It had been a year since I spoke to or had even seen Lauren. She left me last summer after a lengthy period of progressive deterioration-our relationship had slowly fallen to pieces as I grew more and more obsessed with her and therefore more and more frustrated. I still had not come to terms with reconciling my sexual desires in a relationship.

I wanted to be dominated and accept my inferiority. I wanted to worship Lauren as superior and honestly wanted her to pretty much humiliate me and be mean to me. This made me feel insecure and so I lashed out with anger. I couldn’t accept that I truly did believe she was a superior individual, regardless of my aforementioned sexual feelings. It destroyed our relationship. She lost respect for me and she left me and was totally indifferent toward me. The opposite of love. And I was growing more obsessed with her every day.

It had been a year, and I couldnt take it anymore. She was incomperable. No girl was as great as Lauren. She was a sinister beauty. Long, wild, light brown/blondish hair. Wavy and unkempt. Slanted, exotic eyes. Sharp, strong features. She looked incredibly feminine, standing 5ft 4in, but she also looked strong and mean. She had this cruel look to her which I loved. I remember she told me this one anecdote about a time she was in class and some guy was hitting on her and then randomly told her she looked evil. I liked that other people saw it. She looked like a cruel goddess. She had the most perfect nails I had ever seen, long and feminine and strong. Perfectly shaped, thin and lengthy, with flawless nail beds-a big deal to me. Her feet were the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. She wore a size six. Her feet were small and perfect-still full and meaty and very curvy. Her toes were full and shapely but still long. Her toenails were naturally long and she grew them out to the edge of her toes. Lauren was perfection. When we dated I had timidly kind of told her about wanting to be dominated but I never expounded on it at all. She knew about my foot fetish and knew I liked it when she rubbed her feet all over my face but that was about it. I didnt want to tell her I wanted to worship her like a deity and be humilated at her feet because I was worried she would look down on me. But I guess that that was what I wanted, sexually. So now that she had left me I knew what I wanted to do.

She was pretty mean-spirited and liked to make fun of people. She definitely had a superiority complex. I figured if I worded it right, she would definitely go for having a slave. I figured since we ended on bad terms, she would be up for treating her ex boyfriend like dirt too. ‘This could work’ I thought. We hadn’t spoken or seen each other at all. I still had her number and so I texted her.

“Hey Lauren, I wanted to ask you something. Can I call you?” I texted. She responded the next day when I had given up, thinking she wasnt going to hear it. She just said ‘What do you want’. I texted ‘call me’.

My heart was pounding. This was absurd. Moments later the phone rang. She answered ‘What do you want’. Her voice was so feminine but strong and mature. I was instantly turned on.
‘I want to serve you’ I blurted out. ‘Im obsessed with you and I want to worship you and do whatever you want. Please let me serve you and I will do whatever you say’  ‘That is fucking disgusting’  she said. ‘Please, youre so perfect. Lauren, you deserve to have someone serve you. Youll get so much out of this, think about it. Ill pay for your stuff, I will write your papers, clean your room.’
She cut me off ‘So you want to be my bitch…what the fuck’
I sounded so pathetic but I had decided to give in and desperately try to get this to work. I mean, it didnt matter if she said no-as of right now she wouldnt have anything to do with me anyway, right?
‘All I ask in return is that you let me kiss your feet and worship you’
Lauren hesitated ‘Ugh you are so pathetic.’
I continued pleading ‘Think about it, you’d have someone completely submit to you. You’ll be my boss and I will do anything for you. Your life will be so easy.”
Lauren started ‘Okay, just stop begging its fucking annoying.’ This was actually working. ‘Fine. You have to do everything that I say or I will get rid of you without a thought.’ She started laughing. ‘Oh my god this is so ridiculous’

I profusely thanked her and we talked a little bit about how to go about doing this. She said I could come over in a few hours and start by cleaning her room. She lived in a house with a few of her female friends. It was going to be super humiliating because I went to high school with all of them. Now they would see me being Lauren’s bitch. This was so crazy.

