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I have had a thing for my Moms feet every since around the age of 15…and I am 28 now. I have always been sexually attracted to women’s feet. I remember I used to have a thing for one of my teachers feet when I was in School, and was obsessed with her feet until one day I noticed that my own Mother had the sexiest feet I had ever seen.

My Mom today is 54 years old, and she has very soft and wrinkly soles and very high arches. She takes very good care of her feet by lotioning them daily, and keeping them pedicured. Her feet are enough to give any man a boner…and they have been the center of my wildest fantasies since the age of 15. So here’s how it all started…I was already aware that I had a thing for womens feet and I remember I was doing homework in the living room one day after school, and Mom was sitting on the couch beside me painting her toenails red. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her feet they looked so incredible.

It had never occurred to me before that moment that my own Mother had beautiful feet..or it may have been the fact that she was my Mom so I didn’t look at her like that. For the longest time I felt wrong about having sexual feelings towards my Mom…until I realized that it was just her feet that I was attracted to. So while she was painting her toenails I remember I kept looking over in amazement at how sexy her feet were. I kept having thoughts running through my head wondering what they smelled like. Over the next couple weeks I begin noticing that Mom was always walking around either barefoot, or wearing slippers, or flip flops…or something showing off her sexy feet.

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Every single day I started growing more and more curious…until one evening I went into her bedroom to get something and noticed that she was asleep on her bed with her bare feet poking out of the end of her covers. I am thought to myself…well I can smell them real quick and she will never know…unless she wakes up and catches me. If that were to happen…well….that would be a little awkward. But that was a risk I was willing to take. I walked over to the side of the bed, my heart racing a million miles a second. I was so nervous, and I bent down and placed my nose about an inch away from her feet and inhaled. The smell of her feet was absolutely heavenly, and I started to get dizzy, and horny at the same time , and started to shake at the knees a little bit. I had never felt like that before…

I kept smelling her feet for probably 5 minutes until I felt like I was about to cumm, and then I ran to the bathroom finished what I had started. Over the next year or two my feelings for Moms feet continued to grow, and as they continued to grow I continued taking bigger risks. I started masturbating with her dirty socks, nylons, flip flops, and anything else she had worn on a regular basis. I remembered I would fantasize about her feet all day while I was at school, and I couldn’t wait to get home to see what I would find. On occasion she would take a nap on the couch when she got off work in the evenings. This was my best opportunity to indulge in my fetish. When I’d see her lay down on the couch, I knew it wouldn’t be long after before she would doze off. For the longest time I would just smell her feet while masturbating…and then I decided I wanted more. I wonder what my penis would feel like rubbing up against those soft wrinkly soles. I would wait until she started snoring, and slowly I’d pull my rock hard penis out and brush it up against her toes, and the soles of her feet.

I would get so horny, and dizzy and lightheaded that my entire body would feel like it was numb and it would feel like all of the blood in my body was rushing to my penis. I think it was the thrill of doing something I knew I shouldn’t be doing, mixed with my most wildest fantasies coming true. Everytime I masturbated I fantasized about Mom giving me a footjob and cumming all over her feet. So I would rub my penis all over her feet…only when she was snoring though. If her snoring lightened up, then I’d back off…if it got louder then I’d rub it up against her feet even harder. It wouldn’t take but a few minutes of me doing this to where I couldn’t hold myself back anymore and I’d start to cum. I always had a napkin ready to catch my load. I was so addicted to doing this that it got to the point to where I was sneaking into her room at nights to rub my cock on her feet….this was extremely risky because I had to remove the covers off of her feet and if she was to wake up….how would I explain being in her room late at night? I never got caught for the longest time.

I started to grow so horny, that I began exposing my penis to my Mom as well. I would set up situations around the house where shed see me naked. She would always say something when she seen me naked that would make me that much hornier to do it again. Like one time I let her catch me changing, and she said damn that thing has gotten big. Another time I was laying in my bed one morning when Mom came in to gather up dirty laundry, and I let my erection hang out of the fly in my boxers and she said “you should probably take care of that before you go to School.” Little did she know I wanted to use her feet to “take care of it.” I always wanted to tell Mom about my fetish…I didn’t think she would react to negatively to it because we have always had a close relationship. I had started to suspect she knew because I had a collection of her dirty socks that I busted loads in that magically disappeared one day while I was at school and she was home from work.

One of the best experiences I have ever had with my Moms feet was one night when she came home at like 2 in the morning after being out with friends partying all night. I was probably 19 at the time. I was in the living room watching TV, and she came in kicked off her flip flops and she was extremely drunk stumbling all around the house. She went to the kitchen to get some food, and came back and plopped down on the couch and her bare soles were dangling off the side of the couch….it wasn’t even 5 minutes later she was out cold and was snoring really loud. I tested to see how deep of a sleep she was in…and said hey Mom? I tapped her feet to see if shed wake up…I even shook her a little bit, and she still kept snoring very loud. I knew if she did wake up, I could pretend like I was just checking up on her because she was drunk. Or that I was trying to wake her up so she could go back to bed. I smelled her feet…and they smelled as good as ever. Slightly musty…with a hint of the lotion she uses on her feet. I rubbed my fingers gently over her wrinkly soles, getting horny at the thought of this being a very good night. She never comes home drunk like this…rarely does she even drink.

Getting trashed is a once in a blue moon type of thing. After smelling, and rubbing her feet for a few minutes….my penis was begging to get in on the fun. I was on my knees…and her feet were positioned perfectly at dick level. So I pulled my shorts down, and my rock yard penis shot out like a rocket. I grabbed the base if my cock and gently started caressing her soles and toes with it. Her feet were side by side, and there was a perfect opening big enough for me to slide it in between both of her feet. I was already about to cum…and had to pull off because I wasn’t ready to yet….I wanted to enjoy this.

She was still snoring very loud, and wasn’t moving at all. She was out cold. I slid my penis in between her feet, and slowly began thrusting. Any other time this would have woken her up easily. I pulled out when I was about to cum, and I’d wait a little bit then go right back at it. I was extremely weak at the knees, and had that insanely horny/dizzy feeling that I was all OK familiar with. I wanted to cumm all over her sweet sexy feet…it felt so amazing and I let my penis do the decision making for me…I put my erection between her feet once again and began thrusting…and I felt myself building up once again like a volcano about to erupt. Then finally my body started to go numb, and every ounce of blood I had in my body at that moment was being redirected to my penis, and any other time this is the moment I would pull away and shoot my load into a napkin…but not tonight. I didn’t even care if I got caught…here it comes….oh my god. I remember looking down seeing my 8 inch cock sliding back and forth between her 2 feet and the first squirt of semen shot really far up her leg…and the we one shot went onto her ankles…and I pulled out away from her feet and began stroking…shooting the next couple of squirts on her toes. By the time I was done she had cum all over her legs, ankles, toes, and Ber soles.


It was dripping off of her feet onto the ground below. I immediately came to my senses and realized I had to get this cleaned up as quickly as possible. She was still snoring heavily. I ran to the bathroom, took a washcloth and dampened it with warm water and slowly wiped all of my cum off of her feet. I cleaned up the mess the best that I could, and then went to bed thinking about what had just happened. Amazed that my wildest fantasy had just came true.


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  1. Yup I did same thing with my mom’s nylon feet after her long work day sneaking into the living room to sniff her swanky feet

  2. Yup guys I think we all did some kind of incest thing like for instance my aunt is a hairdresser so she wears flats same ones every day with nylons blk or tan so I’d always sniff her flats when she would rest on her couch

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