by Keith

Let’s go back to 1980 for this fictional story, about my mom and my 2nd grade teacher.

I was 8 years old at the time and struggling in class. My mom told me that my teacher, Ms. Miller wants to see her to try to help me. My mom was 34 at the time with her size 8 and 1/2 feet.

Ms. Miller was a mid-20s first year teacher, tall, skinny dirty blonde hair, and size 8 feet. What no one knew about her was that she had a major foot fetish. When school was over, my mom stopped by the classroom to see Ms. Miller. They were sitting on opposite ends of the desk. The door was shut and just about everyone was leaving for the day, so the school was just about empty. They started to talk as they both had their legs crossed, Ms. Miller in high heels with a dress on and my mom with jeans and flip flops on, as she changed clothes at home before coming to school.

Their feet, which were hanging off the legs, bumped a couple of times in accident, as both ladies looked at each other and smiled. They then went back to the business at hand. Then Ms. Miller with that same foot, tried to knock off my mom’s flip flops, but it didn’t works as Ms. Miller shoe just about fell off. So she tried again and this time she almost did it as my mom’s flip flops were hanging off her foot.

With that knock, Ms., Miller shoe fell off her foot and my mom tried to keep it on her foot, but to no avail as it fell off her foot. Then Ms. Miller went after that foot with her foot to start a game of footsie under the desk. My mom actually went along as her toes grabbed Ms. Miller toes while there legs were still crossed. They were swinging their crossed legs with my mom’s toes grabbing Ms., Miller toes.

Then she let go and then they went sole to sole. Their feet just match about perfect. While they were still talking about school, Ms. Miller moved back a bit as she uncrossed her legs She grabbed my mom’s barefoot, uncrossed her leg and went sole to sole going along, pressing their feet together. Then both ladies took off their other shoes and went sole to sole with those feet. For the next 15 minutes, my mom and my 2nd grade teacher were playing footsie under the desk. They went sole to sole, rubbed their feet together and made foot piles, feet on top of feet.

Ms. Miller then moved in on her desk as her and my mom’s feet were still all tangled up. During the footsie play, they were focus on the school work. When that was done, my mom broke the ice of the footsie and said:

“That was interesting with our feet”

And Ms. Miller responded:

“Yes, your feet Kathy are nice and soft” as they both looked down to see their feet piled up and both giggling and laughing and Ms. Miller continued:

“And our feet matched up well too”

My mom and Ms. Miller told each other foot size as they were still piling their feet up. My mom said:

“You have nice feet Ms. Miller”

And she thanked my mom telling her that my mom has nice feet as well. Then Ms. Miller said:

“No Kathy, you have nice feet, let me see them”

So they untangled their feet and both decided that my mom moved to the other side of the desk and to sit opposite Ms. Miller so the desk is not in the way and they can see better each other feet. So my mom moved to that position and put her feet up in the air towards Ms. Miller so she can have a great look. Ms. Miller grabbed my mom’s feet with a smile on her face and said:

“Kathy, you want to see my feet”

My mom replied:

“Sure I guess”

As Ms. Miller placed her feet on my mom’s lap:

“Kathy, if this is uncomfortable, let me know, because I do like feet” – said Ms. Miller.

Then my mom said:

“Whatever feet are feet, though I have to admit, rubbing our feet together felt good. I just hope no one comes in” -Ms. Miller assured my mom that everyone is gone for the day.

Then my mom lifted up Ms. Miller’s feet right to her face as she was wiggling her toes and they both laughed. My mom said:

“You do have very nice feet; I wish my feet were nice too”

Ms. Miller answered:

“Your feet are nice Kathy, I like them a lot” as she kissed my mom’s soles. That was ticklish and my mom started to laugh. Ms. Miller said:

“Your foot’s ticklish huh?” with a smile on her face as she started to tickle my mother’s feet. She screams and laughs, but was capable to tickle Ms. Miller’s feet. She was laughing really loud as they both almost fell off their chairs. They stopped tickling feet. Then the teacher told my mom:

“Let’s change seats, my desk chair is more comfortable for you” Mom said okay and sat in the teachers chair. But Ms. Miller did not sit down, she instead grabbed Kathy’s feet.

Ms. Miller put my mom’s feet over her face. My mother replied:

“My feet probably smell”

Ms. Miller then took a sniff and told:

“Yeah they do, not too bad though” as she took about 10 more solid whiffs.