About two hours later Lauren texted me her address and added ‘You will come over and clean my room and we will talk about how things are going to be from now on’ I arrived at her house horribly nervous. She opened the front door and just looked at me and said ‘ugh’ with a grimace. She looked so much more beautiful. She was always fit, but she appeared to have gotten leaner. Her nails were unpainted and long and her hands moved gracefully as always.  She was wearing casual clothes with blue jean shorts and light blue high top converse. They were dirty and tattered and covered in paint and scribbling. Her personality alone made me feel so submissive. She was just so perfect and naturally dominant and superior. I wanted to fall to my knees right there and start kissing her feet, but I knew her roommates might see, and I wasnt ready for that yet, however inevitable… I tried greeting her and talking about how it had been a long time but she cut me off and said ‘dude, shut up. follow me’. We got to her room and she closed and locked the door and turned toward me with her arms folded. She started laughing in a really demeaning way and said ‘You are so fucking pathetic. You know, I would have said no because I want nothing to do with you, but I like the idea of having all this shit done for me for free. Plus, I think this is going to be hilarious’ I didnt know what to say.

Lauren walked over to her bed and sat down. I had no shame at this point. I got down on my knees in front of her. ‘Oh my god, seriously. Fine. If this is what you want, so be it. Crawl over here and kiss my feet you piece of shit.’ My face turned hot and I crawled toward her. She had one leg crossed over the other. One foot was planted firmly on the ground and the other elevated by her knee. I began frantically kissing her converse shoe. It could smell a stale and faint scent of sweat. I glanced up and saw her looking down at me with a disgusted but amused look on her face. ‘That’s right, gaze up at your superior. This is the closest you will ever get to me, you maggot.’ She began laughing again and started shoving her shoe into my face, causing me to fall back. Each time, I got back in front of her and would feverishly kiss her shoe, almost like I was thanking it for kicking me. She reached down and untied the shoe and pulled it off, grabbed a handful of my hair on the back of my head and shoved the converse into my face, the hole where her foot went covering my mouth and nose. ‘Sniff it, bitch.’ I started sniffing audibly. I closed my eyes and got lost in the strong scent of her vacant feet. The warmth in her recently removed shoe was the best part. She then pulled her shoe away and put it on the ground, pulling the other one off too. Suddenly my face flew toward the ground. Her socked foot was planted on the side of my face and she stood up. I could feel a small portion of Lauren’s bare foot through a small hole in the bottom of her sock on my face. The sock was warm and kind of damp. She began grinding it onto my face while pressing down. Her other foot then slammed down right in front of my mouth. It was bare. She must have pulled the sock off along with the shoe. Her beautiful unpainted toenails. I had almost forgotten how amazing they were. Her foot was kind of tan and had indentations from her sock. It looked just barely wrinkled from being wet. I could see bits of damp toejam in between her toes and some gunk hanging out from underneath her big toenail. Everything looked so big down there with my face pinned to the floor. Her foot had some lint and dirt sticking off of it that could be seen when the light hit it properly. I could smell an amazing fleshy, vinegary and pungent fragrance emanating from her foot.

I tried to look up at her. She looked so powerful and strong and beautiful standing above me. I felt so small and insignificant. ‘Kiss, worm’ she commanded from above me. Her socked foot pressed down on my face and I struggled to kiss her bare foot. She lifted her toes up off the ground just slightly and I passionately made out with the bottom of her foot, her sole, just below her toes, while burying my nose in between her big and second toes. I inhaled the pungent stink and tasted the saltiness of her foot while she spread specks of dirt and toejam onto my face.

‘This is how it’s going to be from now on..’ I heard her start from up above me. ‘Keep kissing, bitch.’

While on my knees with my face pinned to the floor by Lauren’s socked foot, I kissed her bare foot which was planted on the floor right next to my mouth as Lauren divulged the details of my new life.

‘You’re my little follower. My worm, my bitch now. You arent worth enough to speak my name. From now on you will learn to think of me as your god and will therefore refer to me as ‘God’. Even in front of others.’

‘Yes God, I understand’ I said pitifully between two kisses on the bottom of her big toe.

‘Im going to figure out the other logistics but for now you will be coming over here whenever you are told and you will stay for as long as I say’ Lauren began laughing, ‘and youre gonna truly understand that I am better than you. Im totally superior to you and that’s why you’re down there groveling to me you little shit. Thank your new God, maggot!’

