“I’ve been working on these all week for you.” She said with her best naughty smile.

“Take off my right boot, and tell me if you like it.”

And there I was, taking in deep inhalations from in between the toes of the girl I loved. How the hell did I get here?

It all started in the tenth grade. Throughout my freshman year at high school, I had dated one girl pretty steadily, but we had broken up near the end of the year. I got on the bus for my first day as  a sophomore, and went to take the same seat I had the year before, next to my friend Kimmy, who was a year ahead of me. But when I got to the aisle we sat in, there was a new girl sitting next to her instead.

I sat down in the seat across from Kimmy and this new chick in the seat with a friend from last year named Josh.

“Who’s the new chick replacin’ me?” I joked. Josh told me her name was Elizabeth, but she wanted everyone to call her Liz.
Hands down, Liz was hot. Not just your regular hot-cheerleader-blonde-slut hot, but this chick was exotic hot. Her skin was
a pale shade of brown, like coffee with extra cream. She was a brunette with curly hair, and piercing blue-green eyes. Admittedly, the next thing I looked at was her shoes. I had already known that I had a foot-fetish at that point of my life,
and was hoping maybe to get a peek of her toes poking out of some cute sandals. Instead, I saw the rattiest, most beat-up pair
of Converse I had ever seen in my life. Dear Diary… Jackpot!

So the first few weeks of school dragged out a little bit, and me and Liz started to get pretty close. We would hang out on weekends and after school, but always with the whole clique we fell in. Nothing special for the most part, usually just wasting time walking around the local mall. One weekend, our little group went to see some vampire movie that had come out that week. After the movie, I joked around with Liz about biting my neck, and without thinking twice she grabbed my shoulders and about damn took out my jugular.

And, after I could breathe again, I asked her out. From that day, me and Liz were pretty much inseperable. We were together whenever there was free time, in between class, after school, on the weekends, it didn’t even really matter what we were doing, but we were always side by side. At first, I didn’t let her know about my fondness for feet, for the first months I didn’t even see her feet. They were always hidden inside those same ratty Converse she had worn on the first day of school. One day, I jokingly tried to steal her shoe. Of course, she didn’t know that what I really wanted was to get a glance at what I hoped were some good looking toes. But Liz freaked out. Seriously freaked out. She pushed me off of her leg with all her bodily strength and told me to “stay the fuck away from” her shoes. After she had calmed down, I asked her why she flipped shit over her shoes. At first, she blushed and tried to change the subject, but I pressed her about it. After all, she almost broke my ribs kicking me off (or so I exaggerated).

She frowned deeply and mumbled something I couldn’t hear. I asked her what she just said and she rolled her eyes, sighed and said “I have really stinky feet, okay?” I laughed, and she actually threw a punch that I dodged. “Whoa, what the fuck Liz?” She looked at me and yelled “Its not funny okay!” I tried to calm her down and said “Look, I just didn’t expect you to say that, plus I bet that your feet can’t stink that bad.” “They really do! I… I’m too lazy to wash my socks so I just kind of wear whatever ones I find on my floor.” My jaw nearly dropped. At this point in my life, I had never actually smelled a girls feet, but I was already watching clips online of girls teasing about their sweaty socks, dirty sneakers, and smelly feet. “Look, I don’t care if your feet stink, I’ll leave your shoes alone.” Thats what I said, but what I was thinking was ‘Someday, very soon, I’m gonna find out just how stinky those feet are!’

I’m a patient person by nature, which I guess is just another incredible stroke of luck in this strange tale. Everything seemed to be falling in place with this chick, my foot-fetish, her months-worn socks (no exaggeration there), and my will to wait as long as I had to to get what I wanted. And it wasn’t for nothing either. One day, we were taking another aimless walk around the mall, when Liz suddenly felt the urge to go into the Bath and Body Works store. As a typical guy would respond, I first refused, but then, like a typical guy, gave in.

We went into the perfume hell that is Bath and Body Works and walked around for a bit. Any guy that has been dragged into a store like that by a girlfriend/wife knows the almost-instant headache we get from the clashing of fragrances that goes on in that store. Anyways, Liz was having fun, smelling various bottles of “Orange Mist Sunrise” and “Sea Breeze Lilac.” Occasionally, she would hold one up to my face and asked if I liked it. I shrugged every time and said “Sure,” but then she found one I actually did like. It was a bottle of Jasmine lotion, and it really did smell good. Then I had an idea, if it was lotion, she would put it on her legs right? But if I could convince her to put it on her feet, maybe let me give her a massage with the stuff… needless to say in two seconds we were walking out of the store with two bottles.

Later that week, I was with Liz at her house. We were just laying on the bed, watching some TV. Liz still had her shoes on, unfortunately, and I was thinking of a way to finally get them off. “Hey babe, you want a back rub?” I couldn’t have asked it more casually. After about 20 minutes giving her a good massage I asked her it she liked it. “Yeah you’re really good at massages!” She replied enthusiastically. “Want one anywhere else?” “Like where?” I had to hold back a smile. “I don’t know, maybe you want a foot rub?” At first she refused. “NO WAY! You know how I feel about my feet, why would you even bring that up?” But I was patient, and smart. “Well, we do have that lotion, so I won’t even smell them. Plus, I want to show you that I don’t care. I love everything about you.” Yep, that and a little bit of persisting and she gave in.

