrina swallowed and said softly, “I’ve watched you with others here, and I’ve always wanted you to domme me.”

Now the woman smiled and extended her hand. “That was very brave. I’m Diana.” she said.

“Goddess of the hunt, fierce yet sensitive,” Catrina replied. “I think it suits you.”

“Why do you want me to domme you?” Diana asked.

Catrina met her intent gaze. “Because you are intelligent and attractive, and I think you would be a caring domme.”

“And what would you like me to do to you?” she inquired.

Now Catrina blushed. “Whatever you like,” she said softly.

“Would you like me to whip you? Use the crop? My hand?” she listed several more instruments capable of delivering the pleasureful pain that Catrina craved.

“I don’t know,” Catrina answered. “I’ve never been dommed before. You can do whatever you like.” she offered.

Diana looked thoughtful. “Let me think about it, and I will let you know. See that equipment over there?” she gestured to a suspension bar with hanging wrist cuffs.

Catrina nodded. “Would you like that?”

“Yes, I would.” Catrina answered, without hesitating.

“Would you like anyone else with us?” Diana looked questioningly at her.

Catrina thought for a moment. “I guess I would prefer not to involve men, if that’s all right. I think my partner would be upset.”

Diana nodded her understanding. “When that area becomes free, we’ll do it. If you see it before I do, grab me, okay?”

“Thank you,” Catrina said shyly. “I feel so strange asking like this,”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a very brave thing you’re doing, being true to your sexuality and going against tradition. I’m happy to do it.”

“Great,” Catrina said. “So I’ll talk to you later.”

Diana nodded and went to visit with her friends.

As Catrina chatted with people she knew, the excitement built inside her. It was a combination of apprehension and anticipation. What if it hurt beyond what she imagined? What if Diana was very businesslike about it, displaying none of the affection that Catrina longed for as a part of her scene?

Diana’s boyfriend, Marcus, reassured her. “Diana will be perfect. She’s a very caring domme, and she wants you to enjoy it.” Later, Marcus took her hand, “It’s time,” he said. He led her to the round pit that was sometimes used as a dance floor but tonight served as a dungeon. As Diana searched for the “toys” she would use, Marcus fastened Catrina’s wrists to the bar above her. “How is that?” he said, as he tightened the soft straps securely.

“Fine,” she said. “Spread your legs,” he instructed. She moved them apart, but he took his foot and pushed them further. Then Marcus stroked her arm, and she quivered, already aroused at the thought of what was to follow. “Have fun,” he smiled and left her in the capable hands of Mistress Diana.

“Are you ready?” Mistress Diana asked. “Because this is your first time, I want you to tell me how you’re feeling. We’ll use a scale of one to ten, with one being soft and ten being hard. Okay?”

Catrina nodded. Mistress Diana stood behind her, and pressed her back against Catrina’s, trailing the leather fringes of a flogger down her neck and arm. Catrina pushed closer to Mistress Diana, savoring the warmth of her body and the sweet scent of her pale skin.

Mistress Diana stepped back and the flogger struck her back. Catrina closed her eyes and moaned softly. Mistress Diana hit her two more times and then came around to whisper in her ear, “You like that don’t you?” Catrina nodded. “You’re a little slut, aren’t you?” As Mistress Diana spoke those words, Catrina felt her body suffuse with heat and a wetness spreading between her thighs. “Aren’t you?” Mistress Diana asked demandingly.

“I like being your slut,” Catrina responded, nodding her head.

“How did that feel?” Mistress Diana inquired.

“Good…it was about a three.” Mistress Diana smiled and reached back into her toy bag. The flogger she pulled out was bigger, with harder strips. First, she came over and removed Catrina’s skirt, tugging it down her hips and letting it fall to the floor. Catrina tried to forget the people watching, who could now see the thong back of her black bodysuit nestled in the crack of her bare ass.

Mistress Diana took the flogger and stroked it against her sensitive mound, barely concealed by the black lace. Catrina moaned and moved against it, feeling the flogger brush softly against her throbbing clit. She wished that they were alone and that Mistress Diana could thrust it inside of her, so that she could show Mistress Diana just what a slut she really was. The sting of the flogger on her back brought her out of her brief fantasy. She tensed against the wrist restraints, as Mistress Diana whipped her, interspersing her hard blows with the soft touch of her hand, caressing Catrina’s buttocks and breasts. It became difficult to distinguish the pleasure from the pain, and they melded into one indescribable feeling of ecstasy.

After each stroke, Mistress Diana ordered her to express her appreciation. “Thank you, Mistress.” Catrina said breathlessly.

“Thank you for what?” Mistress Diana demanded.

“For whipping me and letting me be your slut.”

“Good girl,” Mistress Diana said.