She started laughing even more when I instinctively and gently held onto her bare foot and brought it closer to my mouth, burying my face into it as I lost control and replied ‘thank you, thank you God, thank you. You are my superior God, thank you for letting me be beneath you.’


‘That’s right’ Lauren said. ‘Enough. You’re going to clean my room now.’ As Lauren sat back down the pressure of her socked foot on my face eased. I was disappointed I would have to stop kissing her feet, but mostly embarrassed because I had literally just debased myself in front of her and I was going to have to stand up and walk around cleaning in front of her. Lauren shifted back on her bed and propped up against the pillows on the headboard when I noticed her phone in her right hand, with the camera light on.
‘W-Why did you have your phone on just now?’ I asked, horrified.
‘For insurance. You really thought I would let this go the way you wanted? Ha!’ Lauren sneered.
‘No…Lauren, you can’t do that..that’s fucked’ I began pleading. Thus far I’ve neglected to mention Katherine. I had been dating Katherine for the past 6 months. I could never share my submissive desires with her-if anything she was submissive. She would be devastated if she found out.
‘You don’t call me that, you worm!’ Lauren retorted. ‘And yeah, I have a video and some photographs of you writhing around on the floor kissing my feet and calling me your ‘god’!’ she continued, totally amused.
‘Okay…God….please, you can’t-‘ Lauren cut me off, ‘Cant what? Show this to Katherine?’ Lauren grinned and turned her phone around showing me my Facebook page, complete with relationship status.
I stood aloof before her bed and pleaded ‘No..please leave her out of this!’
‘I won’t have to involve her if you learn your place’ Lauren returned, authoritatively. ‘It’s time to stop whining about me showing your ugly girlfriend and clean as you were told. And I will accumulate a nice collection of evidence of who you really are. You wanted this. Clean.’

I was dumbfounded. How had I allowed this to happen? It was one thing to fantasize about a beautiful woman conquering and subsequently humiliating me, but to have it actually happen….for it to become a reality…I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying this so much. I felt ashamed, stupid, embarrassed..and most of all, trapped. If Katherine found out, she would be heart broken. She was fairly attractive, but nothing compared to Lauren. And still, she was very insecure. This would destroy her, and then me, as she would tell my family and all of my friends. I was truly at Lauren’s mercy at this point and I was beginning to realize it was more than I had anticipated.

I cleaned Lauren’s room as she lounged on her bed with her firm and fit, smooth legs crossed, reading a magazine. She would tell me what to clean and how to clean it without really acknowledging me. The girl was just naturally mean and domineering. She would periodically criticize my efforts no matter what I did, calling me an ‘idiot’ and ‘incompetent’. I felt like a pathetic fool wandering around her room, cleaning her stuff while she sat there insulting me. The entire time, I pensively wondered where this situation would go, where I would end up. I had no idea how much Lauren would change me…

When I had finished cleaning, Lauren had me kneel at the end of her bed and clean her converse. I cradled them on my lap like some holy artifact and reverently dragged my tongue all over them, sucking up the grime. I felt like the dirt I was ingesting was somehow ok because it had come from Lauren. I loved being submissive, but something about her was brainwashing me and taking it to another, very real dimension. I was mesmerized as I inhaled the stench emanating from within the shoes and would periodically take long sniffs, burying my nose in them, hoping Lauren wasn’t watching me. I glanced up and saw her on her phone, texting presumably. She probably had already taped me passionately breathing in her shoes. I was so aroused at this point, but I didn’t dare bring it up or ask Lauren to do anything about it…at least I knew the first thing I was going to do when I left. As I was licking the bottom of her right shoe, she began talking to me in a seductive and almost soothing voice.

‘You have no idea what you did to yourself, you idiot. I’m going to convert you and you will be totally mine. When you get home tonight, you will think about me. When you kiss that ugly hag Katherine, you’re going to wish you were kissing the bottoms of my sweaty feet. When you lay next to her in bed tonight, you’re going to say a prayer to me in your head, thanking me for giving you a respite from that ugly slut. Whenever you’re with her, you will think about how much better I am. You’re going to give me your money from now on instead of spending it on someone as worthless as her…and you will do all of these things because if you don’t, I won’t hesitate in sharing our little documentation of how pathetic you are. Do you understand me?’ By the end of her monologue, Lauren’s piercing and beautiful voice had gone from the aforementioned soothing to aggressively stern.

