by Amber K.

Well my first sexual/foot experience isn’t very exciting to hear. But it was my first time and almost overwhelming for me…of course the later tales are a bit more nasty…but I think my first time is important in the development of my fetish. My first experience was when I was in junior high school.

My best friend Becca and I had only recently met. We were on the drill team together and had started hanging out after school. We were both really into horror movies and talked a lot about them. There was a horror marathon on HBO on Halloween night so I spent the night at her house to watch it.

Her parents were in Oregon and her older brother was supposed to be taking care of the house. He thankfully went out with his friends which left us to ourselves. We were laying on the bed in her parent’s room watching the TV. She had her head propped up on pillows and I was laying on my stomach facing the TV at the foot of the bed. We had a blanket draped across us.

She started moving her legs under the blanket and I could tell she was taking off her socks. The next thing I knew, one of her bare feet poked out from under the blanket next to my face. Now as far back as I can remember I’ve always had a thing for feet. I hadn’t really reconciled it until my first year in junior high so I was still new to my fetish. But I did know that when the smell of that one little foot hit me I was damn near delirious with lust.

I’d stolen glances of Becca’s feet from time to time but had never been that close. Nor had I ever been close enough to get a whiff. I could already feel my panties getting damp and my face was flushed. I felt tingly all over. I knew I had to get closer for a better smell, but I didn’t want Becca to know what I was up to.

I finally rolled over on my side trying to look like I was getting comfortable. Her foot was closer to my face now. It was beautiful. Tiny with short perfectly shaped toes and a high arch. And the smell was intoxicating. I laid there breathing in the strong scent of her foot for the next few movies. After a while I couldn’t help myself so I quietly masturbated under the blanket. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you.

After the movies ended, Becca got up and turned off the television. We both agreed that we weren’t tired and decided to stay up. We stole some beer from the frig in the garage and retired to her bedroom. A few beers later we started talking about sex and guys at school. Both of us were still virgins and pretty much clueless as to what sex was all about. Becca admitted to stealing one of her brother’s Penthouse magazines and masturbating to one of the girl/girl pictorials.

I in turn admitted to much the same thing. I had set my VCR timer to tape a movie that was on Showtime at 2AM. After the movie, a soft-core film was on and half of it recorded on the cassette before the tape ran out. There was a girl/girl scene that I had masturbated to while watching over and over again.

Then came the scariest moment of the night!!! It wasn’t The Exorcist or any of the other movies we had watched. It was just a simple question that Becca asked with the most innocent look on her face.

“Why were you smelling my feet earlier tonight?”

I swear that I sobered up instantly. Ways I could deny what I had done swam through my head. But she just kept staring at me with those doe eyes of her’s, waiting for an answer.

“Because I like it,” was the only pitiful thing I could come up with.

Then she giggled and we both laughed and I felt a little more at ease. We continued to talk about sex and not another thing was mentioned about feet. It was at least 3 in the morning and Becca turned off the lights and we crawled into her bed to go to sleep. I laid there in the dark thinking about her feet and body and started getting turned on all over again. The lights on her front lawn slightly illuminated the room. I could see the hump underneath the blanket that I knew to be her feet. I thought Becca was asleep, but when I turned to look at her I could see she was watching me.

“Can I ask you something?” she said.


“Maybe we could help each other masturbate to see what it’s like.”

I was too turned on to say no. We started by lightly touching each others bodies. I was more than nervous and my hand was shaking like a leaf, She had very full and large breasts. They were at least a size bigger than mine and it felt incredible to squeeze them. My hands traced down her body as she felt on my breasts. Finally my hand reached her pussy; it was as sopping as mine. I parted her lips with my fingers, as she did the same to me, and began to rub her clit with my middle finger. We both gasped at the initial touch. This was the first time someone, other than myself, had touched down there in a sexual way. It was truly magical.

After about five minutes I made Becca cum. What she did next shows how sweet she is!!! She then sat up and flipped around in the bed. She gently placed her foot over my face and continued to rub my clit. It was the most wonderful thing I could imagine!! To have so many fantasies and to finally be doing it!!! I laid there smelling that foot as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over my body. She mercilessly rubbed my clit sore forcing one orgasm after another out of me. When she was done I actually cried it was so intense.

Becca and I are best friends to this day and continue to engage in our “activities”. They’ve of course become more elaborate over the years. I’ve also converted her to a devout foot fetishist, like myself.


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