Then Ms. Miller started to lick my mom’s feet, nice and slow to see what type of reaction she will get. The reaction it got was it tickled feet somewhat, but there was no anger or too much disagreement, so the teacher went on to lick Kathy’s feet at a little faster pace. She tickled her feet again while said:

“Wow Kathy, your feet -shaking her head- I love them” and she licked even harder.

My mom laughed and said a few:

“Ooooouch” and “Aaaaaahm”

She was licking Kathy’s feet with serious passion, putting her feet side by side and licking from left to right; from back to forth. Then she sucked toes, all 10 of them across, side to side. Then she licked my mom’s right toes, trying to jam all 5 together in her mouth. She just about did it as that was driving my mom crazy. Ms. Miller was sucking that toes really hard, trying to suck the red nail polish off with a serious determination.

After a couple minutes of that, she went back to licking my mom’s right foot bottoms, from heel to toes with non-stop. She must have licked for about 30 times in a row as my mother’s right foot was getting sucked with saliva. After the 30th lick, Ms. Miller said:

“Kathy, I love your feet, they taste good” as she went to the left foot.

She took that foot to her face and smelled that foot like a crazy person and then she licked the soles of the left foot. My mom was laughing cause it tickled some and said:

“Suck my toes again, that’s feeling good”

Ms. Miller sucks my mom’s left toes, trying to jam foot in her mouth. After a few minutes of that, my mom said in a childish pouting way:

“I want to play with your feet”

Ms. Miller asked my mom if she was sure she wanted her feet. My mom accepted. So the teacher got a towel for my mom to stand on while she sits down on the teacher’s chair. The towel was there because my mom’s feet were wet for the licking.

Then my mother started to smell Ms. Miller’s feet. After a handful of smells my mom told:

“Your feet smell fine”

As they both laughed. But my mom went back to smelling and the more she smelled, the more she loved it and it showed. She smelled Ms. Miller’s feet for 10 minutes straight, in a very intense way. After that my mom said:

“Okay, I’m going to lick your feet, I have never done this, so I hope I do okay”

The teacher gave my mom a vote of confidence. She took Ms. Miller right foot and started to lick and kiss and smell it at a easy pace.

“Not bad” said my mom tasting her lover’s feet.

She was making love to that right foot with the licking and kissing. Ms. Miller was enjoying it. She did that for a few minutes and then my mom went to the left foot and non-stop licked it for heel to toes at an average pace, Ms. Miller was really enjoying it as she was starting to breathe a little harder as she took her right foot and place it on top of my mom’s right foot.


After about a few minutes of foot licking, the teacher said:

“Kathy you liking this”

And my mom replied:

“It’s not bad, they taste pretty good actually”

Ms. Miller told my mom to lick her foot some more, and so my mom did it for 10 minutes straight as both were starting to get hot. After 10 minutes my mom told:

“I got your foot all wet with saliva, I did too much here”

Ms. Miller answered:

“No, that’s okay, probably there’s no more foot taste in that foot anyways”

“Na , there is still some more, but I’m afraid that and I’m going to make your feet too wet” – said my mom.

“If there is some more feet taste go at it, drenched my feet if you have to, I’m fine with that” –replied Ms. Miller.

My mom licked that left foot for another 10 minutes straight without stopping. About half way, my mom said:

“Even though there is a lot of saliva on this foot, I can still taste your feet”

And she went back to licking that left foot. Then the teacher commented:

“When you are done, I want to lick your left foot for 20 minutes straight, get them drenching super wet, like that” as she pointed to her left foot.

Saliva was dripping off Ms. Miller’s left foot. It was dripping off her foot for the last 2 minutes straight, but my mom just kept on licking. Then my mother said:

“5 more licks” After the 3rd one:

“I’m telling you I got this foot really wet”

“That’s fine, just wait until I get a hold of your left foot” –replied Ms. Miller.

My mom had a wow look on her face and she licked the final lick. So now my mom is sitting down and Ms. Miller grabbed her left foot and she didn’t lie. Ms. Miller licked my mom’s foot with desire passion as my mom was loving it. Within 5 minutes Kathy’s left foot was soaked with saliva, but Ms. Miller can’t stop. About 8 minutes in, Ms. Miller had to stop. She said:

“I have to wait a couple of minutes to have some of my saliva drip off your foot, because all in tasting is my saliva. I could use a towel but I love to see your feet all dripping wet” as she laughed.

My mom said “okay” and asked how wet is her foot. Ms. Miller answered:

“Oh they are wet” as a bunch of saliva was dripping off my mom’s foot.