I began quivering…I was actually afraid of Lauren. She had true power over me. I set her shoes down and looked up at her and fought back tears. She gazed back at me triumphantly. ‘Y-yes, God….I understand.’ I sounded so defeated.

Lauren pointed her finger straight at me, a crude gesture. I looked at her long, natural fingernail. Every fiber of her was perfect. ‘Hahaha! You’re about to cry…you fucking wimp!’ Lauren seemed amused. Meanwhile, I felt like I had betrayed Katherine and any sense of dignity I had. I hung my head in shame.

‘Time for you to go home to Mrs. worm! Crawl over here!’ Lauren called out to me. I hated that she was speaking about Katherine in such a disrespectful manner. Lauren got off of her bed and stood up, with her phone in her hand, ready. I crawled over and rested on my knees in front of her.

‘You’re going to learn to pray to your God, worm.’ Lauren informed me. She was looking at her phone and not at me as she said it, making me feel even less important. ‘You’re going to put your hands together and thank me for making you my worm. You’re going to thank me for owning you. If you don’t say a satisfying prayer, I’m going to message this to little Mrs. worm.’ I hated how she had suddenly brought Katherine into this, complete with a degrading name. Lauren placed her hand on the wall, bracing herself, and lifted her bare foot up, pressing it against my face. The pungent aroma once again filled my mind and I felt myself losing control. ‘Pray to your God..’ Lauren said, calmly. I had no choice.

I clasped my hands together and raised them up toward my new, evil Goddess. I could see her through her toes-she smirked down at me, her beautiful hair framing her sinister, perfect face. I felt so insignificant and small, kneeling before her, with her amazing foot pressed onto my face. I was about to pray to another human being; I was about to pray to someone who had left me and treated me like I was nothing. I was submitting to the woman who said such terrible things about Katherine. I had thought of this as a game, something to get me off and serve my sexual desires. It was becoming so much more than that, and I had no control over it at all. Two tears raced each other down my face.
‘Um…D-dear God…th-thank you…thank you for making me your worm. Thank you, my God, for owning me and being so superior to me. Thank you, my God, for giving me purpose and allowing me to be beneath you. Thank you so much for being better than Katherine, God.’ I knew Lauren would be pleased by this addition. I began kissing her foot and drawing in the pungent aroma from beneath her toes. ‘Please, God, please guide me to better serve underneath you…please teach me how to be a better worm for you…in Superior Goddess Lauren’s name I pray…amen.’ Another tear began to fall down the left side of my face and Lauren gently wiped it away with her foot, still snobbishly smiling down at me. ‘That’s right’ Lauren whispered.

‘Get out. Time to return to your pathetic life and dream about your new God.’ Lauren shut her bedroom door in my face and I nearly ran to my car. As I drove home, an amalgam of emotions swelled inside of me. I was so aroused and yet so ashamed and afraid. I felt so guilty about Katherine…and I knew I had gotten myself into an irreparable, bad situation. I didn’t know how I would face Katherine when I got home…and I had this bizarre paranoia that somehow Lauren would know if I didn’t think about and pray to her tonight as she had told me. I didn’t know yet that I was truly becoming brainwashed into thinking of Lauren as an actual deity…

PART 3                                                                                                

Coming home to Katherine was awkward to say the least. She was in the living room watching television when I came home and kissed her on the lips. I thought about how a mere thirty minutes prior, my mouth was pressed onto the bottom of Lauren’s sweaty foot, smothered in grime and particulates of dirt, socklint and toejam. There was something enchanting about the grime off of Lauren’s feet-it was almost as though I thought of it as sacred and better than Katherine’s mouth. I didnt want to rub it off by kissing her, but I didnt want her to think I was being distant or suspicious. I couldnt help but see Katherine differently. She suddenly seemed less pretty, and whenever I was able to bring myself to look at her, I would think about Lauren, and how superior she was to people like Katherine. I almost felt sorry for her.