“Okay, but sit on the other side of the bed for a minute.”


“Because I’m gonna take of my shoes and socks, and put some lotion on first so you really don’t smell them.”

I was a little disappointed, but I didn’t fight it. I figured it was good enough that I’d actually be able to see my girlfriend’s feet for the first time, about three months into the relationship. She did just what she said, they really did stink, and she was (at that point) really self-conscious about it. She made sure to lather them with lotion so I wouldn’t get even a hint of smell, and she threw the socks and shoes in her closet. But at least I finally saw her feet. They were too cute! She had little short toes, and a really high arch. I spent about 30 minutes rubbing them, and Liz loved it. I left her house that day with an ear-to-ear grin,
because I knew that it was only the beginning.

A few months passed, and our relationship was still going strong. I had lost my virginity to Liz, and was still giving her frequent lotion massages. Unfortunately from my perspective, Liz had started washingher socks thoroughly and making sure that her feet never smelled. But I was happy with what I got. I still hadn’t told her about my fetish, I didn’tknow exactly how she would take it, and I didn’t want to ruin what we had. So I held back, enjoyed the normal sex, and enjoyed giving her a massage maybe every other day. But one day changed everything.

I was at her house, where we usually hung out. Again, we were watching tv, nothing special. I asked her if she wanted a massage, and she almost eagerly put her feet on my lap. I was rubbing them like any other time, when she leaned behind her to get the remote she dropped. As she leaned back, the foot I wasn’t rubbing stretched forward and bumped into my now hard member. She immediately looked up, and asked:

“Is that your dick?”

I was honestly scared shitless. I didn’t know how to explain myself so I just muttered a “Huh?”

“Are you hard? What made you hard?”

My thoughts raced to think of a legitimate excuse, maybe pretend her boob slipped and I just stared or something, but before I could come up with anything, she said “Are you getting hard rubbing my feet?”

Oh shit.

As it turns out, my worst nightmare became a dream come true when Liz said

“what do you want me to do with them?”

I was dumbfounded. “What?” was all I could come up with.

“My feet. What do you want me to do with my feet?” Holy shit.

So that day, I had my first real foot-fetish experience. I had sex with my girlfriend while sucking on her toes. It was incredible, I was so turned on I must have grown literally another inch, which worked out perfectly for Liz. I’m kind of quiet in the moment, but she sure as hell wasn’t. Her nails dug more than a few scratches into my back. I left her house that day with an ear-to-ear grin, because I knew it was only the beginning.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m a senior in high school. Me and Liz are still together, and even better, I had her exploring moret things relative to my fetish. Gone were the days of her covering her feet in lotion, because now she knew what really got me going was her feet at their smelliest. She would honestly wear the same pair of socks for the whole school week in combat boots. We both dressed in the punk/metal genre, and now we had a more… practical use for our choice of footwear. My favorite experience occurred one week in the middle of the year. I should mention here that we both we in South Florida at the time, and the weather in February is similar to a Northern July. So, we had agreed that Liz would wear this one pair of blue and black socks for the entire schoolweek, and then have awesome sex on Friday. I had never been so excited in my life, and on Wednesday she let me sniff the socks on the bus as a teaser. They were already soaking with sweat and they smelled amazing! Friday couldn’t come any faster.

But of course it did. We rode the bus home (hey, we were both broke! Cars are expensive!) and went to her house. We made sure her dad was sleeping, and then I got to work. I lovingly unlaced each boot first, before pulling either one off. Then I told her to tell me which one to smell first. She playfully sang “Eenie, meenie, minie, moe” while alternately kicking her feet. She landed “moe” on the left boot, which I slowly pulled off. God the smell! I was in heaven! I smelled the socked foot for at least five minutes, forgetting everything else. Liz playfully nudged my face with her foot.

“Feel like taking the other one off? My foot’s getting hot in there.”

I shifted position, and moved to the other foot.

“I’ve been working on these all week for you.” She said with a smile.

“Take off my right boot, and tell me if you like it.”

I, being a gentleman, couldn’t refuse the fair lady’s wish. I spent my sweet time with that foot too, and eventually got the socks off. There were the gorgeous bare feet of the girl I loved, laid out for me. The sex we had that afternoon was great. I was crazy with lust, practically drunk on the smell of Liz’s feet. She was on her back, with her insanely stinky feet on my face while I pounded away. But I still wanted to take it to the next level, I moved her legs down, grabbed the filthy, ripe, wet socks and actuallyput them on her face.

“You smell ’em.”

And you know what? She didn’t even miss a beat. Liz took a big inhale, and (this is true) came. I followed immediately.


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