Ms. Miller continued:

“But I want to lick more of this foot, I want this foot deep inside my mouth”

Then she went back to licking my mom’s left foot. After about 5 minutes, Ms. Miller had to stop again as more saliva was dripping off her foot. My mom had a smile on her face as her lover said:

“I love to see your foot drenched, oh it’s sooo sexy”

While Ms. Miller was waiting for saliva to drip off Kathy’s foot, and she told:

“You know Ms. Miller”

And Ms. Miller replied

“It’s Cindy, call me Cindy”

So my mom went on:

“Cindy, I still want your feet, wait its Friday right”

Ms. Miller said “Yes” as my mom continued:

“That’s right, Keith’s dad picked him up tonight, so no one is home and I live right across the street, why don’t we go to my house and play with each other’s feet? We can lay on the couch”

Cindy said:

“Yes”, and she added, “Let me finish licking this foot first”

With that she finished up licking my moms left foot. When she was done, she said:

“I love to tickle feet, but lets just lick each ohters feet, take turns, every 10 minutes”

My mom said “Yes” and she told Ms. Miller that when she licks her feet, it does not tickle as much as she is getting use to it. So the ladies cleaned up the classroom and went to my house.

They came to my house grabbed some towels to wipe off saliva for later and they started to play sole to sole footsie on the couch. My mom asked to Cindy:

“Do you want any music on? I have Donna Summer on 8-track” (remember this story is set in 1980)

“Sure, of course” said Ms. Miller.

But first Kathy, my mom, grabbed a hair dryer and told Ms. Miller that they can dry there feet off between licks. She laughed as my mom put on the 8-track. She layed back on the couch as the music began and started to licking Ms Miller left foot for 10 minutes. An easy licking, savoring the taste of the teacher’s feet. Then it was Cindy turn as she grabbed my mom’s right foot and went nuts on it, smelling her foot like a crazed animal and licking her foot and likcing that foot as hard as she can. About half way through the 10 minutes, saliva was again building up on my mother’s feet, but this time Ms. Miller took the towel and wiped off the saliva and went back to eating feet.

Then it was my moms turn to lick Cindy’s right foot, This time my mom was licking that foot super hard and within minutes Ms. Miller’s right foot was drenched with my mom’s saliva, It drove her nuts as she grabbed Kathy’s left foot and started to lick it hard. Both girls were licking each others foot as hard as they could. Saliva was flying all over the place as both women were on the verge of a orgasms, bouncing up and down on the couch licking feet. Once they climaxed, they stopped licking feet and used to towels to wipe off the saliva on the feet. They took a short break, looking at each other with smiles on their faces listening to music.

The music stopped and my mom said:

“Ready to go again?”

Ms. Miller said “Yes” but suggested that for a while they should just suck on toes. My mom agreed and for a long while they sucked each others toes, some times at the same time, other times taking turns. Sometimes sucking hard, other times nice and easy and they sucked toes in different posistions. Condy was on her stomach sucking Kathy’s toes changing posistions continuously. After the toe sucking, they went back to licking feet.

For the next hour, they took turns licking each others feet, not had hard as before, and they were using the towels and the hair dryer to take any saliva off so they can taste feet. Then the played sole to sole footsie to have their tongues take a break and after that, again they took turns licking feet and this time it was intense again. About 30 minutes into it they once again were licking each others feet out of control and again they get orgasmed.

After that they again relaxed and the teacher Ms. Miller said:

“Wow! It’s almost 8:00 am, and I’m going to be in Dallas on next hour”

My mom suggested that she stay and watch the show, but Cindy answered:

“I better get home, my boyfriend is probably wondering where I’m at” (remember it’s 1980, no cell phones).

Then my mother said:

“Can you come by tomorrow? I still want to lick your feet, I know we’ve been at it for about 3 hrs, but I really love your feet”

Ms Miller said that she could not, but maybe next weekend. She told to Kathy:

“I can get your home number at school, I’ll call you, because my bf doesn’t like feet, and I’m always ready for be worshipped”

They both smiled and made a tentative agreement on the next weekend after. They also agreed that the foot licking will not have anything to do with my grades. Ms. Miller said:

“I dont want to eat anything, I just love your feet taste in my mouth”

My mom said the same thing about Ms. Miller’s feet. They said “Goodnight” to each other and the teacher Cindy left.

The End

Special Thanks to Keith


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