When we went to bed, Katherine tried to initiate sex but I couldnt get an erection. I had gone to the bathroom and masturbated a few times thinking about being at Lauren’s feet earlier, but I knew this wasnt the reason. I couldnt find myself getting turned on by Katherine. All I could think about was Lauren…my mind was becoming consumed by my new Goddess. She was so perfect and beautiful and powerful. Katherine was plain, and weak. This is what Lauren wanted me to see. I began thinking about Lauren’s perfect body-her wide hips and firm ass. Her fit and strong legs and her beautiful, petite feet and long, full toes. I was becoming erect. I got on top of Katherine; I made love to thoughts of my Goddess’ perfection while fucking Katherine. As I was about to reach an explosive orgasm, Lauren’s words played in my head ‘When you get home tonight, you will think about me. When you kiss that ugly hag Katherine, you’re going to wish you were kissing the bottoms of my sweaty feet…Whenever you’re with her, you will think about how much better I am…’ Lauren…my perfect God…

I exploded in ecstasy imagining myself being trampled and smothered beneath Lauren’s perfect soles. I had totally forgotten I was inside of Katherine. We kissed and I held her as she began to fall asleep. I closed my eyes and again thought of Lauren. She truly was perfection. She made other women and Katherine seem like nothing. Even the way she breathed and walked and blinked was a divine spectacle of beauty. I was falling into what most would consider delusion. I wasnt thinking of Lauren as a human-mortal, idiosyncratic, flawed. She was perfect, without flaw, without fault. Almost unconsciously I began to recite in my head, ‘My God Lauren, you are so perfect…you have shown me the way and I see now how great you are…thank you owning me, I am honored to serve you. Thank you for being so superior, so much better than everyone else. I am so blessed to be your follower…I am so grateful that you let me find my place in life, my purpose. I now know I belong beneath you forever. Thank you, my God, thank you…’ Just as Lauren commanded. I had obeyed my new Goddess and prayed to her while Katherine slept next to me. I drifted off into a deep sleep and dreamed vivid dreams of my Goddess. In one dream, Lauren sat in a glorious throne carved from an inconceivably beautiful martian stone, glistening brightly as I genuflected before her. As I bowed beneath her throne, I looked up and saw her gazing off beyond a world that was now hers, proud and triumphant. I knew that where she was looking I could not perceive because she was immortal and timeless and I was a mere peasant. She looked like a beautiful conqueror completely unaware of the speck of dirt beneath her that was me. Her face was golden and flawless, her eyes piercing and superior. My heart crumbled and melted beneath her splendor and I instinctively was overtaken by a great yearning to submit to her. As I bowed lower and lower to Goddess Lauren my eyes met her feet. My Goddess, who was donning a silky and immaculate Grecian robe also wore delicate sandals, strappy and light, wrapped gently around her flawless feet. Her toes were perfect, descending in perfect order from the largest to the smallest. Her nails were long and strong, flat at the end, extending just to the ends of her toes. She seemed so much larger than me and I grew afraid of her God-like appearance. I cowered down below her and wriggled my head underneath her sandalled foot, embracing it with my hands above my head. ‘That’s right…’ I heard her whisper from yesterday echo from above me. I felt her sandal press down onto my head and I struggled to turn around onto my back and began kissing the bottom of her shoe while she pushed me down beneath her…


Weeks had gone by but based on how much I had changed, one would think it had been years. My Goddess Lauren somehow had a hypnotizing effect on me. I was already obsessed with her to begin with and by this point, every tiny aspect of her aroused me greatly and inspired me to fall to my knees in submission. I found myself finding everything about Lauren so perfect-even her handwriting looked flawless and I thought to myself that no mortal could write in such perfect and creative characters. Lauren had slowly enslaved me and used me as she wished. After much introspection, I discerned that when I first approached her, my desires to submit to her were purely selfish, designed for my sexual release and pleasure. I wanted to submit to her when I was turned on, nothing more. She had since changed that. I learned to submit to my Goddess in ways I had not foreseen-I began learning to serve my Goddess in ways that were only for her benefit. Lauren used her feet to train me and reinforce my submission, but everything else was for her.