She set the flogger down and picked up a small object with a handle and a shiny silver wheel rimmed with steel spikes. She ran this down Catrina’s back and over her buttocks and between her legs. Catrina spread her legs further, to allow Mistress Diana access to her inner thighs, and giggled as the wheel tickled her. “It tickles,” she explained apologetically. Mistress Diana decided to punish her for her infraction and picked up a crop. She smacked the crop hard against the exposed flesh of Catrina’s ample bottom. Catrina winced and bit her lip as the onslaught continued.

“Five on each side,” her Mistress said, and used the crop to deliver painful blows. With each one, Catrina stiffened and clutched the bindings tightly. “Now I want you to count,” Mistress Diana ordered. “If you aren’t loud enough, we’ll do the whole thing over. Ready?”

Catrina nodded reluctantly, hoping she could endure it.

“Smack,” went the crop against her reddened flesh. “One,” Catrina said firmly. “Smack,” it descended again, and Catrina’s voice wavered as she counted out the last four strokes on that side. When her skin felt warm and flaming, and she thought she could bear no more, Mistress Diana moved to the other side. “One,” she said, trembling, as the crop struck her. “Two,” she cried out, squirming as the pain seared through her discolored cheeks.

After the fifth one, Mistress Diana came to the front and put her arms around Catrina. Catrina licked Mistress Diana’s neck and ear and bit her shoulder gently, which Mistress Diana kindly permitted. “I like to lick things,” she whispered into her Mistresses’ ear. “Mm, I’ll keep that in mind,” Mistress Diana said. “But you know what? That wasn’t nearly loud enough. I think I should do it again.” Catrina sighed. “Are you okay?” Mistress Diana asked, her eyes concerned. “Yes,” Catrina smiled. “I feel wonderful. The last one you did though, that was about a nine.” Mistress Diana nodded that she understood and went behind to crop her again.

The contact was softer now, and Catrina’s pussy throbbed with hunger as Mistress Diana’s cool hands caressed her bruised derriere. Then she stood behind Catrina, and Catrina turned her head to receive the gift of Mistress Diana’s soft kiss on her lips.

Catrina felt someone in front of her, whose hands were caressing her breasts, their hard nipples visible through the lacy fabric of her bodysuit. She moaned and arched toward the hands. She looked and saw an attractive blonde woman who she met earlier in the evening fondling her erect nipples. Then the two Mistresses kissed, and she watched enviously as their tongues touched and stroked each other’s. “You take care of the front,” Mistress Diana told her friend. “With pleasure,” the friend answered and rubbed her palm against Catrina’s moistness.

Mistress Diana picked up the flogger again and began to whip her, raining unending blows against her back, some of them hard, causing her to stumble forward. The tops of the blonde woman’s creamy voluptuous breasts were peeking out of her shirt, and Catrina longed to nestle her lips between them, stroking their silky sides with her eager tongue. As if sensing her wicked thoughts, the woman pulled hard on her nipples, twisting them in her strong fingers. “Oh!” Catrina gasped, and leaned forward to kiss the woman. Her lips were warm and moist and parted eagerly to receive Catrina’s tongue. They kissed passionately, and Catrina broke the kiss only to lick the woman’s neck. The woman smiled. “That’s nice,” she said, as Catrina nibbled her neck.

Meanwhile, Mistress Diana was whipping her firmly. The blows were like kisses, each one filling her with desire to know Mistress Diana and to please her. Eyes closed, she lost herself in the pleasure of the moment. It took her a minute to notice that Mistress Diana had stopped and was unfastening her wrists. She had not realized how much her arms ached until she lowered them.

Grabbing the ring of Catrina’s collar, Mistress Diana pulled her close and kissed her roughly. Then she led her to her knees on the floor and stuck out her boot. Catrina was so lost in her private heaven, that she eagerly licked the shiny black leather of Mistress Diana’s boots, oblivious to the people watching. She was then ordered to lick the other one, and she complied, thanking Mistress Diana for such a beautiful experience. Pulling her back to her feet, Mistress Diana gave her one last kiss before disappearing into the crowd.

Catrina lay alone in her bed that night, thinking of Mistress Diana and her first real d/s experience. Her fingers parted her pink shaved lips, and she drew the moistness from her hole and spread it across her clitoris. She rubbed it in little circles, her other hand pulling on a taut nipple, imagining the blonde woman’s fingers tugging it, as they had earlier. Denying herself immediate gratification, she stopped stroking her clit and thrust two fingers into her hot opening. She thrust against them, fantasizing that it was Mistress Diana’s whip penetrating her. Moving back to her clit, her breath coming in small pants and moans, she came, waves of desire flooding her limbs. As she drifted off to sleep, she caught sight of the moon through her open window and imagined that Diana, goddess of the moon, was watching her. She hoped some day to return the pleasure that had so generously been given to her.


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