Katherine(or Mrs Worm, as I was supposed to refer to her in front of Lauren, who always laughed and derived great amusement from calling her that) and I shared only the remnants of a relationship at this point. I never spent time with her because I was always busy serving my new God. God Lauren had taught me that Katherine was a distraction and that any attention or affection I gave to her was detracting from my duties as Lauren’s worshipper. Katherine, I was taught, was unworthy and inferior and I learned that loving her, or anyone other than Lauren, was sinful. Lauren was so much better than Katherine in every way that I was unable to feel anything toward her anymore-Lauren didnt even need to try to institute this realization. Katherine often complained about how we never had sex anymore, and I couldnt get naked around her because Lauren had had me buy a chastity device to wear. I wasnt particularly fond of the idea of a chastity device, but Lauren said that I needed to wear it as a reminder that I belonged to her and that all of my choices truly were my God’s choices. I was also not allowed to even kiss Katherine, which caused a lot of tension between us. My Goddess said that kissing anything other than her would taint my mouth and that she deserved better than that. I had asked God if I should break up with Katherine, but she said that she had a better plan for her. I didnt understand and didnt question this-whatever it was, however, was going to be creative and cruel. My lack of orgasm had made me extremely submissive and put my mind in chaos. It was definitely the sole factor that allowed Lauren to make my mind malleable and then manipulate me and brainwash me into truly fearing her and believing that she was God. My grades began slipping as all of my efforts regarding school shifted to doing Lauren’s homework and writing her papers instead of mine. Lauren had taught me that all I would ever amount to is a worm beneath someone superior like her-if I was lucky. Therefore, my performance in school didnt matter. I only kept going to keep up the facade that I was leading a normal life. Apparently, Lauren had plans for how I was going to ease out of being a person and eventually afford to give myself completely to her. Lauren was so much better than me that I felt truly inferior and puny around her. I was afraid of her and had been stripped of any self esteem I had left, so I didnt mind the idea of being completely devoted to her. Lauren was so perfect, I thought, that it would be an honor to give my life so hers could be easier. Lauren had a worldview that I soon accepted as a personal truth…

This pivotal moment in my understanding of my place in life happened one evening when I had finished writing one of Lauren’s dissertation papers that was part of a grad school application program. She would be going on to grad school like I would have, but it was clear now that I was incapable of being anything except her servant. I didnt have the confidence to do something like have a career, thanks to Lauren’s constant belittling and convincing me that I was worthless. It only took a few days before I started to believe her. Lauren returned from her jog just as I had finished and was preparing to clean and polish some of her leather heels. My God walked in her bedroom breathing heavily from what must have been a strenuous jog. Her golden skin was glistening and she stepped forward in her colorful Nike sneakers. I immediately crawled over toward my God and began kissing her shoes all over and telling her I was happy she was home and that I had finished her paper as commanded. She ignored me and walked over to her bed and collapsed into the pillows, exhausted. She reached over and grabbed her ipad and continued ignoring me as I gently untied her sneakers. My God was wearing thin, light blue low-cut socks underneath her sneakers. I could see dark spots on her soles and beneath each of her toes where her feet had been sweating. The socks were worn especially thin in certain areas, and I could see the crevices between some of her toes through them. On her right sock, there was a small hole between her big and second toes through which I could see a small part of her soft and sweaty feet. I had grown to appreciate when God wore socks with holes because I could smell and taste her perfect feet a little better when she didnt want to remove her socks. God hated it when her feet felt grimy or slimy, however, and whenever she finished her jog, I was supposed to prevent that from happening. I buried my face against her right sole and drew in the pungent aroma as much as I could. Totally intoxicated, I kissed the bottom of her damp, socked sole a few times and shoved my nose into the hole, between her toes, and smelled the sharp, sour aroma which I had grown to obsess over. I positioned my mouth over the hole and slid my tongue between the two toes and my tongue almost went numb from the bitter, salty flavor. I rubbed my tongue between them, lathering it in the socklint and grime that had been jammed into the crevice for the last few hours as Lauren pinched my tongue and wriggled her toes back and forth while her other foot came up and planted firmly onto the side of my face, rubbing up and down. I then peeled her sock off and saw her hemp anklet with the key to my chastity cage dangling against her soft, tan ankle. As trained, I gently kissed the key, thanking my God for controlling me. The aroma of her now bare foot was impossibly amazing. I buried my face into the warm, humid dampness of her sweaty foot and rubbed my nose all over her toes, kissing her wrinkled sole. Lauren set her ipad down and braced herself in the bed, grinding her foot forward with great force, spreading moist foot sweat all over my face, bathing it in her scent. I was kind of jealous because she was able to exercise, something I had been forbidden from. Lauren taught me, though, that I didnt deserve to have a healthy or attractive body like her and so I was no longer allowed to exercise. My God would often ridicule how soft and flabby I was becoming; I was angry at first, but grew to feel safe and comfortable knowing that Goddess controlled my body completely. Loser worms dont deserve to try to look attractive, I had learned.

‘Maggot, I dont like that lint and toejam shit stuck in between my toes, it’s gross. I know you love gross shit, so get it.’
I drew my head back a little bit to inspect. I could see dark blue wads of slimy toejam smashed down into the valleys between God’s beautiful and curvy toes. Fuzzy lint was also plastered about certain parts of her soft soles. Her big toenail had some dark spots underneath it-probably more lint from the socks, compacted under her long and beautiful nails.
‘Yes, God. Thank you for allowing your loser to worship you and have the superior grime from your beautiful feet, God’ I said, as I went straight for the gunk under her big toenail. It was sour and wet as I scraped it out with my tongue. I dislodged the large morsel and pressed it onto the roof of my mouth with my tongue, releasing the flavor of my God. I moaned and closed my eyes, rubbing my face against her sweaty, smelly foot as I sucked the taste out of her holy toejam.

‘You know, I’m pleased you came to me wanting to serve me. It awakened something in me that was always dormant…’ Lauren kicked me back and snapped her finger while pointing at the floor. I hopped off the bed and dropped to the floor, kneeling as she stepped out of the bed, pulling her other sock off. My mouth watered when I saw the chunks of dark toejam sticking out from between her toes. Her marvelous and delicate hand came down and her sharp, long, natural fingernails curled under my chin and gently lifted my head up so our eyes connected.

With a warm, maternal smile yet evil glare in her eyes, Lauren looked down on me and continued ‘I’ve always known that I’m great. I’m so great, and people always want to treat me like it. Other girls always follow me and do whatever I say and guys have always fawned over me. And that’s the way life works. Life isnt fair and anyone with a brain understands that.’ My God laughed a little bit, and I felt like I was growing smaller. Her recognizing her superiority made me want to worship her and celebrate her superiority with her.

‘Please God, forgive me for interrupting you, but may I please kiss your feet while you teach me…please, God?’ I wanted to honor Lauren while she talked about her superiority. She looked so beautiful and powerful standing over me, and I started thinking that maybe people like me do deserve to serve people like Lauren. Lauren sneered and let out a brief, mocking laugh. She stepped forward a bit with her left foot and my mouth fell toward it. I began feverishly and passionately kissing the top of her foot all over, scooping up bits of dirt and toejam as I encountered them. I felt so submissive to her in that moment.

‘See what I mean?’ Lauren sounded proud. ‘You want to grovel to me and kiss my feet because you know I’m better than you. Life isnt fair. There are winners and there are losers.’ Her foot came up and kicked my face tauntingly. ‘And obviously you are a loser. Hahaha!’

‘That’s how it goes. I just happen to be better than other people. I’m prettier, smarter, stronger, just generally better. And having someone like you submit to me just makes sense. All of this equality bullshit people preach about…pfft! The losers should be serving the winners. People like you and your little mrs worm are wasting space. Youre not gonna be anything! Youre not gonna do anything! You should be spending your time serving someone like me!’

I was sucking a sweet chunk of toejam and grime from between her third and fourth toes when she said this. And it struck me. It was true. All my life I thought highly of myself. But when I had met and dated Lauren, I grew insecure. I realized what a true person was. A true superior being. Lauren was so perfect…she did deserve to have someone like me beneath her. I was lucky. I felt sorry for Katherine…Mrs Worm…she was so lost. Katherine was a loser, but she didnt have anyone to be beneath..I passionately kissed God’s other superior foot. I felt awkward being allowed to kiss the top of her foot and be higher than a part of her body. I tried to reach around and kiss under her foot but could not reach. I decided to lift it up and slide my head beneath it. Lauren laughed and victoriously accepted my act of submission. She planted her foot down on the side of my face and rubbed it back and forth while I said ‘Thank you, God. Thank you, God’ over and over like a mantra as she giggled. I felt safe knowing I was accepting my place in life, accepting that I was a nothing that was less than the toejam in between God’s toes.

I rolled onto my back and began kissing the bottom of God’s stinky foot. She looked down with her cruel and mischievous smile and I decided to acknowledge my place-I clasped my hands together and raised them toward her. My muffled, weak voice began to recite,
‘I understand now. I am a loser and a nothing, and you, Lauren, are my God. I’m so thankful for being put in my place and understanding what I am. I want to worship you forever, my God. Please let me grovel to you and serve beneath you forever. Thank you my superior God, thank you! Thank you for allowing a worthless worm like me to even look at the dirt beneath your feet, which is so much higher and more important than me. Please continue to make me your follower, God. Please teach me how to be a better worm for you, God.’ Tears swelled up in my eyes as I felt my enlightenment and freedom from ego. ‘Thank you for being so perfect and powerful, God! Thank you for being so superior, God! Please, tell me what else I can do for you, God!’ I lost control and began practically exalting Lauren in between passionate kissed to the bottom of her foot. She just watched with a pleased and victorious look on her face.
‘Hahaha! Worship, bitch! Pray to your God! Loser! Nothing! Maggot! Worm!’
In between each insult, God stomped her foot down on my face. When she raised it up, my head rose along with it, desperately trying to plant a worshipful kiss on her beautiful sole before her foot came stomping down on me again. I felt so low. I felt truly worthless and happy about it. Lauren had officially broken me and she knew it.

After that day, God had distanced me from my old identity. I knew I was simply ‘God’s worm’ and all I cared about anymore was serving her. I began spending the night sometimes and turning my phone off so we wouldnt be interrupted by my girlfriend’s calls. I was late and God was dozing off to sleep. I was at the edge of the bed, rubbing my face against her perfect feet when she beckoned me onto the bed. God was laying on her stomach and reached back and pulled her panties down. ‘Worm, your God is going to start teaching you new ways to worship’ she said, sleepily. ‘Kiss my ass, bitch!’

I slid under the covers and could see her golden, firm and round ass. It was smooth, and I rubbed my cheek against it softly. I slowly nestled my nose into her perfect ass and gently kissed it. I began with slow, gentle kisses and then her hand shot down and grabbed my hair, shoving my face into her asscrack. I began passionately making out with her asshole and tonguing it while she started grinding her ass into my face. I never would have been into this kind of thing before, but I found myself getting very turned on because of how perfect God Lauren’s ass was, and feeling totally consumed and smothered by her. God pushed me back and flipped over, planting her ass on my face. She placed both of her feet on top of my chastity cage and pressed them down…the feeling of yearning was so powerful I literally would have done anything she wanted in this moment. ‘Pleasure your God, worm!’ I heard her voice call out. I slid my tongue into her warm holiness and began to truly worship my God. She gushed in ecstasy and gracefully moaned, sounding so feminine. My face was damp with from her orgasm and she slowed the grinding of her ass on my face. I heard my God declare from above, ‘Guess what worm, you’re ready for the next step in being my little nothing!’
‘Wh-what do you mean, God?’ I was both excited and afraid.
‘Well now that you have accepted your worthlessness and place beneath me, you can serve me around others now.’ My heart began pounding. I was scared. I knew I would have to act like her bitch in front of her roommates now…as of now, they still thought of me as whoever I used to be…I couldnt really remember.
I placed a gentle kiss on the inside of her thigh. ‘And you are going to break up with your loser girlfriend now. I want to be there when you do it’
I shook with fear. What did this mean?


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